It's Back to Brunette for Katharine McPhee

04/02/2010 at 02:55 PM ET

Albert Michael/Startraks

Katharine McPhee has gone (back) to the dark side. After transforming into a platinum blonde last August for her album Unbroken, McPhee went back to brunette on March 24–the day before her 26th birthday–for another work project. She’ll play a girl-next-door pharmaceutical rep in the NBC comedy pilot The Pink House, which shoots this month. “It’s always nice to have a reason to go back,” McPhee tells PEOPLE of the change, which is a rich shade of brown that’s a little lighter than her natural color. “I loved having blonde hair–it’s so much fun.” But there’s one thing McPhee won’t miss: “Blonde was pretty hard on my hair,” she admits. “I guess my hair is thanking me now!” Tell us: Which color do you prefer on Katharine?–Marisa Laudadio

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It’s time again for Katharine McPhee Brunette | News for ladies on

[…] more on People Magazine Share and […]

allsanesofme on

Great! Now let’s keep the hair long and curly.. =)

Boss on

Wow, that was the whole article and “reason”. Great. Waste of time.

Kiersten on

This look is not much better..She has such natural beauty that was so evident in her early pics..she looks like Julia Roberts in that movie Hook..

Tsuz on

Never liked her with blonde hair. Just not a good look for her.

Alex on

These celebrities are so self absorbed..they think the whole world revolves around them. Millions of women change their hair color..why is she discussing this???

Britini on

I never minded the color..its the haircut I hate! But if she like it, oh well.

Feefee on

Hated the blond Kat, so for me love the brunette but love YOU either way!

Silvia on

The haircut is just fine, but she used to have such a beautiful hair,so I just don´t get it.
Just a comment.

Brunette is so much better on

I like her so much better as a brunette, it really highlights her lovely features. However, I agree with some other posters, the haircut is still not right for her. I think she is pretty with short of long hair, but with short I think it has to be the perfect haircut for her to pull it off. This haircut just isn’t it.

notme on

I think she is beautiful no matter what color of hair she has! I would love to see Kat on TV every week on The Pink House! I hope she’s does a concert close to me! Her Palm Desert concert last night was AMAZING! The Girl Can SING!!!!

monkeybread on

Her natural hair was one of her best features. She really screwed up her look cutting it and going blonde. Glad she went back to brunette. And in a couple years, maybe her hair will grow back to a decent length. Why must uber-hot babes mess around with their looks?

Julie on

I loved the blonde for something fun and different, but it would have tiresome if it became permanent. She’s a beautiful brunette.

Joyce on

Love you Kat as a brunette – please stay that way. Blond did not look that great on you.

Dolly on

OK, OK she looks better as a brunette, but who is she again? What’s her claim to fame? Please, her 15 minutes are up, stop killing us with her news that we really don’t want to know.

Norma on

Finally, she’s back to her normal hair color, because she looked a HOT mess, with the blonde.

Erin on

Good call on the hair color. Also, “girl next door pharmaceutical rep” is an oxymoron. I’ve worked with a TON of pharma reps and they’ve all been sharks and shysters. I don’t know if I can suspend my belief that far. :P

Katy on

i dont like how her hair looks now i liked it how she had it on American Idol better

Andrea on

For those of you suggesting that she and other celebs are self absorbed and assuming they just called up People to bring up the color of her hair…. you are likely wrong about that.

She is talking about her hair because someone from People called her and asked. Or, she was at an event, and someone asked her why she was back to brunette — and then People picked it up. Had she not answered the question, you would have accused her of being too private, too high on her horse to answer a simple question.

Gees, leave her alone!

looloo on

she looks so homely in that picture.

and for those who wish she’d go back to her “natural” hair…that thick long hair she had on idol was not all hers. extensions, kids.

Tasha on

As a Blond, I think that is why her career stalled, if you will. I think she was much more marketable as a long haired brunette beauty!

Yuck on

This whole article makes me sick. Hollywood is all about keeping someone’s name in the press, no matter what the reason. It’s all about publicity and marketing. I wonder if SHE decided to change her hair color for HER.

deadbrokediva on

She’s back to brunette because the blonde thing didn’t help sell any records. No one likes a sellout, you know.

