First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits N.Y.C. Fashion Week

09/16/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

Paul Morigi/WireImage

It wasn’t all stick-thin models ruling the runways during New York Fashion Week, as curvy stars like Nikki Blonsky, Gabourey Sidibe, model Emme and KayCee Stroh sat front row yesterday to take in the first-ever plus-size show during fashion’s most high-drama week. “This is a milestone in the plus-size community. We’ve never had anything like this,” Blonsky said at the presentation on Wednesday. “To be in New York City Fashion Week, which I think is the biggest fashion week in the world, to be here is just a huge thing for us.” And plus-size model Emme, couldn’t have agreed more: “You have to join forces to make a statement and to be part of a revolution. It’s monumental in its reach,” Emme told PEOPLE, adding, “I think the big statement that’s going to be made with this fashion show is not only going to be made within the full-figured community but I think it’s going to talk to the bottom line of design houses, designers, and business people involved in fashion,” she said. “Why don’t we make clothes above a size 12? Why don’t we load heavier in sizes 14, 16, and 18 in stores? Just change the buying style and let it be curve-friendly in the line.” See all the looks from the runway show at –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester, reporting by Thailan Pham


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Denise on

What a great photo! Too bad 3/4 are in black. Big people can wear colour too!

amanda on

I agree Denise. I’m glad to see fashion embracing women with shape finally, but I would love to see more color!

Tam on

I agree, lets see the models in more colors!

toni on

Somebody please teach ‘Precious’ how to work her body. Standing flat-footed, square-on, with your thighs stuck together is never flattering––no matter your dress size but especially not if you’re obese.

Deirdre on

Too bad that all the models use in the show were not plus sized. I am a former plus size gal, and I am happy that designers are starting to “get it”

Theresa Holloway on

I would love to be in a plus size fashion show. Let me know when they need regular people for the fashion show instead of stars.

T on

This is not about being beautiful at any size; of course women are beautiful. This is about obesity denial and encouraging women to remain overweight, unhealthy, and out of shape.

julie on

Ooooh KayCee looks HOT

Dawn on

How about some averge sized models – not plus, not the size 0 or 2’s, but rather the 10, 12 and 14’s. I think that would represent the average American woman so much more. I love how these larger girls are having their say, but they are still not the average.

Jason on

I guess they needed the extra wide lense for this shot ;-)

What? on

I think it’s wonderful that everyone has an option to wear beautiful clothes.

However, I disagree with promoting being obese as a lifestyle choice. (ie the show Huge) It’s not the same as choosing to wear your hair blonde or red or brunette. It’s not healthy for Americans to be overweight/obese, or anorexic. Both extremes are bad for our health and we have more diseases and problems than ever before. It’s time that we take a good look at our diet and exercise and make changes, instead of making life easier as an overweight/obese person.

AJ on

Great, good job fashion world. Hopefully we are getting somewhere. Can we get avarage size shows now? What about people like me, size 8-12? What about women with breast’s small waist and hips (hourglass)? Let’s get Christina Hendrix to promote that or Kim Kardashian!

Martha on

T, get real! Size 12 is not obese! We are so used to seeing super skinnies in ads, that normal weight seems fat. Obesity is a different issue.

Cinders on

Keep in mind, Marilyn Monroe would today be considered “plus”-sized. And truthfully, some of us cannot go below a size 16 and still be healthy. or 12. Just ask Crystal Renn!

dlee1 on

The two on the left are not too heavy they are just too short. Tall women can carry the heavy weight better than short women. I just wish they could see a picture of themselves at half their size and they would never get this big again. Precious needs to talk to Jennifer Hudson and sign up with Weight Watchers. The real truth is that none of them have to be this big, they pretend to be happy in their skin but deep down you know they would be happier and healthier at half the size. Come on girls, you’re beautiful, get healthy and loose that weight.

Jon on

That’s nice to hear, best of luck to The First-Ever Plus-Size Show hitting N.Y.C.

