Chelsea Clinton's Bridal Quick Change: Two Vera Wang Wedding Dresses!

08/02/2010 at 10:25 AM ET

de Manio Photography

Following in the tradition of other star brides like Carrie Underwood, Chelsea Clinton had not only one, but two gorgeous wedding dresses from designer (and wedding guest) Vera Wang! The bride swapped out her strapless ivory gown with a swirling ballgown skirt of laser cut organza that she walked down in the aisle for a tulle Grecian-inspired gown with a black ribbon belt and a criss-cross back for the reception. No word on whether her bridesmaids changed out of their own Vera Wang strapless lavender chiffon gowns with plum bows for the party portion of the night. Wang was thrilled to have been a part of the wedding, saying in a release that “It was an honor and a privilege to dress Chelsea on her wedding day.” –Melissa Liebling-Goldberg


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Ala on

Woah! What happened to Bill? He looks like he dropped 50lbs ?!

KWise on

Wow – they both look fantastic. Chelsea is of course gorgeous – but Bill looks so THIN!!! Holy cow – skinner former pres!

Kay on

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL dress & bride. Mr. Bill has slimmed up a bit. Wish I could afford a Vera Wang outfit. Wang is so creative. Best to ALL.

Anni on

That is an amazing photo! I am so happy for Chelsea.

Donna on

Did you not hear? Sweet little chelsea insisted he lose the weight for her wedding. And doesn’t he look just thrilled?

lilkunta on

as private as chelsea is Im surprised that she released pictures.

i thought vera would do something exclusive.
alani vasquez wore a similiar dress w similiar belt last month.

patio on

He’s very gaunt and suit doesn’t fit, like an unplanned weight loss. I’m an oncology nurse and he has the look of a cancer patient. I hope I’m wrong.

MS on

Chelsea told him that he needed to drop some weight before he walked her down the aisle. Talk about a spoiled brat! If either of my sons told me that, we would be having a talk. Wonder if she told her mom that? Seeing her looking a little overweight in her rehearsal dinner outfit I suppose not!

allie on

Apparently Chelsea told him he had to drop like 15 pounds before the wedding and he did. I read that somewhere.

SusiQ on

wait, wait, wait. . . .where’s the picture of the second gown?

JLW on

She is stunning. So many people gave her such a hard time growing up, but she turned out to be a beautiful woman. Congrats Chelsea! Love your gown.

Chappaqua Resident on

Let’s nip the “sick Bill” rumors in the bud: I live in Chappaqua and saw Bill recently, when he dropped into a local restaurant for take-out. He was bounding around, greeting people, and looked happy and healthy, not gaunt or thin. He does look skinny in the photo, but that’s probably because the suit doesn’t fit well — he’s dropped 20 pounds. Plus, it was an emotional day for all.

Congratulations to the bride and groom and both families.

Nancy Adams on

They all look just as they should, amazingly happy. Chelsea looks great and her gown is magnificently beautiful. Looks like a perfect wedding.

kelly on

Do you think maybe Chelesa was looing out for the health of her dad, and her wedding was the perfect excuse to get him to drop a few pounds, it is well known that he loves the junk foods…. they look great. I hope she has a lifetime of happiness!!!!

LR on

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like the gown. Maybe in person, I would like it, but from the pics I don’t like the belt and bussled front. The stems on her flowers seem too long too. Bill really looks old and gaunt. Wish everyone well though.

sunia on

Bill’s doctor had been telling him for some time to lose the weight. His daughter used her wedding as an excuse to request it again. It was a request out of love due to his health issues, not vanity.

Tina on

She looks pretty in her dress. But Bill looks sick. Hope he’s not.

A Mom on

You who try to see the negative in everything! Chelsea stays on her Dad because he eats the wrong foods because of his heart and other medical issues that a man of his age has! She loves him so much that she gave him that challenge so that he could stick to his diet more for his life than her wedding! It’s hard to encourage parents about their declining health, so give her the benefit of loving care. Her smile says it all, the dress is 2nd to her lovely happy smile in this dress that is beautiful. Chelsea had her day with the ones that care the most about her happiness! She looks stunningly beautiful and thrilled with joy!

brandi v on

i had heard that her request from her mom was that she grew out her hair…

Sammy on

Bill looks thinner than me nd I’m only 14

amy zamora on

his gaunt look was just a shock at first. Keep going back and you can noticed the healthy glow. Way to go Mr. President. Somber look of giving away the only and very lovely daughter Chealsea. The best looking gown, EVER, of any celebrities!

mys on

Bill had to go on a restricted diet after finding out he had serious heart disease, several years ago. That’s when he started to lose a lot of weight. I hope it’s also not something even more serious now.


