Kendra Wilkinson on Her Post-Baby Body: "My Curves Shocked Me"

06/24/2010 at 09:30 AM ET

Andrew Macpherson

After giving birth to son Hank Baskett IV last December, reality star Kendra Wilkinson went from a toned and taut size two up a few sizes into uncharted territory. “My curves shocked me big-time,” admits the E! star. “It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the mirror.” While Kendra is enjoying her new “different” body, she’s looking forward to getting that tone back. “About two months ago, I stopped making excuses. It’s time to get out there and really bust my ass like I used to,” she says of her now hour-long workouts at the gym and new healthier eating habits, which include salads, grilled chicken and chewing gum to curb cravings. “I was so used to being fit and skinny,” she says. “I never had to lose weight until now. I want my muscle back–I don’t want anything jiggling. Cardio for me is number one. I need the cardio because I can tone my body, but I gotta burn the fat off!” One step in the right direction? “We didn’t have my stripper pole in my house ever since I gave birth, now we’re going hang it up. I feel sexy again.” –Jennifer Garcia

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Diane on

You look great Kendra, keep up the good work!

Kelly on

She is still FAT and she has to stop looking into a funhouse mirror to think she is thin.

Delana on

Kelly, put down the cookies and button up your pants, anyone who would make a comment like you did, clearly has weight issues of their own. Don’t be a hater!

LBW on

She is thicker than she was before the baby, but that happens. Especially to short women. She does look good though.

Len on

I agree with Kelly!

Danni on

Kelly she does not look fat!!!! She looks great!! why do women tear each other down!! don’t be a hater!! Looking good Kendra!!

LSG on

If Kenra is FAT, I would like to be FAT like her. She looks great!

Selina on

Kendra I think you look great!

p.s. Does anyone else think Kelly is an angry fat girl?

Evita on

She is not fat.

Tiff on

Kelly, you must be a very sad pathetic person… and not a mom… shame on you. I agree with Delana!

I think she looks great and our reality of seeing someone back to a size two within two weeks of having a baby is a lie and unrealistic. Keep it up! :)

Elda on

She is Precious…..

Laura on

okay Kelly, I wish i was that “fat”, please, she looks great

Selina on

I think Kendra look great!
She is actually losing the weight at an average weight like the average woman! All those other stars losing all their baby weight in weeks and back on the runway is insane! It’s not realistic and probably not healthy! This just reminds me how real Kendra is! So all these women to support eachother instead of ripping eachother to shreds.
p.s Kelly is an angry jealous fat girl.

Lori on

How could anyone ever call her fat? She looks amazing!!

Lisa on

HAHAHAHAHAHA @Kelly! I’m pointing and laugh, yes, at YOU!

Erin on

She looks great! I think curves are sexier then those girls that have no butt, boobs or hips. Make you look more mature and not so 16ish! Welcome to mommyhood:)

Bonnie on

Oh yippee, another woman complaining about her weight. Remind me again: Why is this woman famous?

SUE on

Kelly u honestly think she looks fat in this pic. you are crazy–i am not “huge” but I would give my right arm to look like her….

Anna on

I agree that she looks really great, but don’t forget about air brushing. There is a video of her posing on this web site and she looks chubbier, but still good.

maria on

Kelly is what is wrong with the world. Thats why all the little girls out there turn anorexic. Kendra you look great. I hope I have the body you have after giving birth.

Leslie on

Finally People posts a wonderful article about post pregnancy bodies! She looks wonderful! I am a mother of 4 kids 5 years old and younger, finally I have lost all my baby weight, proud to say I’m 119 pounds, I’ve worked extremely hard to get there and I wear my saggy stomach skin and stretch marks with PRIDE! Wouldn’t change a thing. GO KENDRA, YOU SHOW OFF THAT BODY!

Suz on

Kelly, I think you need a shrink. Why can’t women support each other and embrace their bodies? Pregnancy changes your body and it may or may not ever be the same. She looks gorgeous in this photo and I am sure she is healthy and happy. That’s all that matters!

Cammie on

So dating a 80 yr with 2 other Girlfriends and doing x-rated tape can get you coverage on….Young girls of America…you learning…

kacey on

Kelly…you’re a dolt. I’m almost positive that any man wouldn’t give a rip about curves. They’d probably much rather take curves over a broom-stick & a pencil neck.

sam on

i had my baby a month before yours- and it makes me feel good to know that even someone who was once a size two is struggling to get her body back. thanks for sharing.

CWS on

Kendra you look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you girlie!

Violelric on

HOW many more times are we going to hear this? You’re a no-name, untalented spore flying around in the winds of life – who cares? I think you worry more about taking care of your baby than obsessing about your body. Guess what? Women who have babies, no matter what size they are pre-pregnancy, have to gain a certain amount of weight for the nutritional health of the fetus, and, unless you starve yourself, or use some illegal, unethical, or heart-damaging method of losing the weight, it will take awhile. And, sorry,most women most likely will never be the size 2, or whatever it was that you were before, but you can get your body back into a healthy shape with good eating and exercise. So, shut up about it already, and dwell on the things in life that actually MEAN something!

