Janet Jackson Rocks Super Short Hair: Love It or Hate It?

05/20/2010 at 03:00 PM ET


Bye-bye long, wavy tresses! Janet Jackson was snapped out and about in London yesterday sporting super short hair, making her the latest A-lister to join the increasingly long list of celebrities who are foregoing their long locks in favor of boyish crops. The iconic performer debuted the gelled-back look while dining in the British city, where she is on hand to promote her latest film, Why Did I Get Married, Too? While Janet’s had a few modish bobs in the past, we’ve never seen her go quite this short or boyish.  And though the new look is a far cry from the natural curls and shoulder-length styles that she’s been rocking recently, we aren’t opposed to the singer’s new low-maintenance style. Tell us: What do you think about Janet Jackson’s newly cropped slicked-back look? –David Yi

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Lana on

Oh, I love Janet’s new short hair style! It’s fresh and it makes her look even younger. Not to mention low maintenance. Looking good Janet!

God's Favorite Shoes on

I love it!

Cam on

Love it!

Shannon on


Lin on

Get serious, that may be her real hair she ALWAYS wears WIGS….wise up

Germaine on

It’s a change and she where it well!!

Denise on

Love it, love it, love it. Janet can do no wrong!

Adriana on

It is great! She looks very fresh.

wendy on


abykiss on

I love it!!! She looks fresh and free. Janet is naturally beautiful and this only enhances it.

loasporter23 on

She probably just removed her hair extensions.

scyren on

I think she looks beautiful with her weaves or without them.

Jen on

Love it. Just wish she had her original nose to go with it.


love it she wears it well.no matter what she wears she can pull it off

Melissa on

While I do like Janet and how she looks, its funny to see people write that she is naturally beautiful…she is beautiful, but i wouldnt say NATURAL…come on, shes on her 5th nose! But I still love her, original nose or not

Will Bernard on

Um….this is her natural hair. Janet has been rocking weaves and wigs all the way back to Control. I think her real hair looks great, as do all her wigs and weaves. However, don’t be surprised if in a month or so you see her with long curly hair. it’s cool that she can change it up so much. I’m all for anything as long as she stops with the plastic surgery.

stewie on

You go Janet! I think you look great.

Diana on

She always looks stunning….

mkc on

She’s a beautiful woman either way – however – the short haircut is a winner!

Nik on

Very pretty and complimentary!

giambo on

bet she puts her wig back on next month

Bunnie on

Glad to see she finally got tired of the weaves. It’s a nice change.




I LOVE IT! She is doing like Solange Knowles did, she’s freeing herself from HAIR SLAVERY!
She didn’t just cut it, she TOOK IT OFF!
Now, if her head itches, she can scratch her head instead of Patting it!
FREE AT LAST huh Janet?!?

exodus on

It’s very sad how you can’t be a Black woman with long hair and not be accused of wearinf a wig or weave. You never see any of that said about any White or Latina celeb. and they wear weaves & wigs too. How do you fight stereotypes when we stereotype each other?

Lida on

She looks GREAT!! I love it..

Adelle on

She looks great with this new hairdo and a slim figure! And she looks so much like her late brother, the beloved Michael!

HeyMyPeeps on

That is not Janet, that’s an old picture of Micheal.

DixieGirl on

Who are on the long list of celebrities going w/ boy crops?


She looks fantastic! Shows off her pretty face!

JanetLove on

she has flawless skin!!! I like it. It looks great and refreshing. Especially on her much smaller frame. Go Janet!!!

PCLane on

Anything that shortens the amount of time women spend on their looks is great with me! There is ‘way too much emphasis on makeup and style today and it is teaching young girls the wrong values. All they think about is how they look and if they’ll be accepted by the “in” crowd. How about teaching them to polish their “inner” selves and develop some values that really matter?

Jon on

I love Janet Jackson’s new Super Short Hair!

Segun Adeyi on

Ultra Smashin !!!



Hal on

Short or long she’s still gorgeous but the short really does show her face and how beautiful she is and always will be. Go Janet!

Sweetp on

Janet looks gorgeous…..she looks so much younger!!!!

kammy on

she wear this well but idont to much like her looking like her brother

samatha on

African americans do and can grow long hair like everyone else please don’t get it wrong.

Mrs.V on

Janet, you look nice in your new hair style, anyway honey, who cares what people think, you are as beautiful as you feel. If you feel good, you look good. My opinion, YOU LOOK GREAT !!!