Headlines 16 September 2010 | Entertainment News on

[…] First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits N.Y.C. Fashion Week […]

happy to be me on

Jason does that mean they would need a magnifying lens to take a picture of you because you are clearly a small BOY!

Natalie on

They all look beautiful!

Shameful on

Though I agree that anorexic appearing models aren’t good examples of what a woman should look like, neither is the opposite. Healthy, yes; overweight, no. . . neither is healthy. As it is, I’m a size 5 at 5’4″ and I can hardly find clothes my size in department stores anymore because most stores are only carrying size 8 and up. Get REAL people! Proportionate should be paraded, not samples of those catering to the current health epdiemic.

Leah on

Okay, allowing overweight people to have a choice in being able to buy more fashionable clothing is not “encouraging them to be continue to be fat.” Gotta be honest, as a “fat” person myself, I get despressed trying to look nice at my size when I can’t find anything nice to wear. Not being able to find something doesn’t make me want to join weight watches, it makes me want to eat more.

Maybe nice fashions will make heavy people feel better about themselves and they can then start to make moves to getting healthy.

But all you angry-heavy-haters, just keep dumping on people so we can continue to feel bad about ourselves.

Ralf Harse on


My lady is also kind of heavy .

Age it look like is the main problem .
Ralf Harse

Christina on

I think this is a great thing!! I am glad to see big ladies are getting some attention in the fasion world!! I love fashion and it always brings a smile to my face when i know the designers are creating clothes i can wear!!!
And for the record some ladies cant lose the weight its in the genes.. So i know from experience how hard it is!!! So a BIG THANK YOU to the designers!!!!

Sharon on

I’m so glad the “Fashion world” finally gets it!!
There are more women in the world who are above size 12 and for many years, we’ve been discremated against. Listen up, designers, if you start making plus sizes in your clothing lines, YOU WILL HAVE MORE SALES!!!!! It’s just that simple. And don’t just make your designs in black. Plus size women love to dress in beautiful colors.

Ashley on

Theres a new site out for women just in sizes 12, 14 and 16. Just launched on Sunday, check it out, its pretty neat!!

mary on

THANK GOD!!!!! they recognize that there are more then size 2’s in this world!!!!!! It’s about time that everyone gets represented at these fashion shows…. We like clothes too! We wear clothes too and it’s about time they notice we’re here!!! I’m sick of girls that look like they r starving to death it’s not healthy….
and the girls in the pic look AWESOME!!! they’re beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside which u can’t say about many size 0’s or 2’s….

Angie on

T you are so wrong. Its about time that plus size women are recognized are beautiful persons too. Not all women are size 0 to 14. If plus size are more confident in themselves then they may take the plunge to try and lose weight. But when you don’t like what you wear, can’t shop at a store, have people making fun of you and making comments and faces, what incentive do you have?

Bonnie on

Two of them I consider plus sized. The other two are genuinely obese and really need to care for their health more.

Bonnie on

Dawn, you hit the nail on the head!

Yep on

@Leah – right on! Some of you posters need to get off your high horse. You have NO IDEA why any given person is the size he or she is, so try not to judge so harshly. (Like medications for some serious illnesses will cause you to gain an enormous amount of weight.) Keep in mind that anorexia and overeating are the same disease. Not all size 6s are healthy.

Valarie on

Finally! I have been joking with my husband when we go to stores and I see stuff I want (especially my favorite teams apparel) and I can’t get in my size that I am going to start suing because of discrimnation against big people! We want cute clothes too!

Joseph on

Holy cows!

First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits Fashion Week - People Magazine | Fashionista 365 on

[…] First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits Fashion WeekPeople MagazineIt wasn't all stick-thin models ruling the runways during New York Fashion Week, as curvy stars like Nikki Blonsky, Gabourey Sidibe and model Emme sat front … spring fashionWashington Post […]

Benilde on

Most women do not wear a size 0 nor a size 20 and up. Both are actually unhealthy. Why are the two extremes the only ones that run on the most famous catwalk?
It is a shame that we let others decide what is beautiful instead of finding it within ourselves.

