She's Almost There: Sara Rue Loses 25 Lbs. on Jenny Craig

02/03/2010 at 03:37 PM ET

Shea Walsh/AP Images for Jenny Craig

A little more than two months ago, Jenny Craig’s newest spokeswoman, Sara Rue, announced to PEOPLE her goal of losing 30 lbs. with the program. After five days she had dropped 7 lbs., and now, just nine weeks after she began she’s already shed 25 lbs. — and can’t wait to lose the final 5. “I have a second closet with clothes ranging in sizes 2 to 8 that are waiting for me,” she says. And while Sara has almost met her original goal, the actress is open to dropping even more weight. “When I get there, I’m going to see how I feel,” she says. “It’s going to be less about clothes or how a pair of pants fit and more about if I go to the doctor and get on the scale, am I going to be considered a healthy person. If I am, I’m done.” The actress, who will appear in an upcoming episode of Private Practice keeps motivated with a fantasy outfit that she envisions wearing someday — soon. “I imagine myself in these dark blue skinny jeans, Christian Louboutin black heels and a scoop-neck tank,” she says. “Plain, simple, cute, comfortable. I don’t need to be in a Carolina Herrera designer gown — although those are nice, too!” Tell us: What do you think of Sara’s new slimmer look?–Elaine Aradillas

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jenny on

She looks great!

zolanyi on

im impressed by the way Sara Rue looks. I cant wait to join jenny as well im very motivated by how slim she’s got i mean she already has a wait line.

Jenny on

She looks wonderful!! Congrats to her!!

Denise on

She’s always been pretty. But she looks fantastic!

windy on


Wendy on

She looks really good, but she is NOT a size 2.

Amy on

lets check on her in a year after she is done eating their food, once she goes back to eating real food she is gonna gain it back, happens to them all thats why they have to have different spokesmen. Jenny Craig is a very misleading diet plan that will drain your wallet.

Linda on

Must be nice to be able to afford Jenny Craig, have a personal trainer (like Valerie Bertinelli does and Sara probably does) and then become a paid spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

Elle on

Boy, that was fast! I just saw a commercial yesterday about her joining Jenny. Sorry to say it, but she’ll gain it all back — they ALWAYS do. When will people realize that “dieting” like this is a short cut & ultimately people can’t keep it up! You have to change your attitude toward food & lifestyle, not try to eat out of a low cal TV dinner forever.

Renee on

Is this her before or after pic?

Christi on

I am amazed at the people who go on Jenny Craig and lose weight and then end up putting it right back on. Kirstie Alley, Valerie Bertinelli. It is not good to lose weight that quickly. She will never keep it off. You cannot eat Jenny Craig food for the rest of your life. Try Weight Watchers. It is a great program, you lose weight sensibly and still eat real food.

Jennifer on

I wish I could go on Jenny Craig but it doesnt fit my budget. People who think you eat frozen meals forever on the program, you are wrong. Half way to your goal weight, you transition to real food and you can have a real food day whenever you want.

Weight Watchers is all about junk food and not health in my opinion. Meeting are just about learning how much junk food you can eat with as little points as possible.

Donna on

Well goody for her. If she was so sure of herself, she wouldnt be promoting herself.Give yourself a great big pat on your back, hon. Youll gain it back.

Polly on

I think it is great that she has lost weight, but sad that her “fat size” is an 8.

jenn on

Wow, a lot of people on here are pissy. Just because you gained it all back doesn’t mean she will. Jealous and bitter, much?

Jess on

I hate that she says the number on the scale will determine if she’s “healthy”. Being thin does NOT equal being healthy! I wish our society would realize that you can be healthy at many different sizes instead of pushing women to be as thin as possible. Brittany Murphy died that way – I’d rather be healthy and “fat” than skinny and dead.

Jon on

I love Sara Rue’s new slimmer look, congrats on losing the weight, you go girl!

kathie on

She still looks fat to me

Claudia on

No need to spend too much money to lose weight, cut some carbs, cut fried foods, stop eating so many sweets, eat more vegetables less starches and exercise. Cannot do a full work out everyday? Walk, skip the elevator and take the stairs, stand up more often during the day, etc. Anyone can change their metabolism, my highest weight was 150 lbs at college, I’ve been 115 lbs for years now! and if I put on some extra weight during the year, it’ll go away after a couple days of sensible eating, no diets!!!!
Well done Sara, hope you continue losing weight and you can keep it off.

lucy2 on

I’ve always liked her, and she looks great! But she shouldn’t worry about clothing size so much – better health and confidence should be more important.
I’m not a big fan of plans like that, most people gain back once they’re off the food, and it is pricey. But sometimes people need to use a plan like that as a jump start to make them think about portion size, exercise, etc.
Good luck to her!

