Jennifer Love Hewitt's Breakup Bob: Love it or Hate it?

03/22/2010 at 10:44 AM ET

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Who hasn’t had a breakup hair cut before? Looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt is the most recent newly single gal to chop off her locks for a clean start. The now single actress–who split from boyfriend, and Ghost Whisperer costar, Jamie Kennedy a few weeks ago after a year of dating–debuted a shorter do late last week. Though Jennifer has always been known for her long luxurious locks, we love the choppy layers and cropped length of her new coif. With this new sexy style, the star is sure to shake her fear of dating again sooner rather than later. Tell us: What do you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new do? Do you love it or hate it?

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Liz on

Love it!

Mary on

Love it! You go girl!

thushara on

love it! :)

Mo on

That looks great!

Teig on

I like it!

daysee on

Didn’t she have this same haircut before?

Jackie B on

Love it! Makes her look sassy!

anuta on

i think it makes her look older
but i still love ya Jen… you’re awesome in Ghost Whisperer!

amy on

HATE it!

rusty on

It looks horrible. Right after a breakup is never a good time to make a drastic change like this. Ew. She looks so much older.

Anne Olsen on

Absolutely adorable!!

Lindsey on

Looks good! I think long hair lacks style while this really looks great.

Betty on

She looks beautiful, she can do anything and her beauty is always there.

Janice Johnson on

I love Jennifer’s hair cut.

ec on

Meh. It frames her face exactly the way her long hair did, so it’s hardly a dramatic change. She’s very pretty and could easily find a flattering new look that actually looks like a change.

Gina on

She should go a little shorter. Very cute..

Harry on

She is a beautiful girl, what ever hair style. Change is a good thing. Having change in your life makes decisions in the future easier, trust me. Jennifer, way to go. Enjoy being single again.


sybille on

cute bob! i want it too!!

canada girl on

Love it, very nice choice

Cat on

Any haircut she has she looks adorable!

Liz on

I love it makes her look classy

bebi on

I like the look on her, it’s a flattering change. Why is no one acknowledging that she swapped her longer extensions for shorter extensions? Just asking ; ).

Ben on

She looks like Teri Hatcher now

Elda on

Love it!!

Sim on

WOW, When is short hair cute and hot….mmm.

Remember the girl than cut her hair on that tv show Felisa..
Come on ladies, if it ain’t broke.. you get the idea.

Joy on

She looks beautiful with her hair long or short.

Nancy on

Love it………..Pretty lady no matter how she wears her hair……….love the new look!

Biroli on

I don’t get the style….just looks like a tousled mess. She’s a gorgeous girl but not liking the new ‘do!

Katie on

It looks better longer…sorry!

Melissa on

Love it! Nothing better than chopping off your hair to give you a “fresh start” kind of attitude

mckenzie on

hate it

no offense though

Basil Fitze on

Love it, Ghost Whisper is on one of my favorite shows. You go girl!!!

JillZ on

I like it. Now just wish she’d ease up on the heavy eye makeup. She’s so pretty naturally – does not need all that. Does it the same way on GW.

jen on

I don’t understand why when celebrities change their hair astyle that should be considered news? What about the real news what is going on in the country.

Joceline on

Surprisingly, it somehow looks the same. She has very pretty eyes, though. Her eye make-up on Ghost always looks really pretty. Anybody know what brownish eyeshadow that is? I’d love to get it.

Laurye on

Looks great but needs some more layers up near the crown and down from there!
Her long hair was out of date looking..which is the reason why I cut my long hair recently…and this makes her look so much more sophisticated !

Sharon on

Don’t like it. It makes her look older and her nose look longer. She looks much better with longer hair. :)

MW on

Can anyone say “woof?”

Ashley on

LOVE it. Really looks good on her.

Lusty on

As long as she’s still got that amazing rack who cares?

riss on

How about adding another choice: “Who cares?”

L.C. on

Love it, looks fantastic.

Cat on

Looks great on her! You go girl!

lucia on

Its versatile and sassy ! – She can always use
weaves ala Kate Gosselin if she wants the vamp look – or wait it will grow back

Delana on

Jennifer is beautiful, but this hairstyle ages her. Her hair looks heavy and flat. I think that adding more layers or loosening some of the curls would help. Plus a middle part makes her face seem longer than it is.

