Snooki Adds 'Fresh Red Highlights': Love It or Hate It?

03/29/2010 at 06:47 PM ET

Joseph Marzullo/Wenn

Could she be upgrading her do for the second season of the Jersey Shore? Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi took to her Twitter account on Friday to show off her newly auburn-highlighted hair, describing it as “fresh red highlights with some snooki teaze.”  The Ed Hardy-adoring star officially debuted her look while meeting with N.Y.C. Mayor Michael Bloomberg over the weekend, alongside fellow castmate, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. “I showed my hair poof for mayor B! He’s the man!” she tweeted. With her ever-evolving pouf changing at what seems to be a bi-monthly pace, could this new style be hair today and gone tomorrow? Tell us: What do you think of Snooki’s new highlights? Love them or hate them?

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Lea on

I Love the hair! but i wonder what she would look like sometimes in public with her hair down straight, or a little bit of a curl to it!

Traci Johnson on

who thought that this was worthy news? and why did they think that the public would care to know? next thing you know there will be an update on what celebrity (or in this case “celebrity” sneezed! absolutely ridiculous People! for shame!

Jennifer on

I think it looks cute.

Mosey McLaughlin on

I don’t care what people say about this girl. She is sweet and she is funny and I think that anyone who says different is just being hateful and mean. Snookie is my FAVE! Leave the poor girl alone! AND I like her hair. It suits her.

Sarah on


T-Dog on

ADORABLE! I love snooki!

Andrea on

Poor snooki looks a little tired/beaten down here. The hair has spunk, but the spark is definitely missing from her face. What is wrong? Cheer up!!!!

nhmadness on

she’s a pig.

Erica S. on

She’s not a celebrity.. she’s a dime a dozen reality “star”. I put her on the same imaginary plane with the rest of the waste of skin people on tv… the plane that I wish would crash into the side of a mountain.

Leo Zee on

With or without red highlights, the woman is a ROACH.

cat on

Who cares!!!!

Rosie on

I think it’s kinda cute!

sharon littlefield on

not a celeb–don’t care—please stick to real celebs–no jersey, no “real” housewives, no multi birthers, no heidi and spencer……please…

Ali on

damn… my eyes hurt

Tiffany on

Love the new highlights, get rid of the pouf already! It makes her look almost comical. She would be prettier without it.

chrisfrIdaho on

I looove her highlights and i love Snooky.

Meg on

Honestly, who gives a S%*T!

Mary on

She is a wannabe star. Here today gone tomorrow. Use your REAL name.

Christina on

I love the hair, but whats up with her lips always being pursed?! She needs to smile!!

Web on

No, but I don’t like anything about her look. Fake, fake fake!! Not even a little appealing. Poor girl doesn’t even realize it.

TPforMyBunghole on

And we care because? I agree with Erica S. She’s just another reality “star” trying to get attention and money. When will producers stop with the lame reality shows? MTV just needs to end, if it’s not music related don’t put it on.

Kathleen27 on

Can you say Short…Fat…and…Stubby!!! Come on Snooks if you want to be a star you need to loose all the fat around the middle. So sad to be so insecure that you need to Mack on all the boys! Believe in yourself already!!

Cutie on

Erica S., I understand where you’re coming from but “for a plane to crash into the side of a mountain”?? Geez, a little harsh, ya think???

Loog on


dallas on

Like the highlights..would look better if she just wore her hair down…she has pretty long it off girlfriend!!!

Kelsey on

Okay, i agree some of us may not believe she is a real celebrity, and maybe she does things she should not as we have seen on television, but for all you women out there calling her names and making fun of her apperance, shame on you. She has feelings as well, and i’ll be damned if you would like that negative feedback. Get of the girls back. women should stick together for chirst sake!

Lucy on

I dont watch the show. I’ve seen the cast on TMZ and they really annoy me. Besides the way too big bump I like her hair. But I’m still waiting for the People store about how she has skin cancer.

Lisolio on

WHO cares about this girl and her hair? It is totally ridiculous that this is “news”. What is happening to our society that we get wrapped up in the goings on of reality show participants? WHO CARES??! The expression “get a life” comes to mind here.

SmilingNJGirl on

Hey, all I want to say is that this chic is no Jersey Girl- she is a NYer. And Seaside is full of NYers, that’s why we doin’t go there…
We don’t grow her kind in our lovely state!!

bob on

really?? this is news? ho’s on parade

Jennifer on

This girl give me the creeps!

Tracey on

This was popular three years ago. How about taking the Bump-It out for once.

loved on

her lips look weird the way she has them pursed in all of her pics

cindy on

I hate her hair. the color is pretty, but the style sucks. It’s too high

Lydia on

You SUCK ASS! Are you part black?

olivia on


Alecia on

Snooki is so cool!! Why do ppl keep doggin her.. I love the highlights Snooki!!! Can’t wait for Jersey Shore 2!!

Lydia on

You SUCK ASS! Are you part black? You need to loose weight!

Cherise on

she looks adorable!!!

