Jessica Simpson's Makeup and Photoshop-Free Cover Shoot

04/07/2010 at 11:50 AM ET

Courtesy Marie Claire

Since her infamous ‘mom jeans’ debacle which caused a major buzz months back, Jessica Simpson has been out to challenge the concept of beauty–and she’s taking her boldest step yet by going totally makeup-free on the cover of Marie Claire. “I don’t have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business,” The Price of Beauty star says of what prompted her to show the real her, even air-drying her hair for the shoots. Inspired by her own A Beautiful Me initiative, which encourages women to be comfortable in their skins, Jessica is the first to admit that while she feels confident showing off a totally natural look, it doesn’t mean she’s through with changing up her look. “If I’m in a mood to go out and feel hot and sexy, I want long hair that I can feel on my back. But I also like bed head,” she says. Tell us: What do you think of Jessica as a fresh-faced cover-girl? –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester

Courtesy Marie Claire

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Delana on

There’s no denying that Jessica is a beautiful girl. But true confidence comes from within, it’s great to see that she has seemingly grabbed a hold of that.

Lisa on

Love it!

Melissa on

I love it. She looks beautiful.Delana has it absolutely right.

john beaner on

that aint her!!!

l on

Good for her!

Anissa on

Maybe she’ll try the more natural look from now on (and look better), though the part I like best about the cover is it’s a real smile and not her “look I’m sexy” one. Oh and not to be mean, but the no photoshopping bit would be more effective if they actually showed more of her body and not just a basic headshot…

Roxana on

She’s a beautiful woman no matter what she wears and Delana, you’re totally right. I still don’t get how a trully talented singer like Jessica has to talk only about her weight. I can understand her frustation as base of her low self esteem; it seems to improve with the years though

kay on

she looks great

Elizabeth on

I’ve always thought she looks much prettier without all the make-up on. you can see the real her. and good for her showing us that the notion of beauty is different for everyone.

DB on

She is a beautiful person inside and out, but that is not make-up free, unless she has had her eyeliner tattooed and eyelashes inhanced and I guess she wet her lips to make them shiny.

wilyfem on

Oh please! It’s very obvious she is wearing blush, lip goss and mascara. She’s wearing makeup all right. It may be lighter than normal, and good for her (she looks better that way), but she is most certainly wearing makeup.

Julia on

She indeed looks very beautiful, but I’m sorry, she IS wearing make-up on the cover, she has on base, blush, lip gloss and eyeliner, it’s very obvious.

mciver on

so gorgeous. I love REAL beauty.

Stephanie on

Yes, she’s stunning without makeup on, and I applaud her! But if she’s not wearing fake eyelashes in that top photo I’ll give you my next paycheck. So totally cheating.

Morgan on

She still has makeup on!!!!!! and so what she air dried her hair!

bea on

I think its great! she really seems to be getting herself on a much higher level of maturity kudos to her! I never cared much for her, but seeing her on VH1 about different culture of what is beautiful, really makes me glad she is who she is.
Keep up the good work Jessica!

flower on

She’s a pretty girl… but it looks like she’s wearing mascara and a little blush to me.

Liz on


Andrea on

She looks more beautiful being natural.

Ashley on

You can’t even see her face, it’s covered in hair.

And she is for sure wearing makeup in the cover shoot.

LisalovesAmelie on

She looks best this way.

Pattie on

Jessica is one of those women you love to hate – beautiful with or without makeup. You go Jessica!!

andrea on

she’s gorgeous without makeup!! that girl doesn’t need to wear makeup ever. i love that she is encouraging women to be comfortable with their looks b/c so many people are so self conscious these days b/c we compare ourselves to celebrities and we always are wanting more. i love that the natural look is in, and i love that jessica simpson just simply doesn’t care what people think anymore.

Meredith on

Sorry Jessica, not makeup free. I see mascara and eyeliner, i’m i’m willing to bet blush and bronzer as well. So call it what it is, the natural makeup look. But this is not no makeup.

Darlene on

Jessica is clearly wearing eyeliner below her eyes and possibly on her eyelid. Also, she’s wearing lip gloss. I still think she’s beautiful.

Irina on

how lame it is that it says on the cover “No Make up, No retouching” when she is still wearing make up, just way less, I agree theres definitely eyeliner and mascara there and possibly lipgloss as well, plus either she is wearing base or there has been retouching used, either way this is not how she looks without make up, i dont think any magazine will put someone on their cover with no make up at all and no retouching

ec on

She is infinitely more beautiful without makeup… the racoon eye-makeup she usually sports is nearly as tragic as Avril Levine’s.

ellen on

her boobs look huge and kind of low (natural for big and real)in the first shot and more up and at em’ in the second are you sure nothing was done? She does look very earthy and real though and bravo I think ALL celebs should show their REAL selves let younger girls see that it’s o.k. to be you life is not smoke and mirrors!

shannyp on

i love the pic, i love the project, and i love her attitude. she “gets it”.

Laura on

I think Jessica is gorgeous inside an out. She is a true role model. While celebs are usually glorified and made out to be “perfect”, she is ok with showing her flaws in order to make other women become empowered with who they are. I used to struggle with weight, much like Jessica, and realized the only way to truly enjoy my life is to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. She has made me love my body, and made me see there’s nothing wrong with not being a size 2. Because at the end of the day, true beauty comes from within and no one else can tell you that but yourself.

Tbop on

You really expect us to believe that is her without makeup? Were we born yesterday. Look at her eyes, eyeliner and mascara aren’t concidered makeup anymore. Jessica, get a real life so I don’t have to watch you on tv.

Britt on

Good for Jess! She looks great.

Maybe a few dubious career moves as of late, but I’m still a fan. I do miss ye ole Newlyweds days, though!

selene on

granted she looks so much better with the “natural” look, but she can’t preach about being comfortable in your own skin yet if she just has to have that last bit of makeup. false lashes are still make up too.

Elizabeth on

Jessica looks gorgeous — young, fresh & sexy. I’m all for using makeup to define and enhance, but I’ve always felt she went overboard. Now I see I was right. She looks much better without it. Now THAT’s real beauty.

Mona on

I think she looks great – with our without makeup!

Mike on

I agree she still looks very good, but I don’t agree (no matter how many women say) she looks better without makeup. She looks closer to average maybe. Anyone that thinks she looks better needs to make an appointment with their eye doctor. She is drop dead gorgeous in makeup, not to mention a real “Texas Sweetheart”.

