Taylor Momsen Trashes Rihanna's Pop-Star Style

08/18/2010 at 01:45 PM ET

Courtesy SPIN Magazine

For Taylor Momsen, art imitates life. Just as her Gossip Girl character, Jenny Humphrey, takes pleasure in shaking things up on Manhattan’s prim-and-proper Upper East Side, so too does the actress seem to enjoy pushing the boundaries in real life. In a recent interview with Spin magazine, Momsen classified her personal style as “high-class hooker” and frowned upon anyone opposed to her black eyes and leggy looks. “I dress for myself,” she told Spin. “Clearly, it’s provocative, but it makes me feel good. And if the only reason it makes someone uncomfortable is because I’m 16, then that person’s a scumbag because it shouldn’t matter.” But the Material Girl muse and lead singer of rock band, the Pretty Reckless, is irritated—to say the least—that pop stars are passing as rock stars these days. “People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred. Now Rihanna‘s wearing f– leather jackets, and it’s really annoying.” For Taylor’s full interview, check out Spin.com. Tell Us: What do you think about Taylor Momsen blasting a fellow fashionista? Jessie Goldberg

Courtesy SPIN Magazine

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Echaz on

If looking like a crazed raccoon is what gets her through the day well then good for her. I’m not a fan of Rihanna but it seems as if lil Taylor thinks critizing Rihana is going to get people to notice her. That fact is she is only 16. 16 and dumb!

Still Life in Southeast Asia on

Obviously Momsen is an authentic rock star who has the right to wear a leather jacket.

Daisy on

what a waste of a pretty face.

Dru on

wow because clearly people who aren’t rockstars can’t wear leather jackets, she is whatever the opposite of epitome is of classy

Shakera on

wow she’s an idiot. I didn’t realize leather jackets were reserved for certain ppl. Rihanna has style and has incorporated leather into it… I think Taylor just wanted attention.

Kel7 on

Her parents must be so proud…

Bonobo on

I don’t know if anyone who classifies their look as “high class hooker” has the right to criticize other people’s clothing choices…just saying.

Allie on

I wouldn’t say she looks “high class” but I do agree with her that she looks like a hooker. I mean, when you see this little racoon eyed girl in stripper heals, ripped tights and a t-shirt, you start to wonder where her parents are…

tanya on

pop stars can’t wear leather jackets??? this girl is dumb

HilLesha on

Courtney Love called, and she said that she wants her look back.

charlotte on

ok she obviously has very low self-esteem if she is saying that the only way to make herself feel good is to dress like a hooker. And if she just said that people shouldnt judge her for the way she dresses, why is she so quick to judge the way someone else (rihanna) dresses? and leather jackets are not just for “rock stars”…she just made herself sound really arrogant and conceited.

Julie on

not a good way to make friends or fans. not impressed. glad she’s not my daughter.

marie on

Note to Taylor: Wearing leather dosen’t make you a rock star. Making great rock music makes you a rock star. Unfortunately you don’t do that. Rihanna made better rock music on her last album then you do. By the way, everyone wears leather today.

Cristina Yeah w/o the H on

I wear leather jackets……

Jennifer on

I’ve got news for you little girl, you’re no “rock star” either. Steven Tyler, Sting, Bono, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, etc. THEY are rock stars! She’s just a wanna be poser!

Chyrel Jackson on

What an idiot, what a complete idiot; age in this instance is not an exuse.

Cat on

Damn. I guess since I work in the legal department in the midwest, I need to throw my leather jacket away. Thanks for the tip Taylor, I had no idea.

me on

Taylor Who?

BusyBee on

“Clearly, it’s provocative, but it makes me feel good. And if the only reason it makes someone uncomfortable is because I’m 16, then that person’s a scumbag because it shouldn’t matter.”
Well, there’s some logic for you…

Jessica on

What does leather jackets have to do with rock music? Everyone wears them nowadays.

Trish on

Crazed racoon, I LOVE IT!!!! I don’t even know who this girl is but I know who Rihanna is and she ROCKS! Did you hear that Momsen, I said she rocks! Especially in her leather jacket!!

kristen on

the only scumbags are going to be the dirty men that are going to be asking you how much you charge!and haven’t you ever hear the phrase “pop rock”?!

Tish on

High class hooker, huh? She’s 16 alright… I love that she barks at people who don’t like her style, yet tries to bag on others for wearing a leather jacket. Oh to be 16 again – young and dumb.

Colleen on

This girl is probably the dumbest celeb out there today….