Cry on

I like it a lot I just hate the way her poof is it looks bad…she’s really pretty with it down I dunno why she puts it up like that!!

kiki on

WHO CARES??? Annoying rich kids with no talent whatsoever. She needs to get over herself. She looks like all the other fake barbie doll bimbos.

ksherbak on

What a joke. Not only is the fact that SHE is newsworthy but red streaks in her hair? OMG

Kristin on


Maria on

has anyone ever told her she need to stop tanning… shes a cute girl but from all the tanning the girl’s skin just looks dirty… she looks like she could use a dove soap n water and just take a GOOD shower

tracey on

ish. i don’t know how you can ruin hair like that. yuck. thank god i don’t watch jersey shore.

ManhattanNicole on

I didn’t think she could look any worse, thanks for proving me wrong.

sweetvyc on

wow, she doesn’t even look equadorian anymore (yes, she’t not really italian). she must be tanning quite a bit. she looks like a sistah or a girl from india now.

Jennifer on

Wow with the haters! Go Snooki!

Go Away!!!! on

Here we gooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Who gives a S#%* about the color of this little munchkin’s hair????
Go away – go away – go away PUH……..LEASE!!!!

Lisa on

She might be a little strange, and the hairstyle a little outdated. But, the question was about the highlights and honestly I really like them.

I have dark hair too and have tried numerous times to get those highlights and always come back with something else.

But seriously, get rid of the poof.

Laura on

She’s too cute. The haters should leave her alone because she’s making the best out of her show’s success. Wouldn’t you do the same? Go, Snookie! :)

Sylvia T. Weston on

Can you spell P – I – G?

Laura on

Snooki is just having a good time. Why do you care? She’s laughing all the way to the bank. I think you people with negative comments are jealous of her. Get a life you losers!

Sarah on

Who is she? Those ‘highlights’ make her look really cheap. yuck.

Meg on

I wonder what she would look like without all of the tanning and bumped up hair…. she appears to be pretty behind all of the tanning and big-big hair…

Jamie on

One word… YUCK!!!

Diana on

Love it? Hate it? Does anybody really care!!!

anya on

she needs some collagen in her lips. she looks like she just sharted.

omg on

So 80’s…..all that’s missing is the banana clip. I kinda love it..who cares that she’s not solving world hunger…it’s funny and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

j on

i think she’s an idiot…and more so who cares what she did to her hair! she’s a nobody made famous by reality tv, i’m personally sick of hearing about her

Ashley on

i tan alot too but im not that brown….. what the he double hockey sticks?!?!?!?!

tammy on

As tacky as ever.

SteveJ on

I wish someone would punch her in the face again asap.

Susan on

I like Snooki’s hair, it looks cute !!! But my post is more for Erica S. ….. what is wrong with YOU??? I was shocked to read your post…wishing a plane carrying Snooki and others you dont like would “crash into a mountain!!!” Are you kidding me…. that is wrong on so many different levels. What did she ever do to you… to wish death/pain on someone just because shes on a TV show and maybe your jealous. Thats it you must be jealous…or just a very HATEFUL person. You really need to check yourself

Susan on

Snooki is straight up & real…and I like that. Her hair looks cute. Erica S… are you kidding me?? You wish her plane crash into a mountain?? I cant believe you wrote that, and even worse you wish pain/death on someone you dont even know…why because she is on TV? I think your just jealous.. you really need to go to a doctor and find out why your so hateful.

Anonymous on

The “Jersey Shore” cast’s overuse of the word “fresh” is making that word STALE.

katie on

first of all, this is NOT worthy “news” and second, her hair might have been cute.. 10 years ago. next..

Lexi on

EW!! what in the world is she thinking?!?!?!? the red makes her look seem cheaper than it already is and makes her look like the old Barbie Make-Up heads i used to play with when i was four! gosh! get some good coloring girl!!

louwho on

someone thought this was newsworthy???? I read that she is not even Italian, she’s adopted into an italian family. What exactly did she do to get on tv anyway?

Sandra on

If she was cute as a button and had some class I would applaud the red highlights. But that was a BIG IF

Steff on

oh hai.
well PERSONALLY i think snooks looks absolutely adorableeee. her pouf really inspired me to do one and i was getting kind of bored with just the pouf… the fresh red highlights are PERF to spice up this amazing style! i’m going to the salon tomorrow to get some fresh red highlights of my own!! XD :D :P

MJ on

What do i think??? I think i would love to see her get punched in the face again…..POW!!!

Betty on

She looks like a young Elveria? (hope thats spelled right)

Terry on

She looks like Johnny Mathis.

Cathy on

Yes….a roach. Perfect comparison!!

Alexa on

THe poof makes her small face looks smaller and more squished. The red highlights makes her hair look fake.

Delores on

Bumpits make your head look huge, when your head’s alrady huge, bumpits make you look like a bobblehead. The red suits her.

Jen on

Is it Halloween??????


medicchick on

Whatever, she still looks like an over baked troll doll.

Lori on

I doubt there is anything even remotely fresh on that girl.