Connie on

Um, anyone that buys that she is completely without makeup is wrong. Clearly,something is on her cheeks, lashes and lips. Does she look better than ever, yes, but, makeupless? not so much. I’ve yet to see a photo shoot of someone in pop culture or the like truly have pics take by choice without makeup. Look closer and get back to me.

Debbie on

I think she looks better!!

julie on

Shes looking fabulous! Although even with the mom jeans I always thought she was gorgeous! Im glad that she has more confidence now though. And SHAME on the paparazzi and gossip mags for spewing so much hate! So happy things are finally turning around for her! Go Jess!!!

Diane on

Both pictures are beautiful BUT….. that is not her. Take a look at the chins in both pictures and look at the eye real carefully.

B on

Love it, she looks great!!

Ben Dover on

Glad I’m not waking up next to her in the morning.

daniela on

Sorry, she’s wearing makeup. Albeit just a little but she’s still wearing it. She looks good tho and prefer her with LESS makeup.

Lena on

She has always been a pretty woman. Now, I am glad that she sees that as well.

sophia on

I see eyeliner, fake eyelashes then coated by mascara, lip gloss for shiny lips, eyebrow filler, foundation and loose foundation powder, concealer for undereye circle and light peach blush for cheek. How’s that make-up free? At best it’s a fresh-faced style of make up.

Denise on

I’m a fan of hers, but let’s not lead people on! She’s not make-up free in this photo. Very misleading!

Chanin on

I have alsway thought she is SOOOOOOOOOO much prettier WITHOUT all the make-up! She’s such a cute girl!!

Barbara on

Wonderful. About time some of these lovely ladies show that they don’t need air-brushing, and all of the phony things they use to look gorgeous. What a difference in Oprah in person and on her magazines..such a sham. This is a refreshing idea, and I hope it catches on. After all, we the public are not stupid, to think they all roll out of bed looking drop-dead gorgeous. Now, this is a real role model for my grand daughters and others. I admire her more each day.

dan on

She looks great. any guy who says otherwise is bs’ing himself. I love when women don’t wear make up. My wife goes makeup free 98% of the time and I prefer it. Natural beauty is the way to go.

Connie on

I am so inspired by Jessica- it is about time that all of us women feel good about ourselves.

Stella on

OK I love Jessica Simpson. But why do they say Sans makeup… They put light makeup on her u can totally tell. There is a pic of her with Ken and she has no makeup in that one. She is beautiful the magazine editors need to get it right…..

Lisa D'Ambrosio on

I think doing her show “The Price of Beauty” has opened her eyes and given her more inner confidence! Way to go Jessica! Don’t listen to the jealous haters!

Lissette on

She’s a naturally pretty girl. I’ve always thought she looked better without makeup. She’s very lucky! The only thing about this article that gets to me is that it’s obvious some makeup was used in these shots.

Jessica Key on

I never was really that advid of a Jessica Simpson fan as I was one of those people who thought she was just another popstar! I always thought she was really pretty though…now from this I not only think she is beautiful from the inside out, but I respect her now! I know she is a person of substance and that is what makes me love her! I hope she continues to be blessed with this newfound innerpeace and joy that she so deserves! Love you J!

J on

She has makeup on!!!

Holly on

well it’s obvious that she is wearing blush and mascara.. but as far as the rest of her face who can tell how she really looks with all of that hair in her face.

Joan on

Jessica looks great! It’s a shame from Hollywood to the smallest of towns we’re inindated from the media to be something that we’re not. Jessica is getting older and with age comes wisdom. You go Girl!!

Katie on

pretty pictures… but NOT make up free??! There is no way this girl is not wearing eye make up at the very least. no need to deceive.

Linda on

She is so pretty! I think she should go for natural like this more often!

ap on

DB, she probably had make up on when she went to the shoot, and it all didn’t come off when they cleaned her face. That’s happened to me before. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous.

S Ayre on

She look great, confidence comes from within and it shows. You go for it girl.

danielle on

I think she is so beautiful, inside and out! I’m glad she is embracing her body and is showing such confidence!

Chrissy on

She looks beautiful! Love this initiative and example that she is setting for everyone.

Chris on

I agree with DB. This is not a makeup-free look. It was either makeup-free and retouched, or makeup and no retouching. But certainly not both.

Shiloh on

I love it! I think every magazine cover girl should do this!

jb on

Sorry, I’m not a Jessica fan, but wouldn’t it be a nice change if, just once, she could take a picture without her double-D’s exposed? Who cares about the makeup – most 29 year olds look great without makeup. Big deal.

christin on

she is always jessica to me,beautiful as ever regardless of what bad publiciti she gets.commom the girl needs a break,she is cool.

stephanie on

She looks so much younger without all the make-up. I think she looks lovely.

Becky on

I like the natural look, but she is definitely wearing make up. Her new show “Price of Beauty” sends a good message. Some people will do anything to feel beautiful, but if we love ourselves and take care of ourselves, we are beautiful.

Dawn on

Clearly, she has make up on (I’ve seen her without make up)…why lie?…she’s a pretty girl…

kristen on

While I give Jessica great props for this, I’d bet my life that the photos were re-touched, even if it were without her knowledge. Look at all the others who have claimed to been all natural, only to find out the editors secretly retouched the photos.

Beautful woman anyway.

Lacy on

I am sincerely impressed with Jessica’s decision to be bold and beautiful in her own, natural skin. I think if more celebrities followed this movement, we could solve a lot of problems with women and their false ideas of what beauty really is. I was never a fan of Jessica, but that is starting to change in a big way. I see she is a normal person like the rest of us who struggles with criticism and self-esteem.

Go Jessica! You are beautiful and I love your new approach!

Tracy on

She clearly has colored lip gloss or stain on. No one’s lips are that color pink.

Jackie on

She looks awesome.. Much better then the blond fake hair and fake tan look that she use to sport. Much more classy looking..

Nancy on

I’m glad that she’s finally discovered where her true beauty lies.

cee froestier on

interesting that it’s hyped about her being no makeup, etc. Perhaps that top picture is au naturel, but I’m telling you there’s no way that the cover shot is without makeup. So why not? If that’s what the story is about, why is the cover shot with makeup and good lighting, etc? Almost like false advertising if you ask em.

jennifer on

For once someone in Hollywood grabs the concept that beauty is from within. Therefore the need to impress the world is just a public show. Yeah for you Jessica!

Ray Larabee on

She’s gorgeous! Who needs makeup?

Kadlyn on

I think what she is doing is really cool and I think she is beautiful no matter what.