Laura on

Chelsea was a beautiful bride! President Clinton had said it was going to be an emotional day. I’m sure he was trying to keeping it together. Best wishes to everyone for a lifetime of health and happiness! :)

Bernadette on

Is it just me or does he look depressed?

rieme on

I hear people saying they spent an obscene amount of money on this wedding while people are starving. Well I think its ok they give her the kind of wedding they want to give her BUT TWO dresses is uneeded and , a bit gluttonish. 2 dresses-c’mon.

Mom Of Twins on

@Patio- Since you mentioned your an oncology nurse, why would you make such a judgement call without having the facts? I’m glad my mom isn’t one of your patients. I’ve read that his daughter wanted him to lose 15 lbs., for the wedding. With the problems he’s had in the past with his heart, maybe he decided to lose a little more.

Mom Of Twins on

He looks like a man who may have cried a little….

Ellie Bloom on

Bill looks depressed because he had to spend time with his wife! (lol)

Marcia on

Chelsea looked very elegant and I loved the long, traditional veil. She was also smart to go with a slightly off-white dress because it goes better with her skin tones than stark white. Bill does look like he’s trying not to cry–this is his only child so I’m sure it was tough!

Gigi on

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! She deserves to be happy after all she has been through publicaly. Congrats and best wishes to Chelsea & Marc and congrats to the Clintons for raising such as elegant, poised, educated and well-adjusted daughter. They should be proud.

LeeAnn on

Who can afford a Vera Wang gown – alone two gowns (one for the wedding and another for the reception)? In this economy – not many. While Chelsea looked radiant on her wedding day, she has a trust fund, of course, her new hubby lives in a 4 million dollar apartment in NYC, and she’s not working – back in school for another degree. This is not your average wedding by any means. I would think, at 30 years of age, in this time of life, a smaller, more humble wedding would have been appropriate – 400 guests..come on. I’m not a Bill or Hillary fan, but less is classier.

L on

rieme- if you had that money you would spend it too, dont act like you wouldnt. plus, people are throwing cost amounts out like they actually know. who knows how much was spent, and that is their own business.

S Wilson on

Does it sound at all reasonable that Chelsea would demand her father lose weight? Chelsea has stood solid with both parents through EVERY family drama. It seems far-fetched Chelsea would make such a demand (telling dad to drop weight). She is certainly proven herself to not be high-maintenance. She is elegant and her dress was beautiful.

The Clintons are far from my favorite politicians, but they have always shown their love for Chelsea. They did a tremendous job of raising a brilliant, decent daughter and citizen. That is extremely difficult to do with ANY child regardless of finances. Chelsea had unusual opportunities, instead of partying she took full advantage and has done something with her life. Great Job Clintons!

DLewis on

Her dress is beautiful. All the best to the new couple.

Selene on

For those of you who think Bill is sick or too thin-on the news they showed him walking through Rhineback at lunchtime on Saturday-he was in a polo shirt and looked very fit, healthy and happy. When told that Chelsea was going to look beautiful he said that she looks beautiful all the time to him. I think he is just nervous in the picture when he is walking her down the aisle (I have a picture of my friend’s father walking her down the aisle with a similar look on his face).

They haven’t released any more pictures yet!

kristie on

Not crazy about the flowers but absolutely love the dress. She made a very pretty bride.

HM on

How come this wedding was all about the Clinton’s
I have read alot and not once does anyone mention Marc’s parent at the wedding????