Candace on

I am a plus size girl and I have to admit that none of these ladies look good in what they are wearing. They look fat, not flattering at all! Thats the problem with plus size clothes, they barely fit right and they make you look heavier than you are.

JR on

Good grief, is there ever a middle ground? Either stick thin or overweight (though I don’t consider Emme overweight at all) – why can’t they simply use a significant number of women sporting size 10 & 12 outfits??? Then we can consider styles that actually WORK on our size 10- or 12-sized bodies. The dresses modeled by size 0 models simply don’t work on a size 10 or 12 frame…
Newsflash: there is a significant number of women in the world who aren’t built like little boys – nor are they built like Grimace, thankyouverymuch.

Rachel on

I wish that we could see some more healthy women on the runways. Not just stick-thin and obese!

shay on

I agree with What? Having been a former size 12, and now a size 4, I feel and look so much better and I’m HEALTHIER! And people could not even believe me when I told them I was a size 12 because I carried it well having an hourglass figure but at only 5’2, it was not healthy for me.
Having always been a size 6, after two children the weight just never fully went away because I wasn’t doing what I should have.
What did it take to get down to my current size?

A LOT of hard work at the gym and a changing the way I eat. I’m not smaller than I was even in high school even after two children. It can be done people, you just have to WANT it badly enough. I will NEVER go back to being larger again. Exercise and eating healthy are so much a part of my life now again.

I’m not agreeing that everyone should look like models but I don’t think we should promote anyone to be obese or not their ideal weight. I’m tired of paying taxpayer dollars for someone’s else’s neglect to their own body whether it being from being obese, smoking, etc.
Either get healthy or pay super high insurance premiums and stop using MY taxpayer dollars and stop making MY insurance premiums go up!

beth on

Finally the NYC fashion crowd acknowledges that there are bigger ladies out there! How about those above size 18 – they wear clothes, too! And heaven knows they need something stylish – not just some “tent” looking dress or top but something that is truly flattering. Someone needs to reognize that there are bigger women out there!

Diane on

I hope that those who think plus size fashion as a denial also agree that the traditional sizes in the fashion world also projected an unhealthy image and denial of weight issues. It works both ways. I work out, I am eating healthy and doing the best to be healthy for me. I agree that fitness (on both scale) is the best. Just because someone is a size 6 that doesn’t meant they are healthy. Everyone should work on their health and a healthy body image.

Susan Lewis on

PS- My skeleton is a size 14, then you add organs , muscle, and skin, ok? I’m heavy too, but I am just about 6 feet tall. That presents a few interesting problems. My daughter is 5’1, 102 lbs, size 0. Not a starving 0, a natural petite.

First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits N.Y.C. Fashion Week | The InstantCast Blog on

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DJ on

It is not okay to be plus size, go to the gym girls and put down that krispy Kreme.

Ash on

THATSWHATIWANT.COM; For all the ladies out there that are happy in their skin, and just want clothes to fit the way they are supposed to, go check this website out!! For sizes 12, 14 and 16

Gennifer on

I agree that this is not about beauty. This is about saying it’s OK to be obese, which is not true. Just as anorexia is unhealthy, so is obesity and our society is leaning toward the latter with the dependence on GMO, processed, toxic, and fast food. Ladies, go hit a farm market, get some grass fed beef, and get some fresh air and exercise. Stop whining that the fashion industry makes sizes too small.

Jeena on

This is amazing!!! Thank you for doing something that celebrates all beautiful body types

Kiki on

I agree with Dawn, size 10, 12, & 14 would be the average size for most women. Not size 0 or 16+.

Angel on

Nice to see that the world is embracing plus-sized women more! I am a plus-sized girl & I know you can still be a bigger girl and look good! And date attractive men :-)

Amber Ponticelli on

Just like how size 0 is unhealthy this is as well. I’m really tiny naturally and I can admit that some of the size 0 models are unhealthy looking just like plus size women should do the same. They need to have (I live a healthy lifestyle fashion show)!!! Come on kids choice one, embrace not eating and being really skinny like a model!!! Or choice two, embrace not exercising and eat junk food and get really fat like a model!!! Sad…

MM on

I actually don’t agree with a lot of people – who’s to say what’s “average” or “normal” sized? For some people size 0 is normal, for others it’s a 9. Size is nothing but a number. Instead, we should really just go by the old “small, medium, and large” titles. Who cares what the number on the tag says?