Erica on

Why does everyone in Hollywood who have ever lost weight claim to be a size 2? Do you know how tiny that is! Sara is not a 2, Jennifer Love-Hewitt is not a size 2, Kim and Khloe are not a size 2! Victoria Beckham…she’s a size 2!

toni, new york on

still chubby i think she needs to take more than 5 more lbs no way, is she going to get into a size 8 i hate when people LIE

Todd on

Wow, lot’s of mean spirited, jealous women making comments here. Do you have to wonder why a lot of women have unrealistic ideals concerning weight? Just check out a sample of the comments for this story. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves for the comments you’ve made.

She looks great, let’s see the pics of some of the more rude comments here and see what kind of scrutiny you get.

marye on

sara has lost and gained weight time and time again..let’s face it the real world how many people over the age of 18 are a size 2 and where do they live?or even buy their clothes/ she is a beautiful talented woman who is a classic beauty inside/out .most women would kill to be a size 8..valerie bertinelli looks like another hollywood bimbo now…

James on

I thought Sara looked great just the way she was. I only hope that Sara doesn’t overdue it with this diet. I don’t want her to turn into Lindsay Lohan or Victoria Beckham.

Nannette on

The main thing that you lose with Jenny Craig is the money in your wallet. Of course, Sarah Rue, doesn’t have to worry about that, even if she can afford Jenny a lot more than any of us writing comments. Once you get off the program food, the weight comes right back on. I know this from personal experience.

shannyp on

she’s adorable at any size… yay for you sara!

Roberta (chuvadesapos@twitter) on

GO, SARA!!! You have always been beautiful, now you look stunning. Your wealth is what really matters in the end, though. Best of luck with the remaining 5lbs… just don’t overdo it. Curvaceous bodies are better than a toothpick.

Heather on

Fantastic for her…but in reality – Jenny Craig is expensive and you can only use their foods and people. If you want to do this for life, fine. But in reality that is not an option for anyone. CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT and HOW MUCH YOU EAT. Stick to RAW FOODS, NO PROCESSED FOODS and GO ORGANIC! There are tons of toxins in processed foods. Do very little cooking (takes essential vitamins and oils out of the fruits and veggies) and eat more fruits, veggies and grains…NO WHITE FLOUR, NO STARCHES. Great Book “You Are What You Eat”…I have lost over 50 pounds and find that it is easy to keep off, ONCE YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR LIFESTYLE OF EATING.

Karen on

Must be nice to have all the food paid for you! It’s a very expensive program.

MatisyahuSerious on

i’d hit it.



Rosemary on

You are right that Jenny Craig is expensive. I started on it…..lost about 10 pounds and couldn’t affort it anymore. That is what puts me off most of them. They have stars who weight less than 150 lbs as spokespersons (aside from Kirstie Alley) who go on and on about all the weight they lost…..Get someone around 250 and see how they do. Kirstie lost weight and gained it all back, plus some more.
I’m seriously considering the “Full Bar”….what do you think?

sally on

she has lost weight before and gained it back. I hope it works this time

Heather on

Congrats to her! She looks great! I have to agree that the way to do it is change your lifestyle, not trndy diet programs. I’ve lost 40 lbs. I’ve gone from a size 14 to a 4or 6 (depending on the brand) and dropped from 174 to 134 and I feel great! I cut out fried foods and cut way back on sweets. I walk around my neighborhhod when it’s not too cold out, I also have a Gazelle that I love!

Kristin on

I have lost 25 pounds in 8 weeks by watching what I eat and burning 350 calories a day on the Wii Fit Plus. Goes to show you no pre-packaged foods needed!

