FIRST LOOK: Jane Fonda's New Workout DVD Revealed

09/01/2010 at 03:45 PM ET

Baby Boomers, get ready to feel the burn again! Jane Fonda, 72, is springing back into her workout gear this fall to release two new DVDs designed for the generation that came of age feeling the burn from her first blockbuster workout tape, Jane Fonda’s Workout, debuted in 1982. “I’m very excited to be back in the fitness business,” Fonda told PEOPLE. “I know from experience and from my research how critical it is for boomers and seniors to be physically active. Even if they’ve never exercised in their lives, now’s the time and my programs are a good, safe way to do it.” The two titles, Jane Fonda: Prime Time Walkout and Jane Fonda: Prime Time Fit & Strong — both due out Nov. 30 — are not only for the senior set. Fonda says she also hopes to inspire “people who think that they are too far unfit to get fit again.” Tell us: Will you buy Jane Fonda’s new workout DVD?–Thailan Pham

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Jane Fonda » FIRST LOOK: Jane Fonda’s New Workout DVD Revealed on

[…] See the article here: FIRST LOOK: Jane Fonda’s New Workout DVD Revealed […]

katy on

Doesn’t even look like Jane Fonda.

Dee on

I won’t purchase anything that has anything to do with her….she’s a traitor. Ask any veteran…

Jen- on

Woah…talk about photoshop’d! Sheesh..she looks younger and leaner than she did in the 70s! Apparently they think the public is just a bunch of idiots.

sandy on

Yes, I’ll buy it! Definitely! Christmas present for my mother – she’ll love it. Jane introduced her to aerobics 30 years afterall!

lyrica on

geeeeeez . . . .talk about “air-brushing” ???

Ed.R on

I will buy any and everything she does!!!! L love her AND I’M A VIETNAM ERA MARINE VETERAN!!!!! I think she is a GREAT AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy Denson on

I will buy her videos, I still have her other ones, I have been looking for a something new, I trust her.
We all make mistakes, I’ve had my share, (from the person who called her a traitor) If you do not have any thing nice to say , keep it to your self.
South Beloit,IL

Tracy Denson on

I will buy her videos, I still have her other ones, I have been looking for a something new, I trust her.
We all make mistakes, I’ve had my share, (to the person who called her a traitor) If you do not have any thing nice to say , keep it to your self.
South Beloit,IL

CaminoGirl on

Oh, Dee…. She’s apologized, get over it! “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Ghandi

Dianne on

Jane Fonda was protesting the Vietnam war when it was NOT popular to do so, she did NOT protest the American GI’s she stood up for her beliefs even though people hated her for it, How MANY people today would say we belonged in that war??? GO Jane!! I think your great & you look as airbrushed as ANY one on the cover of ANY magazine.

Amy on

I love Jane Fonda- I’m 24 and I grew up doing her workout vids with my mom. So excited that she’s back at it!

Holly Mosier on

Boy this brings back memories! Makes me smile!

John Black on

The traitorous sleeze bag belongs in the Hollywood hall of shame. What she did during the Vietnam War probably caused the death of several POWs and the unmerciful beating of many others.
There is no forgiving how she turned on the very men who defended her right to protest the war.
SCR*W HER and her ilk

Dee on

Couldn’t have said it better myself, John Black! POW/MIA… You are not forgotten!



Merle on

I heard things said against her by people who didn’t have a clue about what was true in Vietnam. She was right. Jane is still gorgeous and I will buy her tapes.

Tammy on

Amen Dee! Not only am I a 21-year veteran but I’m also a Veterans Service Officer. Veterans despise her. I wouldn’t spit on her if she was on fire. And speaking of fire… there’s a special place for her someday.

Tammy on

Oh and Dianne, you’re an idiot!

M on

John Black, Dee, and Tammy can shove it up their rear ends. I’m with everyone else; shut up if you don’t like her and get on with your own pathetic little lives.

