Robert Pattinson's Maroon Suit: Love It or Hate It?

06/25/2010 at 11:45 AM ET

Kyle Rover/Startraks

It looks like Robert Pattinson may have been channeling his onscreen vampire alter ego Edward Cullen at Thursday night’s Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere in Los Angeles. The 24-year-old star got tongues wagging with his, dare we say, blood-colored suit when he stepped onto the red carpet in the slim-fitting heritage style from Gucci’s fall/winter 2010 collection. Paired with a soft gray shirt and skinny black tie, Pattinson definitely looked prepared for the fang-tastically good night ahead of him. And while the British heartthrob is no stranger to going glam in Gucci every now and then, we’re wondering if his choice of a bold suit was maybe a bit too literal for a vampire movie premiere — or even if it could be in homage to his newly revealed ancestor, Dracula? But with his shaggy do back in place along with his usual scruff, we’re quite certain that R. Patz will have no problem sizzling in any look–blood, sweat or with tears. Tell us: Do you like Robert Pattinson’s maroon Gucci suit? Or do you wish he had gone more traditional?David Yi


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Bree on

He looks great in anything!

v on

he would !!

Andy on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Patti Laskey on

It’s all right.

Shar on

Robert Pattinson is so bloodly hot! Great, he went for this look. Dare I say not many can pull this off – he certainly did and fabulously too.

Tracy on

Love it. I loved that he chose a non-traditional suit.It is verying fitting for the Eclipse premiere!!

j on

looks great rob–keep it up

erica on

He look absolutely fabulous in this suit. Not everyone can pull of colored suits like this and he does very well!!!!! love him

f fuller on

I had to look at him for awhile to decide if I liked this suit because it was different. I decided that I do like it. He dared to do somehing that was a little unusual. Of course, the suit was fitted perfectly. His hair is getting close to the style everyone knows and loves. I thought he looked very handsome and his attire was suitable for a premier of this movie.

Tiffany on

His personality seems to help him pull it off. He’s hot.

Narcissa on

Rob always looks amazing and especially in a suit, I’m not surprised he went with this look. He’s a very eccentric person and he needs a wardrobe that matches that attitude!

Diane on

It was a perfect choice, I love to see the men shake things up style wise!

kristin on

Rob looks great in anything he wears. He could wear a garbage bag and look sexy.

briana on

He is perfection!!!!

Delana on

Thank God he has hired a stylist and is looking more presentable! It was such a waiste of a handsome man to see him always looking so sloppy and unkempt.

April Kane on

He is fantastic in anything or nothing :) I love you Edward….

Cristina on

Kristen é incrível, linda!

SoNotHollywood on

He could wear duck feathers and ronald mcdonald boots and he’d STILL rock my socks. *sigh*

K on

Wow, he really CAN pull off just about anything! When I saw “maroon suit” I was immediately dubious, but he looks amazingly stylish (and really super hot!). Keep it up, R Patz!

jenna on

i’m sorry…. how is this news?

lisa on

HE LOOKS GOOD ANYTHING…i want to keep him in my pocket :D

minturn on

LOVE IT!..wOW he lookes edgy.!.i always thought he has a dark side..he just expess himself !and he does it well!

JO on

His suit brings back thoughts of burgundy leisure suits! yuck

chris on

He owned the suit. He completely rocked it and looked hot. I don’t know if many men could pull off the look but he certainly did. Wowza.

MWells on

I am a loyal fan. Enjoy following his career closely as I feel he will be a mega-star to a degree we haven’t begun to witness. But did not like the suit. It would be impossible for him to look bad, but this color didn’t seem to suit him.

Bellatrix on

Jenna, you’re in the “Style News” section of the website. This bit fits! Want news? Try CNN.

Bellatrix on

And I must say, Rob looks dashing- as always.

tara on

Darling, what site do you think that you are on? This is People “Style News” Page!!

Anyhoo he looks amazing. Who knew a maroon suit could look so great!!

rocy on

love it…he is so hottt…..

emmy on

i like it. not to many people can pull that color off, but he did. it was nice to see a risk taker vs all the same old black suits.

lauren on

i thought he looked amazing! it’s hard for guys to change up a basic suit, but i think the color was a nice surprise; it evoked a bit of a 60s vibe. i was dying to know who the designer was when i noticed the stitching embellishment on the collar… so thanks!