Jenn on

To HM:
Don’t you know that weddings are always about the bride? The groom is a bit player and his parents…well they pay for the rehearsal dinner and then sit back and quietly blend into the crowd! I am the mother of two boys. I oughta know! Chelsea looks fantastic and while Bill looks thin, I do think he was trying to hold back tears and be stoic. The snap of the camera at that precise second doesn’t show us his look right before or right after. I did, however, want to see the second dress and can’t find a picture. People, if you’re gonna report on the dress, show it!! :)

JustMe on

maybe the statement about her asking him to lose weight was to cover up a sickness . . . he doesn’t look like he just dropped 15 pounds, he does look like he’s been/is sick. i hope not, too, but . . .

ponymom on

Bill looks very thin-his suit just hangs on him
also why did Hilary wear a caftan to the reharsal-
was she trying to hid her figure? Something a little form fitting would’ve been a better choice.

Joy on

Sorry….I wish her much happiness, and glad she had a beautiful wedding…..but, please, 2 wedding gowns?! Some brides can’t even affort 1 second-hand gown. I hope she at least is planning to donate one to charity so that some sweet bride can have a dream come true. Pres. Clinton does look a little gaunt. Hope he’s okay!

Arlene on

Chelsea looks fabulous in her gown.
President Clinton had bypass surgery back in 2004 and was very thin after that, due to healthy eating.
So, losing 15 pounds can only be healthy for him. He looks great too.

Blah, blah to the naysayers. Why do you even bother posting. Trolls get on the dendrite of my last nerve.

Kelly on

Dress, what dress? All I saw was a beautiful smile on a an amazing girl. Go Chelsea~

Amy on

From what I’ve read about her over the past 15+ years, the words “spoiled brat” and Chelsea Clinton to not belong in the same sentence.

Is this the first time many of you have heard of a bride changing into a less formal, easier-to-wear gown for her reception? It’s not that uncommon, even at weddings where those funding don’t have the kind of money the Clinton’s have.

She looks beautiful, he looks like he’s trying not to cry walking down the aisle.

HM on

To Jenn
I dont agree with you They could have at least mentioned that they were there or showed one pic of them
I have 2 boys also and no way did they put me in the background.

ccane on

If you’d seen the picture of Bill Clinton the day before you would’ve seen that he’s not all skin and bones. And I read somewhere that he was told by his doctors to lost the weight, not his daughter. Get real people.

Debra B. on

Jeesh…is it just me, or does Bill resemble Jimmy Carter???

aria on

1st gown is gorgeous!!! Where is the 2nd one?

Dana on

I don’t understand why people think if you have money you are not entititled to spend it the way you want to. They donate millions of hours and dollars every year to many charities and have devoted their lives to public service, they can have any sort of wedding they like. Do you know how many people were put to work on a wedding like this? Even if the wedding was a million dollars, that is a million dollars that helped businesses hire people, pay wages, hotel rooms were booked with guests for the weekend, people ate in restaurants, plane tickets were purchased, rental cars were rented, clothes were purchased, gifts were purchased, etc.

Christy on

I’m getting married in the fall and the big trend in weddings is to do 2 dresses, one big one for the ceremony and another simpler dress for dancing and the reception. The sales woman at the bridal shop told me last week that it’s very common right now and if you look the bridal magazines, they are pushing the same thing. One bridal chain has a line of dresses called “Little White Dress” for the reception or rehearsal.

I’m not doing it for my wedding, but it’s not that uncommon.

Christy on

Additionally, I would note that both the bride and groom have worked in the past in the banking industry. I think he works for an investment fund and she did something similar. At that point in your career, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to school. A lot of people do it and if you can afford to do it without working, all the better for you. Since when is getting an education a bad thing, especially if you’ve already been in the workplace for awhile.

Myrna on

Chelsea is a beautiful woman,, she was a gorgeous bride. Congrats to Bill & Hillary for raising such a beutiful, smart and well adjusted daughter, I’m sure they love her deeply and are very proud of her, she is their only child and if they have the money why not give her the best wedding that money can buy. All the best to Chelsea & Marc they look so in love. Bill may have looked a little sad it’s only natural he loves his little girl deeply.
Lots of happiness to both sides of the family.

jackie on

Bill looks like he’s headed for the firing squad! wonder why Chelsea just doesn’t photograph well? She is an attractive lady (I’ve met her)but always looks somewhat horsey in pictures.

Donna on

Gorgeous and stunning. I guess asking where they went on their honeymoon is out of the question? Anyone?

