Carrie Underwood's Wedding Dress: "Girly, Simple and Glamorous"

03/31/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Jeff Kravitz/AMA2009/FilmMagic

Carrie Underwood and her fiancé, NHL hockey player Mike Fisher have been busy planning their nuptials since getting engaged in late December. And while the Grammy-winning country singer’s fans have been lapping up every detail–including her preference of cupcakes over traditional wedding cake, and her dog Ace as the ring bearer–we’ve all been waiting for her to spill on “The Dress”. “It’s in the works,” the bride-to-be told reporters at the Pedigree Adoption Drive yesterday at the Bideawee animal shelter in NYC. “It’s really pretty. It’s very in the beginning stages and it’s very me. It’s just girly and pretty, and it’s simple and glamorous at the same time.” Still yet to be determined is the exact wedding date, but it seems like the happy couple is simply enjoying being engaged. “We’ve never been in New York together, actually,” said Underwood, who’s juggling her own touring lineup with Fisher’s Ottawa Senators game schedule. “[Mike]’s always here playing the Islanders or something like that, but we’ve never been here at the same time.” Might we suggest a Big Apple honeymoon? –reporting by Rennie Dyball

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tlove on

Why so many stories about her getting married? Is it updated hourly? Is she the first or the last person to get married? I think not. I need more entertainment news….not the Carrie Underwood Day by Day, Hour by Hour, Minute by Minute, Second by Second update. Please stop…she’s just not that important for me to care about every detail of her wedding.

ellen on

I love this girl,she could wear a burlap sack and look beautiful. I wish her all the health,wealth and happiness the good Lord gives her.

cindy on

I’m so happy for Carrie! She deserves only the best! I can’t wait to see pictures of her dress, I’m sure it will be beautiful!


I can’t wait to see her dress. Please keep
giving updates. And please a little less
Taylor Swift.

Lauren on


If you don’t care about Carrie Underwood or her wedding then don’t read the articles. DUH!

Sherry on

She might not be that important to you but to thousands of fans throughout the United States she is. We made her famous if you recall….with out our votes she wouldn’t have won American Idol. You’re just jealous that it’s not you they are covering constantly. I mean come on, do you think it was easy for her to go from a down home country girl to a super star overnight?! Let her enjoy her wedding!!!!! She is America’s Sweetheart!

Elda on

She deserves all the happiness in the world!! Good role model to look up too!! Congrads Baby Girl!

Meghan on

I love Carrie, but this is a scary picture of her! It makes her look super fake and made up…

lola on

So, excited! cant wait to see her, looking like a Princess on that, beautiful gown!

Cristina on

people are just hating as usual!!

amanda on

Thank you Lauren! I don’t know why people always post comments about how they stories about a certain person…if you don’t like it don’t read it.

lucy on

Meghan, she often looks like that. Way too made up.

Her gown is girly? Well of course it is, we weren’t expecting something manly! In the other article, she had she had “motherly” instincts…try “maternal,” hon. Thought you went to college…

Mike Fisher is not good-looking at all, and it seems like they haven’t even spent that much time together.

Wow, this sounds bitter, but I’m really not…Carried Underwood just bugs me because she seems so fake!

Two People Articles! - Carrie Underwood Fans on

[…] People Articles! Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Dress: “Girly, Simple and Glamorous” – Style News… […]

Melissa on

Carrie is absolutely electrifyingly (if thats a word) beautiful. Those two are going to have some adorable kids.

liza on

I wish this girl the best. But we don’t need the updates every hour. We do need however, updated entertainment news. Thank you

Jon on

Aww, that’s nice!

Tammy on

Lucy, you are ignorant. I was going to tell you why I feel that way but your post speaks for itself.

I wish Carrie and Mike all the happiness in the world. They both seem like great people who will value their marriage vows.

lucy on

Are you sure that’s the reason, Tammy? Or is it because you would have to go look up “ignorant” in the dictionary?

Allyson on

I think that the Carrie haters need to just pass over the articles if they do no want to hear about it. I would much rather hear about her wedding plans than Jesse James and his major screw up of messing with one of the nicest people in Hollywood. He’s a jerk so I applaud People for updating us on positive news because it is needed in this crazy world. And, Lucy, if you don’t want to hear about it, don’t read it! And yes, that picture shoes lots of makeup…they usually do that if they are going to be on TV. But did you see the one where she is holding the puppy? How is that too made up in your opinion? Quit hating.

dweeda on


Slipknot on

I am only happy for her. She is beautiful as she as has made her way to the hall of fame.