Eileen on

Robert Pattinson is “wearing” that suit! He’s tall, slim and gorgeous!

rocknmovies on

He looks great. He was daring. He is a gorgeous beautiful handsome young man.

Nani on

Love it! He looks totally gorgeous.

anne-marie bates on

i think robert looks perfect in wotever he has on, he;d look good in loin cloth if he had to wear that xx

Odette on

Wauw! He looks great (as always)

Amanda on

You got to give it to him. Even in THIS get-up, he looks good. He even pulled this off. Pays to be a lovely boy. And the hair is sextacular. Never grow it out, Rob. Looks amazing.

Piz on

OMG! R.PATTZ is gonna kill me looking so dangerously hot!

Becca on

He looks so dreamy – I love it!


Not a big fan of the maroon suit but somehow he’s rocking it. He’s just one of those lucky ppl who can make anything he puts on look good.

Erica on

Great look for him. He definitely pulls it off.

Cindi on

I liked the suit on him, I agree, I don’t think many could pull it off the way he did. European men seem to be pull off colors more than men from here. He rocked. But I gotta add, they all looked great with the one exception of Niki Reed. I thought she looked like she walked out of a cheesy ballet receital!

dupree on

He looks gorgeous! A lovely (in every way) man in a lovely suit.

Heather on

He’s HOT…who really cares what her has on!

cindy on

Love it-he looks hot and it looked good with Kristen’s dress. He’s a trendsetter.

Thorne on

He could wear sack cloth and ashes and still be gorgeous.

BahbiH on

He looks great. Thank goodness he’s not one of those cookie-cutter people, or just another penguin. Guys don’t seem to be given much latitude in style. He is definitely his own man. SHARP DRESSED man!!!

penelope on

I love Robert Pattinsons’s suit – it has a retro lounge-lizard-y rockabilly look to it. He’s a musician as well as an actor – he can carry it off.

Elena on

Ok, There are so few people that can pull off a maroon suit, and Robert Pattinson proves once again that he can look HOTT in anything!!! :D omg, i was looking at pics on and they are just breathtaking :D <3 Rpattz

leahsmom on

It’s very Ron Burgandy, but he’s so hot, I just picture him WITHOUT the suit anyways!!! As most Twihards do! LOL

rainyT on

how gay robert pattinson sucks wiener

Ayysha on

He pulled it off. IT WAS SO FRIKIN HOT!!!!!

RoseMarie on

“HE ROCKS” Just love him and the whole cast for real ;-}

me on

I heard the ‘red’ carpet was really black so I think Rob was smart to wear the maroon suit so he would stand out. It fit him well and he looked great in it. If he had worn a black/dark suit he would just blend in with the black carpet.

AM Hafner on

I could care less about the maroon part… I’m just so tired of seeing men in boring suits & ties. Isn’t there some creative person out there who can come up with some other combinations for men to wear? If women can mix it up, why can’t men????

Kim on

Very 60’s retro… pencil pant, skinny tie… VERY HOT!

Amy on

My goodness…that man could be wearing a plain white sheet and he would still be gorgeous.

Marmite girl on

He looks a bit like Rik Mayhall from the Young Ones.

cathy on

He looks great in anything that he wears…

imaan on

LOVE IT!! he looks hot <3

Almira on

Love it, of course. Black suits are just dull.

Jon on

I like Robert Pattison’s Maroon Gucci Suit!


I love it and i agree Rob will look good in just about anything he puts on.

Ella on

He looked fabulous! I love that he went non traditional. It really made him stand out when all the black suits blended in. He is breathtaking!!!

Susan B. on

I really liked the suit because I like the color and it is something different. The color of this suit reminds me of the jacket he wore at the Harry Potter premiere.

Fay on

Really like the suit!!!

Cyn on

I was def taken back when I saw it. But he def rocked it. He really stood out on the “black” carpet and only he can carry being “different”. Rob’s appearance is always more unique, glad to see he is keeping that going.
The fit was fabulous and the color looked great against Kristen’s dress and even better with the photos of he, Kristen and Taylor.
Good choice Rob. Cheers!

