EXCLUSIVE: The Scoop on Carrie Underwood's Sexy Tour Looks

04/12/2010 at 09:30 AM ET

PEOPLE Country

When it came to costumes for her “Play On” tour, Carrie Underwood was more than ready to shake up her good girl image with some seriously sexy looks. The country star called upon So You Think You Can Danceand American Idol resident costume designer Soyon An to help her create a smoldering stage look–including the opening act’s super-tight, black spandex catsuit.  “She starts off with a white jacket on the top, and then she takes that off to reveal the Swarovski crystal criss-cross halter,” Soyon tells PEOPLE. While this sparkling catsuit may seem more J.Lo than Carrie, Soyon says that simply isn’t so.  “She’s very fashion forward and very open to different types of clothing,” says the designer. “She wasn’t intimidated at all–she was ready for it. It’s a tough look but it’s her attitude–and obviously she’s got the body for it.” And to add an extra glam touch, Soyon designed a guitar strap encrusted with Swarovski crystals. “I designed [it] to match all three outfits in the [opening] segment. It was a very black-and-white formal and girly feeling.” Carrie wears a total of 14 separate costumes and 29 different looks throughout her “Play On” tour designed by Soyon, who got a major vote of confidence from the star. “[Carrie] is really fun to dress. She was very trusting,” says Soyon. “She was like, ‘You are in charge of my clothes and I want to focus on my music.'” For more on Carrie’s tour costumes, pick up the new PEOPLE Country issue on newsstands now.–reporting by Eileen Finan


PEOPLE Country

PEOPLE Country

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Anonymous on

[…] […]

Jon on

That’s nice, I liked the sketch!

ellen on

she is so blessed, not only musically but she is such a beautiful, kind and spiritually lovely lady

Dudvillas on

All that selling of “sex” and Taylor Swift is still kicking her butt. LOL you don’t need to sell sex but it’s nice that one can fall back on that when they need to.

Meg on

plays into sensitive subjects in her songs-God, single parents, etc. to get her songs on the radio. has a great voice but losing 30lbs. after idol is why she’s here: she does whatever her record label tells her to do, ie: publicity stunts, inappropriate clothing-very different than her songs about her ‘faith’ on good morning america i saw her with the shortest skirt i’ve ever seen-it was 9 o’clock in the morning!

American Idol – American Idol News » Idol Headlines for 04/12/10 on

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Lisa on

I think Carrie is beautiful…. I don’t think she is here because she lost 30lbs. She has an amazing voice.

melissa on

It’s so obvious that she’s trying to change her image…but why? She’ll never be the “tough girl” type…Country already has that covered fantastically! She can’t compete with ML’s talent either!! Sure she’s beautiful and skinny but she looks ridiculously “made up”! Stick with what you know…

Kylie on

Just plain HOT, no matter what she’s wearing. It helps that she’s modest, down to earth, shy and beautiful.

natalie jones on

WOW!!! are yall really hating on her because of a damn outfit…seriosly?? does her being christian mean she has to wear matronly clothes all the time…get real. she is gorgeous and she has a set of pipes that make taylor swift look like a joke!! quit being so judgmental!!!!

Hi on

Carrie Underwood is so dorky. She does not fit the look she is trying to pull off. I am so embarrassed for her.

Gigi on

Love me some Carrie Underwood!!! It’ so nice to see a down to earth girl with talent as well as beauty who remains unspoiled and has stayed away from the Hollywood pitfalls. She’s a wonderful role model for young women and girls.

ashley on

she can outsing Taylor Swift in her sleep. she’s beautiful and what does being a Christian have to do with wearing a particular style of clothing? judgmental “Christians,” you guys crack me up.

granna on

She’s beautiful! She’s also sexy without being raunchy! Don’t see anything wrong with that. She does have an amazing voice and can sing….more than I can say for that tween queen Taylor Swift. Her “live” voice sounds like fingernails going down a chalkboard! Taylor is a fad! Carrie is here for the long haul if she chooses. Don’t even compare the two! Look at Gretchen Wilson…she was selling like hotcakes and in demand everywhere and now she can’t even get her songs in the top ten.

granna on

Chesney sure is looking old, but still acting & singing like a college boy. In every photo his eyes are always squinting.

CAT on

WOW….I just saw her in concert last Friday…she is incredible and the show was fantastic!!!!
Prob one of the best concerts I have ever been too…
She is beautiful…inside and out…..
All her outfits were amazing and once again…..she is AWESOME!!!!!

Stephanie on

You go Kellie Jones.
You ROCK Carrie. All you haters need to learn how to be nice. Nice people are more appreciated than haters. No one likes a hater.

