Pink Goes Brunette: Love It or Hate It?

05/03/2010 at 01:01 PM ET

Sara De Boer/Startraks

Gone is the bold pink locks of yesteryear — and the icy blonde pompadour from early this year! Pink hit the red carpet at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s “An Evening with Women: Celebrating Art, Music & Equality” this weekend with a new, light brown color along with a chic, freshly cropped trim. While she may not be pregnant, this more natural pixie cut certainly is the most mature (and dare we say conservative) look that we can remember on the 30-year-old singer. Just as long as she keeps her legendary stage performances as bold as ever, we like her with whatever hairstyle she chooses! Tell us: Do you like Pink’s new do or do you prefer it the way it was before? David Yi

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Looks cute in color but honestly think she should grow her hair out! time for a change!

Delana on

Pink is beautiful! This color should be either a little darker or a little lighter. It’s a mousy brown and it kind of washes her out.

Ally on

Hate it.
Looks way to ordinary and.. just wrong

Ally on

Hate it.
Looks way too ordinary and.. just wrong

nic on

Bring the blonde mohawk back!!!! I dont like this look.

Apryl on

This look is total “meh”, especially with that length. The length especially makes her features look a little thick which isn’t very flattering. I liked the blonde and of course the pink was fun and sexy. Does she want to blend into the background? Seems that way with this choice…

natalie jones on

she looks beautiful no matter what her hair looks like. That said it doesnt seem to fit her personality…but i change my hair all the time so i can see why she was ready for something different.

Becky on

I agree, it is too ordinary for her personality!

CC on

it’s not the color – she really needs a little more hair on her…not the most attractive girl…but oh what a talent…love her music

Marianne on

I think it would look nicer, if the hair was a little longer.

Kristi on

She looks beautiful!

embee on

She looks fabulous……classy!!! I don’t think it washes her out at all. I think it compliments her skin tone. Awesome!! Overprocessed hair is so over.

CR Kelly on

She would look great in any color. This would be fun for summer with some blond & pink tipped highlights. It appears she is growing up – at least on the outside!

lauren on

hate it!! She was rockin blond

murrr on

she looks like jamie lee curtis!

Elizbaeth on

I like it! She looks more mature and like a Mom!
She is beautiful no matter what color her hair is or the length.

Stacy on

LOVE IT, she can pull of anything!!!

Cher on

Not a fan of the color or the cut.

Lola on

Love it!

But she should go a little darker.

Melissa on

She looks hot no matter what kind of hairdo or color she chooses. When you that talented.. you can do no wrong!

PinBox on

Pink is awesome! She could be bald and I would still love her. It is about the talent, not personal style (unless one has no talent and must rely on a carefully cultivated image…..)


Go, girl! Change it up and go for it! That is what we love about you. P!nk does not have to have pink hair (which I really never liked).

essielisa on

looks good but she should try red!

Patricia on

I think she looks great! No matter how her hair looks, she is just awesome and totally sexy.

Jen on

I actually think the color looks pretty cute. She was due for a change. Maybe grow it out a little.

Sheena on

Pink honestly cannot look bad. I think she looks great.

Joy on

I like it.

Paige on

Love it Love Pink come back to Australia Amazing !!!

Amy on

i think she shoud grow it out a little for a change.

Isabelle on

LOVE it! (Then again maybe just a tad darker?) But what do I know; SHE’S the rock star!!!

DeDo on

This color is too dull for her vibrant personality … she needs some color!

Jolie on

at least it matches her mustache…. :D



jumbybird on

People magazine has to be the most useless publication on the face of the world.

Mary on

She looks like jamie lee curtis haha.

paula on

i like it blond, i just wish she’d
grow it out. id like to see a more feminine look. but either way shes great and i love her music.

Deb on

LOVE IT! Noticed the gentle way the highlights peek out from underneath! Great look, PINK!

Margaret on

Love it!

Resa on

…I don’t like it on her, makes her look to ordinary, almost a “ordinary everyday” look, and she is extraordinary in her style and looks better in her lighter color. But, P!nk…if you like it I love it! I just hope that you’ve made the change for yourself and not someone else!

…..Do what U do!

Trish on

Pink rocks…and although I was curious to see her hair…I also know she would hate this article on her look…so I will not comment;)

Boricua on

As long as her husband Carey likes her new hair style who cares what you women think. What does you hair look like? Don’t be jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo Anne Ludwig Stinger on

Let’s face it folks. Pink is NOT a pretty girl. But she COULD improve her appearance if she’d just do SOMETHING soft with the hair.

Marta Morelli on

She is a beauty no matter what the hair color!