CK on

She looks good. :)

Bailey on

Yay for her! Sounds like a cute outfit! :)

Mickey on

It’s great she lost the weight, but a woman with a family and everyday financial obligations would not be able to afford Jenny Craig…it is very expensive and I doubt most woman could afford the food,personal trainer, and gym membership to be able to look the way the stars do when they lose the weight. I would be more impressed with Jenny Craig if you would hire and every day woman and give her a chance for free to lose the weight.

Joe on

I thought she was gorgeous the way she was. I hope she doesn’t lose too much weight. I can understand her wanting feel and be healthy. But her voluptious figure is one of the things that makes her so appealing and yummy and stand out from the rest of all the boring women in Hollywood. And she ALREADY stands out as beautiful among the woman who are not part of the Hollywood machine. I wish she had more people around her telling her that!

LC on

She is beautiful at any size and, so long as SHE is happy with herself and healthy nothing else matters.

Chelsie on

If she is a size 8, then I am non-existent. What a liar!

mar on

why does she need to lose any weight to wear skinny jeans and a t-shirt? they would look good on her right now!

nene on

Where is the AFTER photo? She needs to lose more!

Jen on

Jenny Craig isn’t for everyone. Yes it can be expensive, but yes it works. You don’t eat their food forever, you get to start eating REAL food about 1/2 way. They teach you how to eat smart and the best way. It keeps me accountable, and I know that the program is working in a healthy 1-2 lb weight loss a week.

You need to also add exercise, it’s not just going to fall off.

Sara looks amazing, you don’t have to be a size 2 to be beautiful in hollywood. I applaud her and hopes she gets healthy for herself.

Marie on

Congrats to Sara!!! You look AWESOME!!! This comment is for all of the people who say that Sara will gain the weight back- I started Jenny Craig two years ago and lost 70 lbs. I travel for work about 60% of the time, which means I couldn’t always eat Jenny Craig food, however, I was able to lose weight and have been able to maintain it for over a year. I had to learn how to make the right choices. Jenny Craig doesn’t teach you how to eat “TV dinners” out of the box, but it teaches you about portion control, how important exercise is, and how making the right choices can affect every part of your life, including your weight. I don’t have a ton of money, but I made the choice to sacrifice not to eat out all the time and go to happy hour every weekend with my friends so I could be successful on the program. So yes, you can keep the weight off after the Jenny Craig program…..I have!! You have to use what you learn on the program and apply it to your life because it is a lifestyle change. Good luck to anyone who is planning to join the program:)

Katrina on

Wow she looks great. I am shocked at her losing so much weight in so little time. I thought it was dangerous to do that, but i guess it isnt if you have the right people watching your progress and health.

Skipper on

She does look great, but let’s be honest: anyone who has a second closet “full of clothes waiting” is clearly only doing it for the clothes. To say otherwise is just delusional. If it was really about health only, there would be no mention of a second closet or the “cute outfits.” All the clothes talk negates the talk of being healthy, imo.

Terri Ann on

Doesn’t Valerie Berinelli get Jenny Craig for free because she is/was a spokesman?

sheryl on

you go girl! i have always been a big fan of yours. you have always been so gorgeous no matter what size you are. i loved you and sheri sheppard in that tv show you were in together. that show was so funny. i miss it alot. i cant remember what it was called. i look forward to watching you in private practice. its one of my favorite shows. good luck with your jenny craig. you look amazing!

Keri on

I am so surprised by so many rude comments! Yes Jenny Craig is expensive but when you look how much money the average person spends a week on feeding themselves you’d be surprised how much the additional expense really is! Regardless of the expense Sara had to follow the program through will power and hard work to lose that weight and she deserves a big congratulations. Whatever diet plan you chose has it’s positives and negatives and Jenny Craig is no exception! There is always a huge lifestyle change for anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight on any diet plan and a challenge to maintain the new weight. I’ve lost over 50lbs and it’s a challenge everyday to maintain that weight loss! I do it through excercise and monitoring my calories. Good for Sara! I wish her the best!

Also as a side note-I think she is saying that she hopes to be a size 8 not that she is (thus the “cloths that are waiting for me”

sisterfriend on

The good thing about the Jenny Craig program is after you reach your goal, they teach you how to eat normally and keep the weight off. You don’t just stop the program after you get the weight off. That’s what Kirstie did. Valerie didn’t, so she’s keeping the weight off.

Also, when you compare the JC meals to what people spend on junk food, it’s not that expensive.

I’m not an employee, but I’m a JC client and I love the program.

