Emma Watson Loses Her 'Potter' Locks: Love It or Hate It?

08/05/2010 at 12:15 PM ET


Oh boy! Britain’s pint size fashion plate Emma Watson has made her latest style turn—or should we say cut? Following in the recent sheering footsteps of celebs-gone-pixie like Hayden Panettiere and Cate Blanchett, the fashionista was snapped with a boy-short haircut while out and about in N.Y.C.’s West Village earlier this week and confirmed her new do on Twitter and Facebook with accompanying self portrait, telling fans, “Feels incredible. I love it.” With the wrap of the Harry Potter film franchise this past spring, Watson’s made a clear cut from her Hogwarts alter-ego Hermione Granger and her famously bushy locks, but like the onscreen know-it-all, she carefully considered her decision to go short: “I’ve wanted to do this for years and years; it’s the most liberating thing ever.” It’s a look that’s sure to turn heads when the Ivy Leaguer returns for her second year at Brown University in the fall, and we look forward to seeing the style risk taker put her signature mark on the look – on and off campus. Tell us: What do you think of Emma’s new cut?Christie LaRusso

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Jeanne Tutt on

Cute! it’s summertime so a short cut is needed! it will always grow back! kinda like Julia Roberts in Peter Pan no?

Katie on

Does not suit her but as long as she likes it that’s all that counts! I loved her with the longer locks.

Melissa on

Not a very good look on her – at least it this shot. She should have just gone for a bob or something – this is a pretty manish haircut – and not many women can carry it off. Luckily it will grow back….

Sarah on

Love it it takes big effert to make a change like that. U GO Girl

L on

She looks like a very pretty little boy

brynn on

Not too many females can pull off the boy cut… I think i perferred it longer!!!!

rachel on


Peggy on

CUTE! She’s a very pretty girl – I’m glad she changed it. Hermione was rather frumpish. It’s young and fresh and suits her. I wish it were a better photo though – the angle’s bad.

AlexaLauren on

she looks cute! it’s just hair! get a grip. it will grow back!!!

Soooo Rich on

Love her and think she’s adorable and a great actress, buuuuuuut…the haircut is horrible.

LOL to L…like a slighty gay french boy.

M on

It makes her look older, which is a good thing, but I really did like it longer

JeanE on

I did the same cut when I was her age and I regretted it for a long long time since it’s hard to grow out that sort of haircut. I hate it, sorry, she’s a cute girl but only Halle Berry can carry off that kind of haircut.

Tiff on

ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooo!

I don’t think that looks good on her at all…I know hair grows back but it’s going to take a long time…

Janelle on

Aw, I guess I can understand why she did and it’s hard to see from this photo, but I don’t really like it. Not a fair shot to judge it on though.

Laurel on

Why cant women have short hair without being compared to being a boy? I mean come on. Short hair was all the rage in the 90’s.

Trina on

She looks very pretty. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Carolyn on

I think she looks great. It is a much more sophisticated look and as she is “grown up” I think it is very appropriate!

Vicki on

Not a good hair cut at all…but if she is happy who cares?!

Andrew on

I don’t like it. She should go back to long hair.

Lisa on

I’d like to see a better picture of her before I say whether I like it or not. From this angle and with the wind blowing the front of it like that, it doesn’t look very flattering but it might be really cute.

halie on

At this angle it’s very chic and she suits not bad. Keep working it Emma.

Kelsey on

It’s too much of a man cut. I wish she had left about an inch more of hair, then it would have been a bit more feminine.

J on

Just horrible. Sigh. Went from sexy to boyish in less than an hour.



