Anne Hathaway Debuts Dramatic New Hair on Set: Love It or Hate It?

08/30/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Ludovic Boulnois/Photo Image Press

It looks like Anne Hathaway is trying on a brand new look, saying au revoir to her shoulder-grazing locks and bonjour—at least for the moment—to a brand new pixie do! The stylish brunette was snapped on the Paris set of her new film One Day over the weekend with this chic new style. But don’t be fooled by her boyishly short hair: Anne’s rep confirms to PEOPLE that it is in fact an on-set wig! So while the classic beauty has been known to switch up her hair from time to time, having rocked everything from long waves to a sophisticated bob, this new super-short look is only temporary! Tell us: Do you like Anne Hathaway in boy-short hair? Gillian Koenig

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Jazzy on


Ashe on

I love it! Very hip, modern, and she rocks almost any look because she’s lovely!

Denise on

Absolutely horrible! She looks like a boy with makeup.

Steph on

love her, not the hair unfortunately

Chrissy on

I’ve had this hairdo. It’s fun for about a week. Then it gets pretty boring. I don’t think it was great on me and I don’t think its great on her. You’ve got to have a pretty, delicate, feminine face to pull this off. You’ve got to style it everytime you go out and wear a good deal of makeup. You’ve got to trim frequently to keep the shape, but if you try to grow it out instead it becomes very awkward to deal with. Her face is just not that pretty. She should have stuck to a longer style which would have been much more flattering. But maybe its for a movie role.

Tom on

Her face isn’t that pretty?? Are you kidding me? She is drop dead gorgeous- and I love any hair-do she has!

She Beautiful... on

and I think she’ll Rock it!!!

ellen on

if she’s doing it for a movie then it could be a wig!!!

Jack Bauer on

She looks like Michael Jackson.

luce on

I think maybe a little too short, may work if she wore a more dramatic dark eye look?

amy on

guess you don’t need to be a mom to get a mom haircut..not a good look

Cris on

She is So pretty that if she goes bald, I still think she will look great. And she’s a great actress, so her looks is just a bonus!

Pattie on

it needs more ummfff !
doesn’t look quite right

lola on

ugghhh! why are stars chopping off all their lovely hair??? i like her hair long better!!!!!

Stevie on

I adore Anne Hathaway, but I liked her shoulder length hair better than this new pixie do.

K on

I hope this is a wig. With her larger strong features, and short cut just gets overwhelmed. It take lighter features to balance such a short do.

h on

TMZ already confirmed it is a wig.

Lynne on

not the most flattering cut, but she probably had to cut it for a movie role that she is being paid a few million dollars for. I’d cut my hair too, if I got paid big money like that. She will probably grow it out when she is finished working. no big deal, it’s only hair, and it does grow back.

Anonymous on


K on

What’s up with this trend of female actors turning into 8 year old boys?? First Hilary Swank, then Emma Watson, and now Anne too?? Hopefully this trend doesn’t catch on, I don’t find it attractive at all. But of course that’s just MY opinion…

JIl on

I really, really think this is NOT a good look for her…to me, short hair like this requires a super beautiful face and a tall, really think person but that’s just me! Hopefully, she can grow it out quickly!

: ) Lisa

Jo on

Is it a wig, it looks like a wig, maybe it is a wig, let’s hope it is a wig.

Robin on

Who says a woman has to have long, flowing hair to be beautiful?? Who cares?? Her cut is cute and she is still beautiful!! Some people get stuck on outside appearance, lets worry about what is on the inside of ourselves.

Cherie on

As a feminine woman who also rocks the short look, I think she looks fantastic.

valentina on

no offence but i do not like it. she looked better before. SORRY!!!!!!!!!

Becky on

Don’t understand all the negative comments. She looks stylish and pretty.


I agree with Chrissy. Ive had this hairdo as well, and it is cute and fun for all of about one month. Then you want your long hair back. And it’s a pain to grow your hair back after having it that short. She can always get extensions if she doesnt like it. Maybe it’s a wig for a movie role.

Mimi on

Uhhh…..she looks like a 55 year old soccer mom.

Mara on

If you want to wear a cut that short, your ears need to be flat to your head, the way Mia Farrow’s and Twiggy’s were. Otherwise, the ears just wing out like Michael Buble’s.

Nan Rasor on

She looks like she’s wearing a wig. Don’t be surprised if you see her in a few weeks and her hair has “magically” appeared. Sorta reminds me of Julia Roberts in Hook!

