Lindsay Lohan Returns to Red: Love It or Hate It?

09/10/2010 at 05:30 PM ET


After a controversy that left her lanky extensions tangled in jailhouse rules just over a month ago, Lindsay Lohan‘s hair is once again causing quite a stir. After spending months as a blonde, the starlet has dumped her platinum color and returned to her auburn roots, which she debuted today while out and about in Santa Monica, Calif. Never one to shy from switching up her hair color, Lindsay’s new fiery style seems fitting with all the changes going on in her life. And while we love how this new look plays up a healthy glow, we want to know what you think. Tell us: Should Lindsay stick with the natural color or go back to bombshell blonde?

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Sheryl on

She should stick to her natural color. More fitting. Now if she would just stop with the Botox! What is up with her lips!

Ditto on


L on

I think she should ditch the extentions and try to be more comfortable in her own skin. But I love that she is back to red

LSG on

I can’t see past those lips….whoops….did i just say that?

j on

what is with her lips?!..oh, wait, i know, injections!!

none ya on

yeah she looked alot better a few years ago..

Alex on


kathy on

Yes her lips are a bit overdone ..but i love the hair color…looks natural …hope lindsay gets her life on sad to see her fall…

marehare on

All the women in Hollywood are strting to look alike. You can tell who has had botox, lip filler and of course implants. They must think that it’s needed to get roles. Talent gets roles for the most part. I feel sorry for them. I wonder what the long term effects are from the poison Botox???

New Orleans Honey on

Lindsay, u r 2 pretty naturally so why r u try n 2 fit n, when u were born to stand out?
stay as natural as possible, it looks better on you.

Lisa on

Stick with the red. Stop the lip injections. Honestly, it’s the only thing I noticed. The lips look horrible. But, like the previous posts… who really cares? I used to like Lindsay because she could act and have fun at the same time. Looks like the having fun got the better of her. I do feel bad for her, but she needs to get a grip. Get out of the “reality” spotlight and back into the movies.

Bria on

I like her better as a red head, everyone looks best with thier natural hair color. I do agree that her lips have been over injectec. You can tell when someone has had lip injections becuase their lips go upwards and not forwards, like Megan Fox’s about a year ago. I think she laid off the stuff now.

Bon on

Thank God she has finally gone back to her natural Red hair. There are far too many blondes and black haired actresses. Red is just right, it didn’t do Anne Margaret any harm. And please stop pumping up the lips, it’s not as if no one can tell!

Nancy on

Why do we care of this person? Slow news day…Is she really selling that many magazines. Of course here I am answering you, but I can’t take it anymore. Please stop with the young ungrateful punky kids who have no talent to give what so ever. Lindsay how about a job in a bar you would fit right in!

sarah on


Sooo Rich on

She looks good with her natural hair color, I think she can pull off any color though. But, WTF is she wearing?…some kind of renaissance jester costume, eeeewe. Oh yeah, the lips do look bad too. Don’t understand how these people think it looks good. Very strange. They’re so delusional.

Anonymous on

She sure looks better with her natural Red hair than with any hair color that she tried. Don’t know what’s with those plumped lips that few celebs had.


She should shave her head so the carpet matches the drapes

robert on

Lindsay always looks good no matter what she does

212 on

Way to go Lindsay! Your natural color can’t be beat. It is striking and makes you more real and beautiful. Say yourself…p.s. nix the botox…and stay clean…you’ll soon have the world on a string! We missed you.

amanda on

I feel sorry for her. Her parents should have given her more guidance but look at them, they were too busy making money off of her when she was a child!

jennrae on

Add me to the anti-lip crowd. Does anyone really care about her hair when her face is so busted?

natalie on

I’d hardly call that mop red hair. It looks like it’s been dyed with Koolaid. Can she not afford to have a salon dye it for her?

jennrae on

FYI Botox isn’t used in the lips, it’s to freeze muscles in the face so you won’t see wrinkles. When you see fat lips like that, it’s usually collagen, restylane, or fat. Actually, there are a lot of different lip procedures, but none involve Botox.

Tiff on

keep the red, ditch the scraggly extensions, stop injecting botox into your lips…

Lindsay Lohan Returns to Red Hair – People Magazine | Brilliant Distinction on

[…] Follow this link: Lindsay Lohan Returns to Red Hair – People Magazine […]

stephy on

love the hair makes her look so much better
dump the botox hollywood is starting to look kinda creepy

Mary on

She looks like a bag lady. Watch out, her lips are going to blow! Yuck.

Heidi on


I think you hit the nail on the head. A lot of people don’t realize that “Botox” is short for Botulinum toxin, which is a neurotoxic protein that is the cause of botulism. YUCK! Why would you do that?

