Brody Jenner Shaves Love for Avril Lavigne in New Hairdo

08/08/2010 at 02:35 PM ET

Eric Brogmus/INF

Mohawk, tattoos — all signs of a serious punk rocker, or in the case of Brody Jenner, being in love with a punk-pop princess. Jenner and his girlfriend Avril Lavigne hit the streets of L.A. with the former Hills star sporting a new addition to his fresh new haircut, a “A”, presumably in honor of the singer’s first name. We can’t be too surprised with Jenner’s locks showing his loyalty to his lady-love, after already inking his arm with her name back in July. And unlike a permanent tattoo, at least hair grows back in relatively painlessly. Tell us: What do you think of Brody shaving Avril’s initial into his hair?


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Jazzy on

OMG!!!!!!! He must really love her if he did that!!!

ST on

They’ll break up before that grows out.

Patsy on

Puppy luv.

linda on

Come on, be your on person!!! Do not be defined by soneone else.

Lauren on

He is so HOT!!!! even with the mohawk!

Josette on

She must really be putting it on him. A tattoo of her name on his arm and now the A shaved into the side of his head, wow.

Kelly on

So sad. he’s such a cute guy and they’re not eachothers type at all. they’ll be yesterdays news with new partners before the end of the week.

J.C. on

so Brody, what are you going to do with that tat when you break up with her? word to the wise, people….the only names you should tattoo on your body are your mom and your dog..

Anonymous on


Brittani on

They are just asking for a break up… especially with the tattoo

star on

i love brody and he could put an s in his head for my love anyday and as for his gf i love her music avril lavigne rocks.

uhh on

word to the wise “J.C.”….that would be your mom and your child …not your “dog”!

Lisa on

This is the “anarchy” sign. He is a poser rebel, just like his lady.

lola on

this guy goes through women like gum…next flavor will be tomorrow…he doesn’t know the first thing about commitment or how to treat a woman with respect…give me a break!
laughing about the permanent tattoo…dumbo!!

Kristy on

She must go ass to mouth.

Courtney on

Seems pretty juvenile for a man his age.

Jennifer Chew on

@ ST. That’s probably true, but he still has her name tattooed on one of his arms. That will extremely difficult to get rid of. That’s why even tattoo artists tell people not to do things like that. Once you breakup then that tattoo will be a reminder for a really long time.

Jon on

Do some research, People! It’s the “anarchy” symbol. I use quotes because Brody Jenner would most likely not enjoy true anarchy.

Whitney on

He’s an idiot..

Barb on

What has Brody ever done that hasn’t been idiotic-he continues to prove to the world what a loser he truly is.

bubsy on

What a retard. You would think that by his age he would have formed a sense of identity. Typical Los Angeles immature male. Its so sad when people get money and fame so young without having the opportunity to form their own identity independent of social expectations. Get a real job and purpose and grow up!

bubsy on

P.S. do some research, the anarchy symbol is an “A” in a circle that runs outside the lines of that circle. That’s why its symbolic of anarchy. Duh.

jumbybird on

Why is this person famous?

jumbybird on

I can think of some other things that “A” stands for, the first one that comes mind starts with “A” and ends with hole”

Brody Jenner Shaves Love for Avril in New Hairdo – People Magazine | – News, Review Videos, Tutorial Videos and More! on

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Jane on

He needs to shave his face!! That 5 o clock shadow sucks!

Toren on

can u spellll loooouuu zuurrrrrrr?

ally on

this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen. Avril Lavigne is so obnoxious and so is he. He is an idiot for doing that to his head especially since they won’t last too much longer.

Steen on

he looks like he has an animal on his head! oh brody..

Emily on

I think it’s really cool!

Kylie on

Weak move by a weak dude. Not a fan obviously.

top story news on

really people need to get a life and stop makeing this top story news!!

emmy on

He’s too old to be acting this way about a girl. he’s been with too many in Hollywood. shouldn’t he be immune to this by now??