Moe on

They all look beautiful and happy and fashionable. Black gets a bad rap. Emme looks like a goddess with the new locks and sky blue dress.

Rachel on

Has any thought been put into the fact that being a size 18 isnt healthy. I am not saying that zero is an ideal size by any imagination. But really obesity is a problem. Lets be clear about the difference between being proud of your body and being unhealthy. Because there is a difference

AW on

Some of these comments are quite interesting. I agree that we should all strive to be at a healthy weight – one that is right for our height and frame and that we do not have to go to extremes to maintain. I do NOT agree with the slurs about donuts and farmers’ markets – if you want to make these claims about women, then you had better be prepared to make the same comments about James Gandolfini, Alec Baldwin or Philip Seymour Hoffman. If this piece had featured some “big and tall” celebrity men rather than “plus size” women, the comments would no doubt be much more respectful and far less judgmental.

melissa on

you’re all saying sized 10, 12, 14 is average. what about 4s, 6s and 8s. i’m 5’… if I was anywhere near a size 10 I’d be very overweight–I”m a size 4. The average US woman is 5’4″ so I can’t imagine anything over a 10 or maybe a 12 would be truly average in the healthful sense considering height in the mix.

Dee Dee on

We are fat and happy so leave us BIG girls alone !

melissa on

Dee Dee: You realize in a decade or two you’re going to cost your fellow Americans a lot of money with the health problems you’re likely to incurs.. so technically we do have a right to be concerned.

melissa on

emme looks great–and proportionate. but she’s also quite tall.

Laura on

The two women on the left are not just “plus-sized”, they are morbidly obese and unhealthy. I think promoting this unhealthy lifestyle is just as bad as promoting underweight women who look frail and anorexic. Someone earlier said fashion shows need to have average weight women who are size 10 and 12 walk down the runway. I couldn’t agree more.

FASHION NEWS: Proenza Schouler, NYFW & Emporio Armani » Fashion and Style on

[…] The first ever plus-size fashion show at New York Fashion Week took over the runway yesterday. Plus-size celebs Gabourey Sibide and Nikki Blonsky sat front row to celebrate the appearance of plus-size at NYFW. Nikki Blonsky called this fashion show a ”milestone” for plus-size fashion. The models said this show could be a statement to other designers to create larger sizes. (People) […]

Tracie Hardy on

The truth of the matter, it is no one’s business what size you are but you. If you are comfortable at your size and happy with yourself and your life, that is what is important. The fashion industry should realize all sizes need attractive and quality made clothes. A size 18 does not want to wear a giant flowered tent no more than a size 4 does. Sometimes wearing something pretty and looking attractive gives someone the incentive to watch their weight or eat healthier. By the way for some of you who think because you are small size, you look better than a large size, think again. Your size is not what makes someone beautiful, pretty or attractive, it comes from your heart and soul. Just so that you are not confused I am 5’4″ and a size 4.

Sonia Shaban Ali on

I’m all for celebrating “normal” size BUT obesity is a disease and could be harmful to your health just like eating disorders.

Christina on

Emme and KayCee are plus sized, Nikki and Gabourey are morbidly obese. I don’t understand why it is such a horrible thing to say so either. Yes hollywood shows us stick thin models that are nothing like average women, but the average woman isn’t 300+ pounds either. Just like showing unrealistically thin models causes some women to feel they need to be that thin and be unhealthy to get, showing women that are morbidly obese and championing it gives women and excuse to say their unhealthy habits are okay too. It is not healthy to be that overweight and they can’t possibly have a healthy lifestyle and stay that size, their body would naturally lose weight, even if they weren’t doing more than eating healthy and minor exercise, like walking a few times a week. And I can’t believe somebody said they’re not fat they’re just short. Seriously? The shorter you are the less you should weigh, that is why height is taken into account when determining whether someone is at a healthy weight.

sally on

OMG, REAL plus size models! Thank god we are not calling size 10 models plus size today!

