Miley Cyrus's Dramatic New Do: Love It Or Hate It?

06/21/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

George Pimentel/WireImage

It looks like Miley Cyrus is shedding more than just her wholesome Hannah Montana image — now the starlet is shedding her long hair as well. After spending a marathon nine hours at Gemini 14 salon in Manhattan last week, the 17-year-old star was snapped Sunday at the 21st annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto with a whole new look. Gone were her youthful waist-length extensions, replaced by a mature to-the-collarbone length, as well as fresh highlights and lowlights. “She was going for a more mature look,” revealed Gemini 14 colorist Vickie Vidov, who has worked with Miley for the last year. “Her hair is shorter and the color was amped up—she has new brown and blonde shades mixed in,” she told PEOPLE. Gemini 14 hair extensions expert Kristina Barricelli, who spoke to PEOPLE at The Salon’s benefit Thursday for Reach Out and Read – a charity that supplies books to kids in need, added: “Miley is really maturing. She’s becoming more of a woman. She wants people to respect the artistry. She doesn’t want to hear negative talk. And she’s in the driver seat with her hair.” Tell us: What do you think of Miley’s new look? –Liz McNeil and Jeffrey Slonim

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Catey on

I think her new look is very pretty, having long hair I can tell you it’s a pain on a good day. I cannot blame her for chopping it off, we all need a change every once in a while

Delana on

So really Miley just took her extensions out and added some color–let’s just keep it simple and real. It looks great though (those extensions were looking raggedy). She’s a pretty girl and her hair looks healthy– she should keep it natural and extension free.

Britini95 on

my thoughts exactly,Delana. Those extension were too obviuos and raggedy, almost as bad a Britney Spears'(almost!)I don’t know why having shorter hair makes you more “mature”, but I like it anyway. It look alot healthier now,too!

lilly on

Looks great!

ariana on

very nice!

lizze on


brannon on

This is a dramatic new look? Really?

Kate on

This is what they call “dramatic” please. It looks nice, but nothing different besides being a bit shorter than before. Big whoop.

Uortim on

Nine hours to look like that?! Really?

Pat on

makes her look so much better! Looks her age now!

mrs.cartwright on

okay,her hair looks great! but on the other hand,am i the only one who noticed all the shading on her chest in this picture to make her look like she has more cleavage? i know shading is a great trick but holy cow! and it looks like she has her nose pierced in this pic…when did that happen?

coco on

This look is best for someone in their thirtees. It doesn’t go right with the shape of miley’s face, and it makes her look like she hasn’t showered in a month!

swoowho on

She looks much better and I am NOT a fan of hers!!!

caitlyn on

I think it looks great!

Lisa on

Dramatic? How?

natsun on

Its ok. But she’s starting to look a lot older then she really is and it doesn’t seem so dramatic. Tones of people do this kind of style change when summer comes.

Tia on

Cute, love the colors.

Chris on

Nice look; however, how is it a “dramatic new” look, the hair is what, 6 inches shorter. Brittney knows how to get a dramatic new look.

Laura on

Nine hours to look like she just rolled out of bed? I don’t get it. Too bad there’s nothing she can do about her horse teeth. Have some more hay Miley!! Hee hawwww!!

kathy on

I love it….it looks so healthy and cute…the color is great & I love the length on her…

Sam on

Hair …ok but WAY too much eye make up for a 17 year old girl. She needs to tone it down a little bit.

Teena on

that is supposed to be a dramatic change?

Kat on

it’s cute! but it’s not that dramatic i was expecting a pixie cut or something

Donna on

“Miley is really maturing. She’s becoming more of a woman.” And she wants to show the world just how MUCH of a woman in oh so many ways. Please.

Whitney Sheppard on

Her hair looks good but, it looks like she just cut it off. There is no real style change (same waves) and the color is exactly the same. Nothing dramatic about it. 9 hours? I’d be livid if I had to sit in a salon for 9 hours to come out looking pretty much the same!

Lea on

That’s “dramatic?”

BdotG on

The hair is nice and age appropriate. I’m glad its nothing shocking…

S.E. on

A haircut is “respecting the artisty”? OK…but it does look good. Her old hair was looking a bit too Lindsay Lohan-ish.

Lauren on

it really took nine hours to do that?? It’s not so much of a dramatic change… I actually think it makes her look younger than her long hairdo :P It reminds me of the hair she wore on her first years as Hannah Montana!