Katie on

Opposites attract… so soon to tattoo anyone’s name on your arm I would think… but ehh to each their own. Only name I’m tattooing of a male is my own son’s lol. Good luck to them they seem happy!

jak on

What an idiot. I can think of another word the ‘A’ stands for.

Clare on

That looks a lot like the “Anarchy” sign to me. If it does stand for “Avril”, then more power to him…it’s way better than a tattoo.

Laura on

A serious punk rocker? You have GOT to be kidding me. Never seen a bigger poser. Gotta love LA. The land of the useless, famous for no reason. Good job on the headline People.

MM on

It’s not an “A” – it’s an easel!!!! Hahahahahahahaahaaaaaa….obviously not done by a professional. Sure hope he likes to paint!!! hahahahaaaaa

stacymac on

I love Avril….but this whole new boyfriend and hair cut thing is pretty silly.

Jen on

Hmmm…it reminds me of an Anarchy symbol.

Sheena on

“…a “A”, presumably in honor of the singer’s first name. ”

Are you kidding me, People?
That is clearly the oft-used, played-out anarchy A that has been tattooed and shaved into wanna be punks for 35 years.

Let’s get our fact checking sh*t together, yes?

Master on

What an idiot!

Superman on

Gee, wasn’t he with some playboy not too long ago?!? Avril must be desperate!!! He will dump her right after he bangs her!

Wendy on

I always say it’s not the best idea in the world to tattoo the name of a non family member on your body….chances are good you will want a cover up down the road or a removal….

Jade on

This HAS to be ironic. Hardly a lasting memento of a relationship.

CoolWhipLite on

He looks like a low-life moron. And she needs to stop the teen angst act. It’s foolish and juvenile….too bad he’s adopted her behaviors.

Panda on

It’s not an “A” for Avril… It’s the Anarchy symbol without the circle. C’mon folks.

Panda on

It’s not an “A” for Avril, it’s the Anarchy symbol without the circle! C’mon folks.

cj on

better than a real skin tatoo.but stll ridiculous.
looks like a gang guy now. then again I think ALL tatoos look dumb, dirty & ridiculous.

whatever happened to love poems ON PAPER????

Brody Jenner Shaves Love for Avril in New Hairdo – People Magazine | XJwebs News Blog on

[…] Link: Brody Jenner Shaves Love for Avril in New Hairdo – People Magazine […]

Seymour on

He looks like an idiot. And it seems totally fake since he has completely changed his look since getting together with Avril.

Carrie Underwood on

is he related to bruce jenner his son???

sandy on

When is this guy going to grow up? I mean really…this looks like the head of a 15 year old.

Sarah on

REALLY, Brody? No no – u guys do NOT make a “cute couple”. I’m sorry. I love both of you but come one – just won’t work out!

Natalie on

just still wish he was with kristin or LC….they are an odd couple!

maxx on

all u negative people suck!!!critisize your own life!! Leave happy people be…Good for brody,,im not even a fan of his,,but good for him..

mona on

what a d o u c h e – his last girlfriend had B & J tattoo on the inside of her lower lip.. losers

mona on

maxx… i do suck… i suck it real good… nice and slow sucking… mmmmmmmmmm baby…..

Jennifer Chew on

I am pretty sure that Avril is making him do those immature things to himself, and to stay in the relationship with her he is listening. It’s kind of like Spencer Pratt making Heidi Montag go through all those plastic surgeries. Now that Heidi is no longer with Spencer, those surgeries she went through is completely useless. Just like when these two break up, the “A” in his hair and the tattoo will become useless as well. IDIOCY AT IT’S FINEST!!!! They are known cheaters, and eventually they will cheat on each other. Avril is cheating on her husband with Brody right now. The reason why I say this is because her divorce isn’t even finalized yet, so technically she is still married.

Cooper on

Ummm… Scarlet Letter anyone?

ourlosophy on

That A shaved the way it is stands for anarchy, a punk thing, everyone knows that.

Gia on

He’s always doing drastic things for popularity. Word 2 dis generation: The only people that yu need to ink on yourself are your kids. Girlfriends/Boyfriends come and go but tattoos last forever. Well in his case, he has the money to get it removed.

