Jessica Simpson On America's 'Disgusting' Weight Obsession and Being Called Fat

02/16/2010 at 11:44 AM ET

Norman Jean Roy for Allure

Let there be no mistake: Jessica Simpson is not fat. Following the controversy and ridicule that plagued the starlet after an unflattering picture of her performing in high waist jeans was widely circulated last year, Simpson—who looks absolutely gorgeous (and decidedly svelte) as Allure’s new cover girl—turns on the sarcasm and quips, “When I walk through an airport and people go, ‘You’re not fat!’ I’m like, ‘Thanks. Thanks. That’s great. Good to know I’m not fat today. Thank you!’” On a more serious note, she adds, “I would not wish on my worst enemy what I went through,” of the abuse she faced from the media in the aftermath of that photo. Filming her new VH1 reality show, Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty, was enlightening: “When I think of America, it’s very diverse, but we do have the cookie-cutter way we’re supposed to look, and going to all these countries, it’s so completely different. I was fascinated going on that journey to discover that, even just for myself.” Spending time in Asia was particularly eye-opening: “In a lot of Asian cultures, the whiter you are, the more beautiful you are—and what I’m so used to is ‘The tanner you are, the thinner you look, the skinnier you feel.’” The 29 year-old, who declares, “I think I have great legs,” is growing more confident over time, and calls America’s obsession with weight “disgusting.” The Texan says, “My job is to be creative. And I’m not weighing in for anybody.” For a closer look at Jessica’s style, and to go behind-the-scenes on her cover shoot, visit – Emily Hsieh

Norman Jean Roy for Allure

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Jen on

Is it America’s obsession, or Hollywood’s obsession? Most of America is overweight, so I doubt they’re judging quite as harshly as Tinseltown. Jessica chose the industry she’s in & knew the expectations that went along with it, so I don’t feel sorry for her.

Maria on

I think Jessica Simpson is so beautiful, she truly represents sexy, she has almost the same body as Kim Kardashian.

Julie on

Wow, where are you living that you don’t feel the obsession with weight? Just because people are overweight doesn’t mean there’s not pressure to be thin; in fact, some people overeat BECAUSE of the anxiety and stress they feel on a daily basis. Extreme thinness AND obesity are symptoms of our current food culture, lifestyle, and, yes, OUR OBSESSION WITH WEIGHT.

Leslie on

Yes celebrities do choose their profession but it is the public who decides what we will tolerate in a celebrity and what we won’t. If we were to say we are fine with and we think NORMAL women were beautiful on TV and film and we will support only that, then directors and the like would then start requesting that look. Consumers steer the boat by what they voice, what they watch, buy, etc.
We should influence Hollywood and that’s the way it should be, not the other way around.

Karen B. on

I totally disagree, Jen. She didn’t choose to go into modeling. She chose to go into music. And she shouldn’t have to be under a microscope about her pant size to do it.

As for whether it’s hollywood or the public – it’s both. An unflattering picture was put up – and people flocked to it and blogged about it non-stop. Hollywood and the media do what they do because it sells. And we’re the ones buying.

Lisa on

I’m a big admirer of Jessica. She’s done alot, and been through alot. She’s honest and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what she is; beautiful, smart, strong, talented, and brave. She was raised with an honest, christian background that will see her through many more challenges in her life.

Best of luck, Jessica!!

drewbie on

i think any woman worries about her weight

Laura on

Jessica is put under a microscope because she’s easy to pick on. She is who she is and doesn’t apologize for it. Jordin Sparks is beautiful and larger than most pop stars in Hollywood…but no one makes fun of her.

I for one am proud of her for being who she is. Thank you Jessica for remaining true to yourself and being beautiful inside and out.

afrob on

She’s gorgeous. Simply stunning.

VanM on

JS is picked on because she herself puts herself in the position to be picked on…for example, the pictures of her in this mag are photoshopped I believe that if you really are true to yourself and don’t care then you should be presented in your natural state of beauty, why change your thighs and structure of your face this only says that you aren’t as secure as you would like everyone to beleive…

Marilyn on

Its not the fans or the public that puts pressure on stars to be thin, its other stars, models, magazines, tv shows, department stores, our next door neighbors. In other words EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is making us feel that if you’re fat, you’re worthless.

janna on

“Jordin Sparks is beautiful and larger than most pop stars in Hollywood…but no one makes fun of her,” Laura said.

That’s because Jordin Sparks is talented and doesn’t have to resort to baring practically all or making “suggestive” videos to sell herself. Face it, Jessica relied heavily on her double-D’s to promote her music/self, then we’re supposed to feel sorry for her when she gains weight. Boo-hoo.

