How Julia Roberts' Costumer Beat the Heat for 'Eat Pray Love'

08/13/2010 at 05:00 PM ET


From Europe to Bali, filming Eat Pray Love was one hot job–literally! With temperatures soaring to over 100 degrees in some locations, it was no easy task keeping star Julia Roberts in costume and comfortable. “I made sure the clothes were as light as they possibly could be and still told the story,” Eat Pray Love costume designer Michael Dennison tells PEOPLE. And the scorching heat wasn’t the only issue for the skilled costumer when it came to dressing Julia. While shooting in Rome, Dennison also had to account for his leading lady’s real and perceived weight gain due to all those eating scenes. “She probably put on about seven pounds,” he admits. “I scaled down clothes and stuff like that to make them look tighter, and loosened up clothes to make it look like she was gaining more weight than she actually did.” And by the time they got to India, the progression to baggy clothing seemed natural for Julia’s character. “It was intrinsic to the Ashram that her clothes be as loose and flowy and airy as possible,” says Dennison. “It’s like a dress-code, they’re prayer clothes and also work clothes, and to be practical you [don’t] want anything close to your body. It’s too hot!” —Andrea DeSimone; with reporting by Mary Green

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Irene Olson on

I found the movie to be a disppointment. I enjoyed the book. It was slow moving, Julia’s performance was boring; just not a fun time.

jill lulu on

you’re an idiot. the movie was indeed long but it was fun, especially the eat portion and julia roberts gave a relaxed but heartfelt performance.

Mel on

Wow, jill lulu, you have to call her an idiot for saying she didn’t like a movie? A little over the top with the harshness, don’t you think? Like she’s not entitled to her opinion of a movie? Hope you don’t name-call everyone who disagrees with you. Get over yourself.

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Sarah on

I thought Italy was fun, India was very slow-moving, and Bali was great! I liked how they had a good opener to really grab your attention, then slowed it down in India, and then raised everyone’s eyebrows in Bali. I thought it was great!

Michele on

Good for you Mel. No one should be called a name because they have a differing opinion. For the record Jill, I don’t even plan to see the movie because I don’t think I can stomach it. LOL I have never much cared for chick flicks. I only read this article because of the clothing issues. I was curious about them.

How Julia Roberts’s Costumer Beat the Heat for Eat Pray Love – People Magazine | Celebrity Gossip Magazines Online on

[…] How Julia Roberts's Costumer Beat the Heat for Eat Pray LovePeople MagazineFrom Europe to Bali, filming Eat Pray Love was one hot job–literally! With temperatures soaring to over 100 degrees in some locations, it was no easy task keeping star Julia Roberts in costume and comfortable. “I made sure the clothes were as light as …Eat, pray, love, and eat some moreVancouver Sun'Eat Pray Love': The Reviews Are In!MTV.comThe 'Eat Pray Love' real world travel destinationsWashington PostThe Guardian -Monsters and -Christian Science Monitorall 2,056 news articles » […]

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Laurie on

Saw the movie and read the book…..enjoyed both very much. I thought Julia Roberts was perfect for the part.

How Julia Robertss Costumer Beat the Heat for Eat Pray Love on

[…] How Julia Roberts’s Costumer Beat the Heat for Eat Pray Love […]

Editor on

Does anyone proof read these articles before they are published?

Jennifer on

I hate to be dismissive of anyone’s experience, but somehow I’m just not too concerned about the midlife crisis of a woman wealthy enough to just pack up & go traipsing around the world, cherrypicking from other people’s spiritual & cultural traditions like she’s at the international aisle of the Whole Foods. So the book & the movie are both at the bottom of my list of things to check out.

Bonnie Buckley on

Lill you have a nerve.People should be free to like a movie without being called a idiot.You are very rude! The world would be a better place if people would treat each other with respect .Even if they disagree.To much hate in this world today I find it very sad.

meli on

The movie was slow moving at times. Bali was the best part indeed. India needed more and the begining was very lacking. I don’t think anyone else could had played that part, Julia did a good job. It just made me want to read the book again. Javier rocked. James Franco I love but his part was not as juicey as it could had been. I wanted so much more from this book/movie.

Lori on

I have never understood why people would want to go to India. It is extremely over populated, dirty, poor beyond belief.

Liz on

The movie was okay, but not great. Loved the scenes in Italy, couldn’t wait to get out of India (except for Richard Jenkins, a very good actor) and in Bali I didn’t feel any attraction from Julia/Liz for Felipe, the fool. However, Javier Bardem was the best actor in the movie. Julia Roberts was good, but not great, not believable, too cold emotionally for me. She’s good at laughing, but not believable as someone seeking spiritual enlightenment. I didn’t really like her (character) very much. All a bit disappointing.

