Kate Gosselin's Hair Switch-Up: Short Today, But Long Tomorrow?

03/11/2010 at 02:24 PM ET

Brian Flannery/Flynet

Lately, Kate Gosselin‘s hair has experienced as many ups and downs as the reality show star herself. This week, the 34-year-old mother of eight stepped out with a cropped bob — a stark contrast to the shoulder-length extensions she’d been sporting courtesy of her 20-hour makeover from celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson back in early January. But while rehearsing for her upcoming spin as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, Gosselin stopped in for a visit to stylist Gibson for a new cropped do. But, she’ll go long again soon enough with another set of extensions for DWTS — nothing looks better during a sexy samba than long, flowing locks. Find out about Kate’s views on winning DWTS and more about her new life in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now. Tell us: Do you prefer Kate with a short bob or her longer extentions?Blane Bachelor


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teresa on

I love the short hair better

Peachy Keen on

Kate, for the love of God go away. You are nothing but a fame wh*re.

Kristi on

I think she looks ridiculous either way. Waste of space.

Jojo on

I think it looks great!

Nichole on

Now THAT’S a good cut! FINALLY!!

Nichole on

But I agree, I wish she would go away. And I don’t know why People mag loves her so much. Does she have more covers than Angelina at this point? :)

Abbie on

I prefer her at home with her kids, not galavanting around while a nanny takes care of them.

Kaitlynn on

I love it! Kate looks so much better in short hair. Reminds me of Halley Berry. She looks so much prettier with short hair, too.

Krista on

Personally I think Kate should be at home raising her 8 kids vs Dancing with the Stars.

amm on

Go away alreadyyyyyyyy

chris on

Please, please, please…..let this woman go AWAY. Enough about her, her only fame is that she gave birth to six kids at once!!!!! That does not make her a celebrity!!!!

JoAnn on

Who Cares????

Suzanne on

long hair…short hair… it dosen’t matter. For those complaining about her being on DWTS and not home with her kids, give her a break! She is just trying to provide for her family. It’s a job!!! Her loser of an ex-husband dosen’t seem to be doing anything for her or the kids. She’s a working mom. If it’s on DWTS, so be it!!

anna on

I can not understand why People keeps pushing stories about her. She is as bad as her ex, all they care about is fame and money, please focus on someone else. At least I can skip the cost of People this week. For those that love her, did you really watch her actions on the show. Between the books and speeches, she doesn’t need to do this.

Stephanie on

Love the new short hair. Great Cut!!

julie on

Abby! Moms are allowed to work and be away from their children. Give the women a break!!! Every celeb in the world spends time away from their children, what makes kate any different. You may not like her because she started as a reality tv star but everyone starts somewhere. Shes the only one who is going to support her children, so what shes doing is actually better than other carreers. She spends a little time away but makes a lot more money to support her family. I know my mom had time away from us kids when we were younger. Maybe instead of critising people we “think” we know, we should try being more positive and not so negitive.

Cat on

Why, oh, why, does Kate Gosselin–a woman I have absolutely NO respect for–have to shop at the same store I love so very much–Ann Taylor Loft!

Rayney on

Is it just me, or does Kate look like Kathie Lee Gifford in this picture?

julie on

Im sooo sick of everyone hating on kate. Shes a wonderfull mom whose had more struggles than she deserves. We women need to stick together instead of ripping other women (kate) apart. Shes working hard to support her family when no one else will. I think she deserves a break from all the haters out there and I wish her the best of luck on DWTS and I will be watching and voting!!!

Trish on

She CAN raise her kids and be on DWS. She’s not the first person in the World to be a mom and have a career at the same time. She probably spends more time with her children than other Hollywood women. What is wrong with you people?

julie on

krista, how she going to raise her 8 kids with no money? Every single star thats ever been on the show has had a family. What makes her different???? Stop the HATE! Give her a break, shes just like everyone else, just trying to support her family.

Babette on

WHY do people care what her hair looks like??? I care that there are 8 kids who are don’t have a Mom or a Dad who love them as much as they love headlines. You all chose to have those children, it is those children who made you famous in the first place, it certainly wasn’t your stage presence or personality, or acting or dancing ability that made you famous! It was those beautiful children that are now being “handled” by whomever you have paid to take care of them.

Irene on

Exactly how is this helping her children?

Exactyly how much time is she not spending with her kids?

Kate chose fame over her own children.

Kim on

Wow, love this look! Much better than the extensions.

jenn on

I love the bob best on her!!!! i agree she should be at home but who cares…its her life not ours!!!!!

Jean on

Love the cut! Kate is not the most likeable person, but she is trying to do the best for her children. T.V. seems to be the only way for her to make a substational amount of money. Jon is a dead beat father who seems to not even try to get a job. I respect the fact that Kate is doing her best.

uh huh on

for you idiots telling Kate to go be with her kids, she is earning a living so she can raise them you idiots. that si what happens when you have a father who doesn’t know how to work and earn money, so get over it! losers!

Lisa on

Please just go home to your kids. You are the type of woman, you gives women a bad name. You are seeking fame and attention, while pretending it is all for your kids.

bee on

This woman is such a sad example of a mother. How can she spend all this time on herself and tell us she is a good mom. I was a single mom too and no way would I have had the time to do 1/2 the things she does for herself. SELFISH MOM is what she is…..

Bee on

With the recent divorce, and the reduced time the kids are spending with their dad, i think it is important for the kids to have consistency, stability and predictability in their lives and in the close relationships they have , especially with mom (who has primary and sole full-time custody of the kids).

That said, I beleive Kate has no talent or place in the celebrity world and frankly, I am tired to see her spending so much time without/away from her kids. It truely breaks my heart.

Dixie on

Give me a break all I am hearing is a bunch of nagative input from alot of people who if they were to be in her shoes would do the same to provide for her family. and as for her hair get a life she didn’t pay to have it done a magazine did but that’s right you people do not know how to read. You just see what you want to see and say bad things to make you feel better about your self.

Jennifer on

GO KATE !!! You are out making a living for you and the kids – unlike you bum of a husband !!! Why is everyone critisizing her for working – she could be out partying and getting arrested or showing her crotch all over Hollywood !!!

Cat on

why are people so quick to say she should be home with her 8 kids? I’m sure every other TV personality that has children are with their kids 24/7 and I’m sure you guys are telling them they should be home with their children too, eh?

Kath on

Seriously… she is NOT a celebrity, and she should get a REAL job. She has a nursing degree. She doesn’t need DWTS for money, its just for more fame. She knows her 15 min is ending, and she keeps pushing it. Time to go back home with your kids and have a REAL life. Jon had a great job too and he gave it up for the celeb life. Time to grow up and be parents already. Poor kids…

Barbara on

I never watched her reality show. I never got how she is a star. Woman have babies. What makes her so special? Am I and a few others, that don’t care about her? My life is way harder than hers and so are many people’s. People say, how is she going to raise the kids? Like the rest of the world does. I don’t have a job as many others don’t. She is so over exposed it’s unreal. This world has gotten confused to what a star is.

Lauren on

I think it’s hilarious when people try to bash her for being on DWTS like she’s the first person with kids to ever be on the show. She is still caring for them. She has early morning and late night practices AT HOME. And when they are at school she will go to a studio. She doesn’t have 100% custody of them so just cause she’s not with them doesn’t mean a nanny is. Maybe their equally media-hungry father is with them!??!?!
For now her job is in the media.
Are mothers who are nurses/doctors or other professions that require working lots of hours bad parents because they aren’t home very much?! No.
I say take advantage of your 15 mins because it probably won’t last forever…so milk it for all it’s worth.
I will definately be voting for her!

Juliann on


bha on

Your 15 min. of fame have L-O-N-G ago expired.

Sarah on

I don’t know why any of you think you are better or more superior than anyone. Grow up and stop judging others, you don’t know Kate Gossenlin to be making rude and immature comments like “Go away you’re a fame wh*re” I think she is beautiful regardless how she wears her hair.

adam on

I know I am reading this… Kind of like a car wreck you can’t seem to look away. Wow her PR people have really done their jobs. Why is she even in the news??? What is she acutally famous for???

