Ava Sambora Makes Her Modeling Debut -- with Mom Heather Locklear in the Front Row

03/21/2010 at 01:18 PM ET

Gilbert Flores/Celebrity

There is another Hollywood kid on the block or, in this case, the catwalk. Ava Sambora, the 12-year-old daughter of actress Heather Locklear and Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora made her modeling debut in the White Trash Beautiful show, which kicked off L.A. Fashion Week. But it wasn’t a fluke that Ava walked in this show — the line is the creation of her father and designer Nikki Lund. Mom Heather Locklear beamed from the front row, while snapping photos on her iPhone as her look-alike daughter strutted down the runway. “I’m very, very proud of her. I’m very excited, and I’m here to support her, Locklear told PEOPLE. “And the minute she’s done I’m going to grab her and wipe off her makeup and get her into her pjs.” Lund, who sat next to Locklear during the show, understood her pal’s protective nature, “Heather is a good mother so she’s being a mother, you know. She’s being really, really good.” Not that Locklear had anything to worry about. Putting her superstar performance genes to good use, the teen was natural and confident as she glided down the runaway to “Livin on a Prayer” in four edgy, yet feminine, looks and “early” Bon Jovi-inspired accessories. Asked if Sambora seemed nervous before the show, Lund said, “No, she’s a diva! She’s ready to rock it, she’s amazing!” Proud papa Sambora couldn’t make the show due to a last minute scheduling conflict, but Lund was sending him photos the whole time, explaining, “He’s so excited about this, it’s his baby!” –-Michelle Ward

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tamara on

omg, her face is so beautiful, go ava – you rock!!!!

Suzanne on

That’s a 12 year old?

Gloria on

If anyone thinks Ava Sambora is dressed to look older than 12 yrs old, apparently has never seen “Little Miss Perfect” and “Toddlers and Tiaras”. Those little girls and even toddlers are made to look yeeeeeeeears older than what they really are. I don’t agree with those shows, but they are not my kids — so, with that being said- if the parents don’t have a problem with it -why should we???

Brenda on

She certainly doesn’t look 12. More like 22. No wonder Heather said she’s going to wipe the make-up off and put her in pj’s as soon as she’s done.

Roxy on

Plenty of models start as early as 12; you’d just never know because they appear older.

Zach on

wow, didn’t get her mom’s looks.

missy on

I think Ava just loves the spotlight. She’s so confident and pretty. I’m over 20 and couldn’t handle all of that and she’s 12 and did very well.

Brittanney on

Models start young. What pre-teen/teenager hasn’t dreamed of being a model at one point or another?! It’s a fasion show, get over it … her daughter modeling does not make Heather Locklear a bad mom by any means.

Stacy on

Why is everyone always so negative. I attended this very beautiful fashion show and Ava was fantastic, she acted her age and was just really excited to participate. She wasn’t out there to win some beauty, talent show. She was up there excited to show off her dad’s and Niki’s new clothing line that they have been working so very hard on for a very long time, and she has been a part of that all along. Heather was a fantastic mother. Heather was beautiful and personable, and a very proud mother. She was watching her daughter have a fantastic moment. Don’t be so quick to criticize when you have noooo idea what you are really talking about.

marie on

I was in a fashion show at that age over 40 years ago. It’s an exciting thing to feel special and practice poise and confidence with your parent’s presence and support. I think Ava is beautiful and looks a lot like her Mother. Lovely!
Stop with the hooker comments. Sheeesh…..

J. on

The things you can do if your parent is already in show business. She looks like her dad. She was cute before she hie her pube stage. Really not much to look at. Kate Hudson kinda look!!! lol

matt on

Who Cares!!!!!!

lynn euan on

Modeling is ok for 12yr olds modeling clothes for 12yr olds, not clothes for Biker chicks or Heavy Medel Rockers at the Whiskey A Go Go. Good Mother? yeah right!! This is not a school play for dress up and makeup.

nikki on

omg! Is she 12 years old? she looks twice her age

nicole on

My 12 year old daughter looks like a 12 year old.

