Hilary Duff's Dark Side: Love It or Hate It?

08/20/2010 at 12:00 PM ET


It looks like marriage isn’t the only major change in Hilary Duff‘s life! The newlywed was snapped stepping out of a salon in Beverly Hills Thursday sporting a dark new do! Fresh off her honeymoon with NHL player Mike Comrie, the formerly bright blonde star showed off strawberry blonde locks, which complemented her dark vampy lips and rocker-chic tank top. And while the darker hue is a definite departure from her previously sunny shade, Hilary has never been shy about switching up her style, having rocked everything from baby-blonde to almost black. Tell us: Should Hilary keep the darker hair or lighten back up?

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daysee on

OMG I hate this look on her. She needs to go back to her blonde hair.

karen on

She should’ve sticked with blonde it suits her more. or maybe it’s just the lipstick…

Flavia on

I liked the hair, but not the lipstick color :(

Samantha on

Blonde is better

Lara on

Like the hair. not the lipstick

dawn on

I’m not a fan of her but I do love this hairstyle on her. Much more grown-up lookig than the the bottle blonde.

sherri leduc on

Absolutely horrible. She does not even resemble herself.

Lin on

Is there nothing better to worry about?

Sarah on

I think this is just an unflattering photo of an otherwise beautiful girl. Blonde or brunette, I think she can pull both off well.

Brandy1921 on

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

suzy diamond on

Go back to blond, definitely!

Valiita on

I like it a lot.
She looks pretty with every different style

Angelina on

She looks a lot better. I would not consider this very dark, but my hair is naturally almost black in color. I wish more women would get over the fake blonde with the exclusion of Gwen Stefani of course. Fake blonde looks so cheap.

Nicole on

Lipstick has to go…Hair great!

AA on

blonde for sure! why ruin a good thing…she is so pretty!

kara on


cat on

Love it!

Beth on

I love her hair! As soon as I saw the pic I’m like, I want that hair. Love it.

D on

I love the hair color, it’s just the lip color that is not working for her.

Allison on

Her hair looks fine, the lipstick is too dark.
Gwen Stefani–I would like to see her with her hair the natural color–I think dark hair would be very dramatic on her.

Amaryllis on

Looks bad. She needs to go back to being a blonde. Her skin doesn’t go with this hair color.

Earlene Roseman on

Her hair looks great but the lipstick is horrible

Denise on

Oh please Hillary go back to blonde. This color is not becoming on you. I would not have known it was here if not for the headline. That lip color is to harsh. Change hair back to blonde and go back to soft glossy lips PLEASE.

Bev on

Should stay a light blonde or darker blonde with highlights. That would suit her face colouring.

shelnate on

I don’t like her hair this color. I think she looks better as a blonde. The color of the lipstick doesn’t help either.

mckenna on

she should definately lighten her hair up! that is not a good look for her!

Gone Darker on

Sometimes, when you’ve been blonde your whole life, you just have to go dark. I think she looks great. What fun is it to have hair if you can’t change it around?

hotwildflower on

I’d assume it’s for a role she has coming up. Regardless, she’s beautiful in any color. Go Hilary & Congratulations on your marriage and I wish you two a very happy & healthy life together. Such a cute couple!!

Tania on

Love it!

Wendy on

I love this look on her and I agree the lipstick is not for her.

Lx on

She looks like Drew Barrymore in the 90’s

Velvet on

That lipstick is horrible. It’s hard to judge her new hairstyle with her wearing that lipstick…

DE DE on

Maybe it is close to her real color and she wants to get preganant or is preganant and won’t be able to color her hair after…..or so they say

Jen on

Nice fall look

jcams on

Love it :)

Dot on

This doesn’t even look like her! Maybe it is that lipstick! YUK! I agree that she should change the color back to blonde, but ALL blonde, not like the really dark bottom and top blonde boufont like she had in her wedding pictures. Hated the hair! Other than the hair, she was a beautiful bride!

