Another Night, Another Barely-There Armani Catsuit for Lady Gaga

05/06/2010 at 01:15 PM ET

Michael Becker/PictureGroup/FOX

Lady Gaga exploded onto the American Idol stage last night donning a dazzling fishnet ensemble from Giorgio Armani while performing her hit new single, “Alejandro.” The Italian designer is a clear favorite of the statement-making star, whose out-of-this-world Grammy dress and stellar Monster Ball tour costumes were Armani’s creations. “To complement the spirit of Lady Gaga herself, I have let my imagination run free, and the outfit I have created for her for American Idol is pure fantasy,” the designer said in a release. The ever-busy chanteuse–who also performed at the Met Gala in a sheer Armani catsuit earlier this week–took to the stage in a silk mesh bodysuit, featuring embroidered Chantilly lace as well as sparkling crystals and jet beading. The look was completed with a silk organza cape, a dark hood and matching black patent stiletto boots. Though Lady Gaga looked absolutely amazing with her skin-tight look, we have to wonder if the dramatic ensemble was approved by the judges or deemed to be a “little pitchy.” Tell us: What do you think about Lady Gaga’s Giorgio Armani costume? David Yi

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Marsha on

I am goo goo for Gaga!

K on

Lady Gaga is a complete nightmare. She should only appear in porn films, not on prime-time TV where kids can watch her perverse, exhibitionistic antics.

ADH on

She is getting old very fast. Its the same thing time after time and the outfit does not cover up the bad performance.. Its pretty sad when your clothes outshine you!

Me on

Lady GAGA is not original. She has people telling her what to wear, what to say, how to wear her hair and makeup. She’s a fictional character. I like people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. They’re the real artists.

-S- on

@K–She is not perverse. She is an absolute artist in the truest sense of the word. Long live Lady Ga Ga!

Dianne on

Lady Gaga is a disgrace and should be banned from tv. She has no talent whatsoever.

Cam on

I adore her she is a true artist!

Lacy on

GaGa is nothing if not stylish. She is what everyone else aspires to be. She is the one and only queen of pop now. Long live the queen.

Joy on

Do not like Lady Ga Ga’s costume, but do like a few of her songs.

VaDarlin on


E on

My 10 year son loves watching American Idol. He was embarrassed to watch her performance. I think she has some good songs, but for a prime-time show, I think she need to cover up more. I think family TV isn’t so family directed anymore.

jcb on

Turned off Idol several seasons ago. This sorry behavior reminds me why.

Shannon on

Lady Gaga should not be on TV.

CC on

LOVE HER and she blows most out of the water with her singing!

Those who are making such snide comments reek of jealousy.

Me on

Lacy, that made me laugh so hard, my stomach hurts.

Kami on

Lady Gaga is amazing! EVERY Artist has a stylist, but she is a muse… And ALL singers sound pitchy live- even Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey! dont hate!! Lady Gaga is a breath of fresh air for Pop music!

Denise on

Lady GaGa is amazing, but she could be so much better if she would put actual clothes on instead of all this fishnet stuff. Come on Lady GaGa, cover up your self and show you have some self-respect.

Elda on


Amy on

At least she’s covering up the most offensive part of her body.

Ang on

WOW!!! Hey haters, Jealous much? She is as MAGNIFICENT AND ORIGINAL as they come these days.

joannT on

Lady GaGa, a mess, Madonna wanna be, song sucked and so did she, will anyone ever understand what the song was about??????

Cindy on

Somewhere a third world country weeps for a fishing net. She really should donate that outfit to them and be a humanitarian.

interesting on

Fox & ABC are hypocritical. They did not want a Lane Bryant ad to play during American Idol & DWTS because they say it was too racy; however they can have this act perform in her barely there attire during Prime Time. Maybe I shouldn’t say hypocritical but rather they are a little prejudice to Plus size models.

b on

those thighs are huge



mcas676 on

Lady Gaga is the only reason I recorded AI last night. Otherwise, I don’t watch it anymore. She is art and is very entertaining. The problem with people these days is they care too much about being mainstream conservative and about what others think. Lady Gaga pushes the envelope, which is awesome. Not everything she does is purely sexual either like Madonna in the 90’s. Plus, if you just listen to her sing, she is extremely talented.