LC on

Love it!!

lasharn on

Looks outstanding—- I just cut my hair as well-hair does not make you, you make the hair– rock it girl!!!!!!

Kay on

Love the new hairdo!!!

Marie on

She has the pretty face to pull it off.

jade on

Janet I like your new hair style. YOU LOOK GOOD!

Sharon on

Janet has always been and will always be beautiful! Short hair or not!!

Lena on

It’s so nice to see her without all of that unnecessary hair weave. Short hair is sexy.

Nisha on

I believe that she is going through some things. She has gone through depresson before. Maybe she cut her hair because she is grieving her brother still. It has almost been a year since his death. I really hope that she doesn’t go down the depression road again. Love u Janet!

Kelvin on

i love it. and her.

april woods on

JANET looks HOT~~~
She doesnt need long hair to make her shine, she is gorgeous and a true beauty inside and out!
love, love, love the new ‘do’

Pam on

Looks good but I like the long hair better. The first think I noticed is how much she resembles her brother Michael when he was younger.

sophrania reid on

I love the short look on Janet, she is wearing well… Nothing is wrong with a little change even if she wore wigs for years..

Margaret on

Really nice look!! Bravo!

Kayla on

she looks like michael!

Mari on

LOVE it! She can never go wrong! Beautiful woman. Wig..no wig…who cares!

Missy on


Outraged on

What’s up with all the haters on here saying her nose is fake? That’s her real nose you idiots!! Love the hair!!! She’s beautiful!

ashlyn on

J’adore … looks beautiful on her

Dedee on

Janet looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!

dee on

omg, her hair is not short; janet has good hair! her hair is jus pulled back into a pony tail



Joan on

Love it! I have extremely short hair and it is liberating and free!

debbie on

She looks GREAT! Such a pretty face

Gillian on

Hard to tell from one photo, but I think it doesn’t suit her and takes away from her beauty.

Cassidy on

People really need to stop hating..she got her nose done once and she didnt have to tell us the first time she did it. Janet Jackson is naturally gorgeous and she looks good with anything..haters can CHOKE

Dianne on

Janet is a beautiful women no matter how long or short her hair is.

mae on

janet you go girl with your short hair .

Sylvia on

I think she looks better and more femine with more hair. She knows how to rock longer hair!

Cats on

Love it!!!

jason on

Long, flowing hair is so common in Hollywood’s female entertainers, it’s become boring. You can’t tell the difference betwee. Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox – they all have the same formless long, flowing hairstyles.

Janet looks great, and it shows her bone structure quite nicely.

Maxine on

I absolutely LOVE it!!

Janet Jackson Rocks Super Short Hair: Love It or Hate It? on

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Pixie on

Love it! She looks great as usual.

Medancer on

It’s a little harsh but wow it shows off her eyebrows and cheekbones nicely!

Rob on

Just Sexy!

Edie on

I think she looks good and a lot more like her brother, Michael. However, it tends to pronounce her nose job. Her nose looks softer with a little more hair on her head, but having said that, she looks pretty good.

mn on

love it. on her. i would love to try it on myself. it’s sleek, modern, v. chic, and makes her look way younger. also looks like less work.

Anna on

Looks great! Also, I love the confidence of a woman who dares to do this and can rock the look. She looks more like Michael, though (not really a bad thing).

Celeste on

She’s Janet Jackson. She’s gona make everyone else want to wear their hair that short. She looks Fabulous !

Kiki on

Now I see where Rihanna gets her “style” from. I love the modern and minimalist do. Janet looks sad. I imagine that coping with Michael’s death must be a sad and difficult thing. I’m glad she’s back at work. Can’t wait to see her again.

Oyin on

I love the look. It shaves off years from her age. I mean you can hardly say she’s over thirty with the new look. I’ve known her with only short hair and this look is so refreshing….

suzy diamond on

Janet could never look bad. She has such a beautiful face the haircut doesn’t matter.

puvan on

ohhhhh…… she reminds me of michael…..missed him

htownboy on

Janet is slaying girls have her age….loves it!!!

nicole on

yuck!.. she looks like her brothers

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Lynn on

I LOVE it!! My husband hates it!

vanessa perry on

do we really care? she didnt ask our opinion to get it cut yeah it’s cute so what if she changes her mind i’m sure the hair stylist is not 2 yards away with weave in hand…. all i’m saying is our opinion doesnt matter leave them alone

Troy on

Fresh and clean…I love it. She always looks beautiful and from time to time a girl needs a change. Halle Berry changed from long to short, Toni Braxton went from short to long and now back to short. Janet has worn her hair short before and has done so many different styles, so why would anyone be astounded. More women should opt to wearing their real hair, that way their dates, boyfriends, fans or whomever can see that these people they idolize are just as human as the rest of us. Go Janet.

keisha on

I love it!

