EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift Named Newest Face of CoverGirl

04/30/2010 at 07:15 PM ET


She’s already sold more than 10 million albums and been honored as the youngest CMA winner in history–but Taylor Swift might have just earned her biggest coup yet as CoverGirl’s latest spokesperson. In the “dream come true” role she’ll be in gorgeous company, joining the ranks of A-listers like Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Queen Latifah and Ellen DeGeneres in representing the brand. Taylor’s ads for a new line of luxury cosmetics won’t debut until January, but she’s sharing this exclusive behind-the-scenes peek (below) with PEOPLE readers. –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester

Courtesy CoverGirl

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Bella on

I adore Taylor and I think that she would be a perfect covergirl. She is also a excellent role model for young girls.

Nicole on

I second that(:

Becky on

There isn’t a better choice! Taylor always looks gorgeous.

JW on

EWWWWW….she is not even pretty! Major Fail Cover Girl.

Mallory on

OMG I just got back from the Taylor Swift concert which was in Lexington Kentucky!!! In only 12 but yet in her number one fan I love you Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever and always! <3

Mallory on

Uhmm yeahh she is pretty and she’s my role modlue ok and she is the best.she made my birthday the best ever and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all ok? (; and no I’m not trying to be mean but just be good alright?

medicchick on

UGH I’m sick of this girl!!

Gabriella Helkowski on

We love you send a autograph of you and my like cousin like too.!!

Molly on

People Mag’s BEST CHOICE YET!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Molly on

I am one to believe that Taylor Swift is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!!

mami_of_2 on

taylor swift is flawless and a great song writer and performer. look at her shes beautiful perfect choice cover girl

Andie on

What an excellent choice-Taylor is so pretty and a natural beauty! Better her than Underwood!

toni on

Are you kidding?? I love Carrie!!

Shine On Media | Taylor Swift: New Face of Covergirl on

[…] to People, Taylor has been named the latest spokesperson for […]

Amanda on

Seriously??? Her??? Ugh.

Cat on

This is one young celebrity who I think is a wonderful role model for young girls. She is beautiful without being fake and she is a really nice person all around. Cover Girl made an amazing choice with her. =o)

Shay on

Oh god. All we need to see is more Taylor Swift. Home girl needs to GO AWAY.

Amanda on

Shes my role model and I absoulty love her! She def. deserves it! I cannot wait to see the make up! It feels so far away! I think she looks beautiful in anything! Her concerts are amazing and she loves her fans!

Norm on

I’m sorry, this girl isn’t pretty. And she can’t sing either. Can’t she just go away and *WRITE* music for other people?

Genevieve on

For those of you who have nothing nice to say about Taylor shouldn’t say anything at all.
You should really look at her for what she is and what she represents! She looks like your average american girl! She’s the prefect choice! Natural beauty and a great role model. Younger girls can relate to her.
Great job Cover Girl! :)

Doug on

As long as she stays away from Tiger Woods everything should be fine.

Jon on

That’s great to hear, I wish Taylor Swift the best as The Newest Face of CoverGirl!

Hank on

Perfect choice. She is such a beautiful person inside and out.

johannah on

Taylor Swift is not very pretty. I think this is a big mistake on Cover Girl’s part. Guess they are trying to get tweens to buy their products.

ashley on

Maybe Cover Girl can help her, because I’m sorry but she’s not very attractive. And there is no way she’s prettier than Carrie Underwood. Carrie is gorgeous!

Danielle on

I think young girls relate to her because she’s just an average looking girl and sings about the problems they have. But how many young girls buy makeup? My daughter is a teen and doesn’t wear much. I don’t know if this was a great decision to pick her.

strawberry on

Taylor Swift thinks she’s a diva. She is a snot. I don’t like her and will not buy any more Cover Girl products.

Sue Landin on

She is an average looking girl at best that is helped a lot by make-up so she’s perfect for selling make-up. She is pretty much on the sell-out train making ads for Sony cameras, greeting cards so why not add cosmetics and then fragrance next. It’s the American way: get famous and then make more money off your fame.