Tink on

I think it looks great! Between that and dumping ishy Jamie, she’s ready for change!

michele on

I loved jennifer’ hair before, I thought it was so pretty. It still looks nice, it’s great to change your style up once in awhile.

Laureliete on


Erin on

I love it. I think she is so beautiful she would look great bald! and damn it doesnt she have fabulous hair?!?!

Marilyn on

Who cares.

Sonia on

Cute, but I think Shorter would be better!

Jackie on

Hate it!!

Jenni Bruce on

I don’t think she “cut” her hair. She just took her extensions out. She will have long hair again in no time.

Chris on

I think it’s WAY cute. Makes me feel like going and getting my hair done this week…

Rachael on

The “DO” is cute but i dont think it works on her.

Penny on


christina on

Hate it! Adds 10 years to her looks. Totally Blah!

annie on

Don’t like it at all!

Sophie on

She couldnt look bad if she tried!

Becky on

She looks great no matter what!

jack on

Women will love it, guys will hate it.

Shawn on

she didnt cut her hair but stopped wearing weaves (which was obivious in her show) which SHE has admitted to wearing herself. She cut her hair long ago.. if you pay attention you can tell.. the hair texture is different.. she uses a hair clip which alot of stars use.. Jessica simpson, penelope cruz, katie holmes, beyonce,madonna, lady gaga, etc…. it’s used to add length and volume.. it looks AWEsome on her regardless.. she looks great.. with her hair in its normal length or weave..shes beauiful

emme on

Love it! It’s not too terribly short.

Geo on

I Love it as much as I love her!

Jean Curran on

It is adorable!

lexie on

i thought her long hair was part of a wig she wore for the show and that her hair was actually this length… regardless she’s pretty pretty any way you do her hair.

Tina on

I think she looks awesome!

Jean on

super cute

trsquare on

I think she looks gorgeous, but then I always thought so. Besides, it’s just hair — it’ll grow back.

Marsha on

uh, i thought eyeshadow goes on above the eye … idk, maybe i’m doing it wrong. as far as the hair … eh, whatever.

Gus on

Hate it; added 10 years to her. Looks like my friends mom. I don’t know why women do this; it was one of her best features.

Mel on

Love it! It looks so shiny and healthy and bouncy! Long hair is not always better. Rusty, how can you say it looks horrible? I would love to have her hair as would most of the women of the world.

Karla on

Love cute..fits her personality.

Liz on

Not a fan. It makes her look older.

Bree on

Jeez…she cut off her extensions – woo woo!!! It must’ve been so hard of a decision. Gag.

A on

Love the fresh new look! It was time for a change – boyfriend and hairstyle.

Robin A on

It’s too poofy. Sorry girl but smooth it out. Smooth and sleek would flatter more.

Larry Phelps on

The top of her head looks the same to me.

lanam on

I love her new hair cut, bu JLH can wear her hair any way and still look flawless. But I do have to say this hair cut looks fabulous on her…yes i am a huge fan, and my son is in love w/her. he always said she was th hottest ticket in hollywood– all of his screen savers are of jennifer…you go jennifer, and i hope you find happiness.

Gloria on

Jennifer, I love you — not feeling the hair!

M. West on

She looks great!

Gloria on

Jennifer, I love you but I am not feeling the haircut. Still luv ya though!!

Tulip on

The haircut is great. however, she needs to wear lighter pastel eyeshadows. The dark stuff on her eyes makes her look 40 y/o.

Rebecca on

She could do just about anything to her hair and still look great. She’s so beautiful!

Dave on

Hate it… She’s beautiful but the hair needs to be longer.

Adriana on


Vicki63 on

I love watch Ghost Whisper. I love your new hair.

Adrienne on

I love it! She always has great hair styles :)

G on

Well, I really like when she has her hair in a bob. I thought she wore extentions anyway…

Amanda on

Love it!

hazel w de la cruz on

jenifer lov hewitt—looks really bad ””-should have left it alone–looks better with long hair—why does she wear such ungly clothes on the show–tring ot be a vergin look–it’s ungly too…

lisa on

I like it. She is getting older and needs a new age appor. look. I have short hair and I am glad to see another take a chance with a look and not be the same old same old. And hers is NOT that short either. I love the pixie looks,sassy and easy!

