Sara Rue's Body Transformation: 'I Lost 50 Pounds!'

08/04/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

Alison Dyer

If you see Sara Rue on the street, chances are she’ll be smiling. That’s because the actress has lost 50 pounds since signing on as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig last December. “I have such a better relationship with food than I’ve ever had in my life,” Rue, 31, tells PEOPLE. “I’ve learned how to control portions, I’ve learned how to eat healthfully.” Best of all, she is enjoying exercise for the first time in her life. Rue, who used to just walk the dogs around the block, now regularly logs 45-60 minutes of cardio 5-6 days a week on the treadmill and is in training for her first half marathon. But her eight-month journey was not without its fair share of obstacles. “I spent the first few months of this program wearing my pedometer and getting in my 10,000 steps every day,” Rue says. “When I started running I would run for one minute and walk for ten. Now I can run for two-and-a-half hours straight. That’s insane! I never would have thought six months ago that I would be able to run that much.” Nor did she think she’d be enjoying another activity—shopping. “Barely squeezing into a size 14 when she embarked upon her weight loss journey, the 5’8” Rue is now a lean “size 6.” Busy planning a Spring 2011 wedding with her fiancé, teacher Kevin Price, Rue recently popped into Vera Wang in Beverly Hills to check out a 70 percent off sale. “I wandered to the back of the store where all the bride gowns were. The woman zipped it up and she had to clamp it in the back because it was too big,” Rue says, laughing. “It was just a great feeling.” –Monica Rizzo

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Angelia on

Wow! she looks amazing, WTG

Mich on

She looks great, but this is the same thing they did with Jennifer Hudson… She’s hardly a size 6! Don’t get me wrong, she looks amazing, but why make up a size that sounds appealing??

stef on

So what, she’s lost the weight before. She’ll gain it all back once she gets sick of jenny craig and eats normal food, they all do.



nicole on

She did this years ago and gained it all back. Hopefully she can keep it off this time. Eat less, move more, Sarah.

Sharon on

I didn’t see anything wrong with the way she looked before she lost the weight. Size 14 is the norm, especially for 5’8″ tall. These people in Hollywood kill me with their obsession with weight!

shirley on

Jeeny craig is a rip off we you call in about their specails they up the price and do not tell you you up front. I know this becaus ethey tried to take over 600 dollar out of my checking account after tell me the cost was 69.00 better watch out they will take all your money.

Susan on

I think Sara looks FABBULOUS, but then again, I’ve always thought she was a pretty girl. WTG Sara, you should be very proud.

Also, I am 5’4″ and wear a 6 and in Sara’s after picture she looks skinnier than me. I totally believe at 5’8″ she is a 6! Absolutely!!

Laura on

Why do they always say how they love working out now? What changed to make them love running in place for hours or doing cardio for an hour every day for 6 days a week! Come on…that sounds so fake. Who wants to work out every single day & say it is fun. I thought she was happy with her size before, didn’t she once say that?

lola on

She looked good before. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful and plus sized. all you big girl haters, eat a donut. LOL……………….

Jenni on

She looks fantastic! But I personally wouldn’t try Jenny Craig! Weight Watchers is fantastic! and look at Jennifer Hudson ;)

Jamie on

Good for her she looks great!

jean on


Randi on

Right on Mich!!! I am so beyond sick and tired of these celebrities saying “look at me, look at me, I’m a size 4 or 6” when it is blatantly obvious that they are not. And then they want to turn around and try to tell their fans to be comfortable and confidant with who they are…all the while lying to their faces!!!

Lauren on

I agree with Randi and Sharon. What gives? She looked fine before? Why does everyone always insist on fitting in the size 4-6 mold? It sickens me actually. Don’t these people want to EMBRACE their curviness? Don’t these people want to STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX or COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES?! I am a size 14. I want to lose about 10 lbs and be a size 12. I don’t want to be a stick. I am proud to have my hourglass shape and curves and I am PROUD to be differen’t. If you want people to be confident with themselves, first you have to be confident in yourself. These celebs need to learn that. Like look at Jordin Sparks….she is beautiful! And she is my size! She is not rib skinny, she is REAL.


Lauren on

A suggestion I have for PEOPLE. I LOVE your magazine and I am happy these people are losing weight, but could you PLEASE write LESS articles on the weight spectrum? You’re making other girls feel insecure and their is more to life than a number on a scale. Thanks. :)

Weight Lose Guide » Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. - People Magazine on

[…] Sara Rue's Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs.People Magazine“Barely squeezing into a size 14 when she embarked upon her weight loss journey, the 5'8” Rue is now a lean “size 6.” Busy planning a Spring 2011 wedding … […]

Samantha on

Good for you Sara! She’s inspiring me to start running again, I’d love to drop down to a six again (I’m an 8) not because I want to be thin, but because I want to feel fit again.

jessica on

@mich: why be such a hater?! she absolutely could be a 6!! pictures make you look a little bigger and i think she looks skinny! i wear a size 4 and i think i look bigger than Sara in pictures. so just be happy for her and shush it.

JT on

Sara looks amazing!! Congrats on the weight loss and her new found love of exercise :)

Annoyed on

I’d be really tickled if weight-loss spokespeople could maybe not be in training for a marathon. It makes their goals so very different from the rest of ours and makes me wonder if it’s Jenny Craig or all the cardio doing the job.

kim on

just because size 14 is the “norm” doesn’t make it a healthy size to be.

be on

No one can tell me that they don’t want to be a size 4 or 6. She may have looked ok before as she is a very pretty girl…however she obviously had WAY too much body fat to be considered healthy. I’m quite sure her heart, muscles, joints, cholesterol, and blood pressure are screaming “THANK YOU” right now.

Donna on

What ever happened to loving yourself at whatever size? Its not like she was morbidly obese. Opinion keeps swinging back and forth concerning weight. She’ll gain it back, just wait and see.

Chrissy on

Really all this weight loss stories are ridiculous I mean honestly they can pay to get the ft sucked out of their asses Get over of it!!

stacy on

She looks absolutely AMAZING! Good for you Sara!

Sweet on

Wow, I really wish I could see pics of what some of you commenters look like. Stop hating the world! “Lying about hating exercise”? What? When you start to see changes in your body and feel powerful you do like exercise or at least you like the results. “only want to lose 10 lbs” please, set bigger goals for yourself. It’s very easy to lose 10lbs. You would know that if you tried and followed through on something. “not a real size 6” she’s tall and it’s a photo. Maybe you big girls think a size 6 is so tiny because you can’t fathom what it would look like on yourself.

Lacey on

I thought she was a beautiful gal before but she looks amazing now! Now she’s got the health and great body to go with her fun, bubbly & great personality!

Fitzgerald on

Now, she just has to work on acting.

Holly on

WTG Sarah!! It’s not about the size that you wear. It’s about you feeling happy and confident. For those of you who are size 14 and proud awesome!! You’re confidence is a testiment that the social “norms” aren’t norms at all. However, we should’nt put down those who lose weight to feel better about themselves. We should frown on those who do it because they think that they have to to “fit in”. I myself have had two children in two years, bigger than I have ever been not happy, and trying desperatley to lose the weight, so I can say all of this from experience. Thank you Sarah for inspring us all to be who we want to be, not who everyone else wants us to be.

Rebecca on

She looked good before, she looks good now. I’m not sure how she dropped so many sizes when she only lost 50 lbs, but perhaps it is because of the muscle toning. I hope that she find a good weight for her, whatever that might be. It is not good to yo-yo back and forth. I love her red hair and wish her happiness with her upcoming wedding.

Diane on

That’s great…but who can afford it !!! Only celebs who get paid to diet.

Megan on

She absolutely looks like a size 6!! Mich…you are crazy!

Asha on

Its great to be proud of your body and not aspire to be a size zero but I have trouble seeing how being a size fourteen is healthy… its just not! Being a size 4, 6 or 8 is attainable for most people in a healthy manner with proper diet or exercise.
I’m a size four and I work out four times a week and eat healthly 90% of the time. I try to find activities that I enjoy that also happen to be exercise. Yes running on a treadmill isn’t always fun but its a commitment you are making to your mental and physical health!

