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Web Tasarımı on

wow very great rings ı need something :D

Carlos de Vasconcellos on

Prince Albert is not HRH, (His Royal Highness), but His Serene Highness, HSH.

Frankie on


nicole on


sharon on

very nice not overdone, absolutely beautiful

Jon on

I think Charlene’s engagement ring is very beautiful!

Lynne on

it seems like she will make a beautiful princess, reminding me of Princess Grace

Chene on

What a gorgeous ring! Charlene is going to make a stunning bride – she looks so much like Princess Grace! Also, just a heads up to people: Albert is not an HRH, he’s an HSH for His Serene Highness.

Melanie on

Spectacular! He waited this long to get married it should be spectacular as should the bride to be and she is gorgeous too. Nice job Prince Albert

Becky on

Beautiful ring..Wish them all the best..

Kelli on

The ring is stunning. The couple is beautiful. I have followed him for many years, and I am so very happy that he has finally found his Princess. I think his parents would be pleased. Best of luck to them both!

Kasie McCool on

I think that her ring is gorgeous, however, I wonder how a wedding ring will fit that shape and still look as classy? It is beautiful, though. I too have a pear shape engagement ring, but my center stone sets up over the lay of the finger so the wedding ring fits right under…..I am anxious to see it after they say “i do”…Congrats to both parties.

elizabeth on

HSH Prince Albert should have worn a shirt and tie that would match his fiance’s beautiful dress in this engagement picture. She’s beautiful and the ring is a stunner!

Sam on

That ring is worth more than my house! What's Right Now : Get SJP’s Glam Waves, Shapewear Gets Sexy, and More! on

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shannon on

Thank you Carlos de Vasconcellos!
I looked up HRH(His Royal Highness) vs. HSH (His Serene Highness) Do I understand literally, that he is perhaps a second in line?
Great information! Thanks again!

Trish on

Stunning woman and gorgeous ring! She reminds me of Charlize Theron, another S. African beauty.

Catherine on

Shannon, I think he’s HSH because Monaco is a Principality, not a Kingdom. The highest royal in the land is referred to as a Prince, not a King.

veraroberts on

Beautiful ring!

Maribeth on

A stunning ring for a stunning woman. Much happiness to them both.

Jen on

According to the Monaco Consulates website…he is HSH.

2goldens1mutt on

She’s wearing the ring backwards.

daverain on

wonder how many homeless would have fed?

Nicole on

Anyone notice how similar his fiance looks to his mother?

Honest on

The ring is beautiful, but the bride-to-be is not.

Bua hahahaha!

Pamela on

Man is that ever an odd couple? Can you say Princess Di and Charles all over again? SO sad what people do for money and attention…

SUE on

My ring is bigger than that and my hubby is a crop farmer–this Prince POS must not make much$$$$

Elizabeth on

I’m not a fan of pear shaped diamonds and why didn’t he use platinum? I think he can afford it!

Louise on

Congratulations to HRH Prince Albert II and Charlène Wittstock.
Many happy years together.

Mary on

You think if he wasn’t a prince that he would be able to get someone that looks like her. Absolutely NOT. Homely, fat and bald. It’s the truth and we all know it.

Anna on

The ring and princess to be is elegant and beautiful.

Jache on

A very nice ring. Done in good taste. Not gaudy.

Jen on

Sue, Pamela and Honest, and the rest of you superficial people out there…you are pathetic.

It doesn’t matter what someone looks like or how much a ring costs, or what it is made out of. I think the ring is beautiful. Actually, if you can have the biggest, most expensive ring and can afford to attract the most beautiful people, but choose for love, then you are better off – I hope that is the type people they are. I hope they are blessed with a long, happy successful life together.