Meg on

Kendra looks better in this photo than before she was pregnant! So what that she’s bigger than she was…she had a BABY! Way to go girl, you keep those curves, you look fantastic.

Lisa on

WOW! If FAT looks like that…then i want to be FAT too!

K on

Kendra looks fantastic I too am going trough the same thing she is I was a size 0 and now I have this extra belly fat that I can’t get rid of I need HELP..It Seems Kelly is just jealous and that everyone should stop commenting on her/him seems they like the attention..

Tessa on

Seriously? This has got to be the vainest mindset ever. Oh you were shocked by some extra baby weight were you? Well welcome to the real world. Although the real world for you was probably gaining a whopping 20 extra pounds. I’m 8 months pregnant right now, and guess what, I gained 45 pounds, and I’ve gotta work hard to lose that. I have stretch marks, and my breasts are sagging. This is baby number two for me. There are more important things to be shocked about other than some post baby weight. Of course there’s going to be extra weight at first, YOUR HUMAN. Or are you? No you just live in a playboy fantasy world with money and no cares in the world, and the best trainers and cooks to whip you back into shape. God forbid you have to do it like a normal person!

Jennifer on

Kendra looks great! If you think she looks fat its because you are jealous and then you might as well not comment if you are going to be mean. Its not like the process of getting your body back happens over night. She is doing a great job and looking great! Keep up the good work Kendra!

Jennifer Rhodes on

If everyone would watch the video of Kendra’s photo shoot then you all would see that she is fat & this picture has been completely touched up.

L on

Oh Kelly, no need to hate on her, how bout you try her exercise routine? We know you’re just jealous about that stripper pole. :)

trisha davis on

kendra you look amazing. curvy is sexy. go kendra! go kendra!

sooooooze on

WOW there are some jealous haters out there….Kendra is hilarious, her show is real, she did gain a lot of weight for her size, she was not afraid to show how upset and discouraged she was…I could totally relate to her. She looks great!! Keep up the good work Kendra!!!

miss on

she looks great the way she is right now. not bone thin & anorexic looking, and not huge! shes perfect. but why all the sudden is she obsessing over her weight? after she gave birth she was raving about how she loved her new body & said how thicker woman shouldnt be ashamed of being bigger. & now shes making a big deal about it???? which is it kendra??

Monica on

I love watching Kendra’s show because it makes me feel good about myself. I just had a baby in January (my 2nd) and the weight is not leaving as fast as it did with my 1st- and I only gained 25 lbs. I almost cried the episode where her wedding ring couldn’t fit because mine didn’t either and I thought I was weird. Proud to say it finally fits again but I still have the little belly like she talks about all the time and I’m really beginning to wonder if my belly button will ever go in again.
Kendra don’t listen to negative people. You do what you can and screw everyone else. That Kelly chick obviously has not had a baby (thank God!), or it could be a guy too, it is a unisex name.

BJ on

I think they forgot to airbrush the cankles.

ae on

LOL . . .I love the fact she thought she was fat. She was basically an average aize that happened to be out of shape. What did she think by having a child her body wouldn’t change? Glad she worked her butt off and did it the healthy weigh as opposed to others who starve themselves or opt for surgery.

annie on

To Tessa: Bravo!!! You summed up exactly what I was going to say,,,,She was shocked at her post baby curves? Another vain celeberty twit should enjoying the arrival of her new baby not if she’s able t fit in a size 2 bikini in a week after giving birth


kendra u look beautiful wow love your show u and hank are doing a great jop with baby hank he is adorable congrats love u.

Becky Browning on

WOW, Kendra looks amazing. She is adorable. Looks like she is so happy. I thinks she looks great for having a baby just a short time ago.

Cindy on

Of course Kelly is a fat girl. Fat…and jealous!

Lauren on

Haha Selina I think you may be right! Kelly, you obviously have nothing better to do than to put people down. I think she looks great, and realistic on what to expect after giving birth. It’s intimidating to see these size 2 women 3 months after giving birth!

Vicky on

You people are losers you don’t even know what you are talking about.HAHAHA.

Katie on

I wish I was as “fat” as Kendra is…lol. Kelly, get a f-ing life hater.

Melody on

Kendra, I think you looooook maaarvalous!! keep up the good work and congrats on that cutie of a kid you and Hank now share.

Gena on

Lol.. I’m a fat girl and while I don’t particularly care for Kendra she is certainly not FAT by any stretch of the imagination lol. She is gorgeous and its sad that some women can’t feel good about themselves without tearing others down.

faith on

LOL, u go girl!!

Mags on

Kendra is a pretty girl but this pic is airbrush city.

Dwayne on

from a mans point of view if you think she looks fat in the above picture you really need to put down the crack pipe, while she isnt one of my favorite people she is not fat

Kelly on

Me & Perez say it a man world snap snap snap

Teresa on

I think she looks great. You look good Kendra. Don’t pay any attention to the ones only trying to bring you down. You keep up the good work.

Gmamouse on

Kendra looks great for having a baby and a c-section just barely six months ago. Why people like to bash others I can not understand. Each person is different and loses/gains weight differently.

me on

She gained a lot of weight for her size, it is no picnic getting it off. She is also breastfeeding and while some are lucky enough to see drastic weight loss while bf’ing, many still hang on to an extra 5-20 lbs until they wean, myself included.

