Posh's New Long Hair: Love It Or Hate It?

06/28/2010 at 09:56 AM ET

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When Victoria Beckham lopped off her Spice Girl-era hair extensions in 2006 for a chic chin length bob, she single-handedly made the short do fashionable, causing A-list pals like Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria Parker to follow suit. So it came as little surprise when, two years later, the trendsetting designer pushed beauty boundaries again, shearing her hair into a chic gamine crop — likely inspiring more than a few celebs to go super-short. And now, the star is trailblazing yet again, snapped over the weekend sporting hair extensions for a new longer look. Photographed with sons Brooklyn and Cruz en route to Cannes, Posh looked as glam as ever exiting her jet in a bright yellow dress, oversize shades and flowing long hair that hit well-below the shoulder. Given her trendsetting ways, will we see a move from bobs to long locks? Tell us: What do you think of Posh’s new do? Do you prefer her with short or long hair?

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Jill on

I like it. I think she looks good with either short or long hair!

Eva on

LOVE IT!!! Victoria can definetly pull anything off!

Teri H on

She rocks either way! Love them both!

tara on

looks cheap and thin. Kinda like her! (that was mean, I know)

Yes,It'sMe on

I don’t care for her look whatsoever- tightly pouted lips that will be all wrinkly that way when she gets older-what is her problem about smiling?She looks unnatural and unhappy all of the time.Doesn’t she like her life?

Lisa on

I think it makes her look softer, which is nice. Very pretty.

Jo on

She looks good either way. I think she does not smile when she’s being photographed in the public by papparrazzis but after watching her on AI, I was impressed that she has a pleasant personality.

Al on

Agree – it looks just like her – cheap and thin…

holly on

She isn’t a natural beauty that is for sure.

Chels on

I think she looks good in long hair. The short hair she can pull off too but she looks better in the longer hair

lins on

While I think Beckham looks beautiful with her hair either way, I’m not feeling the weave. In this particular picture her extensions look obvious and sparse. Maybe it’s the way the wind is blowing or something.

LC on


Delana on

I like Posh and her style, however her extensions look a little scraggly and thin. They need a bit more fullness so that it looks more natural.

Melanie on

She looks Much better in long hair. More normal, less robotic. She needs to work on smiling more though- she lost her chance at popularity in America by not smiling. Americans do NOT connect to that constant sour look.

Tami Eliel on

looks horrible

D on

It looks like it hasn’t been washed in a month! Not her look and I don’t even like her!

Kate on

Nothing could make this chick look good!

Jennifer on

Beautiful! She always looks great!

suzy diamond on

I LOVE it! Nice change!

christa on

Love everything she does and wears.

Just Me on

LOVE the longer hair!

Jon on

I like Posh’s new hair, and I like it both short & long!

Lisa Bush on

I like it short!

Lisa Bush on

She always looks so mad. Also, I think longer hair makes her look older. She should keep it really short and sassy!!!

Juanitaville on

I would like to see “Posh” smiling. She always looks to hard and cold to me. Whichever hair style she chooses, she still maintains her pouty, cold look.

maya on

She has a great face for the short styles she wears and she really stands out, but with long hair – not so much. If you’re going to buy long hair, then for chrissakes, get something thick, luxurious, and shiny – not stringy and dull. Not her best look.

powr2ppl on

A SMILE once in a while would do a lot more for her looks than hair length!

iysismommy on

she looks amazing!! always

Anna on

I like it much better. Now she just needs to gain 15 or 20 pounds and she will be really pretty.

Stacy on

I agree with Lisa. I think her short hair brought out the sharp angles of her face, which isn’t always flattering.

PAW on

I agree that it looks cheap and thin. She could have done a thicker chin length bob and it look much classier.

Kim on

Lordy, do all celebrities have something against a comb or brush? This might look good on her if it didn’t look so stringy.

Jeannette on

Aside her bizarre “sad/mad” look, she is beautiful. But, her lack of outwardly happiness just takes everything away from her.

Laurel on

love it. she doesn’t look as undernourished with longer hair.

