Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal Dinner

07/31/2010 at 10:20 AM ET


Gone are her famous iconic headbands and matching primary color pantsuits, and in their place, a glamorous printed caftan. Hillary Clinton, is that really you? The Secretary of State turned up the style quotient on Friday night as she left her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s rehearsal dinner at the Beekman Arms Inn on Rhinebeck in a flowing turquoise dress with a low V-neck paired with a radiant smile. An onlooker even commented, “Hillary looks gorgeous! Her dress is so chic! She’s definitely not a dowdy mother of the bride.” And father of the bride Bill Clinton got kudos as well, earning praise from another onlooker, “They look so happy, just like parents of the bride, not a former President and the current Secretary of State.” So are we guessing that her modesty issues of the past are gone now? We’ll have to wait and see what she wears to the big event tonight, but all bets are on a dress from her go-to designer of years, the always-elegant Oscar de la Renta. –reporting by Mary Park


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Tami on

that’s not all that pretty.

Allison on

She looks better than usual, but that is considered stylish? Really? Not very figure flattering.

debbie hulles on

OMG…What was she thinking???? and who the heck is her clothes advisor?????

Natalie Thunberg on

Gorgeous! Fantastic! Ethnic! She is a true woman of the world!

Sandy on

She really needs to do something with that hair of hers, with all her money you would think she could find a hair stylist that could do something better with it….and that “tent” go figure

JustASmallTownGirl on

Yeah, it’s not that great – ok not great at all I don’t consider that stylish or figure flattering. I hope she wears something better at the wedding.

R on

I agree, not flattering. But at least it’s more feminine than she usually is seen wearing.

Wendi on

I don’t think it’s all that flattering. She could have definitely picked something else that would have looked better. Just because it is expensive, doesn’t mean it looks good.

Leslie Eriksson on

Definitely Not flattering at all, and, of course, I have been wishing she’d cut her hair back to how it looked 2 years ago…… But, she’s not my mother and she can do what she likes.

Myles on

Wow Allison and Tami… How negative. The woman is celebrating her daugther’s wedding and looks over the moon happy! How would you feel if someone was so mean about what your mother chose to wear to your own wedding/rehersal dinner? I didn’t know we had stlye icons Tami Gucci and Allison Pucci commenting on People.com…

Myles on

Wow…a whole group of style wedding crashers…Classy kind people here.

karito on

This look really fits her…she looks so radiant and content, is like she finally is showing off the other side of her, happy go luck girl!

I am happy for her and best wishing to the bride!

Susan C on

It looks like a muu-muu. With all of her money and fame, Hillary could have done a lot better in the dress department.

Jan on

Looks like a tent with those arm flap things, but I’m wondering if photo was taken at a bad angle. Not sure if I see a cinched waist there or not. Might be better as a hands-on-hip dress. I do like the fabric. Ethereal looking.

Paul on

It’s a mumu

Lori on

If you look closely, it is cinched at the waist, but still not figur friendly. Hilary is in good shape for her age. She should have worn a shorter, figure hugging dress. However…I love the color for summer!

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Heidi on

While she does look radiantly happy, that picture is not the most flattering. I think the dress would be better without the sleeves. The big sleeves clash with the rest of the dress and make it look like a tent (at least in this photo). The sleeves ruin what otherwise looks like a nice dress, but hey if she’s happy what else matters.

Chrissy G on

I really like this. If you look closely its clenched at the waist and very flattering in the bust area. Through her arms (a problem for most woman!) it sheer. Its not what I would wear but, Im not pushing 64 yrs old and sec. of state. I think she looks great!

kc on

Oh no… absolutely the wrong style for her not at all flattering… what was she thinking?

Karen on

Wow, You people are really harsh! I wish them all the happiness in the world. Picture it was your mother these people are bashing,,,

Jenny on

That is not a dress. It is a Moo-moo tent.

Doris on

C’mon. The lady’s 63 years old, the mother of the bride, and the Secretary of State of the most powerful country in the world, and you want her to look like Britney Spears? She looks fabulous.

Ben Dover on

OK for a MuMu

rachel on

Wow is everyone on her from what not to wear? Most of the people here would have criticized her no matter what she chose to wear. I think she looks good.

Amaryllis on

That dress looks like a burlap sack. Sorry!

Janet on

Yuck. Glamorous??? No way.

Lin on

We’ll see what all you young girls look like at 63? I think she looks beautiful!

Kalay on

I wish she could wear something better than this. The dress, the style everything looks like the night grown I wore in Southeast Asia while I was there in last 9 years ago. Mine was orange color with small red flowers. So I am totally speechless about the designer “the always-elegant Oscar de la Renta”. Really???

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Steve on

Okay, am I the only one who knows what a bad photo this is? I am certain this dress looks a LOT better when she doesn’t have her arm raised, she isn’t billowing in the breeze when making a quick exit, and the harsh light from all the photogs lights aren’t hitting the right side. Has anyone noticed that her waist starts about one foot inward from each side? Are young women so easily taken in by bad photography these days? Yikes.

Susan Reich on

I think she looks great. And the prettiest thing she has on, is her smile. But her dress looks great. Judging from the gentlemens lack of ties, it was not formal, so a casual but glamorous caftan was perfect!

Alaina on

Doesn’t do her ANY justice.
Next time Hil, please DO NOT try to make a dress out of the afghan that you knitted!

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Lindsay on

Well, it is definitely different from what we are used to seeing her wear. I wish there was another angle of her, because I bet it was very pretty on her. Congrats to the family.

sandy on

A classy dress for a classy lady. She looks breathtakingly beautiful!

Jay on

the only thing surprising is the print. she is known for having cankles and large hips. ellen degeneres looks more feminine.

l on

Love her hair! Wish she’d wear it like that all the time.

Bill Clinton on

Wow, it worked! She cut a hole in a bed sheet and put it over her head. Now if I can only get her to put a paper bag over her head.

Gerry on

She looks as frumpy as she always has. Nice to see the Democratic stalwarts putting on the most ostentatious show of the year.
I thought the mantra was “take from the rich and give to the poor”. Oh, that’s right all of the servers will get their minimum wage.

Janet on

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am getting close to her age and the “tent-o-rama” look will never be in my wardrobe. Don’t be so sensitive dems…she is a very powerful female figure and not bad for her age but the dress doesn’t do her justice.

Betty on

Hillary can wear whatever she wants. This was a rehearsal dinner not the red carpet. She looks happy and comfortable.

Bella on

Is this a caftan? Are they back in? It would have been lovely just as a dress, without all the extraneous yardage. She is a lovely woman, but her style is non-existent. Show some leg Hilary!

jumbybird on

LMAO….GLAM? Looks like a Mumu

JR on

I really don’t mean to be mean, because I admire Hillary, but that really is not a flattering outfit. I actually think one of her suits and head bands would have been prettier. My son is getting married next year and I’ll certainly be wearing something much more feminine and figure flattering than this.

Judy on

That has got to be the UGLIEST dress Ive ever seen. It doesnt seem to accentuate any part of her,in fact, it makes things look much worse. The color doesnt do a thing for her. That gown, (said loosely) isnt appropriate attire for such an ocassion, possibly, would work for a beach party as a cover up. And yes, you would think with all that money, she could find at least one stylist that could find a hair style that would look good on her.

stan on

Hummmm. Well you can put make-up on a pig to make it prettier but in the end it’s still a pig.

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allie on

Her hair looks good for a change. The dress isn’t soo flattering on her at all. I would have chosen something else. It looks horrible.

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Janeq on

She looks lovely. Good for her for stepping out of her fashion routine, without being silly. Elegant, feminine, modern, classic. A great choice.

sheran on

She looks like she’s wearing something that you would wear around the house when you did’nt feel like getting dressed!

Janet on

This looks more like something she would’ve picked up from the street vendors during her recent trip to Pakistan. What was she thinking? After eons of wearing single color pant suits she has lost touch with reality and fashion. This dress would definitely look glamorous for a nun, but not for somebody who has enough friends in high fashion places.

Suze on

I think she looks fabulous – and radiantly happy! Congratulations to the family! As a working mom of a daughter, I’m thrilled to see such a powerful woman who managed to raise a terrific daughter enjoy a glamorous night out. Something to aspire to.

Cranson Snord on

Wow, MaMa Cass 60,s style look. I think it is so Retro. She is truly in touch with the people.

stef24 on

THAT is glamorous? She definitely looks better than usual but glamorous? It’s as though she got that from Aretha Franklin’s closet….

Carol on

You’ve gotta be kidding me? This is going glam? What were they thinking? She looks like a potatoe!

Maddy on

If you would all look under her left shoulder, you would realize that there is a fitted sheath under the caftan. The caftan is sheer and layers over the main dress.

She looks wonderful. And her hair looks much better now, rather than that short do she had.

You all must be fashion consultants or experts from the comments here. I bet if we saw what some of you wear for important occasions, we’d be laughing.

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[…] Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople MagazineGone are her famous iconic headbands and matching primary color pantsuits, and in their place, a glamorous printed caftan. Hillary Clinton, is that really you? The Secretary of State turned up the style quotient on Friday night as she left her daughter …FAST FACTS: Clinton-Mezvinsky WeddingFOXNewsChelsea Clinton's wedding weekend is underwayUSA TodayInside Chelsea Clinton's Wedding WeekendPopEaterPhiladelphia Inquirer -Washington Post -ABC Newsall 4,440 news articles » […]

candace on

I don’t think she looks bad, she looks comfortable to me… but hey, that’s only my opinion…

Josh on

It’s a very pretty dress. Don’t hate on her because she’s overweight.

Walter on

She looks great and dares to be a bit different; no cookie cutter here. Down, all of you attack dogs! All of these negative comments smack of jealousy.

Neena on

I agree, the photo is not flattering. You can tell the waist is cinched but the definition is hard to see with her arm raised. Would love to see what some people making the comments look like. Best wishes to the Clintons on a very special day.

luna on

Actually, that’s not bad. I’m not wild about that particular print, but it does look nice and I’m sure its comfortable. Better than those mother-of-the bride type dresses with tons of sequins on ’em.

Randy R. on

I am not a Hillary fan by any means, but she looks radiant, comfortable, and confident; something we should hope for everyone. Enjoy the moment Hillary, and have a great time at your daughter’s wedding!

s on

Its a MUMU!

mark on

This is definitely an improvement but it still goes go show you, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear!” God bless her for trying though!

Scott on

I think is looks great. She should dress more often like this – even as secretary of state.

Kristin on

Maybe someday someone will snap a picture of you, and we can all post critiques that have nothing to do with your character, and soothe our insecurities. Wearing a “tent” is totally appropriate for a fifty-something mother of the bride at a rehearsal dinner. The bride should be the hottest one there, and hopefully the mom’s not showing off her figure. What kind of clothes do you ladies wear to these events–denim minis and stretch camis, so you can show off your figure (if you even have one) like you’re suggesting? As for her hair, it’s up to date and well styled, which you would know if you weren’t still obsessed with 10-year-old chunky highlights and facial framing.

whawhawhat? on

Ah… since when is wearing a moo-moo considered glamorous? I bet she looked hot in her snuggie later that night.

shelnate on

This is her daughter’s wedding and I think that she should be allowed to pick whatever she wants to wear. It isn’t the best outfit that I’ve ever seen her wear, but it should be her choice. Her hair could be more becoming. She definately needs to see a hair stylist. I hope she does, before the wedding tonight. God Bless her family. May they have many years of happiness!

Keerti on

It looks like night the standard dress of most Indian women wear in many cities across India. What a whaco designer! How tasteless

Keerti on

It looks like night gown the standard dress of most Indian women wear in many cities across India. What a whaco designer! How tasteless

Chef on

Okay, okay she doesn’t look red carpet ready but she looks radiant, happy and a move in the right direction with something not so traditional and overly seen. I think for a 60 something women she is a role model of how older women should look (you know with not perfect face or trendy clothes but very interesting and charming)
You go Hillary!

emmie on

Not for nothing, but check the expressions on the guys faces around her. Must not want to be there.