I started working out like mad once my kids turned 1 yr (bc they were finally sleeping through the night and I could get the rest I needed) and eating a clean diet, but the scale would not budge until my kids were weaned.

I like Kendra because she is not afraid to put it all out there unlike most celebrities. I just wish she wasn’t so hard on herself. She needs to focus more on her son and quit obsessing about the weight because he will only be little for a short while and that extra weight will eventually be gone if she keeps up good eating habits and workouts.

kay on

im so glad that kendra is like us normal people where its difficult to be thin and she admits it! its great she is normal like the rest of us, she looks great!!!!

lily on

All she ever does is make comments about her body? What’s up with that?

Libby on

Kelly and Len, I hope you never have daughters. You’d do a number on their self-image.

Rude. Rude. Rude.

Nicole Busby on

I think she looks great. Different, but great.

Nicole Busby on

And Kelly – you ARE an angry fat girl. You must be. Would love to see what you look like.

ChefDulce on

Reality is if you don’t stuff yourself during 9 month then it will be easier like Bethenay and Giselle did it. Unfortunately we think that being pregnant is license to eat and then we pay the price after the baby. Nothing wrong with that…Kendra you are doing it little by little and are looking better and better. And darling how many people would love to have a little treasure like yours that is worth all the effort your are putting in.

Heather on

Look up “fat” or “obese” in the dictionary. Or from my guess take a look in the mirror cause your comment has jealosy written all over it. Are you that really uneducated or insecure that you can’t give props to a woman that just had a baby 6 months ago?

Kayla on

Wow, Kelly, if that is fat, then we are all hogs

Kendra Wilkinson discusses her post-baby body | on

[…] told People, “My curves shocked me big-time. It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the […]

amanda on

does anyone else find her totally annoying? I really don’t get this person’s appeal….While I’m at it, what is the appeal with Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts?????

Betty on

welcome to the world of being a women and your body changing. This is reality and you will never have the body u did when you were a teenager. Their is more to life then worrying about being perfect. It’s funny cause now your trying to beat the odds of what playboy represents which is annorexic women all who are under their ideal body weight. Thanks to playboy all us women have suffered with the unrealistic body images. It’s coming back to bite u in the ass!

Deg on

Kelly is probably a guy…..

lexi on

She looks just right she doesn’t need to lose any more weight, she needs to be curvy not one of those girls who are skinny and have no shape to them. Kendra don’t lose any more pounds. People who say she does aren’t even worth it.

samantha on

Kendra, sweetie…your body is never going to be the same as it was before you gave birth…face it and deal with it!! you look great and can keep looking good for a while, but EVERYTHING is going to get jiggily sooner or later..before you’re 35 and you have to deal with that too…love your body now and be happy you have a man and a lovely child to share your life with…the Playboy days are over and you ought to be happy about that!! talk about the epitome of shallowness!!

Ellen on

What’s unchartered territory?!? Size 4?? Yikes! That does require immediate action!

I am all about being healthy and I love my work outs and learning to cook new foods that make me feel good instead of glutinous, but I also think it’s not healthy to have an interview every week about your body, you body, your body…. Sometimes, your energy is best spent taking care of kids and the rest can fall into place, theres no need to dwell on it….

California Surfer on

Grandma totally wants to be a gal next door so she can party at the mansion with Pamela Anderson but she is too old since she is only 10 years younger than the Heffner dude!!!

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...... on

-kelly… Wow what is your problem… judging by what you have said you have not had a child. She looks great the weight she is at… its a work in progress and she is doing a great job… stop being a B****

Lil on

I think it is great that she is losing the weight in a healthy way rather than starving herself. Young girls have been led to believe you have to be a size 0 to look great. It is about time someone shows them they can look great at any size.

Jessica on

She is far from fat! I wish more would embrace healthy curves v/s rale thin frames! Muscle is good to have not just skin and bones!

Amanda on

I think she looks fabulous and what is wrong with this world is the people who think she is fat!!

debbie on

she needs to STF up!

Donna on

I am sure Hank loves you just the way you are. You have a beautiful baby boy. Don’t stress about how you look so much. What is important is what is on the inside. I know you are use to having a good shape but I think after kids your body changes a little. I am sure this picture was doctored just a little in photoshop. Almost all of them are now.

Kokopax City Carrier, Hot Chocolate on

[…] Kendra Wilkinson on Her Post-Baby Body: “My Curves Shocked Me … […]

JP on

Yes! Kelly is fat.

Mona on

OMG. If I hear about one more “celebrity” talking about their baby weight, their “curves” or losing their baby weight, I am going to SCREAM. Millions of women have babies every day. You had a baby. You gained some weight doing so. MOVE ON and talk about something different.

Francine on

I am so tired of Kendra talking about her body. She doesn’t lead a glamorous life anymore and she’ll do anything to get publicity. She bores me.

Alicia on

You go Kendra, she looks great. Kelly is a hater!

