EXCLUSIVE: Bo Bice Cuts His Long Locks

03/17/2010 at 06:31 PM ET

Ryan Smith

On American Idol, Bo Bice was known for his rockin’ covers, mellow mood and, of course, extra-long locks. But with a new album, 3, due out May 18th — not to mention three young sons at home — the singer has decided to change things up a bit with newly shoulder-length locks. “I have a new project with a new style of music, incorporating more country elements,” he tells PEOPLE.com. “With all these new aspects going on in my career, it was just another thing that I felt needed a bit of change.” So Bice chopped his lengthy hair, cutting off five inches recently. And that’s not his first cut, having previously chopped off 10 inches a little bit before that, donating the hair to Locks of Love. Bo explains of the two cuts, “It was a gradual change for this long-haired countryboy.” For fans who worry the haircut signifies major changes for the singer, fear not; he assures PEOPLE.com that it’s just “new music, new look,” but the “same Bo Bice.” Tell us: What do you think of Bo’s new shoulder-length do? — Kate Hogan

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lauren on

I like it. I enjoyed Bo on Idol. Looking forward to his new album.

Jane on

I love the look, but a new abum from Bo will be even better!

Cheryl on

Awesome! Bo looks great any hairstyle he chooses! Can’t wait for the new album, been a fan since the idol days!

Elizabeth on

I love his new do. It’s up to date. He looks gorgeous.

spunky on

Bo has always been one of my favorite idols. I like the new look and hope the new album is a great success.

tracy on

Bo looks great, and his new idea of incorperating more country sounds wonderful. This should be a good CD. yea !


I never imagined he could get any hotter… but he has… he’s HAWT!!! Can’t wait for the NEW ALBUM!

ilsa on

NICE. Bo’s the ONLY true rocker coming out of that show. Can’t wait to hear the new songs! So where will be able to buy his new album? Pretty please.

Kathy on

Wow! Bo looks great! He is such a talented guy. Can’t wait for the new CD.

Diva on

That picture is gorgeous! Nice, updated look for him. Not a country fan, but I enjoyed him on American Idol.

Susan on

Wow, Bo just keeps getting better! Love the new look and cannot wait to get my hands on the new album,”Different Shades of Blue”. Thanks for that picture!

Kelli on

Bo look gorgeous. I’m loving the new look. Bo is such a talented musician and I can’t wait to get my hands on “Different Shades of Blue”.

Lisa on

What a gorgeous photograph! I’ve heard a sampling of Bo’s new songs and I can’t wait to get my hands on “Different Shades of Blue” as soon as it’s released!

Kelly on

Two thumbs up for Bo. Hot! Love the new look!!
I love country music, so can’t wait for the new CD.

Karen on

Wow, Bo looks incredible! Can’t wait for the new CD from this talented artist. Thanks for the picture, People!!

msalbright on

If the new CD, “Different Shades of Blue” is anything like the new Bo look, it will be very hot. Bo has a wonderful voice and I was fortunate enough to hear the new music during his winter acoustic tour. Cannot wait to hear the finished CD.

mustangpatty51 on

No matter what length this man’s hair is I will always love Bo. He is such a great persona and loves his fans so much. He is and always will be #1 in my book. Love the new look Bo. Counting the days until the new cd comes out in May!!
A long time fan!! Bo Bice Rocks!

Susan on

I HATE IT.!!!!!!!!!!! Rather he is taking a new path of not, His hair is his image…Just because he is going country does not mean he needs to change his Image…

Just sad, very sad to me.

Sharon Lee on

I love Bo. The hair does not make the man, nor does it affect his singing. If he’s happy, then I’m happy. I’m also anxious to buy his new album. Yippee! You go Bo!!!!

Marianne on

I’m lovin’ the new locks on Bo. Can’t wait for the new CD to come out…the teasers that I’ve heard so far have been amazing!

Lucy on

Some BIG country label should grab Bo up and promote him asap! He’s very loved and deserves big notice.

