EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Sullivan Unveils Her Bikini Body, Thanks to Jenny Craig

03/17/2010 at 09:05 AM ET

Marc Royce

Five months ago she announced her plan to drop 35 lbs. with Jenny Craig, and after 16 weeks on the program, Nicole Sullivan has met her goal! On March 22 — just one month before her 40th birthday — the Rita Rocks comedienne will showcase her better-than-before-baby bikini body in a national commercial spot — just like her successful predecessor Valerie Bertinelli. “I am beyond thrilled with my success on the Jenny Craig program,” the mom-of-two said. “After having Beckett, I dreamed of a day where I’d feel comfortable enough in a swimsuit, let alone a bikini, to join my husband on pool-side play dates. Getting into a bikini again and feeling as good as I feel now.” The best thing about dropping the weight? “[Now] my two children will always see Mommy as healthy! And my husband Jason can’t be more thrilled; he’s lost 25 pounds of ‘sympathy weight’ to boot.” And the funny lady, a MADtv alum, tells PEOPLE that there is one more fun bonus: shopping! “I went in and bought a pair of size 4 pants and I don’t ever remember doing that — maybe when I was 21 [years-old]. I feel like the world has opened up to me. Does a lot of it have to do with fun clothes? Yeah, but you know what? Women love fun clothes. It’s a big deal to us. I feel like I can wear anything in my closet. And I can buy stuff that’s really cute.” Hear more from Nicole on her weight loss in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands tomorrow. –reporting by Elaine Aradillas


Courtesy of Jenny Craig

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Alicia on

Wonderful!! Keep up the good work!

rusty on

I’m sorry, but this picture is not flattering. Her face and head looks huge but her body looks shrunken. This doesn’t look like a person that went on a healthy diet and exercise program. It looks like she starved herself. Not attractive at all. Quite scary.

conneeconehead on

W2G Nicole! I’ve been on Jenny Craig for 4 weeks and have lost 13 lbs. I agree – it’s healthy eating!

Dobrz on

Her face looks odd in the bikini pic. Maybe it’s just a bad angle.

kt on

ITA with Rusty…horrid picture, and she’s a cute girl normally. Why would they choose this picture…surely there are better ones. Her figure does look good, though. Good for her!

Delana on

Wow…first I’ll say that she deserves kudos for all the hard work– we all know losing weight is not easy. However, in my opinion she looks a little too thin and her head is disproportionate to her body. A lot of times, this will happen when someone who is not naturally thin gets too thin. Weight loss looks best when it is in balance with your God given frame size.

bethany on

She does NOT look healthy at all!

Sven on

I think she looks fantastic. I can’t believe she had a baby 5 months ago. Loved her on MadTV

SBB on

She looks sickly and she’s got a lollipop head. It’s sad that she went too far with the weight loss because she was cute.

Cherryl L on

Her face looks too thin.

isabel on

sorry Nicole, I know the dieting and exercising are esential however, this pic depicts you frail, unhealthy and not flattering at all…i think you should put some weight back on..

karen on

I find these jenny craig and nutrisystem adds so ridiculous. seriously, you think she looks like that just from food?! no way. she obviously worked out like crazy to have a firm belly and toned arms and legs like that. same with the nutrisystem chick. they should really stress to people they need to EXERCISE ALOT to look like the spokemodels. so misleading. and yes, she’s too skinny. she looks sickly.

RU on

She’s almost forty and has two kids. She’s a regular person not an athlete or swimsuit model. So, guess what, everything isn’t going to be tight and toned. Relax.

kelly on

some woman look alittle bit better with a little bit of weight.her face looks older.she looks anorxious.

Jana on

Eat a cheeseburger!

leslie on

I agree with Rusty, she looks a little scary. TOO thin. It’s great to lose weight, I’m all for keeping a health weight…… but….this doesn’t look healthy

Allison on

I absolutely love her, but definitely think she should have kept 5 pounds of that weight on.

Head Diva In Charge on

She looks a little creepy. But hey, good for you if that is what you want.

momofboys on

Another Hollywood Lollipop!! Do they not know that the lollipop look is not sexy…it’s sickly! Bummer deal, she was cute before!

littlewing on

Wow! I agree with everyone who says this in not a good pic. She looks sick, not healthy, if thin = healthy, ok, but, man, it’s a bad shot. But, I do agree that this Jenny Craig thing is doing a lot for many people who have struggles with weight loss. it’s a train to jump onto if you can.

MAA on

I’m sorry but there is NO WAY she could loose 35lbs in 4 months on Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers, etc without starving herself or working out like a mad woman.

For those of us who have real lives, real jobs, and who can’t afford a person trainer, this is so unrealistic. PLUS, she looks awful.

Amber on

I actually think she looks better in the “before” photo! Yeah, her stomach is a little bigger, but I’m assuming that photo was taken just a few weeks after she had a baby. Glad she’s happy with the results though!

Jeanine on

She looks bad!

Guy on

It looks like she doesnt shave her bush either…wowza!

Laurie on

I just saw an ad with Kirsty Alley for her new show and wondered what happened? She lost weight now it seems she gained it all back. Valarie looks great! She seems to really have learned the proper way to lose weight and keep it off. I feel that Kirsty didn’t learn from her stint on Jenny Craig. Nicole looks good but her face seems older than before.

gabriela on

I don’t like it at all the way she looks.she looks anorexic. it’s not a healthy image for teens. I’m disapointed

Ashley on

She looks A-MAZING! Wow. Makes me want to go on Jenny Craig… bikini season here I come!