Susan on

I think she looks fantastic- I love that color on her and hair style is really cute. She looks younger and beautiful.

Have a great day Hillary!

Attila the Plumber on

This is one of the hardest working people on the planet. After a year and a half non-stop on airplanes, let her relax, folks. She looks VERY comfortable. She deserves it.

As they once said: You go, girl !

lotus on

good color.. very ocean like matching her eyes…

very cosmopolitian…

dare we suggest she should have worn a silk saree though (which would have flattered her slender frame even more..)

John Anderson on

Obviously Hillary went tent shopping at the Sports Authority.

Niwotmom on

@Tami and Allison-I agree. It does nothing for her. It’s very unflattering.

panchosays on

Hill is dressed femail for a change. But yikes, that mu mu probably from J.C. Penney. But there’s a great deal to cover, as it were. I don’t mind slamming bad taste because it contrasts with her and hubby’s enormously strategized p.r. efforts to remain important, Hil for sure. And, after all, Hil is our “image/representative” to international diplomacy. Hope the newlyweds are treated politely by the press and gossipists, then left alone in privacy to build their lives.
And the he is faithful.

Teri on

Very hip & chic! Love it!!

mae on

It looks horrible!!!Can’t believe anyone would wear that, especially someone who is in the public eye.

panchosays on

Hill is dressed femail for a change. But yikes, that mu mu probably from J.C. Penney. But there’s a great deal to cover, as it were. I don’t mind slamming bad taste because it contrasts with her and hubby’s enormously strategized p.r. efforts to remain important, Hil for sure. And, after all, Hil is our “image/representative” to international diplomacy. Hope the newlyweds are treated politely by the press and gossipists, then left alone in privacy to build their lives….And the he is faithful.

Tom Bevil on

Yuck… Is her designer Omar the tent maker?

Rita on

I am so happy for the Clintons, expecially Bill and Hillary. It must be such a happy and at the same time a sad time for them, Chelsea being the only child. Bill and Hillary look so happy and I hope everything turns out good for all of them. They have gone through so much politically and personally. They deserve all the happiness and blessings in the world. God bless their family always.

Wilson on

That’s glam? Well, I guess in Rhinebeck, NY, that passes for glam. And it looks as if her hair color is a home job.

Josh on

Is Hillary Clinton trying to outdress Liz Taylor. A moo moo ..What was she thinking.? Well she still is showing her Arkansas glamor roots.

Reenie on

Kudos to Hilary! She looks truly elated and her dress is flattering, sophisticated and fun all at the same time. Finally the woman has a chance to let her hair down and relax. I hope the entire family enjoys every second of this special occasion. Hilary has so much class!


I think it looks alot better than some of the suits that she wears. And you gotta remember it is summer and it’s 100+ degrees too. I think she looks great. Congrats to the family.

Kirk on

Give the girl a break. She is on Stage 24/7 and needs to let her hair down. She will be at her finest this PM for the wedding.

Laura on

She looks just beautiful! She has a great figure and a beautiful face! HILLARY 2012!

Marcus on

Not to celebrities: Always make sure clothes are camera friendly…

Orchid on

it’s a nice happy dress… wear it .. it’s easy and breezy.. very fresh and different. it’s not supposed to be a figure-flattering dress.. but that’s the whole point of this fashion. In this overly-maddening figure-focused culture, can’t we ever remember that the best fashion ever is our smile and feelings??

for important ocasssions, we often fuss and muss over our entire outfit the whole time.

she is smiling, happy and free… celebrating.
the fabric of the outfit is so pretty fresh and refreshing.. like the breeze flowing.

she’s SO HAPPY… and that is true fashion, folks.

the negative comments sound a little green that some of u are not having that much fun.. what she sent no invitation card to you??

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maya on

that dress is so not her!!! its like cutting a hole on a sheet with print ant thrwing it on your head lol!!!! All that money and no taste, what a shame Hil!!!

Marcus on

Last post was meant to be NOTE to celebrities..

Cherie on

She looks great. The caftan is fitting in her midriff and her cleavage not over done. Great color. She looks Happy!

Kit on

She looks like a radiant, happy mother of the bride! For those of you who criticize..lets have a look in YOUR closet, since you are apparently experts.

Les Pheil on

I like the hair. She is obviously outside her comfort zone, do you see the “death grip” of her right hand? The colors are refreshing and it is nice to see her in something other than matching pantsuits. You go Hillary!!

RainyDayInterns on

Tami and Allison…it’s time to change out of your sweat pants.

Susan Knight on

Hilary is a beautiful mother-of-the-bride. Shes very famous around the world, as is her husband. The attention this weekend is for Chelsey. Yes,Hilary could have worn something more flattering for her body type, but this isnt a fashion show. Shes dressed in what looks more like a kimono then a mumu. I think its a very befitting outfit for a woman in her position.

jen on

I think she looks great and the dress, although not form-fitting, looks elegant and comfortable.

Nancy Hart on

It looks like a left over bed sheet.

Dee on

Sorry Hilary, that looks like a burlap sack that was dyed to look pretty. Makes you look like a sack of potatoes. You’re much too pretty to be wearing something like that.

ObamaSucks on

Hides her cankles!

A on

Wow… that must be the Al Gore going green dress. Yuck.

Terry on

The color of her outfit is beautiful, but the style does seem out-of-date. Of all the outfits she could wear, this one does surprise me. But she does look very, very happy. That’s what counts.

Chris on

Looks like she borrowed that fish dress from Oprah.

Cheryl on

Quite horrible. I don’t know what she was thinking, but I do hope her Mother of the Bride outfit is 100% better than this train wreck of a dress.

Status Quo on

just because a dress is not form-fitting does not mean it’s not beautiful. her outfit is gorgeous!

look at the color, exquisite fabric, amazing necklace, her smile and glow. this is fashion that dares to be different. a fashion which does not promote eating-disorders in order to wear.

why do we as a culture focus on figure figure figure for a fashion to ‘work’? most of the world is not so figure-obsessed. let’s all grow up and realize there is a world of fashion which leaves women to be free and breezy…

yes, she has $ and can hire all the stylists to wear the frou-frou status quo… but she dares to stand away from the status quo and she looks LOVELY!

jack elam on

That looks like an effin pup tent!!

Stylie on

I don’t think that is stylish. She looks like an old mama. I hope she wears something better at the wedding.

Linda Kahn on

Hillary looks simply fabulous. Anyone who says otherwise
doesn’t know what she/he is talking about, period.

CarlyF. on

I agree her hair is worse than Barbara Boxers

Bruce on

That’s not a dress. It’s a tent from Omar!!!!!

Chris on

You guys say she looks happy, I say she looks possessed by evil.

jenomino on

That’s prime fodder for the I can’t believe what they were thinking page.

Looks like she mugged an Arabian for his tent.

Tina on

That as got to be the ugliest thing Ive ever seen anyone wear!!!!!!!! ROFL!

Brenda on

Some of you need your eyes checked. The dress is fitted through the waist and bodice. The colors are fresh and lovely. She looks quite cool and comfortable and very pretty in this dress. I would imagine this was a semi-formal dinner since the men are dressed in dress pants and sports jackets..not suits/tux. Her dress is absolutely appropriate for a mother of the bride.






Cheryl on

Note: Hilary looks radiant and happy. It’s just her outfit that doesn’t cut it. And it has nothing to do with Rhinebeck and what they do or do not find stylish. It’s a matter of opinion. Perhaps it looks better in person.

D R on

I see she’s decided to wear a tarp. Good choice. I didn’t know they were making them in colors now.

raine on

It look like a bathrobe, or a house dress , not something to wear when all eyes are on you. ulgy

olharl on

Is it necessary to use every least opportunity to be an ugly little troll? Hillary is sending the right message; its not time to be an executive, it’s time to be a well-to-do, semi-hipster middle-aged mom at a rehearsal dinner. She looks fine. You jerks can talk policy another day.

footsoldier on

Well Hillary does look like a regular mother of the bride and happy. I hear Chelsea ask her mother for a longer hair and I notice she is not doing coloring either. they must have a plan.

She is dress for a summer night in a resort area and show a relax Hillary.

leisa on

You call that glam..looks more like a house coat to me–maybe nice for the hot weather–great material but not a flattering look–Hopefully the gown will be a better choice tonight.

Emerald on

sadly, there a lot of people who are media brainwashed by the fashion police to think the only fashion that deserves to be ‘thumbs up’ is the one where your every rib is on display to the world..

Granted, everyone has a right to wear what they want.. but the fashion police here in the West keeps such a tight clamp on ethnic wear. it’s sad.

Sarees (Eastern) turn a woman into a work of art. Have you seen one? grow up people and realize there whole world of fashion out there, and in fact, Hillary is dressed the way most women of the world do dress: carefree, beautiful and NOT putting her entire figure to be assessed and displayed and given a thumbs up or down in askmen.com.

it is such an exquisite garment, ocean-like..
what is up with you people.. it’s like everyone is puppets of the media now…

Jill on

The sack of potato I bought last week looks more glamorous than this. This is what happens when you spend all your time waiting for the 3:00am phone calls from some foreign leaders rather than using that time to thumb through some fashion magazines. With the type of fashion sense she has no wonder Bill Clinton’s eyes wander in search of prettier people regardless of whether they are chubby or not.

Juliea on

Looks like a muumuu.

SusiQ on

She looks lovely for a lady “of a certain age” and also festive but “turn up the style quotient”? Nah, not so much; caftans are not the most flattering or current style out there. Unless you’re in Hawaii and call them “muumuus”. But I agree it’s better than the ever-present matronly pantsuit altho they’re very appropriate for her position.

Patricia on

I met Hilary a few years back. She must not be the most photogenic woman because I was surprised at how lovely she was. Gorgeous skin and eyes and had to be a size 4. She shares the charisma factor w/ her husband too.

Jan Daley on

Nice dress, but the prints are too busy for Hilary. Not figure flattering either. I’ll
give it a 6. Sorry Hill better luck on Chelsea’s
“Big Day”. jmo

koolaukid on

To those that like the outfit, I agree.

To those that don’t but held their tongue, my respect.

To those that don’t but didn’t hold their tongue, meow.

Emerald on

– Jill on July 31st, 2010 –>

that is so negative !

In India, a woman wears a saree, and it’s not form fitting, but most males there consider it a work of art and the most amazing garment ever. any woman who wears it becomes a grace in motion. the divorce rate is so low.. and women wear sarees. now that women there are wearing Western garments in India (including hip mod minis..), and the divorce rate is climbing. are they related? no.. most likely, it is the pressure of the escalating career hours and changing mind-sets of the people..

how can you correlate a personal relationship with fashion choice like this?

society is programmed by media and fashion world to create a set of ‘requirements’ of what is “pretty” and what is not. if you expand your mind, you might find that your sets of likes and dislikes are just media-influenced choices which budded into ‘tastes’…

Louann on

The arms are what make the dress suck. Everything else on it is good.

Jan Daley on

Not flattering. Fabric is too busy for Hilary. Better luck at your daughters Big Day

Laura on

HEY! A-n-y-o-n-e can be dressed for a special event and have an unflattering picture taken of them. The only reason it’s not the most flattering picture of the dress is because one arm is up and one arm is out. I’ll bet that if she stands naturally, the drape of the fabric looks beautiful. She looks SO happy! The family will have a beautiful day celebrating Chelsea’s wedding!

CeeGee on

OMG, can you say “night-night” to Hillary in that nightgown!!! And, her hair, just got out of the shower??? My daughters would have been mortified had I shown up at their rehersal dinners dressed like I was ready for bed!!! With all her fortune and fame, guess it can’t be good sense and style!

