Lindsay Lohan Begs Chanel To Fix Her Fashion Quandary

05/28/2010 at 04:05 PM ET


Who says an alcohol-monitoring bracelet can’t be chic? Certainly not Lindsay Lohan, who took fashion matters into her own hands after being ordered to wear the unsightly ankle device following a failed court appearance last week. Lindsay, who’s been spotted sporting a new blonde do along with her SCRAM-bracelet, appealed to Chanel via her Twitter last night, begging for a timely solution to the fashion faux-pas, tweeting: “can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!? x”. While the last time that Lindsay voluntarily wore another SCRAM bracelet, she flaunted it while wearing teeny bikinis, she seems to be going for a modest approach these days in uncharacteristic wide-leg jeans. Will Karl Lagerfeld come to Lindsay’s rescue so she can wear minis again? Only time will tell. –Gillian Koenig

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Maggie on

How about buying the stickers yourself?

Sarah on

Glad to see she is taking this so seriously. She needs serious help.

TL on

How about doing what the courts ask you to do in the first place and then you won’t have to wear one at all?

Bev on

What a PR disaster it would be for Chanel to support a SCRAM bracelet.

karen on

ohhh please!

Erin on

I guess it’s hilarios that she could’ve killed people while under the influence and driving.

What a waste of space.

Jennifer on

Just goes to show how shallow she really is. What a waste of life

Kat on

Yeah right, like Chanel would ever make STICKERS for the likes of LINDSEY LOHAN so she can style her ALCOHOL-MONITORING DEVICE!!!!! Is she insane?! Karl Lagerfeld must be laughing his rear off… Chanel is the epitome of class, and Lindsay Lohan is the dead opposite.

Jon on

Who cares!

Blah on

Next up, stylish body bags for this one.

JS on

Here’s a thought: Why don’t you grow up, put on your big girl panties, and take responsibility for yourself. You could have killed someone while intoxicated, you dingbat! Figure out your life before you get life!

Lara on

Way to take it seriously! Maybe if you weren’t an alocholic you wouldn’t be in this situaton. Grow up.

Star on

Alcoholism is only the mask to the real root of her problem. She needs to face that root demon and then and only then will she be able to control her drinking. Taking charge of your life is hard to do when your sitting in the pit.

Sadie on

What an idiot! She’s making light of a very serious matter…I’m glad to see all the comments on here are blasting her. She needs to grow up!

nana7 on

why not swarovski crystals? or gold chains? lets just make it the want-to-have item of the summer for all…….NOT!

R on

How about not talking about your ankle bracelet like it’s cool or something??!! What a waste of space on this loser!!!!

Diana on

I am sure Coco Chanel would be rolling in her grave if they gave Lindsay something for that bracelet!!!
My advice Lindsay, DONT GET INTO TROUBLE!!!!! It is not very hard!!!

willis on

Wow if someone came up with a fake scram bracelet it could catch on.Got to wear it to the club.rock on Lindsay….

SD on

Maybe they can decorate the inside of her casket when she OD’s on something…..

Lucy on

Wow! She just grasps at anything to get in the media. Wonder what stunt she’ll pull this weekend to get back in the spotlight now that it’s on Gary Coleman… Loooooosssseeeer!

Petra on

Lindsay should make like the bracelet acronym and SCRAM….hopefully far, far away, to, um, like, the next solar system.

Lisa on

So that’s why she went blonde! To try and detract attention away from the bracelet!

Lisa on

So that’s why she went blonde! To try and detract attention away from the bracelet!

Shannon on

Like wasn’t she supposed to be a you know, like hot shot fashion designer????

So creative she is that she has to ask for help to make a bracelet fashionable, don’t you think?

Laurel on

Must not have anything better to do with herself. There is no point in making something so serious into a joke.

MC on

PPPPLLLLEEEEZZZZZZ God help her. Time for her to away. Who should care? She will destroy herself. So happy she thinks this is funny!

Rhynn on

Can someone please position a brake-less semi uphill from this witless trollop and give it a shove? Quickly. I want to see the footage.

Really? on

…Seriously??? I would certainly hope that Chanel would find her requests to be completely ignorant. Grow up, Lindsay. You are rediculous.