Mariko on

She has ALWAYS looked better, healthier and prettier as a redhead. Along with Nicole Kidman. Kat Von D, on the other hand— the red has got to go!

Betsy on

Why do people care about the color of her hair or give her any attention at all?

ST on

I think Lindsay should just go away so we don’t have to be subjected to her at all anymore.

Nancy on

Yes, love the natural hair color. Now if she could just get that stuff out of her lips! Yikes!

ashlyn on

Ok. seriously if you people don’t care don’t comment. And i think that she looks good a red head. But her lips are way to full looking.

Dawn on

She needs to get back to the Mean Girl look that she was totally rockin. The red hair is a great start, now lose the botox and gain 10 pounds and we will have the old Lindsay back, the one that stood out from the crowd. I really do wish her all the best. Unlike so many of the others I think this girl actually has something to offer.

Amanda on

Why do we care looks like brown and Miley Cyrus!

Sorry Lindsey thats a no!!!

Paltrow on

Did she get lip injections, i know people say that anyways but it really does look like she did! I love this color red on her! Strawberry blonde, the other blonde just made her look like she way messed up and hopefully new hair, new start.

Elena on

It’d look so much better if she would cut it shoulder-length. It’d look healthier. And while we’re talking about looking healthy, some good chocolate candies would be great. She looks like such a stoner, she needs to put on some weight!

Lol on

Keep the hair but stop plumping the lips. When will people learn that big lips only look hot when they’re real

DIDY5 on

Just wanted to see Lindsay Lohan with her natural hair color. Looks good.
But the important thing is that the change is reflected by a better behaved.

Lottie on

Changing her hair color or size of her lips doesn’t change the fact that she thinks she can do anything without consequence. And the lips, drugs are drugs are drugs.

Farrah Parks on

I am just getting tired of Lindsay all together. I think she needs to take some time to mature outside of the lime light an then maybe people would care more about her than her hair color.

K on

I guess it’s a start and getting back to basics and rediscovering who she is as a person. It’s an effort.

Judi on

For the people who felt it neccessary to post a “Who Cares” type message…um, why post at all if you don’t care. Move on to something you do care about. As far as Lindsay’s hair??? Well, I think she needs to concentrate on staying sober and not worry so much about her hair. Let it go back to what God gave her if she is really wanting to get back in control of her life. What is on the inside is more important that the outside.




She’s so hot! Red hair and freckles on a smokin’ bod.

Karen on

I love her hair red!


She’s just reminding Hollywood how hot she can be. She’s got endless money and endless good looks.

Candy on

The hair is fine it’s the puffy lips I can’t take!

Kate on

She should DEFINITELY stick with red or dark. Blonde does not look good on her. At least the blonde she was using.

Vicky on

Love her with her red hair! Blonde was ok, brunette was ok but the red looks gorgeous on her!

talamox on

She has always looked better with her natural color. Lose the extensions and let her hair grow out naturally. She’s a pretty girl not beautiful, but that’s a good thing.

helen on

Who cares?

Jon on

I really don’t care what she does with her hair or what color it actually is!

RJ on

Ummmm….really?? This is “back to her natural color?” There is NOTHING natural about this color or for that matter her “hair.” It’s all fake and the color is fake. It’s not red or blonde or auburn. Please stop posting stuff about this girl. She doesn’t deserve the press and no, I’m not jealous or a hater. I’m just telling it like it is.

Alex on

I think that Linds should go blond on half of her head and red on the other, this way she gets the best of both worlds

Mandy on

She looks so much better with red hair but she needs to stop getting lip injections. She needs to do something with her face though, she looks old. And a little weight gain may do her good, she’ll look healthier.

Rosa on

I like the natural look. I was not too shocked when she first went blonde even though most people were since she stated she like her red hair. I think this is the first step to getting her life in order.

suni on

PLEASE do keep your natural coloring LL —- TRY and be yourself, and not just another beat up, bleached blonde starlette on the way out.

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chuck on

Don’t care.

Jacki on

I find it funny for those who say “Who Cares”…. if you don’t care, then why are you reading the article and more importantly writing “who cares”. Obviously, you care more than you think.

Jennifer on

Lindsey was at her most beautiful when she was 100% natural- hair, skin, lips, and weight. The hair is a step in the right direction, but she should go all the way.

Jamie on

i agree wow look at those lips, what in the world was she thinkin???

golfin' granny on

How come all the young girls are so stuck on the long stringy extensions. Their hair looks a mess. Do they remove them when they jump in bed or wash the hair. eeewww. Can we get back to some “natural beauty” as in Grace Kelley. haha I know most of you never heard of her.

Izzie on

I think she looks hot no matter wat shade the color of her hair is.