JoD on

Okay, so I never comment on anything, but I’d have to agree with some commenters. As a size 18 myself, I do not think we should be applauding a “revolution” of accepting obesity in our country. I’m sorry, I do NOT care what your body type is /blah blah blah, if you’re a size 18, you’re in need of a weight loss program. This is not a monumental occasion, it is sad that as a country we need a fashion show that exemplifies obesity. How about we focus on “normal” models that are fit and sizes 6-12? I for one am on my way down the scale and am proud of becoming healthier and more active.

MaryEllen on

Glad all women are starting to be represented.
Now, let’s add some really great middle age women………….like me! I would be perfect as both middle age and plus size.

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Bria on

There shouldn’t be plus sized models, just models. A model’s weight shouldn’t be as important as it is, as long as the clothes look good on them, I think it shouldn’t matter.

Angela on

Thank you so much for this article!! Finally our voices are being heard! I cannot tell you how honored I am to be a ‘plus’ size model and to help spread the message of self love and healthy living for women of every size, shape, and age. It is so important for girls and women to feel represented! All women of every size are beautiful and unique in their own way, I applaud diversity, this fashion show looked amazing. I really wish I could have been there to cheer everyone on. This is only the beginning! Many of the models from the show are featured on our blog Plus-Size Models Unite. They have shared their personal stories, beauty tips, and given amazing advice on loving the skin you are in. Thank you for this article!!!!

debbie on

Finally REAL beauty!

Angela on

Thank you so much for this article!!! It is about time and I couldn’t be happier for everyone involved in making this happen. Many of the models on the runway for this show have interviewed with us at They have shared inspirational stories, beauty and fashion tips and much more. We would love to have you check out our blog! The more young girls and women see themselves represented in a positive and beautiful way, the more confident and self assured women will become. As important as it is to raise confident children, they are influenced a lot by the media and it is time that the media redefines their definition of beauty. Beauty comes in every size, shape, and age. Thank you for this article!!

k on

I do not feel that this is “Rewarding” obesity anymore then “regular” models glorify anorexia and cocaine.

This fashion show is about being accepting of people for who they are obese, fat, thick, bulimic, short tall, Etc.

Also, lest us not forget that just there are the people out there who can eat whatever they want, not work out and yet remain skinny… Just as many people can eat healthy, work out and are still naturally heavy.

A “plus Size” model is one who wears a size 12 or 14. I know plenty of people. Like the model in blue featured here that are that size because of their height not their body fat.

For every over weight person who overeats and does not exercise enough, there is a skinny person that is killing themselves by not eating enough and over eggerting themselves. One is not better the other.

Shani on

I am very happy and overjoyed that finally there is a fashion show to show that plus size women are beautiful and can strut her stuff! I hope to attend a plus size fashion show one day!

Go on curvy girls! Do your thing!

kay on

THOSE FOUR WERE NOT THE MODELS! They were in the front row!!! Plus size models are usually a size 12-14 rather than the size 20 that some are suggesting. And really, don’t you nay sayers have something better to do with your time than talk about other people’s weight? I’m sure that there is some not so desirable things in your life, um like maybe a personality?

Kathy H on

First off, the stars in the phot were in ATTENDANCE – they were NOT models! Read the story – they were seated in the front row!

Second, to the mental midget who said this is about encouraging women to stay obese and unhealthy – grow up. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with that and anyone with 2 brain cells ought to know that. It’s simply about providing fashionable clothing for women of size. How that “encourages” them to stay overweight is simply beyond comprehension.

Geeze Louise.

Mary on

Sorry to tell you this Dawn, but most ‘plus-size’ models are just an average size 10-14 with size 12 as the ‘standard’ size for a plus-size model. Often when magazines want to show a fuller size, they will just pad a size 12 instead of hiring a larger size.

