Jessica Simpson Is Done Trying To Look Like 'The Perfect Barbie Type'

08/04/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Courtesy Lucky

Jessica Simpson‘s fluctuating weight never ceases to make headlines, but for once, the blonde bombshell isn’t giving it a second thought. Fresh off her globe-trotting journey for her VH1 reality show The Price of Beauty , Simpson has come to realize “we all obsess over looking like the perfect Barbie type, and that’s not always what’s beautiful. It’s about making peace with yourself.” Now, the Lucky September cover girl has finally come to terms with her own body issues and is embracing her curvy hourglass figure. And for Simpson, that means learning how to dress for her body. Simpson dishes, “I’m a huge Jean Paul Gaultier fan. His pieces make my waist look good. Yes, they’re an investment, but I’ll have them when I’m old and gray.” On a more casual note, Jessica relies on Tucker’s blousy, long-sleeved silk tops. “Whenever I wear them, I make sure to show off my legs a little bit!” Her bottoms of choice? “I like skinny jeans, but I wear them a bit baggy and lower on my hips and roll them up at the bottom,” reveals the beauty. And of course, her favorite pairs are from her new denim line–which she donned for her cover shoot! Hear more from Jessica on her favorite style and beauty secrets by picking up the September issue of Lucky or visiting —Andrea DeSimone

Courtesy Lucky

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denne on

she looks uncomfortable in the cover pic.. and the fullness in her face does not match the size of her body… it looks like they photoshopped some of her body away

Tracy on

Denne~~I totally agree!!

lesley smith on

I agree, too.I think she let herself go

Natalie on

@Denne, so true! If you look at pictures of Jessica from when she was a teenager, she was naturally a bit chubby, but still beautiful. What has happened is that she has dieted over the years to become stick thin (as she was in the “Dukes of Hazard” movie), but that is not how she is built naturally. I think the pictures above show how Jessica looks without excessive diet and exercise; but it is clear that her body has been photoshopped, which is why her body and face look disproportionate.

Savnaah on

I agree..her body does not look right. If you see current photos of her, she’s a lot heavier.

VanM on

Just another example of JS saying something that doesn’t come from her heart..She talks about being comfortable but she isn’t…if she was she would not let these mags photoshop her body..she looks un-natural and uncomfortable….For once it would be great to see her being truly honest….

v on

@VanM never gonna happen, she’s the bill o’reilly of celebs, all spin zero honesty, tell the people what you think they wanna hear and make money from it (mag covers, clothing line etc.)

Bee on

She can’t act, her singing career isn’t great, but she is always in the tabloids. Why does anyone care if she’s fat or thin? She should just get over herself and find a real job.

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Nikki on

OMG! It’s totally a photoshop. Look at above photo. Her head is too big, and her body is really photoshoped.

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Sheila on

Definitely photo shopped and she definitely let herself go and is making up every excuse in the book to cover it up… NO ONE is going to tell me she would not take her Daisy Duke body back… Ok, she can’t maintain that, that is fair.. but she does not look as good as she used to.. and she smells of desperation when it comes to guys..

JG on

The Lucky Magazine cover was photoshopped…and so was the picture in this article…it is sad really – she simply isn’t talented…maybe she should just stick with shoes and bags…

Dawn S on

Do they think we’re blind?? That doesn’t look anything like the pictures floating around…what’s up with this? She’s finally happy with her curvy body, but they photoshopped half of it away? How hypocritical and sad. She’s such a beautiful woman, curves and all, and could really be a great example to truly curvy women, yet continues to perpetuate the Hollywood standards of size. Disappointed.

Angela on

WOW…u guys are no better than the poparazzi! How many of you can say you look better, i bet not many. She is a sweet girl with a big heart and always trying to make everyone happy when she shouldn’t. She looks great no matter what. Im happy for her and wish her the best and you all should be ashamed for picking on her as well…

Angela on

Also, I bet NONE of you make as much money as she does…JEALOUS MUCH???!!!

Rene on

If she wants to be a Celeb and continue to pose for covers and be in the public eye she’ll have to workout to look good, it’s hard work ..

