Kim Kardashian Rocks Bang-Heavy Hair

08/20/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Juan Rico/Fame

Talk about fringe benefits! Kim Kardashian caused a minor stir last night when she stepped out in a curve-hugging minidress, sky-scraper heels, and new blunt bangs. The reality star debuted her new do at the double premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Spin Crowd Thursday at Le Trousdale in West Hollywood. And while the look was definitely out of the ordinary for the Kardashian queen, she assured reporters that it was only temporary, courtesy of clip-in fringe. Kim even gave fans a chance to comment on the look by posting pics on Twitter with an enthusiastic “Bangs!!!!!!” Tell us: What do you think of Kim’s new fringe? –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester

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janey on

This wig is cute!!!

jen on

Gawd! I am soooooo sick of seeing photos of this fame-wh*re every day! Does the girl ever stay home? on

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Kim Kardashian Rocks Bang-Heavy Hair – !: The Leading Online Daily News on

[…] Up with the Kardashians and The Spin Crowd Thursday at Le Trousdale in West […] Read more on People Magazine google_ad_client = "pub-1354386426139272"; google_alternate_color = "FFFFFF"; google_ad_width = […]

cindy on

shutup yahoofashion person u are annoying

Family Law Melbourne on

She looks amazing in that black dress love

Live In Australia on

She is so cute. love she xx

Jessie on

love it!!!! She looks good in any hair style!!!

Palm Beach, Fl on

Iron Mountain SUCKS!!!!

Jan on

Sick of her no matter how she wears her hair or dresses!

Katie on


Patti on

I love keeping up with the Kardashians! I think Kim’s new ‘do is rocking!!

candace on

Its only a wig big fing deal!!! This is news worthy how???

Not Kimmie K on

Possibly a better question:

can she “pull off” her always too tight clothes? why must she dress like that?

donna jo on

Like it or not, she is gorgous.

Sharon on

I think that Kim is beautiful and I like her with or without bangs. But, with that being said I do think she is being overexposed, some people are tired of reading and seeing her in magazines etc. maybe it is time to back off a little, I would like to see her doing some charity work instead of promoting books, diet pills and perfume.

Lena on

I love it. I think that she looks sexy.

Notta Fanohillary on

Who cares? P.S. Why is she famous?

jenny on

is’nt she a star?

Soleil on

She’s so artificial looking.

vicki on

she looks like her mom now.

Emily on

I don’t even know why this girl has a house. She is never in it. And no, she can’t pull off bangs. Classic bangs are too casual a look to pull off on the red carpet anyway.
Kim would look so much prettier with large curls or wavy curls shoulder-length.

travis watson on

She is absolutely stunning! The hottest woman on tv by far!

Lisa on

The bangs are just ok. I think in general they are better suited to 3 year olds. But Kim is beautiful no matter what.

Liv on

This isn’t exactly “out of the ordinary” for her… she had bangs for a while last year, too.

Nancy on

I think she looks beautiful no matter how she wears her hair.

Fan! on

Does she ever look bad?

Sandra on

Who cares!! I am so sick of hearing about the Kardashians. There have to be more real stars to cover!!!!

Mich on

Its a wig!!!

Jules on

really agree on the over-exposure bit. used to like her now i’m just like … kim who?!!!!!

Tammy on

Kim K could pull off anything. She is gorgeous.

MD on

BLAH!!! So sick of seeing these Kardashian sisters everytime I turn around. They don’t act, sing… well they do nothing productive. They take pictures and attach their name to anything they can get their hands on… Thank you Ryan Seacrest Productions.

Lacey on

Oh, we are worried about her hair now?? I thought that America preferred her naked in bed spread eagle. Isn’t that how this wh-re got famous?? Just saying.

who's she on

this “pocahontas” is so …..FAT

who's she on

hey..pocahontas!You are FAT!!!!!!!!!

Nicole on

Yes, i think she can …

St.Ephanie on

I don’t get it, all these K girls are such trolls!! And Khloe looks like she used to be a man. WTF?