Niki on

Hillary looks beautiful and she looks SO happy! I love Hillary Clinton. Wish she was President.

amy on

She tried something different – it was a special occasion – it isnt so bad but it that country chic. Maybe a long or 3/4 shirt with a pretty top would have been better

Mel on

I think HRC is getting a bad rap because this is a bad picture. It looks to me that the dress is fitted around the waist, but the sleeves drape and widen into the flowing bottom of the dress. The angle of her waving and the picture make the dress seem formless, but you gotta look closer.

lynnette on

If Hillary feels beautiful and is comfortable in this outfit, then that’s all that counts. She has her own style and seems confident in anything she wears. The most important thing is that she is happy and celebrating this special occasion with her family.

Jay on

Absolutely stunning! Hillary looks beautiful!! Both she and Bill must be so proud of their little-girl-now-all-grown-up daughter!!! What a journey they’ve been on together for thirty years!! Hope their day is perfect!!!

nightnut on

hi ladies and those who have been saying the dress isn’t flattering…

40-yo man here to tell you that Hillary looks gorgeous in that picture, glowing happy and vibrant. The dress is definitely both flattering and sexy, strong and confident. She looks better than I’ve ever seen her look before, a curve here, a little hip there, and positively glowing.

Jefferson on

Hides the ‘thunder thighs’

AZKay on

She looks GREAT! The color would be beautiful on her in person. I’m sure she has some weight and body type issues. She’s not some reality show bimbo; she’s our Secretary of State and a former First Lady. This caftan is beautiful, light, and she’ll probably be very comfortable all evening–eating, dancing, having a wonderful time.

Nikki on

I thought that it was suppose to be Country Sheek. That is not that.

Debbie on

Glamorous? No way…..ugliest dress I have ever seen. She needs a stylist!

Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea’s Rehearsal Dinner - People Magazine | Today's Topic on

[…] Read the strange post: Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea’s Rehearsal Dinner – People Magazine […]

JHK on

a lot of people are calling this a ‘matronly look’. perhaps so, because in fact, the fashion houses and media just rejects any fashion which does not emphasize the figure. but if there were fashion models and ‘cool hip young thangs’ wearing a wide variety of fashion, you can bet this would not be seen as a sign of matronly look..

In India, the saree is a garment worn by women of all ages.. and it is never seen a sign of youth or elder… just a sign of pure exquisite beauty. one of my male Indian friends said he fell in love with a girl in his college, for the first time seeing her in a saree (a work of art). She wore all the hip sytles, but it took a saree to be able to appreciate her beauty. google a saree and you’ll see the grace it promotes on a woman.

that does not mean ‘hip cool young thangs’ in Mumbai (often the most fashion conscious in the world now..) does not wear minis or strapless Chanels.. she sure does. but there is so much beauty in a whole wide variety of fashion, which is rejected by the West. we need to expand our mind about fashion, and we’ll see we’re missing a whole range of beauty out there…

Jennifer on

she looks as if she just tore the curtains off the window and threw it on…yikes!

Olove on

can you say….eewwww?

Shiloh13 on

That dress is horrible! It makes her look like she weighs a lot more than what she does. That is huge. Very unflattering!

TexasG on

Simply gorgeous. You’re the Tops, Hilary.

Louise Heidorn on

I thought she looked lovely,,
, elegant, and very happy.

jumbybird on

The latest in cow wear?

carolae on


Smalbany on

Looks like a patterned potato sack to me!

Ria on

If she is going for an international ethnic looks, good for her. the fabric is a great summer choice, color matching her eyes.. looks fresh and refreshing. the important thing is she’s having fun!

someone mentioned a saree, but that is a very difficult dress to wear and carry. you need to have a lot of grace to carry it off- it does not bring you ‘instant grace’. but yes, a saree would have suited her frame more, she is more thin. it is a work of art,, but she may have spent the whole time worrying about it .. as much as a strapless gown wearer worries about wardrobe malfunctions.

but yes, the exquisite nature of a garment is completely gone out of the window in fashion representations these days. anyone who does a google image search on a saree can see fashion can see the amazing beauty it brings..

Patty on

I think she looks happy, relaxed and lovely! What a confident, strong woman! I hope all you negative naysayers out there never have to show your face in public! What ever happened to graciousness and commen courtesy…

em on

The woman looks like a lady, not a tramp which is what most celebrities look like. Half the women on the glam lists look like a bunch of street walkers. 20 years ago the hookers on Lexington Ave. and 28th street looked like most of these poor misguided, stylist ravaged celebrities look. The woman is a mom and a lady as well as Secretary of State of a world power and not some cookie cutter siliconed-up bimbo from Hollywood. She looks just great.

Cindy on

This is what the daughter picked out I am sure.

Ria on

obviously, the dress is form fitting but flowing too. if you see the bodice necklace area– it is very fitting and looks lovely.

the lower portion and the sides are loose… to show a flowing feeling.

it’s a nice dress.
the negativity against her is shocking.
she is smiling, guess that makes ppl mad.

jusme on

Even that bag isn’t big enough to fit all her BS

mick on

Someone wrote “it’s a mumu” more like a moo-moo. Turquoise cow if ya ask me. She looks like a tick. Little itty bitty head and a great big body. Hillary is alot of things but glam is not one of them. Sorry hillary.

Carie on

What a tent!!! And she didn’t even bother to wash her hair for her daughter’s rehearsal dinner!!! In response to the above post about appearance: She’s a public figure and always in the limelight, public figures are always judged on clothing whether we like it or not. Of course people are going to look at her and comment. As far as that tent goes, it doesn’t matter who designed it and how much she paid for it, it’s still a tent. This is the attire Mama Cass Elliot wore when she performed and those of you old enough to remember Mama Cass was 250-300 pounds. And I’m absolutely sure they are ecstatic about Chelsea’s $2 million wedding, wouldn’t you be if you could lay out that kind of money for your daughter’s wedding? Question: Did he pull the money out of one of his foreign bank accounts? I’m tired of the entire Clinton thing, from Bill’s not knowing what sex is to Hillary and Chelsea. Give it a rest already…

L on

Not so flattering in this pic but the dress takes on a whole new look in video. There is a waist hugging band (hardly seen in this photo) that really compliments her figure. And the neckline and color are gorgeous compared to her normal look. Good choice Hilary!

melissa on

She looks like she wrapped herself last minute with the hotel courtains, what is that ?

HeartSleeve on

I absolutely LOVE the look, and the fact that it makes the fashionistas squirm is proof that Hillary knows what she likes. It makes such a statement and looks like the perfect summer attire for the Lady Who Travels the World. She looks very comfortable in it, and that should be the first rule of fashion.

Musician on

Caftan = what I would wear if I had gained weight (not implying that she has, tho).

If that is Bill holding her hand, can he not wear a suit to the reheasal dinner vs khakis and a jacket? Tsk – tsk

johanna on

i think she looks great. its nice to see her dressed chic!

pwm on

Jeez-us Congrats to Omar the Tent-Maker. A 2 millions shindig and that is the best she can come up with?

PAM on


ac on

I can’t believe she wore a MooMoo out in public!!!
WHAT was she thinking???!!!

Silas Kain on

She looks positively Presidential.

sherrie smart on

hooray for the Clinton’s beautiful daughter Chelsea. As far as Mrs. Clinton’s dress is concerned it’s her choice and her style. I personally think she looks great, and I also think the whole outfit from her hair to her shoes. My personal opinion about the wedding is their business and those people that weren’t invited shouldn’t feel too bad after all it is Chelsea who’s a young lady with friends she can relate to. Her fiance also. All celebrity marriages or personal parties, and funerals should only be for who they were meant to be for close friends and family, doesn’t anyone agree?

Susan on

Where is her veil? Didn’t France ban this type of dress for women recently? As the mother of the bride, Bill probably decided to seat her next to some of the guests from Saudi Arabia and it definitely will go with the dress those dudes wear there in the hot summer.

Musician on

Correction – Bill is not in khakis – but the next best thing to it – boring gray pants. Get out a suit for gawds sake.

PS – wonder if he is wearing a tie – perhaps one from Monica?

m nash on

Her Dress looks like Homer Simpson’s Moo Moo

Imme on

While her hair and makeup look nice, she looks like she’s wearing a moo moo. Would have preferred the dress to lose the sleeves and have a tighter fit in hip region. But then again, it’s refreshing to see her in something more feminine than her usual suits.

phoebi on

Not sure about the dolman sleeves, but the ethnic design is still in trend…Maybe the dress looks better if it’s sleeveless, cinched back and with chiffon scarf. (classic :P) The color and texture of the caftan dress look great with her complexion ! I give her big radiant smile a A plus plus plus!

mick on

Was this dress made by Oscar de la TENTa too? LOL

Chloe on

This picture doesn’t do the dress nor Hillary justice. It is a flowing kind of dress and looks like one. This picture makes it look like a caftan. Also her hair was styled in kind of semi-curls which showed the layers of her hair cut. Personally, I think she could have done better but I’m anxious to see what the Mother of the Bride wears today.

crystal on

She has a smile of a proud mom on her face and for that she looks beautiful!!!

DB on

Looks like a camo.tent! LOL

dori on

OMG, she paid for that gunnesac!

ruby on

I think she looks pretty.

She’s an amazing woman and a proud mother.

Leave her be people.

lawkwfl on

This is without a doubt looks like a $19.99 snuggie from Walgreens.

Laura on

I am disgusted at the negative comments. I think the dress is not put in it’s best light in this picture because of the way her arms are. I’m sure she looked stunning person standing naturally. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete IDIOT! She’s obviously glowing and happy.

InStyle.com What's Right Now : Chelsea’s Getting Married! on

[…] Hillary Clinton goes glam for Chelsea’s rehearsal dinner — Rachel […]

Chloe on

Another thing: Her makeup. You NEVER see her with that type of glamour makeup on and she looked positively radiant on TV. It was obviously done professionally and befitting a woman of her stature – Mother of the Bride and NOT Secretary of State!! She always looks dowdy when “working”, but last night she was a totally different person

barbie on

Horrible!!!! shows how bias the media is….not dowdy good golly, what are you thinking!!!!

molly on

seriously gorgeous and chic.

Kathy Ann Holbrook on

Beautiful fabric and fits nicely over her bust and tummy; unfortunately, it looks like she just got out of the pool and is running to the grocery store for something. Would be interested to know if there was a “theme” to the rehearsal dinner that may have constituted this outfit to be appropriate.

Jill on

You responded to my comment saying women in India wear sarees that are not form fitting. Sarees are really form fitting. They are wrapped around the body all the way through except for the part which flows and hangs over the shoulder. After all Hillary Clinton is not in India and she is not attending an Indian wedding, so why even compare her dress with an Indian saree.

Joelle Brown on

I think she looks ridiculous!

lawkwfl on

Anyone who thinks People.com is going to generate nice, classy comments is the bigger idiot. Stop reading the tabloid gossip and and read the Ladies Home Journal and you’ll get nice comments. What a genius you are.

Cindy on

I’m not a Hilary fan, never have been, never will be. But this is her daughter’s wedding, one of the happiest days of a MOB’s life. I think she looks happy, and that is great. Her dress is lovely, bad angle probably…. but it doesn’t matter what she wears to everyone else. It matters to her…. and you can tell by her smile, that she’s happy. For that, I say “Go Hilary”. I hope she has a wonderful day. Question I have, who is the man who’s hand she is holding? Can’t imagine is’s Bill’s since they would never have cut him out of the picture.

Kim on

She looks GORGEOUS it’s amazing what color and makeup does for her.

Jackie on

The smile says it all. She’s radiant.

Ron on

When the title mentioned “Hillary Clinton Goes Glam” I thought she was a “Glambert” and they hired Adam Lambert for entertainment at the wedding, your know “For Your Entertainment”

dooozie on

I was thinking they caught her in her house robe. Not flattering at all.