Tara on

She needs to put a Chanel sticker over her mouth…

JoAnn on

Are you kidding me. This woman has no shame or dignity.

Tina on

Do we really need to have an article about this?? Why are we giving this trainwreck attention for her negative behavior over and over again. Our attention to her nonsense makes us just as guilty as her mom for enabling this nightmare.

BTW…Lindsay – I think the styling of your bracelet should be the last thing on your mind. Stop wasting your talent and opportunties.

Gia on

What? She’s so dumb she doesn’t even know how ridiculous she sounds. What a loser.

John Ford on

I don’t know what Ms. Lohan is doing at this moment but before you call her a loser you should think about the facts: at this moment, Lindsay Lohan has better things to do than peck away at a laptop just to make snide remarks about people like you. And whatever she’s drinking or smoking is better than whatever you’ve got.

Therese on

Its a new fashion trend

John Whiteside on

Just saw “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.” Super cute Lindsay and natural. Dellwood, NJ? I live in Denville. As an avid runner I’d like to get you in some running shoes to start jogging and get you out to the Vitamin Shoppe to get you on the helpful vitamins to bring you back and beyond to more than fulfill your potential and exude your natural beauty and talent. Running can be such fun as well. Can you imagine being in the NYC Marathon? I ran a few miles with Marial Hemingway in the marathon one year. Margot couldn’t make it. Run Lindsay Run!

Nachosmom on

Really…seriously? Not even Chanel can help this one. Pathetic. Maybe she should worry about how the rest of her looks and yes…I think it is called sobriety.

Loog on

If any of the women (and possibly some of the men) posting here slamming the girl were in a similar position as she is, having to wear a scram device, and needed to do anything ‘dressy’, the vast majority of you would make remarks about how you wish you could dress it up.

So please, get off the girls case for making a little light of a serious situation. Most of us do it in our own lives. Don’t act as though you don’t.

St.Ephanie on

What an over privileged snot. Whining like that makes me wanna punch her in her freckled throat.

Loog on

You want to punch someone you don’t know in the throat for being privileged?

What a stellar human being you are.


[…] about her drunkenness or possible jail time? Nope. But she is concerned about fashion as she told her followers on […]

綱手- Penny on

Yup, she’s acting like an addict: dishonest, selfish, self-seeking. I cannot believe that this girl had the audacity to ask for something like this. This is the law; a court order, not a fashion statement.

I wonder how many Mothers Against Drunk Driving types are up in arms over this one. She could have easily killed someone, including herself. Someday, some way, she’ll get sober and she’ll look at this stunt and wonder what the h**l she was thinking, at least. Until then, we’re going to be seeing more (ahem, sorry; hopefully we won’t see her baring all)of this kind of garbage.

kristine railing on

Can Chanel make jail house jump suits chic as well? You just know it’s only a matter of time before she ends up there. Her mockery of the legal system and her attitude of intitelment makes me sick! Throw the book at her! Please!

lisa on

Maybe they should put one on her Mothers mouth to shut her up about what a good girl her daughter is. There always talking about how bad her Dad is her Mother isn’t someone I’d look up too.

Clay on

Alas, the bracelet doesn’t cover her bloated
face. That would be justice.

Maggie on

Seriously??? Well maybe one day she’ll have a matching Medical Alert Bracelet that will go along with her ankle bracelet for the Liver Cirrhosis she’ll develop from her wasted party lifestyle!! Wish she’d get her act together…I miss the mini talent she use to be/have with such films as “Just My Luck” & “Lifesize”, haha!

miccau on

This girl is worried about the wrong thing. I’m sure she will go back to her normal life (drugging and drinking)as soon as the anklet comes off.

sara on

Well take her bad choices aside and get some humour people. Just because she has drinking problems it doesnt mean that she can’t make a joke.

Tricia on

If she tries to “style” it – then she’s tampering with it. Lord knows that judge will throw her in jail so fast…Good luck Linds!

John on

At her rate she will be out of money soon enough.