Natalia on

I think it’s sad when you have to transform yourself to the person you’re dating or think you love. If it was an honest relationship he could be himself. I like her music, but i think she is very immature. Lust can make you do crazy things.

Jennifer on

WHY isn’t he with Lauren or Kristin?! Either one of them are perfect for him!

Julie Q on

Maybe he’s an Atheist.

Virginia on

He’s trying too hard, she won’t like it.

Meg on

Is the tattoo even real? I figured it was just a drawing with marker/pen? I can’t believe he would really do an actual tattoo of her name…

lcboogy on


knoone on

what an idiot

Carrie on

they will have cute babies

mindy on

He is a spoiled little idiot. He isn’t hot either. He sucks and so does she, match made in heaven

cheryl on

and……how old is he????

mindy on

My thoughts exactly Cheryl! He acts like a 13 year old kid, maybe because his mommy and daddy still foot the bill and always will. Grow up Brody

Busy Bee on

I do believe Brody has finally met the female who is going to dump him and break his heart, like he has done to sooo many females.

Linda on

He must think he hit the jackpot!

fuji minx on

That’s not for avril… the A written like that means “Atheist”

Jessica on

He must be getting something very good!!!!!

DAN on


Breezy on

What. A. Tool.

Jen DC on

Um, he has her name tattooed on him *already*? That’s the kiss of relationship death…

J.C. on

response to “uhh”: guess I should have clarified..
if you’re young like Brody, you should only tat names of your mom and dog…if you’re older and have kids, then by all means tat the name of your kid as well

Jill K on

If this “A” is really for anarchy, then there should be a circle around it. Makes me think it’s for Avril…Dumb boy!

thefayth on

its the drug, that love



gayle on

I personally think that he is more in love with her money and the fact that he would be set for life! I know he probably isn’t hurting for money but what he has made and family money just can’t compare to what she has earned for herself. She just seems like the complete opposite of what kind of girl he usally goes for.

sally on

I hope she breaks his heart. He’s such a weeny little kid.

Naomi on

Anyone ever considered that that resembles the A of the Anarchy symbol? … Just another rich white kid trying to look like a punk (whatever that is these days) and failing miserably.

lil on

He’s a pu$$ whipped joke. I can’t wait til they break up. I can’t believe I’m writing anything about him.

Lynda H on

a tattoo is to far,leave it at the A in his hair

Laura on

What does Brody do in life anyway? He seems like he just hangs out all the time. Avril seems like a punk and they don’t seem to go together. Hey … ya never know!

Denise on

The Scarlet Letter

Jeelinn on

Dear Brody,

Your too in over your head. I don’t think you two will last because all of your relationships have been miserable because you like to party too much. You are such a sweet, handsome. young man and maybe you should start settling down. You cant make a living off partying. In a few years everyone will forget your name.

J on

what an idiot.

jackie on

I’m happy for him and her. But, there is a limit to love. don’t add or do things to your body for love. He must not had paid attention to the romance’s of Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder both had tattoos of there love look what happen. And then there’s Angelina and Billy Bob, need I say more. Any way good luck to both.

E on

Looks like Brody will be doing what his ex-playmate did: When she got his initials tattooed in her inner lip…she had it covered up as “L L” for “Live and Learn” Why even bother!

zandi on


Jess on

Or A for Anarchy! Considering this is a Punk rocker hair do that seems the most plausable.

Whitney on

REAL MATURE. Does he have her name all over his notebook too? I love my husband and son, but not enough to get their names shaved in my hair.

elljayy on

that is rank!
if my boyfriend ever did that for me i would tell him not to!

Barbie on

His father Bruce Jenner was even better looking than Brody back in the day ! Bruce has to scratching his head over this new look. Brody is a nobody compared to his father.

His father was the world’s greatest athlete and Brody has done nothing ! Being good looking is just a matter of the gene pool he was born into. Other than that he’s famous for having a famous father.