Kim on

12 YEARS OLD, WEARING THAT??? She looks like she’s in her early twenties! She’s a BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG girl BUT they should NOT have put her in an outfit that makes her look 10-15 years older than she actually is…

Carol on

A very pretty young girl. Looks a lot like Heather.

Della on

Very upsetting to see this pic of a 12 year old. Unbelievably bad parenting. This pre-teen has no business anywhere near the runway, no matter if it’s a one-time thing. :shaking head:

Laura on

I have always been a fan of Heather and Richie, and Ava is certainly a beautiful girl. This outfit makes her look older than 12, but I do not think it is inappropriate. We need to keep in mind that Ava is not revealing anything in this outfit. This is dress-up for a fashion show, and I am sure that Ava does not dress like this in her everyday life. I have no doubt her parents will keep her safe and protect her.

Linda on

What is wrong with you people writing negative comments about a 12 year old who may read this? You seem to think you are better than her own parents because you don’t agree with the parents choices. Grow up!!! It was a job and Ava had the opportunity to see if she would be interested in modeling as a career. Just how old do you think most of the models you see in print are? Ave I think you did a great job, you looked great and represented the clothes which was your job. Keep up the good work and don’t let negative people effect your life. You deserve better and those people should be ashamed of themselve.

missy on

don’t be too oldfashioned, some kids are just more mature than the others.Ava probably loves fashion- she’s such a girly girl – and was safe with her mom and friends around.At least it’s not that bad as Cyrus or Kardashians lil sis behaviour

Laura on

My goodness … so many haters! She’ll be wearing a whole lot less this summer at the beach. Get your heads out of the gutter! Her mom and dad love her very much!

Jennifer on

She’s twelve?!?

katharine g on

you would never see jon bon jovi parading his kids in this manner…very bad parenting.

marie on

she doesn’t look like a model or a 12 year old. this is the problem with celebs spoiling their kids. take them on a vacation, don’t put your preteens in fashion shows for your adult fashion line.

Linds on

The thing is, there are hundreds of 12 year old models out there, who dress in outfits much less age appropriate.

Would you have guessed this girl was 12 if you hadn’t read the article? No, you wouldn’t have. You never know how young models actually are, because they all look older.

Models have always started this young, fact. If you don’t have a foot in the door by 16 or 18, you’re out. You may as well quit. It’s a harsh business. If you want to make it, you have to start young.

Denise on

I don’t have a problem with the modelling. It’s WHAT she’s modelling that is a problem. She’s 12. Age appropriate apparel would be nice.

cheryl on

It’s not about the age, as much as the clothes. She wears them well. She very supervised, which is more than most 12 yr. olds. And, she’s learning the value of making her own money. Like the chinese teach their children very young to work. I think this is very tastefully done, and fashion forward…Women should be able to wear what they want and not be considered obsene in expressing themselves…kudos to the Sambora family…

Zoey on

Nothing wrong with a 12 year old modeling (Tween clothes), but that dress so TOO SHORT. Period, end of story. Yes, everyone wears swimsuits at the beach, and my mother made me wear a one-piece till I was 15. 12 years old is 6th grade people, and for some (like myself) that was elementary school. YIKES. Really, no one has a problem with a little 6th grade girl wearing this outfit to the end of the year dance? YIKES, what is this world coming too. Now, I do not think that this makes her parents bad parents, this was just a poor choice on their part and they shouldn’t let her wear clothes like that!

Lori on

12?? Am I the only mom who wants to run up there with a big sheet and cover her up???? They couldn’t find an outfit that covered just a little more? For goodness sake, she’s a child! >:(

J.D. on

Ava is gorgeous. She looks so much like her mother.

BB on

She is much to young to be wearing THAT outfit…..doesn’t matter if it is a FASHION Show are not. It is NOT age appropriate.

patrick on

How can she let her 12-year old daughter wear something like that? Ridiculous.

