Adam Lambert Debuts Half-Shaved Head on Twitter!

06/17/2010 at 07:00 PM ET

Courtesy Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert got fans buzzing Thursday when he shaved what looked like his entire head and then took to his Twitter account to post an image of his newly shorn locks and Boy George-like get up. “Glam Nation Glam,” he Tweeted, while posting a photo showcasing his bedazzled ‘Glam Nation’ summer tour costume accessorized with his new do. But did this mean that the American Idol runner-up cropped his entire towering raven-colored coiff? “Calm down… Just shaved one side…” he Tweeted back to worried fans. Along with shaving only his right-sided tresses, the 28-year-old used some glitter to add some panache with two scratches for added flair. With his first U.S. solo tour in full swing, we can’t wait to see what other looks Lambert has in store for us! Tell us: Do you like Adam Lambert’s closely cropped hair or did you prefer it before? David Yi

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Orihara Kaoru on

LOVE IT! Adam looks fab always, and I love that he experiments!

Alli on


Mark on

One of the fun things about being an Adam Lambert fan is that he always changes, you never know what he will do next. I am glad that he didn’t shave it all off though.

Megan on

Love it!! Looks gorgeous as always!

Melirose on

LOL i love it! i love it when he scares people too. it just makes being his fan more fun haha I like that he isnt boring like most other artists and changes things up every once in a while.

Lambert Lust on

so sexy!!!! mmmm!!!! love Adam’s new hair!!!! always creative!!!!

adamitisnky on

Adam is gorgeous no matter what he does 2 his hair! He can go bald & B Beautiful!

ZoniDuck on

I love everything that Adam chooses to be. The look he’s put together for this tour is gorgeous. If you get the chance to see him live, don’t hesitate.

ashley on

oohh, I really kinda find this a bit sexy, he looks veery young and a bit vulnerable, but oh so pretty…boy George homage, he would be proud.

Susie on

I love it. Adam has such beautiful features. This shows them off. And I love how he’s always experimenting and changing things up.

susanedmunds on

He has raised his image to a form of art.

Mark on

I really admire him for having the guts to be himself.

HannaB on

To me, Adam is always beautiful.

viky on

I just love the fact that hair grows back so fast!! I am loving Adam Lambert’s fame ride!! He is exciting!

sue on

I love it. He’s gorgeous no matter what. It’s prefect for the summer. The Emo’s too hot. It will be great for him in the winter to wear it longer. He’s so stylish. It’s tour time…check it out. New video If I Had You is out too. Awesome !!

Sarah on

I like it both ways, but prefer the emo style. But hey, he could shave it all off and still be the sexiest man alive, so it’s all good!

Sharon on

Adam is so gorgeous he’d look good with his whole head shaved. Seriously, I love the new look and hope he keeps it like this for awhile. It’s been sooo hot at the concerts that I’m sure at least half of his head feels cooler. Can’t wait to see him live in Baltimore at Rams Head.

mikki on


Sofia on

Adam always looks gorgeous no matter his haircut! Love love this man.

cindy on

LOL. He looks like a Boy George impersonator. Not a good look.

Devy on

Ppl with perfect bone structure and features like Adam looks even more fab with very short hair or shaved head!!! Adam’s a rockstar, he needs to be fierce and shocking (in a good way)!

Steph on

Ewww. He is so gross.

baldy hater on

I hate that haircut. Adam was gorgeous. Why make yourself into some freakish creature. Yeah he does look like boy george now and thats no compliment! I hope this hairdo is short lived. Many of his fans do not like it but if they say anything the bsc ones jump down their throat. Many of his fans do not allow for a dissenting opinion.

moonpiePisces on

This is the essence of Adam, always new and exciting and clearly evolving.

lisa on

It just enhances his beautiful facial features even more!

glee fan 8 on

i think it looks good!

Allie on

Looks like Boy George to me, not a fan of it

Julie on

He looks ridiculous. And the guyliner is waaay too thick.

Chris on

eGaz – can’t stand it. Looks horrible! Grow your hair back Adam.