Angela on

Just because she is a celeb doesn’t mean she should be teased or down graded…she’s doing what she loves and celebs get punished for it. How would you like it if people were like that to you for following your dreams and passions? butting into your personal life and always making you feel as if your not good enough? Even if the pic is photoshoped, u said it, it comes with the territory of being a celeb, so don’t blame her…she didn’t do it personally.

Amaryllis on

Unless she’s lost 30 pounds in the last two weeks those pictures are airbrushed. In those photos of her and her boyfriend in Italy she was VERY heavy.

Ed.R on

Honestly, who gives a sheetz?

Nina on

Totally agree, everyone; her head doesn’t match her body in that picture. I just read an article that an Ann Taylor model had been so Photoshopped, somebody mentioned it and the article showed both pictures. The woman looked like she had the hips of a 12-year-old. I think it’s shameful that magazine covers are SO altered, young girls want to look like that and don’t realize it isn’t even real.

Darla on

So maybe she “let her self go”. How is that different than anyone else out there who isn’t in hollywood. Most out there let that happen as soon as they went to college LOL. She’s just not going to play the game anymore. Good for her. As long as she is trying to be healhty. That’s is seriously what matters most. Wish her the best of luck as she finds her way in life!

Neve on

Can you say, “Photoshop”? Her head is the same width as her waist!

Annie on

It’s amazing the REAL talent that’s out there and then the fake stuff [read: anything related to Jessica Simpson, one of the world’s biggest phonies!) that gets highlighted in magazines. Very perplexing.

Shelby on

If she really looks like that picture, why would she have to “learn to love her body”? That picture is so obviously Photoshopped. I’ve seen pictures of her recently and she is heavier than that magazine cover shows her to be. And a camera angle doesn’t make THAT much difference! Who do those people at Lucky Magazine think they’re kidding, anyway?

Amaryllis on

@Angela. The woman is on the border of being unhealtfully fat. I understand her problem having the same body type, but at 57 I still have close to the same body as I did at 25 through diet and exercise, and I can still wear my old prom dress.

Samantha on

folks, they photoshop every pic in the magazine. and its not the stars choice if they photoshop or not.

Samantha on

Amaryllis, unhealthy fat? wow you are an idiot.

holly on

I think we should boycott all magazines who are guilty of such extreme airbrushing. For shame!
It is the people behind these airbrushing decisions who are to blame for the lack of self esteem you see today with many girls and women.
It’s time we take back our right to celebrate who we are as individuals, all shapes & sizes, naturally beautiful.

Jae on

she’s tired of being a barbie type, so the magazine photoshops a few dress sizes off her?

Nothing wrong with her being bigger than a size 2.

Jennifer on

Ease up everyone. She didn’t let herself go. Give her a break. She looks beautiful and happy.

Donna on

Amaryllis~ “Unhealthily fat”… “let herself go” are you all smoking crack? She’s a goddess! Who ever said beautiful means anorexic looking. Just because she’s embracing her curves, does not mean she’s letting herself go. I am a woman with curves and it has taken me a very long time to embrace them and realize that I will never be the skinny girl. Have you ever seen her in person? It is true that television and cameras do add weight. She has no control over what the magazine people do after the shoot. It happens all the time. Good for her for deciding to not play into the whole “perfect body” thing. She’s a role model for all young girls out there and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Angela~ thank you for being the voice of reason on this ridiculous thread.

Angela on

@samantha!! That’s what i’m saying. They are all idiots and jealous that they aren’t getting the attention. Good for @Amaryllis that you can still fit in your prom dress at an old age…not all people can. I bet your not as pretty as she is though. It’s probably about time your fam photoshops your wrinkles and crows feet…just sayin

Jon on

Good for her, she looks great on The September Issue of LUCKY Magazine!

laura on

Why Is JS considered fat and Beyonce, Rhianna are hot they are bigger than she is. Come on ladies leave JS alone!!

Shannon on

YEEEAAAA JESS!! I am so glad that you finally realized it doesn’t matter what idiot’s who think if your not a size 0, make’s a beautifull women… We are all unique, and it’s really the whole thing, mind body and soul that make’s us beautifull. When I was at my fittest and thinnest, I still thought i was fat. When I was at my ideal weight and very fit, my doctor told me I was too skinny.. she messed with my thyroid meds’ and up went my weight again. It’s frustrating to be on a weight rollercoster. It’s all in what YOU feel comfortable in. You are so beautifull and precious on the inside and out. Be happy, Sweety and be healthy. That is all we need to ask of ourselves. And to H E doulble hockey sticks to all the vain people in this world!!!! They really need to look in the mirror and ask themelve’s if they are perfect. There is nothing beautifull or sexy about looking anorexic!!!