Zoe on

Lol.honestly these parents who always critisize make me laugh,always taking things way seriously.maybe thats wat ur daughter dreams of doing and instead of asking they will just sneak off and u wnt be there to protect her since ure always acting perfect

Val on

The negative posters are just ridiculous already! Did you even read the article? She is only doing this because it’s her Dad’s line of clothing! Her Mom was there watching over her and she got to have some fun while helping out her Dad all while under Mom’s guidance. Lighten up, you people act like she’s a super model now and will be living the high life – read it again, Heather said when she’s done it’s home and off with the makeup and in her pj’s! And again, to the morons saying she should be modeling 12 year old clothes – again, she’s not working, it’s her Dad’s line and she simply did something fun! You crabs that posted negative comments are the ones who are teaching kids the wrong thing – to not read the whole article, to not understand what you read and that it’s ok to bash others when you don’t know anything about it even when it’s explained to you! Keep showing your kids that it’s ok to judge people and to be snotty just because you have a different opinion. Pathetic.

Bernadette on

I don’t care who’s kid she is.She is to young to be on the run away.

NTL on

Should a 12 year old girl be dressing like this????

Marly on

No way would I let someone dress my 12 year old up like this. Inappropriate at the very least.

ayjayokc on

I am not surprised at her age (most models are preteen or teenaged) but I agree with the others who say that dress is WAY too old for a child that age. Then again, that is the modeling world for ya. (And, no, she doesn’t look like her mother, People mag. Not at all.)

Cher on

She looks lovely. Good luck to her.

Val on

Yeah Ann, they had no working models, Ava ran back and forth 50 times and did the whole show by herself! Again, READ THE ARTICLE and use common sense while reading….if people did then most of these comments wouldn’t even be here as you would realize it isn’t what you are making it out to be.

Melissa on

I have a problem with a 12 year old being dressed up like an adult. I also have a problem with baby girls being made up to look like adults. Let them grow up, enjoy being preteens, enjoy being teenagers…they have enough pressure put on them by their peers. They do NOT need the added pressure of photographers, designers, judges, and most of all, saddest of all, their parents. Let them be kids, first and foremost.

flowerchilde on

as long as her mother is there to support and protect her-why not?

mom in Califq on

I find it a little disheartening that a 13 year old is modeling. Not that she can’t handel that work (but can she?) but that I have to continue to endure looking at women’s clothes worn by girls as if THAT is the mark of beauty. It makes me a bit queazy to my stomach…

Asha on

It’s fashion. It’s not real life. When are people going to let this fact sink in through their thick, jealous skulls?

BeBe on

I’m sorry but she looks like a “Bambi” staring into headlights to me. A little bit blank stare kind of thing. She is too young, and I have seen the babies and little girls modeling shows. It’s just wrong…

Debbie on

She does look a lot like her mom…nothing bad about this…it sounds as if Ava was more than qualified.

eileen on

daughter lQQks just like her Mom Heather!

Marla Hopkins on

Certainly not a pretty girl, but she is just a girl…nothing wrong w/modeling at an early age, but black leather…I guess Heather needs to take a closer look at all the recent young Hollywood deaths…and figure out what’s more important. Parenting is about boundaries!!!

hope on

No one is saying that she’s too young to be in a fashion show, but you have to admit the outfit is not something a 12 year old should wear.

Stuck in the 80's on

At least her mother was with her unlike some child stars from Disney, the whole Disney Girls are following in Britney’s foot steps.

Angel on

She’s beautiful! but I thought she was blonde, whatever, I don’t think it matters that much.

wiccanway on


KT on

She’s 12?!?! What in the world is she doing this type of show??? I don’t have a problem with her being a model at 12, but NOT for adults!!! Not smart. JMHO

jesa on

come off it – she looks fantastic – it’s not like her 12 year old body parts are on ‘display’, besides, what i really love about this photo? she doesn’t look like the ‘stereotypical’ starving model. She looks healthy and vibrant – congrats, doll!

cheryl on

That’s fair. Her parents are famous so she gets to model. what about all the other kids out there who work hard and want to break into the biz, but don’t have famous parents to pull strings for them. And those other kids could probably use the money they would of made from the show.
ONce again famous people get whatever they want!

Angel on

She is very pretty, doesn’t look 12 at all. I think she looks like her dad.