Diana on

She definately looks better in short gamin hair cut she just had. She is very thin and her face and features are petite. Definately the short hair. These extensions I have agree w/everyong else, look very thin and hair color is not becoming either.
She actually is not a snob, it is the way she carries herself that puts her in that light. She is a good mother and wife.

Candi on

I thought it was Jennifer Love Hewitt at first. It looks good on her.

Kelly on

She’s a classy, beautiful woman no matter how her hair looks. She’s definitely a trendsetter when it comes to fashion. She’s follows her own rules ~ good for her!!

Margaret on

I do not like it I do not like her.

lulu on

either way she wears it the women is uglier than the word SIN!!!

Teddy on

I think she looks better with shorter hair styles

Jodi on

She looks great regardless…!

Kim on

Why can’t Britney figure out how to make extensions look good like this?

SusiQ on

HATE IT.. . .she’s too thin & small to carry off that much hair; it overwhelms her face.

rachel valle on

MUCH Better than short!!

Laura on

I like the long hair. It’s a softer look and a nice change of pace (even though her short hair looked very shiek). The haters need to get a life. Do you know her personally? I don’t, but she always seems nice and sweet. I wish only the best for her and her family!

monique on

Not so POSH anymore :/

rosewillow on

I have also wondered why Posh always looks unhappy in her photos….kind of like why Paris Hilton always has bad posture in her photos. Maybe someone told them they look good that way?

Lizzie on

Victoria IS beautiful! Her hair is grrr8888 long or short!! May she & her Fam be blessed many times over!!

Marie on


Angel on


Ebs on

Whoever did those extensions should be murdered she looks like she just clipped them in and ran out of the house. Come on Becks I love your style why would you rock ratty extensions????

Amaryllis on

I’ve had long hair forever, so no, her change in hairstyle won’t affect me. Do think she looks better with the long hair though.

Denise on

Love her hair long or short. I would like to see it a little lighter. The dark hair is to harsh. soften it up. She rocks no matter what.

Hank on

I prefer Posh short hair style to the longer longer style. She exudes a lot of sex appeal with the short hair style. This new look makes her look much older.

Alisha on

Love it either way, but loving the longer look.

jennrae on

She looks like Danielle from the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

cat on

In this picture her hair looks dirty, thin and straggly. I hate it. She should go back to short hair, or get this stuff washed with many more extensions. Just my opinion,,,,,don’t be replying to this saying I am a hater. I am not, just hate this photo and the hair do.

Jen on

They LOOK like extensions – FAKE !! She is so beautiful and I love her short hair – very sophisticated and different than all the long hair in Hollywood !

Ana on


sara on

She looks great, a true style icon that can rock any look. But i would say short hair looks better on her.

Melissa on

Fake hair, fake lips, fake tits, fake nails…how absurd! She looks like a fool…a comedy of the insane (or inane).

Boom on

Nope. Just nope.

nicole on

she looks good either way.

Cindy on

Can’t speak to the quality of the extensionz, but like the look much better than the usual harsh, angular short hair on her painfully thin, undernourished frame. I even like the color. So much softer, more feminine looking.

Asha on

I prefer her with the pixie haircut. The extensions are too much for her because she has a petite face.

Eliza V on

She looks miserable with or without long hair. Her hair is always stringy and greasy looking no matter what. She has the hottest guy on the planet as a husband and she always looks miserable in photographs.

Tiff on

Her hair looks really thin w those extensions. She should just let it grow if she wants it long. I don’t like it particularly.

And she does smile. I’m sure people look for photos of her not smiling. Why would she constantly want to smile when she is walking around town doing things, getting caught off guard. I have seen her on AI and The View and she was smiling and cracking jokes.

Feli on

Makes her look much younger and feminin :)
Good choice, Vic.

Stacy on

I prefer the shorter hair … and I agree, why does she always have to look so miserable sheesh!!

Maybe it’s her take on the sexy, mysterious look :P

sandy on

it looks kind of fake… if u dont have long hair just let it grow!! she looks better with short hair..

