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kalywilla on

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Sue Ortiz on

I am so happy for ali she has a good man ,hope that there love last for ever.They make a nice couple.

LAuren on

Enjoy! Congrat to Ali and Roberto! I LOVE ascher cut! And the bigger the better! XOXO

B on

Beautiful ring!! Exactly the cut I want some day! I just hope these two last a little while…

Sandals on

Beautiful ring for beautiful Ali! I hope Ali and Roberto DO get married in the Spring (as he suggested) and stay together til death do they part!

Jeanine on

In 6 months we will read about them breaking up! Who cares!

Julie on

They look so happy and in love, wish them all the best!!!

Tiff on

It’s really easy to get a ring when it’s already paid for by ABC, she can keep it forever…until they break up.

moira on

what a lovely couple…….wish them all the best and gr8 health love happinesss

Heather on

Just read yesterday that she gave her number to Matt Leinhart….guess it really doesn’t work out!

Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD - Page 5 - Fans Of Reality TV on

[…] Re: Bachelorette 6 – POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD Here is an article about the ring. EXCLUSIVE: All About ‘Bachelorette’ Ali’s Diamond Ring! – Style News – Style… […]

Kate on

I am a sucker for a love story, and I hope this one lasts. I hope they are another Trista and Ryan. Even though most of these relationships fail, I think it is possible to find love like this. It depends on the personality and sincerity of the couple. Best Wishes to Ali and Roberto.

Nikki on

I hope they do last they seemed so in love last night and there so cute together…Congrats Ali & Roberto and goodluck : )

amy on

i love her ring. im so happy she picked him! THEY ARE SO CUTE<3

maria on

so these people who are leaving comments about saying they won’t last just be quiet!It really gets me when people can not be happy for someone… and if it bothers you that much then dont read about them.As far as Heathers comment she spoke about the rummor about her and Matt yesterday and she laughed at the people that believe everything they read,she went on to say Matts girlfriend was at the event with Matt and by his side when the photo was taken they cropped her{girlfriend}out of the picture just to make a story

Niwotmom on

It’s not going to last!

Brenda on

Beautiful ring. I do hope this couple lasts..they are so cute together and truly seem to love each other. For all those saying it won’t last..maybe you should try looking at life with a more positive attitude and you’d be happier. Pity some people choose to only look at things in a negative light.

trsquare on

I’ve never thought much about the Bachelor/Bachelorette series, but I did catch a bit of it last night, and I thought it was a classy move to let Chris know that she had already made up her mind so that he wouldn’t have to do the last date. That shows strong sense of character on her part, and if Roberto has that same sense of right and wrong, they should be happy together.

canada girl on

gorgeous ring
Ali and Roberto seem alot like Trista and Ryan, so I have a feeling they will last, plus she is moving in with him right away and if he packed up and moved is practise across the coat it is serious!!

Stacy on

So glad Ali and Roberto are together. I was team Roberto all the way! Good luck to the both of them.

Neiha on

There is a difference in the way vienna and jake were after the show aired, and the way Ali and Roberto were last night. You can tell that ali and roberto was true love and not an act. I love them together they make a great pair.

Manda on

I actually have hope for these two! They truly seem like a good match. I was hoping for Chris, but I knew she couldn’t really go wrong because they were both such great guys.

As for her giving her number to someone, married people do that; it’s called socializing. Can’t believe everything you read Heather.

Ana on

I am normally one of those cynics who predict the doom of one of these Bachelor/ette final couples to happen within 6 months (I think we all called it with Jake/Vienna) b/c I don’t believe in reality show couplings.
But with these 2 I really hope I am wrong. They seem to be good, solid, intelligent people and more so, happy together. Hope it works out for them. They deserve it.

Laura on

It’s a stunning ring … no doubt. They make a cute couple and both seem like nice people. I guess it just remains to be seen whether it works out or not because the track record for these shows is grim.

Ali Fedotowsky Engagement Ring - Celebrity Bride Guide on

[…] to, the 3.03 carat stunner has a central asscher-cut diamond and 184 round brilliant cut accent […]

SHar on

I dont want to be the only negative one about this engagement but really how well can she know this guy in the time they have known each other on the show. I think picking him is one thing and giving out the rose is another but I think the engagement should follow after months of really knowing one another. As far as I know only one couple has lasted, married and have kids now so I truly hope this couple is just as successful. I guess that remains to be seen. The ring is beautiful and so is she and she seems really level headed so I wish her only the best.

Karen on

Love the ring very pretty. I think Ali and Roberto will get married and have kids. They are so in love I have never seen anyone on this show in love since Trista and Ryan. I beleive they will stay in love happily ever after.