Laurie on

If you took away all the costumes and theatrics, Lady GaGa has an amazing voice. You can not like her for alot of reasons, but to say she has no talent is crazy.

kellah on

Lady Ga Ga is amazing and i thought fox did well by not showing the back so much… IF i had a body like hers and could move like she could i would be all about the outfits she wears!she is all about women empowerment and i love her! she is a great talent!!

kacey on

I think she’s talented, and she’s out to entertain….who really cares what she wears?!?!

VDV on

I am so distracted by her outrageous outfits that I fail to enjoy the music.

PCB on

What were the Idol producers thinking? It was just plain weird. Ridiculous performance especially in Frank Sinatra week. I had much rather seen Harry Connick Jr. perform twice. He has talent and personality and is entertaining to watch.

Sany on

She is absolutely an amazing talented artist, who is not only original but a true artist!! All you idiots who don’t know what an awesome voice she has, shouldn’t post a comment!! Her performances are original and magical, and her outfits are more original than beyonce,christina and even madonnna in the early years…Lady GAGA will be around many years to come, and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next 10 years!!!

She was great last night, and definitely out performed any other celebrity who’s been on the show so far… Thanks gaga for everything you do!!

Joy on

I love Lady Ga Ga!

seriously on

I turned it/her off. Not appropriate for primetime TV. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky!

nahnahdgaf on

I laugh at everyone who says Lady Gaga doesn’t have talent. Lady Gaga has more talent than anyone else in the music industry.

Concerned on

GAGA’s OUTFIT WAS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR ON A PRIMETIME, TWEEN VIEWING AUDIENCE. Where in the H did she come from anyway? Mars? I have to admit she is a good singer and performer, but….DO AWAY WITH THE OUTFITS-THEY’RE UNNECESSARY – talent prevails!


“To Be Great Is To Be Misunderstood!” For beauty is TRULY in the eye of the beholder.

BG on


JoyL on

I like Lady Gaga and her Armani outfits — she has a great voice and puts on an exceptional performance. Those that hate her, are not lovers of artistic abilities.

Mary on

The woman is all about self indulgence. She was off-key on Idol and could have dressed better for a family show on network television. I think they could have chosen someone more capable of singing something more relevant than “Alejandro”. Blech.

Stanford on

Is Lady Gaga Johnny Weir in drag?

Stanford on

Is Lady Gaga a woman or Johnny Weir in drag?

Cap on


C on

Ga Ga should Go Go!

sharon on

WHY???????? no one wants to see this!!! i like her music…but NOT HER taste in clothes@@!! *PUKEEEE

Lovin gaga on

For all you haters, why did you watch? Ever heard of changing the chanel? Did all of you that thought that it was a bad idea for your kids, let your kids watch?

DP on

No one cares about pursed lipped moms trying to pretend they still live in the 50s.

Gaga is an amazing and talented artist. She has vocal, performing, songwriting, and instrumental talent.

Stop trying to live in a way that convinces others you are “appropriate”, no one cares. Stifle yourself and your kids by changing the channel. Don’t expect everyone else to tiptoe around to facilitate your delusions about living in the past.

(This performance wasn’t half as bad as what your kids will see in most school hallways… if they are too emotionally weak to handle a music act, you have a failed as a parent at preparing them for life.)

Christina on

Lady Gaga is a complete nightmare. She should only appear in porn films, not on prime-time TV where kids can watch her perverse, exhibitionistic antics.
– K on May 6th, 2010

This is the second post and all I have to say is do you remember Madonna

There is another who said gaga is getting old fast who cares she still has fans there is a lot of things that get old quick

I myself think the outfit is awesome, I could never pull it off but it works for her, Dance, trance, techno whatever you want to call it have a totally different style, she’s not a pop singer

lee on

living LEGEND!

Noni on

I vote we keep all the contestants this week and send Lady Gaga home.

TRT on

Laday GaGa is not an original nor is she an “Artist” I believe Madonna did the whole pushing the envelope thing like 100 years ago…So over it…A true “Artist” should not have to push the envelope to be noticed…All they need is their talent but I guess when you don’t have any you resort to plan push the envelope!! Shame on you Lady GaGa and especially American Idol for allowing her to perform isn’t AI supposed to be a “Family” show? So much for that…How can our children have respect for others and themselves with ppl like Lady GaGa around??