Meg on

I think she looks great but the one thing I find with celebrities who lose a lot of weight is that they become obsessive and “being thin”‘ is never enough. As long as Sara is healthy about her weight loss and doesn’t take it to the extreme & get super thin, I think she’s on a great path. Though I’d love to see celebrities lose weight by just eating healthy and exercise on their own, I do realize some people can’t lose weight on their own.

Dior on

#1, she’s an actress who’s job it is to look good, so she has the time, money and help to lose 50 lbs. People in the non-Hollywood world don’t really have all of this time and assistance to work out all the time. #2.. that is NOT a size 6, who are you kidding? It’s more like a size 8 or 10.

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Jen on

Ok, I’ll agree Jennifer Hudson is definietly not a size 6 but go to the Jenny Craig site and watch Sara’s commercial. She is really thin. And at 5’8″ she can weigh about 140-145 to be a size 6.

Bianca on

WOW!!! She looks amazing and happy! It’s great to see a young woman in Hollywood lose weight the right and healthy way. You can tell from her face that she is confident. Good for her! Can’t wait to see her on TV again soon. She’s so talented and fun to watch.

zaika on

good job sara! you look like everyone else in hollywood!

BJ on

Sara Rue, by far, has been the WORST Jenny Craig spokesperson EVER!! First of all, who is she? I had an opportunity to meet her and she was a total snob. She thinks she is an A-list celebrity when in fact she is no one. Yes, she lost 50 lbs but now needs to drop the attitude and maybe then she’ll land a job.

Maggie on

I thought she looked beautiful before. Also, why is it accepted for people to be prejudice against overweight people? You can’t say anything about race, religion, disabilities, etc., but you can say whatever you want about larger people. Seems like a double-standard if you ask me.

lori on

Beautiful BEFORE and after

Saber on

That is great wowow I am sure she was working hard, and that is an splendid determination. :-)

babybecks on

@lola “Eat a donut”

I have a relative who recently died of a heart attack from being overweight. If you think it’s healthy, you too will probably live a shortened life.

Sara looks healthy & fabulous. Good for her for getting control over her diet and health!

jim on

Why are there so many people saying being plus sized, big, overweight is okay? Don’t any of you people saying this realize that being overweight is an epidemic in this country? It’s the cause of so many different health issues (diabetes, heart disease etc). A size 14 (or XL for men) maybe the norm but maybe that’s the problem. If a majority of folks are overweight are we supposed to think that’s okay? I applaude Sara Rue and anyone who takes up the challenge to lose weight. I’ve lost 40 lbs myself.

Put down the donuts, quit eating fast food and get you butts off the couch!!

Roony on

Yeah, she’s a size 6. I’m the same height and run a lot, and look just about the same size as her, and my closet is full of 6s and maybe a few 8s. Besides, clothing size really doesn’t tell you much, since you can wear a 4 at one store and an 8 at another and a 2 at another store. But good for her. That said, nobody needs to run for 2 and a half hours, unless it is an occasional “long run” in training for a long-distance race. But for the half marathon, the most I ever did for a training run was 9 miles, and my half-marathon time was under two hours. So…yeah, 2.5 hours is just unnecessary.

Jacqueline on

Who is she? Never seen her before the weight loss? If we all had the money for personal trainers, gym memberships and the weight loss foods and grocery money to buy the supplemental foods, we could do it too!

Sara Rue Loses 50 Lbs! | Twirlit on

[…] A Comment Actress Sara Rue became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig last December – and according to People Magazine, a combination of that program and marathon training has resulted in a 50 pound […]

Hi on

Mich-She is definitely a size 6. At least in that picture. We are the same height and that’s what I looked like when I was a size 6 before I had my baby.

shannon on

she’s so cute! love her no matter what.

Tina on

I always thought she was cute (yes, even at a larger size). She looks good. Didn’t she do this before and gained it all back?


[…] Sara Rue drooped 50 pounds on Jenny Craig […]

chrstina on

That’s great to here that Sara was able to do it. I love her and am so very happy to see her she looks great! I’m hoping that I can do it!

Lindsay on

I am a size 6 and she looks thinner than me. So I doubt she is making up a number. Some people do actually enjoy working out. My sis works out everyday and loves it. Why all this negativity that she is going to gain it back? If she keeps up with it then there should be no problem keeping the weight off. I think she looks great!

jim on

I love all the excuses people come up with as to why they can’t lose weight. I don’t have the money for personal trainers, weight loss foods, gym memberships. Blah. Blah. Blah. All it takes is will. Here’s how it works DIET and EXERCIZE. You don’t need Jenny Craig. Eat decent food and exersize. No gym membership? Try running, walking, push-ups and sit-ups. No personal trainer to push you? Look in the mirror. You are your own personal trainer. No one can want it for you more than you. When you go to work out, don’t phone it in either. Bust your butt. I see too many people on treadmills, spin bikes and elliptical machines reading a magazine, chit- chatting, texting etc. If you have time to do those things while working out, you aren’t working hard enough.

Jane on

you people are ‘WACKED”! she looks good both ways, however i am 5’8 and i am a size 14. i also up until the last 4 yrs was a size 6 and i did exercise at least 4days a week. i also loved to work out. i was in a car accident and have a neck injury which inhibats my ablility to exercise the way i used to. i totally miss working out and feeling good. basically all im saying is stop being haters. she worked hard for this and she looks great!!!!

Anna on

If Jennie Craig paid me a huge amount of money that would certainly motivate me to loose weight….

tmpg on

Mich that’s insulting. I’m a size 6 and I can tell you that yes, she looks like a size 6.Maybe even smaller. So go check your sizes.

Bippy on

I think she looks great..Before and after..No, a zie 14 isn’t healthy..I wear a 12 or 14 and I hate it..So I’m changing my eating habits and have started a light excerise routine..

At Jim..You nailed it so right..I lift weights while watching TV..It’s the (sometimes) little things that make a bif difference..

tmpg on


When people start to work out, they start to enjoy the way their bodies feel after working out. It changes their whole outlook on exercise and the way they feel. Yes, she may have liked herself before but exercise will motivate a person to do more and feel better so it becomes a part of their lives. I used to be so lazy and couldn’t imagine exercising willingly bc I hated it. Now I’ve slowly made it a part of my life and I can’t imagine going back. I feel so much better and so much stronger. So you’re wrong and you need to get your butt up and start finding out what people are talking about bc it’s obvious that you don’t work out.

Bippy on

Also people forget that celebs can have their clothes made, therefore allowing them to be whatever size they want to be..

Sorry for all of the typos earlier..

Texas Amber on

Man, a lot of haters. Shame.
She has done a great job. It is hard to lose weight for most people even if they have the time and money. It takes dedication. Good for her. She is such a beautiful girl at any size, but how awesome that she feels great about herself!

jennifer on

it’s no wonder this country has an obesity problem if people think being a size 14 is normal no matter what a person’s height is. There is no reason to assume that a person who decides to get healthy did it to copy a Hollywood ideal. Plus, a size 6 is larger than most actresses.

Laura on

It’s not just watching what you eat and exercise. I’m a size 16/18, workout 4-5x a week, 1-2 hours a day, eat small portions, healthy choices. I’m stuck in the mid 200s. To say every woman can be a size 6 is a blatant lie. To say it’s all about what goes in and out is also a lie. It’s genetics, metabolism, as well as choices. I’m as healthy as a horse, perfect BP, BS, and cholesterol because of how I choose healthy foo and activity. I’m just not the perceived “ok” size….

k on

wow. it’s ridiculous that so many people are concerned with what size she wears. she is thin and she worked hard for it; not only that, it’s exactly like someone mentioned before, what is a size 6 at one store may be a size 4 or 8 somewhere else. maybe we should spend less time worrying about sara rue’s clothing sizes, and worry more about our own. it’s easy to judge when you’re typing anonymously from behind a computer screen.