Jill on

Gosh, she sure does have a pitiful attitude!

Lauryn on

Weren’t leather jackets originally for protection during war and when riding? Wouldn’t that make anyone who’s ever worn them a poser? A jacket is a jacket. You find one that makes you feel good, and move on with your life. And, “if the only reason it makes someone uncomfortable is because I’m 16, then that person’s a scumbag because it shouldn’t matter.” It DOES matter. As a CHILD, its inappropriate to dress as a “high class hooker”.

Kailee on

High class hooker? More like lowest of the low class…sweetie, you have no talent. If you want attention so bad, why don’t you go work in some strip club. I’m sure plenty of pervy old men will be more than happy to pay attention to you.

Jenn on

What happened to that sweet little girl from the Grinch who Stole Christmas? “High class hooker” isn’t something to be proud of….

Jill on

Man, this article got me worked up! I didn’t know you had to be a rocker to wear a leather jacket! Taylor needs to open her mouth and insert her foot!

angie on

It is a shame that someone as young as her feels like she has to dress that way to make her self feel good. She has a lot of talent and it seems she’s very unhappy with herself.
May God help her

Woman Womanski on

she was bashing on miley cyrus, now she is on rihanna. SOMEBODY needs to chill out on the jealousy. fyi, wannabe rockstar, being green w/envy doesn’t go too well with the black eye makeup.

Liz on

Why worry about something so insignificant in life? Worry about stuff that really matters like the kind of person Rhianna is, not what she wears. This 16 year old has a LOT of growing up to do. Not a fan.

Ana on

I don’t like Rihanna either but who is this dumb gossip girl to say? Who is she? She’s nobody I’ve even heard of besides that adolescent soap opera she’s on. What an annoying little brat!

Megan on

Just another arrogant teenager with high hopes and low class.

Jeni on

Oh The Green Eyed Monster Has Surfaced Here Big Time!!! Taylor EnvSo y And Jealousy Doesn’t Look Good On Anyone So Move Away From It Fast. Rhianna Rocks, And Looks Damn Good Doing It!!!

Jeni on

Oh The Green Eyed Monster Has Surfaced Here Big Time!!! Taylor Envy And Jealousy Doesn’t Look Good On Anyone So Move Away From It Fast. Rhianna Rocks, And Looks Damn Good Doing It!!!

Joy on

Child Please!!

Jocelyn on

Where are this girls parents? Great if she wants to be an actress/musician, but to have the personal style of a high class hooker, what a thing to aspire to. I’m suprised that Madonna and her daughter want someone like this to be the face of their Junior’s line. At the rate she’s going her star will burn out before it really has a chance to shine.

trsquare on

Poor Cindy Lou Who. People still don’t take her seriously.

jan on

I weep for the future…..uck!

Jessica on

She definitely needs to stop talking – she is making herself look ridiculous every time she opens her mouth.

Elda on

not a fan of Rhianna but she isn’t looking so good herself!

VD on

Wow, they have been wearing leather before she was born!!!!!!!!

Katie on

Apparently sequined hunting flannel is very “rock star”- she is an immature little girl who is too much like her character on GG and just wants attention (I do love that show-lol)

Lyndsey on

She’s really just trying too hard, which is not unexpected from a 16 year old, no matter their lifestyle. I say give her a few years and she’ll calm down and grow up a bit.

tillie on

i’m not a rhiana fan but has this twit taken a good look at herself, she is nothing to look at, and can not sing either

Chris on

lol Who?

ellen on

She’s ROCK? Then I gotta roll! Heart was rock, Joan Jett ,Pat Benatar,Janis Joplin,Melissa Etheridge,Lita Ford,Grace Slick,4 Non Blondes to name a few NOW THEY ARE ROCK. Hang your leather jacket up kiddo and come back when you ROCK.

Lo on

Wow! Who remembers her in the first couple of seasons off Gossip Girl? What a waste of a pretty face:/

And I didn’t know only rock stars could wear leather jackets…I don’t think you’re allowed to wear them honey, sorry :/

Betty Finn on

Hooker, yes. High class, no. Someday Taylor, you’ll look back the way you look and the things you say – and you’ll be sooo embarrassed. News flash little girl: you’re not that cool.

cpdm on

Spoken like a 16 year old kid.

itznia on

This girl is an utter disgrace.

Lynnette on

So…She doesn’t want people to criticize her attire but she can because? Perhaps Rihanna wears a leather jacket because like the rest of us, she wants to. Leather jackets are not exclusive to dumb little brats who want to look like old used up street walkers. Angry much hater?