MM on

Brunettes have more fun. . . . . .

AlexaLauren on

hair is ok. better blonde. lipstick is horrible!

Elizabeth on

Maybe if the highlights were opposite. More blond and less dark. And that lipstick is way too dark for a young woman not trying to deflect attention from wrinkles and crows feet.

DebbieLG on

She still looks cute. My question is why would she want to spend that much time in a salon while on her honeymoon?!??

Jazzy on

She is usually alot more pretty than this!

AMC on

I think she looks like Drew Barrymore in this picture, I like her blonde hair better.

GMUQT2001 on

I think it’s a good low maintainence look. Hopefully she is going into a nesting phase. She can afford to do that. There’s nothing wrong with preparing to settle into a quiet married life. She’s sstil young and can step back into the wide life at any point she wants to. I hope she’s happy…

Jessica on

I am so tired of reading posts that say…”Is there nothing better to worry about?” “Why is this news?”…etc. People…this is STYLE news. This is PEOPLE magazine. If you want important, relevant news…go to CNN.com! This is a site to escape the everyday; not a site to catch up on world news! Lighten up!

Patricia on

Katherine Heigl and Fergie did the same thing. What is it about marriage that causes a person to change their hair color? She don’t even look like the same person. This man married a sweet looking blond and is now with a goth looking female. What’s next; tatoos and body piercing? Is there something psychotic going on here?

Laurie on

I thought it was Drew Barrymore at first glance!

Elle on

Hair color is OK — but that lipstick! No no no!!!!

Stevie on

I love it! She was beautiful as a blonde but I really love her new dark hair.

Liza on

The hair color looks more natural and appropriately mature for her now than the teeny bopper look she had before.

at on

she looks like drew barrymore

Travis on

Come On Everyone
Hilary Duff is Beautiful as a Brunette
I Like It even as a Blondie She’s Beautiful

kristen on

my hair is the exact same color, except i didn’t pay a dime for mine. it is all natural.

Angelina on

@Patricia – You must be one those chicks that are stuck in the ’90’s and panic when someone changes up their look. Nothing wrong with being brunette! Most people do not have natural blonde hair so do you consider everyone a ‘goth’ or ‘psychotic’??

Becky on

I like the haircolor but the lipstick sucks on her seriously. She’s beautiful but she should chose other colors for her lips. :)

Kiki on

Love the cut and color – hate the lipstick.

junean on

She should wear her hair and lipstick however she likes it. If she likes it, that is all that matters.

amy on

keep the hair color – lose the lipstick color!

Margie on

A beautiful young lady has turned into a beautiful young woman.

ThatOneGuy on

Apparently she has never learned that blonde is the only color that works for her. Her good looks fade fast when she tries out any other hair color.

Funny how she bagged her man, and is already letting her looks slip!

Emily-Rose on

She looks great either way. But I prefer her with even darker hair, like in her With Love music video.

Natasha on

I love the hair color! But the lipstick just dosen’t work for her at all.

LaLa on

She looks pregnant! I won’t be surpried if she is since she got married fast.

Jen on

Um, this is still blonde. Dark blonde, but still blonde, not brunette…

SHar on

Go back to your blonde hair Hillary or lighten your lipstick – I dont know. Something about this look just isnt working for you.

Niki on

Hair is nice, nix the lipstick ASAP.

>> on

Its just hair…it will most likely be changed back in a couple weeks. Maybe she just got bored and wanted to mix it up. We all do it from time to time.

mari on

this picture does not do judgest on her.
she is a pretty girl or lady but she could do better. Please change it back.

ruth on

LOVE IT! Much more natural, and classy looking, than that bleached blonde that she had before!

WJF on

yuck, the lipstick does not help

Angelina on

@Kristen – Uuummm. Nobody cares about your hair. This is an article about Hilary Duff ICYDK.