Tom on

Tammy…”Veterans despise her.” Really? What entitles you to speak for all veterans? I’m a vet and you certainly don’t speak for me, “lady”.

bets on

for those of you that will not buy her new dvd’s. well why did you come here?? haven’t you ever made a mistake or said something you regret?? she apologised. we forgive her. she’s great and i look forward in purchasing both of them. GREAT GOING JANE!!!!!!

Baby Boomers Rejoice Jane Fondas New Workout DVD Revealed on

[…] Baby Boomers Rejoice! Jane Fonda’s New Workout DVD Revealed […]

Marky on

I have a few Vietnam Vets in my family who would like to smack her across the face. I’m sure not buying anything she writes or puts on a DVD. It’s one thing to protest something you don’t agree with; that’s called 1st amendment rights. It’s another to do some of the things she did, and her apologies were waaay less than sincere. And “M”, just because someone feels that way, doesn’t mean their life is small and pathetic!

Barb on

Hey words are cheap, but the new body and face definitely weren’t.

Karen on

This is what she looks like. I follow her blog and she posts pics all the time. She just had a facelift recently, but she looks amazing.

I love Jane. She is an inspiration because she tries so hard even if she makes mistakes, and is fully human (all that mixed up humanity is a good thing).

An American on

I pray that these DVDs don’t sell and tank. She is a traitor to this country. God Bless America!

Sharon on

I actually like and respect Jane Fonda. I didn’t agree with her tactics during the Viet Nam war, but she has apologized and is trying to move on from that. Alot of people in the U.S. didn’t support the troops then – I think they forget that. The Viet Nam vets certainly didn’t get treated like heroes the way the military are now. Same kind of war – just humid and hot instead of dry and hot.
But, back to Jane, I hate that she had a facelift. It doesn’t look like her anymore, and she was a beautiful woman with some crow’s feet and wrinkles – who cares? Her body has always been great & I would buy her video. But enough plastic surgery, Jane! Natural is the way to go!

Debbie on

I admire Jane Fonda very much. She came to my city this year to give a talk and I went to see her. Great talk!! Ever since then I’ve been following her blog and, like Karen says, she really looks like she does on her new exercise DVD. I wish we’d all look like that at age 72! Plus she is a phenomenal actress! GO JANE!!

Carolyn on

I’ll buy them. Her other workouts are great; I’ve been doing them for years. And I agree with Caminogirl- Jane has apologized many times for going to Hanoi.

don on

jane is so sexy. too bad she’s not sporting a leotard. booooo What's Right Now : See Matthew McConaughey in a Tux, Jessica’s New Spot, and More! on

[…] 6. Work out with Jane Fonda!  [] […]

Tracy Denson on

To all of you who put Jane Fonda down, shame on you all. It’s been 30 years. All of you have alot of junk in your back yard,like 30 years years worth. time to clean it up, hope it does not take another 30 years!!!!!! Then you will have the time to think of all of your own fat mistakes.


Ruth Moss on

Of couse I will buy her new video. She is a very accomplished lady in this field. I have her past workouts and book and look forward to this new venture.

Janie on

Sounds good. I find it funny though how many people are unwilling to give forgiveness to those they do bo even know.

deb on

OMG…I have wanted this CD by Jane for a few years now.She certainly got me in shape when I was young,and she will do it again..I hope.I cannot wait for this to come out.She,and others like me,realize how little there is out there for seniors…..Thank you Jane

Lynnette on

If I were looking to purchase a ‘new’ DVD for cardio and toning I would definitely consider Jane Fonda. I think I still have her old ‘video workouts’ from way back and they were the best. As for the comment on being her being a traitor, we seem to have a lot of those running around spreading lies and implications regarding the President. She was passionate about a stance, did she need to disrespect the Veterans at the time, no and she made a mistake. It was a long time ago, her support for this country since then and now by far super-cede any mistakes she may have made when she was younger.