Stacy on

It’s hair and it will grow back. I think it looks great. Self expression! You go Adam

Millie on

I love Adam to death, but I hate the shaved head. I was not a fan of the Vanilla Ice cut marks on the side either. Obviously, it’s his hair and he can do whatever he wants to it, but equally obviously I don’t have to like it and I hope it grows back quickly.

lee on

I don’t prefer him at all – no matter what he does with himself!!!!

Joanna on

I think it looks very chic and interesting and brings out his amazing eyes. I like it!

Barbq on

Adam going for the shock value again! I guess any publicity is better than no publicity…Mr. Glambert needs to go back in the closet and stay there.

Lena on

NO. He’s trying too hard to be Boy George.

Mamo on

Adam is so fearless and experimental…it’s one of the reasons we adore him! Always exciting. Always fun.

Susan on

Adam does no wrong, NO WRONG in my book! The guy is a dream come true, pure genious and simply beautiful! Keep surprising us Adam and we will keep loving you!!

lisa on

nothing is forever with Adam, funny thing hair grows, he’ll have long hair back soon, I actually liked the razor cuts. This goes with the tour vibe for now.

Cecycat1 on


Linda on

Don’t like it!

Sandy on

Saw Adam Tues nite in Milw. at Riverside and he had a portion of his head shaved..the other 3/4 had lots of hair. Adam is and always will be gorgeous no matter what affectations he desires. My beautiful man can sing like no other. You must see him in person, if possible, to have the experience of a lifetime.

marcia proch on

adam looks hot! here’s wishing him the best on his
tour!!! you have only just begun! you are going to
be a huge success!!! the sky is the limit for adam
and his incredible talent!!!

Ali on

Love Adam but not liking the hair at all :(

Longer the better on

Even thou Adam would look handsome bald, I perfer his Gorgeous full head of hair on him! Most guys would die to have hair like Adam!

natalie on

I think the half shaven head is gay. Whoops!! Nevermind. It suits him perfectly!

zizi top on


DB on

He is nasty!!!!!

Wicked Glitter on

I hate it. Why would someone who has such thick gorgeous hair shave it off? I love Adam, but I would be lying if I said I wanted him yo shave his head. Someday if he starts to go bald, fine. At least now he knows that he is gorgeous with, or without hair

Jennifer on

boy george anyone

Cayenne on

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon…you come and go…you come and goooo. Oops sorry. I thought that was Boy George. So much for originality. LMAO.

Melanie on

I love Adam Lambert, but I feel his cool factor is down.

Adam would look much cooler, if he would just get rid of that 1980’s Boy George old look.

ADAM! How cool and YOUNG would you look with just blue jeans, a T-shirt, less Makeup, and your black hair long and tousled in a natural way. And sing just with a guitar and your great voice. Please don’t cut your beautiful hair!

Most people are not into the extreme L.A. club scene that Adam is used to, that really kind of ruined him from being a real star in America that he could have been.

Roro on

While this new do shows off his refined features, I was quite fond of his thick hair and would like to see it a bit longer. But I love how he changes things up and comes up with a new look, keeps things interesting and exciting! And I can’t wait to see him live in concert and experience his fabulousness for myself! Congrats to Adam on all his accomplishments! His new song is awesome!

Fantasia on

Oh my gosh! A half shaved head! No one has ever done that before! EEEEEK

Gee on

The next Boy George.

Carey Campbell on

Okay, I am in love with Adam Lambert. No matter what he does, he is totally smoking!!! AND… I ahve been reading a book series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and I always picture her character “Magnus Bane” as Adam Lambert!!! I pray if they do a movie that he will be Magnus!!!

becky on

Looks like he shaved off his double chin too

brownie on

honestly have mixed feelings on this one, need to see his head without the hat. I know he’s the most sexiest talented artist to me on the planet right now, but I just love him with his long hair down, jeans, tee-shirt. I don’t want him to go too far over the edge that he loses people. Believe me, i love Adam even flying up from Fla just to see him in Ma on tour but I’m not a fan of BOY George and Adam to me is nothing like him I hope?

glamgirl on


Karen on

Adam can do whatever he wants. He will ALWAYS be and look fabulous. Period.

Angela on

Adam is beautiful no matter what he wears or how he cuts his hair. He is talented beyond belief and is an inspiration to everyone.