Amy on

I L.O.V.E. the shot of her with the braid. So beautiful; and I’m so glad she is growing in to her own self [confidence]. It’s Time Girl!

Kym on

I think Jessica looks beautiful!!! Folks are going OVERBOARD with this glamour stuff…gotta be a size 1, long hair, even toned…just a shame…

Jessica is taking a stand, finally someone with brains and not just beauty!

Danyiel on

I love it. She looks great in both pictures, way to go Jessica!!!

lou on

Pretty, love it.
BUT… she does have makeup on, mascara and lipgloss and eyeliner.
But she look great!

Barb on

Love the photo…think she looks more beautiful without makeup.

CG on

She and her photographer couldn’t feel that confident in how she looks without makeup, or they wouldn’t have covered up her face with all that hair!

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Lady Di on

It’s very sad that even with all that she has been put through because of the “mom jeans” situation and with all the effort she’s shown in her show to demonstrate to people how hard it is for women tho show their real selves she needs to put a bit of makeup on a “photo shop and make up FREE session”. You can only see a headshot, not a full body image and she is wearing makeup, it’s obvious! So, I don’t think she’s matured at all or accepted herself just as she is. She’s cheating us viewers and herself.

ellly on

If you look close, she does have mascara on and what looks to be like eye liner so sorry but I dont believe she is totally make up free….it’s too obvious

Tiki B on

dang , she looks like a white Mariah !
Id hit that !

Jeanine on

With or without make up she is stunning!

Annie on

She definitely has a little make on, mascara and lip gloss for sure.

lolo on

so pretty!

QuinnR on

Jessica is a beautiful girl, with or without makeup. I’m so glad she has decided to like HERSELF, regardless of what the rag mags say. After all, THAT’s the person you have to live with ALL THE TIME.

amity smith on

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How frecken cares!!!

amanda on

natural beauty is always prettier than make-up, she looks great.

KC on

Beautiful. This is the most beautiful I’ve seen her in a long time!

Lori on

She looks great…finally nice to see someone looking like a normal person

KJC on

Absolutely beautiful girl – but yes, she is wearing makeup to a shoot that is claiming to be makeup free.
…and to the poster who said she probably had makeup on before coming to the shoot, and just didn’t take it all off – what a silly idea for 2 reasons: 1) They obviously would have made sure to take it all off if they are promoting a ‘make up free shoot’, these professionals know what they are doing. 2) Why the heck would she put makeup on before going to a photoshoot to begin with!? Nobody does that, whether you are going to be wearing makeup in your photos or not. You go in an empty canvass, and let the makeup artists do the work!

Jen DC on

If she continues NOT to look to the public for validation, she should be fine. The problem really stems from the (I think) the fact that from such a young age, her self-esteem became wrapped up in the public eye. Whether her father had anything to do with that – and I think the way he motivated her to perform and look good and play the innocent all the time may have – she’s now an adult and has to stand (or fall) on her own. I never thought she was that talented a singer, but she had the contracts, the magazine covers and the tv shows so there is nothing standing in the way of continued success other than herself.

She chooses to talk about her weight – no one is making her. Her sister seems to have the stronger personality in that sense – you never hear about her worrying about what other people think of her hair or her butt or even her nose job for that matter. Maybe it’s because she was never the “cute” one and she was the younger sister who had to make her own way out of Jessica’s shadow. I don’t know. But Jessica needs to stop worrying about what people think of her and realize that at the end of the day, she’s got to satisfy herself first.

T on

I wished I looked like that with messy hair and no makeup! Think how much money I could save! You go Jess!!!

Colleen H on

most beautiful cover you have ever done! Good for your magazine, good for Jessica, good for women everywhere!

miapocca on

That so not true SHE HAS ON MAKEUP…anyone who saw her on the reality show knows that she has no color in her eyebrows…why does she insist on lying ..please go deal with your insecurities in other way other than lying..

Andrea on

I LOVE IT! She looks stunning “untouched”

Jennifer on

I think she has makeup on in both pics. And, that’s no bed-head either. Just my two cents.

Mike D on

Nice set of jugs

Laurie on

Natural is nice. Jessica looks great!

Ollie on

Umm, are you blind? She IS wearing makeup! Strategically placed and tastefully simple, but makeup none the less. Mascara, cheek color, some sort of lip stain, and likely some sort of foundation or concealer. Stop trying to trick us!

Donna on

Total BS! She’s defininitely got some eye makeup on.

JB on

Beautiful, but I agree with DB…has makeup on. Fake eyelashes I guess don’t count as makeup. Still there is makeup on, she just has a natural look done with her makeup.
It is too bad she didn’t do the real thing and go sans makeup because she would still be beautiful.

RDU on

I find it very interesting that there is a clear difference between what the men think of these shots and women. The women find it beautiful to be natural and the men are saying that it makes a gorgeous woman average. I understand the attraction to natural beauty but she’s barely turning heads in public looking like this. With make-up on, guys stop what they are doing.

jjac401 on

She has always been very beautiful! She looks even better au natural!

Ayana S on

It’s natural looking but she definitely has a makeup on, look at her fake lashes.
She is beautiful regardlessly.

Vicki on

She’s beautiful.

Penny on

I think she looks great in both pictures! I don’t wear makeup ofen myself.

sonya on

she is a beautiful woman. i thinks she looks great with or without make up. but im telling you she has a very small amount of make up on. like the others said unless she has tattooed eyeliner and enhanced eyelashes. either way she looks GREAT!!

Crystal on

I love the natural look, i think she is beautiful and that every female is beautiful all natural and should accept who they are

h on

I’m concerned about her decision…Hollywood…but I tip my hat at her boldness.

Kathy on

She looks very pretty with or without but then I always thought she was a pretty woman!!

Tamera on

I’m sorry but she does have some sort of make up on. That frackle/mole (whatever you wanna call it) is way darker. You see in this picture it’s lighter. If you watch her show on the episode where they are in Africa and they have the camera in her face when the bug is in her hair you can see just how dark it is. I love Jessica to death for who she is and I think she IS beautiful but this picture does not depict that NATURAL look. Even in the picture above the cover shot they are darker.

Amy on

she looks alot better like this!!

Cathy on

Absolutely stunning the “bed head picture” is fantastic, I actually like it more than the cover picture!

Marie on

I think she looks great, she is beautiful with or without make up.

Tonya on

Why is hair covering half her face?
I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t have mascara or eyeliner on.

rK on

looks better with makeup. she looks dumpy and fat.

