Confirmed: Jennifer Aniston to Launch Signature Fragrance Lolavie!

04/16/2010 at 09:48 AM ET

Fernando Allende/Broadimage

Brace yourselves, Jennifer Aniston fans–following months of buzz, the actress has announced that she will indeed be launching her first ever fragrance. “It’s been a year-and-a-half journey,” Aniston told WWD. “I’d been asked to do things before, and it never felt organic. But when Leon [Falic, president of the Falic Fashion Group] approached me to be involved with the process from inception to fruition, I thought, ‘This could be a creative expression.'” Aniston describes the end product, named Lolavie, as “a nonperfume perfume.” And while specific fragrance notes have yet to be released, one thing is certain, it will be a lighter take than her childhood introduction to scent. “The first perfumes I ever wore were Miss Dior and Anais Anais,” she says. “My mother wore Calèche and my grandmother used a body splash that came in a big yellow jug that she kept by the bathtub. Those were very strong scents. Now I am not a big perfume-y fragrance fan.” So what does she want her scent evoke? “I want people to go, ‘What is that? You smell great!’ But most of all I wanted it to smell natural,” she says. American fans will have to pull out their passports to get a first sniff of Lolavie, which will launch in the U.K. at Harrods in June starting at around $47 for a 50-ml. bottle, or wait for the as yet undetermined U.S. distribution that will follow. Tell us: Will you buy Jennifer Aniston’s debut fragrance? –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester


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Tracy on

I would love to wear the scent by Lolavie. My husband and I both love clean and natural scents not the overpowered scents we smell everyday. A perfume should compliment your style not announce itself as your style. Can’t wait!

melissa on

Yes I will buy it. I am interested to see what it smells like. I am not a big perfumey person either! Can’t wait :)

Chloe on

No, I won’t buy her scent. I am more than tired of hearing about Jennifer Aniston. Of course these celebrities get millions just to put their name on a product. That’s all she did.

jen on

I’d have to smell it first. I’m still pretty keen on my Lovely perfume (by SJP), but there’s always room for switching up scents!

karen on

I have no desire to smell like Ms. Aniston. the whole celeb fragrance thing is so Everyone doing it for just the money. Really. I guess her Friends money is running out. She wants to stay on the Forbes list. So no. never..

Sam on

Oh please, all the people who say they won’t will if it smells good. What makes other perfumes so superior
to a celebrity one that you wouldn’t wear it? I wear Jo Malone scents which are light and don’t smell chemically, so
if JA’s perfume passes that test I’d try it.

Yes on

I will be in London. I will definitely try to find it there. I love Jennifer , and I love light scents.

Boss on

No thank you. 1) Not a fan of this over publicized woman 2)Leave perfume making to the chemists, actors and actresses need to get their grubby little hands off of everything other than scripts.

Jon on

I am not a girl, so I wouldn’t, but if I were, I probably would! I wish Jennifer Aniston the best with Her New Signature Fragrance, Lolavie!

Jon on

It’s nice that George Lopez is nice enough to step up for Sandra Bullock!

Kym on

There are many nice scents out there without a greedy celebrity endorsement. Jennifer Aniston is so overexposed. Look at the magazine covers she does. She looks so desperate. I think she’d go nuts if her face wasn’t in the media anymore.


What is it going to smell like?? Bradless.LOL or I have been dumped?? I can’t stand her!!!!!

NO on

I don’t waist a dime on this selfish, not giving 6 year old trapped in 41 year old body adult child.

Katharina on

I love Jennifer, and everything she does her taste in clothing her exercise program,her diet and her life as a talented and one of the powerful actress in Hollywood. She is beautiful, talented and very warm and nice. Sure, I like to smell her perfume, it should be a unusual and good.

ellen on

I love fresh clean scents, can’t stand “old lady perfumes”, I hate heady, super floral migraine inducing scents. Clinique’ Happy is one of those scents that’s fresh and light and not gag provoking. Hope I like it I need some good scents.

Hillary on

What’s next? Jennifer Aniston deodorant? She should spend her time in acting class.

Marisol on

I will totally buy it! I think the way she handled the circumstances of her divorce (with so much class & grace) followed by her tenacity to go after her movie career, not to mention her amazing, enviable, body (at 41 no less!) Make her a natural brand for what most women aspire to be: resilient, classy & successful on all levels of our lives (personal & professional).

Debbye on

Doesn’t she have enough money?
A little over-saturation if you ask me.

Jess on

I’d buy a Team Jolie fragrance.

Whitney on

Seriously? People want to buy this fragrance because she has a good body? Really?

yack on

Yes mention that divorce after she have been with 7 men that is what keeps her fame. Bring Angie that is the only way she sell her stuff. I am out here.I shouldn’t even click the link.