Heather on

Who cares if she’s done it before. Most people can’t do it a first time, let alone twice. It’s her decision and hers only if she gains it back. Not for anyone else to judge or make a mockery of. Whether she’s a size 6 or 8 or 10, does it matter? She looks great and just give her the praise she deserves or shut up.

Sacha on

I think she looks great. I am also 5’8″ and fluxuate between 140-145 and wear a size 4, 6 or 8 depending on the brand of clothing. I also went to JC to lose weight and it’s not a rip off. You pay for the food, which most is very very good. Then you do the work. I was motivated to lose so I worked out. Was it a joy all the time? Absolutley not. But if you want to see results on the scale and in your clothes, that’s what you have to do. It’s not rocket science — eat less, work out more. Duh.

k on

not to mention the fact that there is obviously a huge difference in her shape and size, just by looking at her. why would she need to lie about the size of her clothing?

Elle on

Oh, Sara! You look fabulous, but you will gain it all back. That’s the flaw with dieting, it’s just TEMPORARY — until you fix the real issues as to why you overeat in the first place. Good luck to her! But shame on being a role model for women doing WEIGHT WATCHERS. Dieting does not work – it’s a vicious cycle that ends in failure for most people.

Amy on

If I were a spokesperson and was getting paid to lose the weight I could do it to. We the regular people have to pay a lot of money to go through this system.

k on

@Amy — really? plenty of people lose weight and keep it off, without “getting paid to do it”.

ChrisC on

Obesity is quickly becoming an epidemic in this country. Juvenile Diabetes is on the rise at a frightening rate. If we continue to increase, when will it stop? Will a size 18 become the new size 10? So what if she gains some of the weight back, at least she is trying to do something for her health. Don’t forget that the battle is not to lose weight, but to keep it off. All you bashers out there need to get a grip on reality and change your lifestyle too.

Abigail on

Size 14 is the norm for 5’8”? That would mean women who are 5’10” would be a size 16 and up? That doesn’t sound right.

Heather on

@elle – How do you know she hasn’t dealt “with the real issues that cause you to overeat”???? How do you know she hasn’t made a LIFESTYLE change as opposed to just Dieting???? Shame on YOU for placing your excuses and flaws with dieting on anyone else but yourself!!

debbie on

Liked her better heavy, she had a pretty face!

Ellorysgirl on

C’mon, the pic on the left when she says she was a size 14, is more like an 18, and the pic on the right where she says she’s size 6 is the way I looked (at 5’7″) when I was a size 14. I guess if you pay enough, you can have your clothes labeled any way you want.

Diane on

She has always been one of my fav. actress…I have always thought she was beautiful!!! she looks great, good job!!!

Abigail on

I am 5’11”, wear either a size 4 or 6, and have a healthy body mass index(BMI). I think people should take caution before they label what is the “norm” because BMI is a better indicator of overall health.

jessica on

um who said size 14 is the norm for 5’8?! wth? newsflash: anything over an 8 (i don’t care how tall you are) is plus-sized. and anything over a 12 is just plain FAT. women who tell themselves otherwise are just trying to justify being lazy and out of shape.

Loren on

How inspiring! She looks wonderful, and it’s motivating me to get moving! Way to go Sara!

Angela on

That is great, she looks happy, confident and amazing!

Zoey on

She looks AMAZING!!!

I also have had to lose weight (I have lost 68 lbs in 2 years) it was due to some medical issues but it still has to come off! When you lose weight like that and go from a pretty girl to a STUNNING girl you don’t gain it back. TRUST me, I would know ;)!

Also, I went from a size 12 to a 2 by losing 68lbs, I don’t know why people don’t believe she went down to a 6. I think you guys are confused with how big a 6 actually is. Also, with vanity sizing that is everywhere now (I am 123 lbs. should I honestly be a size 2?? NO! Ha, but I will take it :)), it makes sense.

Stephie on

She lost the weight to be HEALTHIER and to feel better about herself. Being overweight is unhealthy so maybe all of the people who are criticizing her should spend their time trying to get healthier as well!

Zoey on

Also, I have a mutt doggie that looks JUST like her dog! So I think I love her!! :)

Dub on

As someone who is currently a size 14 and has previously been a size 6, let me say this:

First, she totally could wear a size 6. Probably a size 8 or 10 in some brands and probably as small as a size 4 in others. It all depends on your body shape. I have a friend who is overweight and can wear a size 4 because of her petite frame and “apple” body shape. So don’t use your own body as a measuring stick.

Second, there is a difference between loving yourself as you are and justifying bad habits. If you are a size 14 because that is your genetic predisposition while exercising and eating balanced meals, then you don’t need to change a thing. But if you are a size 14 (like me) because you have a problem with overeating, then you need to work on it – not because being skinny makes you a better person, but because being fit will extend your life and boost your health.

Should you hate yourself for being overweight? Of course not. Should you kill yourself trying to be a certain size or shape? Of course not. You should always love yourself for what is inside, but you should never condone bad habits (and an increased risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease) under the guise of “accepting” yourself.

So kudos for Sara Rue for losing it and inspiring others (like me) – now, let’s hope that she makes it a lifelong habit and not an obsession.


James on

I think she looks great in that before picture where she’s wearing the red top and the jeans.

jla3391 on

From a trainer’s view, a size 14 may be the AMERICAN average but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. We are a fat county. Sara Rue looks amazing. She was pretty before but VERY unhealthy. She was at risk for Type II Diabetes, stroke, heart problems, etc.
People REALLY need to stop using the whole “size 12/14 is the norm” as an excuse for being fat. That’s just what big people say. If Americans took better care of themselves our norm would be a 6 or 8, not 14.
Sorry to be harsh, but this excuse ticks me off.

Lia on

size 4 max. Why lie about your size just so you don’t appear to be obsessed with losing weight.. what a bad role model!

Niwotmom on

Well, if I could afford Jenny Craig, I would have lost weight too1

Angie on

Congrats Sara! You look great!!! Very inspiring!!

Tyler E. on

So basically Sara Rue transformed her self from chubby cute to very common..

tamian on

Why the infatuation with the size? If you feel good and look good what difference does the size make?
It’s the same with shoe size. I have small feet, big deal.If a shoe doesn’t feel right in my normal size I go up until it feels right without flinching at the size.
I feel sorry for the females that are so stuck on comparing themselves to every other starving female. Some of these girls look skeletal in their bathing suits.

Congrats for losing the weight.Good luck on maintenance!

T on

why do people make weight loss all about looks? there’s far more to it than that. it’s about being healthy. imho, the change in appearance is an added benefit, but shouldn’t be the main focus. self-confidence is great at any size, but being overweight is unhealthy. it puts a person at greater risk for various health problems, diabetes among them. I’d rather be more lean and healthy than overweight and put myself at risk for a number of health problems.

lala on

to jla3991:

Size 14 is NOT fat. A lot of it has to do with how tall a person is. I think that anyone over 5′ 9″ wearing anything smaller than a 10 looks anorexic and is at risk from health problems associated with being underweight. There is no one size that fits everyone. It is based on the individual. If that’s how your mind works, I’m glad that I will NEVER have you as a trainer (if you are actually one at all)

Sherrie on

For those reading the negative comments who are thinking about following in Sara’s footsteps but think it’s all Hollywood nonsense: please don’t take them to heart. I’m a normal, busy woman who decided two years ago to lose 40 pounds and succeeded. It CAN be done.

It’s more than watching what you eat and exercising. It’s making a choice every morning when you wake up and holding it tight until you go to bed at night. Hard as that sounds there’s nothing like fitting into your old jeans and thinking about all of those cupcakes you didn’t eat, all of those hours of sweating and knowing that you’re reaping the rewards of your commitment.

I think it’s sad that there are people who choose to be negative about something as difficult and commendable as losing 50 lbs. I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been if there had been such naysayers in my ear at any point in my weight loss journey.