Annie Em on

People can be so pathetically judgmental. It looks cute – extremely different but cute nonetheless. It’s HER hair and to read some of the comments, you’d think the public owns her {and all other celebs as well}. I’d certainly hate to have a panel of simple-minded snots judging MY every choice in life so glad I’m not in the public eye. ッ

Jane on

She has a lovely face and she is a young woman. Since when does hair length determine your gender? Do men with long hair always look like women, or just men with long hair. She looks like a young, beautiful woman with short hair. It is her head anyway, not anyone else’s.

teresh on


cool beanz on

I really don’t like this… but if it’s what she likes… maybe she just wanted something new.

slotrain on

Guess she’s changing teams, as college girls are wont to do

J on

I know celebs get sick of their hair just like the rest of us, but she was truly gorgeous with her long hair. I just want it to come back, please…

NM Lady on

I think this is a cute look for Emma. I think more people would like it on her if they could see her face to face in a more comfortable setting. No wind in her face, no squinting. People, she is a busy young lady. Let her enjoy herself.

Charlotte on

Hate it !

Lauren on

I DO NOT LIKE IT she should have stayed with her long hair i like long hair on her better what was she thinking!!!!!!!!???????????

Jenny on

I think she looks much better with longer hair, but as someone said earlier, if she’s happy that is all that matters.

P on

When it all comes down to it -it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about her haircut… as long as she likes it that is all that matters. It is cute though….

linda carlisle on

Emma looks adorable with short hair..

Alisa on

The writer of this article must either be blind or slow… that’s an updo… she didn’t cut anything.

Joanne on

Love this look on her… young, smart and a great change from the look that she’s had all these Potter years

Bee on

She is a really talented actress , and none of you have the right to judge her looks.

A on

i hate it so much. i’ve never liked short hair like this and i always loved it long. it made her so so much more beautiful. what a bummer. :(

Cheri on


Tabitha on

WOW!!!!! SHE looks good i guess. Just dont get why pretty females have to get boy cuts



carly on

umm no!! she shouldnt have cut off all her hair! she can put it up!! she doesnt need 2 cut it all off!!! it doesnt look good

sohotoutside on

I remember when Keri Russel cut her hair and her show Felicity was ruined because of it. I hope she doesn’t lose her Burbery contract. Short hair ruins star power unless your a lesbian like Ellen.

rene on

I agree Tutt. I loved peter pan. I’m sure if it grows alittle i’ll get used to it.

jenten on

I can’t believe Harry Potter films has ended. Guess why that’s why she cut her hair. I mean cos she doesn’t have to play Hermione anymore so she can cut it. She still looks beautiful and it’s alright, I loved her hair before but this still looks nice. OH I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

Amber on


tina on

i don’t think this is the best picture to judge from. her hair is obviously blowing in the wind on a hot, humid NYC day. let’s see it styled and then poll readers.

Kelly on

This is not a good shot. I saw another picture on another website where she looked really pretty. I think it suits her well.

Maria on

This is not her most flattering look. At least it will grow out in time. I think she looks beautiful with shoulder length waves.

Kaylee on

NOOOO!!! She does not look good like this. However if she likes it and it makes her feel good, more power to her, but nooooo!

Gmoney on

Well, hmmmm I gotta say I’m not liking it too much. It really makes her look years older. Maybe its just the picture.

jess on

LOVE it . . . so tired of long stringy looking
Beyond outdate now!

This is dynamite!!

stephanie on

She looks like a boy.I remember wend Jean seberg at her hair short and she look amazing on her and MIA Farrow.

tillie on

its ok i guess

Peggy on

It is not a good look on her. Way too short.

John on

She looks like the older son on Home Improvement!

Griffin on

I definitely think she can carry off short hair–let’s face it, she’s adorable. I think THIS short hair style is all wrong. I’m seeing some helmut-hear here.
Hopefully it’s just the wind and it’s actually a brilliant look.

halligator on

“Who cares if hair is long or short or sprayed or partly grayed,we know that hair aint where it’s at.” -Frank Zappa

halligator on

Or maybe she’s going for the justin Beiber look. lol!

ellen on

Cute and great for this summer heat. She’s young and it’s fun and trendy. Not that when it gets cooler she won’t go back to longer,nothing wrong with switching it up and making a change.

Chris20906 on

So you want a guy that is attracted to little, “boy-short haircuts”? If your guy likes boys…

Julie on

Does this mean she is “out of the closet”?
It is a very man-like style.