Senior on

The lifestyle of this child aged her appearance well beyond her actual age. Young people that value looks over intelligence should take notice how a rough life destroys natural beauty.

Binks on

Red.Blonde washes her out.

Lacey on

She really needs to get her life together and put on some weight. She looks like an OLD OLD lady in this picture!!! Some extra fat in her cheeks would do her some good! Get that natural collagen flowing girl and you will be back to Mean Girl stature in no time! Something has got to give with this girl before she ends up like Anna Nicole. Too far gone and dead. So sad! Clean it up, before it’s too late.

carrie on

i love her in red hair!!! i used to like her a lot thinking she was really talented! it was indeed very sad to see her get into so much trouble and not know what she was doing with her life… :( i really hope that she soon starts taking good roles and makes a come-back!

D.C. Partee on

What is Lindsay’s natural color anyway?

Mel on

seriously who cares…. It looks bad though

amanda on

forget the hair color, she needs to keep her a** out of trouble!

Marianne on

Get over the lips, people.. the question is about haircolor :/ Red red red all the way! I wondered all along why she didn’t do this sooner to remind people of the days when she was a fab actor!

gsdsgds on

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Pat Losos on

Who gives a rat’s ass about any of these actors/actresses. Today is the 9th anniversary of the bombing of the twin towers in NYC. Do these self-centered destructive idiots know or care that children are growing up without their parents because of the bombing, and they are not turning into basket cases like Lohan because of their loss. Why don’t all you people who take the time to comment on this poor twit’s lips get involved in REAL LIFE, read the world and national news and try to participate in life to make your little spot in it better for all concerned. Amazing what people will spend their precious days of life reading, commenting upon, and just avoiding intelligent thought. If you had a year to live, would you be wondering if red was the right hair color for a bumbling, unfortunate tuna-lipped spoiled brat?! Get on with your own lives and contribute to the world and make a difference. Real life is much more rewarding than fantasizing about people who are paid to pretend they are living a life. Get REAL!

maya on

This is close to her natural color and it looks FAB! I can never understand why women with gorgeous color feel the need to bleach it out. Love it! Now, I hope she gets her life back on track. She really is a talented actress – if only she can clean up her act!

Patty on

When you’re born a redhead…you should ALWAYS stay a redhead. Frankly I don’t know why she has ever changed her hair color..the frequent color changes/extensions must wreak havoc on her hair. When you’re young and don’t have to deal with gray hair leave your hair alone!

Suszanne on

Who actually gives a S–T what Lindsey Lohan is doing? She is a washed up actress wanna be!

alabamagirl on

STAY A RED HEAD!!!! we fell in love with the redhead girl and freckles …

Shannon on

Lindsay look’s good as a blonde but, it’s always good to change and step it up. She look’s so pretty in both! I DO NOT like the dark brown, almost black color on her though. It washes her out. Maybe being a redhead again will give her the confidence we all saw in the cutest little girl when she started in the business. She is an awesome actess. I think her biggest problem is her parent’s. She is in a “parent trap” of her own and NEED’s to get out and be her own woman! Love you Linds!!

LF on

She is a mini Ange. The fish lipsh.

Connie on

i love Lindsay’s new look,,,she looks fresh and clean,,never like the bleached blonde look on anyone if it looks fake, and hers did,,,hope that lindsay stays clean and sober,,loved her since she was a little girl

Faye on

hey leave her alone peeps

SusiQ on

I think she should get off the public stage and fight her demons in private and magazines should allow her to do just that. With all that’s going on in this young woman’s life what possible difference could her hair color make?

Suzanne on

She really needs to get a stylist along with a therapist.

Dan on

Maybe she went back to red in honor of the pills like the guy took in Senior Trip “It’s a red” he says LOL!

essielisa on

The color is great, but the lips….not so much. lol

KK on

That’s not Botox in the lips, that is a filler, like Juvaderm in her lips, kinda ducky looking. I’ve done it, but NOT to tha extent, eww.

irish_07 on

Not that I really care, but she definitely looks better as a redhead. She looks really washed out with the fake blond hair. But the lip, OMG she looks like she got punched in the mouth!

Angel on

I really don’t think those are extentions….

Kortland on

Love this sad and tragic woman

charlene on

Who cares!! Shes not pretty, and she cant even act!!! All she is, is a drug addict!

Kara on

If I were her, and had her $, I’d be doing botox, lip injections…the works. Who doesnt like DSL’S except jealous women…? Lookin good Lindz

Rachel Henscheid on

i hate her hair color she has on right now?.

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[…] Praise the hair gods. Lindsay Lohan is no longer a fake blonde! She went back to her red hair. Maybe she actually liked the fact that female prisoners called her “fire crotch”? Either way, we were always wary of the blond look, so welcome back, Lilo. [People] […]

Seriously? on

Looks like she’s been rode hard and put up wet.

asha on

Never thought she was that cute anyway. her lips look horrible and it is a bad dye job.