Renee on

It wasnt a haircut…All she did was take out her extensions

Lucifer on

I see nothing dramatic. I’m also getting tired of hearing about this girl maturing. Sorry, but maturity comes from behaviour and attitude not from hair, and Miley still has a long long way to go.

Samantha on

She looks so much better. The long extensions were just ratty looking.

nicole on

this is DRamatic. big whoop

Pam on

Love it. And on a side note, I love the way Miley is handling all of this negative publicity. She seems very grounded and confident. She is only 17 years old, for goodness sake. I cannot even imagine how I would have felt if at that young age I had all of these strangers following my life and critiquing my choices. I had the luxury of making my mistakes in virtual obscurity.

Kristin on

Looks very cute… not sure what’s dramatic about it though.

Courtney on

I admit, it does look much better than the too-long extensions. But did it really take nine hours to take those things out and add some color?!

ItsObvious on

So “She doesn’t want to hear negative talk.”

Heres a hint: use phrases that are positive..

ex: “She does want to hear positive talk”..

Then again, if she phrased her wishes with a positive focus would she be defiant.. :-)

Tiff on

How is that dramatic? And 9 hours?

nester on

Hair real nice.
Eye make-up – deer in headlights.
Chest make – up. Why?

sandy on

the style is great! much better than the fake long locks, the color is a little blond for her being so dark, but over all pretty.

Jennifer on

Beautiful! A new hair cut is always fun! It was a good choice for her.

kristen on

love it, actually.

Laura on

That’s not a new haircut, she just took out her extensions.

miliie on

love it her curles look cue by the way her album come out today i think monday right

jojoseat4life on

didn’t realize a shoulder length haircut was considered dramatic. Learn some new words papparazzi!

Melanie on

She looks good for once. Maybe she’ll keep her clothes on to complete the look

chery on

i think she looks very pretty and sophosticated (spelling?)very age appropriate and the color brings out her eyes

Erica Wallner on

I think her hair cut is great on her and it’s pretty. I think that she is way better with long hair though.

Lolly Thomas on

I agree with Brannon. Dramatic? Give me a break. It’s a very nice haircut. But come on people…I’ll send in my mom’s photo. She just got a perm!

EmmaLove on

I think her hair is gorgeous. But after the TEENS choice awards on NICKELODEON (a KIDS channel) the way she acted and danced … WITH a pole … she shouldn’t be recognized for anything anymore. I was mortified when I walked into the room and seen what my 10 year old nephew was watching. I just wish I would have seen it before it was almost over then it would have been turned. But i digress … her hair is lovely.

Anonymous on

Hate it
I liked her hair long

Lee on

She’s a lovely girl, and it’s a cute new hairdo on her.:)

Lisa on

I really like it!!!

Tracey on

There is nothing dramatic or new about this haircut.

Lynn on

Probably took them 8 out of those 9 hours to cut all those ridiculous extensions out of her hair. It’s a cute hairdo. But not exactly what I would call a drastic change or “adult”. She’s still a kid anyway, only 17. Nice to get rid of all that hair, I bet.

Seriously? on

What’s “dramatic” about this? She simply dumped the extensions! Now if she’d actually chopped it off SHORT..THAT would be “dramatic”. This? Not so much.

Diana on

Didnt she take out her extensions???? Does not look “dramatically” different!!!

mimi on

I just dont think she is a pretty girl… Sorry if that is mean, but I dont! All the dramatic hairdos in the world wont change that fact.

Becca on

It’s just okay. Nothing special.

Kelly on

It looks better.

TEXAS13 on

Like the hair but now she looks over 21 instead of 17…can’t believe that took over 9hrs.

mari on

anything she does is wonderful.
keep up the work.

Deb on

looks cute i wouldn’t call it dramatic but i cant help but look at her eyes…they remind me of spiders lol

tillie on

same style as before but shorter but i like it

Katie on

I think that this look gives Miley a mature look and says that it is about time that she is growing up… She actually in my view is a great role model even though she has had a few bumps in the rode but she is a teenager and she is also human, well in fact she is under a microscope 24/7

Kelly on

I think this is a very cute haircut for her, she is trying to get away from the Hannah Montana role. She is just wanting to be herself now….Very Cute!!