Debbie on

I think she looks terrific!

rennee on

nightnut on July 31st, 2010 ==>

a big thumbs up to someone finally strong enough to stand against the grain of the media-status-quo of the barbie-looks…

Kim on

She looks so fabulous and happy! From the headline, I was expecting a mumu, but this dress is low cut, tightly fitted in the bodice and must look wonderful in motion! Very up-to-date, a touch ethnic, just perfect!

Dutra on

She has that Hawaiian moo-moo thing going down. Man, she does look ghetto.

Susan on

That’s not chic…it’s a Mumu!

Teresa on

You look beautiful! Good for you, go GIRL!

Do not listen to the unhappy mean things people are saying. If it works for you…..go do it, wear it enjoy it…..Best of wishes to you and your family!

Tina on

It’s better than her usual pant suit attire. Ugh!!! At least it’s dressy. Can’t wait to see what she wears for the wedding.

carol on

it is not something I would choose to wear. She looks happy and proud, lets not be so judgemental.

Chichen Itza on

She couldn’t “glam” up anything with all the help in the world – and I am sorry but Chelsea (as I had hoped 15 years ago) never did grow into her self – I can’t look at her – she looks like her mother – but I wish them a Happy marriage anyway

Kelly on

MEOW! Sure lots of women on here who are jealous they can’t afford a designer dress.

jurby on

looks like she’s wearing a moo-moo. what the heck was she thinking?! i also hate her longer hair.

teresa on

I don’t really like that dress but it’s only one picture. Perhaps it’s just an unflattering picture.

Seriously on

Chichen Itza didn’t your mommy ever teach you if you can’t say something nice, STFU? Lets see YOUR picture so we can all judge you.

lili on

hmmm…..whose idea was it for her to wear a moo moo dress?…it is great to wear around the house for comfort but not for her only daughter’s rehearsal dinner…I am not a fashionista but even I can pick something better than that.

The Big Day: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding – New York Times | Celebrity Gossip Magazines Online on

[…] said to be staying. The prospect of seeing the Clintons and other celebrities has gripped …Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople MagazineClosed captioning of: Chelsea's big day arrivesmsnbc.comVIP Alert as Chelsea […]

rain on

fashionistas fashion police who believe what the fashion magazines teach you to wear is hip mod cool.

brainwash brainwash brainwash

Nando Vega on

The Secretary is and has always been very, very h-o-t. Glad to see she is enjoying herself and letting her hair down a bit.

Karen on

I have never heard a Moo Moo called glamorous…

ROB on

Well as obama said…you can put lipstick on a pig, but democrats are tasteless and classless and still want your money to help foot the bill for this debaucle………….

Jro on

And we care about this wedding because???? She is just another priviledged person who is getting married to another priviledged person…..more important things in this world.

Ronda on

The caftan looks like a couple of them I owned when I was in my early 20’s–back in the 70’s. I would have thought Hillary would have had a more polished attire at this rehearsal dinner. Good grief! Where was Oscar de la Renta when she planned this attire?

I do hope she will have a more elegant gown at the wedding, but not one to overtake the purpose of Chelsea and Marc being married. Surely the dress will be more stately and refined.

Saber on


Wowow the dress is truly gorgeous, splendid smile, after the huge load of work that the Secretery of State is always on all the time exciting. The Neckale is amazing too. Great day I am sure it was great happy dinner. Again Congratulations

Karen on

I was so appalled I incorrectly spelled Muu Muu, but it still dosen’t make it look any better…

cloudy on

people, what have you been all smoking?

the dress has a cleavage generous fitted neckline.. and it’s a moo-moo sack?!!?

anyone who does not have good cleavage capacity cannot carry this dress off. Hillary is carrying it off well. it’s a deceptive dress– it looks like ‘easy wear’.. but it’s not. the bottom and side portions are flowing.. but the top portion is fitted to the core

it is far more form-fitting than a form-fitting saree, even.. she is obviously showing off the beautiful necklace as the center point of this fashion. she is dressed far away from status quo and taking a strong beating for it.. but good for her, that she stays happy regardless of how much thumbs-down she is getting !

what next?, should Heidi Montag be her stylist adviser so she can get sillicones and dress in hip mod ‘young thang’ cougar fashions, since she has the bucks to do it??!!!

Linda on

With her money, her hair could be much better. She usually looks unkempt all of the time. Also, that dress does absolutely nothing for her. It looks like a sack. It does not flatter her or her figure.

Ida on

Wow–I always said women are the most vivious people on earth and some of these comments prove it.

I think Hillary looks beautiful and her dress is gorgeous. It’s her daughter’s wedding for heaven’s sake. Leave her alone.

Have some respect! Congratulations to everyone!

Ivan on

The best one can say about comments about anyone’s fashion sense shows only the very shallow side of most people.
It’s a wedding. Everybody dresses up to celebrate, not to open themselves to crude, dumb opinions!
Go read a good book.(Assuming you know how to read.)

lisamclouth on

This the worse I have ever seen her!!She looks HUGE!!!!!

Deloris on

Beautiful and congrats to Chelsea and the family.
I think the Clintons are amazing. Love them.

orange on

Hillary is not running for Miss Universe.. or going to a cougar party to bat eyelashes. She is a Sectary of State with international connections, and has chosen a dress away from the fashionista police’s status quo.

she is having FUN AND ENJOYING HER TIME for a moment which is very special to her! her dress may be lovely to some, and to some it may be un-lovely… but so what!

that makes fashionistas green green green and mad that they can’t have that much fun with their $10,000 sillicones and $5,000 dresses…

melanie simms on

Well I dont care much for caftans; its an acquired taste I suppose– we all have different interests and stylistic needs/desires- i personally dont think its flattering- though the print and color is lovely i think she would look better in a shorter dress– Hillary is a beautiful woman and I agree that she could pump up the volume with a better hairstyle as well.. but we are talking style fashions here and she dresses the same way my late mother did so (lol) I cant really say much more!
As far as the wedding–thats wonderful- she deserves to be the glowing mother and watch her gorgeous daughter walk down the aisle with a great catch– so its a happy day for her and doubt she cares much for what anybody thinks on this occassion…

The Big Day: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding – New York Times – About Everything I'm Interested In on

[…] said to be staying. The prospect of seeing the Clintons and other celebrities has gripped …Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople MagazineClosed captioning of: Chelsea's big day arrivesmsnbc.comCrowd on VIP alert at […]

Saber on


The dress is gergeous, the Nekales are awesome, I am sure that a lovey dinner celeberating her lovely Daughter wedding is a big event. :-) wowo After the huge load of work, a big night is full of happeness, joy, and simles, & Laughter. Congratulations

moi on

I agree with Myles…she looks happy!!!! Stop hating people. Cheers to Chelsea

Laura on

So happy for Hillary, Chelsea and Bill. She looks lovely!! Congratulations.

barbara k on

She looks nice and very happy, leave her alone. Oh, and by the way, I’m a Republican.

skyee on

there is a once-lovely Heidi Montag who reduces her chin size based on comment bloggers dissing her. we tell her she should have accepted herself..

Here is a lady who is dissed time and time again and has $ to be a cougar-chic, but decides to feel free and be herself. she is taking a STRONG beating for it.

we as society .. shallow..???
we blame Heidi.. and carry on and on, judging a female from her exterior worth alone.

Hillary is HAVING A FABULOUS TIME SMILING. She may or may not have worn the most flattering dress, given her budget…

Yet, isn’t happiness beyond fashion?

Denise Smith on

That is supposed to be stylish? I might wear that at home if I was having a pool party. Unfortunately the females in that family seem to have very unruly hair. I’ve never seen Hillary’s hair look nice.

But I guess you do what you can with what you’ve been given.

Hilary Clinton Attends Chelsea’s Rehearsal Dinner « Good Women Gone Fab on

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Ira on

Mrs. Clinton looks absolutely fabulous. As for the negative comments, you people are idiots, shame on you for your negative comments on a joyous ocassion. Typical American bully. Get over yourselves. She looks fab!

debbys on

To each his/ her own. My first thought was she looks kind of frumpy and wearing a tent. Surprising Chelsea let her wear it. It is enteresting that Chelsea demanded her father, who to me looked fine, lose fifteen pounds to “look good”, but did she dare say that to her Mother? I am tired of this whole much to do about nothing!

Lilly on

so true, Ira, Ira on July 31st, 2010

sometimes the happiest person in a party is one who is happy in their heart, not necessarily the best dressed.

the Hollywood red carpet people who are dressed to the 9’s worrying about wardrobe malfunctions seem so empty these days!! Behind those hip looks lies drug addictions, broken relationships and such insecurity, it’s shocking…

we’ve all spent so much time worrying and fussing about how to look perfect on the outside, we completely forgot that the most beautiful fashion accessory is a true smile that comes from the heart.

Sheryl on

She looks beautiful and happy! The dress suits her well; lovely color and it sure looks comfortable. Not even the naysayers could spoil her day.

Msri on

She needed a complete makeover from styling and coloring her hair etc. to an outfit befitting her daughter’s marriage even for the rehearsal dinner and not this horrible baggy nightgown-ugh. Shame on you for looking so dowdy Hillary. Don’t expect much at the wedding either if this is her idea of looking good.

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | Carib Feed - Caribbean News on

[…] Big Day: Chelsea Clinton's WeddingNew York TimesWedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNHillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople Magazinemsnbc.com -The Associated Press -Voice of Americaall 4,774 news […]

Jill on

This is chic? She looks frumpy and what happened to her hair…the hairdresser didn’t show up?

Marge on

And here I thought this is the best I have ever seen Hillary look. She is a radiant mother of the bride.

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | Carib Feed - Caribbean News on

[…] Big Day: Chelsea Clinton's WeddingNew York TimesWedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNHillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople Magazinemsnbc.com -The Associated Press -Monsters and Critics.comall 4,774 news […]

Elle on

Most amazing public person I have ever met. So dynamic and “seeing right through you” person. Kudus to her.

onthefly on

You need to direct your criticism at the photographer, not Sec. Clinton….As a former volunteer in her Presidential campaign who was present with her on a number of occasions, I can tell you she is a very lovely looking woman..She is not overweight, has a very small waist especially for a woman her age,lovely complexion, and bright beautiful intelligent eyes that make great contact with anyone around her…I read the attire was ‘country chic’ and this dress qualifies…In the real 3-dimensional world I am quite sure she looked beautiful…

The Big Day: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding – New York Times | newslive.biz on

[…] said to be staying. The prospect of seeing the Clintons and other celebrities has gripped …Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople MagazineClosed captioning of: Chelsea's big day arrivesmsnbc.comCrowd on VIP alert at […]

Debbie on

Gosh Folks,
First of all its nice that they even shared a picture because quite frankly…it is NON of our business what she is wearing. Her smile tells it all…not her clothes or hair!!!

The Big Day: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding – New York Times | Z-YORK NEWS BLOG on

[…] said to be staying. The prospect of seeing the Clintons and other celebrities has gripped …Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople MagazineClosed captioning of: Chelsea's big day arrivesmsnbc.comCrowd on VIP alert at […]

sunny on

wow.. the dress is so fitting.. and yet it’s free form too! if you see the dress closely, obviously it’s showing her slender frame nicely.

in person it must be matching her ocean colored eyes. it’s nice.

but the important thing is that she is having a nice time!

==> green with envy is what a lot of fashionistas wear these days when they someone else happier than them….

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today – About Everything I'm Interested In on

[…] Big Day: Chelsea Clinton's WeddingNew York TimesWedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNHillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople Magazinemsnbc.com -The Associated Press -Monsters and Critics.comall 4,777 news […]

e morgan on

Only for Hillary would the press and in particular People refer to this as stylish.
Looks like a mui-mui to me! retro?

Connie Strickland on

Congradulations to the Clinton family. I think Hillary Clinton looked great, and happy. It was a dinner and she was dressed in the style she was suppose to be dressed in. If you look at the way the men were dressed, I would call her casual. Please quit HATING…..