Michel on

I love it! She kinda’ looks like Tinkerbell now… I think it’s cute. :)

JS on

It really is very pretty, this is just a bad photo. Her Facebook page has a beautiful pic.

Em on

Emma is a grat actress but the short hair doesn’t suite her

Sarah on

It’s shearing, not sheering.

larry on


would look good with any style she chooses. I like the look. Easier to manage and a great look on her. It draws attention to her long neck and beautiful complection. I will always root for Hermione aka (Emma) and think the new look will take her into her next creative endeavor. It breaks the Hermione look and maybe the directors will consider her for other parts out of her other character.

Explosion Photos and Video - Home of the Explosion of the Day » Blog Archive » Emma Watson Proudly Rocks Her New Short ‘Do – OK! Magazine on

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Howcal on

I do not care for her new hair style. It is not flattering.

Jason on

This photo doesn’t do her justice. Why didn’t you just post up the one she had on Facebook…?

Coco on

It is not her best look, but it looks better on her than it did on Hayden. That being said, very few women could pull of that short of a cut, Halle Berry and Sharon Stone come to mind but other than them I am drawing a blank.

GoodTxGirl on

One word: Yuck

V on

She posted a picture of her new do on her website and it’s really cute.

Stevie on

She will always be gorgeous not matter what she does with her hair. Even though I loved it when her locks were long, I think she will definitely rock her new hairstyle.

liz on

When she changes her mind there’s always extensions. A good weave for somebody who can afford it.

victoria p on

i say if she likes well too bad she likes it but i dont like it at all if i was in the back of her i would personally thing shes a boy

victoria p on

dislike if i was behind her i would think shes a boy but if she ikes what can u do

J.Washburn on

hmm, hard to say if its a flattering look for her. but good for her for just doing and loving it! after so many years of being in the same character for Harry Potter movies, maybe this will help people see her as someone else besides Hermoine Granger… best wishes.

Jon on

I like Emma’s new cut!

‘Harry Potter’ Heroine Emma Watson Debuts Hot New Hairstyle – Access Hollywood | Celebrity Gossip Magazines Online on

[…] Daily Blabber from iVillageEmma Watson Chops Off All Of Her Hair– Check Out A Photo!MTV.comPeople Magazine -msnbc.com -Parade Magazineall 123 news […]

Wendy on

I think it looks cute on her! I can imagine how much easier it is for her now to take care of after having her hair long. Good for her in doing what makes her happy!!!

maggie on

she would make a very cute boy.

Emma on

I think she looks very pretty, but that’s regardless of the haircut, not because of it. Personally I preferred her long locks. In any case, she likes it, that’s what matters.

Eryn on

Looks amazing! Short hair is always amazing in the summer time! Harry Potter hair no more!

JustASmallTownGirl on

Ewww! :P

Emme on

I really liked her long curly hair! I don’t know if I like this ‘do at all. Maybe if it was at a different angle and styled different. However, from this random angle it doesn’t flatter her very well.

susi on

LOVE IT! She looks so grown up.. her facebook pic looks way better by the way, you can hardly see anything on this one. She is so beautiful!

Amy on

She looks 12.

Ash on


ELC on

It looks very attractive on her. She needed a different look after Harry Potter and I think she
made the wise choice. I’m jealous-I used to be able to wear short hair and look good-now I can’t.
Hair grows back. Why not go for it??

Dee on


kelsey on

I love her new hair cut. it looks good on her

Brandy on

Wow.. I don’t like this cut on her at all. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of short hair styles I LOVE, but this cut on her looks like Mary Martin’s in Peter Pan. I agree with the comment that only Halle Berry can pull this style off. Here’s hoping her hair grows fast…..

Catey on

It’s cute. I mean I wouldn’t wear it, but I really think she can sport it. If she likes it, that is all that matters, right?

Anna on

No. That’s all, just…NO.

jura on

There is a MUCH better picture of her a la Twiggy on TMZ. Looks totally adorable!