Nikki on

Not so much…….this is not the look…she needs to put some weight on in her face!

Diane on

I agree ~ bad photo. Her face is so much prettier in the “before” photo and her “after” photo almost looks photoshopped….

bz1016 on

It looks like they put her head on someone else’s body. Or maybe it’s just the odd angle they photographed from- from the side rather than from the front.

KRN on

Now she needs to fix her face …

Marge on

Well i think she looks amazing.She clearly had a goal and stuck to it. She followed the Jenny Craig system along with a intense exercise program and has had amazing results.She’s a mom of 2 and looks terrific.Way to go!

Aja on

I think she looked better before. She MIGHT have been able to lose 15 pounds to look better, but now she has that “bobble-head” look. I’ve always liked her work, but now I’m just sad to see that she went for the stereotypical Hollywood body. What a shame.

Kira on

first I thought, who is Nicole Sullivan.
Then when I clicked to find out, woah!
Unflattering photo!

High five to weight loss though.

Ali on

I think she looks absolutely stunning. It’s annoying how people find body traits that have nothing to do with how she looks after the diet. Her head is too big? WHAT?? Maybe you guys should look at your own bodies and analyze what’s too big or too small.

Nicole, you look fantastic.

Mary on

I have to agree about her picture, I’ve seen prettier of her. But I can’t get over her stomach! Look at her before picture, she obviously worked hard for this. Plus, she naturally has a small frame. People have a right to their opinion, I just wish they would be less hurtful.

LAB on

that’s a pretty rock’in body after having kids, too bad the photog didn’t pic a better shot, a little different angle and she would look even better.

Jaime on

Wow, Nicole looks great! It’s awesome she decided to take a healthy approach to weight loss and exercise, especially since she’s a celebrity! Congrats :)

Jackie on

She did NOT look better before. Look at the sparkle in her eye she has now that she feels good, sexier. She is obviously a pretty small person to start. Two kids and 40? I say way to go!!!

Jon on

She looks amazing! Way to go Nicole!

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linz on

I commend anyone for loding weight. It’s extremely hard to do. But it seems like all she has done is either starved herself &/or did nothing but cardio. I agree, she looks unhealthy skinny. It doesn’t look like she’s ever touched a weight in her life. If she had lifted weights she would look much better with muscle & tone. Jenny Criag is bullsh*t. Any “nutrition” program like that is GARBAGE. Yeah you can lose weight, but those people do not teach you how to EAT. You cannot simply survive off of Jenny Craigs sodium laced, processed laced food. It’s sad. Still love you Nicole.

Kristin on

I think she looks way to thin in this picture. Her arms are not flattering either. No wonder our world is so messed up. We look at these people and think that it is normal and that it looks good. It doesn’t!

Uncle P on

Great for Nicole! She looks great. Let’s not forget she’s had two kids as well. Very happy for her!

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Anna on

Nice work, Nicole!!

Joe on

Wow, I am impressed! Nice job by Jenny Craig. She’s really turned her image around and is looking better than ever!

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Susan on

Way to go Nicole. Even after loosing 35lbs, it’s a brave thing to have a picture published that you know people are going to take swipes at just to be mean. I know that these glossy magazines are not beyond airbrushing the pics to make women look skinnier or fatter (or have bigger heads or bigger whatever’s) depending on what will sell the most mags, so be proud of what you have accomplished. BTW – 16 weeks to loose 35 lbs is perfect. If it were 35 in 10 or even 12 weeks, I’d say it was too quick.

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olivia on

Look closely. This is what a true un-retouched photo looks like. I wish more celebrity photos would be that way. And to think, People magazine would have you believe Bertinelli’s bikini shots required very little to no airbrushing….yeah…right.

smilinggreenmom on

Well…As happy as I am for her that she lost the weight she wanted – she really does look very very skinny. Weight loss is so tough for all of us – we want to look good and try things and sometimes they work and then some don’t…it can be frustrating. It’s even worse when you go on something, it works and then you don’t stay on it and gain it all back! GAH! I am trying to drink lots of water through my day, we really eat a lot of whole foods and we take our Vidazorb probiotics. I have read how they can help with weight management and help our bodies digest and process what we are eating. For me, it is more about being fit and healthy and I am hoping the weight thing will follow.

Renee on

She looks better in the heavier picture. I hate to be mean but her body does not match her head?

Jay on

I’m sorry, she is not attractive. She looks too thin and by the way who IS she? Never heard of her which is probably why she’s on a Jenny Craig commercial. Always the last stop for D-listers.

Gerry on

I give her credit for what she has done, but she needs to put on 5 to 10 pounds back. Most people look younger after weight lose, but she looks a lot older.

Melatonin Side Effects  on

my healthy diet routine include lots of dietary fibers, vegetables and fruits, i always cut down on beef and pork~`.

Amona on

Good Night!? your site is absolute cool!! Im sure Im coming back to see more entries…

someone you dont know on

i liked her better when she was thick

Lareb on

Se la grafica si marnetr quella di questi screenshot una volta uscito il gioco, diventer uno dei migliori RPg per Wii (ok, non contando il fatto che gli rpg per wii stanno sulle dita di una mano, comunque sar spettacolare).Speriamo solo che queste immagini non siano la classica esca buttata l tanto per attirare l’attenzione, quando in verit il gioco tutt’altro.Se anche sono un’esca, per , devo dire che snano fare il loro lavoro.

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