Carrie Underwood's Super Bowl Outfit: Touchdown or Fumble?

02/08/2010 at 12:56 PM ET

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

When Carrie Underwood hit the stage at last night’s Super Bowl to belt out the National Anthem, we were as focused on her wardrobe as her hitting the high notes. The newly-engaged star continued her streak of choosing all-white — hey, she has a wedding on her mind! — by pairing a Rock & Republic jacket with PRVCY Premium skinny white jeans and a matching platform pumps. While the blonde beauty certainly stood out, her totally color-coordinated outfit raised a few fashionistas’ eyebrows. We want to know what you think! Vote in our poll below.


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Carrie lover on

OMG thought I died and seen an Angel, Loved it!!!

Erin on

Hey, she’s got the body to pull this look off! I’m jealous! Good for her!

katie on

She can pull it off, go for it girl!

Anna on

Carrie Underwood looked awesome!!! But her singing was not as great as I had expected it to be… at the end of the anthem, she was definitely off key!!

Erica on

She just simply ROCKS! Beautiful girl no matter what she wears..a burlap sack would look good on her!

GUY101 on

I agree with all of you. She is beyond beautiful. She could wear anything she wanted. She could sing anything she wanted. GO CARRIE !!!!!

Kristin on

She can do no wrong!! She’d be beautiful in a potato sack!!

beans1030 on

She looks great. Besides, all white was a good way to not show favoritism to either team. She’s neutral like Switzerland :)

Vicki on

Outfit was good- hair was horriable!!!

positive on

She had the “Miami Look”. We wear white all year long… love it!!! She is beautiful and talented, dressed in white just added to the package.



Bre on

I think Carrie Underwood looks stunning in this outfit.. and you can’t blame her for being off-key i think most people would be in that situation. she sounded better in the sound check but she did sing it live instead of lip synching like many others have done in the past!

Phil on

She did look great in here Elvis jumpsuit

Mary Lou on

I love Carrie, but her outfit stunned me at first, she usually dresses (more flirty in a dress), but she should have worm cowboy boots
with that outfit for sure.

Amy on

Very disappointed in her outfit. Expected to see her in a beautiful mini dress or something that shows off her phenominal legs. This outfit was bland, very vanilla and did not do her justice at all.

Mrs J.P. on

Carrie looked fabulous and sang great, she nailed the song. And the Star Spangled Banner is a tough one to get right..

GO CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!

JoAnn on

She can wear anything and she would be beautiful!! She has a lot of class and is a gorgeous person inside and out!!

LE on

I was distracted by her shoes! She looked like Minnie Mouse!

CAM on

I think its fantastic! Some stars tend to show a little to much (janet jackson style). They seem to forget that impressionable kids are watching.

Lisa on

I thought she looked fabulous and sang even better. Go Carrie!

CAM on

Also, to add to my comment….she didn’t give away who she was rooting for!

Nichole on

She looked great. Glad she sang the anthem the right way and didn’t try to make it her own.

kk on

4…3…2…1… take off!

Patty on

To the folks that like to criticize, imagine yourselves standing on that stage in front of millions of people (and choosing an outfit ahead of time–at leasst, it was a decent outfit) and also singing one of the hardest songs to sing (SSB is not an easy song to sing).
Regardless of the outcome, most people know that Carrie Underwood is a beautiful person inside and out.
Let’s see the average person walking up on that stage and performing.
Why in this Great Land of ours, do we not appreciate the meaning behind the song–and the sincere effort of the performer.

kla30534 on

Carrie looked and sounded amazing! So proud of her! You guys leave her hair alone – did you notice how windy it was on the field? Of course she had it pulled back to keep it out of her eyes! Good Grief!!!

Geri sink on

She is very lovely woman but I thought the outfit was a bit bizarre
She woud have looked better in blue jeans and boots. I liked her
hair she seems to be wearing more sophisticated styles lately.

Stacey on

Carrie looked GORGEOUS! I thought i could have died cause she took my breath away in this performance! :D She was totally focused on hitting the notes and the wardrobe was a major bonus!! :D Great Job Carrie!! :D <3

linda on

outfit better than her singing. she tried waaayyy too hard to belt out that anthem, twangy, off key. i love Carrie but that was not one of her better perfomances.

Elda on

oh, leave her alone, the girl looked good!! and she sang beautifully….

Dina on

Only a skinny-minni like Carrie Underwood could wear all white and still look absolutely stunning. Loved it.

Steph on

The white outfit looked nice and with the bright lights of the stadium it was a nice choice. Loved it!

Peggy on

I loved it. I will never forget when Whitney Houston wore a sweatsuit when she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. That was really bad!