Sara isn’t the newest spokesperson, tho. Jason Alexander just signed on!

Mrs J.P. on

Sara looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Good for her.

Not everyone can afford jenny craig a personal trainer LINDA and as for RENEE This is Sara’s AFTER PIC, you idiot.

There are ways to exercise like at home, go for a walk in your area, by yourself or with friends or your dog and there are gyms out there that are not that expensive, too. You just have to do some research.

mrs.'J' on

You look great! love your new show “eastwick” .
keep at it and ignore the negative/losers on here.
good luck!

LaDora on

She looks GREAT just like Valerie.
I want to do this program so bad—-but I live on a fixed Social Security Disability monthly income and there is NO way I can afford it.
So do obese people ever get a break—–NO because it cost money.

wendy on

you know how it is, money gets you a lot. Money and being popular always helps.

YEP!!! must be nice.

Donna on

She looks great but do you think you could post a better picture? NOthing wrong with her but do we really need to see poeple in the shoot in the glass? I would expect better from a professional photographer!!!!!!!

WhitneyD on

For those who say she isn’t a size 2- of course she isn’t. I think she’s just pointing out that she was at some point in time, and has those clothes. (Although really, she’s a short short person) But she looks fabulous!

Jessica on

why can’t you guys be happy for her instead of putting her down…..valerie still looks the same…she didn’t gain the weight back…and jenny craig is 20 bux plus the cost of food…how is that expensive? get over your jealous selves and be happy for her

patty on

I think some of your remarks are out of line. Jealousy sure reared its head in here. Of course money figures into any diet plan like Jenny Craig or even Weight Watchers, but if you have the desire to lose the weight, and you DON’T have the money for the program…YOU will figure out a way to lose the weight and NOT be so fast to cast disparaging remarks against someone who is a success story. I have been on both sides of the fence and it is up to you to determine which is better for you. IF you don’t like the extra weight, put your fork down and walk away. Take a walk or even sit on the couch and do leg lifts or anything to help you get started. It isn’t up to Jenny or Weight Watchers, It is UP TO YOU. Have a good day :)

Marc on

You go girl. You look incredible. I’m joining up tomorrow!

Mya on


Natalie on

So many of you on here are being so very mean and heartless. Big talk hiding behind your computer screens. Good job Sarah! Jenny Craig, Neutrasystem and Weight Watchers all take discipline to make them be effective. Also, Jenny DOES teach you how to eat right, people fail when they have to eat on their own and implement what they’ve learned. Weight issues can be so very difficult to overcome. I’m on my own calorie reduction diet and the weight loss is slow and steady and takes patience. Of course hers is a little quicker because Jenny is expensive and she probably has a trainer. But it can be done on your own.
Stop hating on her and go do something with your own lives.

amy on

Beautiful girl but way is she anywhere near a size 8 .much less a size 2. I think sizes for the entertainment industry must run HUGE!

Judi on

Some people can’t diet on their own. But you can’t think of it as a “diet” It is a lifetime change.
At the age of 12 I was a size 16 and 150 lbs.
I am 59 103 and wear a size 2. I have kept it off all these yrs. It is a life changing decision.

But I congratulate her and to all of those who do succeed and are able to maintain if once off the program. I do know this program can work. I have a friend who did it and has been 5 yrs.

To those who are making sarcastic remarks….you can do it other ways if you can’t afford the program. Not necessary to be rude because they have the means to do it. Not all of us are fortunate to have it available like they do. There are ways to lose weight. Just have to find what will work for you.

db on

Sounds like she has the right motive – her health more than her looks. Good for you, and by the way she does look great.