Upstate NY on

Who cares if its not flattering…she looks happy!

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today on

[…] Big Day: Chelsea Clinton's WeddingNew York TimesWedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNHillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople Magazinemsnbc.com -The Associated Press -Monsters and Critics.comall 4,805 news […]

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | SHOBITUBE .INFO on

[…] Big Day: Chelsea Clinton's WeddingNew York TimesWedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNHillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople Magazinemsnbc.com -The Associated Press -Voice of Americaall 4,775 news […]

rocki on

fashionista police is GREEN stark raving angry mad that that Hillary is looking lovely and having a fab time and did not listen to their fashion advice and got D-cup sillicones and wore 5 inch thick pancake makeup, and bleaching her hair …

to have a good time:
you must listen to fashionista police
you must listen to fashionista police
you must listen to fashionista police

morris wise on

Without tough Americans like the Clinton’s, there would be no freezer-pops, crunch ice cream, butter scotch, or chocolate gooey syrup, the only thing near your mouth would be a prayer rug. Sharia law would replace other religions and the American Constitution would be worthless. Bill Clinton is a tough red**** from Arkansas, his loyal wife will bomb the *** off of any nation that tries to interfere with the American way of life.

evetke on

Not glamorous at all, looks like she wrapped herself in a curtain.

clover on

tsk tsk Hillary…

never mind that you look lovely and the dress is charming, and you look genuinely happy on this special day…

don’t cha know that unless you dress like a cougar-babe, you are not allowed to be happy ?

Diane Thompson on

YIKES!! Not at all flattering. Perhaps the bride’s parents could have been a bit more co-ordinated. Freudian slip?

bapsy on

I have always wondered who is Hillary Clinton stylist? boy, oh boy money don’t buy good taste. She is even able to wear the ugliest business suits ever seen around

Jennifer on

Is that a Mumu? She looks like a hippo.

oreo on

the standard sequins status quo dresses are way yuckier.. too vegas tacky.

she did good, it’s breezy and smashing looking, and yet elegant and simple.

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | CowboysVine on

[…] Big Day: Chelsea Clinton's WeddingNew York TimesWedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNHillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople Magazinemsnbc.com -The Associated Press -Monsters and Critics.comall 4,820 news […]

Sharon on

It is flowing, feminine and sexy and her hair looks casual and youthful. Right on, Hillary!!

JoAnne on

although the designer cafton is a refreshing change for Hillary, the style as well as color is not becoming on her…..although I must admit she looks radiant in it…

Fashionista on

She looks stunning! Anyone who doesn’t think so has no clue about fashion! I love it Hillary!

The Big Day: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding – New York Times @ Mediocre News on

[…] said to be staying. The prospect of seeing the Clintons and other celebrities has gripped …Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople MagazineClosed captioning of: Chelsea's big day arrivesmsnbc.comVIP Alert as Chelsea […]

Notta Fanohillary on

What is that…..a green potato sack? At least it hides her tree trunk legs.

Dawn on

Poor ol Hil, she has always been fashion challenged. Being a fellow big bottom gal I understand it’s not always easy, but she does tend to go toward things that make her seem very hippy and dowdy. She is a very pretty lady, she really could do a lot better. But I am sure this outfit was very comfortable and the stressed out Mother of the bride needs every edge she can get.

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Dee on

She looks like she’s wearing her pj’s! Not a good look.

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | News BB on

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MrsPatrickCampbell on

Hillary is ashamed to show us his cankles!

Spolarium on

She seems very content and happy! It shows her happiness that Chelsea chose the perfect groom. :) However…what the heck is she wearing. OMG….Even JC Penny has better curatins on display than that one! or shower curtain? Hillary needs a new stylist!

Peanut on

This looks like something you’d wear as a coverup for a bathingsuit. It makes her look like she weighs about 300 pounds. OMG, who convinced her into buying this? Then again, so much was spent on the wedding, maybe she had to go to Walmart and find something on the markdown rack!! Yikes! Really bad! (Actually, Walmart has better looking clothes!!!)

trueone on

the photo does not do justice to the dress..

if you see the dress, its fabric and form-fitting bodice, you can see the showpiece is the necklace.
and despite looking to free-form, look closely– it is in fact, very fitting to her slim figure. the way she’s standing makes the dress look free-form, it’s not..

it’s a right choice for a Sec of State who is looking fab and happy to the core!

taylor on

Hillary for President! wish I could attend this wedding.

ashley on

I think she looks beautiful…



Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | Z-YORK NEWS BLOG on

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Nicole on

I think she looks like Mrs. Roper, from Three’s Company.

cherrypie on

ok, people… stop smokin that thing you are…
and listen for a minute.

it’s remarkable how much the fashionista police will take a little grainy photo from a bad angle and convert it to be a potatoe sack…

LOOK at the dress. if possible, expand the photo with a viewer…

the neckline, waist-line is obviously form-fitting and shows off her slender figure. look at her waistline.. obviously slender.

the dress as free-flowing sides which gives the illusion that it is free-form sack- esp when she raises her hand. it’s not. it’s the photo and angle which is making the dress appear dowdy. but obviously, looking closely, her slender figure is coming out nicely in this breezy dress.

in fact, it takes a very good figure to wear this dress– and she’s wearing it with an even better accessory than the lovely necklace– her happy smile!

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today – About Everything I'm Interested In on

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M on

I think she looks great!!

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | Hot Quick News on

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alex on

She is as big as a house !

jetset on

The Clintons look way nicer than the Mel Gibsons and Oskanas of the world.. who turn out at red carpet events as status quo cool, but behind the glitter is a lot of uncool issues.

The Clintons went through a storm , but come out strong. They are celebrating a day that is a lot of joy to them. they are happy.

Ms. Clinton looks LOVELY & CHARMING. the dress photo is taken from a very bad angle — but really, the dress is capturing her slender figure in a very form-fitting way. wonderful color on her! fresh.

Mary on

thats not a pretty dress…..its a muumuu. The press is soooooo liberal. I mean how could you call a muumuu glam?

judy on

Heck, I’m 65 and I would not have worn that. Hillery, like me is in better shape than most forty year old women. She should cut & high light her hair, and choose a fitted elegant dress. If this is the best Oscar de la Renta can do, change designers. I have always loved the Clintons and wish them all the very best.

drea on

That is a ridicuous outfit….Stylish?? LOL the person who said that must be blind…very very horrible moomoo :P

joanne toth on

absolutely gorgeous gown and she looks wonderful, for a change, this lady has class

Sarah on

I think she looks great and would like to see how the losers who are ripping on her look, let’s see if you are all supermodels…LOL. Go Hillary!

joanne toth on

Mrs. Clinton looks wonderful, her gown reflects her classy good taste.

A Mom on

Hillary looks beautiful because she is happy to be sharing this wonderful time in her child’s life! She’s comfortable and self confident, but most of all thankful that her Chelsea accepts her the way she is. Hillary dress color and style suits her and she looks nice and relaxed and comfortable.

Ginger Shearer on

What does it take to register? I am a People subscriber for 20 years.

Linda on

Way to go Myles! She’s not that bad. After all she’s not the bride.

Stephanie on

I think Hillary was really trying. At least it is not a pants
suit. But, she could have done a whole lot better.
She needs Stacy and Clinton. I think they would have been
happy to help her with her wedding outfits.
Yes, her hair needs help too. Actually, she needs the whole
What Not To Wear treatment. I am sure she could have afforded it. Hillary, it’s fine to ask for help.

Vanity on

That is something I’d love to have to wear around the house after my shower. The hair looks like mine, not flattering. I do not claim to understand this “look” at all. BUT, I have to say I have never seen a picture of her happier! So, Hilary, rock on!

steve herrera on

She was not advised well on this – too 70’s chubby lady. Looks like something Liz Taylor wore in her 70’s fat phase.

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Bren on

oh my – that’s not glam..more like glob… good grief..

Carol Campbell on

Hillary what were you thinking…that looked horrible…..did you think of wearing that table cloth on your own?? YIKES

susana on

You people really know nothing about true fashion at all, do you?!?

april on

you don’t want to outdo the bride remember that

Ally on

Its feminine, its fun and probably very comfortable. For Hillary, this is very outside of her comfort zone so give her some credit!

jarrell on

I don’t know why so many of you are giving Hillary such flack. Jessica Simpson had on a very similar dress in orange while vacationing in Italy a few weeks ago, and she’s only 30. At least Hillary’s is a flattering color!

sarah on

a mooomooo wtf???!!

still4hill on

I think she looks absolutely exquisite! I love everything about this look. The Secretary of Style RULES!

Chichen Itza on

Dear Seriously – you can’t handle my picture – and something tells me you look like Chelsea – I do feel sorry for you

Candace on

Hilary is always beautiful and classy :) she’s a strong, positive woman and role model for women everywhere.

Tiff on

looks like a moo-moo…old lady pj’s…perfect

bakerslilanne on

OK we are happy for the Clinton family. But honestly who cares,enough all ready. We have better things to worry about like our economy, homeless families. Just what we need the rich who keep getting richer still shoving their wealth in our faces. I’m worried about paying my bills and all they care about is the publicity and how much and who is attending. we have better things to worry about and things that need to change. So now all I have to say is congrats to the family but geez enough already :}

Darin on

Its nice to see her dress like a woman for a change. lol

Entertainment News :: Rap Video House on

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Diane on

he is very heavyset, especially around the hips, and this is perfect for her figure. I bet this is nicer in person.

kd on

With all of that money, that is what she is wearing??

soho on

charming dress.. !

like the way she bypasses the naysayers and makes her own fun.

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | Today News Update on

[…] her luminary attendees as well as take partial in a …Wedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNHillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal DinnerPeople MagazineClosed captioning of: Chelsea's large day arrivesmsnbc.comThe Associated […]

cake on

oh wow.. the jeasouly monster is wearing strongly among some sudden ‘fashion-experts’…

looks like everyone who did not get a wedding invitation is going to start a blog campagin against Ms. Clinton that she broke some fashonista-laws.

she is happy and looks lovely, what is wrong with that? it’s a charming dress, but the point is she is having a charming time.

mommy2eandl on

That’s NOT Glam…. it’s a Mumu!!!!!!!!!!

diana on

Well her hair and makeup look smashing, but why did she really find it necessary to raid Rosemary Clooney’s closet? All in fun. I hope she and her family have a lovely time celebrating.

lilyrose on

Did she pull the bedspread off and wrap it around her shoulders? This is a “fashion” nightmare!

Jay on

She looks like a moo-cow, give me a break! And, NO ONE cares about this wedding, it’s ONLY the press, news media and people that live in the Rhinebeck, NY area, 2 hours FROM NYC, that care. I live in Manhattan, no one gives a darn about this family, most just wish Hillary and cheater, lying Bill would disappear.

Maryanne Moore on

She looks like a whale in a mumu.

kpk on

It looks like a dress from Omar the tent maker. Sorry. Something you’d lounge around the house in. That’s the best Hilary could do on her daughter’s big weekend? Could be just a bad picture/bad angle. I think I’ve seen those in the plus size dept. at Shopko.

MJ on

Glam is not the appropriate word to describe the caftan being worn by Hilary Clinton. It looks like Kermit the Frog was blended up and thrown on some material.

nancy on

I also am no fan of Hillary, but I think she looks fabulous. Very pretty, and very happy!

Small NY town gets ready for Chelsea Clinton wedding – Los Angeles Times – About Everything I'm Interested In on

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Natasha on

If she likes it, who cares? People spend too much time worry about what other people think and commenting on what other people should or should not be doing. Who gives a damn? Be yourself.

K.J on

Love it! Stylish,elegant,modern.Relaxed and Happy. A look we are not use to seeing on Hillary. Congrats Clinton family!


She does look over the moon happy about her daughter’s wedding…however this dress would be more suited at a resort or on a yacht….not at a wedding! Sorry Hilary – you missed the boat with this one!