Pam on

Carrie Underwood is a beautiful girl and a great singer. I didn’t like her outfit. It reminded me of Elvis Presley’s famous white jumpsuit.

Amy on

Maybe she was heading to a P- Diddy party after the game?

Katie on

She’s cute in anything.

Elizabeth on

She’s at a football game.
It’s a casual look and a good choice.

trish on

That girl can sing! She can wear anything & it would be great!!!

Mileah Morgan on

Oh please all you neagative people. You only wish you looked that good. She is a gorgeous woman with an awesome voice. They don’t ask dud singers to sing at the superbowl for goodness sake. She’s a talented woman and anyone who says she isn’t, is just jealous.

Sheree Warner on

We all know she would look good in anything!! Some of us have it some of us don’t! Some have it all and she is one that was blessed with it all!

Ann on

I like Carrie, but I was not a big fan of that outfit or that hair do. I wish she would have changed wardrobe and performed at half time.

CCC on

It looked a little too much like a Elvis jumpsuit. And the shoes looked cartoonish. Meh.

Jen on

Wow. do you all not have ears? i love carrie but how can u say she sang beautifully?! sorry but she really struggled with the SSB. i’m no pro with music so for me to hear that she was off key and missed notes, you know it was bad.

Sue on

I think Carrie Underwood is a beautiful woman. She can wear anything and look amazing. She also has a great voice. Love her

Gigi on

F U M B L E!! Unbelievable, a nightmare as well as her hair!

amy on

She looked fabulous! What a gorgeous girl, and the voice of an angel!! just beautiful!

Fashionfollower on

Carrie always looks classy and good wherever she is. Thank God she doesn’t feel like she has to show cleavage or skin to be sexy! You rock, Girl!

Vero on

She is a lovely girl, inside and out.

Anonymous on

Sorry, but that outfit was horrible. Too tight, and VERY ill-fitting. Did she wash it in hot water before the show, and it shrunk? Maybe it would have worked better if it was a bit looser. And the emphasis on the hip area, with the belt, just didn’t work. She may be small all over, but she has hip bulges that this outfit showed clearly. No, she couldn’t Carrie this one.

naogirl on


Katie on

Homegirl can rock any style!
I loved it!

Annie on

The outfit is a total fumble.

Tony on

I think she is an attractive young lady, but she wears too much eye makeup and she looks like all the other blonde celebs out there. She should let her natural beauty show more.

As for the outfit — it looks good on her, but I had an outfit just like this — in about 1986.

kinsy on

i think she looks beautiful! i dont understand what you people think she is “pulling off” whats wrong with wearing all white is that a bad thing i wear all white alot and no one says anything so it shouldnt be any different with her

Laure on

Loved it, but didn’t care for the shoes. Don’t like the platform style pumps, made her feet look huge!!! Other than that, she looked amazing!

Julie4726 on

I didn’t like the whole package. And I think she was off tune at the end.

Just Jenn on

Loved the outfit, but hated the hair!

Jennie McElyea on

Carrie is tasteful in her dress at all times, she is tops in my book.

Big Moe on

You could dress her in a potato sack and she would look good!

Mariana on

I love her singing and her outfit, stopp hateing she is beautiful and have a body to die for…

Tami on

I agree with LE her shoes did look like Minnie Mouses shoes. The outfit wasn’t too bad, it was the shoes and maybe the hair could have been done better. Her singing was a bit disapointing also this time, but usually she is spectacular. She sang better than The Who!!!

Mel on

She def. has the body to pull it off, I just didn’t like all the white. Maybe if she didn’t wear those white shoes it would have been better.. Her hair was bad though.

Helen on

Carrie! What the heck happened on the last note of the anthem? Ooooo, girl…..wrong key, but you looked great!

Blue on

She looked great!!!!!

s on

Her outfit was ok, but the shoes did not look right with the skinny jeans. Her vocals was off too.

dasjmy on

She looked great!!! And I love the fact that she sang live and not recorded it before like Jennifer Hudson and others.

elle on

She’s Lovely! I wish people would learn to compliment instead of criticize.

Andrea on

She looks amazing in anything. :)

Angelica on

she looked fantastic and sang beautifully! I thought her hair could have been better but I still thought she looked drop dead gorgeous.

Monique on

Does anyone paying attention to her voice instead of what she was wearing? She was out of tune and pitchy all the way through the National Anthem.
So sad. Everyone knows she can sing but that sustained high note just to prove that she can in fact sing a high note was really cheezy. I thought she sounded and looked cheap……. and YES I am a fan. Unbelievable. No high marks for this performance. NOT AT ALL.

Sorry everyone but it’s the truth.


Melinda on

Carrie Underwood is an amazing singer, and looked wonderful in this outfit until they panned to the shoes. This outfit calls for boots, especially since the legs are fitted through to the ankle.