Taylor on

Way to much of a FLAMMING HOT! EWWW…

Buffy on


glamgal on

Accentuates his gorgeous face! Adam can either be edgy or sweet and still be himself. Love how innovative he is with his looks and music!

Jeanne on

Love it! I am going to see him tomorrow night in Royal Oak, Michigan, and can hardly wait!

Betsy on

He looks like Boy George

Josie on

Geez, it’s not a “half shaved head” – he shaved off a patch on one side, which wasn’t remotely half his head. If he were to comb his hair differently, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell any of it was shaved. There are plenty of videos and photographs of Adam with the new haircut, without the hat, and it looks great. In any event, it’s only hair, and knowing Adam’s propensity for changing his look, this one won’t last too long anyway.

Anita on

Not for me…I like the emo on him. Not a Boy George fan.

Mel on

It so doesn’t even matter. The dude is criminally talented, some of the hottest vocals on the planet right now… and hot doesn’t even begin to describe him. Continually comes off as sign a nice guy too… hair, WHATEVS, he’s got it goin’ on.

dANI on

Looks exactly like Boy George circa 1980’s. Total knock off.

Perry on

Luv it! I am so looking forward to seeing and hearing Adam on tour. He is beautiful and talented whatever he does, and his willingness to try anything makes him just that more exciting! His shaved head is so sexy…

shadamholic on

I am STOKED!!! I JUST got my tick to see him in ATLANTA!!!!!!!! Run quick if you didn’t know he’s FINALLY announced the date for us@!!!! Pre-sale on now, public goes on Sale the 19th (Saturday). GOOD LUCK!!! Excited to see the new look! Adam is FABULOUS as always!!!!!

jade on

he got his hair cut, his choice. Not such a big deal.

gamblnmom on

Looks like Boy George to me!

oh babs on

I love asymmetry, so I love this style. I much prefer this look to the pompadour. so if his hair is short enough he probably can’t pull that off, yay.

Elsa on

Boy George lives!!

jumbybird on

This is another jacka55 that need to go away!

Lisa on

Adam looks great no matter what!! He changes it up all the time, next week it’ll be something different!!! saw his concert its great!!!

Susie on

I’m going to differ…..I don’t like it….I found his full head of hair, especially with the elvis doo, extremely handsome, a turn on and sexy. It made him stunning, gorgeous….I love everything about Adam, he is still beyond beautiful, but I’m anxious for him to grow back his tresses.

LaQuasha on

OMG! It’s Boy George’s ghost!!!!

Teresa on

Do what you must do…or at least what u wanna do…but what possessed you to???

CC on

Are you kidding me!! A ‘Boy George’ re-do!!

Candace on

Adam would be sexy even if he was stone, cold bald!! (but I do prefer him with hair)

alan on

He looks like Boy George!

Alt Rocker on

I love love love Adam – but can not stand this hairstyle. Adam, please grow your hair again! The 80’s Boy George look is just…not attractive.

Hope you have it long for Seattle – if you insist on looking like Boy George I’ll still love ya, and you are the greatest talent ever, but the shaved hair…just not doing it for me at all.

(hey, at least it is saving my hard drive space, no way I’m saving any pics of the Boy George look!)

Pam Clemens on

He looks like Boy George.

ianaleah on

I am suprised, but wow, it looks terrific. Should have known, Adam always looks good. Adam also has a lot of gorgeous personal style. I love the photo, thanks.

Karen on

Change is good… Adam looks great and I want my Rock Stars to change it up…that is what creative people do. I wonder if musical artist that don’t make changes keep their fans interest and if maybe boredom doesn’t set-in because of sameo sameo? As an Adam fans, I look forward to watching his career evolve.
Not sure why haters and those that don’t care for Adam’s music need to spend your time writing comments on articles about Adam or other artist not liked… try spending your time to find artists you like.

deb on

he looks like Boy George.

Kris on

WOW – He really does look like Boy George!! I hope he keeps his head together better. It has been a long time since we have had a really creative male entertainer. WTG Adam!!

Teresa on

BUT WHY??? You Have a fabulous dooo as it is want more attention??? Love u any way u r!!!!