Callie on

She is pretty – she can pull off a variety of styles, but I think the bob is really cute.

Cheesehead on

What a waste of space she is. We didn’t even read the article – it doesn’t matter what it says becaue her time for fame is way up. We will not be watching dancing with the stars because this year there are no stars on their – except maybe one or two. If this fake is voted off in the first few weeks, maybe we’ll watch if they bring some exceptional singer on. Othewise – don’t waste our time or your space with this money hungry poor excuse for a mother and person.

Natalie on

Ok, I am NOT a Kate fan, however, all the comments about her needing to be home taking care of her kids are ridiculous? Isn’t that what she’s doing? Trying to earn a living to take care of them? Especially since their idiot father doesn’t seem to be raking it in. Celebrities do this all the time, they go to work, it’s just not the average 9 to 5. Keep casting those stones people, pretty soon you’ll get a mountain dropped on you.

Angie on

I do not like Kate either but why all the comments about how she should be at home with her kids instead of Dancing with the Stars? Lots of parents have been on that show. Marie Osmond had 8 kids but nobody was saying that about her? Nobody would ever say that about a man either… People should be happy that she’s trying to work instead of living off the government.

viennaisthenewblack on

by the way, it’s spelled “negative.”

Callie on

For everyone who comments “who cares” or “your 15 minutes of fame are up” — I am curious – why are YOU commenting on the Kate article then???

Ponder that. LOL.

The Kate Haters - Have Issues on

The Kate Haters – Their issue really is not with Kate. It is within themselves. They are envious and to feel better they nag on and on about Kate all day long. Miserable unhappy women who want to take their misery out on Kate, an easy scapegoat they can bully. It is getting so old, I cannot believe how they can go on like this for years and years. It truly is a type of mental madness on their part.

Mom on

Krista & Abbie Please girls WAKE UP Mothers WORK
She is not a bad mom for doing the show Are yall parents

Christina on

Love the short new style, it looks alot better than the long hair. Love it Kate!!

Elda on

short n sexy, love it!! i just cut my hair too n i love it!!

linzk24 on

You know, this is really p*ssing me off, she HAD to do IVF to have all those kids and now I’m wondering how often she even sees them?!?!?! GO HOME KATE! Even fricken Octo-Mom spends more time with her kids!!!

Bobi on

Kate’s hairdo is the best one yet on her. Very becoming!!! Hope she does great on DWTS and will have all my votes. To the people who say she’s not a star — at least her name is known to everyone unlike most of the unheard of names that are on. Good for her for getting out and working to provide an income that she couldn’t make by nursing and being on different shifts for much less money. GO KATE!!!!!!

keekee on

I agree!!! Go Away!!!!! And take care of your kids. Loser………

Kate on

That hair cut is the only thing I’ve EVER liked about Kate G. I hate we share a name!

Helen on

Shouldn’t she be with her tribe of kids???? She’s always in front of a camera and I am sick of seeing her. Where are her kids????

keekee on

I agree….. Please go away!!!!! Don’t you have a “few” kids at home you SHOULD be taking care of?

sylvia T. Weston on

I think as women get older, shorter hair is much more becoming on women. Kate looks fabulous in this new short haircut. I don’t miss the porcupine cut she wore during her marriage to fatso.

nikkik on

Love it! she looks so much better now, i thought the extensions looked like she was trying to hard… this works for me!

Kerri on

OMG that’s worse than her reverse mullet. Can she just have normal hair. huh? Can she? huh?

chris on

please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go get get get get get get get get get get get get get get your your your your your your your your your your self a normal job like the rest of us !!!!!
I am so sick that you are constantly in the celebrity news – YOU ARE NOT A CELEBRITY – GO HOME

Kat on

I think Kate’s new hair looks amazing! Also…so sick of the people hating on her for daring to have a life AND be a mother at the same time! It is possible and it is unfair for people to criticize her for doing something for herself.

Jayshan on

Everyone who says Kate should get a real job and go home are hypocrites! I bet you don’t tell your favorite quarterbacks or point guards to leave their team and go home to be a dad!! Or what about our military moms who leave their kids to go away? It is a career they chose and being on TV is a career Kate chose. It’s all for income for the family. Football, basketball players are shamed for being away months at a time. Let this woman do what she needs to do to make as much money for her family as she can. It will end eventually and then she will have to find a day to day job. So I say more power to her and get it while you can!

Sandi on

I’m no fan, but this is the best she has looked yet! Fake hair looks fake! She should keep this style.

Lynn on

Although I am not crazy about Kate as a person,
she is the mother of 8, for which I give her a
world of credit. I think she is a very attractive
woman. She looks much better in short hair than
in long hair.

Jenn on

That’s my haircut! She stole my style. LOL.

guyintexas on

Seriously? Do we have to keep seeing her? Does she have to have an article in the press every time she farts or changes her hair or goes to dinner or steps out of a car or opens her mouth? Enough already, JUST GO AWAY AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS. Jeesh.

May on

You people DO know you’re getting all inflamed over someone who is NOT in your life and does NOT affect your life in anyway, right? You do know that your opinion is based on what you’ve read in GOSSIP magazines, right? YOU do know that your opinion of her on TV was based on what bits TLC decided to show you, right? Sure hope so, because otherwise your lives are pretty sorry. Now. Start throwing poo at me–you know you want to.

megan on

i am glad the mullet is gone, but i wish she too would be gone!

chris on

Kate does not have any qualifications for constantly being in the news. If she was a quarterback, she would have a talent. If she was an actor, she would have a talent. She has no talent other than not knowing when her fame is up (which by the way it is). Who gives a **** what her hair looks like and why are these people doing it for free ??? We have more important causes and problems in the world than what Kate’s hair looks like.

Mommy2ps on

Wow…I am amazed at the amount of hateful comments. Why is she criticized any more than other working moms? She has to work with what she has been handed now (even if she did help to create her own monster. I mean really, don’t we all in some way or another?)– and if that means taking offers that keep her in the spotlight, then that is simply what she has to do. I’m not a huge Kate fan, but I certainly don’t enjoy seeing her defamed either.

Beauty30 on

Quit hating she looks great, and she has 8 kids and herself under control can you say the same about yourself?

Donna on

Love the new bob, it suits her!

watch girl on

i can’t bear one more sighting of kate gosselin.

Boricua on

I am afraid I agree with everyone else, I think she should be spending time with her children and trying to raise them right. She should not be trying to get so much publicity for herself and how she looks. She does however look good in her new haircut and suits her for her mother role. I don’t know her age but she looks like she’s in her 40’s or 50’s.



Helen on

For those who think she is earning a living, she got so many donations when those kids were born that she never had to work again until they went off to college. This was BEFORE the reality show. The reality show only gave her more money so that she could stay home and raise them comfortably.

She does not have to “Dance with the Stars”. She chose to so she can remain relevant in our eyes which is an epic fail because we are sick of her and wish she would just go be with the children she wanted so badly and raise them without a camera documenting their every move. Some things should not be broadcasted.

Its funny how she really thinks she and her over stretched uterus is a star.

CAT on

All the time in the salon, dancing and going out enough to be seen by the media…

Zero time with the 8 kids, who made you famous!


Heather on

I am really tired of ppl saying for Kate to go home and take care of her kids, what about everyone else that is on DWTS? Are you telling me none of them have kids? Also if YOU yourself have children, have you never left them with a sitter, for a vacation. Ppl are just jealous that she is so famous, and where is the Jon bashing?? Grow up and realize, you read the article if you commented on it, right? So arent you just fueling the fire?

melanie on

did anybody take the time to read that she will be doing most of her DWTS practice in her own homw on the days she has her kids. Sounds like the perfect mom job to me..And if you dislike her so much … quit reading and writing about her!!!!!