A on


Andy on

I love it and hate it at the same time, maybe I just need to warm up to it, and its a paparazzi shot too, I bet she looks better when she is all cleaned up,
But thats my opinion (:

Josie on

It’s okay, I preferred it longer. But as long as she likes it… who cares?

Heidi on

I doubt I will get used to this new look for her. I liked the Hermione Granger look better.

Judy Duke on

Good-bye Hermoine. Thanks for all the good memories.

Lisa on



I think she looks much better with long hair.

Emma Watson y su radical cambio de look on

[…] | People Foto | […]

Mark on

Gee Went from pretty to pretty dumb looking, but her friends will lie to her and tell her it looks cute.

Marcy on

Women do not have to have long hair in order to be seen as pretty or feminine. It has to be a good cut though, and this one is not.

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CommanderAdama on

I hate when girls do this! If you have nice hair you shouldn’t cut it this short. Maybe Harry can cast a spell on her to make it grow back faster?

Tessa on

I think every woman has to experience having short locks at some point in her life, just to see what it’s like. Emma is a cute girl, but I will say, I much prefer her with longer hair.

Dale on

This could be a bad photo of a great haircut. In this photo, the “do” looks too harsh, too tomboy-like. Hayden Panettiere’s and Cate Blanchett’s cuts are softer, more feminine, and much more sophisticated…c’mon, does Cate Blanchett ever do anything that is not classy? Wait to see a better photo before passing judgment. Emma Watson definitely has the natural beauty to pull this look off…and do it very well!

jennifer on

no way, she should keep the long hair. it suit her very well..

Jassmine on

I hate the new hair cut, she shoulda kept it long

Couture Kitties: Fashion Cats « FiFi on

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K on

It’s about time for a change. It’ss not like she got her nose peirced or a tattoo.

GJW on

I LOVE her new haircut!

Isn’t anyone else tired of seeing hair extensions?

Just as many people believe that short hair doesn’t look good on some people, the same can be said for long hair.

Long hair is not a requirement for female beauty. Emma Watson looks great!

nihil on

Well – she’s a lesbo – not suprised…

Scott on

I love it!! She looks great and it appears a whole lot more comfortable. She’a a nice young lady with her head on strait. Good fo her!

Stevie on

I like it long! She has to live with it so it’s great she loves it!

Ivan on

She’s young, cute, and very rich – so why not? We’ve all used this part of our lives to try different looks (as I recall an unfortunate moustache attempt from my college days)

micromergers on

Emma Watson is looking attractive.. so it doesn’t matter what her hair style is..

Cheri on

This is a bad picture/angle. I saw another picture and this cut looked completely adorable and flattering.

Skye on

Hate it…


I don’t like it at all.
I just plain like long hair.
She’s way to young for that type of cut.
Let it grow Emma let it grow.

roh8265 on

longer was more attractive.

Linda on

She’s so pretty she can pull it off, but why would anyone want an unflattering men’s haircut is beyond me.

Becky on

Very drastic and I think that is what is making people not like it. If she would have gone to half her length I think it would have gone over better. I personally think it is cute and if she likes it that is all that matters. Takes guts to do such a drastic cut! Good for you Emma!

Amaryllis on

Sorry, don’t like it, but it’s her hair.

Bec on

There is a way better picture on OMG on Yahoo. It looks fantastic on her. I tried this look about when I was 14, but with my curly hair, it didn’t turn out as well as Emma’s did with her straight hair. It did take a long time to grow out though, a very long time. Nontheless, adorable Emma!

twizzler94 on

eh. i loved her with the longer hair. it was so gorgeous! good thing hair grows out.

Barbara Zielinski on

Its her head she can do with it as she pleases. If she likes the look that’s all that counts!