Janet on

Too bad they’re wearing black. I’m a big gal (just shy of six feet and in the mid-200 lb range), and I’ve banned black from my wardrobe except for certain occasions. I don’t flaunt and dress normal, but black… no way.

Too bad the aren’t following suit.

And to the idiot that said they needed wide-angle lens… go soak your head. They’d need to do the same for your ego & attitude.

Jan Carolan on

Who gives delee1 the right to say I am just pretending to be happy at my large size? Yes, I am heavy but I most other heavy people are 100% happy. If I want to lose weight I will, but on my terms–not some downer persons. We need clothes that aren’t geared towards the over 70’s set also. (OSP) Fashion Show Press! | Madison Plus - The Dish on

[…] First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits N.Y.C Fashion Week […]

Monica on

Come on-How is being THAT BIG healthy? Im all for loving your body but no one should be over a size 14 & theres no such thing as ‘big boneded’. Im not in the pitty party-Lose some weight!

Charlotte on

I think that this is wonderful! All of the teens out there who are starving themselves, this reassures them that they are not over weight. Everyone is shaped differently. Some girls are muscular, some are bone thin, and some are just naturally large. We cannot have a “happy medium” but learn to be happy with ourselves and in our bodies no matter what everybody else says. To all of those people who said that a size 12 is obese- how do you know that? For all you know, the woman could have wide hips, or could have a long torso, thus needing a large size to completely cover them. Don’t call size 12’s fat just because it goes into the double digits. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and what the fashion industry has done to every girl’s mind around the world is absolutely HORRIFYING.

Plus-Size Fashion: Bigger and Better - CBS News | Fashionista 365 on

[…] First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits Fashion WeekPeople MagazineAs's plus-size designs grace Fashion Week runway, models …New York Daily NewsDaily Venus Diva -Hindustan Times -NBC New York (blog)all 218 news articles » AKPC_IDS += "37322,";Popularity: unranked [?]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Plus-Size Fashion: Bigger and Better – CBS News", url: "" }); Share and Enjoy: […]

karen on

I don’t think anyone is trying to PROMOTE obesity…but why can’t larger girls wear nice clothes? As someone who is plus size and in her mid-40s, I can attest to how hard it is to find clothes that are not either ‘grandma-ish” or just larger cuts of smaller sizes – that dont’ necessary work for us (sleeveless, low cut..). I’d love some really nice clothes for my age!

Niki on

Yay! Work it out, ladies!

Millie on

This is concerning and not a reason for celebration. This is taking the easy way out of true problem. It really is a dangerous way to live, and it’s selfish b/c it limits what you can do with your friends and family (hiking, walking, etc.) and costs ALL of us more in health costs. And sorry, I do not believe for one second that a size 16 is anyone’s minimum or ideal weight. You simply need to eat different food and move around more. Sigh. This is sad — really, really sad.

Janell on

It’s about time.

Agnie on

Can’t we all stop judging each other? Find some empathy. We are ALL flawed in one way or another. Just because you can see thier size, doesn’t mean you know all the details of their struggles. Focus on improving yourselves and let everyone else be.

Lisa on

Dawn, 12-14 are considered plus size. I’m glad people are finally waking up and accepting EVERYONE!

First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits Fashion Week – People Magazine | Like My Comment on

[…] plus-size designs grace Fashion Week runway, models … Go here to see the original: First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits Fashion Week – People Magazine Tagged as: all-212, all-stick-thin, curvy-stars, daily-venus, gabourey, gabourey-sidibe, […]

Christie Suhr on

What a BEAUTIFUL photo! Being a plus sized woman my entire life and struggling with it I am so happy to hear this. It’s about time we finally get to see what we might actually look like in the newest fashions! You all ROCK!

Beautiful Clothes for Beautiful Women - A Big Beautiful World on

[…] First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits Fashion Week ( Share and Enjoy: […]

rebekah on

Dawn i cant agree more with you 10,12,14 thats the average size and its healthy. girls such as them in the picture except the third from the left are unhelathy and too heavy-not a realistic view for girls. In fashion its either size 0 or way to heavy and overweight. I am a size 12 and I wish I had more models to look up too.