MM on


AJ on

If pop stars irritate her for wearing leather…then Iceskaters are irritated at her for wearing sequens in her flannel “rock” look. 16 years old…SHOULDN’T YOU BE IN SCHOOL!!!!!

Susan Lewis on

You can’t have much of a mother if your 16 and doing this, because it DOES matter, clueless child.

Samantha on

If Rihanna can’t wear leather jackets because she’s not a real rockstar then can u wear “high class hooker styles” if you’re not a real hooker? or are you? Sorry the lines are getting blurred…

Me on

I think she has alot of growing up to do.

Cj on

Just a little 16 yr old girl looking for attention …and getting it form all of us writing here. one day she will look back and hopewfully be a little embarrased by this OR not and grow up to be a pain in the *** hollywood druggy-drinking wanna be star who will amount to nithing but cheap stories and behavior. welcome to hollywood little one !!!

Kim on

This girl looks like a sewer rat

Katelyn on

She so stuck up, she is a Courtney Love wannabe. I was watching this warped tour ’10 documentry and she says her band feels like “outcasts” because they are the ONLY Rock band on tour…….well then would someone like to explain to me what Warped Tour is…..And you know your so Punk Rock when……you Model for the Queen of Pop clothing line..

Heather on

Hmmm…if memory serves correctly, Michael Jackson who was the king of POP wore leather jackets all the time….or am I wrong? So, since when has it been a fashion faux pas for a pop star to wear leather jackets? Put a little more eyeliner on Taylor, I don’t think it’s thick enough.

AlexaLauren on

agree w Bonobo. nice girl to have a high class hooker look at 16! her role model must be Courtney Love. good luck, Taylor. you’re gonna need it

GregP on

I have no idea who this chick is, but in a way she is right. These pop princesses are not rock stars. Their music, if you want to call it that, is manufactured BS designed to sell an item, the style of the “singer”. Rihanna is one of those people, who’s “style” is a take on the punk look from the 70s. It is neither original nor provocative. To me its just boring and bland and shows me that she knows how to rip off another generation.

Gin on

Who is this person, or kid I should say? I’ve never even heard of her.
I’ve heard of Rihanna. Not my kind of music, but if I was this little girl, I might look up what the definition of a rock star is. My guess would be record sales, popularity and ability to sell out rock concerts would be on the list…LOL
I’m definitely not a rock star, but I do own a leather jacket…gasp!

Jess on

hmmm so according to her, no one is allowed to wear leather jackets unless they are “real” rock stars? and everyone who wears one from now on is just a big fake? get a life u silly girl and stop passing judgment on other ppl or their clothing choices when you’re the one raising a big fuss about having the right to wear whatever you want!

Amanda on

So other people are scumbags for commenting on what she wears…so from her own logic then she would be a scumbag too, for commenting on what Rihanna wears. Double-standard much!!

AA on

I don’t like her on gossip girl, and i definitely wouldn’t like her in real life. she shows her age with this article. 16 would be about right!!! i didn’t know you couldn’t wear leather unless you were in a rock band!

Deserae on

I’m sorry who is this little girl? and why is she dress like a crack addict?

Dawn on

What happened to sweet little Cindy Lou Who?

House on

She’s immature, rude, and probably craving attention.

Brandi on

Ummm, where’s her mother???? She shouldn’t be letting her wear that or none the less let her daughter think of herself or the way she dresses like “a high class hooker.” Sad, this girl is extremely naive, and doesn’t deserve her fame. I see a future celebrity rehab contestant….

DWoW on

My God she sounds bitter and a hater, Taylor is pretty and talented, but I think that bashing on Rhianna and also Miley, shows that she wishes to be in their shoes. I think that she would rather be a successful teenage on top of the world singer than a teenage actress who is in a successful series. She should stop hating.

LoveYou on

I wish my parents would let me be a ‘HIGh CLASS HOOKER’ when I was 16.

Anna on

She has got nothing on Rhianna.

Cath on

Maybe Taylor should be critical of the pop star style when she is actually close to being one….

amanda on

i think she is right. U guys thing taylor is country when shes not she pop country. shes more pop then country and rihanna is not rock she like R&B and Pop

Kate on

She’s a wannabe 16 year old who is talking with the maturity of a 16 year old. Pay her no mind – she’ll change her tune when she’s tired of this look!!

lins on

So “rock” stars are the only ones allowed to wear leather jackets? I guess you learn something new everyday. Are rock stars supposed to do Macy’s ads as well? I know minors in the entertainment world mature at lightning speed, but this kid is ridiculous.