Larson on

I liked the blonde hair!! i thought it was cute on her!

Marla on

Katherine definitely looks better as a brunette. Her true beauty stands out when she sports her natural color.

Andrew Grant on

Stay brunette, girl!!! It’s the true you!!!

Marilyn Joseph on

Katharine has always been my first choice to play a character,Amanda McGill, in my novels. Glad to see her hair is back to brunette. Amanda is a burnished brunette, long with spirals (and also a soprano with the voice of an angel). One can only dream, I suppose.

Junie on

I don’t know what she was thinking when she cut off those beautiful chocolate locks. Not that it matters because whether she changes her hair or not her music isn’t selling. She’s got the VOCALS but her songwriters suck.

Pam on

In the article, she said being blonde, was pretty hard on her hair.

I am guessing they had to cut a lot of damage out of her hair, and once her hair/scalp is rejuvenated and can grow out, she will then be able to get a more flattering hairstyle.

Marley on

I love her with brown hair, but want to see it long and flowing a la American Idol days!

Dolores on

She’s much more striking as a brunette which complements her eyes and skin tone. Her long, naturally dark, shiny hair was the best!

Cameo Brooch on

Hated the blonde hair. That long, dark, gorgeous mane she had on AI suited her perfectly. The short blonde ‘do made her seem generic and bland. Arguably the biggest hair mistake since Keri Russell cut hers.

Jon on

I prefer Brunette, and I understand why she went changed her hair color!

Jon on

I’m glad Erin Andrews will Kepp On Dancing Despite Death Threats, and that extra security was hired for her & her family & for her at DWTS! I like Erykah Badu, but I’m glad she was Fined $500 for her Controversial Nude Video, etc.

dayseelilyrose on

Thank goodness she went back to her darker look. She didn’t look good at all when she was blonde. But in the picture that shows her with her dark hair I am not so crazy about her haircut. I liked her better with her longer hair.

circle8 on

Actually it does not make a difference because she is a natural beauty.

Snow on

Didn’t like the blond, and don’t like the haircut. She had such beautiful hair before when it was long. The very short hair is too harsh. Somewhere in the middle would look fine too!

Marge on



Gloria on

Is this really newsworthy? My Goodness!!!!!

Mom on

Her Hair Her Business

TJ on

Katharine is beautiful – regardless of hair style.

H on


H on


chris on

her hair def looks better dark and longer

Carla on

If she needed a reason to go back to brown, all she had to do was look in a mirror.

eden on

extensions, extensions extensions. Girls, never cut long hair.

Nikki on

Good…she looked horrible as a blonde!

RO on


Andrew on

I like her much better as a brunette. I’m glad she went back to it.

Tottie on

Brunette…and long :)

Lee on

Long and dark! Blond hair does not look good with her skin tone.

Nikole on

She’s so pretty! I wish I could wear my hair that short.

ann on

she looks like mandy moore. now she just needs to let it grow. never did like the blond hair.

cindi on

am glad she went back to her natural color she looks more like herself

Iris on

Katherine McPhee looked very unnatural as a blonde. I much prefer the brown. Perhaps when she is a lot older and goes gray, she’ll look okay as a blonde.

kayla on

brunette, i think it fits her best. but i loved her natural hair color, not the light but the dark brunette on

I did not like blonde on her at all. Women have to take in consideration skin tone and eye color. The color looked to harsh on her and unnatural. I always thought she looked better as a brunnette or if she wanted to go lighter to stay in the brown shade family.

Maggymay on

OMG, why do we care?? Who is she????

suzy diamond on

Her own color looks best.

Jeff1979 on

Oh how cute. She looks like a little boy.

Kim C on

I think she looks so much better, back to a more natural colour. The blonde just looked really artifical. I agree that the cut isn’t quite right. Her long hair was so beautiful but pretty common. I can see why she wanted to cut it and change her look – she really did stand out from the rest of ‘young hollywood’ but I think she would have looked better with a cute bob that still had some movement to it, a few waves or curls. I think it is too straight right now and actually a bit of a ‘mum cut’. Just my opinion. Cheers!