Megums on

What a load of BS. She’s wearing make-up…it’s just no piled on like usual. If a magazine EVER showed a truly unretouched, absolutely make-up free actress/mnodel/whatever on a cover, people would be shocked. It would also be revolutionary because people would finallt realize NO ONE looks perfect without help of some kind.

Norman on

I hope she has started a trend. Jessica is a very gorgeous young lady and her and many others should not hide the God given Beauty for NO ONE !!

j on

She is stunning. Good for her!!! Take that, Mom jeans. :)

jojo on

i’m confused because it looks like she’w wearing eyeliner, gloss and blush..hmm “sans makeup” clearly needs to be defined to her and the magazine

Renee on

Puleeze! If Simpson wants to send a message, lose the fake eyelashes, pose without hair covering half of her face and skip the Photoshopping.

valentina on

she looks gorgeous-good for her. it shows she really does belive in the morals of her show.

db on

She looks so pretty……less is more….all that make-up….looks like a mask….black eyeliner…yuk….moisturizer with color …..curl those lashes and go light with mascara…little lip gloss and not the kind that looks like your slobbering……nothing prettier…..who knew she was a natural beauty…..hope she keeps the look…

KristaDior on

She has makeup on, just not as much as she usually does for the public. I would personally never let my untouched photo reach the covers of a magazine. I think she’s trying to “prove something” with this since she’s admitted to being very self-conscious about her looks. She’s growing up, great.. I personally don’t care.

Pamela on

OK, a little misleading. She IS wearing make-up on the cover, but little or none on the top pic. Also, the cover shot has been photoshopped to hide all the moles. Guess she decided to let the puppies go natural in the top shot too.

Keli on

Dumb idiots they only said make up free on front cover…not the picture above where she IS wearing makeup.

Lisa T on

She looks good but why does it look like she has mascara on?

Cinemarie on

I’m sorry, but that photo of her with all the hair in her face was at least color corrected and stylized, there is no way this shot came out of a camera as is – it has been altered with a computer – so really, this is all a lie! :)

Elda on

she may be beautiful outside but not inside!!

LP on

I think she’s actually much prettier without make-up!

unkl albert on

Jessica is HOT!!! I always think women look better with little or no makeup.

kelly on

she has on make up.
eye liner
lip gloss.
eye concealer.

they are lying to young girls. not cool.

Elda on

anyone that wears dead animals is not beautiful in the inside!!

Joni on

Not a fan of her’s but I think she looks terrific.
Beleive she should go makeup free more often.


Meaghan on

Though I think this natural look is beautiful and suits her very well, I do not believe for a second that she has NO makeup on in these photographs.

If that’s really how she looks without makeup, then she has the lightest/brightest natural undereye, the darkest natural lashline, and the best/most even natural lip color I have seen on a person over the age of 10, ever.

I appreciate the sentiment, but shame on Marie Claire for publishing on their cover that she’s not wearing any makeup. Either she is, or there has been some retouching. No one looks like that naturally… I have never seen such a dark lashline on such a fair-skinned person, and anything who knows a thing about makeup will recognize this.

katknut on

She totally has make-up on!

Angela on

I love the natural look and there’s no doubt she’s a beauty. however, while the shot is clearly not photoshopped or airbrushed, she is definitely wearing make-up (although not much) and her hair has obviously been styled. Nice try Marie Claire.

Pamela on

She’s beautiful inside and out!

Lia on

She looks great..Love it..A big change in star clevage also. Not those two big round melons starring at you. You go Jessica!

manalo1970 on

She is beautiful but it does look like she has mascara, blush and gloss on.

TahoeSunshine on

Now if she can only get rid of her father as her manager, she’ll be in better shape. The man has no shame, exploiting his daughter as a sex symbol. No wonder she’s had a tough love life.
Good Luck to you Jessica.

Amanda on

Wonderful! Goodbye Twiggy! Yaay!!

Michele on

You go girl…You are even more beautiful natural and not all made up. Way to be a pioneer for our generation (No offence Jamie Lee). Congrats on a brave and daring yet coragious move!

Sara on

She looks fat and sloppy.. the “natural” thing is not working … she needs to jump on a treadmill then do a photo shoot
She used to be so cute on newlyweds.. shhe looks like a mess now

Anita on

She looks gorgeous. This is how we all look when we are not playing dress-up. We all have thousands of different faces but in the end, this is how we really are.

Hollie on

I think she has got the beauty thing down with or without make up. It is about being 100% comfortable in your own skin!!!

Jon on

I think Jessica looks great as a dress-free cover girl! I really hope Heather Locklear’s relationship with Jack Wagner isn’t over because of her daughter, Ava, 12?

anna on

she really is pretty.

Peg manley on

It certianly looks like lipstick and mascara to me.And if she is so proud why does her hair cover her face. She is beautiful but own it.

Chan on

Jessica brings out her natural side, I love it!

IL on

I thnk she’s beautiful but she still has makeup on in these shots. She has eyeliner on the cover and fake eye lashes on the “natural” shot. Too bad this isn’t real.

Brandi on

1)for those saying it’s not her, there is clearly a mole on her cheek in both pictures, it’s obvious they are both her…that’s a silly assumption.
2)I have thick eyelashes and because of that it always looks like I have mascara and liner on, when there are MANY days that I leave the house with nothing but moisturizer on. Her lips look shiny, but if you have healthy lips they arent always creased and dry…it definately doesn’t look glossy to me.
I guess what I’m trying to say is know facts before saying mean things…she’s sending a message that not many celebs do.

Riley Ridge on

I guess a bra was out of the question

Divine on

She totally looks like she’s wearing makeup. I don’t buy it.

JSM on

From a man’s perspective; There’s nothing better than natural beauty!

genevieve on

She is wearing eyeliner and mascara. This is just annoying. If you saw you are not going to wear makeup then don’t!

alabama on

I agree she looks great, but I also agree that those photos posted are not make up free-It really looks like blush and mascara and lip gloss put on to look natural, which shouldn’t diminish her true beauty, but photography, especially magazine photography, is art not candids.

Danielle on

I love Jessica Simpson, she is a hero to me in some ways. I give her alot of credit. And alot of promps. She is an entrepenuer and a smarter pop star than some of the others out there. I think her and Britney still most define what the “American Woman Next Door” is for my generation of women 23-35 these days. She looks beautiful and doesn’t need the make up.

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Danni on

You GO Girl!