Brody get a job !

pam on

“punk-pop princess”? There is no such thing. You’re either punk, or your pop. Susan Boyle is more punk than this twit and Jenner is a half-twit, so they’re perfect for each other

Jon on

I think Brody shaving Avril’s A into his head is interesting!

Tiff on

cause that is really going to work out…ok.

Kim on

Brody should of stuck with Kristin.

nicole on

He’s a dink! She’s a sell out

Toast on

Avril was always a fake rocker and surprise – she made him a fake rocker too. Gag me with a spooon.

samantha on

…how old is he?????? he sure is insecure to do something like that!!!

KoiGal on

Oh dearie dear.

Weekend Wood – 8/9/10 on

[…] the A is to signify his love to Avril Levigne. Of course, most of us have forgotten who Avril Levigne even […]

Bill on

Kind of childish don’t you think. How old is this guy and he is doing stupid stuff like this? Does he work?

Robert Enders on

That looks like the anarchy “A”. Look up “anarchy” and you will find that symbol.

eerialK on

Um, that A, is the symbol for Anarchy… punk rock.. yes… Avril… maybe. but what it really stands for is Anarchy..

K8e on

Some good work by your editors once again. Today’s grammar lesson for People: when preceding a noun with an indefinite article, use “an” when the noun starts with a vowel and “a” when the noun begins with a consonant.

Jenner and his girlfriend Avril Lavigne hit the streets of L.A. with the former Hills star sporting a new addition to his fresh new haircut, a “A”, presumably in honor of the singer’s first name.

Gina on

Dumb move because Avril will definitely “move on”.

Erin on

The true story is he passed out and she shaved this without his permission.

martha on


Lauren on

theyre a really weird match i always wanted him to be with lauren conrad:(

AmyD on

Avril is just yet another female celeb name for Brody to add to his bed notch!!!!!

Betty Finn on

If they’re happy and having fun, who cares what others think? Even if others think they’re childish little dorks. To each their own.

Syd on

Ummm, is he in 3rd grade?

Amber on

Honestly Brody .. Be yourself!!!!

Dont let her tell u what to do.

lacy on

well maybe he did it because she’s paying all the bills. and at least people will know who to send him to when they find him falling down drunk in the streets.

Sarah Adie on

what a chump…

eli on


Lucy on

I guess with both of their careers in the dumps (did he ever really have a career?) they need to pull off something to get back in the media…and apparently this works! Too embarassed to call Avril Canadian now…

joanne on


Top Posts — on

[…] Brody Jenner Shaves Love for Avril Lavigne in New Hairdo Eric Brogmus/INF Mohawk, tattoos — all signs of a serious punk rocker, or in the case of Brody Jenner, being in […] […]

Kelly on

he’s an idiot. just another attention grabbing gob looking for publicity. BOOOO! He sucks.

Nus on

Whoa dude, seriously???
I mean it’s rad you want to rock the hawk, And Punk-it-out. But at least circle the “A” to correct the symbol.
As for tattooing her name on your arm, I honestly hope you don’t end up with the same as Derek. (mind you are far better looking but you guys have more sensitive hearts than girls once you fall).
I honestly agree, never tattoo your partners name on you, unless they have passed away, a dedication tattoo. But never to “prove” your love for someone. She can squash you now.
This is coming from a girl who had to stop 2 guys from tattooing her name on them. Hope you have figured out a good cover-up tattoo!

Thomas on

I dont’t think Avril’ll stay with Brody for a long time!

Lori on

Leave them alone! They make a cute couple!

Cherise on

Now that is funny!!! It must be love or some serious lust. I mean so normal to shave an A into the side of your head. It makes me laugh. How long was the relationship before the tattoo? Really we know relationships in Hollywood last like what six months. So the tat was on the second date. Poser!!! She likes bad boys not drama kings. Go back to The Hills pretty boy.

avril on

he duz luv me and i luv him i laughed my hed off wen i saw him luv u Brode

Mel on

He’d bevso much better with LC. This is definately a phase. The hair looks ridicilous!

katie on

seems kind of one~sided….What has SHE changed to “show her love”?? He’s dumb.

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