Mandy on

I think Bo looks great. I also can’t wait to hear Bo’s new album. I love that jacket too.

Merrie on

I adore Bo’s new look! I think the haircut looks great and frames his face nicely! I cannot wait for the new album “Different Shades of Blue”. The songs that I have heard from it so far sound awesome! May cannot come soon enough! Hope he does a tour to support the new album! Keep on rockin’ Bo!

Terri on

Super Hot!! Bo is still the best rocker Idol has ever produced. Can’t wait for his new album!!

Mom Of Twins on

I hope he donated it to Locks Of Love.

Debbie on

Have always loved Bo’s music and soul…this is icing on the cake! Awesome and can’t wait for the album!

Sue on

Love, love, love it! For anyone who’s never been to one of Bo’s concerts…you are missing a treat. He loves what he does, but he never forgets to make sure his fans know that he’s up there because of them. He is an awesome guy and has an awesome talent. He is an A-1 class act. Love you Bo…you are the best!

Carol Belles on

I like it – suits him well. Wish him luck with his new challenges.

Susan Whittle on

Looks much better actually than the long hair.. I loved him on idol….Talented man and nice looking as well..

jackie on

It looks so much better. Go Bo.

Lori on

Love it!! Love Bo Bice!!

Shannon on

I love it. It it so much better.

aria on

Loving the new look!!

TC on

Much better! More current looking. Before he looked like he was trying to relive the 70’s.

Sweet on

Looks great and updated. He’s so much more handsome.

LBW on

Looks good. We all have to do it eventually.

Tammy on

It looks great Bo…Makes you look much younger!

HD on

Like Bo…just not sure why this is an Exclusive.

Tracie on

So much better!!!

Mindy on

Love his new look – loved his old look – loved him on Idol – have not watched Idol since Bo lost – can’t wait for the new album – glad he is doing great with his wife/3 children/career.

Bee on

Love it

mad maggie on

Smokin’! I love it. Looking forward to the new music.

krylos on

Bice showed great potential on Idol. His first Album rocked! It was his best IMHO. He lost me on the last album when he headed down that country road. I was hoping for a more Leppardesque career. Hair, short hair, no hair, fine either way. He would have made a great face for the Resugence of Rock, alas, it was not to be.

Dawn on

Love it! Have always liked Bo too-

Rick on

I don’t know who looks goofier, Bo or Bucky. Glad at least one of them got a hair cut and can make their own music to sing unlike Bucky.

lorelei51h on

He is looking hot as always!!!!

Lena on

He looks so much better. New look to go with the new album.

Christina on

I think it looks so much better than the longer hair he was sporting for what seems like eons. Out : Long hair on men.

daysee on

he looks better now then he did before. way to go bo!

Marilyn on

Love, love, love the new look. Bo is HOT as ever!

Frankie on

I actually love the new look and have always enjoyed Bo’s music and his great attitude. I am very interested in a new album from him.

p.p. on

This dude looks fabulous regardless of hair length. A real “hottie”!

Stella on

Love it! Can’t wait to hear his new album. Smart to go Country Bo!

p.p. on

Bo is a “hottie”.

Joni on

Great Bo…. now another 6 inches!!!!

karen on

Love the new hair!! Let’s hear some new rocking music!

ellen on

I love Bo Bice and kudos for donating the hair to Locks of Love. He’s a terrific singer and setting great examples for his young children. God Bless You and yours. Go Bo!

Linda on

Love the new look – handsome man and can’t wait for the new CD!!! You go, Bo!!

Bwana on

Bo is one of my favorite Idols, but doggone it if this short cut makes him look like a caveman in a GEICO commercial. Should have left it long or gone much shorter.

LA on

This is soooo much better than the long hair, which was much too scraggly. He is very handsome and the hair cut only enhances his looks:)

Paula Abdul on ‘Star Search’ deal dies; Bo Bice has new album, shorter hair | American Idol on

[…] -Bo Bice is going more country on his next album out May 18, a smart move for a Southern rocker when Southern rock is a bit niche. He talks to people.com. […]

Cristy on

Looks 110% better…. so current and very hot!