Cynthia on

Is it me, or does anyone else thinks she may regret ending her marriage with Nick Lachey?

C on

Of course she isn’t comfortable….look at what you all are saying. Photoshop or not, we need to stop picking each other apart as women!

erilynne on

She does look uncomfortable on the cover. Also, clearly has been photoshopped! She is a bit bigger from recent pictures. The photoshopping cutting her size possibly could be the reason why she looks…odd.

Brianna on

I thought months ago she had accepted her “new body”….I’m sick of hearing about Jessica gaining and losing weight. Is this really news? And if I recall, last time she gained a little weight and was “happy with her body” she suddenly lost a bunch of weight, only to have it back on now…a flip/flop body weight is hardly news, but each time she gains weight it’s “I’m happy with my body!” only to lose the weight a few weeks later….please move on from this ridiculous C-level star.

Kristen on

Would you people shut up? I bet you don’t look like a perfect barbie doll. Would you want America making fun of you? I still think she’s gorgous!And ya know what? Thats her real head and body.Some people just have differnt proportions and shes rocking hers.

People are so cruel on

I cannot believe how many people on here criticize Jessica Simpson. I would love to see how perfect all of you are.

E on

If she’s so worried about having peace with her body, why does she let them photoshop her into looking unrecognizable? That purple dress is cute, but she’s not nearly that thin in real life. I thought she was comfortable being the size she is. I guess not.

Julia Sugarbaker on

Jessica’s waist hasn’t been that tiny in six
years! Her waist is huge as is her bustline.
She really can’t wear much anymore being so short
too. However, the photo in the magazine “Lucky”
are altered…not her at all!!

Laura on

her body was photoshopped!!!!

bkgvdk on

Why does it matter…leave the girl alone she is beautiful regardless.

kendall on

Her face looks so differen now !!??!!

NM on

Photoshopped. I wish my waist was that skinny. But I’d have to wear a corset to get there.

Cara on

Get over it, she looks like an average size women. We need more of this so maybe girls out there will feel better about their bodies and appearance. I am 5’8 and was 125 until I had two kids now I am 5’8 and 155 and perfectly average and I love it! She look great!

Debbie on

Wow, this girl has gone through a lot of changes in her appearance! She has definately looked better in the past. She looks painfully uncomfortable. It’s a shame, because she is attractive. Just not her best look to date.

Lisa on

If Jessica is comfortable with her position on her weight why did she allow them to have a cover photo of her that is photo-shopped?

Linda on

Maybe they put her head on someone else’s body…??

Mel B on

Ugh! She so needs to get over herself!

bkgvdk on

She is so pretty…maybe everyone here needs to stop being jealous and work on yourself first before you judge someone else.

Jae on

I think a lot of it is more about the magazine photoshopping her down to that tiny of a size.

I think she looks better bigger because she looks happier.

Nameless on

Yeah…lets all throw stones at the girl who has an optimistic outlook on life and doesn’t take it for granted. Let’s hang the girl who entertains the troops, brings women’s body image issues to the forefront,and does a good share for charity. Let’s all pounce on this young woman who is honest enough to admit she has struggled to find love and has been left feeling insecure often, just like every other girl. Let’s make her feel uglier than she has felt in the past, instead of cutting her some slack. This girl wants nothing more than to have her own family and make other women feel good about their own issues. I doubt that she was thinking about how they would photoshop her, that is if they even did since we have no idea when the photos were taken….but yeah…does it even matter? Because we love to hate her and we get off on putting other people down.

daniela on

I think it’s really unfair of society to sit there and point fingers at people. Not one woman on this earth would want someone sizing them up, calling them fat or skinny. I am tired of watching anorexic celebrities and then listening to people dogging the ones who aren’t! She isn’t fat and I wish more celebrities looked normal like her. There would be a lot more satisfied woman if celebs would start being normal.
She was probably photoshopped because she had no choice, magazines have had issues before, photoshopping celebs without them being aware. You know women are our worse enemies, constantly dogging one or another. Soon obese will be considered size 2.
I hope JS stays the way she is and doesn’t sell out like the rest of the bobble headed skeletons.