Does everyone have to fit a sample size? Of course not, but for those who don’t feel like they’re where they’d like to be and would like to make a change, I applaud and encourage you to join people like Sara and myself, and all of the countless individuals who fight their fight every day. It CAN be done!

sooverit on


“Maybe you big girls think a size 6 is so tiny because you can’t fathom what it would look like on yourself.” You have to be the most inconsiderate person I have “heard” in quite sometime. I am a size 6 and used to be a size 12. A size 14 or a 12 does not constitute a “big girl”. It’s people like you that make it hard for people to get heathly. Talking down to some is not a very mature thing to do.

Abigail on

@jessica: the “size 14 is the norm” comment was one of the first few posts made on this article above.

@lala: you may not want to overgeneralize here. I am 5’11” and wear between a 4 and 6. My body mass index (BMI) is completely in the healthy range for my height and weight. I certainly don’t look anorexic.

Often times people assume the taller you are the bigger your dress/pant size should be. That’s certainly not the case. As clothes go up from size 2-16, they get wider – not longer. Trust me!

Your height and weight combined is a better indicator of your health than dress size. I applaud everyone who is working hard to achieve their healthy weight, regardless of dress size!

Dee on

Adorable now and before!

masalaman on

I loved Sara rue when she was big and love her now. Just a gorgeous smile with all the right curves. u go girl

Tammy on

She looks great and she looks smaller than size 6. I’ll bet a lot of you haters are fat!

mollayb on

she looks amazing! what a transformation!… except for the fact that her bubbly personality is just as upbeat, if not more so now!

Lizzy on

I think all the folks who say she isn’t a 6 must be shopping at cheap stores with tiny sizing like Forever 21. She totally looks like a size 6. It’s a shame that a 6 is still plus sized by Hollywood standards. I think she looked fabulous as a 14.

liv on

Her after photo is clearly photoshopped.

Mary Jo Cwiek on

In 2006 in 9 months I did the same thing as Valerie and Sara. I was a size 14. I am still 50# lighter. I am 5’7 and am a size 4 or 6 depending on the store. I think the Jenny Craig plan is great and at halfway to your goal and upon reaching your goal they teach you the skills to maintain in the world. I am a normal person not a Hollywood type. Congratulations Sara.

Jeremy on

while she looks good, I prefer her with the weight.

nicole on

what was wrong with the way she looked before?

kimberdee on

Mich – you would be surprised how small she really is. Pics / cameras add a lot of bulk / width to you and then when you see them in person they are tiny. Her being a size 6 is totally believable.

Lawyer822 on

She looks great but who wouldn’t lose weight when you don’t have to pay. I wish I could do Jenny Craig and not pay for it.

Luis on

Kudos to her personal trainer Christopher Lane for the great results!

Jon on

I liked The VIDEO, you go girl, you look great!

Irit on

@ Sharon, the problem is that size 14 is the norm. It is no wonder that this is the most obese country in the world since that size is considered the norm here. Being that size means you are OVERweight and that you are not even close to being physically fit. It most likely means that those people do not exercise and eat unhealthy. So you are saying it is the norm to be in high risk for heart attack and all other ailments associated with being overweight? There is a difference between accepting your body for what it is when it comes to things you can not change like your frame or your height, but it is a completely different thing to say that people should be ok with basically being unhealthy.

Andrea on

Funny how they always end up a “size 6”.

beth on

Wow!!! she looks great…all you woman haters out there eat your heart out…sounds to me like you are jealous because she did it an maybe you could not…So leave her alone girls…Jealousy will get you no where…I am 5’4″ and 108 pounds…Hey Sharon you don’t have to be in Hollywood to be thin. There is nothing wrong with working out and YES I enjoy it…Laura have you ever worked out before..maybe you should try it before you judge people on liking working out…

gringation on

She looks gorgeous in both pictures!!

I’m all about curves, but I think her midsection was way too large before… definitely not healthy! Good for her for getting fit.

Sara Rue | Famefit on

[…] Website: Sara Rue Drops 50 […]

Adrux on

Yes, as some posters said, she looked beautiful before and now.

Being overweight is not about “looks” but mainly about HEALTH. Being a “big girl” is, unfortunately, being an “unhealthy girl” and maybe at an early age it won’t be felt but believe me, my hospital floor is full of overweight women who developed diabetes, hipertension and kidney disease.

As much as being anorexic and underweight is a disease, so is being overweight.

Cathy on

I’ve been on Jenny Craig for a month and have lost 10.5 lbs and 6.5 inches on my 5’4″ frame. It’s not as expensive as you think. Since I stopped going out to eat, I’ve actually saved money. You actually spend less than $5 per meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day. That’s less than a McDonald’s value meal. About half of the people in my office are in the maintenance stage and they’ve kept off the weight. We’re all healthier and saving money. I have no doubt that Sara is the weight she says she is.

J on

LOL – you guys keep telling yourself that her original size was normal. To be able to run for only ONE minute is not good. It’s not healthy and everyone needs to put effort into staying fit. Sorry to break it to you. All the technology has made it way too easy to get away with the complete lack of MOVEMENT.

Kim on

Way to go Sara! She looks great. I hope Sara can keep her weight off the rest of her life.

AW on

Thank you, Sharon, I quite agree! The thin is in trend is so utterly annoying. I am normal sized
and wish Hollywood would feature more women like
me. It’s either anorexia or obesity…really perverse.

trainsguy on

another woman who is a sellout. when she was heavier preaching the big is beautiful battle cry, and then when someone offers some money and a little spotlight time, all of a sudden, they’ll lose weight under the falsehood of wanting to be healthier.

give me a break!

MD on

I’ve always thought Sara Rue was beautiful at any weight but I congratulate her on conquering this latest battle. I know how hard it to fight the battle of the bulge & win!

Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: ‘I Lost 50 Pounds!’ | Nico's Virtual Home on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

glenda on

She is trying to revive her career like Valerie Bertinelli. Wrong reasons and wrong message.

Muffy on

I plan on losing some pounds, but I’m not trying get down to size 6! A size 8 to 9 would be good enough for me. I’m a 14 – 15 now.

Beth on

I love how she was sold to us on “Less Than Perfect” as someone who is okay as she is, then she lost all this weight. Then she gained it back, of course, and now has lost it again on Jenny.

Not to mention, pretty much anyone can lose 50 lbs if you’re running 2 1/2 hours a day! I hope she keeps it off, but I don’t know that she’s the best poster girl for weight loss.

Jannelle on

All you haters are going down for the count. I bet you’re all fat. She looks better with the weight. Seriously? America the big and fat. Americans are big and keep on getting bigger. She looks better with the weight! Sheesh! Why not acknowledge the accomplishment. Losing weight is difficult and living a healthy lifestyle is not easy especially when people around you are miserable and want to make you miserable too. Go ahead eat yourself into oblivion but don’t get mad when someone else wants to make a change for the better.

meatbun on

You do not need Jenny Craig or these other rip off weight loss programs to lose weight. The secret? Portion control and working out. If you work out more than what calories you consume in a day, you will start losing weight. It worked for me. I was a size 22 and now I am a 2-4. It’s not hard. You need discipline and commitment. If you can’t say no to Krispy Kreme donuts, it’s psychological.

Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. – People Magazine | Dr. Simon Ourian on

[…] more here: Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. – People Magazine barely-squeezing, magazine, news-articles, newswire, people-magazine, pound, press-release, […]

Soultrain on

I lost 130 lbs and have been a weight loss counselor since 07. One of the reasons Jenny Craig works is because of counselors such as myself, that have struggled in the past. I’ve helped hundreds of “regular” men and women acheive the same results as Sara, a “Lifestyle Change”. I’ve met Sara in person, she looks fantastic and she attended weekly consultations just like everyone else.

DEE on

She is a beautiful woman at any size and a size 14 is the average size of the American woman!