Liz on

Bo is always great looking and the new hair cut just makes him look better. Am looking forward to a new release from Bo. Hope he performs on AI this season.

Shawn on

This is sooo great!!! I love the new look. It’s about time. His singing was so great but his look was so outdated!

Birdie on

love it!!! It looks so much healthier, and so does Bo. Looking forward to his new album, too. Very talented musical artist.

Tara on

Wow! He looks hot! More update to date too.

patty on

he looked better before. now he looks like a caveman,or any homeless guy.

Tiffany on

The man could shave his head and still be gorgeous!

Dodie on

Thank you, People for the update, and incredibly gorgeous picture of Bo. His new look is hot! I’ve loved him since his time on AI, and will love him and his music regardless of the direction he takes. He is beautiful inside and out, and I wish him the very best.

uffdagirl on

He looks so much better!!!

Liz on

About time! He was looking scraggly and raggedy with the long, limp hair. Couldn’t, and still can’t, stand to watch the “Moe’s” commercial. That hair – yuck!

Jeralyn on

I absolutely LOVE his new haircut!!!! I loved his longer hair as well but this new look fits him just as well!!! Rock on with you bad self Bo!!!!

Mary Lou on

C’mon! The guy’s weird, face it. New hairstyle or not.

Dee on

WHAT an improvement! Looks GREAT!

L Zairis on

This grandmother thinks Bo would look good with or without hair!

Sandy on

LOVE IT!!! He looks gorgeous! Can’t wait for the new CD!

Nicole on

I love the hair cut!!!! It looks great on him.

QueZee on

He’s a great-looking guy and I love the hair, but doesn’t he look a bit like a Geico caveman?

Sandra on

Now thats a BIG WOW…….He is so handsome with that new do! Can’t wait for new album! I wish he would perform on Idol and remind them what rocking is all about.

cheryl on

Bo is awesome, the best year AI ever had was when he and Carrie Underwood were the final two…AI needs to go back and look at where they were back then and what they have done to the show now…
It’s just not the same , the talent keeps going down hill, remember that night that Bo sung that song without music and the spotlight coming down on him , wow what a production, I thought that I was at a real rock performance …Please find another Bo and Carrie. Also I hope that with this album he will be able to really use his beautiful and unique voice, the first album didn’t do this and I don’t think that the idol producers got behind him and stayed with him to build his star status…hoping this time will be a new beginning for this talented man . By the way the hair does look great and very stylish.
Either way , it is all about the talent and He has IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twink465 on

He looks GREAT!!!

Julie on

I think he looks FANTASTIC! I could look at him all day! My Motto: If its not LONG its WRONG ! And he is definately not wrong :)

Susie on

I think he looks better than ever. Happy haircut!

Francie on

Can’t wait for Bo’s new CD!! LOVE the haircut, too. I agree with someone upthread, Bo looks great no matter what length his hair is!

Jill K on

Wow, he looks a lot better! I definitely like the shorter-longer hairstyle! Good move Bo:)

Tammy on

Love the new hair style! Bo rocks!

Jana on

LOVE IT! I’m a hairdresser so anything sexier and healthier looking is awesome. To me it also looks like he had a few subtle highlights around his face too. Guy color is IN!

penny on

Bo Rocks! As a member of the original “bice squad” I am soooo excited about the new look and the new music!

Mick Crisler on

Bo Bice is underappreciated. His last CD rocked, i bought it and I’m glad I did! Whatever length his hair is doesn’t matter, the content is what is important so as long as he keeps making music like his last album, he’s got me for a fan!

Sharon on

He looks hot and I know his album will be hot too.

Hilda on

Who gives a rat’s ass!!!! I only care abut his singing. People are too much into, “How do I look?”

Johnnyr51 on

He looks like one of the Geico Neanderthals.

Wanda on

i love the new cut…he looks so much better and looks even HOTTER now!!!!

Dawn on

Hot hot hot!