Clay on

She makes Paris Hilton appear like a
demi-goddess. Gee…what the ‘hey’
am I doing even reading or posting to
this ‘Fart in the air of life’? I must
be stroking out?!

jade on

Lindsay, you need to get serious about your life and stop looking for an easy way out of your problems!!! I think you are a very good actress but you need to get an advice councellor or someone to help you with the right kind of decision making. I AM WISHING YOU GOOD LUCK.

Cyberg00se on

Dear Lindsay,

Please kill yourself. You are a waste of space. That your style is more important than learning a lesson and paying your small price for the lives you have endangered. That pretty much sums you up. Your parents frakked you up, but still, lots of people have bad parents, and they pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, without the help of the kind of money you have.

If you’ve been just looking for a sign, looking for a reason, this comment is it. Read it and don’t waste another breath on this planet. Please go kill yourself.

whocares on

Why would anyone or company pay this person? What has she ever done that is so important that we can’t do without her. I know I won’t pay to go to any movie she is in. She is not anyone who has any impact on my life. But by my not going to her movies, I do have an impact on hers. She is a nobody who thinks she is somebody. I am surprised I even took the time to write this note about her. Who Cares about her anyway?

Brittany on

Here’s a thought: why not go to your court appearances and quit coming up with lame excuses for why you aren’t showing up. Then, you wouldn’t have to wear it at all! What would be even nicer, is if you just got your act together and quit looking like an idiot and getting in trouble all of the time. I had a rough childhood, too, but I’m not out acting ridiculous.

momof2 on

She needs to get over herself! Why would Chanel want anything to do with her pitiful self? If I were a designer, I wouldn’t want her associated with my line of ANYTHING….

Diana on

No matter how dress it up, it is STILL a SCRAM bracelet…

Goo on

OD already!

LSquared on

And she’ll have fun, fun, fun till her P.O. (probation officer) takes her pills away. Nothing is serious or meaningful to an addict that is still getting high.Don’t expect too much out of Lindsay. She may be unable to booze it up or cut up some meth or coke lines, only for the time being, but she is still able to snort some painkillers, adderall and valium. She just rolls up one of her many prescription slips and hoovers away the *medically necessary* stuff.

Puh-leeze! Addicts are sly, sneaky and brilliant when it comes to finding ways to get high within the legal parameters they’ve screwed themselves into.

Amrita Paintal on

I hope Chanel obliges. Lindsey is a talented actress and has her whole life ahead of her. I hope she will turn her life around just like Robert Downey Jr. did. All good luck and best wishes to her.

LSquared on

Oh Johnny Ford, You are not very bright are you? Ms. Lohan loves to peck out snide remarks on her blackberry to many people, via twitter. And I can certainly assure you that my weed is far superior to hers.

In response to:
I don’t know what Ms. Lohan is doing at this moment but before you call her a loser you should think about the facts: at this moment, Lindsay Lohan has better things to do than peck away at a laptop just to make snide remarks about people like you. And whatever she’s drinking or smoking is better than whatever you’ve got.

– John Ford on May 28th, 2010

Tanyia on

This girl clearly does not take her offences seriously. Let Chanel NOT take her up on her plea for stickers (!), so that that they withhold their immaculate reputation as Lindsay totally wants to shatter hers.

Lindsay Lohan My Alcohol Bracelet Needs Styling by Chanel on

[…] Lindsay Lohan: My Alcohol Bracelet Needs Styling by Chanel […]

meofcourses on

Hey, get online or go to walmart and pick out any stickers u want Lindsey. there are probably more upscale places to buy stickers as well. Glittery ones are available. Since you have money problems you could decorate the SCRAM yourself.

Robin on

She can ask her baby sister Ali to design her SCRAM bracelet. Ali admires her sister so much because Lindsay is such a good influence on her and maybe one day Ali will rock her own SCRAM. Then, Dina can get Ali her own reality show designing SCRAMS and gush about how much Ali looks up to her big sister!!!

Britney Fan :D on

I Love Lindsay! :D

bern on

If that happens then my CHANEL collection would be worthless!
Maybe they should capture a new parfume
Inmate #5

al coholic on

Lindsay do not listen to these haters ok. They are just jealous of your amazing rack, and how incredibly intellegent you really are. Anyhoo! I think we should get together sometime and give those so called “bad habits”(cocain and alcohol) another go, cause everything deserves one, right? Listen don’t give up you are huge role model for the future prostitutes of america and for that you really need our support more than ever. So rock on lohan! Your biggest fan, The Pope

bern on

Maybe CHANEL’s new parfume could be Lebo # 69
or CoBlo #8 ?