Pat on

Rob look’s great in what ever he wear’s.

nicole on


ana on

I love it! He looks HOT!

betsy on

Love the fit…..wish Rob would spend a little more time shirtless…Yummy. Color not my favorite but I would not look the other way if it had been purple.

NJ on

Aside from looks, he’s got one great personality which shines thru anything else, including wardrobe. I think he looks good in anything he wears

Pat on

Sorry Rob, I love you dearly, but this suit was not to your usual standards. You usually look as thou you just stepped out of GQ. I don’t know where this suit came from,but don’t let them put you in it again. I still love you, sweetheart.

Rafaela on


Josie on

Very hot. He looks good in anything.

Liza on

I have to look and look and decided he looked perfect. The suit matches his hair color and the fact that he is so beatiful pale it was perfect. Whoever chose this for him just nailed it. ROB rocked the night.

Mari on

Rob totally rocked the suit!! Then again he could wear a potato sack and make it look hot! I don’t think just anyone could pull off that color. It was tailor made to fit him to perfection but really it’s the man in the suit…the hair you wanna just run your fingers through, those beautiful mischievous eyes, those lips you just wanna kiss and that gorgeous smile …ILY Rob!! =)

0210bonie on

ha-ha… he looks like one with the security there at the vicinity of staples and nokia theater, though he looks like their leader or even the dazzling, dashing, georgeous boss! check out the security’s uniform and ul find out its the same color as the one he’s wearin’ as least he blended at the venue too… ha-ha so cute!

Silvia on

He looks so good in anything he wears, I’m glad he went with this look instead of the traditional look.

Sasya on

He looks great in anything because of his beatific smile and cool attitude……….. :)

susan on

I think Robert would look good in anything…. but I think I really like this suit.


I personally think he looked VERY GOOD in the suit. It done wonders for his overall appearance, rather than the same old dull regular suit. Something to make a statement, which he truly did with class.

Amanda on

I wasn’t sure at first, but yes, I do like it.

Jeannette on

I thought maybe he was into the Scarlet and Grey of Ohio State which endeared him even more to me. Do you think? Well I thought he looked great as always, but really, there is nothing like a man in a black tuxedo.

slim on

he looks great – a different color would have complemented his eyes and hair better – but I think that the trio had a color coordination going on that matched the Eclipse color scheme – the black & white with crimson blood red around the moon…. I can say that probably only our British babe could pull this suit off – with his stand-out features & long & tall sexiness… it is obviously a gorgeous suit and fits him “perfectly”! He doesn’t care what people think anyway – he had so much confidence and was at ease – that is also what presents the overall image … LOVE HIM

golfnut on

I think he looks very slick with he’s bold suit. He take a chance and got it. He looks beautiful!!!!!!!!

Maricar on

Robs maroon suit stood out from the black carpet. Ithink the reason why he wear maroon suit is because he was going to walk on a black carpet instead of a red carpet!
He carried it very well. Others would not

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melissa on

i love it im glad he decided to do something different and he looked totally hott

Irish Rose on

I loved the suit!

Gabby on

OMG that is hotttttt he looks so good in anything even if he wore a pink bungee jumping suit with purple high boots it wouldn’t matter because he would still be hot and i am writing a book called full moon and it is about Edward and bellas life after breaking dawn i emailed Stephanie Meyer and i am waiting for her to email back but i just want to be noticed i have never seen a celebrity before and im just trying to meet god halfway so he could help me meet Robert pattinson

p.s. he is hot in the book to

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Onya on

That suit is beautifully tailored, fits him perfectly and the color goes with his skin tones. The details in the stitching and buttons are Fabu and his shirt and tie choice are great. I also like the detail of the sleeves flaring a bit and coming down a bit longer onto his hands. Beautiful suit on a handsome man. I think Rob just wears what he likes and has an instinctual sense of style. He’s and old soul in a young man’s body. Most people his age have a tendency to be a bit trendy and tacky, he’s not got that problem and it will serve him well.

sam on

He looks great. I don’t think Maroon will fit well with all men. He is an extraordinatry.

Charlotte on

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