Gigi on

12 years old?? Inappropriate much? What’s the world coming to.

ComeShopPinkLemonade on

She looks beautiful and there is nothing wrong with modeling at 12 years old.

Go Ava!

Bonnie-NYC on

Love Heather and Richie. I understand the need to teach your daughter the ropes but at 12 years old this it beyond comprehension…

She looks like a 20 something yr old playing dress up, not a good pose either (is this the best picture)?

PLEASE teach her right from wrong and survival skills, not “how beautiful can I be at 12” skills…………………….

Kate on

since when is 12 a teen??? I have to say, the clothes in this picture are a little mature for a 12 year old LITTLE GIRL! She is gorgeous though….a natural beauty!

lisa on

plain face
wrong choice of dress for 12 year old

Jen DC on

Her mother is there in the front row. If she were uncomfortable with *anything*, I’m sure she would have reacted prior to the date of the event. So no, I don’t see a problem with her mother sitting there in the front row allowing her 12 yr old to look like a 20 yr old FOR AN HOUR in a limited arena. If she were allowed to walk around like that, I’d have a problem with it.

Her daughter is not “on the pole.” She’s not even close to the pole. Both Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear know what superstardom is all about and are highly unlikely to allow their only child to get close to the point at which she’d be in danger. Why do you think Heather Locklear is there, just to smile and take pictures? No, it’s to control her daughter’s exposure.

ryan on

being a 12 year old model is relevant to the person doing it. its not for everyone thats for sure // i started modeling in london at 12 yrs old and people were up in arms. but they werent helping my family with bills and such so i did it to provide and was very successful and i turned out well and had a 13 year career in front of the camera.
good for her.

Stacey unclench already on

Stacey when it comes to parenting it sounds like YOU have noooooo idea what you are talking about.

“Why is everyone always so negative. I attended this very beautiful fashion show and Ava was fantastic, she acted her age and was just really excited to participate. She wasn’t out there to win some beauty, talent show. She was up there excited to show off her dad’s and Niki’s new clothing line that they have been working so very hard on for a very long time, and she has been a part of that all along. Heather was a fantastic mother. Heather was beautiful and personable, and a very proud mother. She was watching her daughter have a fantastic moment. Don’t be so quick to criticize when you have noooo idea what you are really talking about.

– Stacy on March 21st, 2010”

butch on

ya. no one encouraged her to do it. it was all her idea, right? right.

Flasj on

Obviously looks like her dad, poor girl.

Melanie on

12?!… she does look 25!!! Not even a teenager.

janetCNS on

I am also a parent of teens. I am far from a perfect parent, I don’t think I should ever give anyone advice, let alone someone I don’t know!! However, I do know for a fact that many of you people are being very mean spirted. The child modeling those clothes has is a person with feelings. She looks great and she’s very cute! If you just saw the picture without knowing her name and age would you keep up with the comments? I doubt it…Enough with the negative comments against her, she’s just a kid!!

Mel on

She def. does not look 12!! She looks great, and very pretty… I just hope that someone along the way doesn’t convince her she’s too fat and she starts down the vicious cycle of anorexic models..

Lori on

What message are we sending our young daughters when they see a 12 year old dressing like this? Am I going to buy this for my 12 year old daughter….I think not! What is the fasion/designers industry thinking??

Theresa on

It’s just like she is in a pageant..don’t really see nothing wrong with it.

Jan on

Beautiful girl…but 12? Not in this outfit…Look out parents. You are asking for trouble…

Pamela on

Yikes… Not another one. She’s very ordinary….

Steph on

She looks adorable. The make up is simple and what matters is that she’s not walking down the street like that. If it’s something she wants to pursue then good for her. She looks adorable.

christine on

My daugther 13 and has done some modeling since she was 10. After she does what she needs to do she’s back to her jeans and -shirts and homework. I thought she looked beautiful great job Ava

Deborah on

Ava is very pretty, but at 12 years old I think the outfit was way too old and is sending the wrong message to teenagers–

Sylvia on

Oh Well…I think she is too young to be out there…mom and pop should keep an eye on her, make sure she walk a straight line…

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