Valerie Bertinelli's Next Goal: "To Run the Boston Marathon"

02/05/2010 at 03:00 PM ET


When Valerie Bertnelli joined Jenny Craig in March 2007, she had one goal in mind: lose 40 pounds. Not only did she shed the weight, she showed off her svelte new body in a bikini on the cover of PEOPLE magazine! Since then, the actress has written two books and released a fitness DVD. So what’s left? “For me, my 2010 goal, believe it or not, is to run the Boston marathon, four days before I turn 50!” says Bertinelli, who revealed her plan during a Jenny Craig press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Last year Valerie reached a previous goal of completing a half-marathon, but she’s still feeling the jitters when it comes to crossing the finish line at 26.2 miles. “I’m a little nervous. I’m a little excited. Just keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck,” said the actress, who was quick to offer encouragement to her fellow Jenny Craig spokespeople. “I wanted to take this opportunity to say to the gorgeous Sara Rue, congratulations. Girl, you go! I’m so very proud of you. And Jason [Alexander], Dude. I so knew you could do this and congrats to you too. And congrats for starting the new year off right.”–Elaine Aradillas

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Cloey on

Love that woman, she rocks! My sister was in the clinical study at the U of MN that Valerie talks about in the commercial. She lost 50 lbs. My sister asked me to go try out for the study with her and I said no, man was that a mistake!

You look fabulous Valerie but more important, you ARE fabulous!


headdivaincharge on

I say good for her. It’s hard going from thin, to pleasantly plump, back to thin again (trust me, I am in the middle of doing just that), but once you get there – ahhhh, the feeling!

Laura on

Fantastic goal, Valerie, but ummmm… have to qualify for the Boston Marathon and you have to run pretty fast even at 49-50 years old.

Bostonian on

She is actually running for cancer care and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston! Go Valerie!

marathonmom on

Yeah, you dont just DO Boston, you have to qualify…unless there is celeb exception.

Laura Scott on

Is it because she is a celebrity that she gets to run in the marathon? I guarantee she would never come close to qualifying.

J on

This is great… but Boston, unlike many marathons, must be qualified for.

Chrissy on

I’m excited for her but she has to qualify for Boston and so she may have to change the location of her marathon….

J on

To Laura…

In all fairness, how can you GUARANTEE she wouldn’t come close to qualifying? Do you know her race times? Really?

Kat R on

She was invited to run the marathon.

SaraSara23 on

You have to qualify for Boston, but you can also get in as a celebrity or if you are running for a charity. Most of the people must qualify but they have exceptions for some.

Meghan on

If you run on behalf of a charitable organization to raise money, you don’t need to qualify.

cheryl on

It is an admirable goal, but it is upsetting that she is permitted to run this marathon without qualifying. My husband has been training for years and missed his time by 20 SECONDS. No exceptions for him, but she gets to run??????

Laura on

Then I commend her for running in one of the charity slots.

51inAtlanta on

Valerie, I love you to death, I do. I dropped my 40 in high school doing the same as you (only JC didn’t exist). Listen, it takes more than luck for the Boston M. There have been *fatalities* in recent marathon races. I’m not being negative… you’re a smart woman, so be SURE you are getting the proper training before you attempt this! Work with a PRO, don’t just DIY it. You MUST safely run several training races that are the correct distances to be sure you can safely manage the entire Boston M. Don’t take this lightly! Even healthy people keel over in marathons, and some don’t get up. Do’t let that be YOU.

M on

they hold so many marathon spots for charity runners – the rest need to qualify.

deena on

she will do great. She is in great shape. Why begrudge her when she is doing this for charity.

Pam on

Hey you guys-give the woman credit for doing something that gives women, celebrities, herself and a good cause credit where is due. Seems that these things are in very short supply these days. You go Valerie!!!!!

Runnergirl on

I have run Boston 7 times, and they set aside a certain amount of entries for charites, where you have to raise a minimum of anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000, a drop in the bucket for Valerie. There are over 20 charities that distribute numbers every year, and it’s just as a memorable experience as qualifying!

Sue on

I have a friend who runs marathons and like all those other people have said You have to qualify. My friend would love to run the Boston but doesn’t qualify. I have gone to marathons with her and she is exhausted after running. Wish she could just run the Boston on just her determination! I guess I wish she was a celebrity which to me she is but not acording to Boston.

Casie on

Good for Valerie, but I hope she realizes you need to qualify for the Boston Marathon, you can’t just sign up and run it. Hopefully she doesn’t get preferential treatment over true runners that non-Jenny Craig spokespeople wouldn’t get…..