Amy on

Since she is 16 I’m not going to be mean. She will however one day grow up and realize that she was an idiot when she was 16. But she has caught on that if she talks about another celeb then she will get attention. High-class hooker at 16, perhaps magazines and news shouldn’t take the time to cover her.

Kris on

She is a poser.

Brittany on

Well being an actress on Gossip Girl is pretty rockstar of her haha Not…this chick is such a joke…she needs to get over herself…she is talentless.

Adriana on

Hi pot, it’s the kettle….you’re black

Melissa on

I was going to say that this isn’t high school and she needs to be reminded that the cliques went away once you enter the real world but then I realized that this is why people criticize her about being 16, because she still lives up to it. Want to be treated like an adult? Start acting like one and quit whining to anyone who will listen just to get attention. It’s not our fault your band is garbage and you can’t seem to stay in the limelight.

KDK on

She could be Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson’s love child!…

“I dress for myself,” she told Spin. “Clearly, it’s provocative, but it makes me feel good”….Umm can we say self-esteem issues?!


I didn’t even know who she was and still don’t. She is just immature…

Becca on

What a pathetic little girl.

noelle on

WOW. I guess only Rock Stars can wear leather jackets …. news flash to me

JJ on

haha!! I like the “crazed racoon” remark! I think Rhiana is NO rockstar but she dresses for herself as well…not what anyone else wants and to quote Ms Momsen your, “a scumbag because it shouldn’t matter” how she dresses. Have a great day!

Shan on

So she criticizes Rihanna for wearing a leather jacket, but when people judge her for the way she dresses, they’re scumbags? Hypocritical much?

layla on

A 16 year old wanting to to look like a hooker is really annoying. I love how she thinks she’s such a superior rock star at 16. I”m guessing that the ‘real’ rock stars find this silly kids annoying as well.

WN on

Someone really let this girl stray way too from reality – typical teenager. She does such a great job with the eyeliner. Hopefully she will figure out how to read a book on civil rights and by all means manners – clearly she needs to. I have 2 teenagers in my house – neither one of them knows who Taylor Momsen is. Go figure!

Lila on

Taylor Momsen dresses like a strung out crack addict. She is 16 and has no clue what she’s talking about. You don’t have to be a “rock star” to wear leather. She’s such a poser who likes to pretend she’s hardcore but she’s just as pop as Rihanna minus Rihanna’s popularity and talent.

Jennifer on

Please – she got famous for being on a show called Gossip Girl. She couldn’t be less ‘rock’ if she tried.

Alison on

Wow! Taylor Momsen’s comments are exactly what I’d expect to come out of a 16 year olds mouth! She thinks she knows it all! Someone needs to put that girl in her place and give her an attitude check! I’m getting sick of her bashing everyone around her when I think she needs to take a look in the mirror!

Laurel on

For a bunch of people getting all worked up over a girl dissing someone else’s style, we sure are hypocritical! She’s just a naive little girl. She needs to make mistakes like this to figure the world out. I think she’s just upset that a traditional rocker-look is cool enough to be accepted into fashion for everybody. She’s just not eloquent in her expression.

Lara on

she really needs to lay off the eye make-up

Katie on

Wow… had no idea you could only be a rocker in order to wear a leather jacket. So my mom can’t wear a leather jacket because she isn’t rock material according to Taylor Momsen. Interesting. Who cares? Wear what you want, dress how you like. Doesn’t mean you are that specific type of stereotype. It just means you like to wear that. There are tons of different types of people who wear all kinds of stuff. Doesn’t mean that fit that “type” according to this 16 year old who doesn’t have a clue or know anything. Wow… What a tard’!

Jen on

Wow – her age is quite evident here. Hopefully she’ll grow up soon and see what an utter child she looks and sounds like.

Tiff on

and she was soo cute in The Grinch…

Erin on

She needs to just go ahead and get a tattoo of a foot on her face that is going towards her mouth. That way she will have a visual of what she does every time she opens her mouth to speak.

Jon on

I think Taylor Momsen blasting a fellow fashionista is not cool, but she has a right to her opinion, and she’s entitled to it!

Josie on

She just said that she can wear whatever she wants, and doesn’t approve of Rihanna’s leather jackets. Hypocrite.

m on

i can’t ever imagine a high class hooker dressing like this.

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