George Richard Wilkes on

Love her, hair is okay — still long enough to be good.

Andrea on

It looks cute!! I love it!! You go jennifer

Carol on

I don’t really like it. Although I do like her as an actress, she is very good.

Dylan on

She does look older, but she is…

Jen on

Love it!

d on

hate the short hair

Carla on

Looks just fine. It’s her hair..she can do what she wants with it.

Hair Geru on

Celebs don’t cut their hair, they just take their extensions out. Or, she pinned up the long layer underneath. Same thing as Kourntney Kardashian and Jessica Simpson, they have bobs, not long hair.

T on

This doesn’t look like a shorter haircut, I think she just put her hair up in a faux bob.

SusiQ on

I agree that a drastic decision is not usually a good idea right after a breakup but I must say I love the new haircut. Is she finished filming for this year or how will they explain the change? A woman’s perogative to change her mind? And her hair?

jenn on

i like it short…all she has to do is add in extensions like everyone else. short is better on her

Brenda on

Laughing at people saying “hate the short hair”. People, her hair is NOT short. She’s had it this way before and it doesn’t look THAT much different than what it was before she cut it. It’s just more curled and fluffed up.

uh huh on

um, i feel like we saw her with this hair not that long ago…i think she has just had long extensions in since and just took them out.

Colleen on

Love it!

Jenn on

It doesn’t really look like she got a hair cut. It kinda looks pinned up on the side. Either way she’s still beautiful.

sandy on

i like it. i think it makes it look healthier and also flatters her face. it is just a cute cut and i think she wears it well.

Danielle on

I love it!! Jennifer is so beautiful, we love her show in our house-her clothes and hair are always so adorable- I hope they use her new do on the show!!

SalM on

She’d look great, even without a head.


I never understood her appeal no matter what hairdo she has!

Diane on

Change the eyes.

kris on

Luv it~xo

Susan on

I would not call this CHOPPED OFF!! I do not really see any big difference, except that it is very “Big”. I think she would be very cute with something quite short.

lois on

Really don’t care one way are the other. She have done her hair before getting on gw. It doesn’t matter about the break-up either.Maybe she want a new look anyway. Breaking up with someone doesn’t make you look any better than you did before.That is just plain stupit to say something about a hairdo.


I love Jennifer’s new hair style. She has worn it long for such a long time, I’m really glad she has decided to get a cute cut and style. The long straight hair has been “out” of fashion for quite a long time. I do agree with other poster’s that she is beautiful no matter how she wears her hair! Good luck to JLH in everything she does. I hope she finds her prince charming soon… :-)

Steve Atkinson on

She is one hot lady, the hair is good either long
or short. I would order 12 of her as take out at McDonalds or Heritages!

Steve Atkinson on

I dig hotties and she wins my first prize.
Wanna know what that is??

Steve on

who cares, she normally wears so many horse hair extensions.

Sarah Hilman on

Maybe she wants to look older…anyhow I think it looks great!

Beth Young on

hair is fine – do as you wish but the brown shadow under your eyes is horrific! Makes you look like a heroin addict. Stop it

Charleen on

Her hair is cute….now if she would just get rid of the fake eyelashes. They overpower her eyes.



Eli on

I think she looks great. I don’t think it makes her look older at all. I believe the lighting was off in this picture is why her face looks a little older.

Sharon on

Love it! Such a cutie – no matter how she wears her hair.

Cheri on


maya on

I think it would look better with bangs or a side part as her nose is rather prominant. Also, she’s getting a bit old to wear that much eye makeup. She is a pretty woman, doesn’t need to cover her face with all of that gunk.

Deborah Wright on

This is her real hair. The longer length is for her Ghost Whisperer show. She wears extentions. When you are as beautiful as JLH though, it doesn’t matter how long or short your hair is.

CRex on

LOVE IT!! For those who think she looks older — how old do you think she is? It’s my understanding she’s 30-ish. Since when is it wrong to look or act your age?

Jumbybird on

Jennifer will look great even if she is bald!!!!