Robert on

These comments as well as her success appear to be strong evidence of her true talent. Perhaps her motto is like the song of one of her good friends is “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. She definitely looks like she is having fun with her videos, songs and clothes.

Mae-sa on

For all the people complaining about her outfit, did you READ the article at all?! Armani designed her costume! Be mad at HIM for it! She also wears up-in-coming, no-name designers, so if you wanna be mad at someone, be mad at them!

And AI sucks! Everyone is saying Gaga is a Madonna wanna be, why didn’t anyone say Harry Connick whatever is trying to be Frank Sinatra wanna be?! His performance was BORING! I turned it OFF! And all the contestants WERE LIP SINGING. Gaga is the only one worth watching!

Adan on

I’m shocked at how many people are calling Gaga perverse! She’s definitely pushing the boundaries, but more within the lines of expanding conceptions of female artists. She’s not meaninglessly writhing around to capture a male audience or she wouldn’t be making such daring fashion choices. And for those who say she isn’t talented, what are you listening to? She’s might be Celine or Whitney, but she can sing as well as Stevie Nicks, Carole King, or Cher!

LW on

I understand that every generation has their music and style. I understand that the music industry will do whatever is necessary to earn a buck. However, I am very disappointed that FOX would allow the lack of clothing that this artist felt was necessary to perform on the American Idol show. I thought that IDOL was a family show that allowed families to view without fear of being exposed to sexual content, violence or inappropriate language. I guess the network felt that allowing some half naked woman to run around in a thong and rub up against greased men on stage was family friendly. NOT!! Shame on you American Idol.

Jon on

I think Lady Gaga’s Giorgio Armani Costume is so her!

Hilary on

A total Madonna wannabe. She’ll never make it – here today, gone tomorrow. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

Allyson on

I like Lady GaGa fine but I was not impressed last night at all…and neither was my 12 year old. Her song was stupid, the outfit was awful and thank the Lord my 7 year old was in bed already. My 12 year old daughter thought it was awful and I have to agree. But she is a big name right now and they need that to bring ppl in I guess. I prefer Harry Connick Jr. myself. But I have always been his fan!!!!

ellen on

I guess if u got it flaunt it but not when kids can see little risque’ for the youngsters

Maureen on

She is a Madonna clone…not something I would want
my kids emulating.

girl on

she’s this generation’s madonna: a showman, pushing the envelope with the risque. but she has a better voice than madonna. and time will tell if she has the business sense to keep herself interesting.


I was watching with my 4year odl daughter. It’s family tv. What the ****.

susan on

Talk about a total copycat of Madonna except Madonna was original and terrific. That performance was horrific. She can’t sing very well either.

Elena on

I love Lady Gaga, including her outfits, even though last night’s performance fell a little flat for me. I did, however, get a big kick out of the cameras trying to avoid shots of Gaga’s scantily clad rear end. It’s Lady Gaga, people. Good luck with that!

Carol on

It seems incredible that a show that is supposedly “family entertainment” would display a burlesque type of show. Her type of act is way “over the top” for a singing contest. Doesn’t the people in charge look at the rehearsals? Get a clue, IDOL, we don’t need purient sex for our entertainment.

Stephanie on

A complete confection of fantasy and wonderful entertainment. Not since Missing person’s Dale Bozzio have we seen this kind of one of a kind creations in the Music Industry.

Jessica on

I love lady Gaga, i am only 16 7 i know what the next style in the world will be & lady gaga is the master of it. She is my role model :)

K on

Lady Gaga could wear a paper bag and she would still be popular. People love her for her catchy beats and strong vocals, not just what she wears. Her style is just a piece of her, not the complete package. She is THE reigning pop queen and I am sure the haters are the ones that criticized Madonna in the 80s and Britney in the 90s. If you don’t like it, turn the channel people!

Stephanie on

She’s no where near Madonna nor is she trying to copy Madonna. She is Ga Ga.
She is however channeling Dale Bozzio.
Google Missing Persons from the 80’s images and you’ll see what I mean. Dale Bozzio was the first to dress like this.

Janeypaney on

She’s becoming boring.

Zo on

LOVE HER!!! Love love love. If you don’t know her music well or just how talented she is, look up her acoustic performances on Youtube. Writes all her own music, sick pianist, great personality, super smart, and fabulous entertainer. Love her. Keep on, keep on Gaga.