Terri on

Taylor looks like a witch.

Jen on

Taylor is ok looking but no raving beauty. I’m glad they gave an average looking girl a campaign. They need to give more every day people and curvy people a chance at modeling and representing products. I’m so sick of these plastic botoxed bimbos I see.

Noemie on

Better in picture than signing or songwriting if you want my opinion…

Martee on

Taylor Swift is a brilliant Cover Girl! Kudos to the genius behind this deal!

dasjmy on

I happy for her shes a cute girl. I’m just glad we won’t have to listen to her sing live!!!

Let Ya Get a Peek « No Bull, Just the Horns on

[…] Source […]

Alison on

Congrats,to Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift Named Newest Face of CoverGirl - AllDaysNews.com on

[…] Read to continue full news.. […]

mag on

go go go go

Jennifer on

OK Swift’s live vocale talents are debatable. But seriously folks what is with all of the hateful remarks. Clearly there are some jealous people out there who need to get a life. Some people just live to hate; so sad. Also I don’t understand any comparrison to Carrie Underwood. Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are two entirely different performers, both of them talented and lovely in their own ways.

N on

So being a make up model is more empowering, a bigger ‘coup’, more prestigious than selling 10 million albums and being the youngest ever CMA winner?
She looks really awkward in the green dress in the picture above. She is an artist, not a model.

taylor on


Summer on

i love taylor i do but for one it is annoying to me when celebrities do commericals i mean she already has the phone commerical and mega rich let other people make some of that cheese. and i don’t exactly call taylor a rolemodel her songs are to much about love and guys and she maybe able to distingush the difference and not take that love to far but here in the real world when you fall that in love what happens next sex and possibly even teen pregnancy. The focus should be school and self worth.. now days kids stop being kids at 10 and that is sad… very sad.. oh and justin bieber ( what a joke he says falling in love at 13) come on i can’t believe we are allowing that. Teen pregnancy is a huge problem. Taylor does have good songs and i think she seems like a darling of a person. truly amazing girl. i am not a prude just concerned with the music even in the morning on the way to school blame it on the alcohol was playing it makes me sick. there is so much more out there than loving on another person when you are a teen. don’t hurry to fall in love and grow up i try to teach my daughter to be a kid as long as she can. Adult life is HARD (especially when you rush in and have not prepared yourself makes for a hard life) GO LIVE YOUR LIFE. DO THINGS TO MAKE YOUR OWN SELF HAPPY DON’T DEPEND ON OTHER PEOPLE FOR YOUR HAPPINESS. i was a teen mom 10 yrs ago and it is still hard today. i am sorry i know i have made some annoyed but….

dianne on

Enough of this girl already! She is cute but cannot sing – please go away!


i love her

Andyia on

LOVE HER!!! She’s a song write and a singer, not a show stopper. Alot of artist these days will put on huge glamorous shows. That’s cool, that’s their thing. Not Taylor’s – she’s stellar in what she does, and is SO GORGEOUS!! Who doesn’t love her eyes and hair?? Most girls these days would straighten it, but NOT TAYLOR, she flaunts it :-D … Not to mention she’s also a role model too. She appears to be consistently genuine in her interviews and her videos.

Gabriel Aubry confirme sa rupture avec Halle Berry :: Staretcinema.com on

[…] TAYLOR SWIFT est le nouveau visage de la marque Cover Girl. Un aperçu de la campagne publicitaire (qui sera lancée en janvier 2011) peut être vu sur People.com. […]

Brad on

Well she deserves to be The Cover Girl she is beautiful hopefully she can parley that into a movie career or something cause honestly folks she cant Sing! That beauty and some slick sound engineering is how she sold so many records.

Hannah on

i love her. shes a perfect covergirl!!!!!

mrcat149 on

I could see her on the bag of Kibbles and Bits. Not exactly the best choice for a cover girl. No talent and not cover girl material. Just make her go away.

carol on

Taylor is gorgeous, a great role model for girls and a great choice for CoverGirl. Can’t wait for the ads.

