Snooki Gets Rid of Her Hair Pouf: 'I Want to Look More Mature'

09/13/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may be known for her hair pouf, but when she stepped out on the white carpet at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, she debuted brand new bangs, saying it’s time for her to kiss the signature look goodbye. “It’s definitely a new look, but I think it’s a good look that suits me,” Polizzi told PEOPLE. “I want to look more mature. The pouf—I’ve been wearing it since I was 16, so why not switch it up?” Even though Snooki’s new hair looks great, the Jersey Shore reality starlet, 23, says the adjustment is taking a moment. “Now I have bangs,” she says. “I haven’t had bangs since I was seven, so this is weird. To be honest with you, I went out right after I got this hair done, and no one recognized me.” –Dahvi Shira


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Jenny on

who cares? i dont like snooki. sorry.

K-Penz on

I love it. I wish the guys would update thier looks too.

emily on

@jenny, if you don’t care, why’d you bother reading the article. i think her bangs are a big improvement from her poof. hopefully she’ll tone down the tanning next.

Angie on

Now if only she’d lay of the fake tan…

ashley on

well i really like the new hairdo. i think that it looks really nice:) and snooki is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

daysee on

Its about time!!!

AA on

i like snooki- but i cant put my finger on why i don’t care for the hairstyle? i think maybe she is just to tan, and the dark make up needs lightened.

Lil Kim on

I thought this was a picture of LIL KIM!!!!
The hair really is better, but lay off the tan, it can’t be healthy if I though you were lil kim.

Carol on

The bangs look really great on her…now she needs a total makeup make over…she can do without the thick eyeliner! Hopefully that will come next.

kj on

I love Snookie, Super cute. But, does anybody else think she looks Like Dora The Explorer in this picture??? Just sayin.

Bobby on

Who cares what her hair looks like. Her type of guy uses a six pack and a paper bag to do her.

Kortland on

She looks a little latino here…it looks good, to much tanning tho!



Jillian on

DEFINITELY an improvement!!! Now, lighten up the eye makeup and tone down the tan a few shades and she would look a lot better!!! And if her eyebrows aren’t her natural color, lighten those bad boys up too!! She actually might be a cute girl if she tried a more natural look…just saying…

Vince on

Please, this hairdo isn’t changing anything – looking at that chin of hers it seems that somewhere along the line a renegade Y chromosome got mixed in with the Xs in the mixing bowl…..

Ace on

haha she does look like Dora, she is just too tan thats why. LAY OFF THE TAN. Tan does not always= good looking

Cam on

I think she looks ALOT better!

Has Snooki's pouf seen its final days? | on

[…] Snooki showed up to the VMAs, she was sporting a brand new hairdo with bangs, reports People. The look, for her, is an attempt to start looking a bit more mature since she’s been wearing […]

Kerri on

Okay, the hair is definitely better… but what is inside the head is still defective. Please stop tanning… and tone down the makeup. You look like a clown, my dear… and very orange clown. But at least the hair is better.

Me on

Her hair looks fine, its the tan that needs to go. She just needs to refresh her look a bit by laying off the tan. But she does look fine w/ her hair that way.

karen on

she does need to stop tanning. causes adverse effects. she does look “a little latina” because she is!!!

SusiQ on

didn’t know her? you mean the “orange” spray-on tan (??) wasn’t a give-away?

Melissa on

Snooki gets rid of her pouf… if we could only get rid of Snooki!!!!

Just sayin’…..

Connie on

Pretty is as pretty does, and, you girl will never be pretty. It has nothing to do with hair. You need to grow up and act your age, not your shoe size.

Mack on

The bangs look good on her but it’s one thing to try to look more mature….you have to act mature too.

NM on

I’m sorry, but she is very unattractive.