Gayle on

Kelly you are obviously a miserable person maybe hanging over the toilet everyday with your finger down your throat to call Kendra Fat..
She is not Fat, she looks great and why do women and young girls constantly insult other woman and how they look? Could it be ones own insecurity?
You should build each other up and npt tear each other down because of you jealousy and insecure ways. You will find to compliment another will make you also feel good. Try it and you will see.
Keep up wth good work Kendra.. :)

KAY on

OMG How dumb is this? Whats wrong with women just being who they are? Why do we do we all have to be toned anorexic models. Thanks for giving young girls more reasons to have eating disorders!

Melissa on

You feel like every other woman out there who has had a child and is still trying to lose the baby weight. Don’t stress it…You look wonderful, you have Hank’s support and beautiful Hank jr. to love you through it all. I wish everyone would stop judging her. She’s doing what everyone does with the exception that her life is taped. That is a job for her to earn income and if she speaks real life scenarios, then so be it. At least her show can actually live up to the title “Reality TV”. So what if its not about elaborate vacations or living in the mansion or having chefs, maids and every other luxury she once had. I actually prefer her new show to the old one because at least we get to see who she REALLY is and the big heart she really has. So many other women on here, especially those who ARE moms, can completely relate to Kendra’s insecurities about her appearance. Maybe if women started giving props to one another instead of tearing each other down, there would be a lot less drama in the world. Kendra…keep doing you. SO you don’t have the same exact size and shape, but you have an amazing family and you’ll get there one step at a time. No need to rush…you’ve got enough fan support out there…plus the love of your family to keep you lifted up through all of it. You’re a great mom, don’t listen to all the haters out there..Stay strong and beautiful!! :)

CV on

Kendra’s ignorance shocks me!

Nay on

I think she looks more beautiful with curves. I cant stand woman who think they look good when all they are is a skeleton. Its not sexy and not healthy.

Phyllis on

and this is newsworthy??? PULEEZ

wow on

Kendra already looks amazing. She looks Marilyn Monroe-ish in this pic. I prefer post baby to pre baby kendra.

wow on

I would also like to add that if having a baby would make me look like that, its at the top of my “to do list” this year.

nina on

she looks adorable

tg on

she looks beautiful. curves on women are sexy, and every man wants a lady with curves. we are supposed to have curves. stick skinny women are only sexy to other stick skinny women. go kendra..

Diana on

Keep up the great job of getting your pre-pregnancy figure back. I’d like to say I’m a mother of three and grandmother of two, I enjoy watching you on “The Girls Next Door” and your new show “Kendra.” You are an inspiration to young women in all walks of life to never give up and be yourself. I love your personality,sillyness,laugh,love of life,love of family and drive to do what you have to do to get things done.And the respect you have for people! I’m so happy for you, that you and Hank found each other,you seem like soul mates. And no matter what, just remember how much you love each other and that will weather all storms! As you have learned don’t believe the tabloids,don’t even read those awful things that can destroy a person’s soul. I feel from what I’ve seen on the shows that you are an awesome human being :) Your little family is priceless,what an amazing little person you and your husband have brought into this world. I really like you as a celebrity and a person that I only see on T.V.
May God Bless You All!
Diana :)

Z on

If that’s fat, I hope I’m fat after I have my baby boy in a couple of months. She looks great, I don’t think she needs to lose any more weight!

Jenn on

Ummm, Kendra does not READ these post, peeps. lol This is more entertaining than the article!


LA on

I don’t think Kendra is fat like Kelly thinks. However, she is not as thin as these pictures make her. If any of you watched her show then you would know she still has plenty of baby fat left that she has tried to work off. She admits that her photos are photoshopped to make her look thinner & perfect. She should just try to be natural and proud of her curves instead of all this air brushing..I think she is hilarious!

Maria on

God Kelly…your comments are rude!!!!

Kendra doesn’t look fat, she looks like what a woman SHOULD look like. Not the emaciated things we’re subjected to. She looks healthy! Women are supposed to have curves…and when you have a child your body is NOT the same, you have a pooch…and no matter how many situps you do – it won’t GO! Have a look at Victoria Beckham’s stomach…google pics of Venice vacation…she may be super thin but her stomach skin is wrinkly!

Rita on

I like her swimsuit..looks good.

Candace on

Geez she had the kid 6 months ago and she’s still going on about it? I wish the self absorbed prostitute would get hit by a truck. She has a stripper pole? Great example she sets for her child.

Lotusdream on

I think Kelly is a “troll” someone who purposely tries to get people rild. Who cares what she says anyway.. don’t give her any power. Yeah, I wish I was as fat at Kendra too! lol! I really like her especially since she got with Hank.

Mary on

Kendra keep up the work you look great!

Claire on

I think that Kendra looks simply amazing! I’m happy that’s shes trying to embrace her new body!

FrenchLady on

She calls that “healthy”?? Nothing healthy in her way of eating. And EVERYBODY should know that chewing gum is not good at all for the body. If you have cravings, it is because your body needs whatever you are not feeding it with. The MOST important thing is the size of the portion. EACH type of food is good to eat as long as you keep the portion sizes in check. That is not a good article and people should not follow that at all.

Tia on

She looks just fine, but should worry about the baby hurting himself on that pole once its starts toddling around.