Marjorie Hall on

She always looks beautiful.

Windy on

Janet, u look great, no matter what hair style u got. A new Fresh look.

annette on



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[…] list of celebrities getting short haircuts just got a little bit longer. You can now add Janet Jackson to the list of famous females getting close crops. A list that already includes Hayden Panettiere, Jessica […]

LaBs on

I doubt she even really got it cut, probably just took out her extensions. As long as her body is still rockin, I could care less about her hair.

Elsie Simmon on

Love it! It shows just how much her and her brother Michael looks so much alike

Richard on

Janet has always been cute. But damn if she doesn’t look like Michael circa 1983! Maybe its her form of a tribute to him…

regina renee on

what do U expect from a very regal beautiful queen! she got all the swag! love it ! the best ever! love U JJ

regina renee on

she even looks like MJ even more!

Bill on

she looks great…. but Madonna always looks better!

kelley on

i think she looks hott! i really like it

TJ on

shannon that was rude to say barf kabbalah matthewshepard

Lynne on

I am entitled to my opinion and I think it would look better alittle longer. If she wants a short do…alittle longer and with some style would be nice. Once again….this is my opinion…and i am entitled to it….as you all are entitled to yours. Arguments on my opinion will be unacceptable….thank you.

Dani on

Absolutely love it! Fits her face perfectly

daughtertoaking on

I.LOVE.IT. Beautiful women can either have hair or be totally bald and they will still look FANTASTIC #RealTalk

Tom on

Come on, it’s Janet; she could be bald, and still beautiful and sexy as always:)

mark ANDERSON on

Now she looks like Jesse Jackson!!

A on

It doesnt matter if it’s short or long, she is black and can easily get a great weave

Dawn on

I love it…she looks Beautiful!!!

Telenna on

Whether weave,wigs,or short cuts the girl has it going on.Much props to you Miss Janet,and if she wants to do plastic surgery so be it.No one has to live with it but her.If you had all that money you probably will do things ppl dont like.

Joyce on

I love it, thinking about doing it myself. She is beautiful with or without hair, doesn’t make a difference.

tiffany on

Love it! she kinda has a face that fits almost any do….

A MOM on


Phyllis on

Any style that Janet wears compliments her amazing, natural, beauty! GO JANET!

markquis on

I love you and family without the hair GOD BLESS

Berlin on

That actually looks really good on her!
I’m surprised

me on

Natural is in. STOP BE FAKE LADIES!!!

P Jackson on

I was a little nervous at first when I heard she cut it really short! But, after seeing it, I like it. She has the type of face that can wear any hair style, it is something different for her, you go, Janet!

Brandy on

I think she looks beautiful either way. This is her natural hair and she’s giving it a chance to breathe. People can be so hypocritical. On the one hand she’s criticized for for wearing weaves, wigs, extensions, etc., and then she takes it all off or out and sports her natural hair and is made to answer for it. Hair does not define the person and I think that’s the statement she’s finally decided to make. She’s not letting her hair or anything else for that matter define her as a person. She’s a beautifu soul on the inside.

Gab on

Why do people think that because someone wears extensions that their natural hair is THIS short. Janet had nice hair as a youth, as a teen on Different Strokes, and throughout adulthood. Im sure she had hair, but decided to rock this short look. You need a pretty good amount of hair already, to have something to attach the weave…duh. dumb haters. ROCK IT JANET!!

Sharon on


Debra on

LOOKS CUTE, and on another note most Black women chose to wear a wig or hair extension for quick and easy go styles, but it does not mean that they dont have hair or that it is naturally short to began with. Get wise. I have lots of hair and so does my daughter but we both wear wigs and hair extension.

x on

Janet Jackson is a beautiful person no matter if her hair is long or short!

PS That’s a great look Ms Jackson, you wear it well!