Joe on

Everything went downhill once she dyed her hair. Every time she was arrested, her hair was either blonde or black. I think that by keeping it red, her natural hair color, everything will be fine. But if she goes back, then it will happen over and over again.

Celeste on

She looks much, much better with the red. I hope she keeps it.

Barbara Wittwer on

Now she needs to get rid of the lips. They look so ridiculous and fake. She is too young to start altering her appearance. I wish she was secure in her own natural beauty. She was gorgeous already!

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[…] Link: Lindsay Lohan Returns to Red: Love It or Hate It? – Style News … […]

lrm on

she always looked better with her natural hair color.

Top Posts — on

[…] Lindsay Lohan Returns to Red: Love It or Hate It? Flynet After a controversy that left her lanky extensions tangled in jailhouse rules just over a month ago, Lindsay […] […]

Pam on

Love the red, hate the extensions, hate the lips.

Keri on

Red, definitely! Let the lips go back to natural, and you might be pretty again!

Kim on

Stick with natural and stop whatever your doing with the lips! And GROW UP

karey Lowe on

i miss her when she was 12. that was the time when she was a good girl.

MommaD2010 on

I agree that she looks better Red Headed.It made her unique in a sea of Bottle Blondes. She looked more natural, skin tone was better, and her eyes popped out…Some where the IT girl, lost her way and began to change, not only her looks, but her mannerisms…The Blonde washed her out and made her look gaunt…I think she was beutiful several years ago…a budding career…and a large fan base. SO many are pulling for her to get it all back together…Good luck Lindsay..oh and loose the Botox…its too much…Go back and look at the older pics, before all the bleach, botox, and what ever else has been used to alter herself that no one knows

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lindsay hater on

who cares!

Victoria J on

Lindsay’s hair color is great, but now she needs to grow up. She is a child star gone bad. Mom and Dad need to stay out of her business. This time she is on her own , ” Lindsay sink or swim “

Deb Decker on

Natural is best!! Red rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon on

Who really cares?

ketemih on

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ketemih on

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MyComment on

The lips are way too plump and the hair looks like a cheap polyester hair cut off an old doll. Skin looks like she has lots of acne scars. She’s definitely not aging well.

Michael on

Lindsay, You and Pedo Bear should be friends. So that pervy bear can say” You too old, but not too smart. Make you a loli Lindsay”!

Lena on

I think that she should go back to everything natural-hair, lips, and face.

kat on

lindsy’s hair is awesome red!!!!!

with out a doubt!!!! kat

Thor on

Hmm rather kewl.
But does her curtains match her carpet !! Really, that should be the question.


Stay with the red, it suits her well.

Nadia on

Those lips! OMG! She should just be more natural, more herself. She looks so plastic, even with red hair.

MomPerson on

This color looks far from natural. The shade may be her natural shade, but the color is too even and too shiny to be natural looking. I prefer the blonde. The red color makes her skin look white.

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[…] Lindsay Lohan Returns to Red: Love It or Hate It? Flynet After a controversy that left her lanky extensions tangled in jailhouse rules just over a month ago, Lindsay Lohan‘s hair is once again causing quite a stir. After spending months as a blonde, the starlet has dumped her platinum color and returned to her auburn roots, which she debuted today while out and about […] Read more on People Magazine […]

Shani on

Her return to natural hair is beautiful. And for all the haters, leave her lips alone, because im sure some of you have done worse.

Mr. Semaj on

I had been saying for years she should go back to red.

It’s about time!

Barbara Young on

She looks great as a redhead. She always did. Blonde makes her look so washed out. But the lips are crazy. Who decides these things anyway? Who says big lips are in? They’re out….literally!

Krystal on

I love that she is back to her natural color. It looks so much better on her. Now if she could just get back to being the Lindsay we all know and love.

Carla on

Blonde, red, brunette, or purple, seriously, who cares anymore.

hkp on

You can’t take chicken sh** and make chicken salad.

Red, blond, brown, purple, ….

No matter the color it’s still chicken sh**

Thomas on

Red hair suits her perfect. She’s cuter than ever!

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JC on

It’s hard to improve upon a natural redhead.

Now just get healthy and stay focused.


ketemih on

ngomong apa sich lu lin’ bojon luw.

They, Too, Have Red Hair Color Ideas… on

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who cares on

i’m so glad shes seeking treatment, she had so much talent before, it’s was really sad to see her fall. I loved her natural red hair and freckles, it made her a natural beauty

Jayna Hailey on

I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. “I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest.” by John Keats.

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