Dominique on

Not sure why, but this made me a little emotional. Yes, I LOVE Jessica Simpson. I have since the 1st grade. But idk why this was so moving to me. I hope that I can someday obtain the confidence and comfortability that she seems to have with herself. She is beautiful…on the inside and out. This will probably be one of my favorite magazines ever.

Emmie on


RJJ on

Stunning. She looks so much better natural. I really had no idea how truly beautiful she is! Way to go Jessica!

Johan on

She looks absolutely lovely.

Sharie on

I think it is the most beautiful I have ever seen her..

trsquare on

WOW!! Without all the make-up, she’s stunning.

Molly on

She is beautiful…so glad someone is standing up for the rest of us! You go Girl!!!

Mayra Boothe on

Absolutely beautiful inside and out!

Kathryn on

What is with all the negative comments? Here she is putting herself out there and taking a stand and you are all trying to tear her down. I’m so glad that someone is finally saying that we should love ourselves for who we are rather than try and all fit into size 2s. Good for her! Plus she looks wonderful!
Oh and to all the people who say they don’t know anyone who looks that good without makeup you are just lying. Look around when you go out and there are many women who leave the house wearing little to no makeup and they look fantastic!

Katie on

We need to see more covers like this one! She looks so beautiful and natural!

Shianna on

I’m sorry but the photo that they are claiming she has no make up in??? She does too have make up on! No one’s cheeks have that rosey touch to them. Nor do normal people’s lips that red. Um, and there
is also eyeliner/ and mascara on her eyes. She does too have make up on! I am a make up artist, believe me, she has make up on! I showed 5 other artists this picture and they said the same thing! Get real Jessica! Please go out and live your life, but just do it not in the spot life. It’s not doing you no good honey! Get a job like all of us have and maybe you will find a nice normal guy who’s not a celebrity that will marry you and you will have kids and all. Stay out of the celebrity world! It’s ruining you! Seriously! How old are you now? Time’s a wasting! No tv show or no ad like this is going to make you any better. Plus, wash the make up off your face! Shame on Style News Now! False photo! She has make up on! Show any make up artist that picture! Plus everyone has already seen Jessica with no make up on and it sure the heck didn’t look like your picture! She was pale! She didn’t have rosey cheeks, her lips were pale….like a normal person! Why are you trying to fool people???

Nicole on

She’s so inspiring! She is a very naturally beautiful girl, with or without makeup. I love watching her show “Price of Beauty” with Ken and CaCee. They crack me up and it’s so refreshing to watch. Keep it up girl :)

Priscilla Aubourg on

This would be a great concept – if she was actually sans makeup. She’s clearly wearing makeup in that photo!

Marilynn T on

Jessica is a truly lovely young woman, but I think we too often forget that she has a really great voice. She needs to showcase that a lot more. I’m aware that she makes a lot of money doing the other things she does, but wasn’t her voice the first thing that brought her to the public’s attention? Good for you, Jess! Now that we’ve seen you, let us hear you again!

Leonora on

LOL! I LOVE how you can’t foul us women!!! I’m a make-up artist & YES, she IS waring blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss & sheer cover-up! *But it’s no way near the air brushed foundation & caked on make-up that Hollywood usualy wears. That being said, She look’s Beautiful…….She look’s like a normal, pretty girl!!! LOVE IT!

Sara Fine on

I really believe that eyeliner and mascara are considered “makeup.”

Heather on

She looks absolutely stunning.

Marlene on

Love it!!! You go, girl! Beauty is loving yourself and being comfortable in your skin, which seems to not be the case with alot of women. I know I’m guilty of that and I’m thrilled to see this type of magazine cover.

Renee on

…I’ve Never Been Prouder, And She’s Never Look Better !!! … Way To Go Jess !! The Upcoming Girl Generation Seems To NEED all the Help They Can Get In KNOWING JUST HOW beautiful they truly ARE: ” au naturelle”…!! You Go Girl, AND Thank You !!!

td on

She looks great! I love it

Bert on

Absolutely awsome, Jess has look like a real woman ever since she stopped trying to fit into what society says is bueaty. She a gorgious full figured tall amazon all american woman. She letting them know bueaty is only skin deep so love your self and the true bueaty will show!

a.smith on

She looks amazing!

SJ on

LOVE IT! I love seeing beautiful, confident women giving image-obsessed America the finger. She looks beautiful :)

kelly on

make up free? umm shes def wearing a least a little make up, dont print lies and give jessica simpson false credit

cathy urrata on

I am middle aged, sniff sniff, and I don’t even allow pictures out there that arent fixed up. Sans make-up isn’t happening either! I wish I had her courage! I doubt that if she was just starting out she would be able to do it with any success so already having her career allows for a certain amount of freedom.

Brooke on

How could this photo even be published? She HAS make up on! No one’s eye lashes are that black. Or her cheeks red, and her lips are colored. She’s been already seen with no make up on by gossip mags. Google her. She sure didn’t look like this in those pics! I’m sorry, but this Magazine that published this photo lied about her with no make up on. Her face don’t even match her chest color. Why lie? No one has eyes like that, even in her gossip no make up pics does her eyelashes look like these. She has make up on!

Suzanne on

Don’t care for her but she looks good

kristi on

Listen, there’s no denying that JS is absolutely stunningly beautiful and many of us wish we could look 1/2 as good as she does.
With that said, I hate when these celebrities go ‘make up free’ for photoshoots – oh plllleaaaaaase! She most definitely has make up on! It’s just a more natural make up application but there’s plenty of make up none the less. you can clearly see the fake eyelashes – no one’s eyelashes are that long, thick and perfect. You can see her filled in eyebrows, even blush and lipstick! As far as her hair being air dryed — maybe so, maybe not but either way, she still has extensions in and the most perfect braid.
So give us “real” people a break. If you really want to do a make up free, air dryed photo that is untouched then just do it for crying out loud.
Otherwise, don’t say anything about it and go about your business.

TT on

First of all, you areall crazy if you think she truly does not have any make-up on because SHE DOES!

No denying that Jess is beautiful, but come on…She has on fake eyelashes, lip gloss, and blush…Maybe even eyeliner. Most people would be pretty like that! And, not to mention how many thousands she spent on facials, micro-dermabrasions, chemical peels, etc. to make her skin smooth for the shoot. I’m all for the natural look, but just don’t lie about it!

brandy on

she looks gorgeous!

Jen on

Love it!!

ben on

jessica simpson is a VERY gorgeous lady, regardless of makeup! she is funny, smarter than she is given credit for and doesn,t seem to be full of herself. i have always thought she was a sharp woman in all aspects. i think the picture of her with the wild braided hair is very good and very sexy.

