Paris vs. Holly: Who Wears Her Love for Benji Better?

04/05/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Uffe Kongsted-Anthon Unger/Fame; Flynet

It seems Paris Hilton and Holly Madison have more than platinum blonde hair and a beau in common! Madison, who has been seen cozying up to Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, was recently spotted wearing a “Team Benji” T-shirt in support of her “adventure buddy” who fought in a Las Vegas boxing match last weekend. But, there was something awfully familiar about the the former Girls Next Door star’s graphic T-shirt. Remember Hilton’s “Our love is the real thing” T-shirt that the heiress wore in April 2008, when she was Madden’s main squeeze? We’re all about proclaiming your love in style, but who do you think wore their heart on their chest best? Tell us: Whose T-shirt shows her feelings for Benji better: Paris or Holly?–Janet Mock

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sara on

paris wears it best :)

HB on

Holly. Love the Team Benji shirt for his boxing match.

Julianna on

Holly. The denim shorts and simple black tee work wonders for her, and the words impressed (‘Team Benji’) are both a declaration of some sort of coupledom and support of him on his boxing match.
Paris paired her tee with a big bling, a cap, oversized glasses, a tote… Too much information!

Jennifer on


Sherry on

Holly wears it better.

Liz McKenzie on

Holly, not only wears it better but she is far more genuine than Paris could ever hope to be.

amanda on

Holly of course wears it better. Looks more natural. I want to ask Paris who is she trying to convince. I think herself!

ace11 on

ithought paris was on team doug?

Heather on


April on

Umm…who really cares? I bet Benji says a requirement to “date” him is that they have to advertise, or proclaim, their love for him on their chests! Get over yourself…to all 3 of them (especially Paris!).

All Smiles on

Paris has been on everyone’s team.

Kamee on

Paris says that about every guy she dates!! she is just in love with love… but Holly def wears it better because she is more down to earth it seems- more what Benji would probably want

GGG on

holly paris seems fake

Bree on

I love Holly and think she’s much hotter than Paris in every way. Benji looks happier with Holly, but I’m still not seeing whatever it is that Paris and Holly see in him.

And for those writing things like Who Cares, well you must if you bothered to read and then comment. I’m just sayin…

Tina on


nicole on


Austyn on

Holly. She looks more genuine, rather than doing it for publicity.

ezra on

Holly. For sure.

not a dallas fan on

Whatever!! Both Holly and Paris go through men like flies and their taste is less then desirable. They both look cheap!!

bella on

they wouldnt even give him a second thought if he
was the bag boy!! so lame!!

k on

Really? Holly is genuine? I don’t think there is a genuine part left on her.

donna on

Holly wears it best…….actually anyone would wear it better than her…heh..i would even say susan boyle would wear it better..Paris Hilton is a tired subject…she has a new boyfriend ever 5 mins

anonymous on


Aimee on

Holly’s shirt is way better, more sincere! They look so much happier than Benji & Paris. They are actually walking together, holding hands. Paris was out in front, Benji did not look happy with her. Hope they’re happy/it lasts.

T on

They make a unusual couple, but oh well, as long as they are happy…but I’m sure it won’t last any longer than another month…

Pamela on

Paris :-) Everyone always hates on her all the time, but I thought she and Benji were a cute couple. I wish they had stayed together.
Benji, Paris has a whole lot more going for her than Holly!

ashley on

holly she is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pretier then paris the hoe

Jon on

Holly’s, definitely!

Dianne on

Paris has not had a lot of boyfriends,contrary to what some tabloids have tried to write in the past.

Paris looks better wearing the shirt, and she certainly has more going for her.
But the point is moot since she and Benji broke up in 2008. Since then, Paris has dated Doug Reinhardt.

I like Benji and I also like Doug.

Teri on

Holly for sure. Paris is a total loser !!!

Angela on

Well, Holly because her shirt actually says his name, and Paris who is always changing men like she changes her clothes out, it could be used again for another guy she’s with. Well if she wore it again that is, because her words “I never wear the same thing again” lol

theodorah on

i tik dey both did @ d right time

theodorah on

i tik dey both did

wayne a on

not even close! holly

Jenae on

Paris is an international jet setter with almost 2 million twitter followers, Holly has just a few hundred thousand.
Holly is more in Benji’s league.

elsa caceres on

Paris changes man like we change hairstyles…often…she loves herself…the only man that can be with her is blind,deaf and dumb…any fool with her has to be with her for fame,money or they are crazy

Karen on

Paris and Benji were a cute couple for a yar but it’s over.
Benji won’t marry Holly.

Veronica on

Holly because her outfit is simple and cute.

Imelda on


Mia on

PARIS !!!!!

Curt on

Benji called Paris Hilton the great love of his life.
Good luck to Holly competing with that.
Benji is not even holding Holly’s hand, she is grabbing his. NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Denny Jarusewic on

My 1 question is – WHO REALLY CARES? Neither has done ANYTHING but inherit a lot of money. Oh I forgot, Paris “runs a business”! Right….And Holly? I’ll let you “star gazers” provide the answer. Well, I guess I am just a man trying to raise his family as well as I can, be kind to others, etc….Yes, I SCREW UP many times…
I wonder if Paris or Holly would even acknowledge your existence should you meet them….
Happy Easter to you all!

Jenny on

HOLLY!!! No doubt. Remember when Paris used to be famous?

Darlene on

You know what? Both of those girls are such tramps, who really cares? Neither one of them I believe will ever know what love means at all!!

Sienna on

Paris is far richer and she has more class.
Paris would never post the suggestive tweets that Holly does on her twitter.
Paris also wears the shirt better.