Mare on

She is a little chubby dwarf with no talent, Jersey Shores stinks

Mudd on

@ Jenny, if you don’t care and don’t like Snookie, THEN WHY COMMENT???????? WHY EVEN READ THE STORY????? Jeez you people are soooo negative!!!!!!

lem on

this is what’s making headlines? a friggin nobody’s new hair-do? cammmaaann people…

Jerri on

The bangs are cute… makes her look her age. I sincerely hope the tan is spray on and not tanning beds. If she’s doing the fake and bake we could be reading her obituary in a few years. Melanoma is no joke and is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

Mary on

The tan is HORRIBLE. Just think of what she’ll look like in ten years…much less when she’s 40. YIKES. She already looks a bit worn.


[…] RIP Snooki's poof […]

Elika on

Darn! I was so planning on dressing up like her for Halloween and doing the whole pouf hair do.


Haven’t all those tards’ 15 minutes of fame been used up yet? Pregnacy is the best case scenario thing Chelsey could have caught in the VMA hot tub. Who knows wha else is floating in that petri dish…

mary on

Looking mature is NOT the same as being mature, and it would seem, from the little I know of this girl, that she is far from emotional maturity.

Daphne on

Yuck no matter how she wears her hair.

Barb on

Doesn’t matter what she does with her hair she is still a pig

annemarie on

I’m ashamed I share the same gender with you, sellout..who cares about your poof..tu sei una troia.

maggie on

i liked her pouf. it defined her style more

T Money on

NO SNOOKI NO!!! Love, the poof. But either way I think she is gorgeous. She is by far the hottest girl on Jersey Shore.

Pam on

Better! Now she needs to go a little lighter on the makeup and tanning, and a little heavier on the clothing coverage!!

Gary R. Del Carlo on

She is one of the ugliest, and most ignorant people I’ve ever seen. Who ever cast her should be banned to eastern Siberia for life.

mackenzie on

omggg why i did the snooki hair for school and i was like shes my insperation lol but awww
there cute tho

Lala on

who is gonna tell her pink lipstick is not cool??

Katie on

She looks way better without that pouf thing and better with the bangs. She looks more sophisticated. I don’t watch the show but hear about it from friends and co-workers who watch it religiously. I tried watching it for 10 minutes and felt my brain was going to explode and felt my intelligence was decreasing by the minute if I kept watching the show. Although it was funny, it still had to be shut off. I digress, so she looks better this way than before, end of story of my opinion!

Suzi on

What a train Wreck!!! This look did no improvements!!

Addilico on

I like it..I think Jersey Shore is ridiculous..but I def like the new do..that pouf had to go;)

Monica on

Ahhh! I love Snickers! Who doesn’t like her? What’s not to like?? She’s cool; funny; down to earth and she IS a TRUE friend!!! I’m glad she got rid of the bump-it in back though …. I thought that was a littl retro (80/90’s). Maybe now someone get JWoWW to cover up her sweater kittens … yes Jenni, we all know you have implants ….. now can ya cover ’em up??? Sheesh!

Victoria on

I love the new hair. If only she would get rid of the tan and stop overtanning. If only she knew only people from Jersey think the orange look is remotely cute. The dark liner and flesh toned lipstick don’t mesh well. She’s taking it a step in the right direction.

katy on

EW. get the pouf back please lol:P

kr on

She looks orange and ridiculous no matter what new dew she has..

lorrie on

She still looks like a meatball. You just want to roll her.

Bethany on

I got my bangs done 18 months ago. She’s behind track.

Jerzee on

Is it me or does SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’s Bobby Moynihan do a better Snooki than Snooki? Jus’ sayin’…

Erin on

I wouldn’t recognize you with a pouf, without a pouf, as I would hardly call you famous. Just like the Kardashians…. being on reality tv for doing absolutely nothing… does not make a star.

John on

Snooki commented on last weeks show that she was not ‘white’ but ‘tan.’ She said she checks the ‘other’ box on surveys/job applications and list ‘tan’ as her race. She said it has cost her a few jobs, including one at a tanning salon.

Ms. G on

I think it’s nice

Snooki Did It! | TVgasm on

[…] has been claiming that she’s been done with her pouf for two months now, and she finally put it to […]

Seriously? on

Might look better, but I’m still trying to figure ut what makes this idiot a celebrity.

kelsey on

i love her bangs! i love her in general. i love the jersey shore. snooki is my favorite character — along with pauly d. i love all of them though!