Nell on

One word,

Meghan on

@Monica – actually, there IS such a thing as being “big boned”, your frame is either small, medium, or large. If you have a large frame, you would be “big boned”. And no, that has absolutely nothing to do with being fat.

Also, for all of the posters who are saying that the obsese people are using up your tax dollars, why don’t you get off your soapbox and start working on your healthcare system? Perhaps if American healthcare wasn’t such a joke, you could find some compassion for people who aren’t as perfect as you all seem to think you are.

Streetcraft » Blog Archive » How Social Media Has Changed Fashion Week on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Runway trends from NY fashion week - The Daily News Online | Fashionista 365 on

[…] spring fashionWashington PostFirst-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits Fashion WeekPeople MagazineXinhua -Tampabay.comall 184 news articles » […]

Sara on

Why do we have to have to have such extremes as stick thing and plus size? What happened to the size 6 to say, size 10??? Women who are fat or obese should not be held up as role models, and neither should dangerously thin women. Can’t we just have some normal, healthy common sense??

stacy murray on

That’s great! Now we only need to include petite models!

Isabella on

To the person signed “T” a fashion show for plus size women has nothing to do with denial. Why should obese people have to wear garbage or big sequined swans on their tops just because they are overweight? So in other words it’s ok for super thin, anorexic people to look good and be unhealthy but not obese people. I say have models for all shapes and sizes.

jess on

I agree people need to be healthy and not obese or anorexic. Models on the runmway are not a good example to 16 year old girls like me (Im a size 6) but then again Gabourey Sidibe seems to be telling me that its ok to be obese and unhealthy! its all too too much :S!

mike on

wow, some of these comments prove just how prejudiced people are about larger people. lemme guess.. you think they’re big because they eat too much eh? couldn’t possibly be because of health issues that have nothing to do with the amount of food consumed

Anne on

Those ladies weren’t the models in the show they were in attendance.

Also you need to realize that obesity is based on body mass content so it’s a derived from a formula comparing fat content to Muscle and overall body make up. I could be a size 12 and be considered obese if the fat ratio is greater than the muscle. Also extreme belly fat is a high risk faster for developing a number of diseases. Healthy lifestyles need to be taught and encouraged.

I’m all for healthy girls being in shows and I feel a plus size which in the modeling world is about 8-10 would show a healthier picture

First-Ever Plus-Size Runway Show Debuts at NYFW 2010 | Little Pink Book PR on

[…] commented on the catwalk in a recent post from PEOPLE stating, “This is a milestone in the plus-size community. We’ve never had anything like […]

Remegia on

I think that some of the comments posted on here are sick and degrading. I am a plus size person and some days no I am not happy, but think of what a boring world this would be if we were all created to be the same size. Grow up people and get a life I am happy that they are putting being bigger in the spot light now we dont have to go hide like the hunchback of notre dame! Keep up the good work designers.

Plus Size Fashions Turning Heads on Runway - | Fashionista 365 on

[…] Fashion: Bigger and BetterCBS NewsRunway trends from NY fashion weekThe Daily News OnlinePeople Magazine -Washington Post -WNYCall 202 news articles » AKPC_IDS += […]

bella1 on

Get off your high horses average and thin people, more people that are your size die of heart attacks a day. More overweight people get diabetes, but it is also in there family weather you are plus size or average or thin you might already have it. In my family on my father side; all have it and 80 percent are thin. Do you know before Twiggy the models size was average Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, and many others; also look at the art, sculptures, as well as photographs. Thin was unhealthy to people and some countries it is still to this day like that; they force feed there children. Here in America we think it is wrong to be plus size, but most are plus size. I am and I have a clean bill of health and I do not eat fast food or junk food, drink, do drugs, smoke, I eat healthy food. I exercise 2 hrs a day, but low Metabolism it runs on my mother’s side. I eat fruits, veggies, chicken, fish, pork, water, cereal with 1 cup of 1% milk a day. No bread, pasta, beef, cheese, butter, soda and still not much weight loss. So don’t blame eating junk food or bad foods for people to gain weight or not enough exercise a day because that is not always the case.

melissa on

bella1, you may be healthy but you sure sound defensive. that, and many of your points are emotional and petty rather than valid and sound.