Sara on

I LOVE Pink. but.. this colour is too conservative and this haircut just isnt working for her. not to mention it doesn’t suit her personality whatsoever!
i love her bleach blond mohawk and i liked her darkbrown/black hair that she had the beginning of last year. i wish she had done something along those lines

Debra on

She’s gorgeous no matter what.

mary on

i don’t think it looks good on her

Brandon on

UGH NO! I want the Pink hair back! :(

Crystal on

I think she looks great for the occasion… but I’m sure that this look, or at least the color, is only temporary…

chris on

Personally, goback to blonde,platinum men love blondes.Can’t speak about most women.

Lenora on

Pink, you are the bomb.

marcia proch on

pink is an extremely talented lady! the color of her
hair isn’t important. it is the human being that she
is, and the way she conducts herself as a person! she rocks in every sense of the work! none of us should dictate what anyone wears or doesn’t wear! she shares her enormous talent with us and we are so
lucky to have her in our world!

JB on

I think she looks awesome.

Lake on

I don’t like it at all, but I love her. Truckloads of talent.

Lisa on

Who cares what her hair looks like. She is a terrific artist! Can’t wait for her next cd!

alirasmom on

shes awesome
saw her performance at the grammys and thought she was spelbinding. I never listened to her seriously before that..thought she was a bit of a punk. I was so wrong. She has an incredible voice and lovely talent

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Lauta on

She always buzzes her hair waaay down when she comes off tour to get rid of all the harsh product she puts in it while on tour. This I believe is her natural hair color. She’ll be back on tour in mere weeks and I wouldn’t be surprised if she amps it up again with her platinum blonde style. She is beautiful no matter the color or cut.

Donna on

Unfortunately, you need real natural beauty for a boy haircut. Take away her makeup, and it aint so pretty.

Lauta on

And I concur with another noter here.

Pink you ARE the BOMB..

Megan on

I love it! I think she should grow it out though!

Patti on

I like her hair like that it brings style to her

Dre on

I think she looks great:o) It’s a more feminine look for her.

m on

She much more beautiful with blonde hair. Bring back the blonde or pink.

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Christi Dill on

No matter what this woman does, she still looks GREAT! I’m glad she has no shame in what she does. People need to stop being so concerned on what other people look like and what they do and focus more about themselfs. Do you like it when people judge you?

Gogo on

Now she needs to get rid of those 3 ‘beauty’ marks on her cheek!!!!

Lisa on

She’s adorable. I think it’s a softer look for her.

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Ethan on

Ditching the bleach? Maybe she is prego?

Valerie on

I think it looks okay, but it doesn’t seem to match her personality. It’s too “normal” for her big personality.

Lisa on

Pink is so pretty,she can pull off any color hair. She has the perfect features for short hair..

Kim Woodring on

I’m sure her hair-do will not affect her talents. I don’t care if she grows her hair down to her ass or shaves her head bald, colors it pink, blue,or green….she still rocks!
Her song writing, harmonizing vocals, and true inner beauty makes her a truly talented artist.
I love ya, Pink!!

fan on

it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks. It only matters what P!nk and her husband think.

steffers on

I love this look on her. The color totally balances her skin tone, and really shows off her beautiful blue eyes. And knowing Pink, this won’t last too long, before she does something else to shock us! Great look girl!

Hannah on

eh it’s an odd shade of brown…if it was darker…and longer she’s look even more spectacular! she’s beautiful no matter what color her hair is!

style on

I love P!nk <3

maria on

i like it but i wish she would let her hair grow!! i think she would look beautiful with it a little bit longer!

Moriquenda on

Love it.

WiddoMouse on

She has such beautiful eyes that no matter what the color of her hair she is stunning. I love the short hair. It works for her.

jenn on

Honestly, she is one of the few people in the world that can pull anything off… long, short, pink, blond, red….. if you can do it to hair, she can look good in it.

Crystal A on

Love it! She’s still got the chords and the attitude, it’s just hair dye people!

Barbara L on

Pink is beautiful no matter what the hairstyle. Love it all on you girlfriend.

Lora on

I actually love it. But she’d look good bald.

Farrah Parks on

her hair could be bright orange and she would still be beautiful. It is not her hair that makes her so lovely.

Wu on

Pink kicks ass. She is the most bad-ass American rock chick since Pat Benatar! Who gives a damn about her hair, she’s probably already changed it by now.

Heather on

Pink would look good in any colour, even bald, you go girl…Luv ya!

Char on

Seriously the girl is gorgeous and can pull off any look I think!

erilynne on

It’s a nice color but……….TOTALLY NOT PINK!
bring the blonde back.

Ashley on

Pink is beautiful no matter what color she goes. And she looks great this time also! Way to go Pink!