J on

Hate it, I think it ages her!

Marcy on

Looks good!

marsha on

I don’t think it does anything for her.

jimmy boy on

It would look much better if she cut off her clothes too!

Premi on

It’s OK. As long as she doesn’t chop off her main asset(s)!
Seriously, I have heard she is one of the few NICE people in Hollywood.

ellen on

very cute hope her and jamie get back together love them 2 together

Idaho on

Love it! It looks really cute!

jon walker on

She is totally gorgeous from her feet to the heavens above her head! She could glue cardboard strips on her head and paint them magenta and still look awesome…ut oh, here comes my wife, gotta go…

Julie on

So cute – way love it!

Heather on

Boy she looks old!!!!!!!!!!!

ann on

she’s not attractive at all but cute hair.

KristenL on

Looks great!

jules on

I think it is extremely flattering on her. Makes her look younger.

Mrs J.P on

Love her new hair style! And why not she has ever right to cut her hair, however she likes. Go Girl!

Jennifer on

HATE it. Looks like a bird’s nest. Also makes her look too hard. She needs to lighten up on the raccoon eyes and get some bangs or something to soften her look.

Nikki on

Love it!! Change is good…..

mari on

it looks nice and she looks good but i like the long hair.

sonia on


Adrienne on

Since when does “single” mean anything other than NOT MARRIED? People are using single now to mean they aren’t dating anyone or involved with anyone. Single means not married. By this definition, JLH has always been single.

Samantha on

Who Cares! She looks exactly the same as she did last week.

Blue on

Hate it! I like the long hair with the side swept bangs look much better.

Milady on

Jennifer, Love your new do and Ghost Whisperer. I’m glad you got rid of the last do, I think it was too OLD for you.

char on

I Love it. I hated her hair before.

Sam Gale on

Now if only she would chop off her fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake boobs, cease with the push up bras and stop giggling like a 12 year old she might look like a classy mature woman

Mr Allen on

WHAT haircut?

noneya on

maybe jennifer will read this and tell the writers of GW to quit killing off the cast. i dont watch it since they “bascially” killed off her husband. prefer her hair longer anyway! jamie kennedy did not fit with her.

b cox on

I was looking for short hair, and realized that the pic shown IS her short hair…not so chopped to off to me…but looks good. It’s about time she looked her age.

Karen on

I love it, it makes her look younger.

Wendy Vega on

Jen has had shoulder length hair for some time, I think. She wears extensions. Most long haired stars do these days.

melissa on

Two thumbs up from me!!!

hk on

Not even a chop…. that is just a cut, stretch out the curls and it is still long……. pathetic

roe on

she could do that i love it

Erica on

I think it looks really cute! I remember I did the same thing when I went thru a breakup with my husband and it was refreshing…makes you feel good about yourself.

stephanie on

not the first time shes chopped it off.. looks good jennifer! really cute and spunky!

Karen on

hate it

Hils on

Dude, it’s not the haircut that makes her look older, it’s all that makeup.

sarah collier on

hate it takes away her sexy innocent look makes her look older and just doesnt look good with short hair

Sid on

She is truly one girl that does not need a short or long Haircut or NO hair to make herself gorgeous!! She is beautiful!

james Nichols on

Hair? She has hair? Gee, I never noticed. . .

David on

She would look good bald!!! Doesn’t matter to me.

Rich on

I think that Jennifer is simply stunning; regardless of her hair doo. She is great nomatter what her hair style is.


Dito on

She looks great!

Jennifer on

She is pretty, but I liked it longer. She looked younger.

Jared on

Jennifer Love Hewitt…..mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmm, good!
If I was only 30 years younger…. I’d be camped on her doorstep.

jeff on

hate it. makes her look to much like a housewife. sorry, she’s always had great hair till now. hope she wears a few hats till it grows back. I still think she’s special thou

max on

your hot, jen, since your single..i’ll do you

Andre on

Are you kidding me she’s HOT, short hair ,long hair, bald she looks HOT…Need a date call me….

samantha on

LOVE it! :)

bchac on

Hate it! Typical woman move when a relationship ends.

Tiger on

Who is looking at her hair? Nice rack!