Stephanie on

I am sooooo glad she finally got rid of that pouf!!! I was so tired of it!!! Any hairstyle is better than that!!! My prayers have been answered!!

Anna on

god forbid no one recognized you :( its what you live for….

Nicole on

Maybe she should tan some more, ugh

Summer on

Love snooks. She looks really cute with that hair. She actually is a pretty girl sans all that makeup

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Mrs Mac on

She’s such a mess. The next reality show she’ll be on is Celeb Rehab. Think about what is she famous for…..She’s a public drunk, over tanned, short & round & can’t even speak in full sentence.
It’s like watching a car accident…

imho on

ITA! The hair is awesome but the tan looks silly. Snooki is a pretty girl – she doesn’t need the tan!

anjelina on

i think this is the worst picture of snooki ever. she looks way to orange. she looks like an oompa lompa

Kylie on

I’m struggling not to say something mean…but… I think she got rid of it because it looked ridiculous. I still think the show is the lowest common denominator, but hey, someone’s watchng it.

Jennifer on

I think Snooki is adorable.

Nicole on

She looks like an Oompa Loompa who has eaten one too many ever-lasting gob stoppers!

Meg on

Snooki needs to stop tanning so much. I know she wants to adopt a “more mature” style, but the old, leathery bag look isn’t good on anyone.

kimberly on

Im glad she changed her look. She choose a great style for her. Im not a Jersey Shore fan, but I love her new hair. Glad the bump is gone.

Heather on

I will admit I watch the show… but my god, she looks like an Oompa Loompa! Lay off the fake tanner!

Angie on

Either way, she still looks like Lil Kim. And that’s not necessarily a good thing….

Ebony on

Snooki, is not italian she was adopted which is why she is so dark, she tans yes but she is not really much lighter if she didn’t. If your going to judge people know your facts!!

Snooki’s “Mature” New Look! | Rebekahnieves's Blog on

[…] want to look more mature," Snooki told "The pouf—I’ve been wearing it since I was 16, so why not switch it […]

Psycho Annie on

PEOPLE come on…why are you writing about this “pouf” and I don’t mean a hair thing. There are too many other stories in this entertainment world than that of Snooki..move beyond her–we have

wendy on

hair looks good but i still can’t stand her and the show

Bella on

She looks like Raven!
Not a bad look, I think its MUCH better-and im not a Snooki fan.

Nice Change!

Anonygrl on

I wouldn’t recognize her WITH the poof.

Tina on

Who Cares?

Izazueta on

Hey shes a cute girl, but yes needs to stop the tanning, new hair looks great..Yeah and tone down the makeup n she look much better.

The pouf is dead! Long live the pouf! | Mr. Peepers Gossip on

[…] Snooki debuted a sleeker hairstyle at the MTV VMA’s Sunday night that, dare I say, actually look pretty decent (pit about the rest of the ensemble).  Apparently the orange one has outgrown the pouf, having worn it since she was sixteen.  “I want to look more mature” Snooki told People. […]

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Deb on

She looks prettier.

Hayley on

I love her new bangs, it suits her well!:)



ksherb on

Now if she will just stop looking like an oompa loompa!

Snooki goes “poufless!” | RadioNOWIndy - RadioNOW 100.9 on

[…] “Snooki gets rid of her pouf” […]

Snooki goes “poufless!” | IMC.TV - Indy's Music Site on

[…] “Snooki gets rid of her pouf” […]

Jess on

I love snookie and her new bangs!! But she did go alittle (alot) overboard on her spray tan especially on her face!! but she looked really good @ the VMA’s and as for the guys they all looked really hot too!

sammy on

OMG I thought she was at least 35. I have never watched the show. She really should lose the weight and the orange glow!

Maurie on

Most of the Jersey Shore viewers are from ages 10 -15. And what they’re learning from this show is that you don’t need to be talented to be a celebrity. Just get a killer tan, act like a scum and there you go, you’re set for life.