Cap on

Hmmmm….post tummy tuck, fake boobs, fake nails, fake hair…she fits right in with Hollywood. By the way, who is taking care of her kids???? Go do what you should be doing Kate…be a MOM!!!!

Colleen on

I wish People Magazine would quit with the stories on Kate! I am sick to death of hearing about her and seeing her on cover after cover of the magazine. She is boring and I think she should be at home with her kids instead of spending 20 hours getting her hair done or playing around on different shows. Grow up Kate! No one says you can’t have fun but maybe you should be spending more time with your kids and less time promoting yourself!



donna Wolfe on

kate give us a break and go back home to you kids

Come on now... on

This broad is a joke if I ever saw one. She is not a star, so why was she even considered for ths??? She really needs to focus more on her children and not herself. She is not strapped for money, she gets quite a bit for free. Plastic surgery, make-overs, travel, clothing, etc.


What talent does she have??? Having a litter of kids do not count. A freshly nipped and tucked womb also does not count.

Gpoint on

Much, much better – you could tell the longer hair was fake.

Paula Wagner on

Who is this woman and why is she taking up so much space in the media. She is nobody at all. Suddenly she’s “important” for absolutely no viable reason. Who cares about her hair.
She needs to go back to being just another bozo on the bus.
Doesn’t People Mag. have more deserving people who have earned their celebrity through actual talent to write about?

JRP on

Love the new hair cut..

Mo on

I think her hair extensions looked really fake. Her own short hair cut is much prettier. She looks much better with the hairstyle in the picture.

She is making money on Dancing with the Stars – so I guess she has “to make a living” doing something.

Regina on

Her hair looks REALLY good :) I love her!!!!

Ginger on

Looks great, she is going to be traveling back and forth, she rehearses in her basement and then flies out for the show. So she can be with her children. Great job Kate and good luck!!!

Carla on

How selfish can someone be??? 8 kids??? Why doesnt she stay home and be a mom to her children. I’m sure no one else on DWTS has 8 KIDS!!!

Ginger on

Great job Kate, she looks great. She has a studio in her basement for rehearsal and travels out for the show and then back home so she can be with her children. Good luck Kate!!

Marilyn on

PUUULLLEASSSSE go away. You do not have ANY talent. People mag must be really hard up for news to keep giving this fame wh*re space. Let her go home & watch her kids.

KLund on

I think she looks good with both hair styles! As far as people saying go away who cares etc. Keep in mind this is a parent that needs to provide for 8 kids. She can’t just be a stay at home mom (who would pay the bills) I myself could not stay at home with 8 kids with no money coming in and still live! She is doing the best that she can (I think) Remember: this is only my opinion. Good Luck Kate!

Deb on

I cannot believe so many women give Kate such a hard time for working and having a nanny. Most women go to work and have their kids in daycare. This is life she has to work she needs to make a living people! Her hair looks great either way. I think it is great she make a living doing something fun like DWTS!

Minn on

I just wish and her dbag ex would go away….

Dawn on

How about you go home and spend time with your 8 kids instead of worrying about your hair.

Minn on

I just wish her and the dbag ex would go away…

Alysaa on

Kate Gosselin must be eliminated from this Earth. She’s a slime. Shower her with radiation!!!!

drewbie on

if she wants to work fine……but stay out of the public eye!

Karen K on

I a so sick of seeing news items about Kate and Jon. I really wish people would just drop them. They are just money grubbers looking to exploit their children for money. Go and get jobs like the rest of the country !

Abby on

Everybody says that Kate should be home raising her kids and not be on Dancing with the Stars, but what about the other celebs that have kids, they’re not home as well, why is she the only one getting slack for it…I say you go Kate..hope you win!!

Marylu on

I do love her hair short…much more flattering!
…and for those who hate her…why bother posting comments…just go away!

Autumn on

Love her hair short and the color too…

Rose on

GO AWAY KATE !!! If you were such a great mother you would be home raising your kids. It’s not all about you!! It’s about the 8 others you have at home.

Teresa on

Wow mean comments! She can go out and do what she wants, and like most people are saying, I’m sure she spends alot of time with her kids and others saying she should just go away? Why? She is earning $$ unlike that idiot she was married to. What a clown he is.

Josie on

I think Jon should take custody of the kids and the house since Kate is always busy elsewhere.

Becky on

Uh..duh. I’m sure Kate would love to be home with her kids, but she can’t. It’s called joint custody people. What is she supposed to do when Jon has his time? Sit home and do nothing. It’s not like Kate can rely on Jon for much child support either—who wants to hire him?

lisa on

Why do you people have to be so harsh on Kate leaving negativity comments?! You people should keep your opinions to yourselves!

I like Kate’s hair and of course its whatever she wants to do with it! I am excited that she’ll be on DWTS and lets see how she does.

jb on

Enough with this idiot. Your constant fawning coverage of this fame-seeking non-celebrity non-mothering nitwit is why I have cancelled my magazine subscription.

Ari on

Oh please People Magazine, make her go away!! She’s obnoxious! Please no more Kate!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber on

If you all dislike her that much why are you even reading this story? Jealous much?

hope on

Wow!! You sit there are pay more attention to her by making all the obnoxious comments, she aint hurting no body!! And what, just cause you are mom suddenly that equals stay at home?! Grow up or stop reading her stuff!!

TLC on

I think people in glass houses (and really, don’t we ALL live in glass houses?) should keep their yaps closed. So you don’t like Kate…why do you have to strip her down? You say she should stay at home w/ her kids…then who would be paying the bills? Can YOU afford to be a single mother who stays at home w/ your kids & not work? Especially since the father clearly isn’t contributing enough time OR money to them…
I think we should all try to be a little kinder to one another…and quit trying to knock people down – god forbid you walk a mile in their shoes, right? PEACE

Holly on

Who cares??? Really??? I wish Kate Gosselin would just go away. She needs to focus on raising her children and staying out of the lime light for a change. Disgusted!

Annette Richards on

Yes, the short hair is the best she has sported and yes, I wish she would go away and raise her kids. Why exactly does anyone think she is so interesting and worth our attention?

Chris on

i think she looks great, she always does. personally i think that she was and still is too good for John. they were BEAUTY and the beast.

dooozie on

Read my lips —- GO—–AWAY—–KATE. Go home and take care of your kids.

hope on

Let’s see you have six kids at once!! Besides, you dummys are the reason they do it and keep her on covers, you love to hate her!!

Rebecca on

Kate looks great no matter what her hair is doing but I think the short is more “her”.

Rebecca on

I think Kate looks better with short hair and why is it OK for Pam Anderson to leave her kids at home and do DWTS, but it isn’t OK for Kate?

Lynn on

I prefer Kate to go away!

jo ellen on

Just please go away. Could not stand her demanding ways on her reality show and can not stand her now. I Will Not be watching DWTS this season, however, I truly hope she is voted off the first week, slinks back to her paid for house and squeeze some more alimony and child support from her ex husband who has been demoralized by her and the media for doing nothing but the same as she is doing, searching for ‘fame’ not looking after those children. please just go awayyyyyyyyy.

Heather on

I have to laugh at all these people calling her names and telling her to go home to her kids. The woman takes care of them all the time. Jon is never with his kids. Yet all you trolls on these sites continue to bash Kate anytime she leaves the house. It’s amazing.

That being said-I love the hair, Kate! Good luck on DWTS!

Mumzy on

Cannot stand the loud mouth shrew, but the short hair does look good.

Dexter on

WHO CARES ??????

Jacxs on

I love her new hair cut! She is such a pretty lady!

barbm on

annoying that people think she should be at home with her kids. So, all moms should stop their lives, be it work or whatever and just stay home??? Jealous much? Since her ex-husband is a loser, she has to do what she has to in order to take care of those kids….get real!

Bee on

OMG some of you people are pathetic she is not the only woman in this world that has a nanny my gosh get over it you people !!!!! I think Kate looks great either way YOU GO KATE!!!!!! Your fans love you!!!!!