N on

This show is geared towards white women because you don’t see any women of other ethnic groups on here choosing a man of the same or different race. This show is racist and bias.

KRO on

To Heather~ I got your boyfriends number last night too!!! Uh oh…U just read that so it must be true!! Get a life!

And Shar~ I would have married my husband after two months if he had asked me. I don’t think it matters how or where or what the circumstances are in meeting your partner because when u know, u know!

I wish them all the luck, love and happiness. I personally was Team Chris but you can tell,it’s so obvious, that these two crazy kids are in love. Good luck Ali and Roberto!!

Niwotmom on

@Shar-I have to agree with you! I think it’s all a big crock!

kelle mcstan on

to all those saying you can’t fall in love that fast and have it last — my husband and i were engaged 2 weeks after we met and are about to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary! it’s not about the how you met, it’s about the commitment…in other words, “it can happen!” all the best wishes to ali and roberto for a long life of true love together!

To "N" on

VH1 has a broad range of dating shows…maybe you would like that channel better.

Diana on

I just don’t get all the interest in these type of shows. Nobody who’s really interested in finding their soul mate is going to go on tv to do it. They are only looking for fame. I give it 6 months before we hear they’ve gone their separate ways.

Teri on

Ali looks like Britney Spears,but much prettier. I hope these two will last. I just don’t think Roberto is into her, hopefully I’m wrong.

gineska on

Congrats to the couple. They are so cute toguether and they remind me of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Glori on

Ali & Roberto I wish nothing but true and everlasing happiness for you!

Roberto has always been my choice for you Ali, he is everything a gentleman should be!

mj on

Roberto seduced Ali just like Vienna did to jake.
Putting his gift picture on the bed before she arived so he could get her into bed. LOL. How cheezy.
Can’t wait to see her reaction when she catches him cheating.
Make decisions with your head not your emotions.

Jena Woods on

Access Hollywood interviewed the father last night, and he was giving his daughter advice on who he thinks Ali should end up with, like Roberto. I feel that if the father has such high esteem for Roberto, maybe he should sleep with him instead of Ali? No?

marcy on

I think Ali & Roberto are truely in love! I know from experience that love at first sight is real! My husband told me he loved me 4 days after our first date. Proposed 1 month later and that was 20 years ago. Married for 18 years with 2 wonderful children! Ali & Roberto need to do like Trista & Ryan… stay out of the limelight & focus on each other! Best wishes to them!

gineska on

And for all the critics my bad is together sorry for the u.

N on

To the annonymous poster who suggested dating shows on VH1….um here’s a clue for you I managed to find the man I am in a relationship with OUTSIDE of television. Although he might not be someone I am looking at marrying, but I don’t need to be on tv like some desperate broad looking for a date. The show is scripted and most of these heafers who come on tv looking for a date are really making fools of themselves.This show is racially bias.

Andrea on

Won’t last! I give them a month. This show is honestly pathetic!

Jon on

Her Engagement Ring is so pretty, and that’s all nice to hear!

Liza on

The Bachelor and Bachelorette series’ are a big joke!

Cristiisasuckerforahappyending on

Best of luck to the happy couple. Hope everything works out for them. They are so adorable together – I truly wish all couple showed affection like they do to each other !

The Bachelorette’s Ali Fedotowsky Takes Her Ring and Man Out to Celebrate! » Marc's Muppet on

[…] Capitol City restaurant to celebrate their big announcement, and she was already flaunting her $50,000 Neil Lane engagement ring. You preferred her other finalist, Chris L., but Ali seems smitten with Roberto and they’re […]

aria on

I really really hope they can be happy for ever!!! I love them as a couple!!

Jennifer on

I LOVE her ring! It’s very similar to mine only my centre diamond is an oval! Very classy ring Ali!

Ali Fedotowsky’s Choice Revealed [Spoiler Alert] « Hills2City on

[…] here to see Ali’s $50,000 Neil Lane diamond engagement […]

Kay on

I am so glad that Ali chose Roberto! I was really gunning for him all along. They do make a stunning couple. Best to the both of them.

barbie on

Heather??? You just ‘read’ that?? Let me guess…one of the tabloids as in ‘Us’, etc? How can you believe anything those magazines say – don’t be dumb! And for the rest of you – try and be positive – maybe they will work out!