Gregory J. Gontarek on

I love Janet – but I don’t care for the new hair – still she has to be one of the MOST beautiful women around.

Gilda on

I love it, she is a beautiful women has the facial figures to support it. May I add that style is very personal, with that being said I believe that an individual should do what makes them happy, whole and comfortable. I applaud you Ms Jackson!

The Bad Guy on

So this is more important than homeless people and those dying of hunger.

Lee on

Ms Jackson could wear a dreadlock wig made of garbage bags, and she would still look sexy.

Ida Turner on

Looks great on her! I think Michael would have approved.

Ronnie on

She looks beautiful in the cut. It’s not a dramatic cut, however, she usually wears a hair weave or hair extensions. The last time I saw a shot of what looked to be her real hair, her own hair was medium-length. Like just above her shoulders.
Maybe the passing of her brother has prompted this cut. Maybe Chris Rock’s movie Good Hair prompted the cut. In the movie, he exposes Black women who wear weaves.
Raven from That’s So Raven stopped wearing a weave in response to Good Hair. And for the record: not all Black women wear weaves or relaxers. There are Black women who don’t wear relaxers and who don’t wear weaves. That’s for any non-Black person who viewed the film.

G.Walker on

Janet can make anything look good, and so what if it’s a wig or weave, if she paid for it, it’s her’s… Keep your negative thoughts in your pea brain….Small minded people always have negative minds and small wallets/no money…

Marv on

As we all know, hair does not make a person! With that being said, she is still beautiful and any style she rocks looks good! And so what if she wears wigs and weaves, her choice, along with a lot of other celebrities and non celebs!

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[…] more – or at least that’s the statement Janet Jackson is making with her new haircut. According to People Magazine, the pop star and actress was recently spotted in London while promoting her film […]

damonika on

I like it. It suits her well!

debraryan on

Not a fan. Her face shape is squarish and would benefit from those long locks again. I agree she is naturally beautiful…however this cut is not flattering.

jennie on

I think that it’s very cute and modern

Tim on

1st Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico going to kill the water ways for a long TIME! ALMOST 500.000 People lose there JOBS this month World falling apart by the day MONEY VALUES DOWN!

AND WE REALLY CARE ABOUT janet jacksons haircut

Where are we going?
(This is really Sad)

lorraine mcmillan on

you keep doing you, it’s looks good on you.


What a sad day this is. come on Janet, loved you for yrs, now you do this? you looked fine and hot with long hair, please grow it back out. it does not look good on you.

Nicola on

I’m w/ Lin… We don’t know if this has been Janet’s hair length all along; remember we’ve never seen it! Don’t get it twisted; theres no hater in me, but she looks better w/ the longer hair!

Helen on

I like the haircut, it compliments her features!

For those who are saying that this is probably her real length, you are so ignorant. All black women do not wear weaves and wigs because their hair is short.

Educate yourselves now before you get left behind in the brand new world.

NaturalLeads.com on

Michael Jackson IS alive!

kristin on

Janet Jackson, like Michael, is beautiful no matter what she does. So I love it either way!

mct88 on

looks fresh

Bobbie on

Great look Janet, everyone needs a change up. Keep doing what you are doing.

Harlan on

I think Janet has worn wigs and extentions a lot the past 20 years, but her natural hair is not that short as someone suggested. Back when she was in her teens and 20’s her hair was a nice medium long length. I think she looks fine with the short look. She’s taken her brother’s death really hard as anyone would , plus she and her boyfriend broke up and I think she’s seeking to make changes in her life. Personally I like her with more hair, but she looks really sad and tired in this pick though she is still a lovely woman. She looks like she needs a nice long vacation and a big hug.

Meca on

Although the style is fresh and new, I think it ages her tremendously.

lloyd goode on

love that hair style look wonderdful for janet jackson

shontae on

I love Janet’s knew hair cut she is beautiful with long hair or with sort hair..

Be Natural on

I rocked that look since 1987! Be who you are, be free from the confines of society’s definition of beauty of phoney hair weave, extensions…this look does more for her than not. I assure you, it frees you from many things and tells people that there is more to me than just the hair. Rock it Janet! Welcome to the club!

tony on

i hate janet’s new haircut s wa muh sexier and beautiful with long hir hop she ows it back soon

Patricia on

Janet looks beautiful, no matter what her hair looks like. She kept her weight down, she still works out, and looks physically healthly which makes her new is a compliment.
Lets just appreciate all that she has accomplished, and give her break.
She’s still emotionally struggling with the lost of her wonderful brother.