Mary on

The new look just makes me say O.M.G. Great hair! Bo gets better looking every day. But, of course, his voice is what makes me a fan. Soooooo looking forward to the new CD!

Saguaro Road Records » Blog Archive » Bo Bice People.com/Announcements on

[…] People.com made an official announcement of the record today. […]

Dawn on

Love the hair cut – I was never a big fan of the super long locks. This is a perfect length for him.

Stella on

He looks slightly less dirty than usual.

Kim on

I love it!

Kathy/KKat on

I’ve always loved Bo’s long hair (especially fun to photograph at live concerts as he flies all over the stage). I never thought I’d by happy to hear that he cut his beautiful hair, but I have to admit that he’s looking even more HAWT than ever, and more current!! Bo is my favorite entertainer… and even more importantly, I love him for the wonderful soul that he is. I’m really looking forward to his new album!!

Julie on

Love Bo! And he looks great! Can’t wait to hear his new CD. Will he be on AI this season?

diane on

Bo still lookes good and loved him with long hair but you really rock the new look

sherry on

I love the new look! So handsome! Will be better viewing!

Melissa on

WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrienne on

I love it! Go Bo! You look so good!

nice PANTS on

LOL LOL LOL. Bo’s transformation into the Geico caveman is now complete.

linda on

Could have gone shorter..you are so good looking that shaved would have made no difference.

Celebrity-Gossip-Inside-Out.com » Blog Archive » ‘American Idol’: Bo Bice, newly shorn on

[…] The “Idol” season 4 runner-up has gotten rid of the halfway-down-his-back mane he had on “Idol” and for several years after that (the picture at left is from 2008) and is now rocking a shoulder-length, Keith Urban-ish haircut. (You can see the new ‘do at People.com.) […]

Maria on

Love it!

SusiQ on


Dana on

Love the look!! Sooooo much better..up to date. <3 it =)

Mary on

I have always liked his voice AND his looks. He looks even better with shorter hair – it brings out his eyes even more. A VERY sexy, talented guy!!

Toni on

I love the new hair Bo!

Sheeney on

He’s gorgeous. I have all of his albums. I can’t wait for the new one!

Amy on

Long hair, short hair – who cares? He is one fine looking man. He was the best contestant AI ever had, in my opinion.

Top Posts — WordPress.com on

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lori on

Sooooooooooooooo much better! Now let’s work on the beard!

Missy on

Love the new look!!

Diane on

I love Bo! He’s my favorite from Idol ! What a great voice, style, etc. Love the new do !!

Dana Martin on


kim on

Love the new look, and can’t wait to get some new music from my favorite rocker.

Thank’s People.com for this exciting news, and that great photo. Always loved Bo’s long beautiful hair, but, he still looks amazing.

mary brado on

he is more handsome, i can t believe it. it is such a good look.

sally on

yes! i am so happy he cut his hair i have been waiting forever! Way to go bo!I <3 you!

joijoi on

in my opinion, bo can outsing anyone, and that includes the platinum selling singers, who are either good, fairly good, not so good, or just plainly annoying and can’t sing at all! folks, don’t waste your money on them any longer. give him a listen. you’ll know what i mean. i have all his cds, and trust me, they are worth a listen. great voice. love his new look!

LKL on

OMG….he looks HOT!

essielisa on

Much Better!!

Kathee on

Bo Bice is my favorite runner up from American Idol. I don’t care how many CD’s Carrie Underwood has sold, she doesn’t have the stage presence or the charisma that Bo has. Bo should have won.

I wish he’d come to Northern California. He was sick when the Idol tour came here, and I was so bummed! I would love to see him live in concert.

Bo is awesome! I can’t wait to get his new CD.

Ruth on

Love the new look and can’t wait for the new CD release. I’ve been waiting to see what he was going to do next. Glad to see he’s still at it and making music.

Jennifer M. on

Yo Dog, that jacket is HOT!!

Nancy on

When I read the headline about Bo cutting his hair, I had thought, “I hope he donated it”! I went on to read the article and sure enough, he did in fact donate it! Way to go Bo! And your hair looks great too!