Cynthia R. on

I love it. She’s growing up.

ae on

LOL . . .wow real dramatic she took 6 inches off her hair. Dramatic is Rihanna’s hairdo. This is the Disney version of dramatic I guess. I liked her hair colour previous, this looks kinda greasy.

kesha on

i luuuuuuuv mileyss neww hairrrr……..but i thinkk she iss tryingg to growwuppp tooo fastttttt……

Vanessa on


Amber on

…maybe she should just take a step back for a bit, cause she really doesnt know what to do with herself right now…..yawn…whatever…

Brenda on

It looks good… but… I think she should have stayed dark!

Natasha on

She looks great!! (@Uortim)

Kate on

Wow. She looks really pretty with this haircut. But seriously, I would hate it if people comment on my hair each time I got I cut.

marcia proch on

looks great! miley is growing into a beautiful
woman! i know alot of people want her to stay as
she was, but we all growup sometime and this is her
time! she has a huge career ahead of her, bigger than she probably ever dreamed possible and the fans
will be with her! those who don’t approve will find
someone else to attach themselves to! life goes on!
so many more important things to deal with than
miley’s hair!!!

nacho on

big deal??? how bout discussing the devesation in the Gulf and what millionaires like Milely Cryus are going to help… instead of spending 14 hours in a salon!

hareinPA on

Everynow and then your hair needs a break from extentions. Her hair was probably just a little longer than this, but because of all the damage, had to be cut into a style. I think this one looks much better on her anyway.

Lauren on

Nice! Very, very nice!

Megamileyfan1 on

l’m a huge miley fan & always will be.l think miley is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth,with an equally beautiful voice.So as far as l’m concerned,miley looks beautiful no matter what she does with her hair.l’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for her,no matter what.God bless u miles.XX

manisha on

i thinks she looks nice and the cut looks really cute on her and i agree with the rest of the people that this hair cut really isnt that dramatic then people really thinks it is, but i really did like her hair long too it was pretty long but like evry1 said its nice to have something new.

AlexaLauren on

not dramatic; but, looks cute! dramatic would be shaving like britney.

Sam on

Awe it looks cute, she now acutally looks her age very grown up :)

Julie on

Very cute hair…but a 17 yr. old should not have her boobs hanging out of her shirt like that unless her last name is Kardashian!

Jon on

Miley’s new hair-do is ok!

Diane on

Miley is a beautiful 17 year old with gorgeous eyes! Her extensionsless hair looks fabulous!

Beth on

She’s an incredibly beautiful young lady. I wish her nothing but the best. Stay true!

debbys on

She may look okay, but I am sick of hearing how she is “changing her looks” She is still 17 and still a moderate talent. Miley is very full of herself.

Sahar on

Love it

miley on

WOW!Big whoop!

Mel on

“Looks her age now!” ????? are you kidding me?! She’s 17 people!!!!!
I have a 17 yr old daughter who is beautiful and she looks NOTHING like THAT! Could they cake any more make up on her?! The hair looks great but she looks 28 not a 17 yr old minor.

marisol on

she loooks better with long hair

Josie on

I don’t like it. It makes her look too old, like she rolled out of bed. I think she should’ve gotten it a little longer.

Heidi on

9 hours in the salon, wouldn’t that get a bit boring? What do they all do in there for that long?
I think the longest time I have been in the salon for foils is 3 hours.

Erin on

I thought her long hair was extensions.

Anonymous on

I think her new haircut looks better! It’s more difficult to deal with longer hair, so a shorter style can be easier to take care of. Either way, she looks great! She is growing up, there is no rush-so why put pressure on her? We all grow up at different rates, so cut her some slack. Miley-I support you no matter what-Love you!

Anonymous on

Catey, I can agree with that. A shorter style is less work. Miley-you look great, and I love the new look! I support you no matter what you decide to do.

sarah on

MUCH better…

Jessie on

Hi HATE it!
Her long hair was so pretty!
She wants to look more edgy I get that but why go for say a 35 year old hair cut?

editha on

hah, she just took her extensions nu? who she foolin’? 99.99% of celebs women are now using extensions and Miley Virus is no different, dramatic new look my butt.

kelly on

She looks good… you go Miley


i love your lokk miley ….. however you try to look like britney but you can’t britney is pop princess and no one can fill her shoes… on

She looks pretty, more mature.

mckenzie on

looks so great!wish i could have it like that!biggest fan!could you send me a free backstage pass?i mean a real one

ishaba on

I thought this ‘dramatic’ look was going to be a Rihanna cut or she was changing hair colors.
I think this looks good, but I prefer her with longer hair.
I want to see this length straightened.

