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KJC on

I’m unimpressed. I was picturing something much more delicate and feminine. It’s beautiful – but not something I picture Edward giving Bella.

JS on

Yeah, that is NOT at all what I pictured the ring to be like. It’s too big and not beautiful at all in my opinion.

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Kelsey on

Can’t expect much, it is Twilight after all…

KBG on

I completely agree. What a disappointment. It’s not at all the ring I envisioned. It’s too big for one thing.

cd on

don’t like it. not at all what i was picturing. i agree, it is too big & not pretty.

KC on

What all of you are forgetting is that it’s not supposed to be the ring YOU envisioned. It’s the ring Stephenie Meyer envisioned. Plus, it’s supposed to be around 100 years old, so it’s not going to look like today’s engagement rings!

Diana on

I agree it is to big and not a “normal” engagement ring. It is not nearly antique as I thought it would be!! I know Bella would not like a traditional style but that would be way to gawdy for her!!!

Carolyn on

I too am not really impressed. This is oval for sure, but not delicate and it has no sparkle. In the book it is written that the wring was oval, delicate and had lots of diamonds large enough to see. This one pictured is nothing like the book envisioned. They need to re-think this piece.

Bebe on

Yeah I was expecting something brilliant and super shiny! Kind of dissapointing to see this ring especially since money is no object for the Cullens. But then again keep in mind that it is supposed to be an antic ring that belong to Edward’s mom.

sam on

Its too big it dont look like what the book talked about at all. Its just ughhhhh

Renee on

Hate and I mean HATE it!! Big disappointment but she does have the final say I guess.


Totally not how I envisioned the ring while reading ‘Eclipse.’ I agree with the prior post about imagining the ring as being smaller, delicate and more antique-y looking. Oh well. I’m just happy Stephenie had a say in what the ring looked like! :) Can’t wait to see the movie.

Heather on

I am not a fan of this ring & it isn’t ANYTHING like what I pictured when I have read the book. But this really isn’t the 1st time the ring has been shown…I saw it on months ago when they had test your twilight knowledge up.

LittleMo on

Yes, it is Twilight and we love it – and I’m not a tween – far from it – 54 last b-day. Not what I expected, either, but maybe “sparkle” refers to eternity rather than bling and, as it is Bella and Edward, the “usual” wouldn’t fit at all.

Laura on

The ring does not seem to fit the description in the book so I am a bit disappointed. However, I’ll get over it once I see the movie. 19 days left!!!

Jon on

That’s nice to hear, the Ring is very nice!

katie on

ewwww!! no. that is not at all how i pictured it. that doesn’t even look like an engagment ring.

Renee on

Not at all what I pictured…the ring belonged to Edward’s Mother so I pictured something vintage, dainty, and elegant. That ring has none of those characteristics! But, if the author imagined the ring that way, then I will have to get used to it.

k on

stephanie should have left it to the pro’s. i do not like this ring and it’s way too big for bella’s finger.

DeeDee on

I think it is just right! I never imagined Edward giving Bella a big, gawky ring. It looks to me like an antique, delicate, and simple piece.

Jen on

It is a tad clunky, but it is also supposed to be from the late 1900 century early 20th. It is probably accurate to both the era and Stephenie’s vision.

Susie on

I’ve got to agree with most of the postings. This isn’t how its described in the book and frankly I would be majorly disappointed if this was presented to me as my engagement ring.
If you look at the porportion in the picture its half the size of her thumb, I don’t see how it fits her. I envisioned something much more delicate, this looks pretty sturdy to me.

annie on

People, Edward came from a very poor family. If this was indeed passed down from his real family and not the Cullens it wouldn’t be beautiful nor ostentatious. Additionally, what was considered beautiful 100 years ago is not the same as today. Besides, Bella is old-fashioned and odd herself.

Haleigh on

The ring is not at all what I pictured and doesn’t fit the time frame of Victorian or Edwardian era. This looks more like a modern right-hand ring than a 100 year old engagement ring.

Cyberg00se on

LOL, what? Twilight readers not terribly smart when it comes to applying history to make something plausible for a given time period? I am shocked. SHOCKED I tell you!

Oh wait, they read Twilight. It’s The Vampire Chronicles Light. Half the plot and all the sugar!

ashlyn on

i think the ring is beautiful. in my opinion because its not our envision its stephanie….. it definitly looks antic and has this rustic look and shape that makes it right for the movie…. love it ! (:

hailey on

ok so nobody likes the ring. amen.

Tracy on

I don’t care if it was gaudy or not if Edward/Robert were to give that to me I would be the happiest woman on the planet.

Polly on

I think it is perfect!! Very vampiry!!!!!!

Brianna on

This ring is beautiful but it doesn’t look like an engagement ring. It looks more like something i would wear to bling up an outfit to go partying. Sadly disappointing… and I thought this movie was gonna kick a**.

Alexa on

I agree. Not at all as I imagined. Not necessarily too big, but the “glittering round stones” aren’t what I imagined. But then again, in the early 1900’s diamonds weren’t as big as they are today.