JLW on

Just recently spotted her a few weeks ago in LA and she is actually thin. She looks really great and healthy. She’s gorgeous no matter what she looks like. Who cares if these pics are altered. I did the same thing to all my wedding photos! So what…. skinny is out, full is in ladies! Get with the program. Beautiful isn’t a zero, blonde hair, and blue eyes anymore. Look at the girls on Jersey Couture. They are healthy beautiful young women!

Heather on

Oh wow! I can’t believe how many idiotic, hateful comments are on here…Grow up! and I’d like to see what you all look like…i would bet $$$ that some of the people making comments about her being fat are heavy themselves and those that are skinny are jealous of her curves….Give women a break!!! the reason our self esteem is so low is not because of the men in our lives, it is because as women, we tear each other apart….Do I love JS’s music, acting, etc???? No, I would never tear her apart….She is beautiful and clearly smarter than most give her credit for…Ease up and get a clue…Look in the mirror and truly see if you are the person you should be…my guess would be NO!!!! For those that are not acting like ridiculous, immature, catty teenagers, good for you!!!

Julia Sugarbaker on

No way that’s Jessica. Her waist is now wider
than her hips and her bust sits right on top
of the waist. Her hair is thin and horrible.
She in only 30 years old and has aged like a
50 year old woman with three kids. Her figure
is call dumpy!!

Samantha on

@ Denne, I was thinking the same thing.

Leigh on

I think Jessica Simspon is beautiful and talented no matter what size she is. I’m glad she’s embracing her curves. As long as you are healthy and happy that is the only thing that matters.

emily lenane on

sorry about this…when ur readin this dont stop or something bad will happen!my name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair,many scars no nose or ears…i am dead.if u dont copy this on 5 more sites…or…i will appeare one dark quiet niqht when ur not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill u.this is no joke something good will happen to u if if u post this on 5 more page

Laura on

The top picture with the green jacket is definitely photoshopped. Her waist is not that small, just look up recent pics of her in street clothes from July. This is a really bad cover story for this magazine to run. If they are trying to promote “don’t be ashamed of how you look”, then why airbrush and photoshop the model you use?? It doesn’t make sense!

AL on

The first picture is totally photoshopped… look how her fingers on the one hand are chopped off…

Marie on

Both photos have been photo shopped. Too bad you can’t do that in real life!

Lynn on

Let herself Go??????? how rediculous of a statement. That’s the problem with today’s day, she’s a beautiful woman, if looking like the way she does people think she has “let herself go” then society needs to wake up. I agree that these photos have been photo shopped but seeing her in other photos where she is not “posing” she looks GREAT!

alice gold on

Seriously? If she has let herself go, the rest of us don’t stand a chance.

Jules on

Life is short just be happy!

Regarding Jessica, she still has a great deal of growing up to do and maybe one fine day she will hopefully find happiness from within.

Gina on

Isn’t she, herself, saying in the article that’s she done trying to be a Barbie type girl. At least she realizes it and she’s happy to be herself. I don’t get it; if she’s trying to be what she can’t be, it’s bad, and if she’s trying to be her normal self and be happy with it, it’s also bad. This girl is harmless; leave her alone. Pick on the Kardashians/Montag/Lohan–now they’ve got issues!!

Crystal on

I think Jessica Simpson is beautiful and she exudes confidence now. She has never been over a size 6 and there are a lot of women out there that would love to be a size 6! Who cares if she is curvy and has a few more pounds on her than last summer? Women attacking women about their looks is ridiculous and we need to start supporting each other and fight back against the warped description of beauty this world has. I watched the Price of Beauty and her transformation throughout the show was wonderful. She really grew throughout the show and she found herself much more through the process.

nicole on

doesn’t matter if she’s thin or with a couple extra pounds she is great. i love her show the price of beauty.

Summer on

The expression on her face on that lucky cover she looks constipated, bad bad pic of her. I cant belive they publsihed that one. RE SHOOT!

Liz on

That’s an unfortunate picture. She looks incredibly uncomfortable. I feel bad for her. She’s not even fat, but she and the public will never forget how skinny she was at one time. Too bad.