Yeah, I agree, Bill Clinton looked too gaunt in my opinion. I know you are supposed to lose weight for weddings, but he looks unhealthily thin.

Mary Tymnick on

Chelse has got to be the uglist person on this earth. She looks like hemorrhoids. And both sets of parents have horriable backgrouds. Both have been caught in illegle activities. Who could be proud of that?

MM on

Bill looks GREAT! And Chelsea looks GORGEOUS. For all those who are angry over Bill’s weight loss, here’s a little common sense insight: losing extra pounds = healthy!!!!!!! Chelsea clearly only wants what’s best for her daddy.

HM on

To Mary
How clean is your DOORSTEP
Like to see what you look like

Marie Dee on

Everyone looked beautiful. But why didn’t President Clinton wear a tux?

HH on

To Mary
Have you ever seen hemmroids???
and as for parents Who in US government etc isnt crooked at one time or another
Thats how they got to the top but its a long fall down

Donna on

To Mary – You know what, YOU are what is wrong with this country today, not the current administration, not the recession, not anything else that stagnates our growth. The mindless, pitiful example with your words about a beautiful young lady on her wedding day is a prime example of the cancers in our society. Superficial and narcissistic, thinking you are better (and prettier) than someone else. You disgust me.

L.L. on

I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said.
I just get so sad when I see how negative, and judgemental people can be. It’s just really sad.

HH on

Well said Donna

chill on

For real? people, it’s her wedding day…why are you calling her names just because she supposedly asked her dad to lose weight before the god the man has a bad heart it would do him good to keep the pounds off. She looks GORGEOUS!

Toni on

Chelsea looks beautiful! Congratulations to the bride and groom!!!

spanish fly on

Donna- i think you said it perfectly! Too many haters in our society. Best wishes for all of them. Bill and Hilary included. What a picture perfect wedding. Most women would dream of having. Best of luck! the Clinton’s are unstoppable.

chill on

you suck!

Someone on

Chelsea Clinton actually looked good in her wedding dress. About the only time though!

Cali on

Lavish, over-the-top weddings like this just make me sick. The money that people will spend on ONE day could help millions of people sustain LIFE for many years.

chill on

whatever CALI, if you had the money, you would be spending it on your most special day too…jeez

Anne on

She was absolutely radiant as was her husband. What we all want for our childen the joy on their faces as they were being married was so dear! Chelsea looked spectacular – hope there will be more pictures the few I saw were wonderful.
Like others, I was alarmed at the weight loss of her father – hard to believe that was meant to be considering what seemed to be a very loose fitting suit/tuxedo. I for one doubt that his daughter insisted that he shed 20 lbs – could it be that we – the general public were told that so that the weight loss we see on her father would not be attributed to health issues.
I hope they all had a glorious time and that she and her husband have a wonderful life together.

queenie on

Let’s face it, those of you who say she is pretty need prescription glasses. Pretty she is not. This is a horse face!!! Rather reminds me of Camilla. Poor thing. Hope she has a good personality and we know she has money.

js on

She looks beautiful. I have to agree with another poster thought that says the former President does not look well at all. The comments being made that he was forced to lose weight by his daughter…..that sounds questionable. If so, why didn’t she insist that her mother lose weight?

maria & Craig on

Bill looks too thin, is he sick?

Ann on

Okay, it is a beautiful dress but this all seems a bit hypocritical to me. The Dems are the ones saying how broke we are and then the largest profiled dems in the nation right now decided that it’s okay to spend millions on a wedding…..limosine liberals at their best.

Best of Luck to the couple…

Wendy on

WHOA! Bill looks better with a little more meat on his bones! He is way to thin!

Kit on

That dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I think it’s just a bad picture of Mr. Clinton. I saw him on TV, filmed the day before the wedding, and he looked wonderful!

Seriously on

queenie – and you have the name of a dog. I won’t say you LOOK like a dog. Dogs are prettier than you.

Alice on

Just one day prior, wearing the jeans and black shirt, Bill Clinton looked totally healthy and relaxed. Yet, one day later, wearing dressy clothes, and at a very emotional time, he did not look well. He looked gaunt. Only 24 hours had passed. This was attributable to the emotionality and attire.

The way Chelsea smiled, and the look in her husband’s eyes, made her look more beautiful than beautiful.