Top Posts — on

[…] Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: ‘I Lost 50 Pounds!’ Alison Dyer If you see Sara Rue on the street, chances are she’ll be smiling. That’s because the actress has lost 50 […] […]

didarticles on

She looks great, it’s not about the weight, I loved her looks in Eastwick. The point is that she is active and healthy. That’s the important thing.

Jannelle on

So what if a size 14 is the average size of an American women. I don’t know about any of you but I don’t want to be average.

Laura on

She looks great but I think everyone is lying here. She lost way more than 50 pounds and she was a bigger size than 14. These celebs don’t want to admit how much they weigh before the diet so all the numbers are fabricated. Perfect example of this is Kirstie Alley. On her TV show they said her weight before the diet was 220. That is just not true. I think she weighed 250 but didn’t want to admit it. No one wants to admit to weighing 250.

Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: ‘I Lost 50 Pounds!’ | Top News Portal on

[…] Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: ‘I Lost 50 Pounds!’ Alison Dyer If you see Sara Rue on the street, chances are she’ll be smiling. That’s because the actress has lost 50 pounds since signing on as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig last December. “I have such a better relationship with food than I’ve ever had in my life,” Rue, 31, tells PEOPLE. “I’ve learned […] Read more on People Magazine […]

Bonny on

I think she looks really good now. She was pretty as a size 14, but now she looks healthier…more energetic. I don’t think size 14 should be considered “normal”. It’s just because our society is overweight. That’s why it seems so normal. It’s so convenient for us to grab a hamburger on the way home from work. How many of us has actually looked at the nutrition charts at our favourite fast food restaurant? A lot of us would be shocked to see the calories and fat content in 1 burger. (The sodium level is ridiculous!) We need to treat our bodies better. Some of the cities here have talked about banning fast food restaurants or having less drive-thrus. Schools are starting to make kids are served healthier meals in the cafeterias and removing soda vending machines. But those who are obsessed with dress size numbers, perhaps we shouldn’t aim at being a certain size. We need to make sure we can live a longer and healthier life. So if you are a size 14 but have no health issues and is active, good for you. But if you can’t be active and have health issues, perhaps something needs to change.

sheila on

She def. looks to be about a size 6. Look at all the haters lol! Just workout and eat right too and you can look that good as well. :)

Kim on

I think Sara looks beautiful. I just lost 25 lbs on Jenny Craig last year and have kept most of it off. They really help you with your eating habits and motivate you to work out and stay active. The cost was not much more than food at the store and they teach you to eat all other healthy foods and not just their foods. Just like any other weight loss or “life change” you have to stick with it. I congratulate Sara on her success and hope she inspires others as well.

Musician on

OMG – Sizes are just numbers on labels. I had a friend in HS who squeezed herself into ill fitting clothes just to say she was a smaller size than she really was.

Being overweight is not a healthy thing but striving to be a teeny weeny size (of which 4 or 6 would be for many women/girls) is not healthy either. I recall when Carrie Underwood went from a size 8 when on AI to a size 2-4 after the pressures from the biz. She says she writes down everything she eats – all of the time. How healthy is that – not!

Reaching a “normal” body mass index should be the goal, not a dress size.

Teresa on

This is so fake. There is no way she was a size 14 when she started. I am also 5’8, size 12, and I look 10 sizes smaller than she does in that first picture. And now she is a size 6? Yeah I don’t think so. Size 6 for someone 5’8 is pretty damn skinny. Why do they have to make things up? Just promote her quest to be healthier, it’s all we need to know.

dude on

She was too big before. I’m sorry but she was. She is a good size now. Not a stick, not a fatty. I wish her the best of luck and hope she keeps it off.

Leslie Dodge on

I understand Sara’s journey and her drive to lose weight. I know it far too well. I myself lost 120lbs. I am now a size 14 working my way down to a size 12. It may not be my ideal size but I am damn proud of it!

I wish Sara nothing but the best with managing her weight, and I congratulate her on her engagement!

Who are we to say what is a “healthy” size for anyone but ourselves? We all have different body builds, heights, weights, and goals. What may be right for one person may be wrong for another. We’re all different even if we look the same!

jatyap on

From the viewpoint of a man, we are not discouraging plus size women… We just think healthy looking women (not overweight or underweight) look much better…

On the other hand, we’ve been known for preferring women who look like Victoria’s Secret lingerie models to those who look “normal”. (Of course if you had the choice, wouldn’t you?)

endochick on

@Laura –

I lost 75 lbs by exercise and changing my diet. I have gotten in the habit of running 2 miles or more a day, doing strength training, and yoga. You do begin enjoying it and looking forward to it. Why? Exercise releases endorphins – you feel good and less stressed. It gives you a happy high.

Tracey on

i think she looks fantastic. i need the motivation to do that. i lost a few more lbs, but i want someone with me when i do this for moral support and confidence

E on

She looked hotter before.

seasonsali on

WOW> Good article with super video

Weight Lose Guide » Sara Rue Amazing Weight Loss - Spreadit on

[…] a lot over the course of the last few months. She first became a spokeswoman for Jenny …Sara Rue's Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs.People MagazineActress Sara Rue's Body Never Looked Better! She Lost 50 Pounds! […]

Elle on

She is ABSOLUTELY size 6! I have no doubts about it. She is a tall girl and it is very possible for her to be a size 6 for her height. She looks lean and beautiful. I am sure it wasn’t easy to lose 50 lbs and she deserves the praise for her hard efforts. I don’t understand all of the commentors/haters on here wishing for her to lose all the weight back. That’s not right. Have some hope, people! How would you like it if people wished the same on you if you lost the weight?…

Elle on

Correction…I meant to say “I don’t understand all of the commentors/haters on here wishing for her to GAIN all the weight back”

Sara Rue new JC news and videos | Sara Rue Unofficial Fan Site on

[…] super recent article regarding Sara and her 50 pound goal being reached. The article is here and the video is at the bottom. Here’s the vid, as usual, for your enjoyment: […]

FaeRae on

RE: Mich Are you serious? Are you even familiar w/ women’s sizes; by that I don’t mean Hollywood’s women’s sizes. She is quite obviously a woman’s size 6. Perhaps you were thinking of “Juniors” size 6. Not the same thing at all. Women’s are different to accomodate curves that they did not have while wearing Junior sizes. As for this suppossed Hollywood conspiracy to tell people that you are a smaller size than you actually are, I highly doubt that senario. Most of these women starve themsleves to fit into sample sizes, which are totally unrealistic & give young woman & girls yet more self esteem issues. This is a good thing that Miss Rue is doing.

FaeRae on

RE: Jim Just a respectful FYI – I have lived in Montreal & Toronto. I’ve been to London, Canterbury, Normandy, Nice, Cannes, St.Tropez, Monaco, San Juan, & St. John & St. Thomas. With the exceptions of St.Tropez , Nice & St.Thomas, I can honestly say I saw plenty, if not as mush, overweight ppl on my travels. It’s just that, to the rest of the worl, American bashing is a lot of fun. I know this; I have a French last name & speak the language. As soon as I oretended to be from Normandy, the restaurant staff joked about how they enjoyed “annoying Americans.”

ileana on

You can sugar coat it any way you want, but being fat does not look good or feel good. Your clothes don’t look good, you don’t have confidence, and shopping is depressing. I have never been fat, but I recently gained 30 pounds and I can tell you is not fun. I have no energy, am disgusted with the way I look, and people treat you different when you are heavy. There is nothing healthy or beneficial to being overweight. You don’t gain curves, you gain rolls. Skinny is waaaaay better.

FaeRae on

re: ellorsygirl: You are lying like a dog when you say the current pic of her is an 18. Her waist alone looks to be about only 21 inches. You sound incredibly bitter.
re:Jessica: Newsflash! Anything over an 8 is not overweight. Maybe where you live that’s normal, though I can’t see how. I do agree that 12 & up is plus. As for justifying being lazy & out of shape, for some women it is, in fact medical. THERE! I said it. The most controversial statement in all of history. My sister’s been active and not a big eater her whole life & yet keeps gaining. Turns out her pituitary gland is functioning at well below 40%. Then there’s me. I used to get up at 4:30 every morning and ride my recumbant bike for 10 miles while watching the news PLUS going to the gym 3x a week. Then, I had an idiot roll a Jeep on top of me, leading to 3 spinal fushions, 3 more herniated disks, a thoracic tear & a bulging disk at C-5. I was told I had to immediately stop working out, so you can probably imagine the weight gain. Again, medical. There are plenty of medical reasons why men & women can be heavy w/o overeating, etc. I slowly got the weight off, but mabe you should do a little medical research before you post.