Laura on

Hilary was glowing last night! The negative comments are from miserable, jealous, hateful, ignorant, and narrow-minded morons.

Jane on

Not figure flattering? Are you kidding? With that huge butt of hers? Anything that hides it is flattering!!!! And, for once, I love her hair!!! Quite frankly, I didn’t think she could look that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura on

I have to say the smile on her lovely face says ” I raised a Beautiful daughter and tomorrow some dreams come true and my Heart is smiling from inside out! I think she looks lovely….A mother to be proud of!!!! Congratz Hilary….May all your dreams come true Chelsey!!

Sally on

“glamorous printed caftan”? Come on now-
It is a moo-moo and nothing more.
I guess it is a bit better than the man suits she usually dons.

Ing on

Is that the air-conditioned tent they have been speaking of? Her makeup and hair look quite good, though…

JJM on

I think Hillary looks pretty good in the color that she chose to wear, and that she looks absolutely happy! Give her a break as far as if the style is form fitting. She’s in her 60’s for pete’s sake. She shouldn’t be wearing something that shows what nature does to one’s body as it ages. The negative comments about her hair are off base, too. Give her a break already. Could it be that many of the negs here are jealous, catty hags?

visamastercard on

can we hear from some people who attended there and saw her in person? this dress is more complicated than it seems.. it’s a fitted bodice in a free-flow form. Ms. Clinton made a good choice in that she need not worry about the dress.. she’s having fun.

another website posted the same photo, and the dress fabric was stunning– very shiny…

looks like a lot of ppl bitten with the envy-bug are commenting.. who missed their invitations.

Pattie on

Bea Arthur called and wants her dress back!

Small NY town gets ready for Chelsea Clinton wedding – Los Angeles Times | Carib Feed - Caribbean News on

[…] weddingThe Associated PressWedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNmsnbc.com -USA Today -People Magazineall 5,001 news […]

Kristin on

She looks like Mrs. Roper.

goooooogleeeeeeee on

she looks so young, refreshed and happy !!
impossible to believe her age.. she could easily pass for 25 years younger with this look..

the dress is giving her an ethnic pizzaz and an edge over the now boring cloned fashionistas and the vegas-over-the-top sequined traditional matronly evening looks..

it’s very fresh and refreshing look. color matching her eyes…
and a smart choice for a Secratary of State to don an international flair look for a rehearsal.

she looks lovely, people.. please let go of your envy-bug and move on. she is having a grand time!

Small NY town gets ready for Chelsea Clinton wedding – Los Angeles Times | Z-YORK NEWS BLOG on

[…] draws stars Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen: longtime …New York Daily NewsUSA Today -People Magazine -msnbc.comall 4,944 news […]

Cris on

Debbie…”OMG”??? What are you, 12? Clearly you are much younger and uneducated in the dressing requirements of the Secretary of State. That doesn’t mean she’s someone’s secretary and can dress any way she wants. She has to follow & respect decorum and foreign attitudes plus dress like a dignified world business woman. As far as this dress, notice the breeze, so the photo is very unflattering. Doesn’t mean the dress/hair weren’t. Grow up, use some imagination, and stop saying OMG!

krys on

I agree with most. not flattering and it looks like a mumu

S on

I think she looks awesome!

Carol on

She looks the best I’ve ever seen her. Looks like she lost a few pounds (in her face). And she looks like a girl. I bet Bill might just think she’s the girl he married — hubba hubba tonight.

Buzzbomb on

As usual Hilary looks like a cow. Caftan’s went out in the 70’s!!!! Probably trying to hide her big butt!

regularjoe on

I think she looks absolutely glowing and proud. Who cares what she is wearing ? Chelsea endured alot of static when she was growing up and now she is getting married and let’s just be happy for them. Come on now, don’t be so mean.

Jane on

I’m sorry (I’m 61) and have watched the Clintons all these years, but what was she thinking wearing a Moo-Moo dress – Horrible!! Bless her heart – where were her advisors????

Susan on

Omar the tent maker really outdid himself on that dress… One wonders if his wife filled in for the hair stylist

Jacobian on

such a great wedding.

Small NY town gets ready for Chelsea Clinton wedding – Los Angeles Times | SHOBITUBE .INFO on

[…] stars Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen: longtime …New York Daily NewsCNN -msnbc.com -People Magazineall 5,025 news […]

Laura BB on

Leave her alone!

Helen on

She’s wearing a Mumu.

JoAnn on

I am not a fan of Hilary Clinton. Having said that, I will say this is a softer look and the dress is closer fitting than it looks. The flowing arms just make it look big. Yeah she is the brides mom, let it go. I think her hair looks very pretty, finally

Judy on

Well, it looks better than her mansuits. “Modesty issues”?? She has no modesty issues, what she has is CANKLES, elephant legs, no ankles.

Alex on

She looks gorgeous! I think it’s very flattering. Great colour.

ElsahIL on

Mrs. Clinton looks amazing. She is radiant and has chosen a completely appropriate outfit for the occasion. Best of luck on her daughter’s wedding day!

Lisa on

What a load of garbage, people. She is a 60+ woman–not a Vogue model. I admire her originality, her individualism and her obvious happiness. The color is gorgeous. What a country of haters–and conformists–we’ve become. So she’s supposed to wear peach chiffon? She looks wonderful. And BTW…she doesn’t have to please anyone else. She’s one of the most powerful woman in the world…and most of us are underachieving rubes.

BB on

No wonder he cheated.

Sylvia Kaliope on

She looks amazing. She is 60 years old. This is tight at the waist with flowing material a little empired to draw attention away from her behind. The color is very chic. She has a weird body shape and this really is very flattering for her. Kudos to whoever picked this. She is beaming with beauty. She looks great.

maria on

Looks very pretty!

bea on

she is wearing a moomoo.

Karmel on

Not my taste at all. It looks too much like a beach cover-up or nightgown. Yes, she does look happy – but glamorous? No!

Ani on

She looks fabulous and both the Clintons look joyous! Well deserved. Much happiness to the entire family.

Donna on

Her arm up waving ruins the photo. I saw another clip on the news with her arm down and it really is a lovely dress, great color, with a wide waist band and very flattering obi style arm cover. Keep the arms down Hillary!

Justin Case on

Hil, don’t flap those bat wing arms around.
This dress is horrid

Leslie on

She looks like a giant lizard…Godzilla, perhaps.

Lee on

Looks like she’s ready for bed.

Leslee on

This is just a standard wire picture that was poorly chosen, as it doesn’t reflect the line of the dress very well. Ok, it does if someone was going to be walking around with their arm reaching high at every moment.

The dress has a very different flair when viewed in better pix and it’s interesting, unexpected and lovely in sone of it’s detailing. I like it mainly due to it’s departure from same old, same old.

Lisa on

That is seriously one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen. It’s not a dress–it’s a tent. If they’re spending millions on this wedding, one would think Hillary could come up with something more stylish than this. And she should’ve stopped in for a quick trip of that hair.

jl gardner on

As my mother would say, she’s covering up a multitude of sins. A western-style burka?

anonymous on

she looks very happy, but she has gotten very heavy, needs to loose the muu muu, and get her gray hair touched up. i like her hair, but she needs it done.

bill is staying veryyyy thin for his heart, wouldnt want him thinner, but he has needed rosacea treatment for his rudolph red nose and cheeks forever….doesnt he get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1??they are so lucky chelsea has turned out good, but her hubby to be has a shady father. hope her new hubby doesnt end up like chelseas father, who is shady too.

Sammie on

Now THAT is just mind blowing. It really looks like one of those “moo moos.” That’s just scary!

SharonB on

What a bunch of catty posters. I hope I look as good as she does when I’m 64. Snarkiness knows no bounds. I, for one, am glad they have one of the best days of the summer to have such a wonderful wedding. A lot of you need to get lives.

Jake on

It looks like she’s wearing a tent!
How in the world is this called glam??

maria on

Does Chelsea, Hillary, or Bill know what a Crest While Strip is!!??? I mean come on. Yellow teeth are just horrible.

Ann on

I think it looks like a mumu and kind of frumpy. She doesn’t look too bad for her age and this does not flatter her at all.

mick on

She looks great!

Richard on

It’s obvious she’s put on a lot of pounds just by looking at her face. Also, the dress which appears to have been made by Omar the Tent Maker. Come on, you can’t hide fat.

maureen on

No doubt most of the negative comments are comming from far right R’s. That is their M.O….. just be negative. Don’t remember as much of a controversy when a certain R’s daughter was married a few years back and the MOB… a lovely woman but was totally frumpy. Find a picture of that affair and rethink your negative comments all you totally tasteless R’s.

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[…] Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea’s Rehearsal Dinner Getty Gone are her famous iconic headbands and matching primary color pantsuits, and in their place, a glamorous […] […]

JJ on


fashion monstor on

some of these catty bunch of envy monstors would jump at the chance to attend this lavish wedding….

Hillary is not trying to be a fashionista.. she is wearing a charming internatinal flair dress.. she is the Sec of State, after all. she looks so fresh and refreshed!

sour grapes, fashionistas???

sueperfly on

She looks great! Go Hillary!

Patty on

The turquoise color is gorgeous on her, and so is the lower style neckline and more relaxed styling than she usually wears. I think maybe the necklace throws it off – it cuts the flow of the pretty neckline and her throat. I have a feeling this is a dress that’s beautiful in person, but doesn’t come off as well in photos. Even so, she certainly looks radiant in it, and I hope her day was wonderful.

Sash on

Hillary looks very nice!

Suise on

Why is Hillary wearing a Moo Moo? Good lord, who dresses that woman?

truffle on

some of you ppl….

Hillary’s turquoise green looks fetching on her..

your envy-green is looking very very unfetching.

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[…] Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea's Rehearsal Dinner … […]

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[…] People.com, I’ve been able to follow the events up in Rhinebeck. Last night, Bill and Hillary made an appearance at the Beekman Arms, America’s oldest inn and one of the best Sunday brunch spots in the […]

Elizabeth Peterson on

Who is her designer???Omar the Tent Maker???

Herbito on

Who made this thing? Omar the tent man!!!!

dessertgirl on

Who designed the caftan, Omar the Tentmaker?

Jennifer on

She looks beautiful!!!

Jan on

It really doesn’t matter what her hair or outfit is…her smile says it all!

mary on


leslieD on

She is glowing and gorgeous–god bless this family–love them.

Serious Sam on

She looks absolutely radiant, and NOT a day older than 50… Give credit where it is due..

notahater on

Gorgeous! Radiant color!!! You go, mom of the bride!!! Enjoy the big day!!

joy leshman on

Hillarys “tent” dress is very unflattering. She looks short, fat, and dumpy. Her hair has about an inch of growth, gray hair at the roots. Very non-acceptable for a person of state. ( actually foe anyone going out in public. Very uncoothe and with lack of good taste.)

Jennifer on

Hilary’s “dress” looks like a tent. However, her necklace is very nice, and her hair looks fine.

Carl Sturm on

That’s glam? Looks more like glum to me. Caftans were always for “hefty” women!

Nina on

Chic? I think it looks like a muumuu. Not flattering at ALL.

debbue119 on

What, she couldn’t afford a hairdresser? She looks like she’s in her robe, headed to bed. Just sayin’…

Julie on

I am not a fan of Hillary, but at this time, what counts is her grin of happines for the important day of her daughter’s life. I’m a Mom, too. What is important to me is my daughter happiness, not my dress or hairdo. Give her a credit no matter what, but a bride’s mother.

Connie on

It’s looks like she’s going to the beach… not to her daughters wedding!!! Lack of glam

katc on

I understand some of the comments, but when I saw the clip of her walking in this dress on the news it was much better. You can see the flow and movement, and the movement lets you see her actual shape, so it is less ”tent like”. It hard to see in the pic, but there is a seem under the bust that is really flattering. Shows off her assets and make her look feminine. I thought she looked gorgeous! Go Hil!