Lacey on

just make her go AWAYYY! i am so sick of this lanky braud. she is a pitiful excuse for “talent”. hopefully covergirl can help her out, bc she needs all the make-up she can get just to look average.

CB on

Going to have to agree that this was not the best choice. No, I’m not hating. I’m sure Taylor Swift is a nice girl, and I agree a good role model. She is not the best singer and is an average looking girl, which is fine too. But for all of those who say CoverGirl is looking to appeal to younger girls, she is in ads for a LUXURY line of cosmetics. Good luck finding teenage girls who can afford that. The spoiled little rich girls who can are buying Chanel, not CoverGirl.

Rae on

I prefer a more mature woman representing Cover Girl. Isn’t she too young to even be wearing makeup and her 13 year old fan base definitely are too young.

Country’s Fresh New Face of Covergirl… « 94.1 KMPS on

[…] Is of course… Taylor Swift! People Magazine has all the details. […]

JustMe on

Just my opinion – I like seeing regular people be on the commercials. A celebrity does nothing to make me want to buy the make-up, except see that they are paying already wealthy people more money, which in turn affects the price of the product.

Athena on

People listen up shes pretty and a great role model im not even into country and i think shes great now leave the poor girl alone

Anne on

She is adorable! She is the perfect Covergirl.

crystal on

i dont think taylors all that but i do like her music….

Jennifer on

I think it is wondereful that Taylor is the new face of CoverGirl!!! I think she is amazing i think she will do absolutly amazing!

Jackson Huang on

I love Taylor’s beautiful and elegant voice, her face and dress.

Shirley from bama on

Taylor seems to be a sweet girl. Very Pretty and love her songs. Keep up the good work Taylor. So proud for you.

Keira on

Taylor Totally Deserves it shes amazing :)
Shes Gorgeous so will be the best covergirl :P
XX <3

Josie on

I’m really sick of this girl. She’s EVERYWHERE.

me on

I dont know about the most beautiful women in the world………………..

PJ on

Good for you Taylor!!! you deserve this. I bet Carrie Underwood is green with envy. You go girl!!

Lola on

I was just thinking about how I needed to buy new mascara and was going to buy Covergirl Lash Blast, but now I think I’ll go with something different. I am so over Taylor Swift.

cantstandtaylorswift on

I can’t stand her! she is a horrible choice for covergirl! I am tired of her getting shoved down our throats – I wish she would just got away already! she is overrated and sounds horrible live and now we have to see her on television promoting covergirl? – thank goodness for tv remote controls!

jaela on

She should do fine, she’s a pretty girl. Just as long as she doesn’t sing in any of her commercials.

Shar on

Did someone say Carrie Underwood must be green with envy. Well that is funny!!!! Look around at the things Carrie Underwood has accomplished over the last 5 years but most of all CARRIE UNDERWOOD CAN ACTUALLY SING. And who came away with two awards at the last AMC awards – yep Carrie – non for Taylor cause when push comes to shove Carrie can sing rings around Taylor. Miranda Lambert even beat out “little Taylor”. This is probably a good gig for Taylor cause she doesnt have to kill us with her voice – just her looks. In my opinion and only in my opinion Taylor Swift should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Carrie Underwood – Carrie has true beauty – Taylor not so much.

Ron Moore on

Taylor Swift is the most perfect attractive female ever. Go Taylor

Les News, 050110 « Gossip @ R Web on

[…] Taylor Swift is the new face of CoverGirl cosmetics. […]

mary roberts on

the most beautiful girl in the world please do you need glasses?