Sandy on

OMG, I thought he was so hot with the long locks, but this cut makes him even hotter! Wow, take my breath away Bo!!!

Clickbank Stealth Review - My Thoughts on

[…] EXCLUSIVE: Bo Bice Cuts His Long Locks – Style News – StyleWatch … […]

Teri on

Bo looks great…it has made him look alot more attractive…more sexy….definite improved look. He looks really HOT. Before he was just a okay lookin guy with really long hair. But I still liked his music no matter how he looks!!!!!

Joann on

Bo looks so much cuter .. great job whoever talked him into cutting that hair


Paula on

Hot look, hot voice, bet the cd will be hot too!

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[…] :: Season 4 runner-up Bo Bice is lookin’ smokin’ with some newly shorn locks. [People] […]

Donna on

Bo looks fantastic with the new cut. I loved the prior cut and do sorta miss it, but this new look is awesome. Bo looks good either way and I can’t wait for the “3” CD release. I’m so looking forward to seeing Bo live again. It’s been since December and that’s too long.

Mel on

I just did too Bo!!
Anyways, I really like the new hair.. I hate that long shaggy look. He actually looks kinda hot..

At on

something different and still look like bo-bice
nice vocal cords and wish you luck with your new release coming up.
I enjoy you with carrie underwood great duo together.

Jackie on

He looks so HOT now! Yummy!!!

Janet on

Fantastic… took 10 years off!

Angela on

Smokin’ Hot

Julie on

still looking hot as ever!!

Guada on

Wowwww amazing, i like much more.

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[…] His third album will be on sale on May  18th. Read more about this topic here. […]

Today In 'Idol': Will The Top 11 Tackle Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus? on

[…] :: Season 4 runner-up Bo Bice is lookin’ smokin’ with some newly shorn locks. [People] […]

The Unofficial Danny Gokey Fan Site » Bo Bice debuts shorter ‘do, announces new album on

[…] have a new project with a new style of music, incorporating more country elements," he told People.com. “With all these new aspects going on in my career, it was just another thing that I felt needed […]

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[…] EXCLUSIVE: Bo Bice Cuts His Long Locks – Style News – StyleWatch – People.com […]

Patti on


Jennifer on

Wow, Bo never looked better! One of my fav. idol’s as well. Good luck with the new album

Unusual US Airways $40000 Web Violation on

[…] EXCLUSIVE: Bo Bice Cuts His Long Locks – Style News – StyleWatch … […]

Sandy on

He looks better than ever, and very current. I’ve always loved Bo, and always wondered why we never heard from him any more after Idol. I think he is easily one of the most talented to come out of Idol – in the same class as Carrie, Kelly, Chris & Adam. Yeah, way to go, Bo! Party on!

jn on

a w e s o m e

Kkyn on

Love it! Love Bo, saw him in concert, he is awesome!

mustangpatty51 on

No One compares to Bo when it comes to nice guys. He is a truly genuine person and shows that each and every day. Love his family, his fans, his music. A true southern gentleman. He has not changed who he is, he’s still the same beautiful person he was on Idol. Bo will always be #1 to me!

gigi on

Keep cutting BO!!!!

Carol on

Looks great. LOVE that he donated to LOCKS OF LOVE!! My daughter has done that three times. GREAT CAUSE!!

Kier on

Looks good!



Tracy on

I LOVE IT! So cool!

swoowho on

Change is good for the soul.

jessica on

Susan, geez I mean the man not only cut his hair to try to fit in with his new album. He did it because it’s probably easier to manage when around his 3 sons. And he Donated it to a very worthy cause. Give the man a break.

Sharon on

Bo looks fantastic – can’t wait until his new album is released.

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[…] EXCLUSIVE: Bo Bice Cuts His Long Locks – Style News – StyleWatch … […]

Tracey on


Deb A on

I love the long haired rocker but Bo’s new look is gorgeous! New look, awesome new music….can’t wait for the release of the new cd!