Sara Rue Loses 25 Lbs. on Jenny Craig- Denim and Jeans Styles on

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Rita on

She does look great. In less than a year I have lost 146 lbs without Jenny Craig or anyone else. Everyone who needs to lose weight needs to be motivated and have the will power not to diet but to change their lifestyle. I changed my eating habits to healthy ones but if occansionly I want a slice of pizza I have it, I just don’t over do it on anything. Exercise is a must if you want to lose weight or even maintain it. I bought a book that helped me to let me still eat what I like but what to substitue for things I would put on them. I still look at the calories, fat grams, carbs, but now I mainly look at the sugar because sugar is what puts and keeps weight on you. Make a list of foods you already love to eat and find a way to make them healthy. Exercise. I chose this way because I didn’t want to get something from any of the services like Jenny Craig and hate whatever it was and then have to try to find something to eat from the grocery store. I did this on my own. Sometimes I have a buddy to exercise with and sometimes I don’t but I still exercise. If you hate to exercise, try to get the Wii. It is so much fun you don’t realize your burning calories and toning up. Find something you enjoy, eat the foods you already love but that you just need to tweek and every once in a while try something new in a healthy manner. I don’t lack much until I hit my target weight (100 lbs.). I am hoping and working hard to be there by the time my first year roles around. When I get there I will eat and exercise to maintain my weight. And I will have did it without Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, Weight Watchers, and the other one that I cannot think of the name right now but hey it’s 4:30 AM and I can’t sleep.
But Sara Rue, Congratulations!!!!!

mirror on

Why does everyone in Hollywood who have ever lost weight claim to be a size 2? Do you know how tiny that is! Sara is not a 2, Jennifer Love-Hewitt is not a size 2, Kim and Khloe are not a size 2! Victoria Beckham…she’s a size 2!

@ Erica:

Size two is even in cheap clothes around 120 or less, and much of hollywood is much smaller in person than on screen and in pics. Seriously…I can see a lot of those women being that weight. I dont think Khloe ever claimed that weight…height alone would preclude her from that size.

As for Victoria B., she is more like a child’s size 10 I promise … way WAY smaller than even a 0. Have you seen her lately on idol? She really looks like a 8 yr old child with a fully developed chest.

CLH on

Wow, this is a sad thread. Are you all really so deceived by the Hollywood machine to not see that Sara looks fantastic?
I’ve been a fan since the days of Popular and thought she looked great then, but as someone who has struggled with my weight as well, I respect that she is making a healthy choice for herself. And again, I think she looks fab!

Where do so many of you get off judging and nay saying? It’s not an easy thing to do no matter your budget or the insentives.

Congrats, Sara. And, to quote Mean Hirls, “Don’t let the haters stop you from doin’ your thang!”

elsa caceres on

good for her!…i am trying to lose weight by april/10…exercising twice a day…eating better…carbs every other day…having more fruits and vegetables

Jenny on

I know someone has pointed this out already, but nowhere does Sarah claim to be either a size 2 or 8, she is saying that she has clothes in those sizes that she wishes to be able to wear one day. Meaning she is NOT a size 2 or 8 yet. Please read the whole text before making comments!!

joan on

wow…still a way to go!

TK on

Dang! Can’t people just be happy for anyone anymore? She is happy and proud of her success, whether short lived or not, so we should be happy for her.

Judy on

You people crack me up. She said she has a closet of size 2-8 that is waiting for her. She did not say that is the size she is now. She was very thin a while back. A diet is what you make it. Most women yo yo all their lives some more severely than others. I think she deserves a pat on the back. She’s beautiful no matter what her size and if she wants to improve herself that’s fantastic. If you weren’t interested you wouldn’t have read and taken the time to comment now would you?

Lisa on

Congratulations Sara! You look marvelous…but you always have to me.

Jessica on

She looks great! For all the haters, I cut my cable just to be able to afford it when I first joined so, if you are serious, there is a way. People don’t realize how much you spend on food each week, including snacks and coffees and other stuff here and there. For me, it actually saved me money. You save even more money at the discount racks from any store because once you fall under the average waist size, all the clothes available cheap are the sizes 0-7. I’ve been off of it for a year and haven’t gained anything back. It teaches you the right things and it really is up to you how you do once you leave. I mean, you just cant go back to binge eating and eating out every night…duh!

Eileen on

If Jenny Craig would like to offer me their diet for free I would be more than happy to accept! Most people can barely afford to keep groceries on their table much less pay for such an expensive diet!! I am overweight and wish I could afford this diet…however, real people like us don’t get to freebies!! I also could never afford a personal trainer like these celebrities….I can’t even afford to join a gym!! I love Sara Rue and congratulate her on her weight loss because she struggles just like any other overweight person does and I think she is real and very open about her struggles. I don’t begrudge her being on Jenny Craig at all, just wish Jenny would think of the ordinary people who love to be on the diet but can’t afford it!!