Taylor Swift Is The NEW CoverGirl (PHOTO) « Surfme’s Weblog on

[…] see what they’ve got!   Congrats again Taylor on your continuing success! [image CoverGirl via People] Leave a Comment No Comments Yet so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. […]

Debbie on

This girl is beautiful, talented and generous! She deserves everything that she has earned! We love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

America'sNextTopModel=BetterCovergirls [We need someone different] on

Sorry, but I just can’t see Taylor being a Covergirl. I don’t know what it is. And I also think it’s kind of sad that America’s Next Top Model’s Top Models’ commercials never air on T.V. Do they not want them to or something? And it seems like Covergirl ALWAYS has Drew Barrymore in their commercials, so I guess I’m glad it’s going to be someone different. I hope Taylor focuses on her singing, though, and not her Covergirl & ad-ing.

JustASmallTownGirl on

@ Molly The most beautiful girl in the world? Umm that’s a little far, huh??
@ Summer You have some really good points.

I’m not a “hater” and not a “racist” neither, cause I’m white, and I wouldn’t be a racist, anyway. First of all, I don’t really care for Taylor Swift that much.

First of all, all her songs are about love. Second of all, her voice in live is really questionable, and if it weren’t for sound effects, she wouldn’t be rich. I even probably have a better voice with out sound effects then her without sound effects.

Also, Carrie Underwood is a whole lot more successful. Her songs aren’t all about love, but also things that happen in the REAL world.

I would like it if more ordinary people could be in commercials like those. The America’s Next Top Model models’ do technically have a contract
with covergirl, and they do videos for it, but never have I seen those on TV.

Sorry Covergirl, but no.

Allison on

Taylor has the ugliest weird squinty cat eyes. Not a pretty face. I love her hair though, so I can see her getting picked for her hair. But her face is BLAH! Much better choices out there like Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Keira Knightly, Rachael McAdams. If you don’t have a pretty face, why make someone a cover girl? Major Fail, cover girl.

Michael on

Taylor has an odd looking face and weird squinty eyes. Not a pretty girl. Bad choice, Cover Girl. She is way over-exposed as it is. Ugh.

Kelly on

She would make a great spokesperson for curly hair products too! Thank goodness she doesn’t straighten her naturally curly hair.

Kelly on

Ugh. Dear Taylor, please go away. We’ve had enough.

Taylor Swift is the New Face of CoverGirl « The Blush Stops Here on

[…] for the cosmetics line with her glowing skin and signature cat eye’s makeup. According to People magazine, Swift will be representing a new luxury collection for the brand. Ads for the line […]

Top Posts — WordPress.com on

[…] EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift Named Newest Face of CoverGirl Photo Credit She’s already sold more than 10 million albums and been honored as the youngest CMA winner in […] […]

Emma on

good choice covergirl! i am one of her biggest fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forever and always! <3

Kelly on

First of all, that dress is amazing. Secondly, I think that we should stick to the golden rule. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” You can dislike someone without being petty and insulting. I think that Taylor is an amazing role model for all ages, and I know I relate to her music. Give the girl a break. I’m sure she worked extremely hard to earn this, and whether or not you like her or her music, you should at least respect her. What has she ever done to hurt you?

Keke on

I am so tired of Taylor Swift! She’s not really that great of a singer, but the world thinks they need to award her mediocraty. Honestly, give the people a break!

JJ on

She is very pretty & will make a great Cover Girl. But I think she’s a one trick pony. All her songs sound alike with the same monotone music.

Taylor Swift Is The NEW CoverGirl (PHOTO) | Jumbleupon on

[…] Congrats to Taylor Swift!  She’s got yet another notch in her belt.  The crazy successful country artist has just announced that she’s the new face of CoverGirl.  Talk about the perfect face to take over as spokesperson for the glamorous company. Taylor Swift Shows Off Those LONG Legs (Photos) Taylor will be representing a new line of luxury cosmetics that won’t be released till January 2011.  I can’t wait to see what they’ve got!   Congrats again Taylor on your continuing success! image CoverGirl via People […]

Taylor Swift Central • Your Source for Everything Taylor Swift! on

[…] the source for a sneak peek! Filed under: News Natasha posted @ 9:10 pm with 0 […]

Martha on

JW sounds jealous. She wishes she can be a spokesperson representing any cosmetic brand !