Those particular shoes look like they should be worn with a dress.

hudvalgal on

Luv Carrie – did not care for her hair or shoes.

Karen on

I agree she had some off-key moments but even when people quiet down in a large open stadium, you can have a really tough time hearing yourself (yes, even with an ear piece). I applaud her for doing it live instead of pre-recorded like most have done before her!

annette on

She looks like a female Elvis impersonator!

Donna on

I thought Carrie look just great. She always looks good. She would look good in anything. She has a terrific voice too! I think she did a great job singing our anthem. I don’t know why people have to knock her voice. In least she didn’t lip sync like some people do.

Lola on

Agree with all of you. She is beautiful. She could wear anything.GO CARRIE

veemee on

I’m more offended by her hair(WTF)…
her outfit is boring for the superbowl national anthem!!!

mary on

She looked like a cheap hooker!!! Shame on her!



Stacey on

She looked beautiful. You go girl :)

Syd on

OMG, white pumps? No, not even Carrie can make those look good.

Stephanie on

She needs a bit more color on her lips, but she looks FANTASTIC! The days of white being feaux pas in the winter are long gone! Go Carrie!!!

Stormy on

I did not realize you needed a specific body type to pull off jeans and a jacket? Just a lack of taste to wear jeans with pumps and wear all white denim.

kaite ann on

Carrie Underwood looks awesome and she sung beautifully

Mary Jo on

She is a beautiful girl and she did a wonderful job…So sad there are so many haters out there.

Susan on

I thought she was wearing the “Elvis in Vegas in the older years” look. But, if anyone can pull it off, she did. She is beautiful and her body is thin, but healthy thin.
And I thought her version of our National Anthem was beautiful. She has a hearty voice and she rocked it. Sure she cracked a bit at the end, but by then, she had hit the big high, long notes and her voice was strained. She sang with soul and glory for the American Flag and tears sprang to my eyes.

mikayla on

she looks drop dead gorgeous her hair was messy because of the wind, not very many peole can pull this outfit off, but she definitely owned it,carrie sang beautifull and at the end she was a little off key but hey she did it live, with the crowd noise,she probably couldnt hear herself and the nerves, shes only human she was nervous…give her a break at least she has the courage to do it live and she didnt pre record her performnance…she did great!!

sharon on

I ddn’t care much for her outfit and what was worse was her off-key ending to our national anthem. Hair style was also poor. All in all, I thought Latifah topped her in every way.

Sherilyn on

she looked hot, and even though her singing got a little off there at the end, atleast we know she was singing live.

jp on

And there was a problem?
(some pairs of eyes just don’t seem to work so
She’s Superbowlin’ –
not headlining in Carnegie Hall.
…for what it’s worth, glad to see the general
consensus is on her side.

Carla on

She looked great! That last note of the anthem however was horribly off key. But hey..she sang it better than I could have!

Deanie on

Carrie, your voice is God given. Keep glorifying him with it and keep using your position to bring some morality to fame. You are there for a reason to be a role model to young people. You are humble, beautiful in anything you wear, classy and know how to dress without showing fake boobs…..and man, can you sing. No one has sung that song with any more of a heartfelt meaning! Carrie, don’t listen to JEALOUS people. They have issues and poor self images.

Carl on

Carrie’s more stunning each year and the leather was HOT! And, she’s an entertainer that can actually say she’s a singer too. That VOICE!
But, Carrie my dear, those shoes?? Looked like something the Salvation Army dictates for their bell ringers.

TR on

Carrie rocked the SSB a little off at the end, but she still did an awesome job and she looked totally phenomenal in her outfit. I swear people didn’t your mother ever tell you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Suzi on

I thought she was gorgeous!! What a beautiful lady inside and out. The wind didn’t do anything for her hair but being outside that was to expect.
I can’t imagine the pressure of singing the National Anthem to millions of people.

linda on

looked like Elvis in heels!!!!

milan on

You should do some research on photos of her up close and not air brushed she looks normal!!!

Her skin is not great and her nose and teeth look weird. Her real hair is thin and short not long and flowing.

Not hot without all the faux hair extensions and heavy makeup.

They should have choosen someone from Miami to sing not a country singer.

The outfit doesn’t fit her right. The jeans are too tight in the crotch and her thighs stick out too much for white skinny pants. But her hair looks horrible. It’s miami wear some color.

carriefan-94 on

I really think she looked AMAZING (as usual) and she did a fantastic singing job, even though the comments are supposed to be on her outfit. I liked both… Way to go Carrie Marie!!!

Sunshine on

Carrie Underwood is the prettiest celebrity in my opinion! and I see nothing wrong with this outfit!

stormyclouds on

Hair was a nightmare!