Frederika on

I do agree that her image change is probably due to her PR team and various management..but you know what, who cares? It can’t be argued that she has a wonderful voice, and appears to be a sweet, down-to-earth girl..Personally, I don’t care if she shows up in sweatpants, its her voice that’s is remarkable.

Melanie on

I attended a CU concert just three days ago. To say that she can’t compete with Miranda Lambert’s talent is ridiculous. I like Miranda, too. I saw her in concert just a couple of years ago. Miranda has a rocker edge, and she was entertaining, but she doesn’t have the powerful vocals that CU has. Carrie’s concert was incredible. The girl can sing.

GUY101 on

I agree with Natalie Jones, she is so beautiful and can sing just as beautifuly. There is no comparison between her and Taylor Swift. Taylor has never hit a note. Meg and Dudvillas, you are both jealous of what she has, she is here because of her voice not because she lost 30lbs. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. GO CARRIE !!!!!

megan on

Did I really just read comments that are hating on Carrie Underwood? Did they really say Taylor Swift can sing better? I’m in AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

GUY101 on

me too Megan, me too !!! I cannot believe people compare them, they should be comparing Taylor to Miley Cyrus and not Carrie.

Jennifer on

I went to both Taylor and Carrie’s concerts. While Carrie is the better singer, I found Taylor’s concert much more enjoyable and entertaining. She’s much better in concert than she is on live TV.

Not me on

Carrie U really is not any better than Taylor swift they are both a fad. The syle change is really out of character and i agree it’s embarrassing for her.

Stacy Lanning on

I am going to her concert April 14, 2010. I cannot wait to see it. I was a big fan when she was on American Idol…. Go Carrie!!!!

Anne on

Why the need for such judgmental comparisons at all? Both Carrie and Taylor, as well as Miranda Lambert, have proven themselves successful and talented. There are choices here for everyone. Diff’rnt strokes for diff’rnt folks! My personal preference is Carrie Underwood. She sings beautifully and never misses a note. I think she’s both beautiful inside as well as outside. I wish her well in every endeavor she takes on.

kandy on

Beautiful girl, lovely voice, but can see the morals slowly going down hill.

Becky on

Carrie always looks flawless. She’s a real beauty and has kept a good clean reputation. She’s had to endure public breakups and never showed a bitter side. Her voice is amazing, and I respect that she broke into the music industry based on talent and not because she was in a popular kid’s show or because her parents are famous. She’s a good role model to young girls.

Irene on

I know Carrie loves to sing all kind of songs. As for clothes she likes to try different styles. I like the way she dresses for the song. I really love the variety…she is here to stay for along time. Her vocals are great and she is a great person, I have met her several times, an she does love her fans !!

StyleNews on

Taylor is not a fad. I don’t see how anyone can think that. She’s swept the CMT’s in 2008, 2009 and has a third chance to do it in 2010. If she’s a fad, then I’m sure every entertainer would like to be a fad like that. Carrie underwood is making headlines for her sex selling tour outfits. She can’t be a role model for women by selling her body out like that. I know she had to do something to try to remain relevant with Taylor and all but comeon, stop making a fool of yourself. Carrie can sing but even she knows her singing is not enough to keep her relevant. Sorry Carrie this isn’t going to work for long.

Kristin on

Carrie looks absolutely gorgeous in all of her tour outfits!! This girl can pull off any look. She is such a sweet girl with morals and self respect and that is what I love about her. People that say negative things about her are only jealous!

Gretchen on

Oh please people!!! She is miles and miles away from being like a Britney Spears, as far as her concert wardrobe goes! I have seen this tour live three times already and I can tell you that everything is in good taste and she doesn’t show too much of anything! No cleavage and when she’s wearing short dresses, you can tell and she has even told the audience that she’s wearing spandex underneath. She has the best voice in country music and she is FANTASTIC live. She can sing and perform circles around Taylor any day.

CarrieU#1fan on

I love how you all hating on Carrie ate making up all these things to why she’s famous and being “embarrassed” for her, and comparing her to tswift!? wow.. first of all there is NO conparrison between Carrie & Taylor. Carrie’s gorgeous and has a voice that makes taylor look like a complete joke to all music. Any normal person clearly sees every reason to why she’s famous.. her talent is unbelievable! and to say she isn’t a “good Christian” shouldn’t even come up. you all obviously have noo room what so ever to judge anyones faith. & to say your “so embarrassed” for her is rediculous. she looks amazing in everything she wears! she’s the absolute Perfect role model for all girls and you all are jealous bc taylor will never have talent close to the level of Carrie’s talent. it’s you very few people against the rest of the world (:

jen on

VERY cute, but I must say I see a pattern of celeb singers taking on closer and closer looks of Lady Gaga, not as outrageous but more OUT there.