Jon on

I like Anne Hathaway’s new boy-short style! I love it! Also, as far as Rudy Guiliani’s Daughter, Carol, being sentenced to do a day of community service, I think that’s fair enough!

Leslie on

Hate it!!!

sTEFYto on

I just was at the Thompson Hotel and met this owner of a papaarazzi agency- anywhooo he was giving me the scoop of how everyone looks with and without make up. He said that Anne Hathaway was so gorgeous she took his breath away. I liked her hair in devil wears prada best BUT she can get away with anything,

Erin on

I think it looks great. It’s about time she changed her hair. I think with a little better styling she could really pull of a more modern Audrey Hepburn look. Love it.

Elle on

I like short, sexy & edgy haircuts on confident women (break away from the long hair norm) but in this picture, it looks pretty bad. BUT, when it’s all sleeked back & styled, I’m sure she looks gorgeous. It’s just not “done up” here, she’s at a game.

sandra on

OMG Horrible!

Ginger on

She looks like a mom

Jay on

Looks horrible, has aged her about 25 years. NO female looks good with a short cut. It’s the housewife or old lady “do”. Short cuts are NOT attractive or feminine or sexy on any female. Salons only want women to cut it short because of the money they make off the “upkeep”. Hope this os only for a movie rolde and it grows quick. Even gorgeous looking women do NOT lood good with short hair, Anne nows looks like an unattractive tomboy.

Laura on

I love her, but that hair do looks horrible on her!

SirenSon on

We know from other pictures that she looks good wtih short hair/hair styled away from her face–just not THIS short hair or this style. Hate it.

2cents on

Yuck, too butch. Is she driving truck on the side???

And, Tom, sorry but I agree with whomever must have said she isn’t that pretty; she looks too animated, or something, with those oversized eyes and lips. That isn’t necessarily bad, but she really is just “average” on the looks scale.

teresa on

duh, people, she’s got a wig on for a movie role-she hasn’t cut her hair off! it’s all smoke and mirrors for any movie role, she’ll have her real look back as soon as they call it a wrap. please.

lily on

I love her to death, but boy, she does look like a boy… :-((
Hate it

lflm on

Why? She is such a pretty woman, why did she cut her thick, long and lovely hair? I do not think it is flattering for her at all. Perhaps it is a wig -wow, that would be great!

leela on

sorry not the right face shape for that do! But we all make that mistake at least once!

Lori on

I read on another site that it’s a wig for her movie role she’s currently filming…

lflm on

Hate it. She used to be such a pretty woman with long, thick hair. Why did she do this? Chopping off her lovely locks was not a positive, flattering thing to do. Well here’s hoping it is a wig and not permanent.

g-mac on

It added 10 years – she looks like a soccer mom!

mg on

Come on People magazine, this is a geeky picture. I have seen other photos where she is out and about and not on the movie set. In ‘real’ life she rocks this short hair with style. You just posted a bad photo.

susie on

i never got the allure of anne hathaway….her eyes and mouth are too big for her face…the short hair makes her look old.

Erin on

It’s very Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. I approve.

kristie on

I am personally not a big fan of short haridos and probably because I dont have the bone structure in my face to pull them off. Anne is very fortunate to be able to change her style so dramatically and look as lovely as it does.

Sarah on

are we sure it’s not a wig??

Christina on

gorgeous girl. eh hair.

Mary Ann on

I think it looks good change is good. Its only hair and it will grow back so what is the big deal.

debbie on

Glad to see SHORT is in!!! Love it!

Maribeth on

A beautiful woman, the hair, not so much. It makes her look slightly matronly. I adore short hair and I believe Anne can rock a short doo ~ just not this particular one. The really good news is, its only hair and on most folks, it WILL grow back!

Denise on

Not real sure about this cut!!??

K. Steven on

Ouch! She looks like President of the Rachel Maddow Fan Club. Hey, Butch, where’s the Sundance Kid? But I hear Hermie the Dentist just loves it.

jocostag on

I hate it. It doesnt go with her face.

R. Winn on

I do not hate it but I love her with long hair better. Longer hair can be done in anything from casual to sexy and she has covered it all.

Julie on

This is not the best for her!!!!

Anita on

Looks too much like a guys haircut to me.

Lisa Bush on

Her hair looks much better longer. I pray this is just a wig.

Taisen on

I love her, and almost all of her movies. She is gorgeous, but I hate the new hair style on her. It doesn’t work for her no matter how pretty she is.

amanda on

Um, are you high? She has a gorgeous face, she is a classic beauty. Why isn’t she beautiful, because she’s not fake and doesn’t have blonde hair and a spray tan? Get over yourself!