JG on

Please…this is no more different than Gaga…mediocre talent at best being presented in a way that makes other think the talent is better than it actually is…this simply isn’t real music or style…


my mouth dropped a mile do not like it one bit,please grow it back,and please get rid of the hat,you look like boy george,and thats good looks.

Monique on

I love Adam but hate the look, that picture needs to go away with that hair cut, it looks too much like Boy George and that his not a good thing.

Stacey Scott on


Sue on

Not loving it sorry!!! But I am a huge fan!!! Grow it back Adam quickly!!!!!!!

suziq on

Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JacklynD on

Its interesting but honestly, I wish he would focus on singing and being himself. I find this distracting from his real talent – sort of buffoonish

jaclyn on

Stupid! I hate this guy.

Lynn on

Well I liked it better before the shave. I saw him in Milwaukee with the surprise new do and yes I agree it was an awesome show and no one really paid much attention to his hair because his voice and charisma with the rest of the theatrics come through louder than his hair or lack thereof.

odiri on

are u guys jokers? love waht his look? he pisses me off.

C. Wilson on

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I never did like the Boy George look. He was a joke. Adam, you do not need to do all this. You have extraordinary looks, hair and voice. You do not need to stay in the news with one shock after another, so people talk about that instead of your talent. You are turning off a large segment of your Idol fan base. Like another fan said here, America does not revolve around the LA underground club scene. I hope traveling around the country on tour will open up your eyes. You could become the biggest star on the planet, but if you keep going down this crazy route, you won’t be.

chri on

he’s so pretty all the time! i love it!

kellym11 on

I’m getting used to it. Fans should worry that he’ll start putting tattoos on his face and body. That would be sad as far as I’m concerned.
Also, as the hair grows back it will be reddish-blond. Will he leave it that way or dye his scalp? With all the hair dye he should be careful. Black dye isn’t that healthy. It’s been connected to cancer. He cold end up two-toned like Tommy.
Adam certainly keeps his fans guessing.
He’d great!!!

nicole on

He is so beautiful, he can do no wrong. love him

Candy on

Hate it! He’s weird…

Lee on

Get real guys it is one picture.
Take the hat off and he has a full head of hair and he is ADAM not Boy George look alike. He loves change and really it is not this deep – it’s fracking hair! Last month he was Elvis want a be this week Boy George – not really he is ADAM being ADAM.
He is 1000% gorgeous – I dare you to look at 100 pictures of Adam and try to find one photo that is not a great picture – pure joy!

Judy on

Even a 56 year old married woman can say that she thinks Adam Lambert looks terrific!!! He’s always entertaining, has a great voice and is so cute too!!!

Brooke on

I think he is looking more like Boy George now!

Jon on

I like Adam Lambert’s new closely cropped hair, it looks nice!

Marlene on

Hate it. First thought that came to my mind was Boy George. Adam is so talented and handsome, there is no need to try to look like anyone else but himself. I’d like to see Adam as Adam. This is not Adam.

kepi on

hair shmair!! yes, i love his full head of hair, but this is fine too! when you have the kind of charisma and sweet, sexy vibe that adam does…oh, and that face…those eyes…that smile…need i say more?? LOL :D


Oh no, Boy George all over again! God Help Us All! And, I’m such a fan.

kepi on

btw…who is anyone to say who adam “is”? if he strut a different look , it’s because he WANTS TO…not cuz he’s trying to be someone else. adam is just being adam :0)

Lily on

Weird. Just weird. You posters really go for a person with half the head shaved???? Weird.

stacy on

are you kidding me? for all you ladies that say you are in love with this guy, I got some news for you.. He has a Boyfriend? Love his voice but hate the new do. He looks like Boy Girl George.

Lynda on

The man could wear a bag over his head and still look hot. I love it.

FiFi on

I LOVE ADAM!!!! It doesn’t matter what he does he is always amazing!

Lia on

I prefer the before look. His hair is a huge part of his gorgeous image.

megan on

I love Adam <3 He's gorgeous!

NoHatin on

So, Adam pays homage to Boy George?!?!? Have always thought he is this decade’s version of the original.

yvanhoe01 on

BOY GEORGES anyone,?who need another ?

addie on

Yaaaawwwwnnnn! WHO CARES what this man does????
It’s a slow morning for news or I wouldn’t even take the time to read this or comment! He’s flaming and you all can expect a new “look” every few days! Maybe he got his nasty tongue tattooed, also!