Jamie on

YOU PEOPLE CRACK ME UP!!!! YOU ACT LIKE SHE IS A BAD MOM BECAUSE SHE CAN AFFORD A NANNY!! Why don’t you all just let it go. It is what it is. Women like her. They understand her. She is a woman who happens to have made money by having 8 kids. If you had a set of twins and was about to have 6 more kids you would be looking for any way possible to put food in their mouths and a roof over their head. She is not the monster some of you make her out to be.

Sylvia on

Ok now. She spent how much on the extensions? I believe it was $7000.00 in January and within 3 months she takes them off. Listen, I believe everyone has the right to support their family any way they can, but didn’t she pay to put a dancing floor in her basement so she wouldn’t leave the kids? And that’s find if she can afford it, but stop complaining about not having money to pay bills when you can spend money like that

Pamela on

I like her better in short hair, but honestly I’m sick of seeing her anyway, and she should be at home with her kids – if they are as important to her as she says they are, then stay home with them instead of going out all over the country.

Jane Harris on

For God Sakes go bald!anything but get off my People Magazine,I want to read about interesting people,you don,t fit the bill.

Di on

She looks very happy in that picture. Glad to see her moving on.

Julie on

I agree with some of the other comments, I`m tried of hearing about her. there are other issues in the world that need more attention. Oh and by the way who`s taking care of her kids while she out getting her hair done or getting her picture taken?

m on

this is what is considered news worthy?
Good God….she has become a product of the media and now craves this attention 24/7.
Look out for your kids before they get affected by all this nedia attention and end up like Corey Haim.

Boots on

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD go AWAY, your 15 minutes of fame is OVERRRRRRR, go home and raise the LITTER you CHOSE to BIRTH….must we still be subjected to helping you raise them???? Isn’t that why you have nannies, and physical trainers, and personal chefs???
People PLEASE enough already I can think of a MILLION other people I would much rather read about then this PATHETIC person who has the nerve to call herself a Mom!
DWTS SERIOUSLY could you not find anyone else to do the show, oh wait I am sure she was all over the thought of being on tv again, oh wait I thought she wanted to be left alone, boo hooo kate!

Palm Beach, FL on

She’s another fame hound like that slug Omarosa,
remember her?
Sure she was in our faces for a few years but God
only knows where she is now.
This show with this woman will come to an end and
I say the sooner the better.


C on

Kate sucks. Boring…

J on

@Abbie…and all you other morons who don’t want her kids ‘home with a nanny..’ Unless her ex-hubby is now a nanny, they’re not being neglected! OMG! Judgemental much?! Kate and Jon have an every other week agreement so she cannot be home every week. She can’t set foot on the property during his time and she’ll be training during the day while the kids are at school when it’s her ‘week on’.

So if you wanna hate, go look in the mirror because OMG, Kate’s human too and you guys are just RUDE!

Sandi on

Hasn’t Kate Gosselin had her 15 minutes of fame yet? Enough already!

Joei on

Have any of you thought that maybe now the kids are with their father at home?!?! Stop thinking about her kids since you are not there and just ignore and stop reading the stories about her if you don’t like her! I love the hair cut though! Hated the long hair love the bob!

Abby on

I just have one question- For those of us who work all day and take our kids to daycare, are we bad mothers because “someone else” is taking care of our kids so we can earn a living?

Taylor on

Some of the comments people make are laughable. Give the woman a break its her life!!

Beckie on

Why would you read an article on somebody or something you dislike so much. Obviously you are interested in her that you clicked on this.

BTW- love the haircut.

Kat on

Kate does have a job, she will earn money dancing and being on TV! What is the problem with that? She will earn more in DWTS than with a full time job for a year. Also, why is this being a bad mom? BTW, she looks great!!!

Linda S on

shave her hair bald and stay home!

C.Holland on

I like her new image of longer hair. She’s away from the kids when it is Jon’s turn and men earn paychecks and don’t get criticized. Be kind.

Terri on

What is the fascination that People Magazine has for Kate Gosselin? ABC is doing the same thing. I refuse to watch any news program or read any magazine that has her on the cover. I saw the cover of the new People and deliberately came looking for a place on the People Magazine website to voice my disgust with their continual decision to put this selfish woman on their cover. They are glamorizing her poor choices and bad behavior. Shame on People!

bull on

She looks better in short hair – even shorter than that bob. Some of you – jealous much? I say give her a chance. I hope she succeeds. Wonder how many of you nag your husbands? Taking care of her kids – the money she makes will asssure their future.

Brenda on

This is a really cute cut! Hope she keeps it this way. And for those complaining about her, maybe you should stop posting on every topic about her. Websites see how many hits topics get and keep posting about those people. If you’re so intent on her going away..try it yourself!

D Marie on

I enjoy Kate and her personality. Why shouldn’t she enjoy the spotlight she’s in and make some money for her kids like any other working mother. After dealing with her loser ex, let her have some fun. Most moms are not with their kids 24/7. She’s pretty, LOVE the newest hair cut, she definitely looks better with short hair, has a great face to show off. Best on Dancing!

Stephanie on

Anything is better than the “goat chewed off the back” look…
What makes her a “star”? Her only claim to celebrity is that she had a litter of kids and a very public divorce. I wish she would stop putting her energy into fame and instead direct it toward her children!

Lisa on

Love it! Some people are meant to have short hair, and Kate is the queen. Great look

Marie on

Who’s watch’en those precious kids?

Kiki on

HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW is this idiot famous!? She is known for pushing out kids and she never seems to be WITH her kids anymore! ICK.

Dakota Mom on

What a waste of money.

Emily on

OMG can she just go away? For all of those who say she is trying to support her kids, ya right. If she really cared about her kids and not the fame, she could go back to work as a nurse, she is a R.N. Believe me there are plenty of jobs in nursing and though she may not make millions and live the lifestyle she has come accustomed to, she could make enough to support her family (less we should forget he has money from the show, the books and personal appearances)

lisa on

I love this new Look! And as for those who say she should stay home with her kids, I say just because she has 8 kids doesn’t mean she can’t have a life of her own. If I had 8 kids I would enjoy some me time too. It doesn’t make her a bad mother. Other actress who are mother’s have done the show and no one said anything about that. I.e Jennie Garth, Marie Osmond, Brooke Burke and more and no one had anything negative to say about them. Come on people give me a break and leave to poor girl alone.

Steph09 on

Well said Abby. Too many jealous, fat hags on these boards bashing Kate. Go kate—you rock!

Penny on

I think she looks no matter how her hair is cut, to bad so many people are so jealous of Kate!! They need to go away. Good mothers also deserve to have a life!! Way to go Kate :)

Gretchen on

Her hair looks great! How do you people expect her to support her eight kids at home? She’s flying back and forth to do the show and training at home. Do you criticize all working mothers?

MOMMYof2 on

I think she looks great. this cut is the one for her.. shut up hatersssssssss

Sharon on

Long, short who cares? The problem is she spends more time on her wanna be self than on the children she had implanted in her! She is doing the show for fame not for money to raise the children. She could bo back to nursing to do that. She just does not want to work but want to have a lavish life style. That is why she is not home, she loves herself and fine things not children! She makes moms look bad! She is a bad mom period.

Tara on

It’s not like she is begging for all this publicity. She took a job to earn money. If People mag wants to cover her, then they cover her. If you don’t want to see her, don’t click on it or buy it. The more you do, the more they will cover her. It’s quite simple really. Personally, she doesn’t bother me at all.

CallieJ on

What bothers me most about the “Kate-haters” is that most of these are women telling her she needs to be home with her kids. She might not be doing what YOU think is right, but SHE is working and providing for her kids.

Meanwhile, Jon is out fooling around with girls 10-15 yrs younger and riding on their monied coat-tails. Why aren’t you all yelling “Hey Jon, why aren’t you staying home taking care of your kids?” Or: “Hey Jon, when are you going to get a JOB and quit siphoning money off your rich girlfriends?”