Suzanne on

She’s gorgeous and looked adorable

Kathy Yates on

I’ve read she works hard for that great body-she should show it off in all her wonderful clothes!

Sherry on

Loved the outfit..hated the shoes

Maigen on

In the words of my three year old niece…icky!!

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Ginya on

She looked better than she sang – sounded a little too shrill with sour notes at the end. Easier on the eyes than the ears.

Cydney on

She forced her vocals. Loudly. She is way better than that.
Would have been nice to soften it up a bit throughout the anthem. More peaceful sounding.
Outfit was an Elvis Jumpsuit Jr.!!!
On TV I couldn’t tell it was two pieces…whatever…it wasn’t the right
look for the game.

Jiles on

There are officially no problems in this country… Who “F”ing care!

Pat Guidry` on

Anyone singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl is going to be meeting a lot of criticism. I think she did an admirable job, except for the last note. She never embesllised like some past performers, but kept to the true melody. As for the outfit, I think that love and hate are too strong. How about “just okay”? as a third choice? (Just like the “hit” or miss” options on other polls. I kind of like “it’s a MESS”)

melissa on

her outfit was so-so, but her hair was a disaster

Irene on

Carrie looked awesome except for the shoes, I didn,t like them to well. Her performance was almost flawless until the very end. But who cares, she had the guts to sing it live. They chose the right person for the job.

starB on

Drop-dead beautiful and yeah, the voice is pure magic.

Pat on

Carrie’s a perfect 10, how can you say anything negative about such a wonderful performer. She looked and sounded amazing.

Curmudgeon on

Beautiful girl….but c’mon.

The “too tight” wrinkles around the crotch and knees?!
The too tight curve outwards from the butt to the top of her thighs?
A little looser fit to the pants woulda been more complementary.

John on

Carrie can wear anything. She has the looks…she has the curves. She wears it well. I’d like to see Taylor Swift try and pull that outfit off….it just wouldn’t work!

Space on

Who cares??? She looks great.

Judy on

I thought Carrie looked absolutely gorgeous as always and I thought she sounded wonderful. She sang a traditional rendition of the National Anthem, and the only thing I can say she did that was not up to par for her, was the last note. The noise level was so loud and the planes were starting to fly over. I think Carrie Underwood, is going to be around for a long time to come.
She is a good moral person and she and Mike are both good Christian people that support each other. She has matured so…much and she is just glowing now. Congratulations Carrie!!!!

Isabella William on

New Orleans Saints’ 31-17 victory over Indianapolis in Super Bowl XLIV.


Isabella William on


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TKH on

Carrie is a great performer, but dropped the ball on the SSB. If anyone wants to hear a truely GREAT version os this song, go to YouTube and type in “Cactus Cuties”. This is the best version ever recorded. If you don’t believe, just listen.

carol on

Seriously she is gorgeous, she looked great, but I have a feeling she would even look good in a burlap bag.

catherine cornett on

I liked the outfit but didn’t get the shoes. What is it with the high white stripper shoes? They were on Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes too.

Hails on

She’s beautiful and such a great person!!!

Melinda on

I think she looks AMAZING! I just don’t understand why people has been saying that she’s wearing a jumpsuit. It’s very obvious that that’s not the case. It’s definitely a 3 piece outfit.

Tight white jeans which shows off her AMAZING LEGS, Sequin/silver top which I think was the one that Ace chose for her!! LOL!! and white cropped jacket, I’m totally in love with that jacket!!

Anonymous on

The outfit was cute but those white pumps have got to go! White pumps are the ultimate fashion no. They just look tacky, no matter how much money you pay for them. If she had chosen silver, the outfit would have rocked.

Melissa on

Its nice to go to church but for a SuperBowl
So not the right outfit



John on

We thought she looked awesome, and her singing blew us away; we watched it 5 times.

Darlene Lovings on

I Think that carrie is Beautiful! She does a fantastic job on whatever she sings! The Lord has blessed us with someone as talented as she has become. Keep up the Good Job Carrie!Good Luck with your wedding!

tara on

Outfit was fine—I also think hair was misbehaving
badly. Might try hairspray and bobby pins next time.

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Cindy on

I think she looked great. She can wear anything and make it look good. I love her voice but I did think she was a little off at times,but hey she said she would be nervous, wouldn’t you? All in all I still think she was fantastic!!! I am a shoe lover and maybe I would have worn shoes kinda like the shirt just to set it off!!! Still love her!!!!!

ashley on

She looked beautiful. I thought she did a fantastic job. Her singing was awsome and so was her wardrobe. She’s hot in anything she wears. Good for her. Love her =D

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