Caitlin on

I love light, natural scents. I would definitely try this. :)

EriLynne on

Is it really necessary for ANOTHER celebrity to have a fragrance?

It’s getting ridiculous with the whole singers/actresses etc doing more then what they started doing. If your an actor stay an actor, if your a singer stay a singer. geez

you seem like a sell out when you do EVERYTHING.

no way on

Jen is just an extremely boring woman. She never has anything interesting to talk about but her body!

We don’t need more celeb fragrances on the market and she is entering d-list territory.

And I saw the photo for her perfume, and she looks like she is sitting by the ocean she likes to scream at!

Gabby on

Boss-why are you reading an article about Jen Aniston if you don’t like her? And, why waste your time on posting a response? I don’t get it. You must be bored!!

Gabby on

I am cracking up at some of the posts. Really, if you don’t like Jennifer Aniston, why are you reading this article and posting a comment? What a waste of time and energy!!

diva on

I will be the first in line to buy it

Honey on

An actress with such vast amounts of wealth should donate the proceeds from her fragrance to cancer research, aids research, alzheimers research. something. I’ve seen jennifer aniston in interviews and no one is more boring or narcisstic. she could use her fame to make a difference.

marnie on

This girl needs time off. She makes one ridiculous movie after another, except for marley and me, and i believe it is because she can’t bear to be alone and reflective. this shows she is still not over brad pitt. her movies are box office bombs and she should take some serious acting classes to learn drama for a change. it’s the same old comedies one right after the other and now a fragrance? i know she got involved with st jude’s hospital, but it is probably after seeing all the good work angie and brad do throughout the world. it’s time to move, and do something charitable in the world, and perhaps she will then meet mr. right. she’s trying way too hard and a fragrance is just plain ridiculous. she is a sweet person, but just go away for a while, and something good will come to you after deep reflection.

Frederika on

Sure, I’ll go check it out. Whether I buy it or not depends on whether I like the scent. Truthfully, it doesn’t interest me who endorses it.

Julie on

This girl is just screaming for attention. Yeah, she’s thin, and so are millions of other women. Leave the perfume to the actual chemists who create the scents.

baby girl on

I now wear eternity and get so many compliments, it stays all day. It is the only perfume I have that mixes so well with my body chemistry. I have several bottles of very nice expensive perfumes that just sit on my dresser,that just does not mix with my body chemistry, so what a waste of good money (they were gifts from hubby,he liked the smell). So if jen comes out with one that will mix with my natural body chemistry and smell nice and light all day (evening), then most definetely yes.

nicole on

What’s she gonna call it ” Maneater” or “Desperate”.

Alice on

Anything by Jennifer Aniston is worth a try! I am sure it will be a great success!

taln1rigr on

Lola Vie: The name roughly translates to “laughing at life” in French

Janice on

What will Jennifer Aniston’s signature fragrance smell like anyway? Disappointment and bitterness?

Penut on

I don’t think buying decision should be based on “tired of hearing about stars” it’s about whether you think it sounds like a good item to buy…all stars are overly heard about at one point or another & she’s actually a decent star not one too crazy but not too boring…
I THINK the item sounds good I’m not into strong scents either so I will try it! GO JEN!

Tixona on

I don’t care who endorses what or who makes it, if I like it I wear it.

Vanessa on

H*ll to the no.

baby girl on

I have read all the comments, and I so agree with the people who are saying to the ones putting jen down, why r u reading the article then? What difference does it make if a celebrity comes out with a fragrance of their own. They wanted to try something different, just as we like to try different things to make our lives more prosperous, exciting etc. We all have to try different things r we would all be in therapy for boredom!
If it was put out by some of the perfume giants who solely do perfume, then it’s no different, most r filthy rich from doing just that, making perfume!!
Any new fragrance is a least worth a spray from the tester bottle… Wear for a few hours see how it last and smells, then, if u like it, make the choice if u want to invest in a bottle or not, if not, all that is lost is ur time it took to pick up and spray a little on ur wrist.
Remember, the perfume does not make the lady, the lady makes the perfume the unique way it smells, by adding her own body chemistry. So, celebrity or not without ur own body chemistry no perfume is complete…

Nan on

I like a light, natural perfume so I will try it.
It’s is the product you are buying but I like Jen.

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hmmm on

How embarrassing. She needs to take a LOOOONG break

Judy Wolfberg on

We’ve been hearing so much about the scoundrel men lately: Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, and others. Hearing about Jennifer Aniston is delightful.

There are those who say, “Enough Jen already.” My advice, then don’t buy the magazines with her face on the cover, don’t read the articles about her, and don’t buy her perfume. It’s all your choice. I, for one, am a big fan of hers. I’m old enough to be her mother but I love reading about her anyway.