Jeanine on

From what I understand, he has two children from previous relationships, one of which, he acknowledged after it was made public. I was a great admirer of his mother. She would have been horrified!! All of the children had controversial relationships. I hope his marriage will be a happy one.

aggi on

she looks just like Grace Kelly

Jeana on

I would not wear it. But then, I despise pear shaped stones, especially in a wedding set. Good luck to them. I wish them much happiness.

debbie on

Gold digger and Moron NO class for either and try to feed and shelter some people and spare the ring BLING>

marilyn on

WOW!!!! what a ring and a very beautiful
woman attached

Lisa on

Wow, the engagement ring is so gorgeous!! Princess-to-be Charlene is so beautiful and reminds me so much of Princess Grace! I wish Prince Albert and Princess Charlene the best of happiness and successful marriage!

Margaret McNamara on

Breathtaking and very tasteful!

rj on

no ring would be worth waking up next to that face in either case. both are selling their sold to ….well….whatever…..all the money in the world couldn’t make me want to be his partner..

Melanie on

Sounds like Jeana is a bit jealous, such hated for the ring and Debbie must be hungry and homeless but has access to a computer because she is just a bitter nelly. Relax ladies

Zoey on

Ha, gosh I guess all your women are married to male- models! I mean he isn’t the most handsome guy, but jeeze, he isn’t that bad! She is obviously much more beautiful than him, but that is generally how that goes. How often do you see a UGLY girl with a BEAUTIFUL guy? Whatever. Chillax.

Janny on

Gray Gold?? What the heck is that??

Abby on

I love your comment Frankie “WOWZERS”! I agree and will also say I think that is the prettiest ring I have ever seen.

cinnamonhead on

I thought he was gay??

Morgan on

Pretty but doesn’t compare to Beyonce’s…I think hers is the best of all time!!!

Beth on

WOW!!!!! What a stone!!! It’s very beautiful and unique!
Congratulations love birds!!!!

Kate on

Really Sue – you’re ring is larger than 3 carats and of sufficient quality that it’s valued at more than $100,000? That’s some crop farmer you’ve got there! We’re all really impressed by your materialism.

Nicole Busby on

Love the ring!

Mia on

Absolutely stunning!

FrenchLady on

Fabuleux!!! Félicitations à tous les deux!!!

ceci on

Don’t they know “pear shaped” diamonds went out with the 1970s????

ExpatB on

The ring is not my style, but I’d certainly keep it if it came my way. Minus the prince of course because I already have one at home.

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SusiQ on

it’s kinda like dessert after a meal; if you gotta put up with the mediocre, you deserve the yummy. In this case, that would be the ring.

Belinda on

Beautiful ring how many karets?

Shar on

Very elegant.

lin on

Pretty Girl, she looks like Alberts mother Princess Grace. Best of luck..

Lisa on

Very unique, not to mention a stunner on her hand. It’s really nice to see a pear shaped stone for a change.

Roberta Ann Marziani on

Congratulations to Prince Albert and Charlene! You make a beautiful couple and I wish you both much happiness!! The engagement ring is stunning!

Barbi on

Yikes! What a beautiful rock! Hope she doesn’t get carpel tunnel from wearing it. It’s huge! Good going Albert…that must have brought a huge smile on your fiance’s face. I love weddings.

Donna on

Seems to me that marriage is about something more than a ring. The money spent on this ring could feed alot of people, and this marriage may not last. So what a waste on a RING! Happy he has found someone, but perhaps they need to think about what good they can do in this world with their wealth.

Donna on


Leesa on

She’s marrying for the title and the money. I’l call it . . Divorce in 5 years tops ((Dramatic eye roll)) marriage holds no water anymore, its all for nothing.

Becky on

@Zoey..Amen..Whatever happened to marrying for love, not for looks and money? So what, he’s not GQ material, but I’m guessing that he’s a really nice person.

And to all that are yammering about how many homeless people they could feed with the cost of that ring, why don’t y’all sell your rings and go feed the homeless?

kim on

wowzers! thank goodness she’s not swimming anymore….she’d sink! lol! it’s gorgeous! congrats to the happy couple!

Janice Pielert on

I need one of those!

Karla on

That ring could feed millions of starving children in Africa.