Yvonne Young on

Yes, if I can find Jane Fonda’s New Workout for seniors, I will buy it. Looking forward to it.

Diane on

Definitely. I worked out with the first one regularly and felt so good. Now that I am almost 66, I struggle to find a workout plan that fits my age and my needs. I’m in great health and want to stay that way. I know I will not look slim and fit like I did years ago, but this dvd will certainly help my piece of mine and my needs. Way to go Jane!!!!

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[…] Staying kinetic doesn’t seem to be a problem for the septuagenarian: Her new “Prime Time Walk Out” and “Prime Time Fit & Strong” workout DVD series arrive i…. […]

diane wagoner on

as a baby boomer, I have been waiting for her to update her fitness library, What a great Christmas gift. I have read her books, watched her movies and followed her life and career and ignore the fact that at one time she opposed the war. Who can honestly say that they approve of the current war? Way to go Jane!!!

Clydene Janssen on

I would not buy anything that has to do with Hanoi Jane. She is a traitor and should be in prison.

Linda Whitener on

You bet I’ll buy them! My jr. high school gym classes were enough to make anyone hate exercise: running was punishment. Jane’s Original Workout got me started exercising–and her fitness videos have always been the best. Glad there are more on the way. You go, girl!

Rheda on

I cant wait to get the new tape . I Love Jane Fonda. I was in the best shape of my life when I was 40. Now I need her to give me that push Im 61 if she is 72 Im going to push mysel to keep up with her . Rheda Columbia Md

Debbie King on

I definitely will buy Jane Fonda’s new workout vidieo. I’m one of her biggest fans and I have been jumping with Jane for thirty years!

Debbie King on

I want those workout clothes that Jane wore in the 80’s! I actually wear my aerobic attire and jump to jane five days a week in my livingroom, and have been doing so for thirty years. I love Jane Fonda, she is my inspiration and my friend.

Jennifer on

Oh yes, I will buy her workouts, can’t wait. My mum had her low impact aerobics exercise video, which I inherited and I lost 10 kilos injury free I kept that weight off for 10 years.Then my tape got tangled and could never find a replacement just as good. Only yesterday I was looking for a new DVD workout and said to myself, let me check out if anything is available from Jane Fonda and voila! 2 DVDs will come out pretty soon.

Tina on

GO JANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bev on

I worked with all of Jane’s workout tapes in the 80’s and enjoyed them. I am not older and am interested in seeing her new workout tapes. Partly because I am used to working with her style.


Dee3 on

I bought all of her other ones and will definitely buy her new DVDs!! She has been a great role model for women along with all the others,like Gloria Steinem, Susan Sarandon, etc. Go Jane!

teri on

I saw her on Oprah last week. She DOES LOOK THIS GOOD cuz she’s worked out all her life! She also has some wisdom @72. I’m buying these for my mom.

Donna on

After two hip replacements…I was worried about how to exercise properly. Jane had a hip and knee replacement. At 72 she lookes absolutely amazing! I have most of her videos from the 80’s and have already preordered her new DVD’s. Thanks Jane…for motivating me at 63. I am so excited and remember how good I felt when I exercised on a regular basis!!!

lucinda on

I’m so excited. I’ve been doing her tapes for 20 years and I’m getting bored……can’t wait till they come out. I don’t care what she looks like, as long as they make me look better, that’s all I worry about.

Patty on

Ditto to all of the ladies comments about Jane’s exercise videos from the 80s. I was successful then and plan to be again with her new releases.
At 68, my body will deteriorate & shut down unless I am willing do something to promote flexibility and strength. As an RN retired, I can tell you that a fit body will recover from the illnesses of aging much more quickly. Jane, you go girl!

