Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: Whose MTV Look Did You Like Best?

06/07/2010 at 12:35 PM ET

Frank Micelotta/MTV/PictureGroup;Jeff Kravitz/Filmmagic

It might have been a night filled with over-the-top outfits and bright blue hair dos, but last night’s MTV Movie Awards wouldn’t have been complete without some Team Edward vs. Team Jacob rivalry between Twilight‘s main men, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. And this time, the debate extended to their award show style. Rob Pattinson, who caused quite a storm when he buzzed his hair last month, sported a dark denim jacket over a white v-neck shirt matched with a pair of loose-fitting khakis. Lautner went a little sleeker, pairing his white T-shirt with a sharp blue leather jacket and trim dark jeans. With both stars rocking out in cool laid-back styles, we can’t decide which heartthrob looked best. Tell us: Whose MTV Movie Award Show outfit did you like better: Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner? Vote in our poll below!David Yi


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Emmy on

I’m sorry, I just do NOT like the way Rob dresses. His pants fit very strangely through the leg. Taylor almost always looks sharp.

Tara on

You know I think Rob looks better. Taylor looks like he always does- like someone dressed him. I like that Rob isn’t always trying so hard like Taylor.

Team Edward vs Team Jacob Whose MTV Look Did You Like Best on

[…] Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: Whose MTV Look Did You Like Best? […]

kate on

what a silly poll…Robert won Best Male Performance and Global Superstar.that’s more important…Rob looks great ..He’s awesome

Positive on

The problem with Robert’s looks is as simple as: THE PANTS ARE TOO LONG !!! Long in the inseams and long on the legs. The jacket is too short !!!

Mr. Humphries on

Don’t worry about Robert’s trousers–they’ll ride up with wear. Isn’t that right, Mr. Lucas?

dupree on

I’d take Rob in a sack. +

Mark on

WHY do people think Pattinson is attractive??? he looks like a filthy chav that happened to not be TOO drunk to make it out that particular day.

bad hair, annoying face, looks smelly.

Morgan on

Rob is way more appealing than Taylor. I like the scruffiness.

Cara on

Tom Cruise looks hot than most even young for his age.

Mark on

it’s not scruffiness, it’s downright filthy appearance.
try shaving, or maybe combing your hair, or buying a shirt that fits.

he doesn’t have the physique to wear a v neck shirt.
it just looks sloppy.

Tonia on

Robs Jacket and trousers are ill fitting but maybe hes starting a new , or rather old , style of clothes that make you cringe .

Nicole on

TAYLOR! You can see the body through the leather…I love it!!

k on

I like scruffiness, but I don’t think Rob is good looking, and Taylor looks like he’s 14 (oh wait, he pretty much is). I also don’t think Kristin stewart is pretty either, she just seems akward, and am I the only one that think she looks like a lesbian? Not that there is anything wrong with that at all, i have friends that are! But her look, her lack of gracefullness, the way she walks and poses, maybe it’s just me. And Rob if he’s going to wear pants that long they need to be wider at the bottom, they just seem very poorly fitted.

chris on

LOL at you guys using a great picture of Taylor and a horrible picture of Rob. Way to be fair. I thought both guys dressed really well last night. I just prefer seeing Rob so I choose him although I can understand why someone would prefer how Taylor looked.

Soly on

They BOTH look great, but Taylor’s look is more polished. He’s young, he’s in good shape, he likes to show it off. Robert seems more laid back, older (oh yeah ancient ppffftt) kinda giving off a “been there, done that” vibe. Either case, its always great to see them both lol

Tanesha on

Taylor Lautner hands down. The boy is styling. Straight up GQ and he looks like pure money. I WANT that leather jacket, like now.

meg on

I like Taylor’s outfit better, but I’d like Rob’s outfit better on my bedroom floor.

femroc on

While I LOVE Rob and think he’s the hottest, coolest thing in the world…………..based on those 2 pictures above, Taylor looks better and he always dresses sharp. Rob has his own scruffy style of looking like he just rolled out of bed……..not a bad thing!
He’s like……this is who I am, like it or not. And I do.

Cyn on

Letm me start by saying I love Rob…but last night his appearance was not the best. The pants were too long, jacket seemed too short. I don’t mind the ruffled hair and stubbly face…really like that on him, but the clothing choice was not the best.
Taylor looked good, but his style reminds me of Mario Lopez A LOT. Get your own style kiddo.