Niki on

Anyone who think Kendra is fat needs to get their eyes checked ASAP. I think Kendra looks even better than before she had the baby. There is a glow to her and she looks healthy. Anyone who is hating on her obviously has weight issues of their own. Grow up!

Linda on

Kelly is probably anorexic.

Debra B. on

You look great, Kendra! Non-celebrities think so anyways.

Hollywood thinks differently. Welocme to the REAL WORLD when they render you ‘fat’!

carolann on

Okay, I am not a big fan of Kendra. But to say that SHE is fat…woman who say that girls like Kendra look fat are the reason why 12 year old girls starve themselves to death because they think that they are fat. As women WE create the need to be a size zero or we’re worthless. I’m not saying that it should be okay to be fat…it is an unhealthy lifestyle and it shouldn’t become the norm. But women with no visible bones shouldn’t be torn down either.

tb on

IDK what the big deal is every week with her talking about her new curves…she had fake curves (boobs)before, now she added 5lbs to her frame and she is acting as if her body was reinvented? So she still has a pooch, thats the gift of having a child….talk about trying to stay in the spotlight!

Robyn on

Yep, Selina. Kelly is an angry fat girl. Kendra looks amazing.

MrsDee on

She’s still talking about this? No one cares. Guess she has to try to keep herself in the news.

Bonnie on

I think she looks better now that pre-baby.

Jackie Gonzalez on

Kendra you Rock boo!!!! Kelly wishes she was you,thats why she is being ah’ mean girl!!!

kiki0303 on

Umm…just wondering Kelly; have you ever had a kid? If you are a mom or have ever had a kid, you would know that your body changes in ways that you can’t ever imagine. Kendra looks amazing after 6 mos. I agree LSG, if she is fat then I would love to be fat. The internet is a great way to be a hater. Only people with weight issues of their own would make a comment like that. Yes Selina, agreed Kelly is a fat angry girl hiding behind the internet.

lori b on

There you go… back to your happy place where you can show off comfortably for attention!

I work out on

How many more articles do we have to bear about how Kendra is getting back in shape? Why not just wait until she is in shape again? She gained some serious weight and it takes hard work and diligence to lose it. So, Kendra — love ya but it is time to drop the carbs and fruit, refine the diet to lean proteins and veggies and do some more cardio. It is a pretty simple theory – the fat will come off. Just do it already! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

christy on

I think kendra looks great and she is such a good mom and for me to say this means alot I couldn’t stand her on the girls next door but now I don’t miss and episode of her show and support her all the way I think she is a great role model for new moms, and hurray to her for showing that getting off the baby is hard work rather than other celebs who just show up in mags all fit in unreal amount of times they are the ones people should be bashing. I only wish her and her family the best…

Lori on

OK after I hadmy baby I never gotmy body back at 42 I think Kendra looks amazing I need her diet secrets she is taking charge of her own body and getting back into shape

irina on

kendra looks great. kelly is a guy

adebola on

kelly you such a hater! Kendra my darling you look darn good. love ya!

tif on

ok so kelly if you think she is fat i would love to know what you would think skinny is. because she is the same size as me and i know im not fat so i know kendra is not fat you must be the fat one. kendra looks great for someone who had a baby 6 months ago. you can tell she is just like any other real woman.SO DONT HATE!!!!!!!

Realist on

Kelly is a total angry fat girl. Im not a huge fan of Kendra but she is lookin’ good! Kelly go have another twinkie.

Jennifer on

Kelly, where is your pin-up pic? I highly doubt you are even half the wonderful woman Kendra is. Kendra looks great! Better than she did before.

jane on

Why are these “reality” sex tape women in the news?

Kendra Wilkinson discusses her post-baby body | This Is An Awesome Web Site on

[…] told People, “My curves shocked me big-time. It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the […]

renae on

Such the role model with the “stripper pole, sex tape and playboy. It is so old hearing about these people like her trying to get attention for being nothing but some type of receptacle. I feel sorry for poor Hank and baby Hank. Surely he could have found a better mother for his children than this peep show.

Stephany on

She looks great…I totally think Kelly is a FAT hater. Stop hating on others when normally it takes a woman to lose the baby weight in 2 years. She’s done it in months and is looking great and happy. GET A LIFE AND WORK OUT KELLY! that should keep you distrated.

lena on

I lost my baby weight in 3 months after I delivered my babies (I have 3) and now my body is even better than I ever had before my first pregnancy, so it is very possible to get your body back in shape and very possible to do it fast too only if you would like it, is not easy, you have to excersise and keep a strict diet – some exceptions are OK but should be just exceptions, excersise boost youe methabolism!!

Jessica on

If anyone thinks she is fat they must be brain washed just like everyone in the celeb world. Curves are much more sexy than being stick thin. Kendra looks awesome!

Mary on

I wish I looked like that after my babies! LOL

Madimom on

Kendra, you look amazing! Your body changes with a baby, and yours looks fabulous!. You look perfect to me. I wish I looked like that ever in life, after 3 pregnancies! Keep it up honey you got it!!

Misses M on

If thats what FAT is then sign me up, she looks great, my god not all of us can spring back so soon, she did it in 6months , good for her!!!