You’re doing women EVERYWHERE a disservice by yelling that they should always be the ones staying home taking care of the kids. It usually takes TWO to make babies. If one’s working, the other one should probably be the one taking care of the kids if that person doesn’t also have a job.

Quit hating on Kate, and start pointing the finger more at Mr. wanna-be Playboy to grow up and be a Dad.

Angela on

I don’t understand what the whole fascination with her and her hairstyle. It makes me sick how she and her equally pathetic ex-husband capitalizes on their children. I agree with many…they need to just go away.

Jenine on

This spotlight wh0re should be doing her job as a mother, not dancing with the stars. SHE IS NOT A STAR. Shes a glorified fame hungry b!tch.

Karen on

Who cares if she is bald? She needs to stay at home with her kids and being the wonderful mom that she thinks she is!

JoyceM on

What happened to the Kate who said she was her children’s mother and she had to be the one to take care of them and missed them so much when Jon was there and she wasn’t…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! How does she now have all this time to go for makeovers, and DWTS takes lots of time and keeps her away from home! Guess she isn’t that much of a mom after all!!and who care how her hair looks – we all change our hair from time to time and no one makes a big deal out of it!

Alma on

I think she looks great either way.

Susannah on

Ok, all you Kate bashers. Question …who is going to support their children??? I do not see John stepping up? So if she retained a full time job in her field she would still be away from te children.

They also (all contestants) receive $200,000.00 to appear and an additional $100,000.00 if they win.

I like it short.

Kat on

I like this but I liked the extensions too. I think if she styled the extensions better I’d like them better. I hope she wins I love Kate!!!

ME on

Neither makes her beautiful because she is is not beautiful on the INSIDE. What is on the inside comes out and it doesn’t matter WHAT she does to her head or body. She is sacrificing her children for SELF.

Cindy on

She looks like a call girl from a bad movie.

Alaskan Annie on

I really, really like this look for her. I did not like Kate with long hair; it was just awkward looking on her.

I am sick and tired of people attacking Kate for the media’s obsession with her. She doesn’t decide who puts her image on their cover. As for the “she should be home caring for her kids” comments, there are millions of working women in this country who are able to balance the needs of their careers with the needs of their families. Unfortunately, Kate has a family to support, for the most part by herself, and taking advantage of the opportunities that have come her way (DWTS, The View, etc.) should be applauded. The alternative is her raising her kids off YOUR tax dollars.

Kate, I wish you all the luck on DWTS. I hope the voting public gives you a chance based on your dancing and not their maligned prejudices against you.

Terri on

Suzanne – A job is being a Nurse. She is a Nurse. Working as a Nurse would be considered a job. Dancing on DWTS is a NOT a job. It’s about Kate stroking Kate! It’s not now or has it ever been about her children. It’s about Kate, Kate and whats in it for Kate???

Why Hate? on

No one should judge anyone but themselves. From what I’ve seen and heard, she is a great mother who adores her kids and would do anything for them. Is she perfect? No, absolutely not. No one is. She’s also a human being that should be able to do what she wants and have time for herself. The kids are far from suffering. They are taken care of and do have another parent in the picture. Geez… enough… stop the hating already.

She looks great! Love the transformation.

rachel on


sara on

i don’t care about her hair…she should be at home actually being a mother of 8!!she is 34 but when you have 8 kids…that you had fertility treatments to have, as if you actually wanted to be a mom…you should be taking care of them. staying home and cooking and cleaning may not be as exciting as calavanting around nyc or la…but it’s what a mom does!shame on you! worst “mom” of the moment!

sara on

fame wh**e…perfect!!

rachel on

I’m not jealous of her i’m just sick and tired of hearing how she is there for her kids 100%. Ya right! She’s off dancing trying to become a star. Pay attention to your kids and stop leaving them with a baby sitter. You’d better be saving the cash for the therapist your kids are going to need all because of YOU!

Dee on

I prefer her hair short. Hope she keeps her children her priority. I love watching Kate and her beautiful children.

kelli on

Go AWAY !!!!

Jon on

I can’t stand this woman. I wish she’d go away. Thank god for DVR and TIVO, I can fast forward so I don’t have to watch her. I also feel very sorry for Tony.

Ms.Anonymous on

Why do many of you feel that Kate should be “home raising her children”? This is not the 50’s! Many women have careers that take them away from home at times, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love, or are not raising their kids. She has to support her kids. Jon is not even employed, so she can’t count on him! BTW, I kind of preferred the straight mid-length look on her!


All of you guys are hater!! Just leave her alone

Ms.Anonymous on

Suzanne – A job is being a Nurse. She is a Nurse. Working as a Nurse would be considered a job. Dancing on DWTS is a NOT a job. It’s about Kate stroking Kate! It’s not now or has it ever been about her children. It’s about Kate, Kate and whats in it for Kate???

– Terri on March 11th, 2010
Terri, do you really believe that she would be at home more if she continued in nursing? She would have to be working double shifts to make enough to support all of them!!! There is nothing wrong with her wanting to give her kids the best life possible. BTW, if you get paid for doing it, it’s a job!!!!

Jane on

Like the bob; looks terrific.

Anna on

All you anti-Kate people out there, If you had 8 mouths to feed Im sure you would take the $11 an hour job over the DWTS opportunity right?? You’d have to work 24 hours a day and still be on welfare just to feed them bread and water! And you’d then you really get to spend time with your kids huh! Give it a rest!

CAM on

Why so much hate? I never was a fan of her show, but how is she different than any other celebrity at this point? Maybe she got her celebrity status through reality tv, but she is now just as much a household name as many other celebrities. Why shouldn’t she be out dancing with stars and earning money to support her 8 kids? I say take what you got and run with it! At least she is doing something and not living off state benefits!

kim on

They can make hundreds of thousands of dollars for working a month or so. Someone has to support her 8 kids… and who would turn that down?

Galaxia on

Personally I think she should be with her kids, but she also a woman that needs a break once in a while. I like her hair like that better too.

Leslie on

I think she looks beautiful any way she wears her hair. It is so sad that people keep telling her to go home and raise her kids. Her kids are in school and she will only work six hours a day. Most working moms work more than that !! I guess I too, am a horrible mom since I work 8-9 hours a day teaching other people’s kids for a lot less than $200,000 a week. We women have to stick together ! Most of us work because we need to, not because we want to. I did not hear anyone telling Brooke Burke, Kathy Ireland or Lisa Rhinna to go home and raise their kids ! Leave Kate alone ! I see kids who are a lot worse off everyday with parents who don’t work, collect welfare and then expect the schools to pay for their kids lunches, trips and even shoes ! I am rooting for Kate !


I don’t care what kind of hair do she has, just go away please, I don’t usually have anything to say about how people ruins their live, but where is the kids, did she forget them? My god everyone was all over Jon when he screwed up but let me tell you Kate well she is doing a great job of not being a good mom. so please quit talking about her.

Mary Jo on

Love the cut on her!!

Judy on

I remember when People Magazine wrote stories about “real people”, heroes, interesting places, people making a difference in the world. People Magazine gave these stories 2-3 pages worth – now you chose to write about people like Kate Gosselin…why? What did she ever do? There are a lot of people who have given birth to multiple children and no one gave them free anything! She isn’t even a good mother – and certainly not a good role model for anyone. So please PEOPLE MAGAZINE stop with all stories that have her in them. You are better than that.

anatasia on

Who is this woman? What is she famous for?Is she a movie star or someone that does good things for charities?? Please explain!

CJ on

Seriously?? What next? What time she went to the bathroom? ENOUGH ALREADY!!

connie on

I dont’t care about her hair or her,I think she is creedy and a very selfish person.Goooooooooo Home.

allison on

Who cares what her hair looks like. Why doesn’t she get a job and support her children.
whats the big deal about her anyway. So she had a truck load of kids big deal.

Kim on

I like her hair long. It shows she is starting the next chapter in her life and leaving what’s his name(oh yeah cry baby) behind.