TJ on

Love the new cut Janet! Janet Jackson is classy and has always represented well!

Clyde on

You mean she just got rid of all her weave!

Sasha Lopez on

Wow! Janet, looks good. She is a real Couger. You go Gyrl. Black women really look good when they where short hair they can do so much with their hair. As for us latinos we can do a little sumthin, sumthin too! LOL. Love you Janet!!!! muah

Van on

I don’t hate it, but her brother (Michael)had better hair jobs.

Michael on

I never believed the long “naturally curly” hair was hers. I always thought she wore wigs. Janet is beautiful no matter how she wears her “hair”.

Van on

She reminds me of Halle Berry from “Die Another Day.”

Becky on

Wow, she looks like Michael!

Debbie A on

It is not my favorite, but it does accent the beautiful features of her face. She really is an attractive woman.

Derek Elder on

I think she looks a lot like Michael now, not like she didn’t before. But I guess he always had long hair, well she looks like a man version of Michael. How about that?

Sean on

She has a gorgeous, distinct look. She can definitely pull it off. Kudos to her!

Black Butterfly on

I agree with Lin..she took the weave/wig off…and my I say, I LOVE IT! (even if Lin was a little acid about it…she/he was on point). Janet has a lovely face (still not loving that white person’s nose but what’s done is done). She’s a gorgeous woman, great skin, skin tone everything and the short hair puts that face on full display.

ebbie on

Janet can do NO wrong!!! This hair style is gorgeous!!! Janet is the woman!

hope on

i think she has beautiful hair now it gone, but the change is good. has long as she like it short after all summer is coming soon.

Dime on

Hey..silly people who keep talking about “Janet wears wigs and weaves and this is just her without it in/on”
That doesn’t mean she had no hair while wearing extensions!!…this is still a HAIRCUT, she had HAIR eventhough she wore extensions!! I wear weave and I have hair almost down my back!
Also it is a change to her style just like it was when Brittney cut all her hair off. Yes, Brittney Spears wears extensions too.



carmen on

she wears wigs and weaves so she didn’t feel like putting that stuff on so that’s her hair. she didn’t cut it so people come on you’ll see her tommorrow with a wig on.

Rosemary Field on

I think it looks fresh and clean and she is still a beauty. I love it!you go Janet. keep up the good work in your career. be bless!

Chris Hollingshead on

Not quite as sexy as Janet usually appears, but I think it suits her well with her new Lover and the later years of her life. She is a one of a kind, just like Michael, and everything will work for Janet.

ebonie on

janet looks great/// stop saying she looks like michael. i lost a brother i wish i looked like him. stop hating on her. she is beautifulllllll/

patrice on

Janet is beautiful… It doesn’t matter what style hair she has. She will always be beautiful.

richard thomas on

hairstyle fit for a has been

Robyn on

I think it looks nice. She probably wanted a major change since the anniversary is coming up. Women do that.

patricia on

it’s the booooomb.

Purple on

I love your new doo Jan! You are rockin’ IT!

Anthony on

Meh, it’s not bad – but it’s not my favorite look on her.

john on


d mills on


Crystal on

Janet looks good in any style. It is very refreshing and upbeat to see how in tune she is, without all that “hair” she now looks younger and sophisticated! Love you Janet!

Keith on

I think Janet looks Sexy & I think she’s beautiful no matter the lenghth of her hair!

dee dee on

Love It. It looks good

Danielle on

Hair or no hair JANET is gorgeous.

RedString on

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN OF POP — MADONNA! She wouldn’t be caught dead with a hair cut that bad. LMAO!

janice horn on

I LOVE IT. Her look always ROCK!!!

Joy on

Janet looks fab, I just wish I could see more of her do. It looks like she is tired of the extensions and just going natural. I think she looks the best, natural. :)

alicia on

i love it! janet can rocks in anything she wears!

risagyrl on

I loooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!! I rocked this same look shortly after leaving my husband! Hmmm, might want to try it again! Go Ms. Jackson!

Brenda on

Absolutely love it!

Antonio on

Love the look. Eventhough some don’t like it or have comments that shows their jealousy, I’m one to say “you’re looking good Janet”.