kendylau on

I only think she is cute and sweet- not that beautiful tho

Jennifer on

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and apparantly the big wigs at cover girl dig how Taylor looks. Oh and to the people who feel that Taylor isn’t much to look at I am certain that the executives at cover girl are reading all of these negative comments and are quite possibly considering your opinions. With any luck they will pull the plug on this whole absurd ad campain. And then Taylor will lose faith in her talent and her looks. And then all of your wishes will come true; Taylor Swift will fade away into the black unkown wairing a reusable grocery bag over her head so as to protect the masses from having to see her so called unattrative mug;the bag will also help in muffeling the sound of her so called terible singing voice. But I suppose that you haters can only dare to dream. Good luck with that. NOT!!!!!

Carly on

The perfect choice! Taylor Swift is one of my favorite celebrities and she is one of the most beautiful people in the world! She’s also a great role model.

kelsey on

ugghhh, she is so not even pretty! i do not like taylor swift. she doesn’t even sing that good?!

Nikki on

Oh WOW… Me like! :-)

jamminjayhalseyraceinfo » Les News, 050110 on

[…] Taylor Swift is the new face of CoverGirl cosmetics. […]

barb b on

wrong choice selena gomez should
have been picked she is a beautiful

lola on

Make-up is supposed to make your eyes look bigger rather than miniscule. Having Swift as the new spokesmodel is like creating concealor for the eyes.

What has the world come to? on

This is what the music industry has turned into today: a talentless, overrated pop star with a Cover Girl endorsement.

What has the world come to? on

This what the music industry has turned into today: a talentless, overrated pop star endorsing Cover Girl.

Angelina on

Great… A pig advertising makeup. Glad I don’t wear Covergirl.

Delana on

Geez, I never cease to be amazed by how critical women can be; no wonder we get a bad rap. Taylor is a pretty girl, and she seems to have a sweet personality. I think her eyes are unique and they set her apart. I am not a huge fan of her vocals, but I think her image and how she carries herself is incredibly classy. Go girl!

jenny on

I think taylor is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy Moore | Gossip Girl Blog on

[…] Taylor Swift is the new face of CoverGirl. Beautiful beautiful beautiful … (People) […]

barb b on

wrong choice i would have chosen
selena gomez now that is one
beautiful girl

Lucy on

Just glad that they’re choosing someone who isn’t been tossed out of bars drunk, getting DUIs or prancing around with no underwear. Hopefully Taylor stays grounded with her celebrity.

jessie on

Beautiful inside and out. :)

Allyson on

Okay, there are obviously two definite sides of this. People are either lovin’ or hatin’. I like Taylor and she is one of the hottest things going right now so of course they wanna use someone that everyone knows. I see people saying that her songs are all about love and nothing about reality. Would that be really true considering a lot of her songs are from her own life and experiences? Not many singer/songwriters would bare their souls that way. I am a firm believer that everyone should get their say but all this negativity isn’t going to change anything. The deak is done so why bother? Just be happy that Covergirl is using someone who looks real and not completely perfect to begin with. Isn’t that they point of makep? To make us a little better than without it? I think the haters just need to chill out and quit being upset over something that CAN NOT BE CHANGED!!!!! If you are jealous then get over it and do something to be noticeable. And I have never been to one of her concerts but I have been to plenty and NO ONE sings as good in person as they do on an album.

JoAnne on

She Is a perfect CoverGirl,just love this girl! Good role model,hope the music Business does not ruin her! But she seems to be well grounded!! Good for her!

Kayyyla on

Taylor Swift<333 she is probably one of the best role models. Her music isn't about sex, drugs, alcohol or any of those things. Also, she doesn't run around being a crack head like all of the other celebrities. She doesn't go out to clubs and get drunk out of her mind, she doesnt smoke weed or to cocaine like almost ever other celebrity does. Yes, her music is about love and romance. But what do you want it to be about? Flowers and butterflies? She is a true honest girl who has great intentions and she also is always helping the needy. I think, she is perfect! :)

lynn berry on

Although Taylor Swift is very talented songwriter – her voice is not that good. Luckily she sings songs that fit her voice. But she is not a rock star like she seems to want to be lately. Her performances are becoming boring.