Alejandro is a hot song btw.

ang on

Did Madanna not roll around on the floor at the Grammy’s singing Like a Virgin in a wedding dress? Did Ozzy or Kiss become famous for decades because they were “normal”? Even Elvis crossed the boundries of the norm in his generation. Get real people, she’s not traveling the world selling out shows globally at 23 because she sucks.

tx music lover on

I like her music, but don’t like how she dresses AT ALL! Can’t she at least try to be a little bit normal????

julie on


Samuel on

People are definitely jealous of Lady Gaga. She is the hottest artist at the moment and will be on top of the game for a long time to come. <3

Rita on

This is show biz.

Stephen on

Everyone complaining about LG need to get a life. If you had the opportunity for FAME and $$ and could fit into amazing couture would kill to be on stage. Don’t hate!~

Steph on

Lady Gaga is amazing, her performance last night rocked. She is one of the best performers out in music today!!!!

justme on

Love her or hate her, she’s what is popular today. For those of you complaining her show isn’t “family friendly”, please never take your child to an art museum…there’s naked ladies in those paintings, never take your child to Broadway…you may see a woman in a thong. If you cannot appreciate the artistry of the performance, turn it off.

citybits on

Glad I record this show and could bypass this

Brad on

I wear this same outfit, but in the privacy of my own home.

Melissa on

What amazes me is Lady Gaga is called every name inthe book for what she is wearing but has anyone seen what Carrie Underwood is wearing(or not wearing) in some of her videos????? Where is the name calling for her???

Hope on

Go-go-go away.

Catherine on

I will not be watching American Idol can I possibly watch this with my 8 year old?
The clever thing would be to try and be successful because of your talent as a singer and not as the person who tries to wear shocking clothing.. It amazes me that nothing seems to shock our culture anymore.. Sad statement for our society indeed..

Allyson on

um, Kami…just an FYI…Christina never sounds pitchy live because the girl has major pipes.

Barak on

I am ga ga for GA GA. She is fresh, brave and creative. love the cat suits.

Katie on

She may be crazy but no one can say that she is not an amazing artist. Her music is amazing!

JJ on

Last night was my last time for watching American Idol. Last year’s runner up almost made me stop watching with his vulgar acts. But last night’s show was my last.

AI is supposed to be a family show. I won’t allow it to be played at my house any more. Some people may say it is entertainment but it is not. It is vulgarity.

So You Think You Can Dance & America’s Got Talent are family shows. Time to get back to real entertainment!

jenna on

another great performance gaga!!!(: a lot better than kesha when she performed on American idol!!! can’t wait to see you in september at your monster ball tour in d.c(:

Tamcatt on

IDIOTS… stop hatin’ biotches!!
Lady Gaga is 20 something and she is blossoming, she’s doing what we wish we could. She is the new Cher and Madonna of her time. . .American Idol is a joke! so what if Armani wants to dress her sometimes?
And at least she really sings live, not like some people. . .

Eagle Eyes on

Lady Gaga is really a man.

Marc on

I think Lady Gaga is absolutely amazing. Her voice is truly fantastic and she is not bound by what the norm is. She writes all of her own music and has a huge say in what she does, actually, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

angie on

I didn’t see it but I’ve heard several people say that they changed the channel because they thought it was inappropriate for their children.

MK on

Anyone who still watches American Idol is totally lame anyway, why would they like Lady Gaga? “Oh Lord! She’s DIFFERENT, and STRANGE! I don’t understand them-there outfits she wears! I am skeeered of anythin’ different!”

where has USA gone? on

American Idol is suppose to be a Family show and putting people like a a porn wanna be satanic queen on like gaga is absoulutly wrong. Come on America wake up this is no example for our FUTURE (Children) in case you did not get it!!

Like her! on

Ok, I am not a big pop music fan at all, i am a total rock girl!! So it shames me a little to say this, but I actually really like her! Yes her clothes are way over the top. But I like a lot of her songs, which she writes herself (mostly anyway, there may be a few exceptions)! Which is a lot, most pop stars don’t! And she can actually sing!!! She doesn’t cover her voice up with a lot of computerized special effects or whatever. I say rock on! :p But seriously I think she’s successfully squashed any rumors that she was a guy, so I’d appreciate it if she started to put some more clothes on.

lou colleen on

I think the judges showed their respect ( & good taste) for gaga by exiting during her performance. They were there to enjoy & give a standing ovation to Harry Connick. Shame on Idol for allowing her outfit & floor groveling & banning the Lane Bryant ad in week’s past. Hypocrites!