You said”Do you know before Twiggy the models size was average Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch,” Well yes.. they look great! But if you look at the measurements, they were still very slender in build.

You said”;also look at the art, sculptures, as well as photographs.” right. but that’s not real life or real women. that’s fantasy. not reality.

You said” Thin was unhealthy to people and some countries it is still to this day like that; they force feed there children. ” Uh.. how is this a good argument? many of those places are third world countries without real education on medical issues.

You said” Here in America we think it is wrong to be plus size, but most are plus size.” Do you know how to use logic? Just because most people ARE plus sized doesn’t mean it’s right to be plus sized in all instances. Jeeze, I can’t believe I have to point that out.

No one here is saying all plus sized people make unhealthy choices. Liufe is not dictated by absolutes, but lets face it, many many many–if not most plus sized people need to eat less (or healthier) and move more. It’s an epidemic and you’d be delusional to dismiss it. That is AWESOME that you live healthily, but let’s face it, only one of the women in that photo (Emme) is healthy. There is real proof about the dangers of having a larger waist size.

melissa on

I totally understand, for an overweight woman, how it’d be a frustrating experience to shop for clothing, but the fact is, when you’re over weight (I’m not talking about a little extra) no clothes are going to look right on the body. There are only so many darts and seams that can be put into clothes which are more flattering on a heavier woman–and those clothes are going to be pricier because they’re more labor intensive to make. High fashion uses too-skinny models (I’m not saying this is okay) because they don’t have to take a shape fitting into those clothes into account High fashion, sadly isn’t about women, it’s about fashion as an art.
I will say it’d be nice to see women sizes 4-12 on the runway–then again why are there only tall women ont he runway? I see that as the bigger issue. Most women aren’t that tall! The average in the US is 5’4″. And WHY oh WHY are the plus sized girlies being mean to the skinny girls? Not all skinny girls are anorexic nor are they all bashing you! You don’t like how it feels so why would you do the same thing? Treat others how you’d like to be treated! We’re supposed to stick together!! No one likes being made fun of. Women of all body shapes should consider that before opening their mouths and blasting someone.

Plus size costumes for women on

[…] Plus style fashion week in NYC – top news.  Great to see plus size models on one of the hottest cat walks. […]

Plus size costumes - shop in Vancouver on

[…] Plus style fashion week in NYC – top news. Great to see plus size models on one of the hottest cat walks. […]

Plus size costumes - shop in Ottawa on

[…] Plus style fashion week in NYC – top news. Great to see plus size models on one of the hottest cat walks. […]

Plus size costumes - shop in Detroit on

[…] Plus style fashion week in NYC – top news. Great to see plus size models on one of the hottest cat walks. […]

Plus size womens costumes in Vancouver on

[…] Plus style fashion week in NYC – top news. Great to see plus size models on one of the hottest cat walks. […]

Joan on

i love kaycee stroh really i love her¡¡¡

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Backstage at DKNY: A Twinkle in the Eyes…

Thank you for this article, it really helped me. I added a Trackback to it on my website….

Maria on

This isn’t promoting obesity or being overweight, it is about being loving who you are no matter what size you are. All you ignorant negative people need to just accept that beauty comes in all different sizes and stop being so scared of anything that isn’t the “norm.” These women look beautiful and are totally rocking their outfits, positivity, and bodies. Double cheers to all you out there who are proud of your bodies.

First-Ever Plus-Size Show Hits N.Y.C. Fashion Week on

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marketing madness « Princess Sarah of the United States of America on

[…] love it when gorgeous women of all sizes stand up and flip the media the bird!  like the first ever full figured fashion show during n.y. fashion week.  check out the video here.  i don’t know about y’all but each of the women in this […]

The Tantri on

Interestingly, this was on CNN last week

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I never ever thought I will agree with this opinion, but you know I agree partially now

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