Ashley on

Like many have said, you don’t have to qualify for Boston if you run for a charity. Good for her!

Liz L on

You have to qualify to get a number, but anyone can run in the Marathon.

Liz L on

Also, my husband is running it in one of the charity slots as well.

linda on

Valerie was on a talk show recently and she gained some weight back, not that I care.
According to Mackenzie Phillips book, Valerie is a Hypocrite…I think she is a Phoney 2 faced person. So shut up Valerie!

Susan on

Geesh, all you naysayers..they save spots for people running for charities, so she isn’t getting special treatment for being famous.She’s helping out a good cause. I think its great and good for her!

Andrea Loper on

I’ve run several marathons and it does not need to be a big deal – if you prepare correctly. By this time Valerie should be running close to 20 miles in training. If she’s not doing that she will likely have some problems.

Valerie is a smart girl and a determined one. I say: “Go Valerie!”

Elly on

Linda, don’t hold it against a person that some other person had a poor opinion of who she was or something she did 30 years ago. Who Valerie is now is fabulous. Good on her for facing up to her weight and health and emotional issues, and moving forward in an inspiring way.

Lori on

Have always loved Valerie but I would like to see the explanation of how she can run in Boston also. I have a friend who trained for months to qualify and missed it by 2 minutes so you do wonder if there are exceptions for a celebrity..doesn’t seem right…

Christy on

Too bad all of us regular people have to qualify. But if you are an overweight celebrity and lose a few pounds the same rules don’t apply!

marathonrunner on

Yes, normally you have to qualify for Boston. However, you can run through a charity without qualifying. Lots of negative people out there!

Michele Moore on

Valerie, you are such an inspiration to us all and make most of us so jealous with your great body! You go girl and you will cross that marathon finish line in record time! Thank you for all you do for all of us women!

Tiff on

if you are running to raise money for a charity you don’t need to qualify, and I believe she is.

Marsha on

Laura girl ummm could you qualify for the marathon…I didn’t think so. so shut your mouth..go Valerie, good can do anything you put your mind to…Hey Laura stick it where the sun never shines…are you a little jealous Laura…

Tom@Adult Footie Pajamas on

Wow is that woman impressive.

She is an inspiration to all of us

All the best


wyrunner on

In that age group she has to be able to average 9 minute miles. This is very doable with some hard work.

marky on

Lots of negative comments about charity runners, or are you just ignorant of the rules? Look the rules up before you post. Like was said, if you want a number, you have to qualify, otherwise anyone can run.
Sheesh, who cares what Mckenzie Phillips says about anyone? She is so full of it and wants her face out there all the time, no matter who she hurts.

fran on

Run Valerie!! I will cheer you on! Just stay being you–you are a great insprition in all you do.

C from Chi on

Just amazes me how negative people can be. I could care less about her but the fact that she’s doing it for herself and actually succeeding is quite admirable. Clearly she’s not doing it for bragging rights.. She’s doing it for charity. Is this really the most offensive thing people can find to talk about? Yikes.

kelly on

Valerie was NOT invited to run Boston. She is running the Boston Marathon to benefit the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge (and so am I!) – People definitely should have mentioned this as it is very unclear. If you run for an approved charity and raise a minimum amount, you don’t have to qualify and get to run in wave two.

Wendyful on

I love Valerie Bertinelli! She is such an inspiration. I lost my weight using another program during the same time she was losing her weight using Jenny Craig, she still was an great role model. Losing weight is tough no matter which route you choose to go, and I applaude anyone that can lose the weight and more importantly, keep the weight off. Congratulations to Valerie, Sarah and Jason, keep up the good work!

Kami on

I say Go For It Valerie. I’ve run Boston on a qualifying time and just ran New York for skin cancer even though I could’ve qualified by time…I wanted to raise money for a worthwhile cause so I raised the money instead of taking one of the time slots. People need to keep the negative comments to themselves. Charities are wonderful, and it’s because of people doing this (celebrities incl. such as Ed Norton who raised ALOT when he ran NY) that some serious bucks are coming in & raising awareness! Keep running and encouraging others!

raelee on

there seem to be alot of people on here that know so much but the truth of the matter is she is doing something to better her life and alot of other i find it in very bad tasted to say so many mean things about someone that is trying to do do something that in long run could save my life and other that are sick with cancer or children that have this please think before you write

Jo on

The Boston Marathon allowes charitable organizations to enter. That’s how many individual start doing the marathons. That’s how I got into my first marathon at age 59. Check out the shirts and you’ll see all types of organizations represented in the race…

Dina on

Great! A new goal to aim for. Whether Valerie qualifies or not, the visibility her celebrity brings to getting one’s health and life back on track is a good thing. She’s inspiring others at the age of 50 to go for it — she did it, and is a light to others in this regard. Keep up the good work of health, Valerie.