Rebecca on

She doesn’t look uncomfortable, she looks airbrushed. It looks like someone took off part of one side of her body in the second photo. She is a beautiful girl, but if you look at her in any real-life photo, she isn’t that slim. Instead, she has kickin’ curves. I am so disgusted that magazines continue to do this to the bodies of women on their covers, when, as in this case, in the interview the acceptance of self is what is put forth as the main message.

People are so cruel on

@Julia Sugarbaker. It is people like you that cause women and girls in this world to think low of themselves. How do you know so much about Jessica Simpson? I would love to see what you look like, I am quite sure you are absolutely perfect, or maybe you just think you are. You have no right to judge her or anyone else for that matter. Your comments are cruel and senseless. I really hope you do not have children.

denise on

they def. photochop look at her hands. they look fake.they even made her chest size smaller. not that i care. i wonder whos body they put her head on.

natalie on

I dont care what size she is…the thing that bothers me is she preaches be comfortable with yourself and then photoshops her pics. and not even subtle photoshop!! the pictures of her lately show her thicker…which isnt bad just own up!!! plus she said in one interveiw that she doesnt know why everyone keeps saying she is heavy shes never been over a size 4…yeah right!i dont think they should hound her over it but at least be honest when you discuss it.

Undreyuh on

she looks uncomfortable b/c she has her shoulders shrugged and her head tiltled to the front (due to her thumbs in her pockets!) i am a BIG GURL, 5’1 and 150 llbs. and i’m glad that someone is trying to take on the “skinny” 5’5-120 lbs girls. if she can be BIG and on TV that gives me hope that with the right clothes and fit i can also look pretty. GEEEEZUS!

08girl on

This has got to be the 20-millioneth article I’ve read on how “Jessica Simpson is comfortable with her body” or “JS is done trying to please everyone with her weight” or “JS is happy to be ‘curvy'” WE GET IT OKAY???? We don’t believe it, but we get it!

marie on

I think she’s beautiful regardless…and if she truly is going to embrace her curves, good for her! However that first photo must have been retouched – she looks like a bobblehead!

canada girl on

There is and never was something wrong with her curvy shape, she looks great, I think she looked way to thing in Dukes of Hazzard. Her sister is way to thin right now her head it way to big for her body and show that is a sign she is way to thin, Jessica looks hotter there is nothing wrong with her shape SHE IS NOT FAT

whateversjess on

god is anyone interested in her when all she is doing is boofing someone? AND THE TWIITER. sorry there’s no notes in her voice-out of tune/tone deaf.

jennifer on

i don’t care if she is fat or thin. I DO care, however that she is running around with a STILL MARRIED man. i have lost what little respect i still had for her.

Lauren on

Oh my…I’m not saying she is overweight, but there is NO way her waist is as small as the upper picture! Can you say…photoshop?! It’s so sad that in the article she’s saying she’s embracing her curvy hourglass figure, then they photshop off half of her waist in the picture. So sad…

rayray on

Yep, PHOTOSHOPPED! The magazines have all gotten caught doing it for their cover models. jSimp is no exception. If you see recent photos of her, she is bigger. She looks great, but this isn’t her real body.

preety on

OH MY!Photo shop all the wayyyyyyyy…..and “SHE’S DONE TRYIN’ TO LOOK THE PERFECT BARBIE TYPE” LMAO!!!

preety on

OH MY!Photo shop all the wayyyyyyyy…..and “SHE’S DONE TRYIN’ TO LOOK THE PERFECT BARBIE TYPE” LMAO!!!
these magazines are the one’s to put all this perfect image of a woman ahh..”size 2″ in all of us.

BT on

Doesn’t look like her at all!

Leslie on

Uh, people, she’s a size 8 now. In Dukes of Hazzard, she was a 2. The camera always makes you look 15-20 lbs heavier. A size 8 is still small! Give it a rest! That means if you are calling her fat, you have to be a size 6, 4, or a 2. And, I bet most of you aren’t. It is people like you that push women down and then complain because you feel judged! She’s very successful and doing what she loves. Why does her size even matter? Huh?

cheryl on

Good, because we were “done” with her along time ago. Why does she keep showing up everywhere?