Tara on

I like Paris better and she looks better in the shirt. But her and Benji broke up 2 years ago.

Lila on

Paris Hilton for sure

Nico on

Paris. Holly’s outfit is unflattering and lazy. Paris’s bag is horrendous, but the rest of her outfit works pretty well in a casual way.

Lynn on

Paris wears the shirt better but Holly is probably what Benji will settle for.

What is it with religious old folks calling everyone a tramp? MYOB

mf on


Kristy on

Holly of course. She’s beautiful and looks alot better.

danalynette on

TEAM H O L L Y!!!!

Elyse on

Paris gets my vote.
Benji is a great guy and I think he can make his own decisions in picking a mate.

LR on

Holly rocks it better,

dianna on

Holly. Paris is looking frighteningly thin.

Janna on

Paris! I like her style.
Her British BFF show is being re-run on TV Guide channel, starting tomorrow.

Ken on

Paris looks better in the shirt. But she has moved on.
Holly seems to want Benji. So I say go for it man.

Jade on

They are both idiots with too much money and time on their hands…sorry girls

christina on

Obviously not Paris

Sandra on

Holly, her shirt shows support and the pic has them holding hands, body language and shirt shows she supports him.

Cait on

Holly wins hands down!

dancia on

he loves dumb assed blondes

Tiff on

what a tool!!!

Daniela on

I’m confussed….Isn’t he the fiance and father of two childs with Nicole Ritchie?

abi on

Paris is wearing a Harajuku Lovers shirt, designed by Gwen Stefani.

Susana on

the girl next door, (it’s more natural)

not impressed on

I don’t think “Paris Hilton” and “real” belong in the same sentence. Now “rich socialite” and “tramp”… thats a better combination.

not impressed on

Daniela, I think that is his brother Joel

kat on

holly definitely!

Sondra on

She left Criss for that?

lolita on

They are both fake and spoiled. No One on the world has that color hair, they look ridiculous. And I should care who they are, much less, which one looks better than the other? Enjoy them now, they will not age with any grace, a bald (extensions and bleach do that) wrinkled, saggy skinned, has been in about what- 5 years. Sweet. Thats hot.

carlymeyer on

…um…most definately it’s HOLLY. So so sick n tired of hearing about Paris Hilton…

Maria on

He has done alot better, but fell into the whole “I have to date Hollywood girls” and destoyed the best relationship he ever had.

Kay on

Paris who? Nice hair color Holly – what’s that called, Tammy Wynette blonde?
No matter how you slice it – they’re both losers, especially since they dated Benji (he actually allows himself to be called “Benji”?)

Say has-been!

April on

Holly definitely!!! Paris is annoying!!!

Evie on

Paris wears it better than Holly but is a headplayer about everything.She plays guys for attention as fast as she changes her clothes. Paris you’re getting older so you should start getting smarter. Go girl.

Bellezza on

We’re all about proclaiming your love in style, but who do you think wore their heart on their chest best? Well – Holly has a better chest – enough said!

Peen on

Holly!! hands down!

Jeanine on

It doesn’t matter who wears it best….it’s who is best for him…and I say Holly…..Paris is only in love with herself.

lobri on

Holly! Paris’s shirt is a statement to the paparazzi… drumming up attention. Holly looks like she’s supporting her friend

Sarah on

Love Benji… love Holly!

Paris needs to go back to whatever rock she crawled out from under.

Elda on

Holly All The Way, Love u Babys!!

J.Ro on

Paris is not trying to make a statement with her shirt. It’s from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers clothing line. It is also a lyric from a song from Gwen’s solo LAMB album. I don’t like either of them. They are both so fake and what are they famous for? Holly looks like she’s got a major wig on. To be considered hot in America you have to have a pinched looking nose job, bleached hair, fake boobs, orange tan and weigh 95 pounds. Sexy!

Maria on

Paris. Ever since Holly said her best feature was her vagina and then made a chocolate cast of it, I just CAN’T take her seriously. Kendra is SO much cooler. Holly’s a has-been.

DK on

Holly! Paris….who?

teamoreview on

This is a very good article and very informative, i will bookmark this as my great article. Thank you for sharing..

Lisa on

Who really cares….. But if I had to choose-umm?? Holly is way more genuine and pretty. Oh yea- and Hot!!!

Maya on

Holly without a doubt!

Fran on

Without trying to be funny, but Holly looks like a Barbie Doll in this picture…

Kimberly on


christine on

who cares it’s not going to work anyway i’s Hollwood peoople

Kathy on


Phoebe on

I like Holly’s Shirt

Jenn on

I thought Paris was, “team {fill in name here}”. Holly is the best!

Mary on

I really truly dont understand what the heck Paris and Holly would like about a guy like Benji! These girls are flawless and need nice cute clean cut men to make the stay that way. I’m thinking more of a Matt Mcconacute!!!!

Noel on

I think both are pathetic, and I have to imagine Benji is mentally laughing himself hysterical.

Fashion Kid on

she is soo much more real
and + they r side by side,
“our love is the real thing” on a T-shirt
is sooo lame!

Heather on

I can’t stand Paris! She’s so fake! Plus her shirt looks like one a middle school kid with a crush would wear. I like Holly’s shirt. and she’s definitely a much better person than Paris.

sheila on

Not only does Holly look better, but her body language supports her t. She is totaly there for him not just another look at me moment like Paris.

Meads on

Holly…. So simple!

America on

Benji is the cuter twin :-)

The girl next door wears her lust for Benji better (come on love doesn’t exist in this age group of Hollyweird celebs).

Paris accessorized hers to the death. Holly looks more down to earth and low key like Benji.

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