Emma Watson Gets a Royal Showcase for Eco-Chic Clothing Line

08/18/2010 at 04:00 PM ET


Emma Watson is once again lending her stylish hand to a good cause, taking her clothing collaboration with British fair-trade fashion label, People Tree, to Prince Charles’s private gardens! Visitors to the stylish showcase will be treated to a preview of the brand’s spring/summer 2011 range, which the Harry Potter actress helped put together. The high-profile event, set to take place September 11, is part of a larger 12-day ‘eco festival’, A Garden Party to Make a Difference—a series of cultural events to promote sustainable living. Although she can’t be at the show, Watson, 20, will make a special introduction via video. And she’s passionately backing the ‘green’ prince’s cause. “I’m so thrilled that People Tree will be showing the spring summer collection at A Garden Party to Make a Difference,” she said in a statement. “I think The Prince of Wales’ initiative is such a brilliant idea and I’m thrilled.” Stay tuned for more details. –Simon Perry

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Diana West on

All girls with that haircut, look the same to me… sooo boring and lack of personality

Anonymous on

diana is a hater she looks good, so get over your insecurities and be nice

Gina on

She reminds me of a young Twiggy with this hair cut.

hackrider on

i love it, it takes balls to wear hair that short. she’s a gorgeous girl, look at how huge her eyes look. Good choice!

KJ on

H Yes Diana is a HATER!!!! She looks beautiful…and if you can look that beautiful with your hair that short then that is saying something…she is an amazing beautiful person

Lori on

Diana…can I see a photo of you? You probably need your roots redone and another round of hairspray to hold the feathery sides in place!

jsun on

she looks great, and seems to have her head on straight backing something like this. I hope more young people get involved with things meshing their interests with causes.

Bree on

I have to admit I was not a fan of this cut when I first saw it on her but now that I have seen a better picture of it (the first one was small and grainy) I think it really suits her!! She has such a pretty face and this cut makes it the focus, her eyes are finally able to really stand out. Love the cut, love her and love that she is really doing something with her celebrity status and making a difference.

Didi on

I dont dig the short hair either, she is a very pretty girl but it just doesnt seem to fit her!!!

kary on

I guess you guys can make fun of me too because I am going to say I don’t like the cut on her. I am not sure how me, or Diana, not liking Emma’s cut makes us insecure or haters. How old are you guys posting on this site because your comments are immature. I believe this is a country of free speech. Then again I’m from Canada where we have more respect for one another than you Americans seem to have for one another.

spanish fly on

DAMN Guess you aint allowed to have an opinion Diana. I agree with Diana. I love Emma. she is adorable. Hate the hair cut. SO go ahead and pounce.

cindy on

gawd get a life people if you dont have something nice to say then f off

Rose Lady on

Boy you guys sure are judgemental, I don’t care for her hair cut/style either. Apparently you’re not allowed to have an opinion that doesn’t follow along with all the other sheep!!!! Get a life………..

josie on

Doesn’t anyone want to talk about her eco-friendly clothing line? I might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure this article did not have anything to do with her hair.

David on

Quit distracting from the subject. It’s about something more important than hair. It’s about raising awareness about an important issue. How about reading the article again and figure it out. She’s doing this for charity people!

JG on

I cut all my hair off at the end of May and I finally feel like me again! I had long hair for 15 yrs because my husband liked it long. I felt liberated once I got rid of all that nonsense. My hair is about the same length…a pixie cut. Wouldn’t you know that my husband loves my hair now better than when it was long. If you have the right face for short hair, then there’s nothing wrong with it. You can still look feminine and pretty with short hair. I’ve had more compliments with my short hair than what I ever had in the 15 yrs of it being longer. Love her hair!!!

Bree on

I have to agree with the haters, personally I like the haircut but that is just my opinion and we are all allowed to have one even if they are different!!
But really this article is not about her hair!!!!
(Love your comment on Canadians Kary!! I am proudly Canadian and have said the same more than once!!

alexz on

She cut her hair for a movie role, the girl with the dragon tatoo!

sarah on

cute, its a fresh new look for her and hair can always grow back plus the only opinion that matters is hers.

FrenchLady on

Oh my!!! THAT is a nice haircut!! It does accentuate her nice features and we can see her face!! I am so tired of seeing those women with long hair that does nothing to them except hide their faces!!! Keep it short and sassy!!!

mindy on

Well, I hope Emma still likes the haircut now that she didn’t get the role in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

AmandaB on

Seems to me that the negative comments about Diana weren’t about her opinion, but about how she expressed it. Rather snarky, I’d say. Although I do agree that “haters” is a strong word. There’s already too much snarkiness and hating going around, but yes, everyone has the right to her/his opinion, whether they agree or not.

FrenchLady on

Let’s put this straight…. She did not get the role for the reason that she did not audition for it. Now… how’s that for a reason!! Also, as for her new short haircut, maybe is it that now she is done with the Harry Potter movies, she wants to make a cut with the young girl she was when she started the movies and get a fresh start as a young woman…. “When Emma Watson debuted her new pixie-style crop last week, she declared it ‘the most liberating thing ever.’
We can only guess at the sort of message she was trying to put across, but with the Harry Potter series of films finally at an end, the former child star is probably trying to cultivate a new grown-up image.” ………. Just saying…. :)

FrenchLady on

And I am also a proud Canadian :)

sharon on

I love her hair like this. She looks so grown up, which I am thinking is the look she was going for.