Laura on

I think she looks great! I want to know why we dont pressure men with the same standards as we do women. Very few men (even in Hollywood) feel the same pressure to get into shape that the rest of us feel. Jessica you rock

Head Diva In Charge on

She is 100% right, Jessica Simpson is NOT fat. I saw her in Vegas a few years ago, and she is a TINY person. I can see how 15 lbs. would make a difference on her. Trust me – I would take her “fat” any day!

Shannon on

Let’s all be honest here. Jessica Simpson had no problem showing off her body when she was training for the Dukes of Hazzard movie. She flaunted around like none other. And now she’s heavier and she’s upset that people comment on her weight. She had no problem with anyone commenting on her weight when she was 110 lbs and wearing short shorts. I’m sure she lived to see herself on the magazine covers then. So what does she expect? Honestly being a star means people are going to critique your every move so of course people are going to talk when you get fat. Its part of being a celebrity. Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Dana on

Wasn’t it just a few years ago when Jessica was flaunting her svelte body she’d acquired for The Dukes of Hazzard? You can’t over expose yourself that way, lose that extreme level of fitness, then make bad fashion choices, and not expect to be criticized. It’s Hollywood and it certainly doesn’t help that she has an emaciated sister who looks like she could use a pork chop. Jessica is definitely not fat, but anyone of normal weight in Hollyweird is going to look fat when they are hanging around with the living skeletons America has come to idolize….

Jeanine on

I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world…at any size….and I think she has a great heart….and that is what matters….and yes there is still that obssession with weight and it is getting very old!

Monica on

Oh Jessica! Give me a break! You are the one who put yourself on crazy yo yo dieting because you wanted to feel perfect. Don’t change your mind cause you’re suddenly on the opposite side of the spectrum. I didn’t hear these cries coming from her when she was on the Dukes of Hazzard.

Robin on

I saw Jessica with Rascal Flatts just a week before the high waisted jeans picture came out and she was branded as “fat”. I was standing not 10 feet away from her and although I don’t care for her “country” singing I have to say she is so TINY & beautiful. The outfit was all wrong for her. She sometimes just makes poor fashion choices. Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear should help her out.

Monica on

I am also laughing at all of these she is a wonderful person with a great heart comments. No she isn’t. Jessica Simpson is rude to her fans. Meet her IRL and you will be changing your tune.

Mecala on

Jess, you have always looked gorgeous no matter what size you are and no matter what people say about you!
It is sad that the people doing the criticizing are most likely the ones who need the most help with how they look!

Jon on

I totally agree with Jessica!

jane on

I don’t think Jessica is the one editing the photos for the magazine? Most, if not all photographers/magazines use photoshop to enhance the photos, especially the cover. Everyone should know what she looks like natural since the peeps steal pictures of her almost daily.

Jack on

Yeah, Jess, most FAT people feel the way you do. Go figure.

You and Kevin Smith just need to stop being lazy cry babies and just lose the weight.

Asha on

Jessica Simpson similr body type to Kim Kardashian? I don’t think so…ever looked at Kim’s behind? It is HUGE! All of the Kardashian girls have big backsides.

Carol on

You are totally pathetic to have to keep bringing up your weight to keep in the spotlight you no talented annoying twit! Get over yourself already! Your lack of singing talent (in my opinion) has been completely overshadowed by such BS as your sex life with John Mayer, your boob size from your Dad, your divorce from Nick, your unflattering mom jeans, etc…Who really cares!! Either do something credible or just go away please!

Oh please on

This is just too funny. This blonde, white women walking around talking about “The Price of Beauty.” She has gotten where she is today on her looks alone. She is not talented at all. Jessica Simpson is used to being told how beautiful and perfect she is because she is the cookie-cutter white girl with big boobs that Hollywood keeps beating everyone over the head with. The only way she stays relevant is selling her looks and now that she has come under a small amount of criticism EVERYONE should change their views. I didn’t hear any complaints when she is jiggling her boobs around in videos and magazines. Please read a book Ms. Simpson.

Britini on

Jessica is right..America IS obsessed with looks! Especailly these days with blogs and google serach, anyone and everyone gets criticized for how they look. If we got rid of blogs, gossip magazines and commenting on websites(even though I’m doing it right now..), I think the pressure would be a lighten.

MB on

Dana: It’s Hollywood and it certainly doesn’t help that she has an emaciated sister who looks like she could use a pork chop.

“She could use a pork chop: That seriously, was about the funniest thing I have heard today! HAHA!

DaChopssss on

Oh and I totally forgot about her as Daisy Dukes…boy she didn’t have a problem with America’s weight obsession then. GOOD POINT GUYS!

DaChopssss on

And instead of coming out and saying she gained a few pounds, get over it…she blames her stylist and an unflattering camera angle.