Pat on

this guy needs help. He is screwed up

anonymous on

ugh what happened to him looks like a freak

Jules467 on

I liked this style the first time…when Boy George did it in the 80’s..I like Adam, but please, youngsters, this is not original or creative.



mckenzie on

he is bi and everyone is talking about how hot he is. EWWWW

jaemia on

Go Boy George!

gramma karen on

We do not need another Boy George!!! Adam please come back to us with more hair!!!!!!!

Denise on

While it looks good on him please stop saying it’s original and creative. Look back at pictures of several punk/alternative/rock/pop groups and stars. David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, Robert Smith of the Cure, Boy George, Dead or Alive. It’s been done before by so many. Again, looks good on Adam but he is not the first and will not be the last.

sarahtullier on

im all for change- funky. he does remind me of boy george in this pix, though. :-)

donna on

LOVE Adam, HATE the hair!

tracy on

The next Boy George.

Hi on

I prefer men to look like men. If I wanted to see a woman preform I’d buy tickets to a woman’s show.

Kassidy on

He’d still looko hot even if his whole head was shaved those eyes are mesmerizing

Mina on

OMG! He looks like Boy George!

ca on


Kevin T. Baldwin on


Jinx on

Boy George did it first and did it better. Lambert’s just another freaky poser!

Lisa on

Does pop culture really need another Boy George?!

kate007 on

Can this guy get any stranger? I love listening to him but that is where it stops!

Mary on

Wow, talk about someone who is trying way too hard to get noticed. He has a great voice. He doesn’t need to be such a freak.

preas on

f-got fill in the blanks.

Pat on

I guess this is the way America is going. No wonder we are a screwed up nation. We are our own worst enemy. Other countries don’t even have to do anything other then sit back and wait for us to destroy ourself. People like this are sick and it doesn’t help that there are fans that “Just love, love, love” sickos like this.

Connie on

While I am sure he thinks he looks original, anyone here ever heard of Boy George? Looking more and more like him every day….

Jill on

All I can think of is Boy George!

Jill on

Old….Looks like a Boy George want ta be……Get your own image……

Lucy on

The new Boy George. Ick!

LBW on

Liberace, Boy George, George Micheals and now the newest flamer. He looks like he would be into whips and chains.

Tina on

I love Adam Lambert. It works for him. It’s costumey. I can’t say I’d like to go out to dinner with him dressed like that. But, no matter.

girl on

ew. i think he looks… icky. i think he looks like he’s had some work done or lost a bunch of weight or something (i dont think that part is icky- he just looks different)

angel on

It doesn’t matter what he does, I love him!

Kimberly on

Wow, for a minute there I thought I was looking at Boy George in his glory days w/Culture Club. No offense to Lambert (I’m sure he’s talented), but this persona has already been done.

Maryann on

Kickin’ butt as usual. =) Glam it up, baby! I love that Adam is willing to do whatever, even if it is totally different, when his whims take him there. It’s the very essence of creativity and self-discovery. I am so down with it.

Alie on

Love all his styles — this one is different – but he wouldn’t be Adam if he didn’t change every once in awhile! Continued success Adam!!

GoodTxGirl on

My best guess is he stepping up to fill the shoes of the BOY GEORGE crowd from the 80’s – Love ya Adam but you just keep getting weirder and weirder

flower on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shauna on

What a weirdo

MadCityBabe on

Boy George did this already, and much better!

No one is original any more…..yawn

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JLO on

OMG delicious !! cant wait til the concert july 27 yay!!

germie on

He is so morphing into Boy George. Let’s hope that he doesn’t get into Heroin addiction like BG did.

Cheezwiz on

What on earth is that man thinking? Clearly his head was not attached to his body while he was making that decision. Is he having trouble balancing now that half his hair is gone?

TB on

what an incredible knock off of Boy George… be original!

tomika on

Why is it that most stars allow their fame to go to their head. I for one liked Adam’s appearances 100% more I’m sure most of his fans would agree. On American Idol, his looks and songs were fantastic. Adam please don’t get started using illegal drugs, you need to set a good impression on todays youth (teens & adults).

susan on

Ok Boy George had this look in the 80’s be original

Josie on

Adam’s always gorgeous, now matter what.