Amy D on

I am so Team Edward but at the MTV VMA’s I have to say that Taylor dressed far better lol sorry Rob…

Diane Kat on

Unsurprisingly, Lautner looks better than Rob…I don’t mind if someone gives him some ‘fashion advices’, of course, both of them are celebrities…noticed: Rob just don’t listen to let him be! ;) lol

Leanne on

Taylor is flawless!! Right from the hair to the shoes perfection!! Pattinson is good looking but style-wise needs a MAKEOVER LOL!!!!!

Di on

They both look great even on their worst days but if I had to choose from the way they looked last night, I would choose Taylor. He is a cutie!!

meagen on

I am sorry but there is no way you ppl can think robert is sexy in those clothes, but of course taylor is as hot as ever!

zee on

I can’t say I actually like Rob’s pants, but he looks good nonetheless.

I like that he can have the confidence to wear what he feels like wearing.

I guess he didn’t want to clash with Kristen’s color scheme, either.

ly on

Rob looked amazing. What made me like his look even more is the fact that he and Kristen matched their outfits; gold and black pallet.

Chris on

So Robert wears baggy pants! Maybe he has to wear baggy pants if ya know what I mean :)

luna on

Robert P. looks stoned most of the time…and in this outfit he sorta looks like he rolled out of bed and grabbed whatever was handy before heading out the MTV Awards. Pants are too long…though nice other than that, and the jacket is too small (kind of like a girl’s crop jacket). Sorry, but he doesn’t look pulled together at all.

Taylor wins.

Beth on

I am team edward all the way but Taylor’s outfit was hotter. HOWEVER Rob’s hair was the cutest!

Diane on

Lautner looks sharp and polished. Someone I would take to dinner. Pattinson looks like he borrowed his girlfriend’s jacket for the night. His girlfriend still living in the 90’s. Does he know that he is out in public?

yvonne on

Can somebody please give RPattz a bath, the guy looks greasy and unwashed. What the heck is he wearing. You are no longer a kid buddy, grow up. Taylor Lautner is too young for me but he looks super classy for someone so young.

Jon on

I like both Robert Pattison & Taylor Lautner, so I’m not on either Team Edward or Team Jacob!

Nina on

Rob is handsome, but he puts no effort in his clothing choices. The look was all wrong. He looked like Kristen’s driver. It wouldn’t have killed him to dress better. All he needed is what Taylor had on in different colors and he would have popped. Instead he looked homeless. I think Kris lent him that jacket. So tragic!

Jules on

Forget who looks better or not, has Rob’s head always been that big or is it just this picture? And no, I’m talking talking ego or anything like that. He really does seem to have a unusually long head.

kelly on

guess taylor has to win something. to me taylor trys to hard to be noticed

Amanda on

Robert’s entire outfit looks like it was borrowed from other people, none of it seems to quite fit him or even match. Meanwhile Taylor’s outfit looks fine fashion-wise but it also looks like every other outfit we’ve seen him in. I’m bored of the jeans & leather jacket combo he always seems to go for. Taylor needss to learn to try new things, and Robert needs to…buy a mirror.

andre on

rob pattinson, tom cruise, bradley cooper, the rock, mark walberg, just to name a few looked so good at the awards. i love there look.. sexy hot men.

Stormie on

I think for a public appearance such as this a more polished look is better. Rob’s outfit is more suited to his just going around town with buddies. Taylor is gorgeous love a man in a leather jacket.

Lexi on

100% Taylor!
Rob needs to wash his hair.
Wait a minute, he needs to fix everything!

Delana on

Taylor wins hands down because he actually put forth some EFFORT! Robert is such an attractive man, but he always looks sloppy and smelly. It’s really a shame. He just doesn’t seem to care about his presentation, which reflects on him as a person. At least care enough about yourself to comb your hair and wear clothes that fit!

zee2 on

I do think Rob would have looked great in the outfit Taylor wore, and I’ve seen Rob dress “hotter,” but I think Rob is a little embarrassed by the heartthrob status sometimes.

As for looking more polished– it is the MTV awards. I think a casual or off-centered vibe is fine.

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: Whose MTV Look Did You Like Best? Team-Twilight | Movie News, Pics & Fan Site on

[…] People wants to know whose look you preferred last night at the MTV Movie Awards: Rob or Taylor! Go here to VOTE! […]

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: Whose MTV Look Did You Like Best? | Twilight News Beat on

[…] People wants to know whose look you preferred last night at the MTV Movie Awards: Rob or Taylor! Go here to VOTE! […]

eee on


the outfit?? NOT the best of ROB, but I love HOBOROB
taylor just meh…too flat doesnt have personality
just like a teen hollywood puppet

Lilly on

Taylor! He was hot! I love that leather jacket.

ShariG on

I don’t care much for blue leather. What animal does that come from?? Babe the Blue Ox perhaps. I much prefer Rob’s laid back style. Both seem like perfectly nice guys. I am just a Team Edward girl.