Andrea on

No wonder girls are under so much pressure as they grow up and cannot just grow into their own skin. they have to be “perfect”. Kelly, you are quite pathetic.

erin on

kendra, do you worry about anything else other than your body? grow up.

stacy on

Why dont u GURLS leave Kelly alone, I dont kno why u gurls are takng up for Kendra, She dont even know u exsist. So shut up n kelly is not being a “HATER” it must be the truth. Delana ur probably stuffing ur fat face right now.

silv on

curves are sexy!!! like the movie, “REAL women have curves: :-)
she’s not fat- she’s healthy and beautiful. being super skinny is not attractive, at all!!

Vanesa on

Kendra looking GOOD girl!!!!!! Even if she did not have a baby she has a nice figure going on. Why must women hate on women instead of supporting each other. That really sucks!!! Why dont you post your pic up KELLY??? lets see how hot you are ugh NOT!!!

gladys on

as a mother myself, i think she looks great and wonderful after having a baby for just six months. because as a nursing mother you go through a lot of health, emotional and physical problems.please as women we should support each other at times like this. thanks.

shon on

kelly you must be a fat bush pig

shon on

wow stacy you must be hater, join kelly on the fat camp

Gia62 on

Kendra is the one who doesn’t like her body now…she likes being skinny minny…so why hate on Kelly?

Deb on

She doesn’t want anything jiggling? Little boys do not jiggle; women DO! Kendra looks sexier now than she ever did before. She’s “fat” like Marilyn Monroe was “fat.” I would imagine most men find her more attractive now that she has some womanly curves (her fake boobs non-withstanding.) Interesting that it’s always the women who are first to yell “fat.” A lot of body issues and self-hatred that end up coming out as angry insults at other women.

trae on

Okay,enough is enough with these “stars”. What did this girl do? I’ll tell you…she took off her clothes and posed in Playboy, then went to live with a creepy old man and heaven only knows what she had to do to pay the rent there. Why is this pathetic girl being glorified ? Are women not more than sex ? I guess if you are an uneducated woman, yes. Go to school, be something other than a piece of eye candy before your looks fade. How pathetic, fat, skinny, or whatever. Get some integrity and self respect. I thought women were supposed to want respect…you don’t get it this way.

Kendra Wilkinson: ‘My curves shocked me’ | Celebrity Gossip and Story Blog on

[…] See full essay during […]

Nina on

I was 98 pounds when I got preggers with my first son. When I ended I was 118 pds. I thought I was fat but I looked great. I left the hospital with my regular clothes on. I worked out 6 weeks later and got back into my shape. However not the 98 pds. I went back to 105 pds at 5 feet tall. After getting back into shape 3 months later I got pregnant again boy #2. I gained so much weight with him. 65 pds. I lost all and am down to 108 pds now almost 5 years later. But its hard work. I spend 2 hrs a day at least 3x a week to maintain. My doctor told me that fat gets distributed throughout your body will never lose it. I told him he had no clue how a female body works. Though I will never weigh 98 pds again. I love being under 110.

Jen on

I think you look great Kendra!

Bella24 on

I think it’s ridiculous that people are calling her fat simply because she’s not a size 2 anymore after motherhood. In that photo she can’t be any bigger than a 4-6 and to say that THAT is fat is an indication of something seriously wrong in our culture…or at least something is wrong with any dimwitted imbecile that could look at that young woman’s body and find flaw with it. For a new mom she looks absolutely fine, extra thickness and all.

Leanne on

Why do people HATE so much…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!! Kendra looks healthy and amazing!!

Jenny on

I think Kendra looks fantastic. Danni, about your comment, I couldn’t have said it better! Well done :o)

Nikki on

Kendra looks and is fabulous! Celebrate her; she is one of the lucky ones (like myself thank goodness!) who has a awesome marriage and blissfully happy & healthy family!

Joy on

Kendra, I think you look great, too. I am going through ‘withdrawals’ from your show not being on. Can’t wait to see you and your family again!!

TellinItLikeItIs on

Kendra is a beautiful woman but she is considered fat only by ‘Hollywood’ standards.

ecapco1 on

is Kelly trying to fat or phat?



Extra Scoop: Mel Gibson Gets Restraining Order Against His Baby Mama: Baby Diet Guide on

[…] Kendra Wilkinson on Her Post-Baby Body: «My Curves Shocked Me» Andrew Macpherson After giving birth to son Hank Baskett IV last December, reality star Kendra Wilkinson went from a toned and taut size two up a few sizes into uncharted territory. «My curves shocked me big-time,» admits the E! star. «It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the mirror.» While Kendra […] Read more on People Magazine […]

peggy on

why did I read that?? ugghhhh

Celery on

This is what she get for not exercising any modesty at all. She was always braggin how she was one of the “hottest women on the planet”….uhhh who told her that? She is cute and had the body that a lot of 20 somethings have….now maybe her ego was knocked down a few pegs and she won’t be such a braggart. I like the Girls Next Door but none of the three girls on that show are the HOTTEST in the world.