Jen on

Gorgeous! Hair or no hair, Adam Lambert is the sexiest man ever!

Violelric on

Adam and Boy George are both so back in the dark ages. A Clockwork Orange look is so passe’. It’s the 21st century, surely Adam can come up with something better than a reworked Boy George look!

Logan on

Video of Adam getting haricut:

MikesterSTLMO on

His shtick is 80’s glam band; Adam Ant, Duran Duran, A-ha, Boy George, Thompson Twins, Billy Idol etc;.
I’m a huge Adam Lambert fan, but there’s really nothing “original” about her, oops… him at all. You children are just too young to know it.

not into bald on

Love Adam. HATE THIS HAIRDO. Grow it back Adam. It is totally NOT sexy at all. Your hair was gorgeous. Why ruin one of your best assets? Please don’t make yourself into a freak.

barb on

This generation’s Boy George? I sure hope not. Will this guy not do anything for a little publicity?

Jack on

If you want to be gay then jsut be gay. But don’t dress like a freak. A gay man is a man that likes other men. It doesn’t mean you have to be girly and play dressup. Just be a man.

ali on

So you announce it’s half his head then show a photo with a HAT on? I’m pretty sure you already know it was not half his head but only a side. Since you QUOTED him saying so. How are people supposed to SEE IT with a HAT on? Just shows you’re out for blog hits and couldn’t care less about the details.

me2 on

Boy George called…… he wants his look back.

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Kate on

Adam is cute but will it grow back in red..his natural color? I am not a fan of Boy George then or now. Adam is more talented and way cuter.

I like his emo hair best. But he can do what he likes, it’s his head.

Terri on

I love that you never know what to expect from Adam. Never does the same song the same way, changes up his look by his mood. My favorite song/pic/performance from him is always ‘the next one.’

lou on

Love Adam, but ICK! Boy George wasn’t that hot in his heyday, & now it’s even worse! Adam, go back to your hot style!

kimmied on

DON’T LIKE at all! LOVE Adam, but dislike male baldness! Very unattractive! Adam had a beautiful head full of dark hair, which to me made him much more attractive, especially since he obviously has a skin problem…But, nevertheless, his voice is still INCREDIBLE!! LOVE you anyway, Adam!

Marie on

I think Adam’s debut of a bluesey new style in Whole Lotta Love is the most facinating. Wow! So Good!

kamaral on

He looks like a Boy George wanna be

Cela on

Alot of people commenting don’t seem to understand that Adam still has LOTS of hair on top, in the back, and on the other side. In fact, only a portion of the right side is shaved, the top right side isn’t. The hat covering all the rest of his hair gives a misleading impression. Adam – in reality – doesn’t look anything like Boy George, and he’s not “trying” to look like Boy George. He’s just having fun and experimenting. He looks smokin’ hot, as always ! Gorgeous man.

Cynthia on

hey Adam – Boy George wants his look back. Come one this is SO not original. Next he will be braiding the left over hair ala Dead or Alive lead singer.

Jenna on

It’s amazing to me that people get soooo worked up about a *haircut*, and come to some pretty extreme conclusions based on it, even knowing that Adam has worn his hair in many different styles before. People call him “weird” or a “freak” or “unoriginal” or “uncreative” or a “wannabe” or even “sick”. Adam is none of those things. He’s teaching us about ourselves, folks. He’ll look totally different in a couple weeks when the small patch of shaved hair grows out, but he’ll still be the same wonderful, talented, gorgeous man he is today and was a year ago. He’s TEACHING us about how we judge others and how ridiculous it is.

Arg on

totally looks like Boy George

Serena on

Boy George did it first, everything old is new again

Jack on

We have some sick and disfunctional people in this country.

Bill on

Have no problem with him being gay. But being gay doesn’t mean you have be girly. Be a man, act like a man & look like man

Jenn on

Adam is just gorgeous no matter what. I have seen youtube vids of his performance and his hair looks great. It is really about a forth of his head and with the glitter slash and the rest of his hair down – wow!!! He looks almost as gorgeous as he sounds. Adam loves to keep us guessing :-)

Stephanie on

Love Adam , Hate the shaved head.
Please grow it back Adam!

eyelinerandcigarettes on

Love it! Adam always looks beautiful no matter how his hair is styled. I love that he keeps us guessing – gorgeous man, gorgeous personality and incredible talent all in one sexy package.