The Bachelorette’s Ali Fedotowsky Takes Her Ring and Man Out to Celebrate! » Strut Through Life on

[…] Capitol City restaurant to celebrate their big announcement, and she was already flaunting her $50,000 Neil Lane engagement ring. You preferred her other finalist, Chris L., but Ali seems smitten with Roberto and they’re […]

sherrie on

I have watched the bachlorette from the beginning,also the bachelor,and I believe from the start,that ali and roberto were feeling something for one another.I wish them all the luck and happiness,she deserves to be happy,and I believe Roberto will give that to her.Now with Jake and Vienna that’s a diffrent story.And as far as couples finding love on the show well yes it was Trista @ Ryan but it was also Jason and Molly who by the way are Married now,so don’t say that because this is a show and that you can’t find love,regardless how long or short of a time it can happen,so there is no need to question the love that they share for one another,I was watching the two of them after the final rose,and they look so much in love,I hope that they last forever,and have a beautiful life together.Also I would like to add that me and my husband only was together for 3 months and we are about to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.So I hope and wish them all the best.Don’t compare them to jake and Vienna,Vienna profess her love for him and he did not.Ali and Roberto love eachother I can see that.

arlee on

I hope they stay together – I really do. There have been so many bachelor and bachelorette shows and you can count on one hand, how many couples have stayed together. That ring is absolutely beautiful. What happens to it if they break up – I wonder??/

Maria on

I really feel that these two will make it! They are/were so different than other couples at the final rose! It would be awesome if a couple besides Trista and Ryan made it all the way!

The Red Sole » The Bachelorette’s Ali Fedotowsky Takes Her Ring and Man Out to Celebrate! on

[…] Capitol City restaurant to celebrate their big announcement, and she was already flaunting her $50,000 Neil Lane engagement ring. You preferred her other finalist, Chris L., but Ali seems smitten with Roberto, and they’re […]

Robyn on

It will be up for auction within 4 months.

lanam on

This show is such a waste of time, bc they “rarely” ever last after the show…but good luck ali/roberto…

Sue on

Congrats Ali and Roberto. Hope things go well in ‘real’life…you’re a cute couple and wish you all the best!

And the ending was the best kept secret in ages, I was glued to my television to see what was going to happen! And did ABC script that proposal or what…that was sooooooo romantic!

keli12221 on

Let’s see how long this relationship will last…..Ali more than likely will not be able to keep him now that all the free fun stuff is over and reality kicks in…..he is no doubt fine while she is quite homely and silly.

Heidi on


Lark on

“honed in on” is incorrect. The correct word is “homed.” you don’t “hone in” on something; hone means to sharpen, as a knife. Or a skill…say, writing.

Eltina on

I was on pins and needles watching the final rose.
I think they make a wondeful couple. They both seem so real. My prayer and blessing goes out to them. I would love to see their wedding, or even see it in person. Best wish to Ali and Roberto

Laura on

I am so happy for ali and roberto…. Her ring is stunning and I really hope and pray that they last

debbie on

Isn’t this the same ring they ALL use? This so is G!@!!!

Dee on

The biggest mistake they could make is move in together in my opinion. Hey, live in the same city but have separate apartments and get to know each first. Statistics show that couples that live together first before they marry are more likely to divorce. Why pay for the cow when you can have the milk for free. Ring or no ring. They do seem like they are in love and I hope it works but I think it is a mistake for them to move in together so soon. Again, my opinion. I know some will not agree. That’s okay.

Kristin on

Congrats Ali and Roberto! <3 I was Team Roberto from the start, he's tall, dark and handsome – while also so sweet and sincere. I loved watching the last episode, it was inspiring and beautiful! Ali showed so much class in talking to Chris before the final rose. She is a real sweetheart and I wish her and Roberto nothing but the best! Best season ever!

beccamore on

It must be nice to be able to put a 50,000 ring on someones finger and it not cost them a dime. I’ve been married 27 years and the only diamond I own is from QVC.

LC on

I am so terribly jealous of Ali!!!!…..I want to find my “Roberto”….Maybe we can clone him???

jean on

wont last

Poop Pops on

gayass people

Amy on

Anyone who is congratulating those two and still believe in reality love is completely delusional.

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[…] We all saw that rock Roberto Martinez gave to Ali Fedotowsky last night on the finale of ABC’s The Bachelorette, and now we know the details. […]

Penny on

Ali and Robeto we would like to congrat the both of you. I watched the show the entire time. i knew from the strat that Roberto would be the one. I am so happy for the both of you. My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years. It is forever. Yours will forever till death do you part. Wish your wedding could be on tv like Trisha and Ryans was. Good Luck Love yo both xoxoxo

Top Posts — on

[…] EXCLUSIVE: All About ‘Bachelorette’ Ali’s Diamond Ring! Courtesy Neil Lane; Chris Chavira/ABC When Roberto proposed to a giggly, misty-eyed Ali Fedotowsky during Monday […] […]

Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD - Page 30 - Fans Of Reality TV on