Shanna on

Here’s a thought: Stop being such a waste of space Lindsay and go to rehab, then you wouldn’t need the bracelet.

fanspeed on

What genius! She takes a bad situation and makes the most out of it, or takes lemons and makes lemonade. Shows how smart and creative this the greatest beauty of all time is. What a women

Mimi on

Get a sewing machine and make matching fabric ankle scrunchies to cover the ankle bracelet. Then sell them on EBay to cover the cost of the sewing machine and materials or use them to raise money for a special project. ;-)

Watcher in the rye on

What a waste of space + air! Lindsay needs to grow up! I agree with the other posts and wonder why People keeps giving this brat space! Maybe if the press stopped caring about this washed up pathetic excuse for a celebrity, she might actually face the truth a decide to fix what little there is left of her career and her life….As for me, I hate spending time and good money on magazines that waste any paper on Lindsay anymore…such a disgrace for a human being.

Shar on

She should get together with Jesse James. One is as delusional as the other.

Jane on

What is even sadder than Ms. Lohan not taking this serious issue seriously is that this was featured on the pages of this magazine which means they don’t take her issues seriously either. This is not a joke. Now that is the really sad part.

Bea on

She just doesn’t get it, does she?

Gene on

It’s a shame the parents didn’t have a grip on her morals when she was younger. I hope you get the help you need, but Chanel isn’t it.

jumbybird on

You need to go to fcuking jail that’s what you need!

jumbybird on

How about a BIG D on your forehead?

Allison on

She needs to get some help and take her addictions seriously or she’s going to end up dead.

Jackie on

Just goes to show you the mentality of Hollywood. Girls like this are the reason so many young girls get themselves in trouble…trying to emulate idiots like this — who, at one time, HAD a future. You really wrecked it Lindsay with the drugs and alcohol. Good job.

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dorian canalizo on

This girl still doesn’t get it at all. I have ZERO sympathy for her anymore. Throw the book at her and maybe she will learn.

CJ on

Seriously? Seriously? JUST PATHETIC!

sandra on

If she would behave and take care of herself. Maybe she wouldn’t be were she is at today. GROW UP. Grab hold of yourself, and become a better person that you ONCE were.

Lisa on

Well, nothing says chic like stickers.

Mindi on

What a jackass. She needs a good swift kick in the rear, to say the least.

Nona on

Seriously? The average teenager could spend $50 at Michaels and figure out a way to make that thing stylish. With all of LiLo’s millions, she can’t do the same?

Marly on

The court should really come down hard on this girl. She obviously isn’t taking this seriously. She needs to stop acting like a spoiled little girl and get her life in order before she hurts someone else or ends up like one of these other drug addicted Hollywood stars who end up dead long before their time. Grow up and take responsibility.

Julie on

The way she is going, she won’t make it out of her 20’s. Hey Mom, you better start realizing your daughter needs some serious help.
Another Mom

SusiQ on

is nothing serious to this child? wonder what she’ll be when she grows up?

Courtney on

haha I love her

Heather on

Unbelievable. Talk about missing the point completely – Lindsay, you embarrass yourself and you mock the very people who are trying to help you. I bet someone at Chanel already has a headache spinning their damage control angle – and how to get as far away from you and this ridiculous, selfish, self-centered and egotistical comment as possible. You continue to amaze me with your self absorbption and inability to recognize things for what they truly are.

Lindsay Lohan: Chanel, please help me | on

[…] People magazine noticed the Tweet. […]

Lindsay Lohan: Chanel, please help me | Star Talk on

[…] People magazine noticed the Tweet. […]

monal on

I hope the courts are paying attention to this… she is not taking this seriously. First her hair, to cover or kill of the drugs still lingering around…. and how begging for Chanel to send her free stuff? Pathetic little wh*re she is….

this would be news if they were reporting they had died. wishful thinking.

sarah on

Grow up!

monal on

who you speaking to Sarah? yourself or lindsey?

sarah on

Puh-lease! Chanel is far too classy for slumbag LiLo. I’m beginning to wonder if that oil-slick Brandon Davis had her pinned right all along. Such a shame…

alja on

Well, if she has to wear the braclet, where is the problem if she want to wear it in style?????!!
She is already advertiseing CHANEL for free, so CHANEL could do this for her…People, are you all saints?!

nicole on

she’s an idiot

kr on

She needs serious counseling, reality check. She thinks of style instead of the obvious.