Captain Dave on

Bee-u-tee-full. Absolutely. Congrats and best wishes Jessica. You are incredibly pretty in pink or blush or just nuttin.

Becki on

It’s clear that she has make up on in the cover photo. I think that the “no makeup” headline refers to the inside (above) photo, where I agree, she looks beautiful.

Brad on

Is that really her in the top photo? The facial features almost look like a completely different person…

Gloria on

Jessica is a beautiful young woman! I love her show (The Price of Beauty) and wish the best for her! Go Jessica!

Danielle on

I think she looks great, and I don’t think she is wearing makeup. It is possible to have naturally rosy cheeks and thick, natural lashes…no matter what the cosmetic companies have brain washed you to believe.

Vic on

People like her don’t need any makeup.

L DeWees on

I’m all for the “natural” look; however, if you look closely she has make-up on! Mascara, eyebrow, and yes, some lipstick, too.

Mark on

There is no way that she could look any better. I think a lot of makeup on a woman is like they are wearing a mask anyway. Natural IS beauty!

canada girl on

She looks great. She is a beautiful girl!

Carol on

Her hair is bleached, too. Check out those roots.

gie on

she’s beautiful. i like it.

Elena on

I’ve never given Jessica Simpson much thought one way or the other, but after watching several episodes of her new show, I really admire what’s she’s doing.

Marry on

She’s a beautiful girl.

Craig on

She is naturally beautiful without makeup.

RickyMartin on

Dang! I’d loved to hit that yo!

Donnis on

I think she is even more beautiful going natural.

angeliqa8 on

I Love This!
Magazines and the fashion industry have gone so far over the edge with unrealistic depictions of women, a step back toward reality has been long overdue.
The best part about this is how gorgeous her picture is. It shows that she is naturally beautiful and only needs makeup as a means to enhance that beauty. I hope other magazines and industry pro’s will get the message from this and tone down the photoshop and unrealistic imaging.

leslie on

She looks amazing. She’s a beautiful woman and healthy looking.

meghan on

i’m realy proud of you jessica. i mean you have searched the world to find your true beauty and you are trying to encourage women to find theirs by doing this cover shoot. congrats!

Stephen on

Jessica you are totaly hot no matter what. Take care. Stephen

g$ on

I actually like her better without make up.. I think shes one of those who looks like a drag queen with make-up and more beautiful without.. I watch her new show and gives me a different and better “judgement” of her..

Kandy on

It’s nice to see that there are a select few in the “star light” that are willing to be photographed without makeup. It is much needed message that is being sent out to the young women of the world……beauty is about more than makeup you wear.

I also appaude her for taking a stance on not being a size 2 in today’s fashion industry. I am a firm believer that there are too many negative images of women in the media today and most of them brought on by ourselves!!

There is enough pressure placed on today’s young women without adding makeup, hair styles, clothing and body imaging (air brushing). Let’s get back the focus of developing young women who have values, are educated, socially conscious, and responsible citizens of the world.

Bob on

She is just a beautiful woman, PERIOD!

Otis on

Anyone that looks like Jessica Simpson can go make-up free and still be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

C on

There is NO way this pic is “without” makeup. Perhaps it’s not glamorous but she is totally wearing eyeliner and foundation.

amber on

she looks beautiful!!! I am glad to see that she has evolved into the woman she is through her search of true beauty. I love her show!!!

Boricua on

She looks good with the natural makeup then with all that dark makeup but, I do understand there are times when I feel like putting on more makeup especially if I am going out late at night to a party.

Loog on

Its a shame that when she opens her mouth the garbage that falls out makes her alot less attractive

liz on

That looks nothing like JS…maybe if she had smiled…but I can see NO similarities…

Allie on

I think she looks gorgeous in both pictures!

ShakeyMae on

Go girl! Now this is what I like to see, women, with the power to influence girls, rocking the REAL! She has taken herself leaps above any opinion I’ve ever had of her. John Mayer, kiss her natural ass.

Porksword on

It is her just look at the H BOMBS

Heidi on

Okay, I like J.S. – she’s a cute girl. But don’t tell me there was no photoshop work done. And don’t tell me her eyelashes and brows are that dark naturally. I do a lot of photo re-touching for my work and i can tell you, this was touched. I’m all for women showing off their natural beautiy, but don’t call it natural, when it’s not, Marie Claire! Sheesh!

Phyllis Simmons on

I have watched Jessica Simpson for years trying to please far too many people! I am so glad that she has finally come to the terms that the beauty comes from within, and she IS a beautiful young woman!

Lacey Underall on

Tony Romo eventually grew tired of the look..

Lindsey on

She is most definitely wearing make up!

Sienna on

Never before have I taken much of an interest in Jessica Simpson, but as I am a young Mom with daughters, I am very proud of Jessica for being comfortable in her skin enough to do this cover! It is a stance against all of the touch-ups, lighting, make up etc. that often cover up what a person looks like, in order to mirror some ideal. Its a great influence for Jessica to be truly taking to heart what her show has probably uncovered for her. I appreciate also that she says that never wearing make up or dressing up is not her aim, as I feel that all people are free to various self expression. But good for her to associate a magazine cover photo shoot from a different angle…

shid on

Hmmm. The photo doesn’t really show the “real” Jessica with that swash of hair covering her fair. Come on, girl… about using a photo that really shows your face!

Kathy on

I think she looks great and people should stop judging her…the “mom” jeans incident was sad cause she was not above a 4 or 6 and in my books that’s still quite small….she’s just got a larger chest which stood out more with her belt choice.

She’s a beautiful lady.

Wendy on

People actually believe she’s not wearing ANY makeup?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

angela Marino on

beautiful as always Jessica!!!!!!!

Jude on

she is a very pretty girl, but I would be more impressed if it was a make-up AND airbrused free photo

billy on

UHHHH…the whole NATURAL thing misses 2 BIG points…doesn’t it ?

Kelsey on

She does have some eye makeup on and lip makeup, but she has on much less and looks fantastic!

Bryant on

To me Jessica is showing everyone that you don’t need makeup to feel good about yourself it’s all about inner beauty and self confidence.

Rose on

Have to say that she looks way lot better without makeup =) good for her

Caeilie on


Glori on

Jessica going for a more natural look certainly brings out her inner beauty more. Kudos to her!

Enida on

Kudos to her, she’s matured so much as a woman. Love the pic, she looks great!