Monique on

It’s nothing new. She has done it before.

tarell on

I would like to see Pink in long black hair and red lips. It is a great blend of goth and classic beauty.

Minnie on

It doesn’t really matter what color her hair is…She looks great in any color:)

Susan on

Love the color. Could be a touch darker, but she really needs to grow it out more. She is so beautiful and this just makes her look so plain and immature.

Trish on

Love it- no matter what her hair looks like she always has the same look. That little look in her eye and not exactly a smirk that says she’s kinda up to something. We should all be so lucky to have that!

Kathy H on

Honestly, I HATE Pink’s “normal” hair SO badly that pretty much anything is a HUGE improvement!! She is so cute in the face, but that super short-short-short hair does NOT flatter her at all. Nor does that bottled platinum color. I love it darker, I think she’d be beautiful with lush brown hair and please, grow that hair out some. It’s so short she could grow it out MANY inches and STILL have what’s considered short hair! Overall, loving the change. Just don’t stop here!

Morgan on

P!nk can rock any hairstyle and always be beautiful

Teresa on

She has changed her hair, her fashion, her sound. Whatever she does, bottom line, she is an extremely talented artist. She is beautiful. I will always be a fan.

J on

She is lovely with that hair! She can pull off just about any hair syle-color-cut. Rock on P!nk!

Casey on

I love it! She looks like a young Annie Lennox :)

kristiana on

She looks great, her make up is flawless and her confidence SHINES!

lyn on

her hair is so short anyway… does the color really matter? she’s gorgeous though!

Tonya on

Love it! It compliments her eyes beautifully.

Kelz on

the hair color doesnt look bad she just looks plain and normal now she lost her uniqueness

Kat on

i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. it is great and she looks so beautiful. i love her voice and her style. great makeup too! love it.

BUD on

A very cute cut and i love how it makes her look so young and fresh. she can wear anything i love all her styles and changes and think she has really grow into being a superstar who is always has a good surprise for us. Love her voice!

Debbie on

I don’t know what she looked like before but pretty much anything would be better than this-it’s a mousy brown and way too short to fit her face and skin color! She would look much better blond!

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Splum on

She looks great no matter what colour. Go Pink!

Barbara on

I love it!! I think she looks SO Beautiful with her new hairdo. I hope she keeps the new color.

Mina on


Sarah on

I think that she has such a big personailty the pink hair made her look really well and it blended in.But the brown doesnt.

dena on

Pink could wear her hair dark, light, purple, it does not matter, she is beautiful no matter what and her music is awesome too!!

Debby on

Love it! Way cute.

Lisa on

I think it would look better darker or auburn. With her blue eyes the auburn would be awesome!

mochababe73 on

Love it. I never noticed her pretty eyes before because I was distracted by her weird hair.

Nina on

Not really digging the cut or the color but I lover her music.

Melanie on


me on

Not a good look for her at all. She is a beautiful girl but this hair does her no justice !

osdisc on

There is nothing really wrong with it in my opinion, she looks very normal to me.

Amy on

Horrible. I’m not sure why some women insist on cutting all their hair off like that.

Lauren on

Hate It
She is so beautiful and this look makes her look a little dull. Maybe if it were a deeper shade?

jess on

Pink is pretty with hair or without hair. It doesn’t matter if she changes her hair or not.

crystal on

i like it and dont like it it doesnt matter what hair color she has shes a beautiful girl and i love her music. but i agree she should grow her hair out it would look alot better.

Wendy on

Pink is the cutest…and she can sing.

Dawn on

I think she looks great and if she likes it, that is all that matters. Beauty is only skin deep and people should be focusing on the inner beauty rather that what is outside.

terry on

STUNNING! Pink looks beautiful no matter what color her hair is!



Marisa on

No darling blond please its much hotter then being a brunette …..

dave meredith on

She could be bald , her talent makes her beautiful

Ann Ominous on

LOVE the cut! i wish more women would wear their hair cropped, it’s so sexy!
the color is not unattractive, but as many commentors have said, it doesn’t seem to suit her personality. Platinum, hot pink, or red would be much more suited to her fiery & spirited nature.

Marissa on

Not my favorite look on her cause she’s always one step out there and always not afraid to do anything wild. But if she is happy We’ll love it too!

Abbey on

Um she looks like a man.

Patty on

Love it!! She has such a beautiful face, and now you can see it!!

debbie on


AMY on


Suzanne on

She looks amazing! So pretty and feminine as opposed to her usual brash/tacky look. I know that’s her “thing” but there is nothing wrong with looking pretty and feminine. Very nice Pink!

Sharon on

I agree with Ashley – like the color, just wish she would grow her hair out.