Stacey on

Why on earth was Lady Gaga chosen to perform on a night where the theme was Big Bands? I do not watch Idol faithfully, but I thought they had guests who at least were in the same genre as the theme…what genre is Lagy Gaga???

Journey on

I loved the look and despite the fact that Fox edited Gaga’s performance it was still enjoyable.

Petra on

People objecting to Lady Gaga do not understand the music industry has changed since they were kids. If you are paying 100,200, 250 for a ticket – it better be a show, not just someone in dreadlocks and bluejeans sitting on a stool doing vocals before 40,000 people. Gaga is a performer on the cutting edge, meeting the expectation of promoters and avid fans alike.

Ashley on

Well, I believe Lady GaGa has changed many of her fans’ lives (including mine) through her music and personality. Without her, I would have been too afraid to stand up for what I believe in (things that others think are too immature for my age to love).

Thank God for Lady GaGa. <3

Petra on

BTW, news on Siobhan Magnus for her “style fans”:

For Siobhan fans.
1. She wrapped her media tour up Wednesday with by visiting the New York Presbyterian Hospital to sing and play the piano in recital for patients. Not sure if they recorded it. But NY newspapers said she sang beautifully and wondered why Idol never mentioned how good she was as a piano player.
2. She got back to Cape Cod last night.
3. Her Dad said she was happy to be back, but very tired, sick with a cold and not available for interviews.
4. NYC media loved her, and she was on fire in her appearances. It was a very successful Idol media tour, including a huge performance of a new song for her, the R&B “Summertime”. She did it on BET’s Wendy Williams on Tuesday, showed off her jazz & R&B vocal improvisation skills, got a standing ovation and Williams saying she will be a significant artist with a very diverse fan base.

ella u. on

I usually like Gaga’s music but her performance last night sucked. Shortened by Idol or not, she wasn’t breathing right while singing, the men on the stage dashing around in the fog was distracting, and the pseudo-intensity of it all was just so contrived. And I’m kind of over the piano-intro of her last big hit before she jumps into her new song. I mean, she did that with Poker face to Paparazzi, then Paparazzi to Bad Romance, now Bad Romance to Alejandro… ugh… That Alejandro is weak and only sounds decent because it’s so over produced. It’s a clear replica of La Isla Bonita which Madonna did well the first time around.

emsmythe on

TOTALLY inappropriate for family viewing. As many tweenies watch this whow, Gaga should be gag-gagged from being so provocative.


Lady (I use that term loosely) Gaga makes me GAG!

Top Posts — on

[…] Another Night, Another Barely-There Armani Catsuit for Lady Gaga Michael Becker/PictureGroup/FOX Lady Gaga exploded onto the American Idol stage last night donning a dazzling fishnet […] […]

Karen on

“Lady” Gaga? Hardly! Not since Britney Spears has there been a worse role model for our daughters out there. We call her Lady Saga at our house. She is perfectly absurd. We look forward to her fizzle…

Joseph on

actually, her background story is kind of interesting, I think she’s just having fun with everyone

webmistress on

lol @ the GAGA’ish comments

nicole on

close minded, uptight ppl wont like lady gaga…i am not one of those ppl! LOVE LADY GAGA! she is an entertainer and i cant wait to see her perform

none ya on

she is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark on

Lady Gaga is a shining star on the world stage with up to hundreds of millions of fans. There’s a reason why she is insanely popular worldwide. That reason is she is a superb artist with a terrific creative and musical genius. Expect the slithering critics and haters to scream with envy and come out of their holes because it’s all they can do when they know they are such failures at life, but what a pity for the haters, there’s nothing they can do about the popularity of Lady Gaga except to increase her fame.

Mark on

Her costumes and her choreography are aesthetic and beauty and she has sublime musical talent. She makes herself the sculpture and centerpiece in her performances and that defines her uniqueness. That’s why Lady Gaga has hundreds of millions of fans. Any harping critics better deal with it now or go away.

Annie on

Gaga’s musical talent is obscured by the revolting stage show she puts on. I guess I am feeling a little reactionary, but I find the pornographic, grotesque, hyper-staged performances by today’s pop stars repulsive and boring. All the production pieces come between the artist and the audience, and in my case, detract from rather than enhance the performance. YUCK.