Love the hair, not the lipstick also :)

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I love her hair just not the lipstick. But other than that, love her!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon on

Yes, she should keep the darker hair!

cricket on

I love it and I think she did it because she may be thinking of having a baby and didn’t want to color her hair and have roots showing…I’ll bet her natural color is brown.

jack on

i think hilary looks fine either way.

Kennan on

I personally like it, not absolutely love it, cause it reflects off of that “I’m still a little girl” look.

GoodTxGirl on

Why ? Why do people read the article, read the comments and then say “is there nothing better to worry about” – WHY DID YOU READ IT IF YOUR SO MUCH ABOVE ALL OF IT? Hillary – love the hair!

Erin on

I love it. She is a married woman and she can do what ever she wants. Shes and adult. If you can’t say something nice, don’t SAY IT AT ALL

:( on

the truth is.. I DON’T CARE anymore!
i can’t believe i’m saying this.
but i used to be her bigest fan on earth!
now.. she doesin’t do anything!
i don’t know why the paparazzi are yet following her! i really love hilary but is she washed up?
i mean she stoped her music! she stoped her movies! she stoped everthing! i understand that she wants to live her life. but she is only 22!
and she stoped her carreer??

ae on

I like the hair and I think the lipstick is really throwing everything off.

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Karen on

Stay blonde!!!!!

Sparky23 on

Absolutely love the look – what matters is that Hilary likes it (it is her hair after all people). Continue to rock your sweet self Hilary!

Genevieve on

With that glow, she can pull off anything!
Congrats to the newlyweds!

ponymom on


Mary on

I’m not sure about the hair, I cant get past the lipstick!!

lauire on

she looks gorgeous!

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CC's mom on

WHY IS SHE BOTOXED AND LIP PLUMPED UP?? Ridiculous. Doesn’t even look like herself.

Reeza on

Change can be good. We’ve all been there – sometimes we just need a change. She’s beautiful – I think she looks great!

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Romantic Asian Guy on

yawn yawn…

vballer on

Wow not a good color….maybe less red or something but this definately does not look good on her.

d sisco on

she is on meth

Meems on

Like the hair, she can wear almost any color. She should have waited until fall to go darker…just my thinking. Totally hate the lip color. Blech!

hasnanafisahsakinah on


Jessica on

i like the hair but not the lipstick….it’s too dark

vickie on

…now Katherine McPHee I can say with a complete “no”…I hate her short blonde hair

carey h on

Never did like the dark red lipstick. Blonde was the color that attracted me to her. Now though it’s Hilary Comrie’s choice. Just make the marriage work . Next up I wanna hear planning parenthood.

Pickle on

Blonde is beter. Should of stuck with blonde

Miss Mali on

love it:)!!!

Allen on

I like the hair not the lipstick.

olivatoyou on

Cute! :) A lighter lipstick and she’s nailed it.

Mary Joyner on

I think she looks great both ways and it’s nothing unusal for a woman to want to change her hair color or style. Hillary you look great. Keep up the great singing and be happy. You go girl!!!!

Mary Joyner on

You look great both ways.

Cassidy on

Great. Now she looks just like everyone else.

baybay on

She looks better with the blonde but she doesnt look bad with that color…ILT hilary and im happy for her..CONGRATS

Isaiah on

I think its rude that you guys pick the worst picture of her, why not get a better one? You all make it look OBVIOUSLY worse.
It looks good, hope she goes to the studio soon!

Angelina on

OMG! She dyed her hair darker. I don’t know how I am going to live the rest of my life!!!!

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Brett on

Ja wiem kim jestem , i nie wzcuywam obrazy jak ktoś jedzie po stereotypach , bo sam jestem w zawodf3wce więc każdy uważa że jestem idiotą , ich zdanie ich opinia nie mam potrzeby jej zmieniać . Ameryka to chyba kraj ktf3ry ma nas najbardziej w dupie czego przykładem jest tarcza antyrakietowa . Przejmujesz się ich opinią to zrf3b coś dla kraju tylko tak można zmienić ten stereotyp puszczanie słf3w na wiatr jest bezsensowne .

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