Dana on

#1-There are charitable organizations provided with guaranteed entries for their organization’s fund raising purposes. #2- For women 45-49, 4hrs 00min is the BQ time. She ran the half in 2:12:19, which means that without her celebrity status and with adequate training,she really could make the time. To qualify she would have needed to run a qualifying marathon in 4:00:00 before the deadline. Registration for the 2010 Boston Marathon opened on September 9, 2009 and closed on November 13, 2009.

bostonrunner on

Having run the race multiple times, I know the difficulties associated with that course. It is grand that Ms. Bertinelli has lost the weight and set running goals, but what about the other 10,000 people who didn’t get to register for the race by the early September closing date? Sometimes the celebrity status supercedes the reality of the common man. Just saying.

debbie ross on

Sorry, but you have become so full of yourself. Easy…Remember when Oprah said she would NEVER gain her weight back? Whoops.

dad on

Bertinelli- pfffffffft. Saw her on Oprah in the early 90s, the most hair flipping, fake, phony, self absorbed, conceited little piece of fluff I have ever seen on that show. She is trying to amend that image…..good luck

Andrea on

ok people you DON’T have to qualify for the Boston marathon if you run for charity!!! otherwise, yes you need to run a good time….

dad on

Shut up, run quietly, and stop patting yourself on the back. Be glad that God gave you a healthy heart, and you can run a race. I have a serious heart defect; the only way I can exercise is on a treadmill, with a heart monitor. I have gone into life threatening tachycardia that nearly killed me, not once, but several times in my life. Does that make me less than you? No. Can I run for charity? No. So stop bragging about your “QUALIFYING TIMES” and “WHAT RACE YOU RAN”, and thank the Lord that you can run at all.

molly on

hating = bad
raising money for charity = good

marky on

I have a muscle disorder and can no longer run; for that matter, I can walk only with difficulty, but I sure wouldn’t criticize Valerie for wanting to run the Boston and talking about it. Good grief, are you that bitter, “dad”? Get some new hobbies, do the best you can and be glad you can do whatever you can still do. Don’t begrudge others……

Stephanie on

You have to have a goal, just like she does. If you don’t, what are you working for.

A fan on

I love Valerie too. But, please, make it a goal to get an updated hairstyle! Really, you are a very attractive woman, but the big hair needs to go.

Mickey on

Good for her, but I really don’t think it’s fair to all of the other runners who need to qualify. There are plenty of other marathons out there she could run.

Mommylicious on

I am appalled at the negative comments posted by some of you stating Valerie Bertinelli wouldn’t come close to qualifying. What do you know really? Instead of encouraging her to become a better runner or perhaps encouraging her to become a runner and improve her running pace, all you do is sit there and bash her just because she’s a celebrity. She’s a human being before she’s an actress, Have the decency to at least acknowledge that.

Jess on

Yeah, too bad she didn’t do her research before just saying she’s running Boston!! Gotta qualify or raise money for a charity…dumb celebrity.

Wendy on

I thinks it’s wonderful that Valerie has lost 40 lbs. I personally know how hard it is to lose weight, I have lost 150 lbs. so far, with 40 more to go.I’ve done it on my own, no Jenny Craig. Maintaining is just as hard as losing the weight. Am I the only one, or is there anyone out there getting alittle tired of seeing Valerie everywhere??

runningmom on

Sheesh people. Give the woman a break. She has accomplished a big thing. She has lost a huge amount of weight, and she is an inspiration to a lot of people. This a terribly overweight country. We need people like her! Why the need to criticize her and her goal to run the Boston Marathon? Why can’t we all be supportive of each other’s goals?

Jess, if you had read the comments, you’d have noticed that someone else posted that Valerie is running for the Dana Farber charity. Maybe *you* should do the research before commenting.

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[…] Valerie Bertinelli’s Next Goal: “To Run the Boston Marathon” Goff/INF When Valerie Bertnelli joined Jenny Craig in March 2007, she had one goal in mind: lose 40 pounds. Not only […] […]

Bostonian on


mark on

If you’re running to benefit a registered charity organization such as dana farber cancer institute, you don’t need to qualify.

runnergirl on

Maybe if she raises enough money, they will let allow her in the olympics and even give her a complimentary gold medal!!!

Thresia on

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