Sharon on

Thank you, Jane, for putting together something for us 60 somethings so we don’t have to go to an expensive gym. As to ‘work’, I had a facelift. Best thing I ever did. At forty and fifty, I wouldn’t have considered it, but at 60, the best gift a woman can give herself! I loved your comment on Oprah when she asked what you saw in the mirror and you replied ‘good work’.

patty on

I will definitely buy Jane’s new exercise video’s. I have every other one of her video’s from the 1980’s. She was my idol back then. I have always liked Jane Fonda, she is very inspirational. We all make mistakes in life, it is time to forgive, it’s not good to hold a grudge.

Edna on

I am glad she is making a new fitness DVD. Her others were great and its about time someone gets something for the older group! She’s great!



laura valentine on

jane fonda is the most honest every way ..she is not a traitor ..she is the smartest..most deliberate and realistic women..most of the opinions of uninformed know it alls are simply ignorant of the facts..vietnam is now known as one of the biggest mistakes our country has ever made ..just shut up if you dont know what really took place..jane your the greatest..jealousy is all it is …….

theresa on

My son is a former Marine and I love her! Go somewhere else and complain. I’m getting these!

Jeff on

First of all, those with negative minds, ever wonder why your life is in the pits. Get a Clue.

Second, Let’s not be hater, Jane Fonda, you look fab- Thank you for sharing your video with all, If you are or have family members that are seniors these a the perfect videos for them to get some move back in there souls…….Love you Jane.

Cindy Rampley on

I intend to buy her new video as I have her first book and have gotten into great shape in the past and intend to do so again at fifty seven years old and fighting clinical depression. Wish me luck, as I do for all of you!!!

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[…] Workout.” “I’m very excited to be back in the fitness business,” Fonda told People magazine about the “Prime Time” series. Before these DVDs, she hadn’t released a new […]

Jenny Fedei on

I absolutely LOVE her! She’s such an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to get her videos. I would buy anything that she wants to sell as I believe she’s the real deal. I had been feeling rather useless of late as I’m going through menopause. I was was feeling that the best years of my life were over, that is until I saw her on Oprah recently. It made me realize that if she can do it in her 70’s then I can certainly make some positive improvements in my 50’s and beyond. I joined the local gym and have started taking swimming classes and exercising. I also have been examining my diet and making modifications. I think Jane’s health, vitality and beauty rivals some of the top models and celebrities half her age! She definitely has my vote. To her critics who want to harp about the past, I say “get over it!” — That’s ancient history! Not one of us who walks the earth is perfect, nor ever will be. I would rather focus my attention on the positive things.. which apparently Jane is doing quite well because she is doing fabulous!!

Jenny Fedei on

I ordered both videos from and they came a few days ago. I’ve started working out with them and already I’m hooked! Being a baby boomer myself, I really needed something to keep me physically fit and strong, but something geared to my age bracket. These are just the ticket! I’m excited about working out and I highly recommend these. The exercises are excellent, but safe for someone with problem joints or back issues. Jane has always been a pioneer in the fitness arena and I’m happy to report that these workouts will not disappoint. They are above and beyond my expectations! For anyone who has recently seen Jane on Oprah or Ellen, we know she’s doing something right to look so fabulous! I wish that Jane would publish something that encourages healthy eating and nutrition. I’ve read a little bit about her diet. She eats a colorful rainbow of fruits and veggies, lean protein and high fiber foods. I think a recipe book with her nutrition tips would be a nice marriage with her fitness DVD’s. If you have any doubt, I say “run” don’t walk to the nearest retailer to purchase these tapes! Jenny

Nancy Fritts on

I love Jane Fonda. I did get the Fit & Strong video but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for; perhaps, not intense enough. I loved her “Workout” video from the 80’s but cannot find it on DVD and don’t have a tape player any longer. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?



Get Fit! on

She’s proving that you are never “too old”. Awesome =D

Gail Watson on

I am 75 and I do your Fit and Strong routines every day. Thank you for this exercise DVD, I love it! The only thing I wish was different is that in the level 2 routine the music is a little too loud and I find it difficult to hear your voice. I would prefer to have no music at all so I can hear your voice better.

Gloria de Regil on


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