Allie on

She is very pretty, but I do not like her haircut or her as a blonde, either. She should go back to her long locks, it’s the best look for her. Oh, and please someone tell her to get a new stylist, too! Whoever is telling Katherine this looks good on her is not doing her a favor.

Twink465 on

I am soooo glad she went back. Now she needs to let it grow or get an edgy style until it grows out.

Lorrie on

Please keep your hair “brunette.

bk on

YUCK, can’t stand her! Blonde or brown, just YUCK!

Misty on

I don’t even recognize her anymore. Not just the blond hair, but even now as it’s back to brunette, it still doesn’t look like her. What plastic surgery did she have done? Her face looks completely different.

brenda on

I like her much better with the dark hair and I wish she had left it long. When she was on American Idol and she had the long hair it was beautiful. She is a beautiful lady and I used to love to watch her dad because everytime she would sing he would cry. You could tell he was so proud of her and his heart was just busting with love for his daughter.

brenda on

First time I saw Kat with blonde hair she looked fantastic….great cut and great color. Last time I saw her it was a mess. Two inch roots and really bad cut. Guess the secret is a good stylist.

sunny on

she looked beautiful when she had long curly brunette hair and a little more weight on her bones – she should return to that look

STLrose on

Such a lovely and talented girl. She looked “fake” as a blonde…the return to brunette was a good idea!

Lairek on

The haircut is horrible but she looks a gazillion times better as a brunette!

Gisele on

Deff long and curly!!

Mary on

You are a dark haired girl, Keep it that way the blonde did nothing for you. Long hair or short hair your still pretty.(dark hair)

Pam on

SO much better, makes her look so much younger. HATED the blond.

erf on

Looks much better-Brunettes DO have fun! I should

elsa caceres on

it is a slow day at the office of gossip…when her hair colour is being mentioned…we do not care!…she has not done well…and hopefully she gets media attention with anything…what is next week? her wearing a bikini? really get a life!

Et Online on

I guess she finally realised that being a blonde made her look cheap! I’m sorry girl. But you are so beautiful in your natural way, and blonde really isn’t the color for you! It might be the color for many girls, but not for you. Blondes look amazing when they look natural and your blonde color made you look like call girl from vegas. Keep your natural beautiful brown hair, let grow longer and stronger and curly!Period.

cynthia on

her long hair was so pretty. The blond hair and the haircut were yuck! I thought she was married too – what does her husband think of her hair?

john on

go on msn

Carrie on

Its ok to have short hair, but at least make it a cute cut….its just so blah makes her much uglier…and she didnt have the skin color for blonde….she should fire her stylist…sub par work for sure!!!! and there is a way to go blonde without killing your hair completely so much so that she had to chop it of….seriously…get a new stylist!!!!

dee on

Kat if you reading these i am sorry some people are just rude,i will say that when you were on idol your hair color ,style,length absolutely look great on you,period. The blonde all i will say is that if you want a opinion on which color i pick the brown color you had on idol!

Misty on

Why did she go back brunette?! Maybe because the blonde was horrible!!

Tara on

I hated the blonde on her, I definitely think going back to brunette looks WAY better on her. I however thought her best look was when it was brunette and long, it just looked the best on her. Also the blonde made her look washed out and older, too old looking for her age. Please never go back to that dreadful bronde color again Katharine, it’s just not you. You look WAY better in brunette, and please grow out your hair, it looks better long.

Merrie on

I love the new color! The platinum blonde was harsh and didn’t flatter her pretty features.

Pam on

I’m glad, she’s suppose to be a brunette! It shows off her beauty more. Highlights would be okay and it looks like she has gone a bit lighter brown…but blond didn’t suit her at all. She’s a lovely woman.

Alisse on

The blonde look was kind of cool, but now I don’t think the cut fits her with the brown hair. But who really cares. a hair cut is not what defines a person!

Lena on

The hair color is great, but she needs to fire the person who cut it.

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Jessica on

Kat looks more and more like Martine McCutcheon of Love Actually! And I prefer her Brunette.

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Myers on

Kat, I your hair looks great anyway you have it. Your a fantastic singer no matter what your hair looks like.I love your music!

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