Marie on

Not a fan but she looks fine with little makeup. She has some eye makeup in both photos. I’ve seen candid photos without even the eye makeup and she looks washed out.

Mayte on


Mandy on

No doubt she is pretty, but she IS wearing makeup.

Debbie Smith on

No makeup? No way. Check out the eyelashes and tell me she isn’t wearing mascara or false lashes.

elsa caceres on

it is sad…when you do not sell records…and you ex is having a good life…and you look like an idiot…what is next pictures with seals? or pictures with orphans? get a new gigi and show us how talented you are…and when you are talking about how picky you are in men…what happened to John? that was not a wise decision…he is an idiot…and why did he treat you badly? and not Jennifer?

jessica simpson | Trxnd on

[…] What other people think of         me is not my business.” • More about Jessica Simpson on Marie Claire at […]

Wanda G on

WOW! Maybe this will start a new trend! This is a great start to changing how we categorize what is beautiful! I was not a big JS fan until I started watching her new show. She is genuine and thoughtful and she is on the right track here.

Nancy on

she’s beautiful!

veronica on

She SOOOO has on make-up. Her cheeks arent naturally rosey & her eyebrows are naturally penciled in a perfectly root matching brown.. Give me a break. Not saying she doesn’t look pretty, because she does. But, she has some make-up on.

Eric on

She’s a beautiful woman.

Amy on

She is a natural beauty.

jerry on

Wow if all women looked that good without make up the cosmetics companys would be out of business.

Brandy on

She looks beautiful. It is nice to see a woman that confident in the public eye.

Celia on

She’s beautiful……that takes guts and she looks amazing!!

H on


Kim on

No makeup but a hair stylist, fan, lighting and false eyelashes : )

l on

i think it’s sad that the only way she can stay famous now is to talk about her looks. so sad.

Dawm on

She is stunning!How courageous!

sm on

It would have been nice to see her fresh face without all the hair in the way. They make it seem like she is still hiding.

Cecilia on

Not Wearing Makeup, Please!!!!! You can’t pull the wool over eveyone’s eyes. It’s so obvious that she IS wearing makeup. Give me a break!!

Cyndi on

yeah, right…make up free, pffft. i’m not buying it. she looks like she’s sporting ‘natural looking’ makeup, but i can see the mascara, eye brown pencil, blush and lip tint from a mile away. nice try.

Sarah on

“I don’t have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business,” – LOVE IT!!

Sabrina on

I’m not one to waste time commenting on gossip blogs (usually :-)), but I took a long, hard look at these images today in the magazine at the drugstore. AND NO, I didn’t buy the issue because the girl is PLAINLY wearing EYELINER AND MASCARA. AND CHEEK COLOR. AND LIP GLOSS. (I don’t care if it’s Vaseline, it’s still GLOSS). And is BRILLIANLY LIT. I’m quite frankly stunned and appalled that Marie Claire is stooping this low. A low point, editors, LOW.

Heather on

I think she’s a beautiful girl, but I agree that this pic is not untouched. If you look at People’s My Superstar BFF pics you can see an untouched look. And she’s still gorgeous.

Sabrina on

Okay, wait — maybe by “no makeup” they meant “no foundation?” That’s gotta be it!!!! So blush, eyeliner AND mascara are fine. Voila!

Lynn on

They are forgetting one thing – that’s not her real hair color. She looks like your avarage girl with big tatas.

john dorris on

simply beautiful ! nice to see the true you and it looks wonderful !!!

Don on

This proves that she is a real beauty

Will on

She has really let herself go. First gaining weight and now this. She’s done!!

Lee on

She’s stunningly beautiful! No make-up necessary! Her inner beauty and confidence make her even more radiant.

Tammy on

She clearly has make-up on. Eyeline, mascare, brow shaper, lip gloss and pro a translucent powder or something to smooth her complexion. I am not buying into the natural look of this photo.

Green Tea on

With all the enhancers and fillers she has had added to her cheeks, mouth and lips, its extremely hypocritical for her to be pushing beauty from within. Another celebrity saying one thing in the press and doing the opposite behind closed doors. She should spend more time educating herself, perhaps she could start on the meaning of the word ‘hypocrite’.

Jon Petersen on

This weekly Jessica news is only to hype her reality show. As soon as it is over, the Jessica “news” will stop.

Matt on


Meredith on

Now…THAT is true beauty. One day at a time Jessica! You are amazing!

susan on

jess is a natural beauty! most girls are jealous of her but i adore jess!!

Diana on

She’s stunning like that… should send a message to everyone else in Hollywoodland…natural beauty, natural again…there’s nothing like it.
Though…I do wish she had put on a bra, especially in the first picture.

Harris on

Gorgeous! Jessica, we love you!

Suzanne on

She is beautiful…but this doesnt look makeup free to me. Looks like she has eye liner on, some sort of pinky lip gloss. If you look at her cheek bones they are a different color than the rest of her face. Looks like blush to me. Find it hard to believe this shot is done without her make up. Sure doesnt look that way.

Claire on

Jessica looks gorgeous. I think she looks incredible sans makeup, as do all the other celebrities I’ve seen without it. If only everyone would at least try the idea every once in a while, maybe even to a red carpet event! (I’m hinting to you, Kim Kardashian….) I’ll be happy when everyone realizes they look so much better without tons of makeup!

Stephanie on

I think she looks awesome. I’m not the biggest JS fan, but this makes me like her more.

kiki on

that is NOT makeup free. She may have on little makeup, but she has blush and mascara and eyeliner. Maybe compared to the heavy makeup/false eyelashes, etc that they usually wear, this is makeup free, but she definitely has makeup on. Shame on Marie Claire for promoting this as such-

Candace on

Gorgeous!!!!! Bravo Jessica. You look amazing- and it’s all YOU.

Anna on

Of course she is not wearing any makeup…YOU CAN´T SEE HER FACE!!

And by the way: everyone talked about her weight because SHE just put herself out there with all the little shorts, and the sexy Duke image, washing cars in bikini, and now she doesn´t want people talking about it, taht´s convenient

SJP on

She certainly has on way less makeup than most cover models, and it’s a great, natural cover. But I’ve seen her sans makeup before, and she either has on makeup here or has been Photoshopped to look like it.

Lacy on

Wonderful!!! She looks great without all the makeup. I commend her for doing it.

Steve on

she is just so average, she’s got a man face and is very thick, her butt is too big and she has a zero personality, other than that she is a real prize.

Sara on

Felt compelled to write my first comment. Think its great that we have people in this world like her. She’s a great role model for women of every age.