Randy on

Unbelievable curves and performance….Gaga is HOT!

Randy on

Best butt in hollywood….again, Gaga is H O T!

Joe K on

Average talent trying to APPEAR better than she is by attempting to be avant garde…

waste of time watching her…


arlene morrell on

i think she was a disgrace to have on on the idol there are quite a few young people there it was very inappropiate. she is a weirdo anyway

Gens on

I do not understand why someone who is supposedly talented has to wear such strange clothes. It’s almost like she is afraid to let us see the real person under all the costumes. Let us see the true face then we can judge the talent, or lack of.

Lisa on

Another sl*t wearing her underware in public. That is so ghetto.

Seymour on

Lady Gaga is a talented singer and isn’t afraid of taking chances with her look. But she isn’t as original as people make her out to be – Madonna did this exact same thing in the early 80s!

ton on

Idol is pathetic. This is the second time they’ve had her on. They won’t let gay Lambert win but then they have gaga! ha

I predict that she will be washed out pretty soon.
Why does evil equal creative? She is a dark character.

The burning angel was not necessary

Dezaad on

I absolutely believe that Gaga is the most interesting, entertaining performer out there right now.

However, I do think it is tiresome the people who are ready to crown her the “Queen of Pop” already. In MY day, we didn’t crown them until they had proven themselves with many years and many albums of exceptional work. She has potential, certainly, but she is more of a Duchess or maybe Princess. She’s not the Queen, yet.

There hasn’t been a true Queen since Madonna. Sorry, youngsters :) Someday, maybe.

grofica82 on

Is it just me or does she look like she got in a fight with a fisherman’s boat…

Poor Armani… this is a classic case of why you should not drink and operate motorized machinery… (ex… sewing machine)

Music Lover on

If you don’t like her then don’t watch her on TV. If you like her music then don’t listen. That’s very simple. No need to say bad things about others. Lady GaGa is hot and current, so deal with it. Either you like her or not, she’s making hit after hit and earn big money… I like her music because I’m young and fun and I love to dance. I enjoy my life and her music makes me happy. I’m going to her concert this summer, can’t wait…

aheath on

I think she is totally awesome and inspiring in a world that lacks alot of diversity…YOU ROCK LADY GAGA and we need you to inspire the young ones and let them know that being new and different is truly a great thing, as long as no one is getting hurt or put down!

Anna K on

I love her music, she’s the only artis who doesn’t slang the words, she pronounces words correctly when sining. She has a European style when it comes to music and being ahead. As for her dress style & behavier at times, I just don’t get it. But Love her Music!!

Brooke on

Lady GaGa’s outfit and performance were obscene. The American Idol producers should be aware that so many of their viewers and audience members are young kids. Yes…the my t.v. channel can be changed…but I feel that a show geared toward family should be more responsible.

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Lee-Ann on

This performance reminded me of when Adam Lambert kissed a guy on stage during a performance. Anyhow I think Gaga is one of the best entertainers out there right now. She really delivers through her live performances and everyone knows her sense of style-it’s bold, creative and very sexy. However, there’s a time and place to show off those sexy costumes and I thought that she could have toned it down a bit that night. Many kids and young teens are tuned in and probably watching with other family members who might have felt somewhat uncomfortable. I didn’t feel good about that part but we all know Gaga feels more than comfortable in her own skin and no matter what her album sales always go through the roof!

Danielle on

Has anyone noticed how heavily Gaga borrowed from Ace of Base’s “Don’t Turn Around”? For a second I thought that was what I was listening to it was so similar. Listen to both and decide for yourself. A total ripoff, in my opinion.

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Randy on

Lots of comments here, I think Gaga has talent as her songs are catchy. She doesn’t expose herself any less than some other performers. However, who does not appreciate a perfect butt? She has a great body and I think most of her haters actually enjoy it as well, just will not admit it. Gaga is H O T !!!

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Morgan Parker on

it is actually hard to master archery, it took me 2 long years to be a master of archery “

Massage Cushion  on

when i was a kid i idolize robin hood that is why i love archery today;-.

Double Headboard · on

my girlfriend likes to be an archer and she is great both in Archery and Volleyball *

Uche on

Yes, Diane Kruger had an aamnizg dress! I love the color gradation and the silhouette. It hangs beautifully on her figure.

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