Ann Reeder on

The material is pretty but the dress itself is a shapeless mess.

sharon on

I don’t care for the caftan Hillary is wearing, because it looks like a huge bag and is not flattering at all. But she was radient, and looked so happy and proud! She could have worn a burlap bag and looked like a million bucks!! That means a lot more.

mikey on

You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I know homely when I see it…

TexasG on

She looks gorgeous, atleast, it’s not a pantsuit. Why be so picky.

Ironbutterfly on

I think 2 years from now she will regret wearing that outfit. Her designer must of had inspiration from the BP oil spill and dedicated the outfit after a sea turtle.

Lisa on

I think she looks wonderful and so happy to be celebrating her daughter’s wedding. It’s a beautiful color on her.

JimmieSue on

Sylish??? It looks horribly frumpy and dated from the 60’s. WHAT was she thinking??? Get some QUALITY style advice next time!

June on

I could not believe my eyes when I saw her dress, In fact I was shocked that she didn’t realize it was so tacky and she is our Secretary of State!!

molly on

This picture might not do the dress justice. Based on what I see, the dress doesn’t give her a good silhouette. It almost looks like a muumuu. The colors are a bit much for a wedding. You’re really not supposed to wear designs/colors that stand out more than the bride’s dress in pictures. Jennifer Lopez’s catastrophe of an awards show dress comes to mind when I see Mrs. Clinton in this picture.

kris on

Gorgeous, flattering dress in an unflattering photo.
Congratulations Chelsea, Marc and family!

molly on

Oh I see…this was just her dress to the rehearsal dinner. Her dress on the wedding day looks great. Oh well, at least she’s trying something different for a change.

Barbara on

That’s an all you can eat dress. Let’s it all hang out.

Lori Moore on

You of all people had to go through rough times in the White House. I prayed for you alot. How dare you not invite the president and family to the wedding. But as a mother I also understand you are only the bride’s Mom.

carina on

I know she is overweight but no need to wear a MooMoo

kiltie on

I attended a party in a black and copper lame sparkly top. Imagine my horror when the pictures were developed and I looked like I was standing there in black velvet pants and a frilly bra…the top went completely transparent under the flashbulb. I was reminded of this when I saw Hillary in our Fresno Bee newspaper this morning in this outfit and in black and white it clearly showed her legs and body through the chiffon.

jamie on

She looks so chic! The cut is right on trend-flowy,elegant,and a gorgeous print! Beautiful Hillary, way to go!

Joyce on

I hate haters!!! She is lovely and is a typical, happy mother of the bride. She is dressed appropriately comfortable after a harrowing few months of news about the wedding and wedding planning. Give these people a break!!!

Nancy on

This is glam????

shirley on

luck like she use the bed sheet put it over the head and the pillow case tie around the waist

Damita Jo on

That dress soooo does not cut it but it should be cut up.

Jo on

She went glam? I think they meant she looks like a ham.

Melissa on

listen…she looks so great, comfort & style is right there with her!!! Caftans are IN this summer!!!
Happy, happy, joy, joy! Go Hilary!!!

Joe on

Would you guys ever give this woman a break? That smile alone lights up the picture. Such mean comments to a women who is one stand up gal. Great weekend to you Madam Secretary and love that smile. I think your hair is great and the dress is a wonderful statement. Be nice people.

janetmarie on

They keep saying this is supposed to be a private affair. . . well keep it that way. I don’t care what any of them were wearing, who came or what names they registered under. How about all the other brides in the area who had to put up with all the Clinton nonsense on their special day?

YG on

I am a great supporter of the clintons and admire the way they raised their daughter Chelsea immensley. I think her usual business suits work well for her in professional settings. However, while she needed something more relaxed and non-business looking for the occation, I donot think this outfit is flattering. Anytime you wear shapeless clothes they make you look wide and short. I agree that we did not expect her to look like Britany Spears… she’s a former first lady and current secretary of state. But cerainly could have used something more flattering for the occation.

alexx on

Unflattering design and pattern – inappropriate for her figure. Looks related to a housedress or a sail of some sort. Can’t believe de la Renta would have pushed her in this all too busy and frumpy direction.

joanna on

A rehearsal dinner is just that…a rehearsal and suppose to be casual chic and comfortable. Hillary looks free and comfortable. Leave her alone. She has enough money to outdress all of us on here. But why should she if she only wants to do her own thing.

Sandeana on

I wear my hair very much the way Hillary wears hers. And I mean no offense to Hillary. But that dress has gotta go. Why is Hillary interested in being a member of tent city anyway?

Red45 on

She’s wearing a caftan, which I think of as a house dress, so that ruins the look for me for that occasion. I do think, though, that Hillary is looking better than ever.

Red45 on

Lounge wear

lukebandit on

the secret service got a big chuckle out of that getup! haha

Autumn on

Ew.. she doesn’t look that great. I think she wore it so she can be comfortable and not worry about eating too much. Let’s face it, it’s just a styled moo-moo. And the design is not that pretty either. I’m sorry but that dress is just WRONG for her. Perhaps if it were just a solid color it might be more appealing.

C Holeman on

Glamorous. My grandma will be happy to know she’s been being glamorous for the past decade of wearing MUMU’s! I mean CAFTANS!

MJ on

Poor Hilary,
She’s been to Africa one too many times.

katie on

She looks like an iguana

Girl Next Door on

A moo-moo is hardly a fashion statement. Hilary looks like she’s gained 100 lbs.

suzy diamond on

When you wear something of that nature Hillary, it usually means you have something to hide. Not a good choice!

Cam on

I agree her hair needs “something”, but considering the heat wave the North East has been enduring, it appears her hair has fallen from the heat and humidity. It’s a daily occurrence in The South. At least she attempted Chic. Congrats to the happy couple, and parents.

hollywood news,hollywood gossips,latest hollywood news and headlines on

[…] upon Rhinebeck, a small town in upstate New York, trying to catch a glimpse of the festivities. Hillary Clinton wowed crowds outside the rehearsal dinner Friday night, but everybody wanted to see how the teenager who grew up […]

alabamagirl on

thought she looked fantastic. hair was great , she had some sun on her face she looked happy as she could be. what a great color too for the beautiful summer dress!

teresa on

just how is wearing a mu mu glam? she looks as big as the side of a house!

teresa on

for her daughter’s wedding, she’s letting her gray roots grow out, and her hair is totally shapeless-what message is she trying to send out?

Tricia on

Wait to you see what she wore to the wedding: Beautiful !

Annie on

Yikes! I never thought I’d see myself write this, but suddenly I’m missing seeing her in those signature Crayola-colored pantsuits! I mean, I realize that she wants to hide her ample hips and piano legs; but this looks as if it could have been Kirstie Alley’s beach bathrobe! How many hundreds of bolts of fabric must this have taken to make??!! I repeat: Yikes!!

Emma on

I thought that was a drag queen!!

Cindy R on

I am almost hillary’s age However that dress look horrible on her She looks fifty pounds heavier I wear Oscar de la Renta It is off the rack or ordered on the net I can not aford to have the clothes desined I know if that was my dress I would not have had it desinged like that It is really to bad that she went with that one idea SHe could have been really stylish with the money she has If I was her iwould never go back to Oscar de la Renta

pegghy on

A moo-moo for the rehearsal dinner and dishwasher hair!!! What an embarassment!

1gal2 on

Woow!!She looks gorgeous!

kerri on

I guess since she wears suits all the time she, or her stylist, THOUGHT this was nice.

lyn on

her hair is thinning, and she has aged a lot the past few years, especially since she fell and broke her arm. she is a human being and we all age. i’m 47 and the same stuff is happening to me…hair changes, arthritis etc.

Suzanne on

She looks like a want to be hippy. Not digging that at all.

lyn on

The dress is an African statement, period. If she had worn a jar on her head, the look would be complete. Clinton could not resist this opportunity to push her ‘it takes a village’, ‘one world one culture’ social views . A wedding is not the place for a political statement.

Bea Otch on

When did stringy hair and a caftan become GLAM? I thought that look went out with Mama Cass. I’ve seen Hill look better.

ditzy on

Beautiful dress, not her style. Agree something HAS to be done with that hair. Looks casually elegant, but not appropriate for rehersal dinner for a formal wedding! I agree, she needs to change stylists.

naulii on

She looks realy a happy Mother I like that

Stacy on

It’s the colour that suits her really well, not the dress.

Stephanie on

It’s called a muumuu. She shoud have asked for Oacar’s or Vera’s help on that one!! Hair looks like wash and go.

Olive Oyle on

anyone who thinks this dress is shapeless needs to LEARN LEARN LEARN that a small grainy photo cannot make you judge something.

this dress, quite to the contrary, is very form-fitting (yes, much more than any saree can be)– look at other angles of her in this dress listed on other sites.. and (some from the side)– and this dress for the first time shows of her slender figure to a T! The free-flowing sides adhere to the bodice center– and taking a photo from the wrong angle, looks like a ‘moo moo’ shapeless thing. it’s not. in fact, this dress for the first time is showing off her figure much much more (side photos on one site)– that the dress can be considered ‘too bold’ even.

Looks like some of the media who adores to throw tomatoes on Hillary took a bad angle photo and released them all over… much to the delight to rain on her parade. and over 400 comments here.. most of them calling it a ‘moo moo’ shows how puppet-like we’ve become in judging something without knowing it. it’s is LAUGHABLE how the comments keep coming in about the ‘formless caftan’. laughable.. there will be many more comments coming in.

And to the people who are worried she wore something too ‘ethnic’ (shudders), relax. first of all, looking at her dress and outfit clearly, it’s a fusion dress (that’s SMART for a Sec of State)– and this is the rehearsals. for the main event, she dressed in fuschia pure Western and looked stunning and happy.

but keep expecting the tomotatoes to be thrown o her.. because if you’re not invited to a wedding, the next best thing is to laugh laugh laugh and rain on its parade.

Priya on

her waist looks 16 inches thanks to this dress… but let’s never give Hillary any credit for what she is.

it is amazing to keep reading the nuts comments about the dress being a moo-moo. ha !!!

earthy on

obviously a picture is not worth a 1000 words.

ppl are saying when she walked, the lightness of the fabric, breezing backwards, in fact showed off her whole wonderful figure very well..

the dress may have come off too bold, too un-bold, too green , too-un-green, too ethnic, too Americana nightgownish, too shapeless, too shapely for some ppl’s tastebuds..

the bottom line is if you want ppl to not laugh at you, always conform with the status quo crowd. that’s sad.

this dress looks like a charming fusion winner gone wrong, because the media did not take good photos of it. the photography did not do it justice; the color came out too bold green and the angles made a very shapely dress come out shapeless. in fact, it’s a trendsetter dress for those who choose to think on their own: tiniest bodice waist– and when walking, it shows off the figure– and it’s covered too. a marvel of a dress.

Pat on

Few women have been in the position of Hillary to break barriers for women, and she has done so at every stage of her life – thankfully, for the millions of women who watch with gleeful fascination at her spirit and bravado.

She looks lovely; thanks Hillary!

colleen on

she got fat

Donna on

Wow, seriously? This wasn’t a luau she was attending.

moonmoon on

this dress’s beauty is in its motion.. it’s so light, the bodice form-fitting center comes out when in motion. photos cannot show the whole pizzaz of this dress.

and the fusion choice is very very smart choice for an international relations Sec of State. obviously the bodice form-fitted makes it Western.. some portions make it ethnic too. how nice!

and to the ppl who say she got fat, how terribly sad. this is the exact comments that cause impressionable females all over to have eating disorders. look at her waist, it is nearly 16 inches in the dress. but even if she were lauded as fat, thankfully, Ms. Clinton is smart enough to take these punches and see it for what it is: worthless.

what more do you folks want? keep crying how funny this dress is.. the comments get more and more funnier.. because the funniest of them all is the commentator…

Tish on

Love it! True it is not that flattering for her figure but you can still see her shape . Love the bust cut and her make up and hair look excellent~

Debra on

For all of the HOOCHIES obsessed with the fact that Mrs. Clinton chose not to FLASH, grow up! Your obsession with displaying everything all the time is boring and people are tired of seeing your goods. It gets old and so have you! You are your own worst enemy. Mrs. Clinton displayed grace and tact…learn from her.

