Matt LeBlanc Admits to Dyeing His Prematurely Gray Hair Dark for 'Friends'

07/30/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Matt Sayles/AP

Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani may have been the picture of perennial boyishness on Friends, but it turns out that that his youthful demeanor belied his secretly graying hair. “I dyed my hair the whole time I was on Friends,” LeBlanc admitted this week after a TCA panel about his new Showtime series Episodes. He also explained his absence from television since the 2006 demise of his spinoff sitcom Joey, “So when Joey ended, I took a lot of time off. I just wanted to be a dad, be myself, hang out with my daughter.” For his new show, where he plays a fictionalized version of himself, the actor is putting his salt-and-pepper locks on display, so let the gray times roll! Tell us: What do you think of Matt with gray hair? –reporting by Susan Young

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anhali on

I think he looks very sexy,,,,

teresa on

I love him with the salt & pepper hair…I think he looks better, very sexy

Patty on


Jeanine on

Wow…..he looks really HOT!

Karen on

It suits him and it a nice way to move past his old character.

Positive on

He looks great !!! Like a real man.

gigi on

joey tribian is now a MAN!…..yum-mo!

tink1217 on

it really suits him well!

Janelle on

Nice! Great look! He’s a man who really ages well.

Diane on

Yummy?, what are you 12?

Judy on

Good looking guy just got better looking! The rest of the Friends cast seems to want to stay perpetually looking like they did back then (same hair styles etc. for every new role) Good for Matt for looking real!

melinda on

ny knicks rock!

jen on

very handsome!

melinda on

I don’t care what Dallas says, I’m funny. And Matt looks great!

Jackie on

I would take him more seriously now with the gray hair than before. He would remind me too much of the lovable dingbat Joey if he still dyed his hair.

Way to embrace your gray hair Matt! I wish I had that courage!

Paula on

He looks really handsome. I’ll be happy to see this sexy, mature, Dad on TV again.

stefanie on

I think he looks great!!

Sophia on

I love Matt leblanc… I have since friends. But does anyone know if there is any truth to the gay rumors…

friendsfan on

All I have to say is, “how you doin’?!”

Lizbeth on

Matt is hot and is salt and pepper look is even hotter! Look out George Clooney!

Erin on

Very Handsome!!

KIM on

I think he looks a lot sexier than before, unfortuneatly men looked better with age sometimes and it is the waiting that kills us women LOL. I admire the bonding he wanted to do with his daughter, daughters hold a special place in their daddies hearts always

Denise on

As a total die hard Friends fan I have always loved Joey but Matt’s look now is manly, mature sexy. Love it!

Laura on

He is one good-looking guy, but he does look a lot older with grey hair. Oh, he IS older!



Vicki on

very very sexy..

Tara on

Love him! Will always love him. I wish him the best on his new show.

Sandi on

I think he’s gorgeous! What a sexy man comfortable with himself as he is.

Cheryl on

He looks great!

Cuffs on

I always loved Matt. He is a very good actor and i hope he will succeed in his new tv show.
Will follow him..Matt is a sexy, handsome, funny man. All my Love to him.

Sandie on

How You Doinnnn? He looks great!

Cuffs on

Matt is going to do just fine on his new show. I agree he is a sexy man and I loved him on FRIENDS.
Good Luck to him..

Susan on

I like it; he kind of reminds me of Cary Grant.

Heidi on

I hope Matt’s agent sends him a copy of all of these comments. I was never really attracted to him on Friends, but WOW does he look amazing with the distinguished temple gray. I agree with whomever made the yummy comment!

Steph on

why is this even in print. who cares if he died his hair. He looks hot either way.

s on

my mom has had grey hair since she was 18. she stills colors it..its a reality for many people…i think he looks suave :D

Vitreaux on

PAPITO!!! Re-fuerte!!

Jon on

I think Matt with gray hair is different, but still good looking!

trsquare on

To be honest, I think he’s much more handsome with the graying hair.

Joanna on

Wow. Diane is a major b! Diane needs to get some right quick!

Chris Emmett on

Who cares?

monica on

extremely sexy and mature, yet still has that boyish charm

Patty on


Gloriana on

I’m with you Patty, yummy indeed!

Tina on

I think he looks great! Very handsome…although he did look nice on Friends, he now looks more grown up (Of course)…..very sexy!

Nadya on

Sooo HOT!

CL on

I never thought Joey was good looking let alone sexy on Friends…but Matt with his salt N pepper hair…WOW!!! very sexy!

Vicky on

A+++++ he’s never looked better.

Patty on

I’m 60, and I say Yummy, too. You, Diane, need to learn about the feelings of others. Sexuality comes in many forms, and Yummy categorizes this man just fine.

Be Quiet on


Sherie on

He looks as handsome as ever!!

Lisa on

He is quite handsome with the salt-n-pepper look….Nice!

Amsan on

I think he looks great! Men look great with salt and pepper hair – women, not so great. Just my feeling. Lucky guys.

Shannon on

A big turn-off for me.

timothy on

the hair looks great, very sexy.