Mel B on

Love it! I think it’s well deserved for all of the cast to be able to break away from the Potter series. To have a restriction on what you can do with yourself for 10 years is a long time. It’s time for them to really delve into who they are and express that! They are more of a treat to read about than say another teen cast who have only been in their franchise for 3 years and sorta seem to whine about needing distance.

vilma on

We all have made the mistake of a bad short haircut, at least she can pay for some real good hair extensions! :p

alice gold on

The cut reminds me of Adam Lambert.

shou4i on

Love it. She looks so awesome

tia on

Here we go again – cutting the hair to show liberation, and demonstrate toughness. She looks good. She is probably quietly auditioning for The Girl with Dragon Tatoo.

sandy morris on

Now she can play the main character in “The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo”

Carlos Eton on

It good to know that an actress’ haircut is newsworthy. Makes me proud of American journalism.

Emma Watson Loses Her Potter Locks: Love It or Hate It? « SHORT HAIRCUTS on

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Gabby on

I love it!!! She looks stunning! It really accentuates her gorgeous face!!
Anyone who doesn’t like it obviously doesn’t understand her reasoning. She couldn’t experiment with her hair for the past 10 years, because Hermione’s hair is long and brown. Emma is 20 years old and can finally try something new. Plus, it’s hair and it WILL grow back. I love this short look on her! She’s not the first to do it and she certainly won’t be the last. :D

holtram on

I’d want to see a few more pictures before deciding. Don’t like it in this one but that doesn’t mean that in a different angle or look it might be appealing. I agree that not many women can pull off the short cut look.

Kalin on

Buh- that was a mistake.

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Shannon on

Hate it. Ew.

Lynda on

ADORABLE Emma!!! You have the perfect face to pull this off! I wish I could do it. Don’t read into these haters. You did a fine thing!

Zippy on

I feel like the angle is somewhat bad on the photo and doesn’t represent the cut well. That being said, from this angle she looks like a boy. But, I’m sure it looks good on her, and if she flaunts it, go with it!

ML on

So does this make her gay? I love her hair, but as some people have menationed with AJoile’s child getting her hair cut short and implying she is trying to go gay, I am wondering why Emma hasn’t had the question? Or is it okay to pick on a 4 year old?

Top Posts — WordPress.com on

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papabear on

She looks great and is able to show confidence of having a new hairdo! Hair grows back. She can grow it back to the same length if she wants to.

Sian Newlan on

This came as a real shock if I’m honest. But I think she has pulled it off well. Well done, Emma ^^

Kathryn on

Love the hair, rarely is someone able to pull off long and short hair but she does, and does it well!

Kelly on

too many people are a slave to their hair. I’ve seen woman who aren’t supposed to be blond, whose hair sounds like potato chip bags, it’s so dry. love to see people who remember that it’s just hair. loving it. she has the right face shape for it. beautiful.

Posky on

This is simply unforgivable. No celebrity should be allowed to cut their hair or change their style in any way without consulting each and every one of their fans beforehand.

Anita on

Love it! She has the features to pull it off.

Julie on

Love it! Very Mia Farrow in the ’60s. Good move to break away from Hermione hair and carve a new image for the post-Potter career.

Alex on

Yeah, the first time I saw it I thought she looked real good, but this isn’t a studio image and you can see it looks really really bad.

It’s gonna get messy when it grows out again, but it looks like it’s grown a lot since she debuted it and maybe for the better.

She looked better with long hair and she will grow it back, hopefully.

Randi on

i love her new look!

lee on

As she a heshe now ? It looks like one. Is t a he ore a she ?

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Tamara Grujic on

I don’t like Emma Watson’s haircut. Cos since the Harry Potter movies finished i would have least expected her to keep her long hair so people who liked Harry Potter nad didn’t want Harry Potter to finish would be able to relate Emma to Hermione

jj on

WOW it suits her perfectly and i love it im going to get my locks cut just like hers people that don’t like it obviousely have no taste GO EMMA WATSON i have like a dozon of her autographs i love her

jj on

how cute

emma on

dont you just love her new haircut although it might get cold during winter

emma on

rachel get a grip you obviousely are to dumb to know it will grow

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Nostromov on

It was terrible, LOL; especially judging by that photo, which was posted. She looks like, some, 40-year-old woman, lolz. xD

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