Sarah on


ann p on

you know, try as i might, to me she simply looks like a fat little man in drag. no wonder the italian americans want the show off the air.
having her on a show about new jersey isnt good for the state which already has a hugely bad rep.

its not jersey, heck kelly ripa is a jersey girl and shes beautiful in face and shes charming.
this ‘girl’ looks horrid.

Tom on

Snookie is a Troll!!! I can’t wait until this show is over and MTV for that matter.

Jaclyn Whitt on

Why are people still wearing Ed Hardy?

Zosha on

She is a dog!

jr819 on

Like lipstick on a pig…

Of course it’s easily changeable when it’s not live hair attached to a scalp…

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eliza on

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i think she looks so cute

J on

Highlights? No highlights? Who cares!! She always looks (and acts) like a tramp!

Bev on

She looks like Buddy Hackett.

Bev on

Is she related to Buddy Hackett?

jps on

who cares?!

AIC on

She looks like girl-type I went to high school with back in the 80s in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. All looks, no brains, and eventually don’t mount up to anything. Shopping and the salon are all they have. I love the bump-it look NOT! Why not bring back the banana clips LOL!!!!!!????? My sister and I were laughing while watching this show! ZERO POINT ZERO.

pkta on

Why is this news, and why is she all of a sudden famous?

KristenL on

Like the red, but a little tired of the bouffant and pursed lips in every photo. Cute girl, but try something a little more than red highlights!

Kathy on

Snooki is fat. Did you see her in the tanning bad. It really showcased how thick around the middle she is. Why her – why not WOW-WOW being shown in the bed. I think because it is her name -Snooki. THe other ladies are hot not Snooki.

The hair makes her look like a bafoon.

Nancy Dunlap on

Snooky is a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I am sorry to read all the hurtful remarks. Just remember, this could be anyone’s child and hopefully she won’t read those comments.

Snooky was there for her castmates. Snooky took a punch for her castmates and ultimately for all of us. Notice how it brought everyone together? It was very much how another important historic figure suffered for all of us.

Snooky may be small of stature but she has a large heart and soul and I think she has a lot to teach mankind.

Bree on

What is she trying to do? Highlight the fact that her hair is a disaster? Poof! Be gone.

jana on

People has NOTHING interesting to write about… I am thinking about NOT to frequent this site anymore.

Skwerl on

She still looks like she got stuck in the birth canal.

db on

This is a joke…..little early for April Fool’s….She is famous for WHAT? LOL

Skwerl on

Still looks like she got stuck in the birth canal.

tw on

wow, she looks ridicules

Kim on

Elvira…Mistress of the Dark..

Christina on

She needs to not tan so much and look so orange! She’s a cute girl but she really, really just needs to tone it down and then you will be able to see her cuteness.

marilyn on

It doesnt matter what she does, she needs a bag over her head.

swthinva on

Lydia, don’t be a hater! You must be some short fat overweight depressed human being. You probably wished your hair was long and pretty. You are a HATER!!!!!!!! STOP HATING!!!!!!!

Pam on

WHO CARES ABOUT THIS GIRL!??!?! Why are you wasting our time on this ridiculous dribble?

jgrizzle on

love you and the hair, snookums!

lindsay on

i think this is ridiculous and isn’t news at all. seriously there isn’t anything better to print up then this idiot. she needs to get over her fame, she did nothing to deserve it. The whole Jersey Shore cast is ridiculous and a waste of time and money.

dan bellezze on

could celebrity rehab be far away??

Top Posts — on

[…] Snooki Adds ‘Fresh Red Highlights’: Love It or Hate It? Joseph Marzullo/Wenn […]

KJay on

Saw her ‘talent’ on The View. I don’t like anything about her.

alexxa on

i honestly find all these responses ridiculous! People saying she’s not a celebrity and that she’s a nobody but everybody happens to know who she is. It’s funny how idiots will insult someone with out even knowing a single thing about the girl. They asked for comments about her red highlights not your hatred towards the girl. The hair looks nice. that’s all that should be said not “she’s not famous” obviously she is if you know who she is idiots!

Joan P. on

why is People wasting time / print on this girl? I don’t care about her, much less her evolving do’s. Her 15 minutes of fame are up!

JoJo on

The haters are crazy. and yes she is a reality star buh look at all these other people. what really makes them so special as well? bkuh there on tv? because they sing and rap? who knows what she kan do. so stop hating. I love you snooki darling.

Noneya Biz on

I think this color really jazzes up her beautiful dark hair. I would just suggest toning the tan down a shade or two to soften the look. I don’t know why so many people hate on her, but I think she should continue to embrace her own style, because once a trend changes everyone will be clamoring to rock this hairstyle. Be an independent thinker!

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teazy on

i hate it on

Snooki adds fresh red highlights love it or hate it.. Ho-o-o-o-t :)

isabella on

ummm i thnk she lookz kutee i love it and ppl kan keep hatin lol …. snook u look good she’z sooo kutee.

Katerz on

Beautyyy <3

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