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Linda on

I LOVE JANET ‘S NEW HAIR- GO Janet. Haters keep hatin on.

Joi Sharpe on

She looks beautiful. Maybe Janet just wants to let go and be herself. Enough of the fake stuff. This style makes her look youthful, fresh and sexy!

Dmac on

True Beauty! Janet looks good no matter what! 44 years old and still a trend setter! You go Girl!

nesha on

lin its called tracks not a wig and no matter what hair style janet has she still looks good i love it

Rose on



sheree on

She looks great, you see a lot of Michael in her.

G on

There are certainly celebrities who should never wear long hair: Halle Berry and Toni Braxton are at the top of that list.

Janet looks good with her short do; I’ll add her to that list.

filia on


annette on

It’s okay to be short, but that’s too short…makes her look older and…”harden.” She needs to get a little more length to it to soften her features, and make her look more feminine and less masculine.

Mikey on

Hate it! What is it with celebrities doing stuff like this? Janet used to be very pretty. Then she started with all the plastic surgery and this man-ish hair cut. Come on. Just my 2 cents.

1lovelybug on

look good on janet, not bad at all

Treess on

With a face like Janet’s, she can be bald and still be beautiful. It’s only hair. She can always grow some more, glue some more, weave some more, or just wear a hat. Either way, she’s drop dead gorgeous as far as I’m concerned!

deon on

U better work it for points.. sista…..JANET LOOKS HOT ……Give them fever baby ..HOT!!!

Asha on

Janet is beautiful and her hair is cute

Top Posts — WordPress.com on

[…] Janet Jackson Rocks Super Short Hair: Love It or Hate It? Rotello/MCP/Startraks Bye-bye long, wavy tresses! Janet Jackson was snapped out and about in London yesterday sporting […] […]

Bart Rapozo on

Janet Jackson would look good with any hairstyle.

A face like and Angel! I LOVE IT!

blakgoddess on

as always..she looks amazing!

josie on

Janet, looks nice… She’s over 40 and that hairstyle looks good. She looks carefree and young. GO GIRL!!!

sonji white on

Janet is a natural beauty,she looks great at all times, She is not her hair! I love the new look! I chopped off my hair 2 year ago and I would do it all over again!

shyma21 on

I agree with Lin, it looks nice but this has probably always been the length of her hair minus weave.

jessica on

i feel what u goin tru but looking good girl keep it up i love your hair

yvonne on

Janet God Bless you look very beautiful, your too Blessed to be Stressed.

christine on

Looks great Janet!!

j3w3ls on

Luv it! She has the strong face for it. In the past Janet used to wear a lot of weaves, but she has been wearing her natural hair a lot the past several years. Janet has thin fine hair and you can actually see her scalp when she wears it naturally wet/wavy. Her hair was a little past shoulder length…she used to wear it natural in a pony tail a lot.

mamawii on

She just cut her weave out and went natural. I like it.

Rosy Riley on

Very cool…get ready for summer look!

me on

love it.She is just abslolutely beautiful

Susan on

I cannot tell har hair is cut.It looks just pulled back

Eva on

I lyk it she look lyk the whole Jackson.true diva i love u.

Janet Jackson sports new hairstyle » Entertainment Breaking News | Wire Update | News Wire - on

[…] Click Here to view photos of Janet’s new look. […]

ginger on

i don’t think it matters what her hair looks like,she still looks great!LOVE THE LOOK…U GO J!

Jay on

Looking like MJ

Truth on

I LOVE Janet’s hair! It’s 2 cute. Janet is offically doing Janet. Go head girl

Dianne Glenn on

Janet looks fabulous! She’s a beautiful woman. The short style really shows off her incredible eyes.

Katina on

You go Janet! I love it!!

Leatha Smith on

Janet I Personally love your hair be encourage God has created us all different so regardless of what people say you are still a gorgeous women of Jehovah God bless you and your family and stay strong.

Leatha Smith on

I like the shoes the colors and the effect they have on your body nice shoes Reebox make more!!!!!!!

Leatha Smith on

I’m not commenting on these particular ones but the JOy Slingbacks are pretty shoes

Keonjanae on

I think the new hairstyle becomes her face. Sometimes CHANGE is a good thing! When you have a pretty face, short hair brings more attraction to your face!

