Did Emma Watson Cut Her Hair to Play 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'?

08/10/2010 at 02:05 PM ET


Emma Watson may have credited her dramatic new pixie cut to the end of the Harry Potter series, but now it seems that her freshly shaven do might in fact be for a new movie role. According to British paper The Sun, Watson is up for the coveted role of Lisbeth Salander in the much-anticipated movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, based on the best-selling novel by Stieg Larsson. And while Emma’s Harry Potter character, Hermione Granger, was a girly wizard with wavy chestnut locks, Lisbeth Salander is a troubled computer hacker with spiky hair and tattoos. Watson’s role in the new flick has yet to be confirmed, but she certainly has some stiff competition: Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana have all also expressed interest in the part—as well as a potential unknown. Whether Watson lands the gig or not, we think she can certainly pull off this chic gamine style. We can’t help but wonder who will be the next to shave it all off for this role! Tell us: Do you think Emma Watson’s should be The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? Vote below!

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Kathleen Reyes on

I knew it!! I think it would be really interesting…not totally sure could pull it off, but she definately fits the part physically.

AZgirl on

Please don’t let Kristen Stewart play that part – she doesn’t need to ruin any more movies!

Cali on

THAT would be AWESOME. I have been rejecting the thought of an “American” version, as I LOVE the original and cannot imagine anyone but Noomi Rapace as lisbeth…until just this moment. Emma would be brilliant!!! YES YES!

Jane on

The British “Sun” is one of the worst tabloids in existence and they frequently make up stories to fit a photo. I would be cautious about believing anything they said without checking with Ms. Watson’s publicist first.

a-mill-er on

AZgirl I couldn’t agree more!!! I would much prefer Emma Watson, or anyone over Kristen Stewart!

Janelle on

I agree AZgirl, but great point Jane!

Janelle on

I forgot to say that I do think Emma could really launch her career with this part if this is in fact true!

Pam on

For goodness sakes, does there HAVE to be a reason for her to cut her hair??? She’s had the same hairstyle for 10 years while filming harry potter. Maybe she just wanted a change! Goodness, seems like there has to be a reason for everything in hollywood.

GossipCopFan on

@Jane, who wrote, above, that we should “be cautious about believing anything” that appears in British tabloid The Sun. In fact, the whole rumour is nonsense. Gossip Cop, a great website that fact-checks tabloid rumors, took the obvious step of simply asking Watson’s publicist if the story was true and the publicist denied it emphatically.

matt on


Sarah on

Hasn’t this film already been made? With Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth? Please, anything Sweden produces for this series would be infinitely better than anything the US/UK could create, seeing that the series is SWEDISH.

Tracey on

gadzooks, hermione as lisbeth???? Only Kristen Stewart could ruin it more :(

Mary Alice on

I am very disappointed that People is repeating rumors from known tabloids without checking first (and this is not the first time I might add). I had always thought better of this publication.

Kelly on

The “potential unknown” is Porcelain And The Tramps (Alaina Beaton). She herself said this on her Twitter Account..

Stevie on

Emma Watson is a very talented actress and I definitely think she could play the part well.

cooper on

the movie’s already been made…just another example of the creative bankrupcy in Hollywood…

JC on

Emma is not hard enough to play Lisbeth. No way no how. I think they need to find an unknown.

stacy on

I’d watch Emma play Lisbeth. I’d even play Lisbeth myself if it meant not having Kristen Stewart. Please, please, please don’t let it be Kristen. I didn’t imagine Bella like that when I read the Twilight series but I certainly didn’t imagine Lisbeth like Kristen when I read this series!!!!!

David on

Emma’s reps have already denied this tabloid story.

She cut her hair because she wanted to.

G on

Riley Keough

Gen on

The three movies have been made (there are three books); I’ve seen them them already with subtitles! I think Emma would be great! Not Kristen and certainly not Scarlett. I heard Ellen Page is up as well for the role. Nathalie Portman would be good too!

Meja on

I do not think Watson could play Lisbeth Salander. Noomi Rapace how plays Salander in the orginal swedish movie is perfect for the role as Lisbeth Salander. She is ruff, tuff and mysterious. It takes a very special actress to play this part, she needs to be able to be hard as stone, soft and filled whit emotions boiling inside of her. Its a great movie and a horrible story about mens hat aginst women….. Dont be afried to see the swedish version ” Män som hatar kvinnor” And the 2 follow ups “Flickan som lekte med elden” (girl how playd whit fire) ” Luftslottet som sprängdes” ( direkt translation = The aircastle the got blown up)

Jon on

I’d love to see Emma Watson playing Lisbeth Salander in ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but we’ll see what happens?

hollie on

I love Emma Watson but she is a little young for this role…I think Natalie Portman would be perfect for the part of Lisbeth!

Angel on

None of the major actresses listed in this story are actually in contention for the role of Salander. Natalie Portman confirmed at Comic-Con that she was never even approached for the role. So this article isn’t well researched, and therefore, I’m skeptical of it.

Liz on

Yeah this must be fake rumour I don’t believe it.