Years ago, on the Left Bank in Paris, I met one of her teachers. She was not allowed to talk about Cheslea, but did say that she was a wonderful child. She has evolved into a wonderful young woman.

And, why wouldn’t wealthy, educated, prominent people go “all out” for the wedding of their only child? This is not a girl who will change husbands every 90 days like some celebrities do. Should they have made this in a gymasium and served hero sandwiches? Get real.

This is a lovely, educated, refined, and deeply intelligent, young woman, daughter of a former president. She loves, and is loved by her parents. Her gown, her smile, and Mark’s eyes were truly lovely. She was given opportunities and did not squander them. All the mean-spirted people should keep their thoughts to themselves.

Brenda on


Dorothy on

Chelsea did it not for a better looks but for his health. He has had serious heart surgery not too long ago so its good that he did lose the pounds. And he looks super awsome!

sharon on

Misleading title: nowhere can anyone see the 2 dresses, unless they attended wedding =(.

s on

bill clinton looks fine..i guess its not what we are used to seeing. i hope he is heathy. after all the health issues its hard to not be worried about your father..i hope he stays a person who’s father has gone through similar things as bill i understand…she wants to make sure he lives a long healthy life!

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sam on

Whats all the hype! She’s just another rich girl getting on easy street from her rich parents. No impressed

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Fatima Toovy on

All is beautiful. Exciting. Where is the grooms mother? Did she have no part in this?

Jackie on

Talk about a beaming bride. Chelsea looks so happy. Vera Wang’s design looks so perfect on something out of a story book. Hilary looks beaming and beautiful, (love the hairstyle on Hilary). Bill probably weighs what he should. We were used to a heavier (and too heavy) Bill. Most weddings I have been to, the mother of the bride beams and the daddy wants his litle girl back. Bless them all.

Matt on

It really irks me to see people post things about Chelsea being homely. She not only has classic natural beauty, she shines inside. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. IMO most movie stars, singers, are not beautiful. Take off the make-up, false lashes, and all they put on to look glamorous, and we probably wouldn’t know them. My eyes say Chelsea is as lovely as her wedding gown. Hilary aint hard to take, either. And as Gloria Vanderbilt once said: “You can’t be too rich or too thin.”

Sandi Owen on

Whoa-wait a minute-Bill lost the weight from STRESS–thought Monica would be turning up in her little BLUE DRESS/CLEANED

Fatima Toovy on

She looks beautiful. They look very much in love!
I’m just wondering where his Mother was and did she have anything to do with any of this?


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Wanda on

Don’t get so down on Chelsae for “asking her dad to lose weight”. I for one do not believe that story. I think that story is a cover for something else going on. He looks sick and his clothes are just hanging on him like his suit was tailored for him a while back and he is experiencing a sudden unplanned weight loss. They probably do not want the public to know what is going on and that is OK to keep it private. It doesn’t even make sense that she would ask her dad to lose weight and not her mom – who really needs to. “Dad, lose 50 lbs!” “And mom……just wear a big caftan.”

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jennrae on

Bill reminds me of my father when he was dying. I sure hope that’s not the case with him, but that is not a healthy weight. I think that’s why we heard so much about Chelsea/doctor asking him to lose weight, so that when we see how gaunt he is it’s already explained. All the while he is dying and they just don’t want to upstage Chelsea’s wedding by releasing that information to the public. I hope I’m wrong and this is just a bad photo, but after the troubles with his heart, I fear I’m right.

critic on

Why didn’t Chelsea have Mother & Grandma loose weight? Bill looked godd before losing weight.

Denyse on

Vera Wang bridal collection is gorgeous, Chelsea looks beautiful. Bill looks depressed and way too thin, making himm look like an ols man.

ann borzi on

Yes she really did look beautiful, however why wasn’t the President of United State and His Family not invitated to such an important event?
Ann 5th August 2010

C. Kennedy on

Matt – (and others who claim she is a beauty) have you SEEN or MET Ms. Clinton-Mezvinsky??????? I have.

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debbie on

i need new stylesh wedding gowns for young couples.please show me the samples and their cost becouse i need to begin business soon with you and thats if you have trendy gowns.
Waiting for your response.

Thanks You

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