Janet looks good however she chooses to style her hair.

tracy on

love the hair, love the music, she can do it all and look she IS still setting trends…..Make it happen girl….

pam on

I love Janet, but why can’t you report that this is all that is left after the weave has taken it all out.

VeRona Woodson on

From a TRUE FAN INDEED, I simply adore the new look. It really becomes her and as long as she’s happy with it, that’s all that matters..

Godsown on

Good gracious, she looks so much like our dearest Michael in this picture! :| Brought tears to my eyes…she is an incredibly beautiful woman. God bless her and her family…I am praying that they may come to know Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior there is…don’t know if Michael had that chance and this breaks my heart…

Aliyah on

She will look good with or without hair Go Girl!

renee on


DAze on

I am kinda concern for her. She doesn’t look well.
I have been a fan of hers for 28 years now and this is a first. Sometimes when something tramatic happens in life the shedding of the hair
is a sign of freeing one self. The death of her
brother is apparent.
No matter with or without hair she is beautiful.


Janet looks GOOD with any cut and this should NOT be a surprise to any one..Remember J very first album cover, she was in a pool with her hair comb back. Either her father or brothers tried to produce her very first album she did a video for FAME call DREAM STREET(somthing).

diamond on

janet is naturally beautiful she can rock any hairstyle she wants but i love this one!!! and for lin and shajust shannon, yall can just kiss her black ass

Alicia on

I love it she can’t do wrong at all. She should have done this a long time ago. Great!!!

Roberta on

LMAOFF. That is NOT a WIG! Trust me, that cut is super close to her scalp and although wigs have a natural skin/scalp texture that is definitely Janet’s hair. Janet looks good. Now, just sit back and watch how many other CELEBS join the Boycut bandwagon!!

tammy m. glasper on

First of all, let me start off saying that I absolutley Love Ms.Jackson’s new haircut. It is so her. Im a cosmetologist myself, and i would love to see her add some chocolate or aurburn highlights! Just to bring out some of those beautiful undertones in her flawless skin. I totally think that this new do, knocked of at least 20 years off her age! You go girl!

Eugenia Davis on

I think the new hairstyle is nice. It’s not about what the public sees, it’s what Janet wants for the moment. Society needs to relize that celeb’s are people too. So, let them live as a norms…this is reality…they cannot live through the public eye all the time.

Clarissa on

I like the new cut.

Jay on

Janet u amaze me more and more the cut looks great love ya

Janet Jackson Spotted with New Super Short Hair | clebs NEWS on

[…] more on People MagazineShare this […]

Dimples on

Lin, u us ethe key words may its her real hair. God think you say maybe. because you are totally wrong. STop the haiting and go do ur hair.


Alvaro on

I love the new look! Janet has never had a bad hair day!!!

dani on

love her hair, she looks gorgeous, don’t get me wrong i loved her long hair but this looks great too, she can pull anything off she’s so pretty

Janet Jackson rocks super shorts Hair: Love it or your hatred it? | clebs NEWS on

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Kim on

Absolutely STUNNING, gorgeous, I am awe struck!

Elisa on

Personally, I don’t think Janet is capable of being ugly! She would make any hairstyle, outfit, or weight look amazing! She is gorgeous!!!

Latisha on

I am so loving her new hairdo….do it Janet!

valerie on

loving it. wish I could sport the short cut

lilablu on

she looks great… use your own hair and let go of the dead over processed hair. she is a beautiful woman and let go of the past. shed her skin and hair, this is a new look and life. robert palmer had a good message.

Tanacious on

You might be able to run, but you can’t hide. What about the sacrifice, hmm now you’re own your own. What now. Who’s next? Your knew Boo! WOW.

Style News Now’s Hottest Headlines of the Week! | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] -Janet Jackson is sporting a super short do just in time for summer. Did you love it or hate it? READ IT […]

cocodior on

i LOVE her new look. i am very curious though why hasn’t janet ever been considered people magazines most beautiful people?? i mean you guys picked gabby from precious this year. and no disrespect but janet is wwwwaaaaayyyyy prettier then her inside and out.

Vicki on

I LOVE IT! When a woman cuts her hair that short she is saying to the world look at my inner beauty because I know I am beautiful.

Show them Janet!

nancy on

she always looks good no matter what she do with her hair ,short or long. i love her

Gina on

You go girl! After you reach 40 you need to go short. She looks like a mature sexy woman and the short hair is becoming to her.

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