Lexi on

omg some of you people are insane. How the heck is Carrie “selling sex” by wearing spandex and dresses? She’s not changing her image at all. you are all just jealous of all the success Carrie has accomplished and will continue to. If you like it or not, Carrie will be around for a LONG time because of her amazing vocals and humble personality.

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Lily on


You are joking me, right? Taylor Swift, a barely 20- year old candy- coated pop/ country star is “kicking her butt”? I understand that it may appear to be the case as Taylor Swift is fairly new, and Carrie has been owning this field for years now, but Taylor swift is ANYTHING but kicking Carrie Underwood’s butt. She sang your national anthem at the Super Bowl, she has sold more albums than any past idol winner in America, she has won countless Grammy’s and Entertainer Of The Year Awards, has had WAY more number one singles than Taylor Swift will ever have, and she has a voice that makes her snoring sound better than Taylor’s best song. Now don’t get my wrong, I love Taylor Swift. I love her for her personality and ability to be genuine and down to earth amidst all this fame. However, Taylor Swift will NEVER be in the same league as Carrie Underwood.
As well, do you really believe that she is relying on sex appeal to sell albums and concert tickets? The fact that she is naturally pretty and has an amazing sense of style has nothing to do with the fact that the entire world loves her. I would love to see how you dress if you honestly believe she is “selling sex”… whatever that means.

Go open Youtube, my friend, and search her live shows. I urge you to go look up her most recent shows during her Play On tour, as well as her first live appearances, and you’ll see that not only has she stayed the same amazing, genuine person with fabulous values since the beginning, her voice gives you goosebumps within seconds of the opening note. And I can say that from experience, having seen her live.

Carrie is the best singer of this decade, and Taylor Swift should be lucky to even be in the same auditorium as her at awards shows.

Mike on

Dudvillas- Taylor Swift is the worst singer in the history of music. She cannot sing on key to save her life.

So no, Taylor is NOT kicking Carrie’s butt. Carrie sings circles around Taylor and everyone knows it. The Tween frenzy with tonedeaf Taylor will eventually end, and the only person left standing will be Carrie, because Talent (Carrie)outlasts teen fads…which is what Taylor is.

Link Time!!! | My.BuzzCritic.com on

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Exclusive Scoop on Carrie Underwood’s Sexy Tour Looks | Sex Video on

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Ariel on

Love Carrie’s costumes! This tour is amazing..top notch! Carrie’s voice is the best in country! I have never seen anyone sing live better than Carrie! I can see why she is the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist. No one can really compare to her vocals!

Jenna on

Carrie is so beautiful..inside and out! The costumes for the tour look great. The Play On tour is great! She is an awesome artist with a wonderful and amazing voice!

Kiki on

If Carrie wants to dress sexy, fine. But she needs to stop singing about God and her faith because she’s going into sex symbol territory. You can’t have it both ways. Either your hot and sing songs about sex and worldly matters or you cover up and keep singing about God and faith. These are some of the things that make Christians come across as annoying and hypocritical. That’s why it’s best to keep your faith to yourself because that way when you decide to sell your sexuality nobody will seriously call you on it. It must be a Southern thing that women talk about God and Jesus up and down and then dress and act like hoochies (I once lived in the South). Case in point: Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

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[…] as ever. Now, though, it seems like she’s done a major overhaul in the wardrobe department. Like the catsuit she opens the show with. It is the creation of costume designer Soyon An. “She starts off with a white jacket on the […]

Liam on

Kiki, Carrie doesn’t sing about sex!! Tell me, which of her songs are about sex???? Please get that through your head.

Lynn on

She is a young woman who wants to try new things. She’s still growing as an artist. I love her voice and her songs. More power to her. She is a great representative of country music.

The Catsuit Is Just the Beginning of Carrie Underwood Show - Carrie Underwood Fans on

[…] as ever. Now, though, it seems like she's done a major overhaul in the wardrobe department. Like the catsuit she opens the show with. It is the creation of costume designer Soyon An. "She starts off with a white jacket on the […]

D on

The costume is nice

D on

I’ll bet Jon liked the sketch! I’ll always know

D on

I think it’s disrespectful and degrading for ones “sigificant” supposedly other, to make comments about other women….publicly or otherwise….what a shame people have to hurt other people and not care.

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