Al on

Uh, can you say “photoshop” enough on the face? And why?? She’s beautiful enough without it.

lucy on

Allyson, I can read whatever I want. If YOU don’t like what you’re reading from ME, why are you taking the time to reply to me?

It’s hilarious how people can only come back with “you’re just jealous” and “you’re just hating.” Try something else, that’s getting old. What's Right Now : Carrie Underwood’s Simple, Glamorous Wedding Dress on

[…] really pretty. It’s in the beginning stages and it’s very me,” Underwood revealed to reporters. “It’s just girly and pretty, and it’s simple and glamorous at the same […]

maryanne on


Theresa on

Awesome! Can’t wait to see her wedding dresses! She also announced she is having 8 bridesmaids in a radio interview!

Love Carrie and Mike!

I hope People magazine covers their wedding and gets lots of pictures as you guys will do it right, and classy….

Congrats Carrie!

patty on

It is getting to be a bit much. Like I’m expecting to see the CNN ticker giving us a minute be minute Carrie wedding update. Enough already!

Michael on

Love hearing about Carrie! Hope you cover her wedding….:)

Trish on

Hey tlove,

It is very simple why we are getting constant updates:

Carrie Underwood is one of if not the biggest female singer in music today. She is also America’s sweetheart and is a great person who donates times and money to charities.

It isn’t that hard to figure out!

Thanks for the stories and can’t wait for more. I wish the wedding was televised so we could all see!

dayseelilyrose on

I can’t stand the girl.

Jenny L on

She wears way too much makeup

Gia on

I am very happy for Carrie! She is such a joy! I love how down to earth and humble she is. She is never short of gracious and loving! I wish all superstars would follow her footsteps! Congrats Carrie!

Maye on

I think Carrie Underwood is stunning! She’ll look beautiful in her wedding dress. Can’t wait to see it!

Les News, 033110 « Gossip @ R Web on

[…] Carrie Underwood’s already got her wedding dress picked out. […]

Tray on

More Carrie Underwood? Less Taylor Swift? At least Taylor writes her own music and has talent other than singing… Playing guitar and writing her own songs is better than winning a god awful competition like the joke of a show that is American Idol!

Denise on

And you know her divorce in a few years will garner just as much attention.

I have a hard time getting interested in celebrity weddings because 99% of the time they are over with in a few years.

Joselyn on

Lucy– you are a bitter, jealous woman. Carrie graduated magna cum laude from College and is a very intelligent, beautiful, smart, sweet, genuine talented person. She sings circles around Taylor Swift, and is much more genuine and real then her. Carrie is stunning and practically perfect, which is why you hate her. No worries. :)

Robert on

Tray— Carrie Underwood writes her songs, plays both guitar and piano, and has more talent in her little finger then the over-rated, tone deaf Taylor Swift could ever dream of having.

Carrie has had 5 songs hit number 1 that she wrote herself, idiot. She wrote 7 songs on her new album in fact, including a song that hit number 1 just this week, Temporary home.

Carrie played piano for 8 years and is playin piano on her current tour.

She has also played guitar for years, and does so on all of her tours, both electric guitar and acoustic.

In fact, Carrie played guitar on Fashion Rocks with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. Go watch it on youtube, and eat your heart out.

By the way, Carrie sings circles around Taylor Swift, who can’t sing her way out of a paper bag.

Congrats to Carrie and Mike! Love you both!

lucy on

Joselyn – again with the jealousy! You guys can’t come up with anything else? I’m aware Carrie went to college, I mentioned it in my first comment. And no, I am not envious of Carrie’s looks in the least…that nose is unfortunate. Thanks for playing, though!

musicallink on

Carrie is just sooo beautiful (:

Nicole on

@tlove: if you don’t like it, don’t read it. gosh.

love you Carrie! I’m so happy for you and I wish you all the best. good luck with everything! I hope you and Mike are happy together. don’t listen to the haters :)

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Carla on

To all the haters (jealous people!)..if you are “sick of the Carrie wedding stories”..STOP CLICKING ON THEM. Is that too complicated for you to figure out?? Personally I love this girl and am enjoying all the details of her upcoming wedding. So BRAVO People..keep the updates coming!