Personally, I prefer Carrie Underwood – someone of substance and talent. She is a joy to watch and a good role model.

Also Carrie would have been a much better choice for Cover Girl next to Ellen DeGeneres.

Fashion News: Lady Gaga, Lancome + More — MAMA'S A ROLLING STONE on

[…] • Country singer Taylor Swift is the latest spokesperson for CoverGirl, joining the likes of Drew Barrymore and Rihanna in representing the brand. [People StyleWatch] […]

David on

I think its fine that Taylor is doing this, but she must also be careful what she signs her name onto. The article mentions a new line of Swift cosmedic products. Taylor herself should make sure that these products are of good quality. For example Brittney Spears has a perfume thats horrible. But people associate that perfume with Brittney, and they quickly realize the perfume is there just to earn Brittney more money for her drug and party habbits. Taylor needs to make sure that anything associated with her does not smear her good name.

Flooding Leads to Canceled Shows; Paul English May Have Suffered Stroke; Cody Canada Concussed by Flying Liquor Bottle | The 9513 on

[…] Taylor Swift is the newest spokesperson for CoverGirl. […]

Leslie on

She’ll model better than she can sing.

Taylor Swift Announced as the New Face of CoverGirl! « The new hottest user-generated Gay news. on

[…] to People.com, Taylor Swift has been chosen as CoverGirl’s latest spokesman, joining the ranks of A-listers […]

Taylor Swift is the new face of CoverGirl! | Make Her Up on

[…] peek on People’s StyleWatch above. GO HERE to check out one of my favorite sites, People’s StyleWatch. AKPC_IDS += "8445,";Popularity: unranked [?] Permalink | Email This Post | See More Celebrity […]

jennifer on

I really don’t think she is beautiful enough to be a covergirl model…Just because she is a singer and ppl look up to her is no reason to make her richer.

nannypie on

I tell ya Mallory…you have more brains and common sense than the person (JW) who made the rude remarks about Taylor Swife. YOU GO GIRL!!! Give it “what for” – Taylor is THE perfect role model for all the young girls out there. :o)

Allyson on

Wow people are still hatin’. Why is everyone gotta be so hard on this kid? And she is a kid, do not forget that. But for a kid she has more grace and dignity then all these people hatin’ on her. Maybe ya;ll haters should take a lesson and be quiet like she did when Kanye embarrassed her on tv in front of the nation. Give this kid a break!!!!!

Melanie on

Whoever said beauty is a requirement to be a Covergirl? Taylor is nice inside (where it counts) but definitely NOT a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Taylor Swift’s CoverGirl Deal One Endorsement Too Many? | HandbagCollector.com on

[…] themselves. It's like a dream come true to be a part of the future of CoverGirl." According to People, Taylor has already done a photo shoot for the brand. But with Taylor's iSweep commercials running […]

Mary Kathryn on

Taylor is the most amazing woman ever. Just a few years ago she was just another Pennsylvanian teen. Now she’s Pennsylvanian teen turned Teen Superstar! And she’s an awesome role model, too! I love that she’s doing this; people need to see a natural “Shining Star”!

Nicole on

I’m not surprised at all that Taylor Swift is the newest cover girl because she is GORGEOUS,very very talented and a great role model for young girls!!!! Taylor Swift is my favorite singer and I will always always be a big fan of hers!!!!

Crossroads on

Best wishes for Ms. Swift for a long and successful career. Encouragement to remain grounded and recognize that it could all disappear over night in an overheated and fickle world. Strive to perfect your craft and seek out mentors who can help you for the long haul.

Save your money, watch your health, protect your heart and seek the Lord. I hope that you are writing and/or performing for years.

