Katie Holmes's New Curly Do: Love It or Hate It?

07/20/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

Jemal Countess/Getty/AFF-USA

Katie Holmes might be busy filming The Kennedys, but the stylish star briefly set aside her Jackie O persona on Monday night to attend the N.Y.C. premiere of The Extra Man, where she showed off a new, modern-day curly shag with side-swept bangs. Never one to shy from taking beauty risks–from her trendsetting banged bob to her much-buzzed-about pixie cut–Katie always manages to bring something new to both the red carpet and the streets of N.Y.C. And while her new corkscrews prove that something as subtle as a curling iron can put a little kick in your step, we’re not sure if we prefer Katie’s beautiful brunette locks curly or straight. Tell us: What do you think of Katie’s new look? Vote now!–Jessie Goldberg


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kittykitty on

horrible smirk

Mary on

This just looks like a bad wig.

Wendy! on

i love it! i love how ever she looks. and i am serious. loves it!

Karen on

Please! make her go away !

cindy on

She looks like Teresa from the Real Housewives of NJ!

darby on

no, kidding kit!!! i hate that smug ass look on her face all the time- sheesh!!! these celebrities need to quit being bitter!!!

Mrs J.P on

It’s cute on her!

janey on

I like it much better than her short hair…. Her “smirk” is the same smile she’s had for years. I don’t know why, but it seems that since she married Tom Cruise, there is not much that is nice that is said about her. Not sure why that is…. ???

Tiff on

It looks messy and fake…

Paige Egan on

She looks like Teresa from Housewives of New Jersey!

Jon on

I like Katie Holme’s New Curly do, same with Beyonce’s new hair-do!

Chloe on

It’s a wig. OMG!!! Not even a good one at that.

Sheree Warner on

I agree it looks fake, messy and like a bad wig! Yea she’s cute but the hair isn’t.

kat braden on

Sorry, but it looks like she lay down for a lawnmower. Honestly, sad, but laughable.

Katie, where is your self-respect???

Snap out of it!

viewer on

Are you telling me the Stepford wife got permission
from Tommy to change her hair?

Sooo Rich on

Eeeeeeew, Cindy…she doesn’t look that bad, come on. She’s looks cute. I do like straight hair better though, on anyone :)

Megan on


People WTF is wrong with you. Are you judging the hair or something else. This woman is the kindest and most easy going star in hollywood.

The Lady always looks good: fresh, young, and comfortable. What more can you ask for.


want2win on

I actually hate the curls….. still love her…. and would probably be smirking too if I had her life:)

spanish fly on

She always looks miserable. This chick did a total upgrade and made herself the famous actress she couldn’t be on her own. Still she always looks unhappy. Get a real job besides Mrs. Tom and maybe she will smile.

jon on

looks like a tranny

Kelly on

love it

Keep smiling to the bank and let the haters eat their misery. I would love to change life with you any day. Just give me one night with your hubby and I will die a happy woman.

Love you and your family!

Rita on

I hate it and her too. She’s only famous because of her conceited husband.

D on

To all of you with the negative, I hate Katie comments! What did she EVER do to any of you? Absolutely nothing, except breath. Do you not have anything better to do, than to put her down?

Bye-Bye Bob: 2 Stars’ Style Change | Chickolith on

[…] [Image via] […]

Kate on

It looks like a wig. Very fake and unflattering.

mg on

She looks like she put a photo of herself on one of those websites that allows you to “try on’ styles. Definitely looks wiggy. Longer hair is fine but she seems to be slipping on the fashion meter all the way around. Maybe she needs to hook up with Posh again?

carolm on


Kiv on

May be Tom is just trying to make her look like Nicole.

Kim on

I think Katie looks nice with her curly hair. It suits her well.

Lyric on

It’s not a new do. That is most definitely a wig.

Alli on

I think its a nice change for Katie, besides it’s just curls, she can wash it right out, and go back to how her hair was before. She’s old enough to do what she wants, make changes which is good, it means she’s growing within herself. She has only one person to please and that is herself. I say, You Go Katie! Enjoy your new “Look”. Katie Cruise is one that can wear any look and any style. She’s got the height, the Beauty, and the Charisma. She carries herself well. I’m glad to see her making subtle changes in her appearance.

Ann on

I Think she looks young and refreshed a little. She needs to get away from old man Tom.

Lisa on

Wheres Waldo ?? Don’t like the shirt or the new do. She has had much cuter outfits and hair dos

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[…] Katie Holmes’s New Curly Do: Love It or Hate It? Jemal Countess/Getty/AFF-USA Katie Holmes might be busy filming The Kennedys, but the stylish star briefly set aside […] […]

k on

Her “Smirk” is just the way she smiles. Geez! What a bunch of haters!!!!

Mary on

That’s a wig isn’t it. Or she’s trying to compete with Tom Brady on who can have the “long bang” look.

rachel on

I see no curls, just a few waves.

AmandaB on

Katie’s lovely, but she’s getting a bit too matronly for “that little girl look.” The short do’s are perfect on her. Not many women can wear short hair and rock sexy, but she can. So, cut, cut, Katie.

nvsue on

I honestly thought it was a wig!