Victoria Meyer on

I really do not think having 8 children makes a celebrity, and I certainly do not care how the mother’s hair is styled. I am just so sick of Kate I could scream. I normally watch DWS, but will not this season simply because she is a contestant. Please Kate. Go away.

Chris Sammons on

Bless Jon, Kate and their kids. Hopefully they will decide to stay out of the spotlight and find peace.

Emmy on

It’s one thing to get extensions if you need them for a movie role, but to have them just because-ridiculous!! And that’s exactly what she has become

Dagny on

I plan to fast forward through all of her performances and keep my fingers crossed that she’ll be voted off after the first round…or maybe have to op out for some minor injury. I’d consider not watching DWTS this season, but that would be impossible–especially now that Sam Harris is G-O-N-E.

SON on

Didn’t Marie Osmond also do DWTS as a single parent with 7 kids? Why weren’t people telling her what a horrible parent she was for not staying home with her kids? Give Kate a break!

Becca on

Actually this cut is best on her. Too bad i can’t stand her… she was such a b*tch to her husband and kids i dont blame him for leaving her! Personally…. i think she’s better off dumping on DWTS ratings vs being home raising her kids!

nikki on

I agree nothing but an attention wh***

Tammy on

Kate’s hair i persnally think is officially awesome!!! I think her hair cut is awseome, and i hope she enjoys dancing with the stars

theresa on

What I prefer is that People Magazine send her back home to raise her eight kids. Lots of other celebs who deserve your attention. It’s all about the money.

rachel on

She’s money hungry

peb on

go away Kate G. Nobody cares about you. You are famous for doing nothing. Go raise your kids and get off of my TV.

Jules on

As much as people don’t like her, like it or not, she is raising her kids, by being the bread winner. Because, obviously….Jon ain’t makin’ the bacon.

Just close your eyes when she comes on.

Anyone else with negative comments, should consider that your life isn’t that exciting, compared to Kate’s….

Dylan on

We are tired of seeing her on every magazine cover and the accompaning articles about her hair. She lucked out, period. DWTS doesn’t make her a bad mother. The press and media are making her a celebrity and she is going along with it. It’s a great way to make money. I just am curious why anyone is a fan of hers?

Lucy on

Oh please stop comparing Kate to Marie Osmond or Angelina Jolie. Marie Osmond has TALENT! Angelina Jolie not only has talent but donates alot of time and money helping others. Kate is NOT a celebrity! She is materialistic and selfish. Wake up people!

Christine on

Kate aren’t your 15 minutes up by now. Go back and raise the children you exploited.

SusanQ on

Kate needs to be as into her kids as she is into herself. Get you priorities straight. You are untalented, and are an all around fake. Why don’t you work at being a mother, maybe you’ll get the hang of being a mother. Get REAL!!!

Mollie on

I think she is wonderful. I like all of her hairstyles except when she was a red head. Good for you Kate! :)

Nancy A on

Enough already! Who cares? Is People magazine so desperate for stories that they need to make hair appear famous?
I used to love buying the magazine and coming on this website, but I find that it’s starting to feel more like reading The National Enquirer, which I despise. I don’t really love it anymore.

K on

Kate has to earn money to take care of her 8 children. She no longer has a spouse and the one that she had did not appear to be the most responsible. If she needs to dance for 8 weeks, so be it! Dance girl, dance!!

kat on

i think her hair looks A LOT cuter this way!

chrissy on

everyone saying she needs to be home with the kids… do you not get it? how is she going to make money! this is her job! She gets paid to do this!!!!! More than she would make in 2 months doing another job. She also gets to do some entertaining that her kids will be able to enjoy! Tony has kids too… perfect match. GO KATE! its two months people, get over it.

Suzi on

What a waste of a 20 hour makeover! Why go through all that time and expense just to have it all cut off?! You should be home with your kids, Kate, not worrying about your hair length.

Julie on

I think she looks beautiful either way…..Love you Kate and I am rooting for you!

Jen on

Really, so I refuse to buy any magazine w/ that woman on it! Is there nothing else that can be put on the cover of People besides her? I mean how much more does the world need of this woman????

Cliff on

Kate u look good with your new hair cut. But it wont get u a new good man. U had one but u disrespected him. What u so u will reap.

Nikki on

I love Kate and think she looks great! I hope she does well with her dancing. She has my vote!

Sherry H on

Anyone who is stay-at-home mom deserves to be pampered every once in awhile, I know from experience. I think her new hairstyle looks great and good for you, Kate.

Brie on

Why is it so hard to believe that maybe she is doing this for herself, as you can see she has been through a lot. So instead of having all this hate for a person you dont even know sometimes the kind thing to do is just say I hope their happy, and I wish them the best. Its annoying to see so much hate and envy in the world because in the end that is all these negative comments add up to.

Diana on

Kate, looks great in short and long hair.

Why people are picking on her, I don’t know.
She is not the one who was caught cheating with several different people. He silly looking ex was.

And she is not asking to be in photographs, the press is always after her taking the pictures, she’s not asking them to.

Doesn’t every mom have time to herself and have someone babysit for their kids – – – – are you other moms so perfect that you are with your kids every minute of every day. Most of you work, leave your kids with babysitters and don’t even have time to spend with them at night before they go to bed.

So, please, stop judging Kate. Look at yourselves. You’re definitely not perfect. Also, every parent has a right to have time away from their kids.

kathie on

Kate….Do us all a favor…..GO AWAY! If people magazine put her on one more cover, I will cancel my subscription. I didn’t sign up so that I can read about a mom or dad who decided to have a litter of children, then do the most unmotherly thing to do, and that is profit off her children!

Terri on

Listen up to those Kate lovers! Have you read book number 1? Kate is the woman who wouldn’t take donations from her father’s church. They weren’t good enough! This is the woman who drove away most of the volunteers and friends in her life as well as her husband with her demanding, demeaning attitute. Kate and Jon were Blessed with eight beautiful children. When folks gave of themselves financially, materially, emotionally and physically, it was never quite good enough for Kate. She LOVES the limelight and nothing about DWTS has anything to do with raising her children. Who says that they need to live in a $1.5 million dollar house? That all of their clothing must match one another? That they must take expensive vacations? Being on television is not the only way for Jon and Kate to support their family.

Ann on

Funny ppl think she should be at home rather then doing anything in the media. Lets say she does do things in the media her and her 8 kids will have NO money living off wellfare, food stamps, free heathcare, and in government housing. Hmm ya thats better let tax payers pay for all of them… And for everyone that rights just neg. stuff about her good or bad your still giving her attn!!!!!

chrissy on

giving birth to children does not make you a mother, you actually have to be there and not have nannies raise them…Her own neighbors at her old house said Kate was a ignorant and stuck up woman who if they waved to her she gave you this look like she was better then you and they stated that as soon as the cameras stopped rolling the kids would be with nannies

kari on

I prefer that she disapppear…….

Dana on

I did a better cut on my barbie dolls thirty years ago than that cut…..get a real “hair tech” to do you hair……YUCK…..she looks old now!!!!!

Abby on

I think she looks better with short hair.

Kate is a Reality Star, and thanks to her ex husband she can no longer do the show she wanted. She needs to make a income and support her EIGHT kids. She’s a working mom. If you dislike her that much then maybe the next time you see a article about her just don’t bother… LOL

Lee on

just GO AWAY!!!

ellethekitty on

This hair cut is better. Now perhaps she’ll change her attitude

Hannah Lightfoot on

You can put lipstick on a pig and its still going to be a pig.. Change the hair all you want Kzilla but your still a mean, rude and ignorant donkey. Also, if you HONESTLY think that people believe you didnt have your breasts done ( article in this weeks people saying she doesn’t have time for surgery LIE again witch ) YOUR dumber then you look. WE all know your t its are NOT yours. KZILLA YOUR A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE mom. GO AWAY NO ONE LIKES YOU

paige on

ok seriously who cares what her hair looks like honestly leave her alone i love kate no matter what she decides to do with her hair and shrs getting new extentions in today:) ily kate!