Terri on

Make that a 13 !!!!

Travis on

How is he “prematurely gray”? He is in his 40’s.

Tammy on

..How You Doin?!!

eloisa on


Yolanda on

Very attractive. He looks Clooneyesque!

Deana on

He looks HAWT!!!! :)

Kris on

I think he looks much hotter with the gray hair!! Wow… He looks awesome!!!!!

Kris on

Chris who posted Who Cares… Well if you don’t care, why did you take the time and effort to post that… If you don’t care, don’t look!!!!!

Mandy on

He looks Hot!

Mary on


Kim on

One word SEXY

Kim on

One word… SEXY

Lucy on

Are you guys serious??? Does everyone genuinely love it? GOD, he looks OLD!!!!! Sure, it’s been long since he was 20, but he looks TOO old.

Terri on



Matt, you look hot. I love your new look, if you were my age I would date you

Candice on

All I have to say about Matt’s new look is . . .How you doin’?

Lili on

I think that Matt looks very sexy !!! I love his gray hair.

Barbara Cox on

He is gorgeous, I hope his new show is a huge success…

njb on

Hullo !!! Sexy

Beth on

It looks great, but it does age him! He is a good looking man! He could still pass for a younger age group if he decided to dye it dark again!!

Josie on

He looks hot! I love Matt LeBlanc, so I don’t care what he looks like, he’s just so funny!

ross on

I think it looks great

kiki Awash on

He look so Handsome.Yes yoey………………………….)

Jennifer Fry on

Totally sexy.

Lori on

Hate to say it…he reminds me of VP Joe Biden. Maybe he could play him in a movie, eh?

Not that he doesn’t look good. He does. Just reminds me of JB.

Angie on

I’m 36 and I’ll proudly say he’s most yummy! Loving the salt & pepper

cherie on

No. dye it!

Chrissy Lane on

He looks old. That is all I can say. Gray hair makes a person look like it is their father.

Stila on

I still watch repeats of this show and without fail he still cracks me up. Love the ‘do!

Kathy on

I loved him on Friends and love him now. Looked really good then and now. He’s a keeper!!

Cindy on

He looks FANTASTIC better than ever. The salt & pepper is a KEEPER.

robert on

Men do age well and he looks better than with his hair dyed, more disiguished

Tony on

Mmmm, Mmmmm he is one fine guy,, i would definately like to hang out with him,,,,
sexxxxy !! :)

bren on

Like very much!

Bew Friends on

He is still so adorable, but – he should dye it again.

Dee on

Matt still looks good to me…But now he looks even better and sexier with the gray hair.

Tatiane on

He is better now than at the end of Friends when he was clearly overweight.

sharon on

Looks so handsome! I love the look!

Jim on

Why do so many women actually like gray hair on a guy? I’ve dyed mine since I started to gray at age 28 a few years ago. Gray hair makes ANYONE look OLD; there is NOTHING sexy about it at all. I suppose lines and crow’s feet are hot, too? At any rate, I will dye my hair as long as it still looks natural; after that, I’ll just go lighter but NEVER gray!

ccruss on

i think he looks better-more mature -stillhot

Olive Stemforn on

Matt’s hair always DID look too black when he
played Joey. I’m happy his hair has come out of
the closet.

Stacy Hollister on

Very Hot and very, very sexy!!!

Annette on

“Matt,you are soooo “Yummy” I sure miss seeing you on the tube! We look forward to seeing you soon. It’s nice to have a familiar face that we know and trusted for so many of our TV years! There is so many TV shows out now! “They go and come(really not good shows) I sure miss the old stand-by’s. I hope that Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston will really get some of their old writer’s and pen out a new show for the “Old Class of “Friends” “We miss you”!”God Bless”

bbop on

An actor dyed his hair. how is this news?

aBaba boiouie on

Dude, two words for you progeria boy…Grecian Formula

Chester on

I admire him, for having the guts, to do it. So many of these Hollywood types, are phonies.

Olivia tuttle on

Love the look! Suits him well, he is super sexy! I am also glad to see him in another series. I thought he was too funny in Joey, but what do I know?

Marie on

Very sexy! He looks really good!

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Peggy on

I saw Matt in person a few weeks ago and he is as HOT as ever!

Plastique on

Wow. What a classic example of just how shallow you ladies really are. Does it really matter if Matt is gay to be considered hot? What if he was a child molester, would you still think he was sexy? You people are very sad!

Jennifer on

I think Yummy is appropriate to describe him and how he looks with his salt & pepper hair. One does not need to be 12 to use that word. What are you…ancient?

Bryant Smith on

So what!! I’m find him even sexier with the gray hair. You go!!!!!!

Remember, men are like fine wine . . . the older they are, ther better they get.

???? on

He Looks Like Taylor Hicks! Still Luv him though.

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Candith on


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Mrs. Lynn on

I love it! It looks great on him!

Sharon on

How come nobody thinks it’s sexy for a woman his age to have gray hair? Double standard.

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