Chris on

And this is news, why?

tmd on

Hate it? I could NEVER hate anything about ADAM! I LOVE ADAM!! ADAM has a vision & a sense of style that has NEVER disappointed me. This is just another EXPERIMENT and ADAM will probably change it soon enough. ADAM is playing dress up & trying out all sorts of styles. I LOVE his debut video of IF I HAD YOU … it’s on VH1 TV JUMP START program as the ‘Gung Ho’ video every morning between 6AM-10AM EST. It’s GREAT. Don’t forget to VOTE for it on VH1 Top 20 countdown too.
Also … VOTE for ADAM WWFM on Much Music Video Awards … International video/ur favorite!! ADAM fans … VOTE!!!

Sandy on

I can’t believe all of this venom on this site. It started out fine but then lots of people started piling on. Adam is a showman..he’s theatrical and he changes up often because it’s fun. We saw him in Milw. Tues nite and he had plenty of hair. If you REALLY wanted to know what’s going on you would look at one of the videos from that concert…especially Whole Lotta Love…the guy is beautiful, talented and KIND, something some of you commentors forget to express. He’s a National Treasure!

Judith A. Graham on

As a veteran of Punk Rock, this style to me is nothing new. Many of my friends who have been either in local punk bands or are merely fans of punk rock bands have done their hair in styles similar to this.

It seems to me that Adam Lambert is so Glam that he needs all the room he can make to display all the glitter that he wants to wear and share. So it makes sense that he would shave a side of his head for that purpose.

Anyway, it’s art, it’s glam, it’s punk, it’s cool and totally rad. Kudos to Adam for keeping things interesting and fun.

Les News, 061810 « Gossip @ R Web on

[…] Following Milo Ventimiglia’s lead, Adam Lambert shaves his head. […]

Babs on


sam on

wtf? why u do that?

Terry on

Looks great and not at all like BG- who was fun but never ever sexy – Adam is too sexy a performer to compare- maybe tho, a reminder of Tokio Hotel glam.

Cheryl on

I’m having Boy George flash backs?

Boom on

What a WEIRDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah on

Adam: Come on. You are fantastic just as you are. You don’t have to do the whole “Boy George” look, that’s over and done with. You have already proven you are who you are and your fans love you that way. Just stay true.

Rosie on

I love it !!!

C on

Oh honey! I get it that you love to change up your looks, to keep things interesting, but sugar, why try to look like Boy George?

kelly on

SEE VIDEO OF HIM -MINUS THE GLAM CLOTHES looking exotic w this hairstyle on youtube-Adam Lambert in Milwaukee singing acoutic Whole Lotta Love and you will love this new hairstyle.

Joan on

Gag! And again I say, Gag!

Top Posts — on

[…] Adam Lambert Debuts Half-Shaved Head on Twitter! Courtesy Adam Lambert Adam Lambert got fans buzzing Thursday when he shaved what looked like his entire head and then […] […]

cordelia on

who really cares?????

elbee on

To make it simple: IT LOOKS GRRRREAT ! SEXY, COOL, GLAM…That is how GLAM supposed to be….he said it many many many times before, he will change everytime, his hairstyle will not be the same…so looking for surprise … is the THRILL…what will be next ? Oooooh Love the surprise !

Celtic Rocker on

Don’t care for it. I LOVE the longer hair surrounding his face. That said he is always beautiful.

Jan Novotny on

He’s so fake. If he had real talent, he wouldn’t need to “experiment” with his look. He’s such a poseur, and all these straight women squeal “He’s so hot!” What a joke.

colleen krasinski on

HATE IT…Sorry … love the music and love the man and love that he is always himself, but since my opinion was asked…HATE IT. His hair is sooooooo beautiful…at least it’s a phaze that will grow out!

colleen krasinski on

Hate it…Sorry…Love the music and LOVE the man and the fact that he is always himself, but since my opinion was asked…HATE IT! Only because his hair is sooooo beautiful. At least it is a phase that will grow out.

juliana on

Hey, Look like Boy George! love it so much!