Sara Rue Loses 50 lbs: Star’s Amazing Weight Loss : In Entertainment on

[…] Jason Alexander and Sara Rue, who has now lost 50 lbs on the program.According to Monica Rizzo at, Rue signed on to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig back in December 2009, and has lost a total of […]

Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. | Health Realized on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Ben on

I didn’t read the article but I would like to guess. Did she stop eating like a pig and get a little exercise?

Michael on

Honestly, she’s too small. I think she looked better before she lost the weight.

Michael on

Honestly, I think she looked better before she lost the weight, she’s too damn skinny now. Put some back on please!!!!

sothea on

It is true people love beauties. However no one can say thin or fat is beautiful. at least there is one country like fat people. the more fat you are the more romance you look. the most important is our health. If you have a high demand on thin so how the fat people gonna do? What we should do is tells people learned how to control portions, learned how to eat healthfully.

sothea on

It is true people love beauties. However no one can say thin or fat is beautiful. at least there is one country like fat people. the more fat you are the more romance you look. the most important is our health. If you have a high demand on thin so how the fat people gonna do? What we should do is tells people learned how to control portions, learned how to eat healthfully.Thank

Barbee on

Sharon, thank you….my thoughts exactly…there was NOTHING wrong with her to begin with. I am so tired of our girls having to deal with this sort of pressure….be the best you can be in terms of health and looks whether it’s 2, 4, 6, or 16, or 18!! You know deep within whether or not you could lose a few, or a lot.

Now, here’s the other side…her losing weight in her profession is like a tax professional keeping themselves up on all things taxes….it’s par for the course I’m afraid. As cruel as it is, how many, “plus sized” as in 10 and up do you see in movies or on TV? *Sigh*

In the words of Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Batman: “The whole world needs an enema!” I mean really, can we get a DO OVER/paradigm shift on beauty and body image?

Sara Rue Amazing Weight Loss Before Hosting ‘Shedding For The Wedding’ | Damego on

[…] Sara Rue lost 50 pounds since signing on as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig last December and People Magazine reports it is the result of marathan training and combination of the program. She lost 40 lbs in […]

roodles on

If she feels better, then great but I actually thought she looked beautiful before she lost the weight!

kirsty on

I’m 5’7 and weigh 145 lbs and I wear a size 6, so believe it people!

jen on

I think she looks fabulous. Healthy and toned.

Weight Lose Guide » Sara Rue Amazing Weight Loss Before Hosting ‘Shedding For The Wedding’ - Damego on

[…] for least amount of weight loss. Rue says that she now knows how to control her portions, …Sara Rue's Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs.People Magazine8/5: Jenny Craig Weight Loss ConsultantMyFox ChicagoSara Rue Amazing Weight […]

Eric on

Sara looks amazing. She is a beautiful woman with curves or without curves. She works in a tough industry. Props to Ms.Rue. ;-) I just remember seeing her in Gypsy 83….Just sayin ). I agree with Lola get your damn doughnut on. Have two.


Kay13 on

Why can’t someone love working out? Three years ago I started an exercise routine, not to lose weight ( I was a size six) but to do something about my asthma. (strangely exercising actual helps asthma) I loathed running before that, especially because it would cause an asthma attack. But I listened to my doctor and slowly but surely started my exercise routine. At the beginning I could run for maybe a minute and walked for 5-6 minutes. But my doctor told me, that’s fine and to slowly build it up. Three years later, I love running and run 5km at a time! I exercise three times a week and have actually gained weight (now I’m sometimes a six, but mostly an 8) because I put on muscle. Kudus to this lady (I don’t know who she is) for loosing so much weight. Being obese is unattractive and most importantly unhealthy.

WhitneyD on

To those who say that it’s not possible for her to be a size 6- I agree that for a petite woman, she couldn’t be a size 6. But she’s 5’8″ – she could definitely be a size 6.

And don’t knock the celebs who say they enjoy working out- she said she enjoys running. It could be that she never tried that before. My husband was a heavy kid and lost the weight in high school when he ended up on the cross country team. He loves running! Which is what Sara Rue said she loved. I don’t believe the ones who talk about loving their 2 hour daily regimen of cardio and their diets that don’t allow them any normal food.

Karen on

Sara looks absolutely fabulous. Well done

Laura on

way to go Sara! You look fabulous! Ignore the naysayers – Jenny C. is a lifesaver!

annie on

It is a medical fact that the biggest benefit of exercise is the mental health benefit. Exercising releases a variety of chemicals that improve your mood. Once you start exercising you literally become addicted to the high and you enjoy exercising. It’s not a lie.

Those who are making excuses and saying that being happy at any size is what’s important are missing the cost that being overweight has on individuals and society. We are in the midst of an epidemic of obesity in the country and it costs of millions of dollars every day.

From Forbes magazine:

“Six in ten people in the United States are overweight, with a third crossing the boundary into obesity. The extra weight leads to at least 100,000 deaths annually. Obese people are at a much higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers.

Even kids are getting fatter. Nineteen percent of children between the ages of 6 and 11 are overweight, up from 4% in the 1970s.

The economic cost of all this extra fat is immense. Direct medical costs are easiest to calculate, coming in at $93 billion, or 9%, of our national medical bill. But there are other costs as well that are harder to pin down.

“There’s a tremendous social cost to obesity,” says David Allison, an obesity researcher at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Obese people are less likely to be given jobs, they’re waited on more slowly, they’re less likely to be given apartments, they’re less likely to be sent to college by their parents.”

Obese people miss more work, costing employers something on the order of $4 billion. Because people are fatter, airlines spend more on jet fuel, and the obese themselves spend more on gas.”

mel on

Does no one remember she’s done this before? Why is she acting as if she’s never been stick thin? I would really appreciate if she’d at least acknowledge her previous weight loss, even if it wasn’t done the “healthy” way. You’d think she’d be even more inclined to share if that was the case. Sigh.

Emily on

Let’s put a few things to rest here. At 5’8″, she can definitely be a size 6 in that picture. Losing 50 pounds can definitely take you from a 14 to a 6. That’s a lot of weight. When I lost 50 pounds, I went from a 16 to an 8, so 14 to 6 is definitely do-able.

And finally, while I know it makes overweight people like myself feel better when plus-size women say they’re confident in how they look and hear that size 14 is the norm, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Size 14 is overweight. Period. You may feel good about yourself and be confident, but you are overweight and at risk for medical issues. When statistics show that people are more overweight than ever, hearing that a size 14 is the norm, logically, insinuates that the norm is larger than it has been, and larger than it should be.

Don’t knock anyone for losing the weight when they once felt they looked fine. She’s more healthy now and we can all look to her. Losing weight from a size 14 isn’t Hollywood pressure–it’s smart. Good for her for being able to do it, we should all be so determined and successful in our efforts.

noskinnywomen on

I really liked her better before she lost the weight.

Lisa on

She looks good but one of my favorite things about her was that she DIDNT look like all the rest of them. Thats what made her special…

bjd44 on

The point should be not how much WEIGHT she has lost buy how much BODY FAT instead.

You can indeed be a FAT skinny person, you know…

Marie on

I think she looked great before but wow she looks amazing! She has always been gorgeous! I think it is great when people want to be a healthier person. She kept her curves. I don’t like when you see women go to extreme weight loss…from curves to a 12 year old boy. Bleck!
Way to go Sara!!!

Ana on

I’m glad she lost the weight. Its not just about looking good, she is much healthier now. She did this because she was unhappy with the way she felt and looked. She’s a great role model for those looking to lose weight.