Mary on

Taylor Lautner always looks way too uptight. When he has on a shirt at all, his style is buttoned up and way too controlled. Rob looks like he is always ready for fun, relaxed, happy. I vote for Rob Pattinson. Love his look. In fact, I love everything about him.

yarden on

I love robert pattinson, but his style here is horrible!

whocares on

Rob doesn’t dress to impress. He doesn’t have to try so hard, he’s adorable no matter what he wears because it’s not about the clothes, it’s about him. Taylor always tries too hard, and looks stiff and unnatural. To bad he can’t just be himself, the way Rob is.

Tig on

if you look close you can see where Rob is dressed to match Kristen. but over all I think Taylor looked better!

jasmine on

rob looks soo cute,i love the hair and his look just looks amazing
Taylor looks OK i mean he always is dressed the same way.
so i will go with rob

selly on

Taylor )))))

the best

Milly on

Taylor is definitely dressed better. He is also more attractive. Rob looks like he has just got out of bed and decided to throw on his older – and much taller – brothers pants and then topped it all off by his little brothers jacket.

paola on

in my opinion taylor looks way better then robert.

Ксеня on

Я в команде Роба,но свой голос отдам Тейлору здесь он выглядет лучше!!!

jaNet on

taYLor iS SOoooO mUcH bEtTer thAn roB hanDs DowN iN AcTinG aNd LOOKs RoB iSnT EveN atTaCTivE. ItS aLl aBOuT tEaM JaCoB

anson on

I LOVE Rob. But honestly, I think Taylor dressed better *SIGN*

However, I still LOVE Rob. Much more than Taylor.

Taylor on

I like Robert’s outfit. His trousers are awesome and he looks quite original. Taylor’s ages him too much and I don’t like his jackets. But yeah, they are both beautiful anyway :)

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: Whose MTV Look Did You Like Best? - Taylor Lautner on

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Andreina on

Sorry but Rob goes very wrong with those clothes, and Tay do very well as usual…BE FAIR pliss

Daniell on

love the clothes look and bearing of Taylor. I vote for TEAM JACOB = TAYLOR

andre on

tienen la misma ropa
lo uniko k kmbia es el color ..!!
Woow pero taylor se ve mejor ..!!
I♥ Taylor
Team Taycob ..!!

sonja on

I love Rob but I think that his look wasn’t good, the short jacket and long trousers…Taylor was very good.

ariana on

I love Rob…. but Tay looks better!

jaNet on

taylor is sooooooo much better at everything than rob. he’s the best looking guy righ noe not to mention those abs of his. I lOvE TayLoR:]

Katelyn on

Definately Robert. Because unlike Taylor, Robert always looks different! Taylor always looks the same: Tight leather jacket, some kind of tight jean, and dressy shoes. Robert always fassions something different, Go Team Robert! But both of their jackets were a little too short.. But Rob worked it! :)



Karen on

Rob doesn’t care about others opinions.He wearing what HE wants and saying what HE thinks.That’s why I love him.So do the others…

Camilla on

Is there really any contest? Taylor Lautner. He looks more put together, and actually looks like MTV material. I hate the scruffy look, I like the relaxed, but still made up and put together look. Not too dressy and not too scruffy. That is exactly what Taylor’s look said to me. I never really found Rob attractive, I always felt he needed the right camera angle and the lights had to be spot on to make him look good. Taylor doesn’t have a bad side on him :)

danice on

I find the clothes that you Robert Pattinson looks good, and here is Rob estupendo.Soy Team.

danice on


danice on

Robert Pattinson for ever

danice on

Parece que termino la votacion , no hay modificacion de jlas votacion

danice on


tere on

no me importa si pierdes Rob!!! te amo igual <3!

diana on

robert 4 ever

taylox on

TEAM Taylor…♥

SrtDLautner on

Wooo Mi Tay Obviamente xD.
– Tay me encanta su forma de
ser es tan tierno , lindo
y divertiDoo
TE Amoooo…♥

margarita on

robert always be better than taylor
eligeron a horrible picture, rob has far better pictures!

adriana on

tiene que ganar Edwar

katherine on

please vote for robert ,taylor lautner is a horrendous

Angie on

Rober es mil veces mejor que tay ya q hace que algo muy difcil de usar se vea perfecto en el…
Taylos usa la misma ropa a la moda y aburrida de siempre….
Robert impone moda, el es el jefe hay reconocerlo….

Angie on

Robert impone lo que esta de moda.
Taylor sigue la moda…. nO Viste bien..
Robert va a ganar!!!!

Raymond Preisach on

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