SLP on

Fake nails, fake tan, fake teeth, fake BOOBS, fake MOM. face it lady your a fake liar and your kids are going to hate you if they already dont. your a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad mom.

elained on

she needs to go home and raise her 8 children. we are sick of hearing about kate. i dont give a damn if she is bald, just go away.

Ugh on

She needs to go be a mother to her children & stay out of the limelight. We are sick of her and her mullet.

Lynn on

It’s hard to feel sorry for Kate – she’s got it made right now….who is she again?

Carlie on

Love the new hair!

Jennifer on

I got a new haircut yesterday and now I see this! Ugh! Now I have a Kate Gosselin haircut….Gag!

LP on

Regarding the haircut, this length looks great on her. However, some people should think long and hard about their own lives before judging hers. She may be doing reality TV, but at the moment that’s her job. She’s gotta pay the bills somehow, and if she was working shiftwork like a nurse does, she’d probably be at home even less and the kids would still be stuck with babysitters. How many of the people on here saying she’s neglecting her kids are working parents?

Jennifer on

I think Kate looks great in short hair. This new style is my most favorite much softer than her very short hair (which I liked too). But the long hair looks so fake – I just don’t like the extensions at all.

Shannon on

Kate does not need to work. Can’t you people do simple math? TV show, best selling books, love offerings, speaking engagements…if Kate is out of money than she’s an idiot. Why have kids if you’re going to let someone else raise them? I ask that of ALL working mothers who work, not to support their children’s needs, but to support a lifestyle that is not necessary for a happy life. I am a stay at home mother of 4 whose husband is in the military. He happens to be deployed and I am doing it on my own. Believe me, if she were involved in her children’s lives there’d be no time for Dancing with the Stars!

Patty on

Sooooo…..the kids have their big house but no parents? Too bad for the kids. Perhaps it would be different if there was no divorce and the kids had stability. At this point, clearly they don’t. Very sad.

Jan on

How can we miss you if you won’t go away? Go away already…we are so over you!

carly on

Who cares?

melissa on

I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but now I think we are going to start seeing the “REAL” Kate again. Unbelievable with this hair thing. There are children starving/dying in Hait/dying here in her own state and she doesnt like her extentions and wants a different hair style- what a joke Kate! Your smile is so FAKE, it looks horribly like your jaws a locked. Why dont u “donate” a free hair style to a cancer patient who doesnt have hair at all. I can understand to a certain extent the first free hiardo, but you just dont stop you just keep pushing a pushing and pushing until you get what YOU want. nothing is good enough and you are so unthankfull for everything you get- wow. You come across like a stuck up b—- ij photos, you are not “special” Kate and i dont see others treating the media the way you do. I have a feeling you are going to hang yourself with your attitude. If you want people to watch you on any show, you really should be alittle nicer!!! K alot!

Shopping girl on

Please. . enough. . stop giving this woman attention for doing NOTHING!!!!!!Let’s look at people who actually make a difference or contribute to society ( and fashion).

Veronica on

Doesn’t she have 8 children? I bet they miss their mother.

Wendy on

you know shes not out with a different guy every night. She takes care of her kids. And before any of you rediculous people wanna judge her walk a mile in her shoes. If you dont wanna hear about her then dont put your finger on the mouse and click the article. Problem solved. Its not that hard. I am so sick of people and their egotistacal ways. Stop judgeing people you dont know! What in the world did she ever do to you. You know how to change the channel or go to a different article. If you cant do it then you really shouldnt be reading daily articles or watching tv. Grow up and become an adult. I think she looks great. I think she is a good mom.

Debbie Betts on

I have seen her with her one of the kind hair style, then her extensions and now her current do and I have to say that I that her current style (the one she has in the picture of her with the story about her different hair styles) that the 3rd style is the one that does her the most justice, it makes her look young and carefree…something that she hasnt’t really had the chance to be. I feel that she has maintained herself as a Lady and continues to do so. Maybe since she doesnt have to be the adult for both her and Jon she can bend a bit and have some fun and begin to enjoy life. I sure hope so…she deserves it.

ms on

I prefer Kate at home with her EIGHT KIDS who need her…………..Who cares about your hair, how about you kids hair? Who is combing their fair while you are out of town practicing with DWTS??? GO HOME and STAY THERE where you are needed! Don’t pretend to be a Christian mother, do it!

abay on

I love Kate…..I loved the show….so people think she should live off of welfare rather than earn a living? INTERESTING. 8 kids is pretty expensive.

ozymandias on

I think Kate gets better looking with every passing year…hair short or long, she is attractive, intelligent, has a good sense of humor, and an appealing personality. The negative comments are obviously from very jealous and envious people who would jump at the chance to do the things she has had come her way!

Blondiet78 on

LOVE IT..LOVE IT..LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linda on


Sharon Klepacz on

I love her short hair so much better! This cut looks great! I think a mother deserves a life that includes her famliy, yet balances out mom time as well. It’s kind of sad when people air negative remarks and want Kate out of the news…yet, they chose to open and read the article because it sparked their interest? Good luck on DWTS! I hope you do well! Make your kids proud!

dina on

Go away already,Go away already. You are nothing but a money hungry person using your kid. I prefer her at home with her kids.

Marcia on

Enough already! Sick of hearing about HER!

CK on

I love the short hair, always did. And, I admire Kate for what she does.

Taracat on

Go Kate go, long or short..with you all the way..to the haters out there..I guess you would like her more if she was on the poverty line in PA getting welfare with there eight kids holding tin cups.
Such phonies..if it were you..youd be “Dancing” too.

Dee on

I don’t like Kate at all!! Wish she was not on DWTS. I was hoping to not have to see or hear her again. I am not renewing my subscription to PEOPLE magazine because Kate has been on the cover so many times. I wish she would just go home and stay.

Desiree on

I realize that having 8 kids requires more money than say 2 or 3 and she needs to make money. I get it. BUT I am seriously sick of seeing her everywhere! What has she done to deserve this much attention? Get Pregnant, Boss people around to the point where they leave? Exploit her children? What has she done to deserve the attention of every media outlet in the country?

Mary Cook on

love the short hair better!

Twila on

Love it!

Christina on

She looks SO BEAUTIFUL with the short bob! It is flattering and frames her face nicely. Great look Kate!



Tabi on

Must be nice to be a Mother of 8 or any woman, (outside of high paid Hollywood actress’) & be able to pay the thousands it costs to have extensions put in every few months. I had no idea reality T.V. was paying so well these days. I do hope she remembers to put something away for the EIGHT children she has to raise eventually!

Kimberly on

I like her! I think she is a super mom!!!! It is not her responsibility to raise her children alone 24/7! She is a good mom, and for years, took care of her kids alone while John worked. Now, they are older, and she needs to enjoy this while she can! I can guarentee you that she is seeing her kids! Lay off of her and let her enjoy what she deserves!!!! I am a mother of 2 small children, however, I do not need to be with them all of the time. My husband and I do things with them alone, we both need breaks sometimes!!! She is earning a paycheck to provide for her family!

Amy on

For all of you complaining about how much you hate her and want her to go away….if you dislike Kate so much why are clicking on stories about her and taking up your time making comments about some you claim to not care about? If you don’t like her don’t click on the stories about her.

Chrizzie on

SHE CAN’T RAISE HER KIDS WITHOUT MONEY! Are ya’ll really that obtuse to think she can just stay home with her children, she has to work!

Jessika on

So why is no one complaining that Angelina works away from all of her children.

This woman wrote best selling books and created a tv show that will allow for her childrent to survive not on welfare. Why can we not support women in this country?

angie on

Why dont everyone quit bashing her she is a human being and wether u like her or not she is still a mother of 8 kids….you dont want her kids to see yall bashing her all the time… Kate i like ur hair ….you are a faboulous mother despite all the rumors…i think u r the only one that knows what is true and not true..keep up the good work…

Hollie on

I think she should concentrate more on taking care of her family. She seems like an extremely self absorbed person, I have no idea why anyone cares what she does with her time.