Serge on

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Fact Or Fiction: Emma Watson Cut Her Hair To Land Role In “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”? | Celebrity Gossip's Blog on

[…] here’s an interesting rumor. The Daily Sun (yes, not the most reliable news source) is claiming there may be another reason behind Emma Watson cutting her hair off: to help her land the role of […]

Ulf Olofsson on

No offense, but I don’t think Emma could pull off the role of Lisbeth Salander. Noomi Rapace did a spectacular job and the only one I know who could pull that off would be Keira Knightly or possibly Nathalie Portman, but she is possibly a bit too old to be a convincing 22-year old. Lisbeth Salander is not a “cute” star. She has a persona the likes of which has never been portrayed in a movie before and it has nothing do to with Hollywood celebrity – as a matter of fact it is the 180 degree opposite of a Hollywood celebrity.


dragon tatto

Sorting on

I like Emma Watson and all…but lets face the facts…she isnt the greatest actress. GET NATALIE PORTMAN TO DO IT. PLEASE.

edosan on

jiminy crickets… what an american/english version of the movie???
haven’t they learned?
remember La Femme Nakita the french movie?
and they came our with an american version hmmm
the French version was better… so stop it!!!
Noomi Rapace will only the Lisbeth Salander
anything else is a cleaned up geared for visually
shallow. Let me guess who they’ll cast as
Mikael Blomkvist…Robert Pattinson or better yet Justin Beaver?? for the love of great movies don’t recast movies for the visually shallow… please

edosan on

read the book first before dreaning up to cast
cutesie actors and actresses who cannot act.
Take in and read lisbeth salander character,
magazines have the tendency to put a glossy side
shallow superficial side on all things…
case in point emma watson as Lisbeth…
I can see wynona ryder when she was in her 20’s perform this character or even pink!!!
but a cutsie actress? give us a break there’s enough airbrushing already out there, the kids are already having a difficult time let alone the parents being force to spend unecessarily on beauty products… how much more will these magazines push society?? can’t they do realy journalism on real people instead for the shallow

Wendy on

I totally agree with AZgirl. I can’t even watch the Twilight films due to Stewart’s zombie, monotone performance. She ruins the films she’s in. I’m reading the Laarson book right now and I think Emma Watson would be great in the role, she has the look, especially if she dyes her hair black for the role. I hope she gets the part, it would be so different for her and I would definitely see that film.

Gena on

I think Emma Watson would be a better candidate than Kristin Stewart, Scarlet Johanson, or Kiera Knightly. Natalie Portman could probably pull it off. She is petite in frame and can act fierce- which will be required to remotely pull off Lisbeth Salander. But honestly, I think they need to find an unknown. I really feel that putting anyone with a bit of notoriety would damage the integrity of Lisbeth’s character.

richard harrington on

I think Emma Watson would be perfect for the role of Lisbeth.After we have all seen the emotional range she’s capable of in the Harry Potter films.In those films you’ll notice that she hits every single emotional cue perfectly.The inflection she puts on certain words at just the right time,which I’m sure isn’t a conscience choice she makes.It’s just who she is.I’ve seen all 3 films with Noomi Rapace,who is my favorite Actress now.Emma Watson is the only one besides maybe Natalie Portman who will do Noomi Rapace and the character of Lisbeth justice.Noomi left some huge shoes to fill.I believe Emma or Natalie could do it.I will not go see the film if it’s anyone else.Emma is more than capable to play the part.Like Noomi,when Emma isn’t talking her eyes are speaking volumes.And that is the sign of a brilliant Actress.

sarah on

oh gosh, they have already made the movies for the books and it can not get any better than that. Hollywood will destroy the essence of the books…

Toya on


Did Emma Watson Cut Her Hair for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? - Natalie Portman on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Lynithia on

Emma as Lizbeth? You have got to be KIDDING!!! Emma is a pretty young woman, however, she can’t act her way out of paper bag even if she had directions! This young woman should quit the acting field and find something she can do besides look pretty and wear designer clothes! But as an actor – NO WAY!

Did Emma Watson Cut Her Hair to Play ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’? - Natalie Portman on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

katie on

Natalie Portman is PERFECT for this role. It has to be her.

katie on

can”t belive emma watson cut off all of her hair!!!!

bk on

doesn’t anyone think Emma looks too young to play Lisbeth?

bk on

I think Camille Belle would make a good Lisbeth

Did Emma Watson Cut Her Hair for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? | Kristen Stewart Videos on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]


I think Natalie Portman is more Salander even than Rapace. I see portmans face and thats the closest i get to the face of Lisbeth when i was reading the books. I really they get her in for this triology. Atleast they`ve got in a perfect director for this movie!

nifrued on

sorry but shes not one of the runner ups !!! its been confirmed that the two finalits for lizabeth salander are the gorgeous Emily browning and sarah snook emilybrowning is a really good actress and has been in the buissness the longest sine she was 7 so she def has the role! and not trying to put emma down but shes an okay actress and hate to burst everyones bubble but her “new hair cut” is just a copy of emilys who has it the exact length look it up people …..

John Franz on

The Movie And Story Line Was Great! However I saw a dubbed Copy . What was the tattoo she wrote on the chest of her rapest? Please reply. Thank You

Kathy on

Hollywood needs to stop remaking movies that were great to begin with. “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” is already a great movie in Swedish. Check it out before you anticipate cinematic rape with Emma Watson or any of the above mentioned actresses.

Did Emma Watson Cut Her Hair for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? | People Q&A ! on

[…] la suite sur : People Magazine […]

lyla on

i can see that it is just that i see keira knightley in the role more

At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, reality intrudes | Top 10 Movies on

[…] Did Emma Watson Cut Her Hair for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? British reports suggest the actress’s pixie cut may be part of an audition for the role of Lisbeth Salander Read more on People Magazine […]

Emma Watson: ‘I was Contractually Obliged Not to Cut My Hair’ | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] chopped off her wavy auburn locks. But despite speculation that the dramatic new style was for a movie role, the British beauty tells the U.K. edition of Vogue that it was really a mark of her new freedom. […]

Abby on

No No, Emma said in a magazine artical that she always wanted her hair like this!! This isnt true and if it is…then its just another reason.

gspfanone on

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