Lisa on

I agree with Tiff and Evita and Danni and Delana! Remember Kelly what your kindergarten teacher said, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” also, good luck to you when you get pregnant and have children. You are cursing yourself already with your bad attitude!

Nicole on

she is not fat, she looks good for just having a baby!! dont hate!!

Jen on

I wanna be FAT like Kendra.. LOL whatever people.

KLM on

Everyone is hating on Kelly because she is fat and ignorant and won’t admit it.

Jenn on

I have one word to describe Kelly:

Kendra looks fab!!

May on

Are people who are calling her fat looking at the photo in the story?!? If so…are you blind?? Or anorexic? Let’s see a full length shot of you and compare. Oh wait, maybe you’ve done that already and that’s why you made that comment. Green eyed, much?


Kendra a LONG way from FAT and I agree that a LOT of lonely jealous women out there that would say Kendra fat. she is bigger than before the baby but come on that is NOT fat.

Jen on

Kendra is gorgeous!!! She looks amazing.

cclovely on

Our society is really messed up if a size 2 is now considered FAT…wow

autumnbottom on

Christ is she STILL talking about how SHOCKING her big fat ass was while pregnant. Move on Kendra you have already told us this

TellinItLikeItIs on

I am sorry but Hollywood has defined what our society deems beautiful and that is to be pencil thin. And Kendra is not pencil thin and that is why some people might think she is fat.
I consider Kendra absolutely gorgeous and I also think that Kelly has a right to voice her opinion.

amanda on

psychotic or at least delusional lol! (about the fat comment on Kendra)

amanda on

-even if ideally or for Hollywood reasons she needs to trim down a bit, it’s still inconsistent to call her physique “fat”, as she has way to much muscle mass and tone for that. Her athleticism remains, and she is actually probably in decent conditioning “shape”. Jeesh people…

Lisa Albert on

I love her show and I think she looks great.

June on

What CURVES? What does she see that the natural eye is missing? She has no butt, no thighs, no hips, no nothing…REALLY?!

lorelei51h on

She looks absolutely gorgeous. Curves in all the right places and a truly hot Mama. I don’t think she needs to get back to a size 2, what the heck is wrong with being a size 4 or 6. She has a great attitude and it comes through with her enjoyment of her child and husband. I say stay the way you are. The skinnier you get the older you will look when you hit 30 or 40. first and foremost love yourself as you are and you will be able to love those close to you. Don’t change Kendra!

Davine on

I think Kendra looks really cute! She looks like a real person, a real mommy. Her having a baby and getting married has drastically changed my opinion of her. She used too get on my nreves something fierce, now she’s someone I would hang out with! GO KENDRA GO KENDRA GO KENDRA!!!

Lara on

Kelly: She is not fat. not at all. she’s not fat. but she’s not a twig. she looks to be a healthy weight. I think she looks great.

momof3boys on

She looks great!! Embrace the curves!! Curves make us mommies proud!!

Patty on

I think Kendra looks great and I don’t even like the chick. Re: Kelly…I would have to say she is more likely an anorexic/bulimic, materialistic, superficial, loser who rely’s on the attention of others to define who she is. Pathetic.

Cora on

Does this woman know how to talk about anything else?

OK, she was big and now she lost weight…I feel like she is obsessed by that, and anyone who watches “Kendra” might agree. OK, yes, it’s a big change for your body and stuff, but her focus should be on her child and husband and learning how to be a proper woman especially after all the scandal stuff she’s been through lately. With exercise and diet, the weight will slowly come off, just relax…jeesh!

Plus, she has loads of money: she has the money to hire nannies so she has the time to exercise nonstop, and she has the money to hire a trainer and a nutritionist, etc…imagine how hard it must be for mothers who don’t have that luxury!

She should really stop talking about it now.

JC on

KENDRA you rock and your man is Hot ….!! All you HATER’S ‘s get a life.

JC on

Kendra is NOT fat! she is sexy hot and beautiful and funny love her “Go Kendra”

Soooo Rich on

Who cares? She’s not all that.

Top Posts — on

[…] Kendra Wilkinson on Her Post-Baby Body: “My Curves Shocked Me” Andrew Macpherson After giving birth to son Hank Baskett IV last December, reality star Kendra Wilkinson went from a […] […]

jocoop on

I think KENDRA looks great.I think women should support one another,she is a first time mother who is at least trying to get back in shape. YOU GO GIRL!

Josie on

Kelly, you need to get over your own weight issues. A perosn doesn’t post ate on everyone’s body, unless they have problems themself.

Josie on


BTW: Kendra, yuor new body is awesome! Flaunt your curves!

Melissa on

I’ll take her ‘fat’ look any day! Geez, tough crowd Kelly!

Lisa on

Kendra looks awesome! I can’t believe that some people on here thinks she looks fat?!?!

Lisa on

Her legs look awesome. After having my baby, I lost all my baby weight immediately, but my legs NEVER looked as good as hers. Go Kendra!