Monica on

tlove, take a chill pill. She seems like a nice person. Let’s enjoy her happiness in a world filled with so much pain and ugliness.

Cheri on

Lucy– there is nothing wrong with Carrie’s nose. lol It is not to big or shaped oddly. It is perfectly normal and cute. Nothing wrong with her nose at all.

Carrie is a very pretty girl and is beautiful on the inside too, not just the outside.

congrats to Carrie and Mike!

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layla on

I’m so happy for her beause she has been single for so long and my family has always been like”SHE’S NOT MARRIED YET”! I’m actually going to her concert this month!! I bought cowgirl boots and a brand new outfit inspired by her country personality!!

Judy on

I read every article I can get on Carrie!!! If you don’t like her then all you need to do is skip to the next article. There are plenty of articles to read.
Carrie, is a gracious young lady, that has become a super MEGASTAR after winning AI. Winning AI is getting started, but doing what Carrie has done with her amazing career is another. She has worked very hard to be the best she can possibly be. She is a wonderful role model for our youth, and I think she is the best artist of any genre of the music industry today. She has a powerhouse
voice, and I don’t imagine that Carrie is just crazy about all of the attention her private wedding to be is getting, but she is a Superstar, and all of her many fans that love her so much want to know all they can.
Congatulations to Carrie and Mike!! Enjoy your engagement and the anticipation of the Big Day!!

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Melinda on

Wow.. look at all the haters putting Carrie down. It’s so ridiculous. Ya, she was on American Idol and won, why? Because people vote for her. All she had to do was SING and people vote! Taylor Swift and her team had to make a desperate video practically BEGGING people to vote for her for the ACM. How pathetic is that?

Haters will always hate. They’re just jealous over Carrie’s success in the industry AND her personal life.

Link Time!!! | F.A.E.M.M. on

[…] Carrie Underwood’s wedding dress is “girly, simple, and glamorous” – People […]

Me on

She is so fake. Can’t stand her at all. She may sing better than Taylor, but Taylor is genuine. I hope she moves to Canada with that homely guy and leaves the world alone. Ever watch her face in interviews? She may be saying something “nice,” but her facial expressions show that she’s a b*tch. What's Right Now : Carrie Underwood: Wedding Dress Details! on

[…] really pretty. It’s in the beginning stages and it’s very me,” Underwood revealed to reporters. “It’s just girly and pretty, and it’s simple and glamorous at the same […]

Melinda on

Haha.. Me, your hatred and jealousy is very amusing.. How would you know how Carrie is? How do you know how Taylor is? Do you know them personally? No. So, don’t judge them. Too bad your “wish” won’t be granted. Carrie is here to stay for a very long time..

Liam on

“Me”, Eff off! Your hatred and jealousy is not wanted here. You know who’s fake? You are. so, do us all a favor and crawl back under the rock you came from.

Hilti on

My new lap tob can be turned off if I don’t like something.

elizabeth on

you look pretty in the picture up top

starB on

She’s the perfect role model and I’m glad my girls love HER! She’ll make a beautiful bride no matter what she wears – we wish her and Mike Fisher all the very best! Can’t wait!!!

Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Dress: “Girly, Simple and Glamorous” | Purely Simple Weddings on

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Lily on

I love Carrie! Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming. She’s BEAUTIFUL and could wear whatever she wants to the wedding and still look stunning. And Ace is cute too.

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katie lynn on

i think ur crazy if shes not dat important 2 u!! she an amazing singer=)

Leslie Campbell on

Carrie you are really pretty. I love you as a singer

Lauren on

tlove your retarded. carrie underwood is awesome. just cause they out alot of stuff out about her doesnt mean you have to read it

janwalker1 on

It’s fun to watch the story unfold with America’s sweetheart. I’m looking forward to seeing Carrie in her GSG (Girly, Simple, Glamorous) wedding dress. I know she’ll be stunning.