Lisa on

I can only imagine the wedding dress? Can we say Mormon chic?

sher on

So not what was described in the book and nothing that Bella would wear.

brittany on

I wasnt expecting that big ol’ thing. I was thinking more along the lines of small feminine, but traditional diamond.

kymmi on

This proves that the author is not that great at writing – what she described the ring to be in the book is completely different to what she thought it looked like in her head. Yet I will know doubt watch the movie

Eh... on

Heavens no!! Pave diamonds for an engagement ring?! Pave diamonds is a setting that gives the illusion of lots of bling but really of little value. The diamonds used in pave settings are usually lower in quality – they’re labelled “affordable”. One uses pave when one wants to save money for everyday wearing – not an engagement! Besides, I’ve seen many Victorian era engagement rings. They can be exquisite.

babytyche08 on

the engagement ring is really unique.

Chd on

Yea I dont think its pretty.. but the way it was describe din the book didnt sound very nice either..

kayla on

im not impressed….i was picturing something much more of and antique but elegant ring and this is not it.

AC19 on

what about the marriage ring, how is another ring meant to fit on her finger with that huge, strange thing on it?

di on

nothing i pictured it to be. it is not even an attractive ring

olivia on


Stacey on

I must say this is not what I had pictured either. In the book it describes it as a web. I pictured a delicate spider web with diamonds throughout! This ring is too big & gaudy…very much not Bella’s style!

Alexa on

The ring is definitely not what I pictured and doesn’t seem like a ring that Edward would like. I thought it would be more vintage and classy. However, since Bella is so unique and corky I think the ring would be suitable.



Sallie on

I would imagine something more femininen as well coming from Edward. But, then it’s Bella, she very rarely seems to dress feminine.

Charlotte on

I know what an engagement ring from the 1900’s is supposed to look like, my grandmother has one that was passed down to her! It looks nothing like what was described in the book…

Deanna Richards on

I pictured Bella’s engagement ring with filigree weaving around the diamonds to give it an elegant, feminine look. The ring pictured is not at all like the rings from Edward’s mother’s period. If Edward could give Bella a 5-carat diamond for her bracelet, it is safe to surmise his family was not poor, and the ring should reflect good taste rather than large, gaudy. Sorry, but I was disappointed when I saw it.

Deanna Richards on

Thought the webbing would be more of a filigree to fit the period. Really not what I imagined at all. If Edward could give Bella a 5-carat diamond for her bracelet, I think the ring could have been more of a traditional, delicate piece. Really am disappointed.

Alexis on

I particularly don’t like the oval rings, just as that. So am I disappointed? yes.

Judyteel on

That is not an antique engagement ring. That is a blob from the mind of S. Meyer.

SM on

Indeed…this ring is very telling about Stephanie Meyer. How unfortunate.

KS on

This ring is a colossal failure!!

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tori on

its the ugliest ring i have ever seen! i have seen older rings that are more beautiful than that and it does not fit meyer’s description at all. whoever designed the ring obviously never read the book!

JR on

I was expecting something more bold and beautiful not that flat and big ring!! Not romantic at all!!

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Raki on

Uh, “accurate to the time period?” Not really. I kind of like it, but it’s not historically accurate at all.

kylerayner on

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………what do you people know anyway……..take a hike and admire it for what it is, an engagement ring…..buncha pansies!!!

Paula on

I have to agree with everyone else, im very disappointed, i wouldve expected this beautiful ring! its so not pretty AT All!!!

Sophie on

Not really as delicate or vintage and not to be mean but not like bella

Alicia on

I don’t know why everybody is complaining, if you really enjoyed the books and ever visited Stephanie Meyers site BEFORE the movies came out then you would have known this is the ring, and you can actually buy it. I never really liked it either but this is her vision of Bella’s engagement ring.

RA on

I find that reading the books is always better, and with Twilight, they really messed up. It didn’t live up to my expectations. I pictured Bella’s ring to have an oval face, basically, lots of small diamonds set delicately with fine workmanship. But, its an antique belonging to Mrs. Masen, so obviously not going to be very lavish.

But, seriously? Am I the only one who wanted “shiny” and “sparkly”?

sirenscreams on

This isn’t what I envisioned either. It was also described as “delicate” and with a “thin gold band”. That ring just doesn’t look delicate to me. Oh well. It was still cool reading this article to see how the ring was created in Meyer’s vision.

Amanda on

I love it… It is exactly what I was picturing while reading these awesome books!!!

Suzanne on

In my humble opinion, the ring looks clunky, not an heirloom piece, not feminine at all. Not really anything like the book describes the delicate ring. Sorry, the ring missed the mark for me.

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adahazman on

uh… what a nice ring…..

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Brittany on

Hey it’s supposed to be Stephenie’s image so don’t get all angry or somthing juss be glad that you even saw it

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Deanna Richards on

Bella can always wear her engagement ring on her right hand, if she gets a wedding ring or band.

Ashley on

i absolutely love it. its exactly wut i pictured edward giving bella….its so him. he’s not about the shiny n he knows she isnt either he loves her there fore he wants her to have something elegant and something that means something

karen on

i thought the ring would be smaller and more feminie

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Leah on

This is exactly what I thought it would look like. In the book it describes this ring. It’s old his mothers ring and large diamonds were more expensive back in the day. It was a family treasure to share with his new bride.

Wendy Brennan on

This ring is supposed to replicate an extremely old ring belonging to Edwards mother! Considering the age of the ring, It’s perfect for the era!!!!!!!!!

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