Danielle on

Her hair looks great! The extensions were too much. But if she’s going for a more mature look she should take out the nose ring.

Ann Burke on

Miley looked beautiful in the Vanity Fair photo shoot-her hair was dark and no false eyelashes. She looked so natural. She should hire that vanity fair person to do her hair and makeup all the time.

In the current photo, she has on too much makeup and the hair has too much cotrast. Her hair is also clumped together.

Lunoire on

I loved her long hair, but she remains beautiful in this new hairdo as well.

sam on

it looks alright. nothing special. just different

sonja on

her hair is very beautiful and cute.

Gemma on

A “New Look?” Really? I can’t tell.

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[…] de negatividad. Estaba muy segura de lo que quería con su pelo”, comentaba Barricelli. Aquí podéis ver el nuevo look de Miley y en la fotografía superior una imagen de su actuación con un vestuario supersexy en Toronto. […]

Ummmm on

I lik it……its a whole lot prettier! Shes is growing up & so i support her!
Btw, EmmaLove the Teens Choice Awards was on FOX a NEWS and ENTERTAINMENT channel…..sooooooo

miley fan on

“dramatic”…. really??
i love it! sooo cute on her

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Leigh Ann Shedd on

Disappointment in her unclassy clothing for all the young girls who love or loved her as Hannah Montana. Miley looks dispicable! She has turned into a Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan!

Shannon on

OOHHHHH I love the new hair cut its soo cute. You know before i wasn’t to keen on the “New miley” but ya know what she can’t stay innocent and pure forever. And i don’t think she will be the next britney spears or lindsay lohan. She will be just fine. GO MILEY!!! You rock my socks.

Shannon on

Honestly, I don’t like her music and show all that much, but her haircut looks really good.

Kim T. Curtis on

Miley looks nice but any other 17 yr old female performer of her status does too! I don’t see all that much difference, slightly shorter hair and too damned much make up make her look MUCH older than she should. My problem, being from an older generation, is why all of the young girls spend too much time and money on trying to look older. It borders on pornographic!

CD on

My goodness so many catty jealous comments…..

Get over it girls she is beautiful, successful and RICH beyond our imaginations!!!!!!

confessionsofachatterbox on

I’m sorry but there is no hair do’ on the planet that can save that face.

lilli on

poor ol’ miley does not have enough talent or personality to remain in the spotlight for much longer……her hair looks nice, though!

Oh my on

I’m not a fan of her, however I love this hair (especially w/ the hat she was wearing at LAX) It is cute and looks fresher than the straggly extensions.

Elise on

If you’ve EVER had long hair, you would know that going from waist length to shoulder length is a dramatic change.

Tom7moT on

Shes not a bad looking girl, just a bit annoying of a voice though

Suzan on

Maturity is gained by life experiences not by the lack of clothing worn, the way you speak or the music you choose to perform.

ashley suzanne on

This isn’t dramatic. It’s fresh.

swagga101 on

she looks soooo grown up ooommmggg

ashley on

i like the cut and i think she has a pretty face but the two don’t go together. her face isn’t quite the right shape for that hairstyle.

hollistergirl22 on

um… comment.

Nicci on

Wow prople all she really did was cut and color her hair. Everyone is making a big deal out of nothing. I have alot of respect for Miley. She just want to be more mature. Witch is understandable since she is 17.

teamgale77 on

Awesome hair do….. I like it. :)

Mandy on

I think her hair looks a lot healthier, but i did like her long hair better. It does look pretty but her long hair was more fun thiis new hair you type like this not like this that retarted

Mandy on

I think her hair looks a lot healthier, but i did like her long hair better. It does look pretty but her long hair was more fun, this is this

Mandy on

I think her looks a lot healthier,but I did like her lon

Mandy on

I think her hair looks a lot healthier, but I did like her long hair better! Plus I just don’t think this new style is Miley

amy on

Nooo! I loved it before, only when it looked healthy but she was like my hair idol, i’m gutted :(

Margot10 on

gotta love it!