Allison on

Actually I prefer her with a smile……which you never see! My God – she is a multimillionaire……how can she be that unhappy. That is so sad because there are people with much bigger problems than her…..I know the paparazzi are a nightmare and they drive people nuts but things could be worse for her. She looks miserable!!!

Pie on

You would think with all her money she could get more expensive extentions. Looks like they came from a long haired weasel. If weasels had long hair.

Jane on

I don’t understand why some people on here are so catty. You all keep saying that if she loves her life then why doesn’t she ever smiles. Do you all love YOUR life? Because people who take shots at others don’t seem like happy life lovers to me. They seem bitter and miserable. I think she’s fabulous. If anyone watched her special a few years ago “Coming to America” she commented on her lack of smiling. She doesn’t like how she looks when she smiles but she’s not a miserable person. I think she’s adorable!

naomi on

i think she is absolutely gorgeous. a fashion icon. she could almost do anything and look incredible. i just wish she would SMILE more! she is the type of person that if you didn’t know her, you’d assume she was a big snob. but when she is on shows and interviews, she seems wonderful! maybe she is the shy type that so often gets misunderstood.

lola on

LOVE IT! She looks like she did back when she had super long locks years and years ago.

Jennay on

It doesn’t matter what she does to improve herself. Until she learns how to smile, nothing will make her look good.

Annie on

This makes her look ordinary. How this can be considered “trendsetting” is beyond me, since sooo many people in Hollywood sport extensions.

M on

I remember her saying the reason she took out her extensions years ago was because her husband always pulled them out when they were having sex!! Oh to have her problems!!

x on

If you (Al) can say that Victoria looks cheaps then you are an idiot! She never looks cheap!

pinkmomma on

LOL yes,itsme! i think the reason why she doesnt smile is the british dental problems, i mean really, have you seen them these last few years…heck i wouldnt show my teeth either! LOL, i think her hair is pretty boring, not really that edgy or fashion forward..havent we seen this before??

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Talyka on

Posh is an inspiration to all of us girly mads who love 2 experiment new styles, while keeping it clean & chique. So YEAH, I LOVE her new long hair look. She still looks sophisticated, but much younger & fun.

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Lynn on

I prefer her with short hair as she is always a trend setter but it’s a nice change.

KA on

She looks like she has extensions. Maybe they wouldn’t look so bad if they were fuller as they make her chin look overly pointy. Does give her a softer look though

estelbowtime on

Did she actually pay MONEY for that mess?

aura on

She looks more fashion forward with the bob and more feminine with the long locks, i think.

aura on

And i have a pointy chin and long thin hair, KA so don’t be rude because it’s kind of offensive

lotso on

Why do people idolize and glorify this no-talent stick figure…get a life.

Karen on

I love her long locks, faux hair extentions and all. The do looks great, love it, love it, love it ! (and I’m not even crazy about her)

Bunn on

Sorry never did quite understand what all the fuss is about this girl? Scrawney pouty(never seen her smile EVER!) Just an average looking gal nothing special so what’s the big deal about her anyway?

Cari on

She looks kinda greasy

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alex on

Oh, no! Our lives have changed for ever…Gee

Lynn on

Not very ‘Posh’!

Alina on

I love it
it is soooo much better than her blonde short hair

Toria on

I love long hair…but really, it’s up to her to choose what her hair style should be. Why are we criticizing someone for something so trivial. Come on people, wake up to the important things in life.

nan on

I agree with ‘Yes it’s me – does she ever smile – can’t stand people who pout!! camera conscious I guess.

Maggie on

Personally, I think the extensions look sparse, stringy…….whoever did them needs to sit back and take a look at them again. And those huge sunglasses kinda make her look like a fly. But then again, like with ANYTHING it’s all a matter of opinion.

divasasha on

She is rockin! it out..she has outlived all other SpiceGirls just by keeping it fresh and up-to-date and not following what the mag hag’s have to throw at her.

Ryan Macneil on

She would look be attractive if she actually ate something more than a crouton a day without shoving her finger down her throat

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