Les News, 061810 | Entertainment News & Gossips on

[…] Following Milo Ventimiglia’s lead, Adam Lambert shaves his head. […]

M on

Looks so much like a young BOY GEORGE!!
(teens may not know this reference ;)

Jesse on

So Lady Gaga is the new Madonna and now Adam is the new Boy George. Be original people!!!

lisa on


Cat on

Haters that don’t get it – go back to your cave! Lol.
Can’t wait to see Adam’s exciting look and performance at Glam Nation!!

jmgo on

Oh, look! A Boy George wannabe!

Juke on

looks like the newly born Boy George in that hat, but, it works and looks fab on him!!!

kittykitty on

he’s trying so hard to be unique….it’s all been done…just get out there and sing already.

Noah on

dont care either way. he doesnt do it for me.

Megan on

EWwwww so glad Kris won I don’t care for Adam at all

B. Georgette on

Where is that time machine when you need it? I know it’s here somewhere.

Vickie on

The Empiror Has no Clothes!!!! No one can come out and say Adam looks positively STUPID!!! Yes he does!! And how hard is it NOW to keep those reddish blonde roots from showing??

Jennifer Chew on

Maybe he is trying to copy his own idol…Boy George. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up the same way as Boy George which is that he is famous at one point in his life, and then winds up picking up trash on the side of the freeway when he gets older. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to Adam.

William on

Don’t get me wrong it looks really cool but I kinda of like the other hair better but whatever you stick with I’ll stick with too =)

Not a Fan on

What a freak! Don’t like his “music” or style. go away already!

TinLV on

This is hardly news and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Look at photos of David Bowie thru the years. Rock stars have always done things to their hair, make-up and style in order to stand out. I don’t care what Adam looks like, he’s the best singer to come around in years and I will continue to buy his music. If this new look is supposed to be a tribute to Boy George, he could have found someone better to emulate, though. That man’s life is a mess and has been for years. But man, he did have a good voice.

tc on

Am I the only one here who sees boy george???

Donna on

I don’t like it at all. His hair was gorgeous, and this just takes away “Adam” and makes him look like Boy George. He could have at least waited until the tour was over and gave all his fans a chance to see him like we got to know and love him before he did this!!! Sorry, Adam, one of your first bad choices!

Sydney on

Lambertlicious!! Go Adam he is so sexy

I found this in my grandmothers house. It has a hen on nest trademark.? | How To Build A Chicken Coop on

[…] Adam Lambert Debuts Half-Shaved Head &#959n Twitter! – Style News – StyleWatch – P… […]

B.J.Fiorilo on

Is he the new Boy George? or just a wanna be? (anyway…. whatever is his style… he is gorgeous!)

HOLLYWOOD HOODLUM › Style News Now’s Hottest Headlines of the Week on

[…] -Adam Lambert showed off his new bedazzled buzz-cut and Boy George-like style–on his Twitter! READ IT […]

Les News, 061810Play with us | Play with us on

[…] Following Milo Ventimiglia’s lead, Adam Lambert shaves his head. […]

Les News, 061810 « Quinnf25's Blog on

[…] Following Milo Ventimiglia‘s lead, Adam Lambert shaves his head. […]

madelyn on

Georgeous.Adam looks great.

Camille McConnell on

My guess is that Adam will be impressive – no matter ‘what’ he does. He ‘is’ a remarkable talent. All that said – I still prefer his ‘thick, shiny, black hair. But he’s ‘still’ my ‘American Idol Winner’!

Camille McConnell on

Adam will be remarkable and impressive, no matter what he does with his hair or wardrobe. His unique talent has already made him an Icon…..All that said, I still prefer his full head of ‘thick black hair’ best…..Camille

moon dark on

I love you no matter how your voice is very beautiful and I love to make you look like it the way I look
Greater your fans

Style News Now’s Hottest Headlines of the Week | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] -Adam Lambert showed off his new bedazzled buzz-cut and Boy George-like style–on his Twitter! READ IT […]

Diego Gray on

Adam Lambert should have been the winner of American Idol, such a great talent *

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