Barbara Thomas on

I like it, looks good on JenniferLove- wear it up, wear it down or anyway you please. LOOKING GOOD GIRL !!!!!

Barbara Thomas on


Mikekienpo on

Jamie Kennedy gave her up what a jerk I wish I had her as I girlfriend she is not only beautiful
but wow she looks great in any length of hair
I love you Jennifer


In my humble opinion, she looks like an old lady. That look is not good for her. Maybe it’s just the picture and the way it was taken.

Brian B. on

I LOVE Jennifer LOVE Hewitt. She is so Beutiful.
I’d LOVE her if she was Bald…
Brian Bodnar
Torrington, Ct.

DarkRaven on

She would look good in any hair style, she could pull a Britney and shave her head and still be one of the sexiest women alive!!!!
I dig the the do!!!
And yep I think I could do the do as well….figuratively speaking of course!

Mike on

Stop screwing around with those Hollywood boys and date a real everyday man! Like me! Love the doo!

Dan G. on

Love it!

fossie on

Jennifer…. who ????


uh, who cares ???

Yasmin on

Don’t like the curls, makes her look old. I <3 JLH though and continue to be a fan what ever hairstyle!

michael on

Nope. Don’t like it. I love her old look. very sexy. This look makes her look older, which for me, being a guy, I prefer her the old way.

dayle on

To tell you the truth, it’s JLH. Her hair isn’t exactly what I’m focused on.

Amy on

I don’t like it at all!

juleel on

Let’s face it, she is getting older. Aren’t we all?

JS on

Thank god she finally broke up with that loser! There is no way that guy – Jamie Kennedy – was in her class. He looks like a guy who would work at walmart for $8 an hour. Good riddance!

ron on

Screw her do I want to see what she did to her v-jay-jay!

Big Dawg on

I’d do her!

Gokashi on

Hate it. She will always look better with that long hair

OhBlahDah on

Love it. ‘Bout time she cut off all those extensions. It was WAY too much hair for the girl. And ’bout time she dumped JK, too.

jono on

JLH simply never looks bad – what a complete honey!

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[…] Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breakup Bob: Love it or Hate it? – Style News – StyleWatch … […]

Dennis Loewen on

Jennifer Love would look great bald!!

Marge on natural amphetimines (her bone) on

[…] Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breakup Bob: Love it or Hate it? – Style News – StyleWatch … […]

Greg on

Sorry Jenn, But I loved the long hair!!Please let it grow back!!!

candice on

Both. I loved her hair the old way& always like her with longer hair, but it’s her choice.i would have waited at least 30 to 90 days(1 to3 months)before making changes.

Nathan on

I actually love it! That bob hairdo of J-Loves reminds me of a girl, who I had a crush on.

Roger on

I think Jennifer looks good anyway she wears her hair. I’m just a dirty old man though. MMMMM if only I was thirty five years younger. She sure makes me feel young though, I love her in Ghost Whisperer.

Bebo on

From a single man who was interested.
– The hair and make-up are frightening.
– I am no longer interested and she may not be able to find a date anywhere ever again.

Nancy on

Who cares? Did her tits change?

allan on

Love it !!! Looks great & stuning & sexy

jmlbmw on

I love it! Jennifer always looks very well put together! She is stunning! I certainly hope she stays single for quite awhile this time around, before she jumps into the next relationship. She’s in love with being in love, which is wonderful… with the right person! Take your time Love… let it come naturally!

paul on

Could Care Less!!!

Teresa on

I love it! It is fresh and breezy – and a nice change. Out with the old and in with the new!

Tara on

It honestly DOES make her look older…

tim on

you look great even if you were bald.

The Eye on

It’s not that short…It’ll grow back in a couple of months.

johnny on

You are beautiful. I am a guy fan. Sorry about your break up. You look great. Your a guys dream girl. Hope next guy is right one is all.

Diane on

Looks awesome. Any hair style would look great on her, she is so gorgeous. Way to go Jennifer.

Dezzie on

she looks older then she does with longer hair, but she is amazingly beautiful and i love it. go jen!!!!!


i love your new hair it looks great,

Thush on

Hate it

adam on

jennifer is and has always been a beautiful woman. Short hair or long. All she needs is a little confidence and she will shine.