Yolie on

It is a classy ring for a very classy Lady! Prince Albert has good taste. Good luck to both!!!

judles on

Charlene is South African but has not lived here for many years. There are no starving people in Monaco and neither is there crime. It’s Albert’s money so he doesn’t have to share it with the rest of Africa. Why always find the negative and worry about starving people. Blame their parents for not using birth control whilst living in poverty.

Daph on

I liked Princess Grace’s emerald cut engagement ring much better. Mine is a lot like it only fewer carats. Prince Albert looks more like his mother than do his sisters. She was one of the world’s great beauties. Charlene is pretty.

Brandi on

I think that her ring is absolutly stunning!! I too have a pear shaped diamond and think that they are beautiful! Fancy shapes are the way to go. They are different then the norm. @Sue-I think that Kate said it right. What kind of crop farming does your husband do exactly?? Maybe you should go get your plan ol’ probably brilliant cut diamond appraised to make sure it’s real because I highly doubt he spent anywhere close on yours to what the prince spent on hers! No need to be jealous just because that beautiful thing isn’t on your hands! Just be happy for her!

Mem on

Beautiful, love the color and shape, they look happy. God bless them both.

jaxi on

I want one!!!

sckatt on

They both look like they are pushing 45 years old. How old are they? And don’t you like how that round inset that shows the ring up close covers her midsection? What is their background? Is he a momma’s boy marrying someone that looked like Princess Grace? Wasting their civilians money on this type of an extravagance? They should be donating it to promoting worthy causes in their country. Not showing off and trying to out do the celebs

Heather on

Wow what a beautiful ring and she looks so much like his mother. She will make a beautiful queen.

Schae on

The ring is absolutely beautiful and she is VERY stunning. Congratulations and best wishes to both of them.

Stefanie on

A beautiful and young woman to marry a homely,bald middle aged man because she loves the fact that this knucklehead will make her rich,spoiled,pampered and famous or because she “loves” him?
Just goes to show any dumpy guy that comes out the right birth canal can look forward to the same thing! As my married girlfriends tell me it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich guy as a poor one! LOL!

gracethecat on

The ring is lovely … as it should be for such a lovely bride to be! I’m glad Prince Albert has found the one for him. They both look happy.

Edie on

the ring is beautiful and in good taste

Erlinda on

Yeah, the ring is very nice. Why should we care? This man has2 children out of wedlock, is probably getting married because of some silly curse that would turn his country into another country if he doesn’t marry and produce an heir. (I hope all their children are girls. It will be interesting watching him explain to his Togolese child why he cannot inherit the throne.) Royalty. Hah!

Carolyn R. on

You can’t eat diamonds.

Patricia on

I hope they will both be happy. The fact that he has tried to equip his bride with skills to help her in her new”job” may show that not only does he want someone at his side to help run his country who will do well but that he cares about her and probably knows that his mother had a difficult time in the beginning,having to learn french and the how to behave as a princess in the public eye. Obviously he was not always “fat and bald” but had blond curly hair and was quite athletic. None of us stay the same in looks as we get older. I would have to see the ring in person to comment but wonder how a wedding ring would fit with that design but I am sure they have that all worked out too.

Dian on

HOW MANY CARATS, PLEASE? Then I’ll give you my opinion. Give me the numbers $$$$$.

Nancy on

For such a formal photos she should have worn something that was more traditional. A halter dress is too casual and conflicts with the Prince’s suit and tie.

Lola on

WOW! I guess Prince Albert to his que from Beyonce and put a ring on it! Charlene is a beautiful and classy woman that has the makings of being the new version of Princess Grace. I can’t wait for their wedding! Congrats to Prince Albert and Charlene!

Nolia Rose on

I think Prince Albert and Charlene make a lovely couple. He has his mother’s beautiful looks and his father’s sensitivity. And in my book, the ring is gorgeous.


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kristie on

wow! what a beautiful ring! i wish them nothing but the best. :)

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Fleur Bellamy on

I think is sooooo gorgeous! Very simple but elegant! (despite the size! Which is fabulous!) Good job, Prince Albert!

live music on

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