Seriously? on

For those saying she isn’t pretty, you’ve obviously never seen her in person. She may not always photograph well, but she is BEAUTIFUL. I always liked her blonde hair, but this is her natural color and the cut looks cute for Summer. Wash and wear! And to Abbey that says she “looks like a man”. Wow, you must know some really pretty men sweetie.

Elle on

She’s PREGNANT! I bet that’s why she’s returning to her “natural” color — because she wants to look “normal” during motherhood. A lot of women “tone it down” when they are expecting.


I’d like to see her as a redhead :)

Marie on

The color is too blah and the cut is too short. Love Pink, but hate this look. Go darker or lighter and let it grow a bit. Rock something angled or th faux hawk again. C’mon!

Patti Laskey on

I definitely like it. It is probably her real color. I like the cut too. Going back to brown/black is best for healthy hair if its your real color because changing it up causes a lot of damage.

Christina on

Her hair looks good, it is just time for a change. She has had it short for years now.. I think since I was in high school, which was 5 years ago!

HIM_Princess_616 on

Yes, Pink is very beautiful but I do not like this haircut on her. I like it when she has longer hair.. it softens her face. =]

mica on

I think her hair looks great! she always looks great. I t would look even better if it had a little spike to it or something. Just to represent her personality a little.

daisy on

pink is wonderful she gives hope to ordinary women beauty and strength are on the inside. she’s awsome!!!!!!!!!!

Jane on

Way too masculine and muddy. She needs to grow it out and go back to blonde.

daniela on

Nope. It’s a dirty dishwater color, it could be a couple shades darker. You have to be a natural beauty like Halle Berry to rock a short cut and Pink is mos def a natural beauty!

Angela on

I got so used to seeing her with some bright color of hair that a regular shade of brown looks weird to me now lol.

Beth on

She’s a beautiful woman. I like her blonde but the darker color looks good also. These people are catty and obviously perfect!

c on

pink is a beautiful young lady and a class act whatever her hair color is.

Yackie on

She looks like julie Andrews on the sound of music

Lisa on

I love anything Pink does!! Her music is amazing!

Pete on

Let it grow out and play Janis Joplin in a Biopic please!

eastofeton on

I like the color, just not the hair style What's Right Now : Britney Spears Designs, Pink Goes Brunette, and More! on

[…] 4. Pop star Pink goes brunette! [] […]

SaRaH_Az on

She is cute no matter what, but if it was i little bit longer it would be GREAT ^^

<3 P!nk <3

clarity enhanced on

It doesn’t make much difference in her overall attractiveness.

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charlesstchickens on

I think she is hot, but look even hotter if her clothes was on the floor.

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zooey on

I really do not like Pinks style at all. I really hate this hairdo as well.

yrublonde on

I think her hair is boring and not flattering. She should have tried a richer color. A new style is over due!

Amber Harrington on

I think it looks beautiful good going for you pink!!

edie on

I love any style that Pink rocks!! After watching her story I formed a new love and appreciation for her, her style and her music.

Vivian on

I love Pink but her new look is certainly not her style. She is way to bold for that conservative look she has going on. So, what is going on????

Gena on

I think pink is hot no matter what!! It is a little ordinary for her but damn who cares she rocks!!!!!!!!!

jessica on

i loved her grammy hair.
she shud go back to before

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Allyson Sellers on

I love it. It’s perfect and she has a great face for this cut. The color looks good with her skin.

Jana T on

I do think it could be a little longer but I’m thinking that after all that bleach her hair maybe couldn’t take much color absorption and when it’s overprocessed and then tinted back it does take on a mildly ashy hue unless the colorist prevents it by adding neutral gold tones to the color. Personally I loved her pink hair the most.

Jodi on

Any one else notice anything else missing… The nose ring!!!

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I love pink and think she can pull off anything!!!!!

pixie haircuts on

nice article and very good post thanks for this wonderful hairstyles haircuts photos and article thanks

bria on

i hate it but i cant judge her

trudy on

Needs to be a bit longer. Plus, stop overplucking her eyebrows. What is with the women who overpluck they eyebrows and draw they way higher, like Mrs. Obama, it just looks hard and weird.

michaela on

I think she is beautiful no matter what color she’s hair is! love her<3

michaela on

I think she is beautiful no matter what color her hair is! love her<3

Jennifer on

I like her new look. I don’t know, but maybe internally she is getting ready for a change and isn’t saying anything. Either way I wish Carey and her the best of luck.

Jennifer on

I like it!

Mandy on

Hate it out of all the colors shes had this is one of the worst!

Jill on

Pink is just beautiful no matter what her hair color is !!!!!

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