An old hat named Roger Miller used to sing about 10,000 guitar pickers in Nashville. Even Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson and the Dixie Chicks have been smokin’ hot and then were dropped like a hot potato. With luck you will enjoy a long life in and out of music.

Be humble and be well. (you “go”, girl!)

Joyce on

JW sounds jealous. Taylor is beautiful inside and out.

Jp on

I guess she is ok looking but she can’t sing. Can’t act and I’m still not over the fact that she beat beyonce and lady gaga for album of the year. I’m tired of her face stay hidden.

mjbailey00 on

#1 Magazine for the #1 Singer! Go Taylor! Great mix of country & pop, perfect body, and a smooth trend-setter! She’s The Best!

Heath on

She is gorgeous

EXCLUSIVE Taylor Swift’s Fashion Inspiration: Her Fans! | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] being announced as the newest face of CoverGirl on Friday, Taylor Swift tells PEOPLE exclusively about what led her to her most gorgeous gig yet. […]

Taylor Swift: New Face of CoverGirl « The Sweet Beat on

[…] People Photo: CoverGirl via People Share the […]

Taylor Swift Newest Cover Girl “Face” « Soft Rock KyXy 96.5 on

[…] Gene Knight, Shows,Uncategorized 5/6/201011:07 AM I am so glad she’s finding work these days.  Taylor is the newest spokesperson for Cover Girl cosmetics, starting in early 2011.  Who else besides Taylor represents the Cover Girl brand?  Find out HERE. […]

roxana on

shes really amazing and i think that there isnt anyone out there who can do a better job than she will.
Go Taylor!!!13

Jackie on

Am Really Sick Of Hearing “Taylor Swift” All Over The Place.Am Not Jealous Of Her…Why Should I
1.She Can’t Sing 2.She Ain’t Cute 3.She Dosen’t Have Ass Or Boobs && The NEW FACE For Covergirl..That Just Killed It.LAMEE

Taylor Swift Is a CoverGirl – TheFind blog on

[…] Taylor will get to rep a brand-new line of luxe cosmetics from the brand, but they won’t even be available until next January. Is that a crazy amount of wait time, or what?! While we wait for Taylor Swift to appear in CoverGirl ads, we guess we’ll have to watch her PEOPLE sneak peek. […]

taylar on

Taylor swift deserves this she is freshfaced beautiful and amazing and a great role model and if some one says she doesnt deserve they need to get a life cuz i beleive taylor swift is one of the most beautifulist people

Tom on

this time by using Taylor Swift for Covergirl you got it right with a face like hers you can’t go wrong

handbag86 on

I love it! wow

Taylor Swift Named Newest Face of CoverGirl itsachat writers on

[…] Taylor Swift Named Newest Face of CoverGirl […]

Celebrity High Magazine » New cover Girl on

[…] like Taylor Swift has something new to croon about. Though the news broke back in April that the singer would be the newest face of CoverGirl, fans have had to wait to see […]

Taylor Swift’s First CoverGirl Ad Revealed - redcarpets.com on

[…] like Taylor Swift has something new to croon about. Though the news broke back in April that the singer would be the newest face of CoverGirl, fans have had to wait to see […]

Taylor Swift’s First CoverGirl Ad Revealed | Jamielynn Spears: Tell-All on

[…] like Taylor Swift has something new to croon about. Though the news broke back in April that the singer would be the newest face of CoverGirl, fans have had to wait to see […]

Taylor Swift: CoverGirl « Fashion Insomniacs on

[…] like Taylor Swift has something new to croon about. Though the news broke back in April that the singer would be the newest face of CoverGirl, fans have had to wait to see […]

Jackie Kappeler on

I admire taylor swift shes so beautiful i wish to be like her when im older. I look up to her cause she started as a young musician and made it to the big time. Im actruly writing an essay about her in school right now as im writing this. love you taylor :) <3 cant wait for more songs to come out

nighthat on

– Buy Targetted Visitors.

blaze on

she is amazing and talented…i love her songs and the lyrics are meaningful <3 her

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