Gail on

Ok so false eyelashes and eyebrow pencil are apparently not makeup now?

Tifany on

She looks better without make up. She is probably the most naturally beautiful girl I have ever seen.

bevvie on

She looks good and younger. But she looks good with make-up too.

Karen on

It proves that she is truly beautiful naturally and it is not just makeup/photoshop. Anyone can look good with all of that junk – few can look like she does without it.

Kenny on

Thank God that Jessica has the courage to wear her natural face and hair.I hope this inspire other women to do the same.Real pretty women Jessica

Me on

Considering the photograph looks more like a mug shot than a cover shot (seriously, where did they find the photog? The police station?), I think she looks as good as anyone can look.

Tori on

She’s super pretty and does not need make-up what-so-ever. However, it’s hard to say that this is her natural look given the type cameras people use now-a-days. Even without photoshopping, I have seen people look amazing simply because the camera the photographer used. If one really wants to capture the natural look, they should use the normal digital cameras…

Jessica Simpson – Marie Claire « Fashion Senses on

[…] [1][2] […]

Lisa on

I LOVE it!!!!!!! There should be more people that have cover shoots without the help of makeup or airbrushing. People, especially teens think that they have to live up to perfection. No one is perfect. Although even without makeup and what others call mom jeans. Jessica is simply beautiful.:) XOXO

Devin on

Why can’t we see photos like this on more magazine covers? I’d love to see people looking naturally beautiful with no photoshop.


I think she looks better then ever! She’s all woman!

gotojames on

in n out enhanced tattooed wet lips all sounds natural and what I see too. lol

Al on

She’s a very beautiful woman, NO MAKEUP NEEDED!!!

Morgan on

I didn’t even recognize her at first, but thought “that girl is beautiful”! Way to go Jessica Simpson!

Paul on

She has never looked more beautiful.

envyess on

wow, im impressed. i’ve always thought of her as a bit of a pillock really… but kudos for sure

Luis saez on

Ala verdad q tu eres una de las mujeres mas Bella q e visto quedaste lindisima en esas fotos

DW on

This is not a make-up free photo…she has eyeliner on and a cover up makeup on her face.

TheLadyJournal on

Her hair is covering too much of her face so we can’t truly see her natural eyes or face because it’s still hiding. But she is pretty still! Be bold women and know who you are & grasp it and take it ALL in! Be confident in your skin! You’re a whole lot more beautiful than you think you are, especially when you know who you are.

meghanritchie on

I think she looks great!

Dylan Hauck on

I am so incredibly proud of her. After years developing a reputation as America’s favorite dumb blonde, Jessica is making a huge statement by displaying such truth on the cover of a major beauty magazine.

See Jessica Simpson Sans Makeup in New Photo Shoot | STAR-c on

[…] more on People MagazineShare this […]

emilleejoyce on

i wish i looked that good wihtout makeup on!!

AnaPAula on

No matter what Jessica do she is always pretty !!

Top Posts — on

[…] Jessica Simpson’s Makeup and Photoshop-Free Cover Shoot Courtesy Marie Claire Since her infamous ‘mom jeans’ debacle which caused a major buzz months back, […] […]

Irene on

SORRY GUYS! As a professional makeup artist I can SEE makeup on her eyes. Her face may be free of makeup but is definately wearing moisturizer to get that gorgeous glow. Her lips are bare but I can BET she had lip gloss or balm on and then wiped it off right before they snapped her so that her lips look moist.

The LIGHTING also makes her look great. Check out the MS. MAGAZINE cover of Pam Grier. Now SHE was NOT wearing makeup. Neither did Gloria SteInem when she was editor-in-chief.

While I applaud Jessica’s EFFORT to show the world that TRUE beauty lies within and that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, I wish the magazine had been more honest about the cover. It should have read:


ctchrisf on

What i always said she’s nothing special.

A cow

Sandra on

Jessica…. I think you look better with out make up…. Your just so darn cute and aweet, dont let anyone tell you other wise :) God Bless!

demii on

shes wearin eyeliner now dont get me rong i lovee jessica but she is lyin

See Jessica Simpson Sans Makeup in New Photo Shoot | on

[…] more on People Magazine Posted in Jessica Simpson News And Gossip | Tags: Jessica, Makeup, Photo, Sans, Shoot, […]

Headlines: Jessica Simpson’s Makeup and Photoshop-Free Cover Shoot | TMD Celebrity News on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

Mika on

Beautiful inside and out. She’s the perfect role model for girls and women of all ages. Love her.

Robbin on

Yet they still photoshopped out her moles… look at the cover vs. the photo on the People page… makeup free yet still photoshopped is still not “natural”.

Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop-Free Nude Shoot : on

[…] in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson’s makeup-free Marie Claire cover, Kim Kardashian is baring her famous assets in an all-natural, unretouched photo […]

Liv on

I’m sorry, but she’s wearing make-up!! Yes she looks beautiful regardless she’s just not wearing THAT MUCH make up

Sarah on

Go Jessica!!! More power to you!

Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop-Free Nude Shoot | Celebrity gossip on

[…] in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson’s makeup-free Marie Claire cover, Kim Kardashian is baring her famous assets in an all-natural, unretouched photo […]

A Model Life « Rahni Newsome's Blog on

[…] Jessica Simpsons makeup and photoshop free cover shoot […]

Carlos on

Wow that looks like a picture from a magazine that was taken back in the day. I’m surprised to say that she looks really pretty going all natural like that!

WATCH: Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kobt Go Makeup-Free On The Today Show! | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] stars like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian may have braved the covers of magazines like Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar sans makeup, but Today Show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kobt took […]

WATCH: Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kobt Go Makeup-Free On The Today Show | Poppin' Tails – Suckin' Heads – Gettin' It In…For Goodness Sake! on

[…] stars like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian may have braved the covers of magazines like Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar sans makeup, but Today Show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kobt took […]

Oliver Jones on

Chemical Peels may be dangerous specially if you use those high concentrations of Glycolic Acid.:..

Audi wallpapers on

Hi, okay. But why let that be nice ?

Sofia Baker on

chemical peels are also damaging if not properly administered-”

Anton on

I really wish sodmobey would do a decent tutorial on winged eyeliner for very hooded eyelids. All the ones I’ve encountered (except Koren’s video on faking it) are really just winged liner for pretty much normal eyes. My eyes are so hooded that the crease of my eye actually extends slightly past the outer corner of my eye, so doing winged liner is a pain in the butt. I’ve never been able to figure out a good way of doing it.

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