Movie Watcher on

I read the book and loved it; and I loved the movie, too. I am not a huge fan of Julia Roberts but thought she was great in this!

Costumes were not very attractive. What was she thinking with the wedding dress in Liz Gilbert’s wedding scene. It did not look like if fit on the top. And the clothes she wore in India (except the sari) were frumpy.

The scenes were gorgeous in each location. I’ve been to Italy and India….I want to go to Bali!!

Kushal on

@ Lori you have seen the wrong part of India specially if u see in the movies

zulie on

Read the book, saw the movie, loved them both!

Anjana on

After reading all these comments, I am going to wait for DVD release.

Susan on

Just not worth the money, slow moving and disappointing. I’l have to give this one a thumbs down…sorry Julia.

SteveKyle on

I agree with Jennifer.

brian on

Why is this lemon of a movie getting so much press from People? Kickbacks? Bribery? Julia Roberts is an aging has-been. Can anyone remember her last GOOD film?

Billy Blade on

I don’t watch her movies, I think she is a bore..

Lisa on

Brian, an aging has-been? Really? At 42 years old, with 30+ movies, not to mention taking time off to get married, have twins, then another child, I think she doesn’t fall into the category of an “aging has-been”. Recent movies include Charlie Wilson’s War, which was pretty good; Duplicity was all right, though ymmv. Hope someone treats you with more dignity and respect when you become an aging has-been.

Katherine on

I saw this movie last night. It was disapointing, but I didn’t have great expectations to begin with, so…it was just ok. I thought it was kinda lame how they portrayed “Liz” as being more sad over the breakup of the 20-something boyfriend, than over her own marriage. It was poor script writing, that they didn’t even develope most of the different love stories between her, and all the men to begin with. ALSO, I didn’t like how she couldnt even decide for herself if she loved the guy at the end, she had to have the medicine man tell her it was OK. DUMB!!! :P

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Americans have been globe trotting with backpacks for years. Too trendy. Too trite. Silly movie and I used to love Julia, but she’s become a cliche of herself.

How Julia Roberts’s Costumer Beat the Heat for Eat Pray Love – People Magazine | Global Village Idiots on

[…] How Julia Roberts's Costumer Beat the Heat for Eat Pray LovePeople MagazineIt was slow moving, Julia's performance was boring; just not a fun time. you're an idiot. the movie was indeed long but it was fun, especially the eat …Eat, pray, watchTelegraph-Journalall 2,055 news articles » […]

lizzie lue on

Could not get into the book, gave it an honest effort. Liked the movie but I always enjoy JR, the laught, the teeth, the mouth. It was just what you should do when you have been in relationships for a lot of your life, go rinse your head out. And Javier Bardem: I’d follow him in a leaky inflatable through a sea of starving sharks!

Lynnette on

I am reading the book and just saw the movie. I liked both, but I can see why there are going to be some who don’t. The book and movie is not your typical Hollywood-style movie. It’s focus is on Ms. Gilbert’s journey to elightenment and not a movie purely to entertain (although it has those moments as well.) What I’m trying to say is that it moves at a somewhat slower pace but yet it has many wonderful messages for all of us in our own lives if we stop, take the time and reflect on it. IMHO…that’s what makes the movie and the book worth seeing/reading.

Dharma on

@Lori. Please dont come to India, I doubt your presence will benefit us in anyway. Yes there is extreme poverty & Filth, but there is also incredible richness and Joy for life, spirituality, colour, History, culture and energy. Not that any of that is likely to permeate your vapid, superficial head. Stay at home why dont you, and worship at the altar of someone like Paris Hilton.

linda on

the scenery in bally was fantastic, there is too much hype around Julia Roberts. Reese Witherspoon is a better fit for the part
the movie was very disappointing (what a waste of 25 dollars).

Mary Ann on

Loved the book, the movie left me let’s say, disappointed. Julie Roberts may have an electric smile, but I felt she missed the mark regarding expressing the passion & depth of character needed to portray Liz’s journey of self discovery after a devastating divorce.

As much as I liked Javier’s portrayal of Filipe, he is much too young and handsome to play this part. Filipe, as readers all know, is 17 years older than Liz and is supposed to be an unconventional choice as a love interest for her.