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nelina on

Why miley cuts her hair I don’t like her new look I like the old look she looks pretty with long hair

ashley on


Rug27 on


jenifer on

i personially think she looks better with longer hair it looks horrible short. she made a really bad disicion cutting it short

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SSR on

i thought short hair was chic and youthful? and long hair was mature…lol.. she looks GREAT!!! can someone tell me the haircut??thanks

Shaunna on

I think she looks soo pretty and I love her new hair I’m glad she took her extensions out is going natural I meen my extensions are such a I think she looks pretty all the time and I liked her hair before and I like it now soo I love it not hate it<33.I love you Miley.

dunia on

I absolutley LOVE her hair! i’m gonna try to copy it. It probably won’t come out as good but it is BEAUTIFUL!

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Kelley on

I liked her long hair better. This new hairstyle makes her look a lot older like 35 and she wears way too much make-up for a 17 year old. Why did she take out her extensions? Maybe she wanted a change. The long hair made her look young, and the shoulder length hairstyle makes her look very mature. I am not sure if her boyfriend would appreciate this new look, but men love long hair. Why is she trying to grow up so fast anyway, she is only 17.

imjustme on

I think she looks amazing.

verlie on

her extensions didnt look “raggedy” and obivious maybe the length was a tad dramatic but not the texter! With 25,000 dollar hair extentions and her hair stylist your not going to get a “raggedy” look! No what your talking about people don’t let jeously set in!

I like her hair both ways!

Angie on

I love Miley Cyrus and I have always looked up to her, I love her style, songs, show, hair, everything! She is beautiful and her own person, I really do NOT see how this is dramatic! I like it, I did like her hair longer, but if she is happy and this is what she wanted…. Then I am also happy! I do like it!
And Miley if you see this, I love you!

Momo on

I’m sorry but I don’t like this new haircut at all. I love long hair so much more than short hair. It’s more of a pain, I agree, but it looks so much prettier. I mean Miley still looks hot but I just wish she’d kept her long hair. Now her hair looks like every other teen girl’s.

jazmyne on

Ohkay(: i love miley cyrus but i liked her long hair better:/ but this 1 is still pretty!!!!

frankieee on

I loved her old hair, but i guess it was time for a chance and this one is amazingg. I love it! Very mature looking!

polly on

i like it better long but whatever… let her do what she wants to do! if she wants to look bad… well… let her!

Liz on

i didn’t know she had extensions! i thought her hair was just REALLY long :D wow, looks better like this!

chino on

It still looks good. But I’m a guy who’s into long hair. But her gorgeous eyes make up for it.

Alisha on

Her hair is cute, but i liked her long hair better! You know with the extensions. She is trying to grow up too fast. She is only 17, she needs to slow down and wear normal clothes for once.

Breanna on

Not Tryna Seem Like A HATER But She Needs To Really Slow Her Role. Her Dads Like Oh She’s Just Going Through A Teen Phase. Uhm Doubt it You Dont See Any Of The Other Teen Disney Kids Acting Like Her. Just Saying But Love The Her Song Ordinary Girl Or Something.

Emily aka Miley on

All she did was get her extensions removed, Looks nice though!

husna on

i love it!

MileyFanForever21 on


Chloe on

i love her new hair cut it looks great. its about time she got ride of those extensions!

Alisa on

Miley Looks Pretty In Any Hairstyle. But I Liked Her Dark Hair Just A Little Better .

Andy on

i don’t like it . it was better before

Lola on

She’s always been pretty and she does look beautiful with short hair thought. But now seens she stopped her Hannah Montana sesion i think she has changed a littel bit, like in the atittude or maybe the clothes she’s wearing are sometimes not like for her age. Not saying that’s bad for her, just that we can see that’s she’s living her life in her way!

allison on

i hate this new look. it was so cute before she cut it! i thought her hair was the most beautiful in all of hollywood before she caught it. ughhhh!

Milena on

I Think she is beautifull with the new haircut she needed a change a litlle

Milena on

shte is beautifull!!!!

11223344556677889900 on

its alright its not my favorite though

emily on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elizabeth on

she looks really good. well both ways with long or short she looks good. i just got used to her long hair. well her extensions. im a big fan of her but she really needs to stop putting alot of make up. put less youll look better miley. youll still pretty but you look greasy.