Jay on

Hillary looks elegant, radiantly happy and gorgeous! It’s about time this lady had some major happiness!!! Wait until she and Bill get the phone call someday from Chelsea and Marc asking “How do you guys feel about becoming grandparents?!” Then she and Bill will understand the un-understandable….that they can love something even more than they do their daughter.

star of stars on

it’s so sad that fashion today has become the fashionista police uniform society.

anyone who dares to dress different is laughed off and off (even people who are invited to the parties do the fake.. ‘you look lovely darling… ‘ and then get all catty with silly little comments behind their back when someone dares to dress different..).

oh, this fashionista-police is not just in America.. it’s the world over. there’s always the bunch of fashion-experts with rules of their local-dress-ups, who are convinced fashion is the religion freedom is the key to fashionista-happiness and fashion-morality: be a hip mod young thang, getting thumbs up on askmen.com!

it’s not about your mind, your feelings, your intelligence, your smile. dammit.. it’s about how wonderful and uniformed you dress as a fashionaista today.

sad sad sad sad sad sad

daphne on

i think it’s a good try to get out of the comfort zone. she looks so much more relaxed and radiant.

osrgal on

Where I come from, we call those MuuMuus. And you don’t wear them outside the house.

rocket science on

the thing that gets some ppl angriest is Hillary wore a genuinely happy smile for an amazing moment…

sadly, many fashionistas are dressed to the 9’s, but they don’t wear a smile like that !

a genuine smile cannot be purchased at your local designer house or from the hip dentist. it comes from having a great moment that is given.

bubbles on

all you naysayers much come with a different logic now to diss her.. Hillary chose a stunning fuschica dress on the real day— and it was very status quo.

thesinglemomblog on

I LOVE THE COLOR OF THAT DRESS! BEAUTIFUL! She is my idol, big time.

dasie on

bunch of haters, you must be real attractive…

debbue119 on

Glam??? Are you kidding me?? She looks like she’s in her robe, headed to bed. Come on, Hillary; you can afford a hairdresser and a box of Nice n Easy!!!

Mary on

photograph subject looking radiant, dress is ok, photograph and photographer lousy. Is that the best People magazine’s photographers can do? I could have shot a better photo than that.

jana on

That dress looks ridiculus it looks like a moo moo. she needs to fire her sylist.

Dang Retro 70's on

My Granny had that exact same house robe back in the late 70’s.

Dang Retro 70's on

I also wasn’t being funny or mean spirited. I think Hills looks much better and more womanly than normal for her public persona. She’s obviously very happy. This robe dress looks comfy and that’s why my Granny had them back in the middle to late 70’s.

ron clark on

Bill Clinton and his wife are my idols. They have done so much for people and i think with the things they have been through have done well. And i am so happy for their daughter getting married. I hope she will always be happy and her husband does her good. With she being their only child im sure that are proud of her and hate to lose her. They are tops in my book

Bea Otch on

BillHill have done so much for who? wha? huh?

Angela on

Very beautiful and elegant…~

tables on

common punks rule the day these days…

if someone dresses like a model fashionista perfecto and spouts off needless catty comments, they are a punk. if you have genuine constructive advice for Ms. Clinton, that’s fine… but if you feel outright glee in mocking her time and time again (you know who you are), you need help.

a dress does not make a person. if you talk and think like a punk, you cannot wear a $70,000.00 dress and overcome your punk-ness.

many punks out who are hopping mad they don’t get invited to posh weddings or parties… so the next best thing is to rain and diss on em.

if you can’t beat em, join em.. if you can’t join em.. beat em with your catty remarks..

Amethyst on

when fashion turns into religion and ‘you must obey’, the fashionista police lose their charm or hold over society.

viva la difference!

sometimes, fashion should be an expression of oneself, and if it means standing away from the status quo, so be it.

As a Sec of State, Hillary must have so many international connections that her fusion choice is the right choice. bad angled photos cannot take the charm away from her dress or choice.

Kathy on

OMG??? Really?? Stylish? It looks like my mom’s bedspread? or a shower curtain? C’mon!

Kay on

She looks absolutely stunning. A lot more feminine than usual. She should dress like this more often

rachel on

It’s better than a pant suit. They should have altered it to make it a bit figure friendly.

lsg173 on

Wow – people can be so judgmental and cruel. Everyone has to admit that she looks much more graceful and beautiful than usual. She is at her daughter’s wedding rehearsal, and as another poster commented, she looks happier than ever. In my opinion (and many others), way to go Hillary. It would be nice to see her look like this more often – i.e., like someone we can all relate to instead of those stuffy colored pantsuits.

cheryl anderson on

Kaftans are what you wear around the house for comfort, or you slip one on to run to the grocery store, or you wear one because you are FAT…..what up with the black shoes…OMG….Vera, where were you?

Jill on

I am glad to see the Madame Secretary in something other than a pantsuit. Kudos for wedding happiness and glow. lol!

donna on

Oh my gosh. The woman looks great. How many of you at her age can wear a form fitting gown? Or would want to? She is a child of the comfy, casual, Hippie Generation. Give her a break.
You go girl!

yahoooooo on

the people who are going after Chelsea and Ms. Clinton (time and time again..) with a delighted zest.. are really empty inside. if you don’t like em, why do you even bother to click on their links?

Chelsea is a lovely Cinderalla, off with her Prince Charming… and her family is happy and delighted for it. It is a fairy-tale happy time for them.. oh wow! happiness is so nice.

frankly, they couldn’t care less if they made the best or worst dressed list… so why does it bother some of u so much? why rain on ppl’s parade?

suzanne myers on

She should’ve stuck with the pant suit!

Moo-moo or muumuu, it’s still for moos « Nancy Imperiale Blog on

[…] Oh look, I’m not the only one! Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wore a moo-moo to daughter Chelsea’s weeding rehearsal last… […]

SusanG on

She looks great, they both do – happy parents of the bride. I love weddings. Such an uplifting time in our otherwise humdrum lives. I could care less what’s she’s wearing. It’s her face – all lit up, smiling, relaxed.

Mary on

I’m sorry but I think that dress makes her look fat! To me, it is not all that attractive much less glamorous.

rosie on

Mrs. Roper’s ‘moo-moo’ was not form fitting, it was mushroomed shaped.

Ms. Clinton’s dress is a form fitting bodice with free-fall sides…

geez, people, wake up and smell the coffee.. your green-envy is showing.

Alexis on

I think Hillary looks very happy and it nice to see her smile, but I don’t care for the dress, it really is not flattering at all. But, it is not about Hillary it is about Chelsea and her special day.

Joy on

The onlooker had to be a “plant” for Hillary’s ego because that dress is not gorgeous. It looks more like a lounging gown you would wear while watching TV. And the length? It’s a wonder she didn’t trip over it.

Val on

What the heck is flattering about that sack??

Jacquie on

Lovely Dress, she looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

donna on

Hillary looks radiant. I wish she was President!!

flowers on

Look, we all have our own view of this dress- some like it and some hate it. the reality is Ms. Clinton was not trying to be a trendsetter or make the best-dressed list.. it’s just a rehearsal.. so let it be.

frankly, 2 cents: there are many far better array of fusion wear, which would have suited here more..but hey..

but let’s use this for a greater good:

we all agree that the fashion houses still promote fashion which results in horrible issues such as image and eating disorders. every important occassion becomes a ‘nightmare’ of ‘what to wear’ and ends with ‘did they like the outfit?’, and let’s face it- an outright battle with sometimes our own genetics to ‘look good’. people forget just to have fun and laugh on what should be the most important occasions these days…

the fashion houses need a wider variety of ‘cool hip mod’ which allows people of all sizes to feel hip. media uses heavy advertising which influences society’s choices and needs to grow up now.

Dylan on

Her hair and makeup look beautiful, the color of the dress is beautiful, BUT the style of the dress is horrendous!

m on

when you are not in shape and overweight you think you are hiding it.

mep on

I agree that she does not look stylish at all. However, she looks better than normal…

The only reason people are even commenting on this is because the press is making the remarks that she’s a fashonista all of a sudden.

Again, her style has improved, but I don’t think this dress (on her) warrants the title ‘fashonista.’

D. T. on

Can anyone say MOO MOO?

Bippy on

I think she looks great..The color looks good on her and she is glowing..What’s worng with Bill wearing gray pants? Did I miss something on that?

Kris on

Reminds me of a fat person dress! Way to big on here and its not good looking at all

Gina on

She looks great!!! And why AMERICA is voicing more and more of the meaner petty way ever fast growing in “every corner”??? FOR WHAT REASON???? Good for you MYLES… some os us need not be silent, just because we don’t have hate in our hearts to spill all over the internet!!

ddp on

Seriously, that is the fugliest dress I have ever seen. It makes her look enormous. Are you kidding? This was the mom of the bride dress? Ewwwwww.

Lets talk Chelsie's wedding - Hippymom - An Evolution of Female Community on

[…] I think she dresses her mom Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea’s Rehearsal Dinner – Style News – StyleWa… __________________ Come show your creative side and join Farrah's writing […]

Mom Of Twins on

If she love, I like it. She was comfortable, and that’s all that matters.

shirley on

Sorry,not to be mean but that dress look like what i wear around the house to be comfortable in why
didn’t you ask someone if it was appropriate sorry
you miss the mark.

Mona on

I think it looks like a mumu…oh wait…IT IS!!!
And one that is way too long….they could’ve shortened it about 2 inches so she wouldn’t walk on the hemline. This is all the better her fashion advisor can do????….she needs to find a new FA FAST!!! The only thing positive about it is the color….it’s a good color for Hillary.

Snooki Goes Free As Chelsea Gets Ready For Her Big Day | Defamer Australia on

[…] or what eyeliner she’ll be wearing for the big event? See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and […]

Hockeyman on

Gorgeous. It’s festive, colorful, unique, worldly – all words summing up Clinton’s current international life and her reasons to celebrate! Love the hints of blue in the collier. Perfect for a more ‘party’ night time feel, and her red Oscar dress for the actual wedding is similarly bold, but elegant and rich as well.

Karla Cale on

Wow! Looking like a grandma @ her daughter’s wedding. And the sack that she is wearing, the color good but where is her figure? Her hair could have been more, well something more! I really want to see what she wore and what her hair looked like @ the wedding. She really looks worn and frazzled!!!

Gman on

I would hit that soooooooooo hard………

Janine Altman on

Have a look

Eve on

thumbs down for that one actually its dreadful..

Seyyed Hamid on

She’s real a beautiful lady to eternity…

Clinton wedding frenzy begins in NY town – USA Today | The Fresno News on

[…] gets ready for Chelsea Clinton weddingLos Angeles TimesWedding bells ring for Chelsea ClintonCNNPeople Magazine -msnbc.com -The Associated Pressall 4,846 news […]

Small NY town gets ready for Chelsea Clinton wedding – Los Angeles Times | The Fresno News on

[…] draws stars Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen: longtime …New York Daily NewsUSA Today -People Magazine -msnbc.comall 4,944 news […]

Aaron Stiger on

I wonder if hillary2012

Gypsy is “chic”! « Bri2ti's Blog on

[…] Hillary Clinton […]

Hillary Clinton’s MOTB Moment: ‘Stunning–Like a Princess’ | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] her lead and upped the glam ante as well. Not only did she wow at Chelsea’s Friday night rehearsal dinner in a vivid caftan, but she looked exceptional at the wedding itself in a custom fuchsia floral gown […]

Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelseas Rehearsal Dinner itsachat writers on

[…] Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea’s Rehearsal Dinner […]

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