Donna C on

As long as she’s happy that is all that matters.

marie on

If she’s so comfortable why is all the pictures in this magazine article photoshopped to the high heaven?

LNimms on

@Lesley Smith “She let herself go”? She’s a size what? 6. Wow, I’d like to see a snapshot of you.

BB on

Her head is totally on someone else’s body!

Travis on

Photoshopped for sure….now way this woman looks like this…not after all her “blimp” pictures we’ve all seen lately!

bubbles on

Well good grief it’s about time suga..

momto3boysillbe on

Jessica is NOT fat. What is wrong with some of you? Is it that hard to understand that we are not all made the same? Being healthy does not require 5 hrs at the gym every day and hanging out at Whole Foods 24/7. Get a life people.

Minami86 on

I loved her show! I’ve been a fan of Jessica’s since I was a kid & I always thought she was pretty! It was nice to see a singer rocking some curves! People hate on what they wish they had or could be.

By the way, the photo subjects usually have NO control over the pictures. They sign a release letting the company use them, then they’re altered. There are times where celebs, like most recently Kourtney Kardashian, have blasted magazines over their photoshopping. I’m not against it because photoshop was not originally made to make people skinny, but I do agree they use it too much & for bad reasons.

SusiQ on

OK, what’s wrong with this picture? She goes out of her way to make a big announcement that she’s not giving her weight fluctuation a second thought? Is that the first thought?

Soooo Rich on

I agree with ya Bee. And, she needs to just shut up and go away. She acts like she’s saying something new, deep and insightful…it’s all been said before, we all know about loving yourself and being at peace with yourself. She’s such a doofus.

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andrea on


Tammy on

OMG, so many of you meow and hiss. I don’t understand why people knock this poor woman so much. She’s not out drinking and driving, she’s not getting busted for drugs, she’s not dating a new guy every week. I just don’t get why people are such haters. She seems like a good girl and since she’s not a size 0, she’s more like a “real” woman than most Hollywood types. If you don’t fricken like her, don’t read articles about her.

Marco on

It’s sad so many of her fellow women chastise her for her “weight gain” and say “she let herself go”. As a heterosexual male, I can promise you ladies that plenty of us still think she’s sexy as all get out, and we like our women with some curves, rather than looking like rail thin 14 y/o boys.

Shame on you ladies, you should be supporting her, not talking ill of her for her weight.

Hank Z'Buttski on

Fat, thin, whatever. She’s still dumber than a bowl of room-temperature potato salad.

Jessica Simpson: Done trying to look like the ‘Barbie type’ | global entertainment on

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Chris on

Its funny because women are the pickiest when it comes to a women’s body, men dont care as long as you look good.

Honestly MEN LOVE CURVES!!!!! We like meat on your bones ladies. Girls like Jessica Simpson, America Ferrera, Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Kim Kardashian, Sandra Bullock ARE SEXY!!! They have natrual curves and meat on their bones.

Flat Butt Skinny girls like Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, and girls built like drinking straws are NOT!!!! They have no shape and are in need of a burger.

But chics like Oprah, Rosie O’Fatso, Mo’Nique and The girl from the Precious movie are fat.
They need to back away from the table.

I think it was the great Greek poet Sir Mix A Lot that once said “I like big butts and I can not lie”

Ask any STRAIGHT man.

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sally on

Jessica Simpson looks fabulous in person and on magazines. You never know what you’re looking at on a magazine, however. Regardless if she’s 5-10 lbs up or 5-10 lbs down, I commend her for standing up and saying that women just need to be normal! Only in America do we obsess over this ridiculous notion of perfection. The women and girls that the magazines have put in front of us for years do not represent us. They represent a dangerous extreme that goes beyond physical deprivation. It’s also mental deprivation that hits the very core of girls’ well-being.

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[…] Jessica Simpson is “done” trying look like a Barbie doll. (People) PreviousCan You Name This Video? NextPOSTED: Paramore’s Hayley Williams On New Found […]

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[…] Jessica Simpson Is Done Trying To Look Like ‘The Perfect BarbieFresh off her globe-trotting journey for her VH1 reality show The Price of Beauty , Simpson has come to realize “we all obsess over looking like the perfect Barbie type, and that’s not always what’s beautiful. … StyleWatch Style News Now… […]

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