Erika on

does anyone really care? My god….I had her former spiked short hair a LONG time ago….say 6 or 7 years…so no Kate, you didn’t start that trend someone else (and not me) did.

Why isn’t she with her children?

seleneviviane on

She should stop wasting her money on expensive extensions. If you do get the extensions, stop cutting them! It’s a waste of money. She should use that money for her kids.

Niki Townsend on

Now this hair I absolutely love! She looks fantastic; way better than the spiky short hair, and the long, fake hair. I don’t particulary like Kate, but her hair is fabulous!

Kristi on

Would you people leave her alone! She is out there making money to provide for her family. Is her loser ex husband doing that? No! Plus, it’s not like she can go out and be a nurse somewhere any more. She’s not hurting anyone. I LOVE her new haircut. She looks great in short hair. Go Kate!

Voice of the Public on

I think the people have spoken and it seems like an overwhelming majority wants this loser to disappear.

Kate on

Let’s get real here, Honey you need to go home to your kids. No one wants to see you do anything but be a mom. Stop pawning your little league team off on other people.

Tyler on

For the love of life I hope she finds her way home to her kids.

Jon on

She looks like she’s in heat. She’s trying to catch a man so she can birth eight more for someone else to raise.

Nicole D. on

She is such a joke. How can anyone take her seriously. Put a hat on, who cares about her hair.
She doesn’t need a fancy hairdo to cook those kids dinner.

Lori on

Maybe she’ll break her ankle so she has to stay home. Is that what it’s going to take to keep this woman at home???

Duh! on

She will go away when you stop reading the articles. The thing is people love to hate her, they will read about her, they will talk about her. The media knows this so of course they will put her on reality shows, take pictures and write about her. She may seek after it but she doesn’t have to go far before she finds it, the media knowing the attention she will bring literally waits outside her door. And before anyone disagrees with me…answer this, you did read the article, didn’t you?

Andrew on

Hm. Interesting. Before, she looked like a self-obsessed faux-celebrity in love with her unearned fame who had long hair. Now, she looks like a self-obsessed faux-celebrity in love with her unearned fame who has short hair. Drastic change to be sure but she doesn’t look that different to me.

Top Posts — WordPress.com on

[…] Kate Gosselin’s Hair Switch-Up: Short Today, But Long Tomorrow? Brian Flannery/Flynet Lately, Kate Gosselin’s hair has experienced as many ups and downs as the reality show […] […]

JF on

She is still around because many of us who watched the show on TLC felt she reflected the standards of a very good mother and admired her for that. Many of us continue to support her and look forward to seeing her on DWTS. For those who didn’t watch the show, I can imagine it is unclear why there is a following. As for the question posed, her hair looks much better without the extensions.

Susan on

Is Kate the first mother to be away from her children to be on Dancing with the Stars? I don’t think so. What about Marie Osmond, Melissa Joan Hart, Jeannie Garth to name a few. What difference does it make if you have two children or eight? It doesn’t. I hope Kate does well on the show and love the new hairstyle.

Sharon on


Sharon on

Cougar old woman

Renee on

Has everyone forgotten the way she treated her husband in the firt place. She was abusive and condescending and just brutal to him. I couldn’t care less about either of them but seens as though the media has fallen in love with her and it’s sort of sickening. They both need to get back to the business of caring for their eight children!

Joan on

Get lost all you jealous Crabs, she is trying to support her kids,Dah!She can run circles around you people who have one or two kids. She don,t want to be a Welfare Bum,like so make women who spit them out & don,t do anything.Shes wonderful,unlike her Cry Baby Husband.

Jacqui on

Sounds like we have some jealousy going on here. Her hair looks better short. I hope she goes a long way on DWTS.

patience on

i love her and she looks great and she is a cool mom\person

Bet on

I think Kate has just as much right to change her hairdo as often as she wants as anyone else does. People need to get off her case. She is doing what she can to take care of her children since her deadbeat womanizer husband took off. I like her new hairdo as well as the others she has had. Some people are just jealou because she is getting more publicity than they think she deserves.

Becky Scott on

I just pray they will leave Kate do what she wants. It”s her business, and people are just jealous. She has been through enough,and I for one loved Kate, and their show. It really hurt that they no longer are on. Your hair looks nice longer for the show, but it was probably too warm dancing. my husband & I can’t wait to see Tony & you dance. Break a leg Kate & God Bless Becky

Kate Gosselin’s Hair Switch-Up: Short Today, But Long Tomorrow? | Articlestic.com on

[…] more on People Magazine Gosselin’s, hair, Kate, long, SHORT, SwitchUp, today, […]

Me on


Lisa on

Leave her alone!!! If you don’t like her, don’t follow her. It sounds to me like you are a bunch of jealous “Mom bashers.” Kate is beautiful. She is a take charge woman who loves and takes care of her kids. My ex-husband refers to me as “Kate”, and I take it as a compliment. We can not wait around to be “taken care of”. We need to provise for our children, and that takes work, ladies!!!

Dee on

Leave her alone! It’s her hair an she can do with it as she pleases!! Who do you think you are to throw the first stone?

Dee on

She is gorgous no matter what she does if she needs to do this to make money for her kids than so be it. After all her flakey husband isn’t going to do it

RadioAssistant.com - Because We Love Radio on

[…] Kilde: People […]

datingchinalove on

i just became a member of wordpress but during 3 weeks, no any visiters to my blog, i don’t know how to do to increase my traffic, hope you could be my first visiter.

Janet Podwojski on

Who on earth cares?

dee FAULISI on

LOVE,LOVE THE LAYERED BOB ON KATE!!!!!!!!!!!! WISH HER WELL…… BEING A SINGLE MOM IS TOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! JUST hope she spends the same time on her children!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delia Marly - Grow My Hair Long on

You look nice in a short hair Kate and its easy to maintain with all the kids you had. Keep it up and held your head up high. Don’t be discourage.

Susan on

Please get rid of the extensions-they look like a wig-very unnatural.The short bob in between extensions looked great.Ugh…..the extensions look horrible, for $7000 you would think they’d look better and more natural

Jon Gosselin Spreads His Wings With A New Faux-Hawk | Celebrity gossip on

[…] isn’t the only Gosselin changing up her do these days! Following in her footsteps is ex-hubby Jon, who was just spotted sporting a heavily […]

Kate Gosselin’s Hair: The Long & Short of It itsachat writers on

[…] Kate Gosselin’s Hair: The Long & Short of It […]

Nidigonda on

I don’t necessarily think that these are beettr than the originals, nor even necessarily worse ; they’re different, coming from a very different place at a very different time. A couple of people who have reviewed this album have described these version of the songs as Kate’s version of a live performance version, which would, naturally, be different. The spare sound, pared-down vocals, solo piano, are all what one would expect in a live setting. The best bands always play their album songs very differently live, because they see the songs as living things which grow and change, not as static, fixed-in-time one-off’s. With Kate’s work we have had no opportunity to see what she’d do without the studio and multiple tracking to support the song. Part of the problem for fans is just that people think of the songs like paintings, done and never to be altered even a little bit, something that would never happen if she took those songs out on the road. Remember the live Breathing performed for Comic Relief? It’s radically different from the album version, but really great. So I’m all for this endeavor, even when it doesn’t quite work for me.I think this version of Moments of Pleasure is beautiful, reminding me a bit of A Coral Room. I also really like the new Lily, Song of Solomon, and the very quiet This Woman’s Work. The others, not sure yet, except that I don’t like what she did with The Red Shoes, which is a favorite of mine. Top of the City sounds interesting, as does And So Is Love. And my goodness, she channels The Stones on Rubberband Girl ! You have to admit it’s a least fun. It’s a night in a small club with Kate Bush, a piano, and a backing rock n’ roll band. Enjoy it.

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