Mireya on

Well it doesnt look that bad, but i don’t prefer it.I think she looks better with straight,but it is her disition.So I respect whatever she chooses.

candy on

Geeeez, what hateful people!! It’s a smile for cryin out loud!!!! If ya don’t like her, get off her page, guess mommy never taught you if you can’t say anything nice…

Linda on

Looks like a bad wig.

Tammy on

I’ll bet some of you hiss and scratch too. You’re so judgemental. Poor Katie hardly says a word in public. She makes her movies and raises her child. I don’t know why you can find so much fault with that. Katie is a beautiful woman and there’s hardly a hairstyle that could make her look bad.

Rachel on

Katie Holmes is a true beauty. She can wear any hair style or any clothes and still look absolutely gorgeous.

Tara on

Pretty sure it’s a wig. I think I have this one. Google “Forever Young Roll with It” – Too funny.

stef24 on

Wow, I’m expecting her to start singing ‘On the Good Ship, Lollipop’ song that Shirley Temple made famous!

Yikes on

She blew it when she married Tom Cruise.

Ben Mondont on

She’s just all around not attractive. I guess there is a fish in the sea for everyone.

Sandra on

It looks like a cheap fake wig.

AliGirl on

Eeek! Not cute.

CherylT on

Hate it. Bleh.

Cj on

Everyone Shut Up.

Tara on

She looks great!! I would smirk if I had her life too!!! Anyone that doesn’t like it is just jealous!

jay on

no matter what..she is a plain jane. uninteresting.boring and needs everything for us to believe. wished they’d stop shoving her down our throats.

LeslieD on

she looks great–not everyone could pull this off but I love it on her.

Amy on

Be nice to poor Katie, look who she’s married to.

Serious Sam on

She is Stop You In Your Tracks GORGEOUS… she coud wear her hair any style and look amazing. Few woman go to the extremes of different looks and styles as she does; and pull off each look successfully.

Brenda on

It looks like she slept on the curls before going out.

SusiQ on

too much hair; it overwhelms her face.

dana on

i think katie holmes hair is naturally curly

Jessica on

Love the hair, but don’t like the freddy krueger ensemble….eek!

jordan on

ihate katie holmes new hair do it looks like a wig she has straight hair it isnt ment to be curly

mspriss on

She’s to old for Shirley Temple curls.

Heather on

Zeno come take her already!
She has moved one to many staplers with her mind!check her pocket for change and dont drink her kool aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

latoya on

I think she looks cute and more mature looking with the long curly locks. The only thing was that I couldnt recognize her at first, she looks older.

meg1983 on

She is a beautiful girl, but this is not a very flattering look on her. She doesn’t have enough volume on the top. It’s too weighted down. I still think she’s gorgeous though!

Loraine on

yea, great look – if you’re 12!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I’m not a big fan of curly hair. Yeah, I like her a lot but this looks like a wig. I liked they way it was before. The pixie look worked 4 her. But still, she’s pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki on

Looks like a bad wig.

Kit on

Looks like a cheap wig, and could she learn to smike without looking like she smells something?

dj on

she always looks to be channeling michael jackson. what a sad, fake reality.

dlca on

The hair looks like someone did not pay attention when making this style…I really don’t get any presence from her.

Pepper on

She can rock it and rocks it quite well!

thingy on

“from her trendsetting banged bob to her much-buzzed-about pixie cut–Katie always manages to bring something new” – Seriously??? I thought at first they were talking about Victoria Beckham…tha ACTUAL trendsetter when it comes to haircuts…what a surprise that she’s back to long hair after Victoria was spotted with extensions in June!!!

lisha on

never mind the fake hair, why did she get the same jawline as everybody else in Hollywood? they’re all clones or something?!

russ on

Whers the 3rd choice, C.) Who cares?

J Sandi on

She is a very pretty girl, so she pretty much can wear an hairstyle and get away with it. This one is ok, but it looks kind of like Suri styled it for her…not a professional?

Susan on

This girl has not style or taste….
She proved it with who she married and has just gone down hill from there. She is classless.

Kay on

RE:She looks great!! I would smirk if I had her life too!!! Anyone that doesn’t like it is just jealous!

– Tara

Tara, hardly jealous. She is not that attractive, has a very average bod, never seen much talent coming from her, let’s her kid run all over her and the biggest thing that I would absolutely never be jealous off….look who she is married to. Nothing to be jealous of!!!!!

AlexaLauren on

agree w Mary…bad wig. she never looks happy anymore!

sugardaisy on

I have nothing against curls….but THIS is a horrible hairdo. Looks like a silly wig. Or like she went swimming and forgot to comb her hair and it just dried that way. Seriously, she looks ridiculous.

johnnyd on

She isn’t attractive, and the poodle ears just accentuate that.

johnnyd on

She isn’t attractive and the poodle ears just accentuate that.

bigdave on

Uggh, this woman is not good looking, she really needs a good hairstyle to help her out, and this is not it! Horrible.

keli122 on

She looks so much better with short hair…..