Snooki: Why I Got Rid of My Pouf | Cent Lover on

[…] more on People Magazine This entry was posted in General and tagged Pouf, Snooki. Bookmark the permalink. ← 3 […]

JB on

She should have kept the poof. I just realized the other night how not attractive she really is!

Allison on

Her hair looks cute sans “pouf”, but she looks like an old, dried up piece of leather. She 23, but looks 43 in this picture…

brandy on

who cares who doesn’t like snooki? geez, stop hating .

Chenoa on

Aww, Snooki is adorable. I may not love Jersey Shore but it’s so bad you can’t help but watch it!

cheryl on

Tired of hearing about snooki; why is it that new jersey women tan soooo much! It is bad for your skin and it makes them look so OLD and FAKE! Just be yourself .STOP TANNING!!! It’s not CUTE!!!!As for that Dumb poofy hairstyle they do not realize it makes you look so dated. I see a lot of Jersey women with that old ass look. Try something new and dont be a follower be a leader!!

brayynicole on

Am I the only one who thinks this broad needs an ALL-OVER makeover (face, hair, clothes, ATTITUDE, etc.)?? Getting rid of your hair ‘pouf’ doesnt quite cut it for me..

Snooki’s New Style | Gossip Girl on

[…] and picking fights, and, yes, Snooki’s poof—must come to an end.  The Princess of Poughkeepsie admits it herself: “I’ve been wearing it since I was 16, so why not switch it up?” So we bid the […]

Celebrity Toast » Snooki’s New Style on

[…] and picking fights, and, yes, Snooki’s poof—must come to an end.  The Princess of Poughkeepsie admits it herself: “I’ve been wearing it since I was 16, so why not switch it up?” So we bid the […]

Lolzthatswim(andRun) on

Snookie has given herself in immature name and she will never be able to change that. Her new look is cute though.

Top Posts — on

[…] Snooki Gets Rid of Her Hair Pouf: ‘I Want to Look More Mature’ Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may be known for her hair pouf, but when she stepped out on […] […]

Snooki Officially Retires Her Pouf | Defamer Australia on

[…] pouf?) she went out in public and – disaster! – not a single person recognised her. [People, image via […]

MaKenna on

How do you not like Snooki?!? But Snooki, i think the hair looks great on you! But i just got to tell you, that ya need to lay off the tanning a little.. it’s a little much for you. You could get skin cancer.

Sundra on

I like it! It looks a lot better, but she is way too dark and kind of looks like Kim Kar. :o

Tim on

Now if she could get rid of the STD’s….


SNOOKi♥ iLOVEE This Gurl Shes KRAZY, FUN & Shes Snooki Come On . Herr Hairr Is Whatt Makess Her HER !! iLOVEE IT !! (; NEW LOOL SAME SNOOKi .

Snooki | Wugez on

[…] snooki […]

PHOTO: Snooki Goes Sans Makeup « Breaking News | Latest News | Current News on

[…] gym in full makeup — first came onto the scene, she was known for her hair “pouf,” which she ditched in 2010 in favor of a more “mature” look. Since then, she’s added red highlights to her hair, but the […]

PHOTO: Snooki Goes Sans Makeup | xalyzax on

[…] makeup — first came onto the scene, she was known for her hair “pouf,” which she ditched in 2010 in favor of a more “mature” look. Since then, she’s added red highlights to her […]

Nicols on

As long as your sacred aruenwedr can be safely worn underneath it. I vote for the aruenwedr. So what if it peeks way out from underneath the costume? It’s on, isn’t it? It’s protecting the important bits, isn’t it? Or perhaps you should just go as an undressed mormon, wearing their sacred aruenwedr!? You could carry a polygamy prairie dress around with you, too, if you got cold. (Any grandma dress will do except Mae West’s). The hat isn’t essential. Tho it might come in handy for hiding your shame at the fact that there are people who actually believe in a religion that promotes polygamy at any stage, in any form, at any time, when God says it adulterates His ways.

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