Smile007 on

OMG!I loved her long hair….I don’t know about this….It looks good..but long hair suits her better….for my opinion…

Smile007 on

And really nine hours? I thought she had extensions,and when she took them out she got this:her own short hair? I don’t understand.

neno on

cute .. i loved it :D .. like my hair cut :P

SweetNiblxMiley on

love her new haircut its awesome

ashley on

I really like it. Her hair used to be down to the middle of her belly. So it seems like she cut of at least 14″. I LOVE IT!!!

alyssa on

omg love the new hair!!!looks way fresher and cleann!!

halena on

i think her hairstyle is great it looks really beautiful!!!! :D

tiffani on

she make all beautiful

Candace on

Her new look is very sophisticated looking, but the highlights don’t look the best. The extensions made her look definately younger but Miley needed some growing up to do. She looks gorgeous now. And I wouldn’t call her hair dramatic.

Sam on

Miley is really pretty and I respect what she wants she is becoming a woman come on now people

Kolby on

I Love It more Then Her Long Hair

rosie on

I like it, it’s cute and all. But i much prefered her extensions! she still has lush hair. but it’s up to her if she wanted a change. :) xxxx

Princess on

It’s Soooooooo Pretty it’s WORTH 9 hours and it Looks Mature on her :D

Miranda on

personally i like the long hair better, but its probably cuz im not use to seeing miley with short hair.

melissa on

I like it but the color could be darker .

veronica on

hmmm..for me.. i really like it…it fits her..and she looks good and much more mature…but ill miss her long hair..and im sure she’ll miss it too..hehee… i like miley ..and i understand what she wants to prove to herself..and i admire her..ehehehehe…she’s cool and she’s my idol…:))))))))

elina on

i love it

natyy on

she could look better !! she’s tryin’ 2 hard !!!:S:S:S , but she’s ok*

Rayana on

i love this its so cute so much better than her long hair this looks more natural! <3 ;)

Anna on

She didnt get a haircut shetook out her extensions.. looks way better than the long stragly locks she had before.. i like it

courtneylaine on

I don’t blame her for cutting it off, because i can see it being alot of work in the morning….and i appriciate that she wants to mature more, but i do have to say, her long hair was BEAUTYFUL. i’m probably gonna miss it more than her):

marwa on

she is cute and her short hair makes her so beautiful

Shona Marie(: on

…Well i honestly think it looks georgeous (: and diffrent is always good :x

Savahna on

She looks good with short hair but i loved her long hair. Yeah it is her desition but man she was very pretty with the long hair, not saying she isnt pretty now but i have been trying to grow my hair out like hers was and now wow she chopped it of :(( but its cute

sanaya on

i hate you because you smoke

Isabella on

I really like her new hair. Hair long hair made her look a a kid. Short hair is difnatly better for her.

ashley on

it took her nine hrs because it takes a long time to take extensions out and then she colored her hair. i personally loved her hair long, but shes still just as pretty! =]

gigi on

Hate her Hate her look!!!

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[…] changed her hair’s long length in quite some time — her last major cut was in June of 2010 — she has played color chameleon over the years, going super dark (and then light again) in […]

Miley Cyrus Takes Five Inches Off Her Hair « Breaking News | Latest News | Current News on

[…] Cyrus hasn’t changed her hair’s long length in quite some time — her last major cut was in June of 2010 — she has played color chameleon over the years, going super dark (and then light again) in 2008. […]

Miley Cyrus Takes Five Inches Off Her Hair | Celebrity gossip on

[…] changed her hair’s long length in quite some time — her last major cut was in June of 2010 — she has played color chameleon over the years, going super dark (and then light again) in […]

Miley Cyrus’ Cute New Cut | Celebrity News on

[…] hasn’t h&#1072d a major &#1089&#965t &#1109&#1110n&#1089&#1077 2010, wh&#1077n People reported &#1109h&#1077′d removed h&#1077r waist-length hair extensions &#1072nd h&#1072d h&#1077r […]

Miley Cyrus Takes Five Inches Off Her Hair | xalyzax on

[…] changed her hair’s long length in quite some time — her last major cut was in June of 2010 — she has played color chameleon over the years, going super dark (and then light again) in […]

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Marchesa Gown For Miley Cyrus « Fantastic Flinds on

[…] 2013 wedding collection is anything to go by, we’re expecting something very special. Since Miley’s dramatic make over, we’re also guessing she’s choosing something pretty daring, perhaps with a shorter length or […]

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