April C on

Are we sure that ISN’T a wig? Man, who curled that mop, Suri??

Star News Online » Katie Holmes’s New Curly Do: Love It or Hate It? – People Magazine on

[…] from: Katie Holmes’s New Curly Do: Love It or Hate It? – People Magazine This entry is filed under Film, Hollywood, News. You can follow any responses to this entry […]

Susan on

It seriously looks like a BAD wig. Katie has one of those rare faces that looks SO GOOD with short hair. Not all of us can pull off a short cut. She should stay short. This is REALLY horrid on her.

laceandvelvet on

I like her but not this look. It kind of looks like poodle hair that needs to be tamed.

adp on

why does she always have that same dumb smile in every photo of her…hate it!!!!

Lisa on

I think she looks beutiful no matter how she wears her hair. However, I tend to like her straight hair better. I think she’s just as beautiful inside as she is outside and I think Tom is gorgeous too! They make a great couple and because of that, people are jealous and hope to see them fail. I hope Tom and Katie are stonger than that and it never happens! Blessings to both of them!!

KJC on

I think Katie is a beautiful lady, and I wonder why she gets so much flack. For some reason, when she and Tom got together, people started getting so catty.
All you women out their hating on Tom, I want to know what you’d do if this famous movie star wanted to be with you?! You’d jump all over that idea no doubt, and don’t tell me you wouldn’t.
Tom got excited when they got together, and ever since then people are quick to call him crazy. Chill out, he’s happy – and I’m sure she is too.

…back to the hair. Not a huge fan of this hair do, but it isn’t horrible. Could have used a little taming.

A on

There is an article right now that raves about Katy’s kind, sweet personality on her latest movie. I have never heard anyone WHO KNOWS HER say anything less than she is loveliness personified. That is not a ‘smirk’ on her face; like most people on the planet, one side of your mouth pulls to one side. Rarely will you see a person whose eyes or mouth is perfectly the same on both sides, because one half of your face shows the pain you have experienced in life, the other the happiness. Don’t believe me? Cover half the face of a person and you will see the difference. Check out the ‘pull’ on Harrison Ford’s mouth, for example. Also, you will not detect it on young people as they haven’t yet had enough life experience!

crystal1103 on

omg! is her stylist still alive? i mean look at that! it looks like she wants to imitate goldilocks but with a darker hair. I like Kate’s hair before.

Chrissy on

I have to agree….

Looks like a bad wig or weave. The curls seem to weigh her hair down too much. She has a beautiful face and if she pulled the curls back a bit even in a nice clip or pony…it would look more attractive on her.

Gina on

In my opinion, her hair is probably naturally curly. I also can’t stand that “smirk” on her face and her spoiled rotten child.

abbey on

She’s starting to look more and more like Tom every day.

K on

I think thats she looks fabulous! She is very pretty!

pookie on

Rita, She was famous before she met Tom!
Do you not remember Dawson Creek?? Duh!!!!

Kelly on

It looks too messy and not an intetional messy. I don’t know if it’s the picture or her hair.

Vicky on

@Janey – you nailed it… that is the SAME smile she’s had for years which when she was in her early twenties everyone said was cute and “girl next doorish” but now, somehow, it’s turned into a smirk… you people see what you want to see and usually it’s negative. Funny how that works out… you feel bad about your own life’s so you need to tear other people down. Good for you.

michele on

I think she is a pretty woman however the hair reminds me of the mean girl on Little House on The Praire. What’s her name again? But its just brunette, obviously.

Jenn on

I agree – just looks like a bad wig

zan on

I can’t stand that smirk she always has on her face… let alone her new do.

Catherine on

Why do you people care? It’s just hair and those curls will be washed away with the next shampoo.
Now all those young people killed in Iraq should be news not some curls made with a curling iron.
Get a grip people on what is important.

bea on

Banana Curls!!!!!!!!!!

vanessa on

i hate those curls on Katie it looks fake love the inverted bob much better –

N on

I just don`t like her!!!!Even if she would be the prettiest woman on the planet I HATE HER………

lizzy on

Does she have Bell’s Palsy?

Betty on

It looks like she has a hat on?

Pat on

looks too fake and makes her look too young for Tom ! Time for another baby Katie!

abc on

she looks like a 21st century version of Mary Pickford..and that ain’t good ;-/

courtney on

The real question is, what does Tom think. He controls her anyway. And since when is she the “stylish star?” A) she is not a star, she is married to one and B) she is only stylish bc her husband pays someone a lot of money to make her look like they belong together!

Buzz on

Where are her sheep?

JB on

Its a combo plate of NJ housewives & when good hair goes bad.

Jackie Rodriguez on

Don’t like it!!! She looks older!!

Sade on

Def. Not ,the length ,the thick sausage type curls, its top heaviness and even the thickness of the hair doesn’t suit her face. She looks like Theresa Guidice from Real Housewives NJ, but Theresa looks better .

hjm on

I think the curly would look better if her hair was shorter…..and no bangs.

Melissa on


priss23jam on

it doesn’t fit her….

Cookie Times on

Keep the curls and ditch Tom

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