Becky on

We’re all “beautiful” if we just take care of ourselves and love ourselves. Jessica Simpson is just a person who has a lot of help with makeup artists and a personal hair stylist, and she’s going to say anything to bring attention to her new upcoming show. I prefer to admire real heroes, like those serving our country.

K on

Jessica cashes in on her sexuality and appearance all the time. As a result, the media (and society at large by extension), watch her and note the changes in her body. No doubt, when Jessica is thinner, she exploits that. She fights so hard against her natural, curvier figure, that we see the ups and downs of her battle. If she would accept herself, then we would accept her (sure not everyone, but there is never an “everyone” on the same page). Not that it is right, but the reaction is a bit dramatic. This is an old topic. I remember in the 90’s when this happened to Alicia Silverstone. And Jennifer Love Hewitt before Jess, and countless others. The topic is old, we should be talking about this in a new way. For starters- why are these girls fighting their natural shape?

Mel on

As a Canadian who regularly observes American press-related articles about some famous person being either too fat or too thin, I find it ironic indeed. Most Americans are more than just a few pounds overweight. To see someone beautiful like Jessica Simpson being ripped apart over one picture is just absurd and obscene. I’d love to be “fat” like Jessica!

tahoegeminii on

Her job is to be creative? The people who handle her and do her choreography and write and produce her songs are paid to be creative-she is paid to be the on stage performer and part of that-a huge part is TO LOOK GOOD-otherwise a more talented singer/songwriter that did not look as perfect might be in the spotlight instead of just another blonde bimbo paid to do a video strip for the song to promote it- the only reason she ever got a singing career was because of her looks-Jessica is in fact just another brick in the wall of “perfect blondes” promoting the cookie cutter image she is sooo upset about-she is 29 and acting like a complete cry baby about this-I see everyone until this point has just bowed down in front of her and told her how beautiful she is-just wait until she hits 35-Jessica is obviously not “faking it” when it comes to her IQ-she still doesn’t seem to realize that all of her celebrity is from her looks-all her appearances are for her looks and when those start to go or she shows up in a wardrobe that isn’t flattering that is all people are going to talk about-IF they talk about her at all-we certainly can’t talk about any talent that she has because I still don’t see any-she can’t act-she barely sings-what does she DO besides look good? someone tell me

mrose31 on

The world is filled with average-looking people. When I’m driving I look at folks in the cars around me. Most are plain or simple. A few are really attractive and once in a while, beautiful or handsome. I have never seen her in person, but Jessica Simpson photographs well. She has a lovely singing voice and always looks put together. Part of the EXPECTATION of her profession is to maintain a certain level of physical appeal. Like it or not, celebrities and entertainers, and others in the public eye are vulnerable to scrutiny. She is certainly not fat…a phrase I personally associate more with sloppiness and lack of care in appearance than size or weight.

Mary on

Jessica’s assessment of Asian cultures and their obsession with skin color is true–the lighter your skin, the more attractive you are perceived. That is why so many Asia-born/raised Asians tend to be a bit racist against blacks and other people with dark skin. Many women (and increasingly, men) there spend a lot of money on skin lightening creams. In addition, they are extra careful to not expose their skin to the sun.

Tina on

Jessica didn’t worry about weight obsessions when she lost weight for Dukes and ran around telling everyone how hot it made her feel.

liz on

she allowed her weight to be an issue. bikini, dancing on cars, daisy dukes anyone! you can’t have it both ways! Use your body for fame and that’s what happens

Kathy B. on

Thank You Jessica for making this new show! I will be watching for sure. Bless you!!

Mr Rogers on

In 1960 the average man in the USA was 164 lbs, now he is 195 lbs.

Your average woman and man is 20 to 30 lbs overweight in America. And most of that is not muscle, sadly it is fat.

Hope on

I personally love her and she was beautiful and she is in & out :)

Hope on

We love you Jessica Simpson and u r beautiful and will be beautiful in and out so we support you

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Mary on

Interesting. Did you notice her view changed AFTER she got chunky? Prior to that, well..

Jessica Simpson on Being Called “Fat” on

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elle on

Jessica… what gave you fame? Your LOOKS.

So if you get fat? Yes. That will be ‘news’.

Get over it. If you hate this stuff, get out of the lime light.

If I feel sorry for anyone, it’s all us women who grapple with weight dysmporphic issues due to seeing women who look like this all over the place.

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John Roberts on

I need some help!

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Fava on

That sucks, I think Nick and Jess (especially Nick) should work on ethiblassing their careers first before getting tied down with a kid. It seems like Jess is starting to be taken seriously by a more adult market, but if she has a kid, she won’t be able to do even the limited promotions she has been doing. Nick’s career needs a lot of work. That is, of course, unless they decided to do a new MTV reality show based on their being parents?

sarah on


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