Bo Bice Chops Off 15 Inches of Hair - Ill Famed on

[…] “I have a new project with a new style of music, incorporating more country elements,” Bo told People. […]

Princess on

He’s so hot!

Alec Baldwin Feuds With The National Enquirer | Gossip Girl Blog on

[…] Bo Bice is back, with shorter hair! Best.Idol.Ever. I guess that dates us. (People) […]

Alec Baldwin Feuds With The National Enquirer on

[…] Bo Bice is back, with shorter hair! Best.Idol.Ever. I guess that dates us. (People) […]

Headlines: Lacey Brown sang Ruby Tuesday on American Idol | Associated News Today on

[…] Read more on People Magazine […]

dlh on

Looking good. If the music is half as hot as the pic I think he will have a winner.

Hot for Bo on

This has got to be one of the most beautiful pictures of a man that I have ever seen. I have been a fan from the beginning, his voice, is one of the best. I loved the long hair. but this is ONE HOT MAN!

Idol Chatter » Blog Archive » Bo Bice shortens his hair and his album title on

[…] You can check out his new look here. […]

Pat on

I love Bo’s new look and I can’t wait to buy his new CD!

Debi on

I like the shorter look. It is a sexy change.

Patty on

Bo looks fantastic. He always does. Most talented man/woman idol ever saw. New cd “3” out on May 18th. cant wait……………LOVE HIM!!!!

Jase on

Bo has always been a sexy man, but for me it was more about his spirit than his looks – the long frizzy split-ended look didn’t really rev my motor! But this new do is HOT – he looks great. Even better is that he’s got a new album.

Such a great performer, and has never really had the success he deserves. Maybe now it’s finally his time! Sure hope so. Good luck, Bo!

Pam on

I LOVE the new look….can’t wait to hear the new album

Karen on

It’s about time. Love the new look. Always love Bo’s music and Bo, the man. New cd? Can’t wait.
That is one hawt picture. Thanks, People.

Bo Bice Chops Off 15 Inches of Hair | Celebrity Wildcard on

[…] The 34-year-old rocker from the show’s fourth season recently cut off five inches of his famously long locks and donated 10 inches to Locks of Love, a charity that provides hair prosthetics for children with hair loss. “I have a new project with a new style of music, incorporating more country elements,” Bo told People. […]

American Idol – American Idol News » Bo Bice: New Look, New Album on

[…] Read more about it at People HERE. […]

American Idol – American Idol News » Bo Bice Cuts His Hair – Poll on

[…] Source People […]

Queenie on

Love the new look! But it’s Bo’s vocal talent that keeps me coming back for more! A new CD in the works? Now that’s great news!

mwoofter on

Great look for a great talent. A little nervous about the new cd I love his music but I am not a fan of country music.

Lori on

I love Bo’s new look! Bo was my favorite on American Idol and I can’t wait to get his new CD. I know it will be great and I hope to see him in concert again soon.

Mandy on

Miss hearing your music. Love your new look! Hope to see more of you!!

Debbie Walczak on

Oh Bo Bice looks so good in his new hair cut. What a hunk of a guy with such great musical talent!! And his personality is just so humble. What else can you ask for?

Louis Vuitton Beverly MM Monogram Multicolore Noir on

The look is nice!~~i like that!~

Bo Bice shortens his hair and his album title | Idol Chatter on

[…] You can check out his new look here. […]

alma null on

being from alabama, bo bice makes us proud. love his music, love the hair. rock on bo !

Maximilianoxd on

I like how you were able to create a slide show with your poohts. I guess I need to play around a little more with my site on flickr. I read Evan’s blog and know that he thinks that Picasa is more user-friendly, but that he likes the features of flickr. What features does flickr have that Picasa doesn’t? Do you know?

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Today In ‘Idol’: Will The Top 11 Tackle Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus? | Music News, Reviews, and Gossip on Idolator.com on

[…] :: Season 4 runner-up Bo Bice is lookin’ smokin’ with some newly shorn locks. [People] […]

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