[…] Re: Bachelorette 6 – POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD EXCLUSIVE: All About ‘Bachelorette’ Ali’s Diamond Ring! – Style News – Style… […]

turtlewindsfirewalker on

wow that very nice ring
turtle winds firewalker

Kathy on

For those that are complaining so much about the show, then why are you watching every week & season? I believe in love at first sight. I met someone and haven’t looked back for the last 20 yrs.
I picked Roberto as soon as I saw his eyes & beautiful smile. I always talk with my friend after each wk’s show. I told her that I saw something between Roberto & Ali the first night.
I couldn’t see what Ali even saw in Frank. For a while, I was having problems with her judgment. Frank was a jealous psycho, probably because of his girlfriend back home, torn between two girls. He didn’t even deserve either.
Best of luck Ali/Roberto!

Patty D. on

I am so happy for Ali and Roberto. I knew from the start that, they were going to be together, by the way they always looked at each other. They had great chemistry from the beginning. I wish them many happy years together and a few children as well. They alway laugh together and always want to make each other feel good which is very important. Roberto is so loving and protetive of Ali, plus he always makes her laugh which is two very good qualities in a man. I know they will last forever and ever. Ali and Roberto i wish you joy, happiness and a life time of good memories together for the rest of your lives with several little ones running around to bring you joy and laughter.

J on

It’s Vienna’s old ring…

cathie on

make sure you get it insured!!!!!

Marina on

Why does everything have to be racist??? Maybe no other ethnic people have applied to be on Bachelorette because only white women are willing to make such fools of ourselves on national TV. And if a white woman prefers only white men why is it racism?

Kelly on


I have to admit…you narrowed it down to two wonderful solid men. I think Roberto is a fantastic guy. You really impressed me when you let Chris go a day early…you saved him so much heartache and I amend you for that…it was a very mature and thoughtful of you and to think of him in that way. Love the beautiful ring…it definitely fits you. All the best to you both…

Karen on

to Jeanine: I guess you cup is half full since you are a negative person and to Heather: do you believe everything you read?

susie on

I’m so happy for Ali and Robert.
I hope ABC airs their wedding.
I would love to see a reality show with them – having/raising their children – if it wouldn’t harm their relationship….it will be fun to follow them. Wishing them all my best.

samantha on

he’s a real catch and so is she…if it’s for real…she kissed so many times on so many guys in that show, I’m not sure…I really hope it’s for real on her part…not just a desperate move..
and the ring is an origional (mr or ms “J”!!) Neil Lane made it for this show for Ali…
Vienna still hasn’t given her ring back yet…she thinks it’s owed to her for putting up with Jake!! ha…that’s a joke!!!!!

Joanne on

Even though I was “Team Chris” from the get go, she couldnt have gone wrong with either men. Roberto made her weak at the knees from day one and you could clearly see that. Although Chris was not the chosen one, I do sense that he wont be single for long. I wish nothing but happiness for Ali and Roberto for many many years to come

Rings True on

It’s a very beautiful engagement ring.

pam on

Does anyone know where ali got her denim tube jean dress that she wore on beach dates?

Evelyn on

I wish Ali and Roberto many years of happiness. I hope they don’t get all wrapped up in the media hype and the Hollywood glitz. Keep it simple and sincere.

Joan on

I am so happy for Ali and Roberto!! They make such a cute couple! I picked Roberto for her from the beginning. I am so glad they are engaged! You can’t even compare them to Jake and Vienna! Yikes! I can’t wait for the wedding!! I hope it is live on tv!! You guys are the best! Much love to you! Joan

Joan on

I am so happy for them and I agree they remind me alot of Trista and Ryan!! It can work and theirs will too. They both really love each other. People just need to be positive and happy for them!!

gia on

the more engagement rings i see, the more i LOVE my own! five years in, and still takes my breath away in all kinds of lighting… on hers i love the main stone, but it could really do without the pave detail – so matronly-looking.

zullema on

roberto,has good taste in his choice of rings and women.congraulation on your engagement.i hope they marry on t.v.

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JustSaying77 on

I know this is a super old post but I came here through a link posted on a wedding blog discussing asscher cut e-rings (that’s my cut of choice)…Anyway, reading all these comments from people celebrating this relationship and looking down on all the pragmatic folks who see this show for what it is just proves how easily we as American’s are manipulated by the media. I’ve never watched these shows because I know they’re fixed so I’d never heard of Ali and Roberto. I googled them to see if they were still together (as predicted by all the gullable people)….surprise surprise, they broke up just like all the “nay sayers”. The sad thing? Some people never learn. They eat everything these “reality shows” feed them…

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