Anthony G on

this is the most despicable story I have ever read. Not murder or war or poverty, this miserable story or post about a fame whoring filthy human being that has contributed nothing to our planet. there is a soullessness that has to come with caring about people like these. shame on anyone who helps this filthy person and her family continue to amass millions while you comment like sheep on a website blog.

Lucinda on

I love it!!!!! I think she should add bangs.

ae on

She suits bangs, but it makes her hair look like a wig.

laura on


JoAnn on

I think she ABSOLUTELY ROCKS IT!!!!!! How can she not???

Diana Romano on

The nose job (she didn’t have) looks great. Saw her and the rest of the family on Larry King, otherwise I wouldn’t know who they were. Here’s a hint for you kids out there, when the top lip hardly moves and lips/nose do not show expression, some rhinoplasty has occurred. I grew up in the 60’s when plastic sur. just started. All the female stars looked like that. Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett and so many othes still do. Decided after watching them on Larry K, to google them. It boils down to a family that found a gimic on a reality show. I expect this of women, but disappointed in B. Jenner. At least his older childern stay away from this.

Karen on

Kim can pull off any hairstyle! She’s gorgeous!

loren on

Love it!!

Julie on

she look like her mom. I think she can pull it off. Whatever she wear she look good.

Dawn on

I think most of us can pull off bangs, it’s harder to go without depending on your hair line – it softens sharp features too – not that Kim has that problem – she is awesome either way. Those clip ons are the best thing ever – committment to growing out bangs is huge, not anymore!!! I want some!

Christina on

I love the look on her. She’s lovely and I LOVE the family shows! So take that haters! Mwah!

charlotte on

She’s such a pretty girl, i just wish she (as well as other stars) would just look natural for once! I hate her extensions and clip-in bangs-its ridiculous that she is not secure enough to just wear her hair naturally or step out without full, overdone makeup. Kim should really focus on her natural beauty rather than trying to fake everything.

Jon on

I like Kim’s new fringe look, and she can definitely pull off bangs!

Christina on

Wow, there are some really negative comments up here. All I can say to those with nothing nice to say about something so simple as bangs: Good grief! If you broke, constipated, insecure, whining little hypocrits really think she hasn’t helped society so much, why are you up here wasting precious time by griping at her instead of doing something for society with your little heartless hands? I think she’s smart, gorgeous, and sweet as a sister. Nay-sayers with no solutions are worse then odorous, ignorant crabs in a barrel! Go Kim! I love the shows! Keep living and I’ll also keep living my life to the fullest! God bless Kim… and may He even bless the little haters too, lol!

G W Little, Jr. on

Why should I (or, anyone else, for that matter) be at all interested in Ms. Kardashian ? Richard Simmons is more interesting than she, and I don’t care about him either !

Khar Kudi on

Really, who gives a sh*t? Did she win the Nobel Prize. Nope. Create anything with engineering skills? Nope. Do surgery? Nope. So, really, who is this non-entity and why do people give a damn? Ah, they have no life! That’s why they care!

Esme on

Very, very cute! Love them!



Lina on

People need to seriously STOP hating on her! She looks Gorgeeee. i Love you kim ;)

missnv on

She looks just like her mama!

Kathryn on

I think they look great on her. Kim can pull off any look, really.

love kim k on

awww jen r u jealous of kim she beautiful;)

Emily on

Who cares about this fame hungry nobody!

Randall Burns on

where is the comment i sent in please?

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[…] Kim Kardashian Rocks Bang-Heavy Hair Juan Rico/Fame Talk about fringe benefits! Kim Kardashian caused a minor stir last night when she stepped out in a […] […]

Tim on

She looks like Octo-mom. I hope she hasn’t screwed around with her lips.

Dani on

I love Kim K she is such a good role model. I like her better without bangs since it really hides her face.

Mary on

I lost interest in the Kardashians a very long time ago. Anyone whose chief interest is themselves is PATHETIC in a major way. What the American media sees in them is beyond me.

k on

ummm she’s “rocked” bangs before.. she changes up her look for attention and she knows she’ll be talked about. she’s self absorbed and it’s very pathetic.

. on

dani – she’s a “good role model” LOL really? where have you been? she leaked her own sex tape for the money and attention and she has no actual talent. she is very into herself so no wonder she can’t keep a man. her scum dad got OJ simpson off for double murder.. yeah nice “claim to fame” real classy.