Kelly on

HATE IT- well that soounds too harsh- no HATE IT!!!!! So not flattering to her good looks. Her features are not petite enough to pull that off. Looks like she’s pretending to be a boy. Hope she puts in some extensions until her beautiful “real” har grows back.

Peggy on

not good…. dude…. :)

Quinn on

Uhh…NO. Not a flattering style for her at all. It totally ages her – not cute at all! I agree with the comment that she looks like a boy with make up on. Sorry.

Rae on

I think she looks like Liza Minelli.

reese on

To all the people that hope this is a wig…read the article. Her rep said it was and it is for a part.

Sarah on

Firstly, why is everyone questioning if it is a wig or not? If you actually read the article, you would see it’s a wig she is wearing for a film role.

Second, Anne is gorgeous regardless of her hairstyle. Let’s not be too harsh on her, unless you’d like everyone to critique your latest hairchoice.

jen on

I think that the new do makes her look older than what she is, and it does look like a wig.

SpartyForever on

You all must have missed the part in the article where they said it was just a wig……

Cindy on

I’m glad it’s a wig — before I read that, I thought it was looking a bit clunky for a pixie. I like her in long hair much better.

Mayte on

I’m seriously loving the fact that everyone here is commenting on how much of a mistake it is that she cut her hair, when in the article itself it says that this is just an ON SET WIG.

BkT on

She looks cute, but the hair doesn’t look real. I think it’s a wig. And what’s with all the mean comments – since when is a woman’s femininity defined by the length of her hair, people!?!

Kerry on

It’s a wig!!! It says right in the article. Whatever hair she has it is great, she is an outstanding actress.

Lisa D. on

Thank goodness its just a wig ! It doesn’t look good on her at all…

Summer on


Katherine Sparks on

Jeez people READ THE STORY!!!! It is a wig not her real hair, and producers aren’t going to style it amazingly/give her amazing eye makeup if it doesn’t fit the character she is portraying!

brigid on

Its no good.

Jon on

It’s nice to hear about Lea Michele’s Animal Rescue Job, good to hear about it and the good things she’s done!

JennB on

I have read this book and the haircut is a little important to the plot. Glad they went with it for the movie.

Brittanney on

Did anyone actually read the article?! It’s a wig and for a movie.

Jan on

no to much like guy and shes weird looking

Mary on

So many people here seem to be up in arms about the fact that Anne Hathaway cut her hair short. Why is no one up in arms about the fact that peoples’ reading comprehension SUCKS because so many here missed the part in the article that very clearly says that this is a wig for a role in the movie?

ae on

Thank God its a wig. She is pretty but her facial features are far too big to carry off a pixiecut.

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Hannah on

This hair cute makes the resemblence between Liza Minelli and Anne even more prominent!

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Cindy on

She looks like Judy Garland! Is that who she’s playing in the movie?

Janice on

For everyone screaming “don’t you read”, this article was updated with factual information regarding the wig after the intial printing made it seem like she had cut her hair. So, reading comprehension is not the problem.

natalie on


vicki on

ok… whew .. it’s a wig!

Angel on

Funny how someone’s hair causes such distress in others. When the football player had long hair, folks were saying it was horrible and he should cut it, her hair looks short and people scream she looks like a boy. Shouldn’t people be allowed to wear their hair however they want, since it is their head–male or female? Length of hair does not make a person’s gender.

Tricia on

She can rock anything. She is so extremely cute.

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[…] Hathaway debuted her new do this week on the Paris set of upcoming film One Day. I’m not sure if it’s a wig or if […]

Darlene Ward on

wow…I love that cut..

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EK on

Unless you are super gorgeous, short hair won’t work! I think she is pretty but not super gorgeous.

dipsy on

so cute! what a good hairstyle for her.

Zona on

I love Ann. She can do no wrong.

S on

I really don’t like that on her. It’s interesting to me that people find her so beautiful. I think her face is a little strange. But different is good, Imo.

paty on

i love it, she looks gorgeus as always, if someone can pull it off is her!

Paige on

I love the style on her. She has been calleed the modern Audrey Hepburn and this hair style is the exact essence of that! I think it looks great on her- even if it is only a wig. :)

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[…] it’s not the first time the star has sported a close crop for a role: in 2010, the actress wore a wig (right) to play Emma Morley in the movie One […]

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