Top Posts — on

[…] Lindsay Lohan Begs Chanel To Fix Her Fashion Quandary INF Who says an alcohol-monitoring bracelet can’t be chic? Certainly not Lindsay Lohan, who took fashion matters […] […]

j on

Chin Up Lindsay, I get that you made the remark to cover up the embarrassment you feel for your poor decisions.
You’ll be o.k. just start practicing level – headedness .
People wil respond to you better and you’ll love yourself more and get better work.
I’m rooting for you- you’ll do well.

Shen on

MY GOD!!!!! Can she at least fake that she is taking this seriously! She refuses to accept that she has a problem and that enabler of a mother does not help at all. I am sick and TIRED of this girl!! Maybe if someone in her family lost their life to alcoholism/drunk driving she might wake up.

gypsiegirl on

Lindsay, why dont you go out and buy yourself a bedazzler and do it yourself! God this girl is “ANNOYING”!!! Can we just put her away for awhile!

Dan on


Dan on

Loog … you need a chanel sticker for your mouth as well.

Blondetaz on

What an effing idiot.

Lindsay Lohan: Chanel, please help me | This Is An Awesome Web Site on

[…] People magazine noticed the Tweet. […]

Juma on

Yes, right honey, that is exactly your biggest issue right now!

KDY on

So very said that LL will be known for a party animal than an actor. I once remember her saying that she wanted to be another Jodie Foster. Well to bad that dream will never take place. She needs to move out of LA and somewhere far away and then come back with a new start. Then that dream might happen!!!!

Lalaloo on

Sorry Lindsay, alcoholism will never be sexy.

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robin on

Instead of worring about how to glam up your monitor, you should be worring about the reason you have to wear it!! WAKE UP LINDSAY!!

PHOTO: Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Alcohol-Monitoring Bracelet « Frankie Hollywood and The Morning BOUNCE on

[…] actress, 23, had jokingly pleaded with Chanel to help make the device chic, but the photo shows it still has that out-of-the-box look. – Eunice […]

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[…] its lack of potential, the troubled actress has asked Chanel to help decorate her alcohol-monitoring anklet, which a judge last week required her to […]

Denise on

Um, Chanel makes stickers Lindsay. And you make bank. So buy ’em yourself! It’s the first of several small steps you can take to take care of yourself on your own. It’ll be a new feeling, but go with it.

Lady Madonna McCartney on

Lindsey needs to be told without any let or hindrance that she is a SCAR, or a SCAB,however most certainly not, Not, NOT a Star.

And yes, Chanel Inc, is probably passing around printouts of the tweet, laughing their a$$e$ off the while. I know I would. Stickers?? That’s her idea of style? She should have been sent to JAIL. But noooo, she gets off because she’s a “star”. Talk about privilege, i.e., ‘private law’. Since she’s still free to go anywhere, let her go to a gumball machine, since that is Really her level of ‘style’. A nice dinosaur ‘sticker’ would go well, as it does with her sagging career.

What a waste of (semi-used) grooming products, biomass and energy, food and the $$ she gets should 100% be sent to refugees and Haiti to help them out.

I’m happy to say I’ve NEVER and will Never watch Anything with her in it. Never, Never, Ever, contribute to her lifestyle by buying or watching anything with her in it.

Seriously, Loser Loan-hand aka Lindsay “Fire-crotch” Loserhan has no business in show business; can ANYONE name one, ONE, (1) good picture she has done, and by that I mean an Oscar or even an Emmy quality film/show??

PHOTO Lindsay Lohan Shows Off AlcoholMonitoring Bracelet itsachat writers on

[…] actress, 23, had jokingly pleaded with Chanel to help make the device chic, but the photo shows it still has that out-of-the-box look. – Eunice […]

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