Cynthia on

No fan of hers/theirs, but objectively speaking, I LOVE the bangs on her; she wears them well. She is a beautiful woman regardless of her affectations.

Yen on

wow so many hatersssssssssssssss!!! dont you wish you looked like her!!! You ROCK Kim!

gossipjunkie on

kinda Angelina Jolie wannabe-ish

Ironbar on

Kim can pull off bangs, bald-head or anything else.Just don’t go blond ever again.


I like her bangs….I think they make her look younger and more approachable.

essielisa on

Love It!

Leesa on

Does she honestly ever look bad?!

lena on

she is naturally beautiful so everything looks good on her

njb on

Who are the Kardashians anyway? I see them everywhere, and wish I didn’t! I have never seen their show, nor will I. Gimme a break!

Chelsie on

I’m tired of hearing about this woman! Please make her and her entire family go away! They are soooo over exposed!

laraaaa on

I am so sick of her being everywhere. Who cares?

sesy on

y’all are so funny. you find it worth the time to write a comment about how you don’t care about her but took the time to type in the comment. y’all know she looks good and can’t stand the fact that you are most likely unattractive. quit hating and just admit this woman is pretty.

Kira on

Shes looks hot! I think she looks better this way! I <3 the kardashians I have watched every episode I watcha all the reruns whenever its on!!

Kira on

ALl THE KARDASHIANS ARE PRETTY! EQUALLY PRETTY! Kim, Khloe, Kourtney all are pretty! They are dolls! But What I hate is I hardly ever hear Khloe is pretty! SHES GEORGOUS! ALL OF THEM!! Khloe and Kourtney could also pull of this look!

erin on

some of you people need a life outside of scripted reality TV, it’s sad. kim and her family are money hungry fame wh*res and people have had enough of it. actual celebrities are not self obsessed nor are they in the so called “news” about something as silly as wearing clip in bangs for god’s sake. i’m pretty sure we have more important things going on in the world.

Jordan on

wow. i love her with bangs!!! she looks super cute! :)

Ethelyn on

I agree with Jen. Every time you look around, she’s in the camera. Take some time away, please.

Joanne on

Kim K is stunning….her sisters are cute enough, but she’s drop-dead. She can pull of whatever look she wants to pull off. If you don’t want to see her pics, don’t click on the articles.

lola on

I think she looks like Cleopatra lol.. But she can pull it off, it works for her

Jessica on

i think she looks great.

Kortland on


Teig Cline on

I love her beautiful hair. It is so soft looking. I think the bangs add to her style and makes her look younger and more sophisticated!

Maureen on

Who cares! Sombody needs to tell this no-talent bimbo to put on some clothes. Nobody wants to see her anymore. She has no brains or talent and there is no more reason to look at her.

Tweety on

I wonder if Bruce Jenner is as appalled at the narcissism in this family. The whole clan is overexposed ( anbd I don’t mean it in a nice wAy) The worst is Khloe. Can she ever act in a mature and resposible manner?

MeToo on

Overkill, much? I’m so sick of this girl!!

Stevie on

I think she’s a really beautiful girl, but I dont think I like the bangs look on her. She looks better when her bangs are pushed to the side and you can actually see her face.

jon on

gang bangs… yes

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Lastest Kim Kardashian News – !: The Leading Online Daily News on

[…] Kardashian Pull off Bangs? The reality star debuted some serious fringe Thursday night Read more on People Magazine google_ad_client = "pub-1354386426139272"; google_alternate_color = "FFFFFF"; google_ad_width = […]

Jane Moss on

she looks like she’s had more than a nose job. the softness is gone to her jawline, now it is sculpted down to a pointed chin. look at previous photos. she looks too perfect, unreal. GAG!!v

saucy. on

I LOVE it!

She’s blessed w/ amazing hair.

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Cecilia on

What is the name of her new hair color?.. It looks like a warm brown. I want to color my hair that color. She looks great..its a change from her black hair. Thanks.

Blackhat on

I suggest you to put facebook likes button. Cheap Real Human Traffic .

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