Green Day Geek Girl on

Ugh.. I can’t stand her. She’s like a Hollywood doorknob, everyone’s had a turn.

Ruben Cortez on

She is 1 of 100 , That she looks good in any way . Well I hope that she gets what she wants .

sayuri on

No! should be longer or shorter….this makes her look old.

greg on


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vanessa on

I prefer her with long hair, it was gorgeous, but – both cuts would look great on her if she would only STOP PARTING HER HAIR IN THE MIDDLE! It’s so unflattering – a side-part would look much more sophisticated.

wilburina on

Love it — but would love it better w/ BANGS!

contact us on

[…] Jennifer Love Hewitt's Breakup Bob: Love it or Hate it? – Style … […]

Lena on

Love it. The style frames her face better than the long hair.

Kassi on

I Love It! I Love Ghost Whisperer!

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Dorothy on

I think she looks OUTSTANDING!! Her face is so cute, she can pull off just about any hairdo!

Julie Slater on

i adore the style & cut. it’s sensuous, sexy & flattering.

gianna on

Change can be an awesome moving on tool after a break up but I like her hair longer better. I think it might look stunning styled even shorter in a sleeker, straighter style.

Either way, she is gorgeous! The women and girls today have a terrific rle model in JLH!

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[…] weeks after dramatically chopping her hair, Jennifer Love Hewitt has ditched the buzz-making “breakup bob” she debuted shortly after ending her relationship with fellow Ghost Whisperer star Jamie […]

Orville David on

Uggh. I definitely like her previous hairstyle because I think it suits her much better. There’s something about this new hairstyle that doesn’t seem to gel with her overall look.

Owen Murphy on

Jennifer Love Hewitt of Ghost Whisperer is very pretty.;.-

Camila Perry on

sometimes, ghost whisperer is very scary specially when she see those ghots.;.”

Amelia Thomas on

sometimes the episode of Ghost Whisperer gets a bit boring~;;

justhadtosay on

Well, wouldn’t consider that a “bob”, but I love it!

Dress Pants on

my sister loves the tv series Ghost Whisperer but i do find it a bit distracting sometimes *”,

nighthat on

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Carlton Markð¯ on

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Nathaniel on

… என ன ய ம அற ம கப பட த த னத க க நன ற தல அற ம கப பட த த ம வ தம ர ம ப அர ம ய இர க க .//வ ங க!!! அக பர , மக ழ ச ச !!நன ற அக பர . // r.v.saravanan said… ஆச ர யர பண க க வ ழ த த கள .ந ங க வல ச சரம ச ன ற இட க ய ட ட ல ம ச வ ரச யம க ற யவ ல ல கலக க ங க//ம க க நன ற சரவணன .// ஜ ல தண ண said… ர ட ட கண ட ப ப இந த வல ச சரம ட ப ப த ன இந த ம த ரய நச ச ன பத வர கள ஊக க வ த த ல ச ப பர நன ற ப ர ட ட !!எல ல ர ய ம இப பவ ஃப ள பண ற ன //மக ழ ச ச !!! நன ற ஜ ல தண ண . //ஜ ய ல ன said… ப த ப ப த பர ட ட வ இர க க ..//அப ப றம என ன, நல ல ச ப ப ட ங க :)நன ற ஜ ய ல ன . // philosophy aakbhpraran said… வ ச பக கங கள கத இரண ட ம அட டக சம …//பட ச ச ச ச !!! நன ற ப ரப கரன . // இர மச ம கண ணண said… நல ல அற ம கங கள நண பர . த டரட ட ம உங கள நற பண .//த டர ஊக கங கள க க நன ற ர ம .// Starjan ( ஸ ட ர ஜன ) said… ப ர ட ட இன ற நல ல ர ச , ட ஸ ட இர க க .. எல ல ம நல ல அற ம கங கள .அக பர இன ற க ற ப ப ட டத க க ம க க நன ற ..//அப பட ய !!! அப ப , ஸ ட ர ஜன ச ர க க ர ண ட பர ட ட ப சல :))நன ற ஸ ட ர ஜன .

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I have been checking out some of your stories and i can claim clever stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.

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