FIRST LOOK: Beyoncé's Super Sexy Commercial for Her New Perfume 'Heat'

01/29/2010 at 10:59 AM ET

Beyoncé Knowles already has sexy down, but the singer is really heating things up in her first commercial for her debut signature scent, Beyoncé Heat — and we’re bringing you a first look. And talk about too-hot-to-handle! Set to a soundtrack of the chanteuse singing “Fever”, the ad kicks off with a shot of the singer stripped down and soaking in a bathtub. Soon you’ll be able to do more than just see the ads. Beyoncé Heat, which mixes top notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach, will start burning up store shelves this week, with prices ranging from $39-$59. Tell us: What do you think of Beyoncé’s commercial?

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Jerry on

She is SOOO hot here!!!! I have a fever! SIZZLE

Adrien on

All Beyonce haters need to kindly exit stage left, please EXIT…STAGE LEFT

josephine on

I really like Beyounce, especially because she’sfrom Houston, but really, there’s nothing hot about her perfume commercial. I was expecting more.

Adrienne on

I am not going to deny that this woman is not beautiful it’s just I feel like why even bother wearing a top to that dress it was practically coming off anyways…. too much… just like it would be too much for a guy to see another man unbuttoning his pants and rubbing his hands all over his body…

Angel on

Sooo hawt cant wait

juceeng on

not as hot as Kim kardashian’s

Lorie on

It is a bit beneath her usual classy style.

KiddingMe on

Serioulsy!! Soft porm for a $40 perfume?! I feel sorry for parents in America who have to fight againest greedy artist like Beyonce who are simply horrible examples…grow-up. put some cloth on and put your money in bettering the world.

Joanne on

Hope this commercial is only scheduled after 9 pm. Does anyone want their kids watching this soft porn?

Angela on

Beyonce, please sit down

Lizzie on

…ahhhhhh, can we say~~~S L U T??????!!!!! She better PRAY that if she has a kid w/ that ole man of hers, that the kid looks like her and NOT him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

christine on

I don’t play for that team but………..WOW that was SMOKIN’! And for Simone’s personal edification…..the ad is to senduce women into buying her perfume so that THEY can be that HOT! To add……self confidence, intelligence and humility can only add to attractiveness. As far as I can tell, Beyonce has been blessed with good genes AND all of these other attractive attributes

Anelisa on

U people are so cruel! Yucks!!!

T on

If she was selling something for men yes, but the sexy for womens perfume wont make me run out and buy it. Oh well maybe her audience is men. If so its going to be number one.

Kiki on

The first part is like Britney Spears video Womanizer … on

ummm i like Beyonce and all but come on …tone it down you’re selling perfume

Charisa on

It was just o.k….I thought Britney Spears “sexy” commercial for her perfume was “sexier”

kisha on

Love beyonce but she really is overrated…. not a hater just a realist

Renee on

I think it’s okay. I think expensive perfumes are targeted at men who buy for the lady in their life and the lady that likes to pamper herself. There are many women that are jealous of other attractive women and always will be.(Hint: Mya – DWTS). I don’t see the commercial attracting buyers if she was in jeans/t-shirt in a house with no AC appealing to the Hollywood audience or the general public. I’m sure it would have been okay for Fergie to be in a bathing suit, poolside selling the same perfume and noone would say a word. Thumbs up Beyonce! And if you can’t afford the perfume then you won’t have it. :)

MG on


Liz on

Nice! <3!!!!!!!!

Julie on

I think that this is beneath her. She has more class than this.

Joan on

I think with BeYonce’s musical talent her perfume will stand alone and do well without the near exposure of her upper parts. BeYonc’e; don’t let the male dominated industry cheapen your talented career that you have worked so hard for. You are beautiful, talented and strong! you don’t need to go to those lengths to sell your cologne…. Just My Opinion.

ariana on

OD, a little too much

avery on

Beyonce is HOT period! I agree if Fergie had done this no one would say a bad thing but because it’s Beyonce there’s negativity. People are just jealous of her-not only is she truly beautiful inside and out but she has one of the most beautiful voices ever! Way to go Beyonce. Her perfume would sell well regardless of this ad anyways! She is a class act!

Robert Hara on

Like it!!!

Mary on

I think Beyonce has been trolling through too many old George Michael videos. C’mon, don’t you have an original idea? The whole commercial looks like a complete rip-off of his “Freedom” video. So dated…

Christine on

Not sure how this ad appeals to WOMEN, which is important seeing as how it is a product for our gender…

Vandie on

Like most of everything that Beyonce has done in her musical careeer…the reaction of “majority White” main-stream America, and the media overall, is always to “over-rate” her. It’s all a publicity play for media-outlets to garner as much attention to themselves (gaining popularity to their “Media-Names/Magazines,Business, etc. At the end of the day…it’s all about who gets the credit for all the best “over-rated” advertisments. That’s what Hollywood does…and will always do. Hollywood thrives to over-sensationalize stars.

It’s not the “Heat”…it’s not the “Sexy”…it’s all about the GREEN,$$$. But, as we all know, showing a little more of a woman’s skin, always win!

I hope the perfume is as good as the commercial…


Kaycee on

Too, too much. Way over the top. The overly shiny chest and breasts and legs was not necessary either. She could have toned it down and made it a lot more classy while still being sexy. But the bottom line is no matter how bad the commercial is, how does it smell and how well it will sell.

Donna Gravatt on

Don’t think children and teens need to see that on TV. It’s a bit R rated.

Patricia Means on

I would by this perfume for the commercial alone. I don’t care if it doesn’t smell good. She got me…..You sexy thang!!!!!!!

nina on

I love Beyonce & think she is beatiful & talented, but I think this is a bit too seductive for a tv commercial!

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