Jennifer Hunt on

SHe is beautiful before and after! COngrats girl keep it up!

Yep on

I positively love Sara Rue. I think she is talented and funny and beautiful. I thought she was lovely at a size 14 and I’m happy for her at size 6. Work it, Sara!!

TexasMom on

I like how the hands on the hips always hide the extra bulge. Again, not reality when a celebrity has access to personal trainers and can afford to work out 5 – 6 days a week for an hour or two and spend $160(+) a week on Jenny Craig meals.

Go back to highlighting the triumphs of normal people.

jules on

She is definitely a size 6. Marilyn Monroe also wore that size and their body shapes are very similar. Actually many people today consider size 6 to be too large. Models now are a size 0. For many women, size 2 is considered ideal. Im only speaking of those in the entertainment industry or involved with it. Although they are not the only women who feel this way. The average American woman is slightly overweight by medical standards and wears a size 12-14. My point in saying all this is that she is not lying about her size. She looks beautiful.

Sandy on

TexasMom– I don’t think she had to pay for the Jenny Craig food– she’s the celebrity spokesperson. She looks great now– but then she looked great before too.

12know on

I’m happy for Sara. It is hard to lose a lot of weight. Once you do, it’s even harder to keep it off. You have to consider weight management a chronic condition that needs to be monitored on a daily basis for the rest of your life. You will have to control portion size at every meal. I’m planning to lose a total of 60 pounds. I’ve already lost nearly 8 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks. It can be done. Keep track of calories on a daily basis (around 1300) and do some sort of aerobic exercise (like walking, jogging, jumping rope, etc.), 5 days out of 7, for one hour a day, and do toning exercises as well as working with weights. These changes will show up on your body. I’m looking forward to celebrating my goal.

kevin on

Look Sara…you were hot with the extra weight. You are hotter without the extra weight, but regardless you are a beautiful woman and there is no getting around that. So, congratulations. NO CARNY WILSON PLEASE. Thanks. All the best on with your wedding and marriage.

Kel on

Great…now she looks like everyone else in Hollywood:) I do congratulate her commitment to exercise, though!

Valentina on

She was big and overweight!! Now she looks amazing and is living a healthy life. Anyone who thiks otherwise is overwight.

Nerdista on

She can be a size 6, she’s very tall! I do hope she keeps it off, it’s a lot of work but she looks great!

Sara Rue Loses 50 Pounds - Celebrity Bride Guide on

[…] have such a better relationship with food,” she tells “I’ve learned how to control portions. I’ve learned how to eat […]

missy on

I have lost 40-50 lbs, am 5.5′ tall, and also was barely squeezing into a size 14 when I started losing the weight. I am not a size 6. I am a size 10-12 pant, and have everything in my closet from a size 6 to size 12 in tops and dresses (only one size 6 dress, and a few size 8’s, with some smalls and mediums). I have a narrow, boyish type figure and carried my weight all over with a long torso and can frequently get in smaller sizes than other people of my height and weight. There is no way she is a size 6 with that height and only losing that amount of weight. You do not go from a small size 16/large size 14 to a size 6 in 50 lbs, unless you are 4’11”,

Debbie on

She looks great, but once these girls go back to regular food they gain it all back. Poor Valerie Bertinelli, she lost lots of weight too, but she is slowly gaining every pound back. I think she is beautiful either way though.

missy on

I don’t know what ‘regular’ food is, but if you mean overeating and eating fatty unhealthy food, I guess so. The weight is lost my making lifestyle changes, not dieting. Exercising regularly and eating low fat, ‘whole’ foods. And not denying yourself treats either, but not gorging on them either. Like Kate Moss says, ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ and she’s right. You feel better. I was about to have a heart attack and that does not feel good.

CindyLou on

She is stunning now, but I prefer her figure before she lost the weight.

Susan on

She looked fine before.

Jennifer on

In 2007-2008 it took me eight months to lose 65 pounds and I went from a size 12 to a size 4. I totally did the work out thing five-six times a week for three months until I was sidelined with an injury then had to rely singly on my diet. Perserverance and determination and slowly going back to light workouts helped me meet my goal. I am not a celebrity, I did not have a trainer or a special diet (No Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers) for me. Just my own plan. Sarah definately looks likea size six to me. I have since put on a few extra pounds but that’s because of a new hormone med. But I am able to maintain. Yea!!!

  Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. | DaoMuBiJi on

[…] more on People Magazine weight loss […]

juleskar on

Good for you!! Weight issues are an around the clock problem that will be with a person their entire lives. Proud of you Sara! Keep up the good work!

juliej on

Frankly, I don’t feel people should be congratulated for what they should have done on their own in the first place. Nobody congratulates me for maintaining my weight on a daily basis through healthy eating and exercise. Anyone who gets on these type programs are going to lose weight. But without the regimented program, they rarely(if ever)keep the weight off by going on their own steam.

Libby on

To Laura
I’ve been in the program for a bit over 8 wks and lost almost 20 lbs so far… it is not fake, something funny happens when you actually realize that you CAN lose weight, working out becomes part of your “shredding pounds” tool and you learn to love it. I have not done any kind of workout whatsoever since I had my first child (20 yrs ago) and I can tell you that I look forward every day to the workout, it’s just that it makes you feel so good!! and it works!!
And Sara is definetly and inspiration, way to go girl!! I can’t wait to see myself like that too!!!

Pat Harris on

I agree with Mich. I’m 5’9 and a size 6 and she’s nobody’s size 6. She looks FANTASTIC 9 (and was pretty good looking at 14 too I think), but I don’t know why they all lie about their after size. I saw it with J. Hud too. Do publicists pick sizes out of a basket? It screws up normal people’s perception of what skinny is. When I was a size 8 and my height, I still looked skinny. I actually didn’t even look AVERAGE until I was a size 10. 6 is bony for this height and 4 is teenage looking. There is no correct or desirable size, it’s about proportions and maybe they are afraid saying size 8 won’t sound skinny enough, but it’s malarky!

Felicia on

She looks amazing, have liked her since some show she used to be in a long time ago. Gorgeous! Amazing job, of course, I thought she was pretty either way.

Sara Rue Incredible Weight Loss (Before & After PHOTOS) | on

[…] School PHOTOS) “I have such a better relationship with food than I’ve ever had in my life,” Rue tells People. “I’ve learned how to control portions, I’ve learned how to eat […]

Gina on

A size 6 is NOT too skinny. It all depends on your body shape.

At 20 pounds overweight (I have a jiggly tummy and thigh-rub), I am a size 6. But then, I’m 5 foot 4. Again, it all depends on your shape, and Sarah looks healthy at that 6.

LMD on

I did the same thing on Jenny Craig, but they only help you if you are eating THEIR food. You don’t learn how to eat REAL food. Soon as I went off of it, they dropped me like a hot potatoe and all of the weight came back.

retailgirl on

She is a 6. She came into the store I work at in LA two weeks ago and tried a bunch of things on. Normally, I would never comment on a customer’s size, but since she’s already stated it publicly I’ll come to her defense. She was a 6 in all dresses and tops, but she was actually a 4 in some skirts. She looked great and bought a bunch of stuff. I hope all the new clothes keep her motivated.

Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. : Weight Loss Rapid on

[…] more on People Magazine Share and […]

Mocha on

She looks better now. Let’s face it, who wants to be fat? Being fat is unhealthy any way that you slice it. Most big girls don’t have the discipline to lose the weight. And the ones who do lose the weight don’t have the discipline to keep it off.

America needs to stop eating so much and move more. Simple, really.

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Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: ‘I Lost 50 Pounds!’ | Southend Wedding Dresses on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. | Southend Wedding Dresses on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Paula A on

I watched one of her videos and I know she is an actress but she made me cry when she said, or you feel you don’t deserve to be thin. Really hit home. I would love to be on Jenny Craig as a regular person and let them pay for it and watch me loose the weight.. lol.