Suzy on

Diana, your ignorance is baffling. How you can look at someone and call them boring by virtue of a hairstyle is pathetic.

cheneetot08 on

I used to have that kind of hair when i was young..ahahaha

Cindy on

You know, I like the cut with the exception of one thing — I think that if her bangs were a bit shorter it would look a lot better on her. These bangs are so short they make her forehead look like a continent! Otherwise, she’s adorable.

Katie on

I’m sorry but really? Arguing on people.com on opinions? Ha.
I personally think Emma’s haircut is daring and the pixie cut was recently “in”.
I do not find her boring. A celebrity who is actually smart and going to a top college, attempting to stay out of the lime light, and being shy is not boring.

queen karma on

A young clone of Judie Dench… / APPALLING !
Such a beautiful young girl can pull this off, without looking like a Bowling Pin. Whenever you go beyond 40, this is boringly PRACTICAL and unattractive. In three months she will have a few inches to work with , and will still be beautiful, but Much More attractive.

Emma Watson brings clothing line to royalty | HollywoodNews.com on

[…] at Prince Charles’ private garden as the spring/summer 2011 line is previewed, reports People. The event will take place on September 11, 2010 and is part of a larger […]

Jan on

I LOVE that hair on her, it looks amazing! I agree that she looks like twiggy.

Jon on

That’s great to hear, sorry she can’t be at The Event, thoug!

sara on

Get over yourself. Hair grows back so if you have a problem with her hair thats fine but there are better ways to say something. Whether you are from here on CANADA … manners are manners. No excuses

shady4life on

think she looks beautiful anyway that she wears her hair!!! sshe looks soo modern and chic and unique with the new hair :) <

Maree on

Im not a fan of her new hair cut i think she looked better with long hair. But each to there own and i say good on her for being able to cut it that short and she looks good because she has the confidence to pull it off.

Robin on

Gorgeous! She’s a class act, great talent and at such a young age. My crazy wish is that she and my son work on the same film one day and meet! Crazy? Maybe yes, maybe no. He’s already turned a few actresses heads while working! -Now, how do we get her here to Austin? :o)

Cecil on

Obviously no one read the article. Or don’t we read anymore.

“Emma Watson is once again lending her stylish hand to a good cause, taking her clothing collaboration with British fair-trade fashion label, People Tree, to Prince Charles’s private gardens!”

Kudos to Emma.

Viva on


debbie on

Kary can you see Russia through your thick AH head? Get a life CHILD will ya. Not all us USA people S$%K! She looks great. She is young and pretty. When was the last time you shaved?

Jackie on

I love the fact she has a choice..i respect her right to wear her “choice” anyway she pleases. Good for you Emma..you look beautiful

AlexaLauren on

it’s just hair! she was shredding her harry potter roots and moving on. it will grow back. get a grip ppl! this article is not about her hair. let the girl live her life. Peace!

Tab on

I think its great when girls can pull off hair that short and still look femine. It is def not something I could pull off!

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kenzie on

Oh! she’ll be beautiful no matter how she wears her hair but i really miss it long :(

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Lynne on

I really object to Diana’s comment because it sounds like she’s simply trying to tear Emma down. Everyone who responded angrily, to Diana or with Diana, sounds immature and like they really don’t know how to express themselves without being mean. Diana was inappropriate, but nobody needed to respond that way as well. Emma is a quiet, kind person who is very involved in the environment and trying to be fashionable while being eco-conscious. I applaud her for being so involved in People Tree, and I hope the whole event for Prince Charles went well for the brand. People should be happy for the successes she has, instead of trying to make hurtful comments because they don’t like her hair.

Cyndy on

Why is everyone concentrating on Emma’s hair? 90% of the Potter cast went back to their natural hair colors… the actresses who played: Luna and Fleur are now brunettes, not blondes; The Phelps twins are no longer ginger haired, Mr. Felton is no long a bleached blonde and sports a beard and mustache… Everyone has a right to distance themselves from characters they played for 10 years. Whether we like or dislike their choices, it really doesn’t matter. If you like longer hair… wear it. If you don’t, then don’t. Brava to Emma for her “green” choices and the courage to be something other than the character she played for so long! It does prove ONE thing… she’s NOT trying to “get by” on her “Potter reputation” by keeping Hermione’s styles! LOL! She’s a woman on her own merits.

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Emma Watsons EcoChic Designs to Get a Royal Showing itsachat writers on

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web hosting on

How does a cheerleader answer the phone? H-E-L-L-O!

Adriana on

I agree with IJM404. I like tatoo’s and I like M.Cho, but she obviously is still hnaivg alot of self image issues. She is still too desperate to be thought of as beautiful. I never heard of her taking off her clothes when she was heavy and in her concerts she is/was covered from head to toe.

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