Jennifer Marie on

Let’s see a picture of you and see how great you look…If you talk better be able to back it up!! I doubt that you can…or you are a coward…or maybe both LOL

Kendra Wilkinson on Her Post-Baby Body: “My Curves Shocked Me” (via Style News – StyleWatch – | TwidBits on

[…] Kendra Wilkinson on Her Post-Baby Body: “My Curves Shocked Me” (via Style News – StyleWatch – Andrew Macpherson After giving birth to son Hank Baskett IV last December, reality star Kendra Wilkinson went from a toned and taut size two up a few sizes into uncharted territory. “My curves shocked me big-time,” admits the E! star. “It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the mirror.” While Kendra is enjoying her new “different” body, she’s looking forward to getting that tone back. “About two months ago, I stopped making excuses. It's … Read More […]

lori on

Kelly is nothing but a spineless coward hiding behind a computer screen.

Ping on

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I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

Kendra Wilkinson on Her Post-Baby Body: “My Curves Shocked Me” — My Weight Loss System on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Lastest Pregnancy News | Good Baby Tips on

[…] opens up about her post-pregnancy figure and how she’s sweating off the pounds Read more on People MagazineI aborted healthy baby to end morning sickness MUM who feared extreme morning sickness terminated […]

amy on

Am I the only one that feels overwhelmed by Kendra’s narcissism? Seriousl, is she the only person to gain weight with a pregnancy. Every pound she gained and didn’t lose has been documented. Stop thinking about yourself Kendra and pay attention to your baby.

Angela on

From someone who is FAT, Kendra is NOT fat! Kendra looks GREAT and anyone who can’t see that is nuts!

Lucretia on

Kendra – You look fabulous! You went from a hot skinny “girl” to a gorgeous, (not fat) and sensuous woman! All that matters is how you view yourself, and what your husband Hank thinks of those curves! Young women need a role model who is not anorexic and self absorbed to the point of making themselves unhealthy. Be that role model !

Sandy on

OKAY, raise your hand if you looked like this after having a baby????
My hand is not raised. Good job and your determination gives me encouragement to improve myself!! Good luck and just be healthy- that’s number 1.

Kendra Wilkinson: My Post-Baby Curves ‘Shocked Me’ | Sex Video on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

ODB on


sdad on

I thought she didnt want to go back to her size 2? celebrities say things all the time

Robin on

Kendra looks great, and the curves are a plus. I am too thin by nature and I always think a curvier body is a plus. Keep the curves Kendra, just tone up like you said. From this photo, it doesn’t look like toning is in order but if you say it is, then it is.

Laura on

Kendra looks great! People who think otherwise are pathetic losers. When the moron haters learn to be happy with themselves, they can be happy for others!

k8t on

Kelly- your a B*!xh! you are all that is wrong in this world and why young women and old alike have body issues. Kendra is beautiful. give a girl a break. id like to see your post baby bod?!…oh wait, i bet your just a hater, and you have never had a baby and had to loose baby weight!

Lisa on

it normally takes 6 mo to 1 year to regain your figure….stop judging!!!! she is doing great!

ola on

anyone who considers Kendra FAT needs COUNSELLING .. she is NOT FAT.. she is FIT.. AND WELL FIT TOO… as we say in the uk. now, LETS GO BEAT THE GERMANS TODAY!.. GHANA ,YOU DID GOOD!!!

ola on

DONT MIND THE HATERS KENDRA YOU LOOK FABULOUS!! although that couldnt stop the Ghana team from whooping the yanks!! lol!

Tasha on

Kendra’s never looked better. A sexy pin-up girl is better than the cloned Hollywood look alike that all the other girls have. She’s channeling Veronica Lake!!!

Tasha on

Kendra’s never looked better. A sexy pin-up girl is better than the cloned Hollywood look-alikes that all the other girls have. She’s channeling Veronica Lake!!!

Kim on

Yo Kendra if we miss you being thin we’ll just watch yo porn baby, ur body is fat but yo ole man likes it…

Lisa on

Kendra looks beautiful like always!! And Kelly, you must be oblivious, she is definitely not fat!! I’m guessing you must have weight issues yourself, Kendra looks amazing!!

Liza on

This picture has been airbrushed to the 9’s! If you look at the video they shot of this photo session, you will see that she has a tummy and a roll of fat on her back. Her body has no attractive shape to it except for the fake stuff up top. She has no waist and no hips. Why she’s a celebrity, I’ll never know. *ick*

Kendra Wilkinson to the post-baby body: “My Curve shocked me” | Lose Fat Abs on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Kendra Wilkinson: My Post-Baby Curves ‘Shocked Me’ | Fat Burning Soup Diet on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Nikki on

Hey Kelly are you a FAT person??!! Im almost positive you are…all the fat people like to dog on pretty skinny girls like her!! GET A LIFE, she is far from being fat!!!!!!!

GrannyRant on


I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

Welcome to Healthy Eating | LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX ! on

[…] Kendra Wilkinson on Her Post-Baby Body: “My Curves Shocked Me … […]

Kendra Wilkinson: My Post-Baby Curves’ I was shocked “ | Fast Muscle Gaining on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Kendra Wilkinson: I’m on a Break from Dieting on

[…] loving her new figure and longing for her former shape, has put dieting on hold for now. “It’s […]

Style News Now’s Hottest Headlines of the Week | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] -Kendra Wilkinson says that her post-baby body “shocked” her. READ IT […]

Debora on

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