A Very Slim Sara Rue Spotted in New York City « INF Daily | Celebrity gossip, news and paparazzi photos on

[…] enjoying the warm weather in Times Square yesterday. Sara garned a lot of positive attention after revealing she’s lost 50 lbs since joining Jenny Craig in December. She’s looking amazing – though we have to admit, […]

Alma Van Winkle on

I love this diet. but the price is so high. I wil have 2 try on my one after a 2weeks. wish I could afford it I would like 2 keep it up.

mizz_njay on

Sara looks great! Congratulations Sara :-)

Else1163 on

Why doesn’t anyone comment about that she’ll be healthier and won’t die of heart disease or on top of that won’t have huge medical bills & issues due to diabetes. Sorry, Bigger is never better in regards to weight gain.

Home & Apartment Interior Design » Blog Archive » Sara Rue weight loss photos show actress 50 pounds lighter! (PHOTOS) on

[…] Sara Rue Weight Loss Photos Here! The brand new Sara Rue weight loss photos available here show the stunning transformation. The perky actress is even perkier now that she’s lost a […]

Home & Apartment Interior Design » Blog Archive » Pic! Sara Rue Loses 50 Pounds on

[…] have such a better relationship with food than I’ve ever had in my life,” Rue, 31, told “I’ve learned how to control portions, and I’ve learned how to eat […]

Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. | Guatemala Source for travel Information on

[…] sara rue Other interesting articlesA look at survival in the wilderness for lost backpackers and othersSara Saco Vertiz: The 10 Craziest Fan-Foul Ball Incidents in BaseballKristina Hensley PHOTOS: Stripper Accused In Body Dragging Case – Right FashionsDaryl ‘Moose’ Johnston Keeps Lost Art of The Fullback in Our MemoryClimber’s body pulled off Rainier […]

Home & Apartment Interior Design » Blog Archive » Christopher Hitchens on prayer groups; Caroline Giuliani arrested; Sara Rue’s … on

[…] Rue lost 50 pounds courtesy of Jenny Craig. The actress, a spokesperson for the diet company, told People magazine, “I’ve learned how to control portions, I’ve learned how to eat healthfully.” Rue went from […]

samantha on

I’m sorry, but everyone saying whats wrong being size size 14 and 50 pounds over weight you are kidding yourselves. Lets face reality- Sara was always pretty, yes, but clearly she looks about 100 times better. She looks fantastic. Being fit will always look (and feel) better than carrying around an extra 30-50 pounds. You can embrace your curves right into heart disease and diabetes.

J on

Size 14 is not the norm for 5 ft 8. I’m 5 ft 8 and 140 and I’m a size 6 – 8.

Proper BMI is 18 to 24, and I’m 21.3. There was one point in my life where I put on ten pounds and that put me at almost 23, and I was still a size 8.

Most women my size can comfortably be at a healthy weight and still fit in from 6 to 12.

g on

I think she looks beautiful in both the before and after pics, but I disagree that size 14 is “the norm” for someone who is 5’8.” Her BMI was probably above what is considered healthy. Ultimately it depends on her comfort level and what feels right to her. She looks healthy in the after pic and 50 extra pounds is a lot to carry around.

h on

She’s beautiful in both pictures.

Debbie on

I think Sara looks great. The people who commented about being “big girls” are just jealous. Thin is in. She looks better at a size 6 then a size 14. I know I have more energy being thinner.

Dana on

I’m sorry, but you’re all talking the usual hater talk. “I’d RATHER be a size 12, I don’t want to be a size 6, I’d rather be unique and have curves…” Uhm… there’s nothing UNIQUE about being a size 12. More than 50% of America (and ALL English speaking countries) is fat… one of two is not UNIQUE. It’s just fat instead of skinny. I used to be a size 18, now I’m a 6… Would I ever go back to a 12 (right in the middle)? Not for a damn thing. No way, no how. Sorry, I’m happy being skinny (but not too skinny, trust me). Don’t hate. You plus size people making fun of skinny girls is no different than skinny girls making fun of chubby girls… EXCEPT that after everything you say we roll our eyes and giggle and think, “jealous!” But if it’s the other way around, you KNOW you’re not thinking “jealous!”

Sara Rue Achieves New Goal: Finishes Half Marathon — CelebGossipDigest on

[…] a lot about setting goals and working hard to achieve them. The Jenny Craig spokesperson, who lost 50 pounds on the weight loss program, accomplished her latest goal by running her first half marathon on […]

cindy on

wow, you all really need to complain dont you. she looks great! just let her be. if she had started at the skinny weight and gone to fat, you would have been all over her about that. if she is happy, just let her be happy, no need to be a jerk

Sara Rue finishes half marathon | Running and Sports Hub on

[…] Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. ( […]

Beverage Dispenser  on

i prefer to use mechanical treadmills over electric treadmills-.;

Jenny Craig Spokesperson Sara Rue: ‘I’m Done Losing Weight’ | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] be a Jenny Craig spokesperson, Sara Rue is at the weight she plans to stay. Dropping a remarkable 50 pounds, and going from a size 14 to her current 6, the actress says she’s comfortable with her body […]

Sara Rues Body Transformation She Lost 50 Lbs itsachat writers on

[…] Sara Rue’s Body Transformation: She Lost 50 Lbs. […]

Harley Ryder on

She is smoking hot, now!!

Sara Rue Close to Her Ideal Weight for Her Wedding on

[…] 33, who’s preparing to wed teacher Kevin Price in May, famously lost 50 lbs. on the Jenny Craig weight-loss program, and says she works hard at staying […]

Sara Rue Close to Her Ideal Weight for Her Wedding « The Joe Lake Blog The Joe Lake Blog on

[…] 33, who’s preparing to wed teacher Kevin Price in May, famously lost 50 lbs. on the Jenny Craig weight-loss program, and says she works hard at staying […]

CommonSense on

She is definitely a size 6! She even looks thinner that that! You all are bitter haters. At 5’8, I can almost guarantee she has a better body than all of you because she doesn’t sit on her ass like little blogging trolls…she runs for 2 hours! Go Sara!

Best Dressed: US Weekly’s Hot Party « Hills2City on

[…] of our best dressed girls was actress Sara Rue.  Sara showed off her hard won slimline body in a body-con black and nude dress.  She accessorized with a pair of statement earrings and a […]

Sara Rue: I’m Not a Bridezilla, But I’m Close | on

[…] thing she does have under control: her weight. The Jenny Craig spokeswoman, who recently lost 50 pounds, said she’s isn’t planning to lose more weight before the wedding, but she’s not […]

Sara Rue: I’m Not a Bridezilla, But I’m Close | apicolepu on

[…] thing she does have under control: her weight. The Jenny Craig spokeswoman, who recently lost 50 pounds, said she’s isn’t planning to lose more weight before the wedding, but she’s not […]

How Sara Rue Lost All that Weight | World Wide Articles on

[…] an interview with People Magazine, Rue gives Jenny Craig all the credit (though she may be biased as a paid representative) for her […]

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Shedding for the Wedding Host Sara Rue on Weight Loss : on

[…] 33, who’s preparing to wed teacher Kevin Price in May, famously lost 50 lbs. on the Jenny Craig weight-loss program, and says she works hard at staying […]

Stephanie on

Embarking on my own new healthy lifestyle I can totally understand what she means. And I think there was nothing wrong with her size before but there is nothing wrong with striving to be healthier. Oh and when you workout, especially when you get healthier, you feel better, you get happy, that’s why people say they love working out once they start doing it regularly.

Ias on

Super ! J’adore ! Je roule assez souvent sous la pluie, tf4t le matin et dans la nuit ! Pensez e0 nous inenvter de belles sacoches e0 ve9lo rigides pour prote9ger les livres, le mate9riel photo ou les ordis ! je n’en trouve jamais aucun jolis (berk les grands magasins de sport, moche moche) ou pratiques (souvent souples, se ferment mal, pas de re9fle9chissants, etc.)e0 bientf4t

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It was well written. Keep up the good work.

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