ODDS & ENDS — TV Tattle on

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Kat on

For the ones of you who had bad things to say. If she is determined and willing she won’t gain it all back. I know many people who have gone through that program and have been sooooooooooooooooo incredibly successful with not only loosing the weight but have kept it off as well and they don’t have trainers. You don’t need a trainer to do what they did, I know many people who have done without. I know a woman who lost 100lbs and has kept it off now for 5 years. I know another lady that lost 30 lbs and has kept it off for a year. I know another lady that lost 45lbs and has kept it off for almost 2 years now. The program teaches you to eat properly. If you go about it correctly and listen to what you need to do and go about maintenance correctly the weight will not come back on, but it comes down to the person and their mindset.

Kat on

The one other thing I want to say about the program is that you don’t have to eat just jenny food, you are capable of incorporating your own foods

Faye on

You negative people don’t know what you are talking about. Val lost 40 pounds over 2 1/2 years ago and she has kept it off. When you go to JC you learn a lot about food and what to eat and how to manage it. You can loose it with JC and keep it off on your own if you really want to. Only people that have not tried JC say what you say. Try it…you might like it!!

kristine on

good for her. i just hope she can keep it off.

and for all of you thinking about joining jenny…1. its a lot of money. yeah $6 a week…but its almost $200 a week for food. 2. it’s not a lifestyle change. it doesn’t teach you how to eat proper foods and proper portions. it just FEEDS you…

everyone i’ve known who lost weight on jenny, gained it all back + more. even when they were eating normal healthy food.

these spokes models are rich and can afford personal trainers and personal chefs…

it all comes down to portion control and exercise.

slow and steady wins the race – the faster the weight comes off…the more likely you’ll gain it back. the more steady and healthy (up to 2 lbs a week) lessens the chance of gaining it back. it takes longer but the pay off way more beneficial.

and i’m talking from experience…-50 lbs…the natural way.

Amy on

I started a diet on Jan 5 and have lost about 20 pounds since then, you don’t have to pay the high prices that Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, Nutri System, etc. charge, it’s not about pre packaged food it’s about changing your entire life style and exercising. Don’t pay to lose weight, you can do it on your own.

Sara Rue’s Weight Loss of 25 Pounds on Jenny Craig on

[…] Source […]

Amanda on

I think she looks good. IT takes dedication no matter what you do to slim down. And it is normal for people to yoyo but some of the comments on here are just like those in the media. That is what puts so much pressure on females in today’s society. I know from personal experience of feeling the pressure to be thin. And the one thing I really learned is everyone is different. People have different shapes and sizes. What looks good to some will not always look good to others. And people should only focus on what works for them to be healthy and feel beautiful.

Deke on

I have been on the Jenny Craig program 3x and gained my weight back each time I had to go off the program. The food costs approx. $100-$120 a week not including the extras you provide. You WILL lost weight thought it’s all about learning how to live and eat health afterward.

Kathy on

I lost 22 pounds with Jenny Craig. I bet if a lot of folks stopped eating out so often, they could afford it! The sandwich my husband bought yesterday cost over $9 (including a bag of chips, cookie, and a flavored ice tea). The popcorn, soda and chocolate covered raisins he got later that evening was over $18.

Ana on

For those of you who can lose weight on their own, that’s great. Some of us need additional help. I am a JC member, and as I lose weight and feel healthier, I know it is worth the price. I typically pay around $115 a week for food. Eating out, and eating junk food, I can assure you I was wasting money on not being healthy at all. On top of having to buy bigger and bigger clothes. When I did not have the money to spend on a weight loss plan, I wish I could but I did not think any less or had any ill feelings against those who could. We all make our choices, and should not expect freebies. Can you imagine the pressure these spokespeople are under? I can assure you must of us would not be able to do this in the public eye, free or not!

Congrats to all of you who have gotten to a healthier weight, or are on the way. I have 50 more pounds to lose to even be considered at a healthy body mass index. Not a size 2, not skinny, but healthier.

God bless!

Tracy on

From my own experience JC is based on understanding portion control, eating every 2 to 3 hours and making healthier food choices. To succeed with any healthy life style change you have to continue to live what you’ve learned. No, it’s not easy when you’ve lived life one way for most of your life, but it can is done…congratulations Sara! Keep working it!

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lolfest on

@Wendy she’s a size 2 but an American size 2.

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