Mary Ann on

I forget to mention that the contrived ending in the movie was appalling! The fabricated fight between Filipe and Liz over committing to each other and how Liz needed to have the medicine man in Bali tell her what to do. FALSE FALSE FALSE

After spending a year to find herself, she was strong enough to make her OWN decision. Isn’t that the point of Eat Pray Love to begin with? She took this journey to find herself and in the Hollywood version of the movie, she needs Mr. Bali medicine man to tell her what to do…what’s up wuth that, except a not so clever hollywood twist to cause conflict where none was needed.

patrice on

warning – this may be SPOILER if you’ve not watched it yet!!!
it was disappointing. i didn’t read the book but did watch the elizabeth gilbert interview on oprah. during interview mzgilbert explains why eating was a huge part of her healing. and she explains why and how lonmg it took to leave her husband. during the interview i was rooting for her decision to leave him. routing again for her when she could finally enjoy food again. in the movie julia comes across as a selfish love and leave em – then says she’s afraid to love again – when did she get dumped? – only showed her as dumper not dumpee. it was entertaining but not worth the price of the ticket. also i expected much better cinematography.

Ashley on

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom.

Ashley on

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step; and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom. With every step we take we grow.

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mike robinson on



Kim on

I loved both the book and the movie. Julia Roberts did an excellent job playing Liz Gilbert.

Karen Leuthaus on

What I loved about the character of this movie was her strength to live her life in the moment. Wouldn’t we all want something to marvel at?
The beauty of going to the movies is to live vicariously through the character. I found myself tearing up a few times because even though I did not have those life experiences, I felt her pain.
So I say to all of you find the essence of your very being, we may not all be able to travel the world but find the time to accomplish something on your weekends or your days off enjoy your life. Like someone once said you will not be remembered by how many hours you were at work or how much money you have in your bank account but by your kindness,compassion and what you bring to others.

denise bruner on

Found the movie to be boring also i should have read the book now i am not as interested the clothes were great though and she looked great in them.

Debbie on

I enjoyed the movie, I didn’t love it, but I’m glad I saw it. I would never have picked India as place to find myself, but this isn’t my story. I left the movie feeling as if I learned something about myself and that’s always rewarding.

monica on

I enjoyed the book “Eat, Love, Pray”, the movie a little different than book. was tired of Julia’s scowl during movie, enjoyed “Richard from Texas” RIP, and Javier Bardem, both men I thought were smoldering hot, and intense and charismatic actors

Wow! on

Wow! I cannot believe there is such negativity surrounding this wonderful profound movie! Everything about it is amazing especially the message! Oh and by the way I send all of you negative Nancy’s light and love and for those of us who are inspired by this well acted well made well messaged movies will continue to live in light and love……

Lorna on

I enjoyed Eat Pray Love. It was refreshing to sit in a movie that was about life. Plain and simple. We could all benefit in slowing down and taking a look at life. Breathtaking settings. Slow pace is not always bad.
Julia Roberts did a great job in her role. She has shines in simplicity.

sandy on

The clothes in “Eat, Prey, Love” were fantastic. Wonder where they can be purchased?

Me on

I think if you don’t understand what she is going through and you have never experienced that level of heartbreak or disconnect, you won’t get the movie. It’s meant for those who are going through it, or know what she’s feeling. If you are in that place or have been in that place, it’s heartfelt and can really reach you on an intimate level. I went with a friend who has never felt that way, and she didn’t get it. I, on the other hand, bawled and totally understood what she was going through. Go in with an open mind and heart. Try to feel what she’s feeling and you will have a better experience.

Allison on

Lori (comment from August 14th) is an uneducated moron. She obviously does not know about the rich histories and cultures within India. It’s the oldest civilization in the world and I’m sure many people don’t know that.

Sharon on

I haven’t read the book but was eagerly anticipating the the movie because I thought it was a great premise. But, I hated it. It was as spiritually deep as a puddle and incredibly narcissistic. I like Julia but the character was self-absorbed and not at all likable. She was beautiful, rich, and had too many men to love her. Boo friggin’ hoo. The rest of us have real problems but we don’t sit around whining about them for a year and then end up with a book/movie deal. I can’t believe someone could live in an ashram and come out of the experience only slightly less shallow than before.

Yolie Mac on

To Jill Lulu – Watch your manners, girl! Every one is entitled to their opinion. I agree with Irene, read the book and loved it, but the movie was a total dissapointment! Julia Roberts gave a mediocre performance. She’s out of it!!! Javier Bardam needs to take more care of his physical appearance and take a shower once in a while. Not too thrilled about the movie :(

Alex on

I found the movie to be a dissapointment – LOVED the book but even with Julia’s performance, the movie was slow and boring. I should have waited until it came out on video.

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Nancy on

Saw the movie and I was disappointed too. It was real slow and long!

Following Julia Roberts to Eat, Pray, Love on the enchanting island of Bali – Daily Mail | The Fresno News on

[…] and spiritual awakening. …'Eat, pray, love': the journey Julia Roberts's Costumer Beat the Heat for Eat Pray LovePeople Magazine'Eat Pray Love': The Reviews Are In!MTV.comWashington Post -The […]

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