A on

tlove on March 31st, 2010 needs to get a life. Carrie is a very beautiful young lady. She brings talent for all of us to enjoy. Let her seize the moment. Congratulations Carrie and Mike. At least it’s not politics and the depressed state that we are in. God Bless the USA where we have the freedom of speech plus FREEDOM thanks to our TROOPS. A wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

A on

Well T-love. Entertainer of the year: And the winner is: CARRIE UNDERWOOD. How do you like me now? Congrats to Carrie.

A on

Denise- Info:
Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward 1-29-1958 until his death.
Bill Cosby and his beloved Camille 1964
Blake Edwards & Julie Andrews 11-12-1969
Jay Leno & Mavis Leno 1980
Ron Haward & Cheryl Howard 1975
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson 4/1988
What a bummer that you have Carrie and Mike divorced before they even have a chance to exchange marriage vows. I’m not a celebrity but I’ve been married since 1964 and just in case you can’t add this up it’s 45 years + 9 months. :-)
Have a great day, I think you need it.

Ella Walker on

isn’t it the happiest moment in our lives when we see the woman we love in a Pure white wedding dress?.”,”

elizabeth on

i think she is a brat,an she should act her age not her mind size. She would be ok if she would stop thinking she was pretty,not so.besides someone should tell her to shut up……

ocraner on

I agree with tlove. I’m so sick of hearing about that Frod and fake who thinks she has to be number 1.who really cares about her anyway.she’s just like Jessica Simpson. All America,country weekly magazine,country radio stations know is Carrie. She’s so annoying. Since her engagement that’s all everyone knows and wants to talk about and obsess about. Same goes with Taylor swift with how things have went with her. She’s annoying to. Three frods of country music.

ocraner on

I agree with Liz she needs to act her age and quit this thing of bragging and acting and saying I’ve got to B number 1. I don’t give a sh*t about her. That fake who acts like she’s all ms innocent. Well if u have looked on a website about these actresses and them in pornographic pictures and having sex she’s included along with Jessica Simpson, and Taylor swift. These are real pics and videos showing them doing it all. EVERYTHING!!! So Americas all wrong about her.

Carrie on

White and Beutiful! :)

pattye28 on

Congrads to Carrie and Mike….I cant wait to see her wedding photos..I am happy for a beautiful women who has risen to fame and made a name for herself. I hope she will continue to be a star in country music. She has come a long way…

Bless you Carrie and Mike

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Darlett Neibarher on

Carrie Underwoods wedding pictures can’t find them on the internet She’s as big as princess dianne every one wanted to see her on her wedding day can’t wait to see her as the new Mrs fisher. One of her Huges fans Me

Dailee on

Carrie i am glad that you are married now.And i have to say Mike is a cutie. Carrie i have been to 31 of your concerts and 28 of taylor swifts conserts.hopfuly you and mike get your wedding gift.Thank for inspireing me carrie .
And i am not won of those screaming fan.I wish you and Mike a happy life a happy life Dailee Anderson.We love you guys
we were at 2010 cmt awards in the very front. love Dailee


WE ALL NOW TAYLOR SWIFT IS BETER REBECA DOMINGUEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis on

thats rite “tlove” if you don’t care then DON’T read articles!!!!

Alexis on

Rebecca Dominguez,

What is wrong with telling about Taylor Swift she is just as good as Carrie Underwood..just a bit better!!

Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Dress – Monique Lhuillier – StyleList (blog) | Cherry News on

[…] singer described her dress back in March, “It’s just girly and pretty, and it’s simple and glamorous at the […]

Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Dress – Monique Lhuillier – StyleList (blog) on

[…] singer described her dress back in March, “It’s just girly and pretty, and it’s simple and glamorous at the […]

JoAnn Garrett on

Carrie Underwood doing anything is big news. She is beautiful, talented and a wonderful all American girl. I couldn’t be happier for her and the fact that she is from Oklahoma just makes her more special. I think her parents deserve credit for raising such a sweet young lady and special girl. Best of luck to Carrie and Mike. May they have a wonderful life together..

Spoon Rest  on

i like to attend weddings because it is a very happy event~”~

Nevan on

I love Carrie Underwood! She seems like she is the sweetest psoren ever. I would also want her legs!(even though thats not a talent..) Have you seen them? Like she must only work her legs when she goes to the gym!! :)

Darrick Keaveney on

naturally like your web-site however you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding it very bothersome to tell the reality however I will definitely come again again.

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