To those who criticize Jen for putting her name on a perfume, SO WHAT? You don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Suzanne on

Won’t buy it. What is the purpose of this perfume?
Doesn’t a person already smell “naturally clean” after a shower and don’t women like to smell nice and feminine? Very disappointed that she has decided this as her signature fragrance.

Diane on

Does this self-centered Hollyweird star ever do anything useful with her money and time? The world absolutely does NOT need another celebrity fragrance…it’s tiome to grow up Jennifer and do something worthwhile with your life!

Maybe that’s what Brad finds so appealing about Angelina, a woman who uses her fame & fortune to promote humane interests around the world…not a 2 bit bottle of perfume!

ves on

Sure,exited already since i read about it! hope soon

courtney on

the name of the perfume will be “desperate for brad”

amy on

she could learn a lot from angelina jolie.

Julian on

I want one!

Delana on

If I like the scent, then I will buy it. I never in a million years thought Jennifer Lopez would market great perfume, and she does. I am obsessed with “Live.”

Lucy Ray on

I have lived in London for the past 2 1/2 years and am coming
home for good in September, home to Seattle.
I think Jennifer Aniston is the cat’s meow. Love her.
You better believe I will be standing at the front door of Harrods
when her scent is released. I can hardly wait!

Hattie on

No how, no way, not in a million years.

Celyn on

Chloe ur jst jealous

Kristen on

What’s next? A fragrance endorsed by Kate Gosselin?

Mary on

You bet I’ll buy it as soon as it comes out in the

Carolyn on

I love perfume, so I will be curious to smell this one. I like light fragrances, nothing sweet or floral. But, I wonder why She is launching this in the UK instead of the USA. And, I would like to also find out if this is a USA product or another country? Just curious. So far, I have not been impressed with celebrity fragrances, but I will be interested in checking it out at the fragrance counter.

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Hayley on

Good business move. I’ll try it.

Busy Bee Blogger – Celebrity Gossip can be sweet! on

[…] Images by Fashionista Quotes via People […]

Pam on

She’s launching it there because she’ll probably get more ‘buzz’ than here. As someone said, she is so overexposed it’s really ridiculous.
I prefer Chanel perfumes, or the ultimate,Thierry Mugler Angel. lucious. I’d have to have a wiff of a ‘non-perfume perfume’ to figure out what this ditz is talking about. ha! Will there be free samples?

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Anita Willett on

I would love to try…is there some give away gifts to go with

ron on

if she was selling buckets of poop I would buy it yum yum

Izzy on

Sure, and like SJP it will be something that represents her. Something appealing; airy, fresh, beachy, laid-back…additionally her amazing hair, her positivity, and sense of style…lol

Ned Walker on

I will probably buy some for a lady friend. I would buy anything that smells or taste like Jennifer Aniston. She’s delicious.

neil on

They should call the perfume FALIC , get my drift?

Katie on

Absolutely would wear it. We all have our own taste in the what we wear, whether it be clothes, perfume… I can’t wait to give it a try. Here’s wishing Jennifer all the best. I think you is a genuinely good person, and would take care on what is put into her perfume.

Rose on

It just seems right Jen would choose to be involved in the process and want a clean, natural scent — she is just that type of gal. I just can’t wait to try it. What took so long for this to happen???

lana on

I’ve been waiting for it. I am curious. So yes..i would buy it. I hope ot smells good.Beter be!!!

Jada on

I only wear one signature scent. But, I may have to check out this perfume. I like Jen and wish her all the happiness and success this world can bring to her.

Janny on

I hope that her fragrance smells yummy… I love perfumes and can’t wait to see the bottling and smell the scent…also people don’t be haters!!!

Laura B on

Hiii people!! Do you know the exact date when Lolavie will be launched??? I feel an extremely love and affection for Jennifer Aniston and I’ve been waiting till this moment for ages!! I’m sure Lolavie will be great!!!

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Harriette Katsbulas on

There has been a lot of mean remarks about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the internet of late. I consider she looks great, especially after losing a couple of pounds.

Kerrie on

Disappointed overseas first….would love to try it during summer -in the US.

Addilico on

Oh my goodness..people are so I love Jennifer Aniston, she seems genuine and who cares if she wants to do a fragrance. Haters..shame on you..jealousy and envy are not good qualities to possess. I’ll definitely be buying it if I like the smell..Go Jen

Kely on

Jennifer Aniston has such an envious style, I’m sure her scent will be as classic and carefree as she is. I’d absolutely wear it!

Ceali on

Definitely looking forward to trying her new fragrance when it hits the U.S.
Keep up the good work Jennifer!

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